The Wizard Revealed

The Wizard Revealed

Finally, our in-depth look at each of the five heroes of Diablo III comes to a brilliant conclusion with the wizard. As we approach the worldwide release of Diablo III on May 15, we've featured every hero on our Diablo III launch site, and this week, you can take in a heap of information about these veritable thunderstorms of lethal power.

Rumors from Caldeum detail the events surrounding a certain brash student of the sorcerous arts—a promising, even brilliant, pupil, but one whose unbridled ambitions have led to violence and disorder in the respected schools of that august city. This young woman was trained by some of the most skilled mages in the world, but rather than follow their guidance, she chose to display an uncooperative spirit, constantly pushing past their restrictions in pursuit of knowledge that they claimed she was not prepared for.

Venture on to the Gathering of Heroes page on our Diablo III launch site to read wizard lore, watch a new class video, learn about their skills, resources, armor, and weapons, and read an exclusive short story titled "Firefly."

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