Diablo III Reminder: Create Your BattleTag Today

Diablo III Reminder: Create Your BattleTag Today

The worldwide release of Diablo III on May 15 is just one week away! Be ready to face down the legions of the Burning Hells as soon as the game launches by creating your BattleTag™ nickname today.

As we've mentioned previously, you’ll be required to choose a BattleTag before you can play Diablo III. Your BattleTag will serve as your public identity in-game, on the Diablo III forums, and in other places around Battle.net. To create your BattleTag or use your one free BattleTag change, simply log in to Battle.net Account Management, head to the Account > Summary page, and look for the Create or Change option under Account Details. BattleTags aren't unique, so you can pick any name you like as long as it adheres to the BattleTag Naming Policy.

Your BattleTag ID will be listed under "Account Details"

The BattleTag FAQ and Battle.net website have also been updated to include more information about how BattleTags will work at the launch of Diablo III, what StarCraft II and World of Warcraft players can expect to see, and our long-term plans for the BattleTag system. Check out these resources for all the gritty details, and then head over to Battle.net to set up your BattleTag now.

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