Poll: Who's the Greatest “Great Evil”?

Poll: Who's the Greatest “Great Evil”?

Seven is the number of the powers of Hell, and Seven is the number of the Great Evils. 

The realms of the Burning Hells are divided among seven Great Evils: the three Prime Evils (Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal), and the four Lesser Evils (Andariel, Duriel, Belial, and Azmodan). Together, they represent corruption in its purest form, serving as avatars for terror, anguish, pain, and even sin itself. They are cunning, deceptive, and above all...powerful. 

But of the seven demon lords who preside (or have once presided) over the forces of the Burning Hells, which is your favorite? In your mind, who do you believe is the greatest of the Great Evils?

Who's the Greatest "Great Evil"?

Diablo, Lord of Terror
Baal, Lord of Destruction
Mephisto, Lord of Hatred
Andariel, Maiden of Anguish
Duriel, Lord of Pain
Belial, Lord of Lies
Azmodan, Lord of Sin
This poll has ended - Nov 20, 2012

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