Community Commentary: Your First Set Item

Community Commentary: Your First Set Item

This week's Community Commentary shout-out goes to a thread from our very Diablo III forums written by Papadanko, in which fellow players are asked to share their stories about finding a set item for the very first time.


The thread was initially started as a way to generate some positive mojo for Papadanko, but it's turned into something much bigger. Nephalem from all walks of life have stopped by to recount the tale of how they came across that iconic green text -- where they were, on which devilish fiend's body the item was found, and what kind of plunder was unearthed.

In the spirit of good fun (and good RNG), we now invite you to head over to the forums and recap your own set item saga, or simply enjoy the stories of others. Either way, hopefully it will bring Papadanko some luck!

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