Poll: Solo, Multiplayer with Friends, or Public Games?

Poll: Solo, Multiplayer with Friends, or Public Games?

There are many ways to slaughter demons in Diablo III. You can lay traps to slow them down, render their bodies to ash with arcane energy, bash in their skulls, punch them in the face, or even summon hordes of adorable little minions to your dirty work for you (if that's your thing). After you've selected your class, you can also choose to lay waste to enemies on your own, with your friends, or alongside fellow Nephalem whom you've never met.

In light of our recent developer journal which focuses on upcoming multiplayer buffs (and because asking "which class is your favorite?" has been done before), for this week's poll we'd like to know which gameplay mode you prefer most: solo, private multiplayer games, or public games?

After you've submitted your vote, let us know why is that mode your favorite.

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