Community Commentary: Video Guides by ChromeOnRust

Community Commentary: Video Guides by ChromeOnRust

For this week's Community Commentary, we have three more instructional videos brought to you by ChromeOnRust. His videos cover a variety of helpful subjects, including best ways to use gear comparison tools, black damage vs. elemental damage on weapons, how Magic Find works and its relationship to finding Legendary items.

How to Find Legendarys, and How Magic Find Works:

How Elemental Damage Works:

ChromeOnRust's Favorite Fansites and How They Can Help You:

To check out more of ChromeOnRust's work, head on over to his video compilation thread over on Diablo Fans. You can also watch his video on gearing up followers here, which we higlighted in a previous Community Commentary. Be sure to let ChromeOnRust know what you found helpful, and what you might like to see from him in the future.

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