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What Would You Ask About Legendary Item Design?

My question is: Can you describe the philosophy behind legendary design, and how it compares to set item design? How do you create set items that are worth giving up a slot where you could have equipped a legendary?
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Witch Doctors...what we want...players responses

Link to players responses http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10715921655

I don't envy your job Blizz, designing gear around skills and the relationship they have in given environments is a challenge to say the least.

I appreciate the efforts you are making to launch this game for all to enjoy. I also appreciate the time you are taking to get players feedback, and listen to what they want in ROS.

With that said, I would ask that you re-look at the WD, read the posts from active players in WD forums.

There's alot of great ideas there to take note from.

Thanks for your considerations
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This is not just another Legendary item. This specific item will have the power of a Prime Evil. However, how should developers work to "balance" the affixes to be effective, look as powerful and awesome as Mephisto himself, but still not be overpowered?
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Less a question and more an idea for this "Designed" Legendary you plan on making!. Affix:(Non weapon) Probably a ring @ Level 70.

"Reduced level requirement of all Items by 2-18"

Would be an awesome find for those who want to level Alts and smash their way to 70 on them using level 70 gear. Diablo 3 is mostly about post level 70 so most of us want to get there ASAP. This would not only save time for those that like to play multiple characters but would also make the experience goddam FUN. Those that want to go slow can simply not use the item if they wish.

Mmmm reroll 1 affix on the item with the Mystic to try and get Item level reduction on top of the above Affix :) HA.

As you would need a level 70 to find the item to start with I don't think it would be overpowered in anyway but by damn I would enjoy the levelling experience immensely.
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12/10/2013 07:06 PMPosted by LordAmsa
+1 at Reaper's repost of heyguyslol's thread.

heyguyslol's original post is the voice of every WD that run 0Dog spec for their main.

Blizz, don't sac the dogs. That's our job.

Get over it

Signed- Every Critical Mass Wizard ever.
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After writing the above idea and thinking about this more, I actually would like to ask a question.

Question: When you design Legendarys do you ever try to envision the item actually being used and not just be an instant Brimstone. I ask this as there are so many Legendarys that are instantly salvaged as even if they rolled the best stats possible they are still rubbish.

And when you do envision the item being used how do you picture it? Do you categorise it into brackets like DPS, roleplay, D2 Nostalgia, bling, rarity, comical, Combo'd with other certain Legendarys or Brimstoned(had to add that). Or do just create something that you think is cool?

Is the Legendary designed created by a team or 1 person individually and then approved by the lead designer?

Don't get me wrong a lot of Legendarys are fantastic if not overpowered but I really wonder how some manage to make it into the game as they are just that bad.

OP is great btw, but in the end it kills any other drops for that slot completely - not good.
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12/10/2013 08:34 PMPosted by BDF
Get over it

Signed- Every Critical Mass Wizard ever.

Buddy I've run all builds in this game, and I agree with you in regards to the CM build.

Get your forum post and Wizzie friends together here and voice your concerns, doing nothing wont change anything.
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Would it be asking too much to have this sword summon the Lord of Hatred to fight at your side?
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12/10/2013 04:13 PMPosted by Vaeflare
If you could ask Travis or John a question about Legendary item design on tomorrow’s TwizzCast, what would it be?

Q. When designing a legendary's unique effect, do you comprehensively consider it's use in conjunction with existing legendary affixes, or are at least some of the resulting synergies purely out of left field?

If some are indeed unexpected, are there any examples of emergent synergies that have proven to be a particular challenge and/or delight to see?


Q. Is the total number of legendary affixes that are present in the game something that is important to consider? If so, what are the limiting factors that encourage you to "cap" or perhaps reduce that amount? (is it based more on development resources, or actual game balance?)


Q. Despite the recent (and awesome) "Design a Legendary" Community feature, is the item type really always the first consideration when designing a legendary? I'd have thought the unique effect would be a more effective starting point considering it's the underlying mechanic/utility behind the fantasy (art, lore, type).

As someone with a huge passion for design, I'm really looking forward to tuning in tomorrow.

Edit:Typo Central.
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Posted by Vaeflare
If you could ask Travis or John a question about Legendary item design on tomorrow’s TwizzCast, what would it be?

Q1: How dependant on item TYPE is the legendary effect? Because, to my knowlegde legendary effects don't use the item type in any way really...

Q2: Have you done a legendary effect based on a THEME before? I find most of the legendary effects on items from D3 and what I now of from Reaper of Souls to be inspired by skills, other items or mechincs in the gameplay and not on a THEME like this sword of Mephisto...

Q3: When coming up with a legendary effect, what is most important - to create/change a game mechanic or to pay homage to lore/character/theme?

Q4: How will you come up with a legendary effect that can be broad enough to allow all the thousands of players who voted on these subjects feel that they have co-created the Sword of Mephisto? I mean, the treasure goblin following you and picking up useless junk to have a chance of dropping usable loot is probably the best and most pan-player friendly legenedary effect you can imagine, but its already taken :-)
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When you design a Legendary whats the goal of said legendary. Is it to just fill the quota for say polearms or to just put what "someone" considers cool into the game. Do you even have a goal for the legendary.

Or is it more like you create a list of possible effects that yall consider game worthy yet not to game breaking. Then decide what items to put said effects on.

I'd have to agree with some others here.
A Legendary should be design'd with the effect/lore/story something of substance other than just stats and item type. Not some "oh this sounds pretty good" , most/all agree to put it on such and such......just seems backwards.

I'm sorry but to me i'd really really like to create something not use gimmick items that don't interact with SKILLS....by that i mean effects that actually change how the skill actually freaking works...not just change a dam number....Cause to me there should be more that one type of legendary. Novelty(goblin), equip effect, Number changer, skill changer(actual change), proc, cause/effect.

Please for all that is holy no dam proc's (chance on hit to....) im about sick of all these legendaries with borderline useless proc's and useless blan boring effects that don't change anything. cause as it stands now ill be going along a leng drops cool, great even. but guess what ill be using my same skills/runes after if find it cause they don't inspire me or my creativity at all ....

Whats the point in having 7 highlighted in Meteor shower rune and nothing in game to change it,.,,
just one of many....many examples.

I duno im starting to loose complete faith in blizzard is even capable providing a game with content and ideas that are actually worth a dam. by that i mean it just seems like they just go threw the motions.... its pathetic to think someone who prides themselves on completeness and yet everything i see just seems half...like what happen to D2's iconic Zeal... sorry dont mean to sound bashy its just my feelings. Cause the only reason i play this game is cause of the character creation in D2 and the fact that D3 and most blizz game are so fluid gameplay wise, it actually feels like your controlling your character not hitting a button and seeing something occur not feeling connected at all.

Far far far to often yall swing from one side to far far other side on ideas/plans.
while thats fine and all your the designers but to me just seems like yall have no clue.
Can we please limit this type of over compensating design.
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12/10/2013 06:55 PMPosted by YoMicky
How do you keep up with all of the code!

I can only imagine that building a new class with its own set of rules can be a nightmare for the development team.


Unrelated, but I too would like to know this...O.o

I know right!? Obviously they have to create a new class for every single type of weapon, but how do they keep all of those classes cohesive enough so that they not only interact with each other, but each Legendary also has its own special power.

It seems like it would be a programming nightmare every single legendary item class that they create.

I know they mentioned something about having a script that does a lot of that leg work, but iterating through not only hundreds of these, but thousands and keeping them from stepping on each other is nothing short of brilliant IMO.
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Would it not be more meaningful if we were to see the legs designs thus far and provide players feedback on those and how they would effect each class?

Then players can make suggestions for improvements and perhaps tweak those legs to benefit that class?

Though I appreciate that you are getting the community involved in the designs.

We have only seen a taste of the legs thus far via streams in beta.

my 2 cents
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Add a unique power for a level 70 legendary item : A working Life Steal !!!!!
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I'm one of the guests on the show and I've got a huge list of questions and topics I'd like to get into about items in RoS. I've been soliciting questions and have a lot of my own to ask... that said, the theme of the show is really about the Design a Legendary theme, and Bliz wants us to focus largely on that.

I'm going to steer the debate into wider areas of items and legendaries in general when the opportunity knocks, but don't expect direct discussion and debate and me pitching game change ideas quite as vigorously, as I did with Wyatt and Josh earlier this year.


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We want dozens of build changing legendaries please!!!
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Ask a question? One question? Oh, wow, I'm all sorts of curious, but how to funnel that into one question?

One thing I wonder is, do designers get a chance to prototype many different effects independently (scripting and testing ideas outside of a formal build)? Furthermore, are there any legendary powers that were built and working for the game that you really loved, but had to be scrapped for any reason such as breaking the game balance?
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I'm one of the guests on the show and I've got a huge list of questions and topics I'd like to get into about items in RoS. I've been soliciting questions and have a lot of my own to ask... that said, the theme of the show is really about the Design a Legendary theme, and Bliz wants us to focus largely on that. I'm going to steer the debate into wider areas of items and legendaries in general when the opportunity knocks, but don't expect direct discussion and debate and me pitching game change ideas quite as vigorously, as I did with Wyatt and Josh earlier this year.

Well I guess that's my point to my other post.

I appreciate the fact that they are wanting our feedback to design a "LEG"

I will use this analogy, if you go into a doctors office and say " Make me better Doc"

The doctor is going to look at you funny, then will follow up with a patient profile with all the information in front of him to properly treat the symptoms.

Unless a history and or tests results are generated to give a proper diagnosis for a cure, then the Doc cant help you.

Same as how can we propose new leg designs without prior knowledge of what has been designed by blizz already, and helping, as players cure Legs designs currently designed..

My point is, designing a new "LEG" won't help us if we don't understand or know what the other legs do for a class at current state.

I'm really confused by this approach by Blizz TBH

You say the majority of this podcast will be focused on "designing a new leg" too bad..

I appreciate any efforts you can make to steer some of the conversation to, currently designed legs and their relationship to each class.

I just don't see how we can offer ideas for new legs if we don't know fully what is already out there in ROS land.
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i would like to see a crazy leg affix on the meph sword like:

-after killing 100 elites, mephisto will spawn !!

than you would have to fight the lord of hatred himself !
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Maybe too late to add my question, but here goes anyways:

What do the devs think about how many of their legendary weapons have 3 to 4 stats all essentially doing the same thing? Example: a weapon with +intellect, +2000-3000 poison damage, +9% damage and a socket. All 4 of those stats basically mean "hit harder". It seems like legendary items only have 2 stats with which to differentiate themselves from another legendary.
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