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[NEW] 3/13 - Issues Creating Game / Latency Reports


So...this is pretty much just the new state of the game. Cool.
Rubberbanding and stop motion firing blanks at statues is fun. GoGo online all the time!!
I like how big tech/entertainment companies live in this fantasy bubble where they think everyone will always be connected to the internet forever, and no one will ever have any issues.

You know what would solve this problem? Offline play. This would be especially appreciated by people like me who DON'T live in a big city with a super fast, always reliable internet connection. Hell, even if you DO live in a big city with a major ISP you still aren't guaranteed a reliable connection to the net. But companies like Blizzard and Microsoft think that "always connected" is the way things need to be, that "always online" will solve more problems than it causes, and it's a bunch of crap.

I'm sure this has been brought up countless times before and it's just been waved away by Blizzard if its even acknowledged at all anymore. Any time I hear the "this product was designed to be online" argument I just see that as a big middle finger to any and all who experience connection issues however infrequent they may be.

I'm guessing since people with unreliable connections (or no connection to the net at all) are such a small demographic that Blizzard and similar companies couldn't care less, we'll continue to be ignored, and our complaints brushed to the side. Or better yet, told that we should just deal with it and/or get better internet service, regardless of whether or not that's a possibility.
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Thanks again to everyone for keeping us updated about the performance of your games! Please be aware that the connection issues which have been affecting our players routing through Northeastern networks is an issue that continues to be addressed, and more information about that particular issue can be found in the following thread which is in our technical support forums:


In the meantime, since the original issue for which this thread was opened has now been resolved, I'm going to go ahead and lock it up. :)
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