Diablo® III

What did you do on your monk today? RoS v1.0

Pretty interesting set of changes on the PTR last night, spent most of it trying out various monk builds. Feel dumb wasting some enchanting mats socketing follower jewelery, but should have expected it. Apparently someday we may have 'legendary follower gems'. Big change was the 250 spirit base and lots of passive regen options, and then the CDR working on Dashing Strike being the biggest for me personally.

火 Monk - Davlok - TR-IF
Finally got Wreath of Lightning (only gem I didnt have already of course) and looks cool but doesn't seem to do noticeable damage yet. Tried various builds with Maximus/GQ/FoE, 70+ CDR, 50+ CDR, and DW, and didn't really like any of them compared to current TR-IF Live. Either they moved too slow or required too much regen to maintain. Hate keeping Inner Storm up, as my lazy self doesn't even really want to hit epiphany. Was hoping for an simplier solution, but so far haven't found a speed TR build I like.

雷/聖 Monk - Davrok - SoH/TF/OS
Officially unretired with the change to CDR and Dashing Strike. EP: Shocking Grasp has become my new Lightning spender, as LTK and Pillar still annoy me, but 6pc Raiment is semi-usable as a damage mechanic even if it's still tied to DS. Don't have to worry about spirit regen much and Quickening/FoF are both decent options to get a proc off between EPs/DSs.

冰 Monk - Daviok - Rimeheart/FoA
Haven't really tested, but Furnace is still working but couldn't confirm/deny an ICD.

假火和尚 - Muffpunch - M6
Unretired my Gloves of Worship when I actually clear rifts in groups, so I can drop turrets much faster. But.. I also die before 10minites is up usually from not paying attention.

聖滑膛槍 - Warhammer - Shotgun
-20% Nerf +22% Flail damage is pretty much even, but would have been nice if they threw Heavenly Strength a bone and had some extra minor buff like "You are so strong you can hold a 2H and shield but do 20% less damage... and dodge 5% more!"
7-21-2014 Progression Snapshot (Plvl 587!): http://i.imgur.com/w3vI43Z.png

Almost to 600! Passed the 2b gold picked up. I'll assume that includes quest reward gold. (Hellrifts ftw!) Got bored deciding what random set to try and kadala-upgrade and decided to just gamble some Firebird's set for a wizard I don't even play. Also completed the Bastion's of Will set with standard terrible rolls for my wiz! At least the 3rd Restraint ring I've found didn't happen on PTR >_>. Legendary gems got less legendary almost across the board, but should still be worth the slot (Moratorium 50% > 30%, Pet Crit > 40%, 50% max primary).. but now there is a gold-splosion gem to use!

火 Monk - Davlok - TR-IF
Gave up on T5+ TR for 2.1 for now, just moves too slow and may as well just CDR-Dashing. Still need almost every spirit regen skill with Epiphany to keep DW-TR going, and 2H-TR didn't feel fast enough. May just end up using being in the same role as today low level T1-4 speed TR farming but now with Taeguk!

雷/聖 Monk - Davrok - SoH/TF/OS
Figured out a way to enjoy Raiment spec more... bind spacebar to Force-move and put a calculator on it!. Already used forcemove for DH & Sader, may as well add Monk to the list. After some more playing around, looks like Jawbreaker still required even with CDR to make it efficient though -_-

冰 Monk - Daviok - Rimeheart/FoA
Tested Furnace yesterday, still works. ^_^

假火和尚 - Muffpunch - M6
Gave up finding better Maruder's gloves after I finally realized after my 20th+ pair... they always roll with ias/cdr... and I already muled the combo I wanted >_> Did get another bad Frosty/tasker in the process. Also finally found a Kridershot... and a Nat Reflection with crit finally. Still praying for that Calamity.

聖滑膛槍 - Warhammer - Shotgun
Found two more STR TFs and another SoH.. at least all 9 of my 70's templars have TFs!
shtcanned everything two days ago in rage (and needing souls) rebuilt her in 2 days on leftovers and crafts. Seems better than before, but still weak as hell....but if I could get SSS c/d reduced it works nice w/ c/s :-)
Gambled the full Firebird set for Wizard... wouldn't it be nice if Raiment also just included Jawbreaker as a 7th piece like Firebird has with their Source? Then we could always sub 1 slot out for Hexing/EotS/GoW without having to use RRoG...

火 Monk - Davlok - TR-IF
Plan for 2.1 is to sub Leoric + Vigilant in for Hexing/Kekegi to open up rings/amulet for 3 sockets and keep above 72% CDR (depending on how high Leoric rolls). Epiphany Uptime with Air Ally = nearly same gameplay as live.. now just with Taeguk and Hoarder (why not?)

雷 Monk - Davrok - SoH/TF/OS/JB
Finally found another Jawbreaker.. Rolled pretty good damage stats... problem is it rolled 35 yards -_- Also swapped a few Raiment slots for all res and plan to go harmony-free (probably) in 2.1.

假火和尚 - Muffpunch - M6
Found both a 40% CD Witching Hour and 500vit/30% String of Ears for non-Harrington belt options in Greater Rifts!

聖滑膛槍 - Warhammer - Shotgun
Same plan as with 火, farm a Leoric + Vigilant to drop CDR from my SoJ and keep 110% uptime on Akarat's Champion with Mirinae, BotP, and thinking of using Pain Enhancer.
火 Monk - Davlok - TR-IF
Decided to accumulate another couple hundred rift keys so I will hopefully never have to do them again. Looking to find another crit+socket RRoG so I don't have to swap items. I will be sad when OF can't proc Warz anymore >_<

雷 Monk - Davrok - SoH/TF/OS/JB
RNG decided to drop me another focus/restraint pair so awesome my Templar is using them for my Wizard -_-

假火和尚 - Muffpunch - M6
Haven't been able to even RNG a Mara chest with sentry for the past 15k shards >_<

聖滑膛槍 - Warhammer - Shotgun
Socketed Unity, SoJs, RRoG with CDR, and RRoG with Crit ready - even though I was really after another dex one -_-

野蠻人 - Boomdynamite - Leap>FC
Gambled the last Raekor's I was missing in record time (12 gambles in), and ready to charge around! Still terribly low on CDR, but the gameplay seems a bit disappointing so far (on PTR)
Paragon 600! - Started Paragon 2.0 (level 60) at P161 and began RoS at P263.

Progress Snapshot - http://i.imgur.com/06TiHbq.png

火 Monk - Davoik - TR-IF
Switched characters to up my elite kills in an effort to move Daviok up the Profile priority running split normal bounties! Don't have high hopes for 2.1 TR-IF unless the channeling cost can be easily mitigated to my tier of laziness (missing hitting Epiphany for 3 seconds because I'm watching netflix). Last 3x Dex RRoGs - Vit > Vit > 6% cdr -_-

雷 Monk - Davlok - SoH/TF/OS/JB
Trying out the Hexing option with Forcemove and DS on keyboard and don't really see any big advantage/improvement to either!

假火和尚 - Muffpunch - M6
Finally got a +% Sentry Mara Chest, so now I have a solo/group set to swap between until Dex>Armor saves me.
Blew the dust off her.

Then compared my Odyn Son to my stashed WKL. While the increased AS + vit from WKL are tempting, the proc from Odyn is really hard to ignore.
Mostly did a bunch of PTR testing, but rifted a few to farm some trial tokens. Losing motivation to continue farming/grinding xp on live servers.

Currently see no point to get as far as possible in greater rift trials, since low level greater rifts are -super- easy (< 5 mins) with a fun speed-clearing build, and have a decent chance at loot at then end. But I guess once the only progression becomes gem upgrades trials may be worth doing. (Or if the trails had some loot chest at the end) Not liking the current PTR gem progression slope... (50% Fail @ GR30 is demoralizing), and not looking forward to the slog towards 200 rank gems.

雷 Monk - Davlok
Trying random non-R6 Lightning builds is pretty painful. I did like how good EP-SG was on white mobs in T6. Much better than even the old EP I daresay. The flat Weapon% explosion felt like a buff when killing low HP things like skeletons/bats, but things really slowed down on isolated elites. No furnace on RG makes me sad.

火 Monk - Daviok - TR-IF
GR1-20 : Got a 87% Leorics Crown to keep IF up even easier (~76% cdr) ... but losing the 100% uptime Zephyr plus IF Clones no longer proccing Warzchain, and the speed just isn't there anymore. Still sad about losing 8% cdr Vigil + Double Ally + Crimson possibility... -_-

假火和尚 - Muffpunch - M6
Double Unity seems to warrant use around GR25. Not really liking the 3 spender build yet since it took away my movement speed rune, but still digging the new polar station mini-game. See some DH running Unity+RRoG+Tasker over Unity+SoJ, which doesn't quite makes sense to me.

聖滑膛槍 - Warhammer - Shotgun
Played one T6 Rift. Another well-rolled Restraint. On PTR.. Would like to try the new Crusader set, but still looking like Akkhan is still the overall better currently. Looks like a condemn-bop build could be good for high GR as well with some of the new gear.
Wow, lots of changing plans and upgraded monk-outlook after that last PTR revision. Highlight of this weekend of random Gamescon tournaments streams was RiFing and joining my first T6 double-goblin-pack = http://i.imgur.com/xkXuoKP.jpg

聖 Monk - Davlok
Officially retiring the 雷 gear for now, and preparing to go Sunwuko-Holy for 2.1. No more ping pong for me! Looking like TR-Sunwuko will be my fastest T6 solo class in 2.1 even. The burst from Sunwuko with cooldowns & spirit pots (ally, seph) is pretty insane. Comparing to my DH's sentry ramp-up time and boring-but-consistent Shotgun dps and TR-Sunwuko is a notch above for T6 elites. I optimized my PTR monk to clear T6 as fast as I could (General Quang, Warzchian) = ~1.8m TR sheet dps and then swapped to Innas/Reapers to get up to GR31 before the toughness gave out.

火 Monk - Daviok - TR-IF
Even with a Leorics Crown, being limited to T5 / GR1-20 makes me think the good old TR+IF combo is already obsoleted by holy farts. #sad

冰 Monk - Davrok - Rimeheart/FoA/Furnace
Going to be my pre-2.1 RiF Monk until the day they nerf Furnace. Kept gambling for Sunwuko glove upgrades, but game keeps giving me terribly rolled Taskers & Frostburns. Of course, now that I am throwing in the towel on 雷, the game gives me a 30 yard Jawbreaker, so... yea.

假火和尚 - Muffpunch - M6
3 spender with Polar Station, Bane of the Trapped, and +Fire is probably the path I'll take. The pet gems all seem underwhelming even upgraded. At least doing Trial Rifts with DH is about 12 times less annoying than with a melee class. I can get to level 30 just plopping all the sentries in one spot before I need to pay attention and avoid arrows. Current projection is to be my primary gem-leveling character to get up to 32/3 as fast as possible to unlock all the useful gem's secondaries.

聖滑膛槍 - Warhammer - Shotgun
On hiatus until Season 2, though Crusader will likely be my Season 1 class after all the gem leveling and giving up on leaderboard ranking when the EU/KR folks take over (lol.. maybe). Then aim to farm for the new Condemn Shield and Phalanx stuff for season 2!
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I've had a lot of fun trying a sort of rare item only challenge. It gives me a lot of room for experimentation. For example: I just changed my available sustain slots to have LPS instead of stacking Vit. I think so far I've gotten to around T3 and rift level 16. But I'm moving up though constant tweaking and experimentation of my physical monk build. I'm hoping when it comes time to move forward with legendary items, I'll have a dramatic improvement and also have a better understanding of what works for my build.

This is a really fun way to progress as a casual player.
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Over the weekend I got a nice 30% Eye of the storm and completed the 1000 Storms set. Still experimenting. I'm still looking for that Wan Kim Lau... the fist weapon with Lightning damage on it.
Playing from hotel outside of the US = epic fail. Decided to take the path of least resistance and use the DH to grind legendary gems to level 25-ish then maybe consider using Monk to push a bit further into 30+

聖 Monk - Davlok
Sunwuko monk - still flopping between Genwuko (FoT+EoP) or Hexwuko (TR-NB+Seph). Not really 'enjoying' either gameplay really with all the mantra±sw spam.

火 Monk - Daviok - TR-IF
Got a Vigilante belt to drop to push back up to 100% Epip uptime while DW to continue the TR spam, but the damage is so pathetically low, it even slow down on GR10-20 enough to make the DH more enjoyable... alas

假火和尚 - Muffpunch - M6
Crafted a semi-ok Hellfire Amulet with a passive I like to have (Tact adv) so it looks like I am stuck with Fire for a while. Still using Spitfire w/ FA for the low level grinding since I'm stuck playing with 700+ ms!
Finally got back into the states, and starting to farm-fest for realz! Did enough Greater Rifts to get all but the Hoarder Gem from the goblin realm, and just smashing my head farming them. I assume there is probably a community out there to split farm them... or hope there is!

聖 Monk - Davlok - Genwuko
Settle on Genwuko for now. It's a bit more mashtastic but it's just more suited for GR30+. With DS, it moves just about as fast as my basic Hexwuko set anyways. Grudingly dropped Crudest Boots as it was a choice between Ally - Dashing Strike - Epiphany. I actually play without Epiphany for some lower level stuff, but Ice Climbers and Desert Shroud seem to win out high-end. Finally leveled Mirinae to 25 even though the secondary isn't much to write home about. Plan to level Wreath next as it's just cool and I don't really care to rank-chase anyways. Only completed GR32 to level stuff so far, not sure I want to make the toughness sacrifices to push higher and just keep optimizing for T6. Kinda like being able to burst stuff now.

Still have a really crappy Flying Dragon... certainly not worth using a gift-that-won't-drop on yet. Had a pretty nice Sunwuko amulet and EoP already. Crafted a pretty sweet Aug chest on the 3rd try too!

假火和尚 - Muffpunch - M6
Looks like Cold is the new hotness in tower defense land, but I'll probably just stick to fire and go from there. Got Bane of the Powerful & Trapped to 25 and they're both pretty good secondaries. Not sure I can fit in a Zei, but that would be the next gem to try out.
聖 Monk - Davlok - Genwuko

Leveled Wreath to 25, and thought that was pretty dang fun.. until I leveled Boon of the Hoarder gem to 25 and man... it's even more satisfying to use!. Nothing like piles and piles of gold to pickup even though it really means little. Combine with the wall-hacking Mirinae one-shotting stuff randomly across the screen, and you'll see piles of gold everywhere! Plus the secondary movement speed is [b]30%[b] and there exactly when you want it, and where you want it (in the direction you plan to travel after clearing the room). I just leave a few piles here and there incase I pick the wrong fork in the road and need to back track! Now I just need to get another Shines to try and use Wreath + Hoarder + Mirinae. All the extra gold allowed me to justify finally get that last 0.5% crit on my Eye of Peshkov (3.5m/roll...) so it's not like gold is totally useless!


Highly recommend, even if you don't stack gold %, use any on-gold items (I still like Harrington over Goldwrap). ^_^ Though season 2 may make me use the movement speed set belt (50%!!)

假火和尚 - Muffpunch - M6

Switched from SoJ back to Taskers finally, even though my RRG's random was Vit -_- Still can't seem to get a Gift to drop, but did find my monk's current Flying Dragon on the DH >_>
聖 Monk - Davlok - Genwuko

Finally got around to leveling Gogok past 25, and gave higher GR a swing with genwuko. Re-rolled LPSS on the Daibo and spammed up to 35 before the toughness gave out and trash started to kill me! ^_^ I guess BT is the best toughness boost for 35+, but don't have the will power to hurdle RNG yet.

零 Monk - Davrok - zDPS
Gambled a 98% Leorics + stole the Crusader's 8% cdr Xeph = 1.2% off from max cdr with Gogok. Debating between Sankis and a cold-damage Sledgefist, but the gameplay is mostly just spamming Serenity and Santuary with a few Cyclone Strikes here and there. zDPS on T6/GR30- is pretty useless, and have yet to play at a difficulty where it seemed quite worth the spot. I'll get around to leveling toxin at some point when I socket the Rue.

聖滑膛槍 - Warhammer - Shotgun
Gambling Roland's with spare shards after getting a 100% Leorics and 8% Vigilante on the first try. Still need Gifts!

假火和尚 - Muffpunch - M6

Leased the Boon of the Hoarder Gem & Avarice Band from the monk, as M6 with Goldwrap makes gold farming in T6-4P for keys/bags/trials actually fun. Plus it lets me stand in all sorts of stuff I normally couldn't... like 12 multen explosions! - http://i.imgur.com/6ximzNX.png

Solo DH GR progression is 'funner' than on monk as Tumble makes the gameplay a bit more interesting than mantra spam. Completed GR41 4p in full dps hide-from-everything build. Basically a zDPS monk out ahead spamming serenity while 3xDH high behind corners having a good long conversation with the wall. Not quite what I imagined end-game gameplay should be. I use a subpar Cameo because I refuse to be one-shot by Jailer.
I tried to start grinding when I woke up, started D3, all the sudden


Maintance till 2pm EST.

Good job.
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