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[Guide] Zero DPS CDR Support Monk Build

Just one question:

1. What activates resolve? Does epalm bleed activate it? Basically I'm wondering if it's worth going resolve instead of exalted soul (or fleet footed instead of exalted soul) or guiding light

Also some notes from me:

I find NDE is really nice for those rare occasions where I get stuck and would probably have died. Also, with regards to halcyons, it's an easy fix if you don't like the passive: just use a halcyon u got from another class.
And I feel you should give dashing strike a try: it's really important for zdps to be in thef ront I feel and crus in t6 outruns me like crazy if I don't have it (because I don't use fleet footed).

Love zdps monk, thanks for the guide :)
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05/31/2014 09:47 AMPosted by Gunster
1. What activates resolve? Does epalm bleed activate it?

I tried to do some testing but the result was so inconclusive as the damage you get from enemy hits have so much variance. At this stage, I'd rather believe DoT damage does not activate Resolve. FYI, poison pool damage from Ghom also snapshots Resolve debuff, so I'd also hope that can be generalised to elite affix too. To be honest, Resolve probably works better with a build that uses a spirit generator attack.

And thanks for the inputs. They are indeed viable choices for this build as well.
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I don't know why you are all running CDR etc, what a waste of time.
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05/26/2014 10:57 PMPosted by Halt
Does "Resolve" work? I have not used it since returning to the game with ROS. Way back when Resolve was bugged and did not work, has it been fixed?

Resolve, I don't think it triggers without a spirit generator. Maybe switch to Unity or test it out to confirm.

Yes this build is pretty popular now-a-days with CDR. Thanks for sharing yours. How often do you die without DS and against AOE damage elite affixes?
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Not often, I can sit in T6 packs with no issues. Exception being multiple fire chain packs once cyclone strike activated. The Owe is extremely beneficial running around 89% Resistance to all elements, with addition the reduced damages received from Blackthornes and Aughuilds.

I guess I can see why you would use CDR for the builds that your talking about but they become un-needed with the right gear.
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I fail to see how your build/gear is any better considering CDR can still get high resist..? Guardian Path and Sixth Sense.. why?
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zPDS is pretty incredible. Check my profile. I have pretty sub-par gear as compared to many posters here. I've got about 66% CDR, and it makes this set up really shine.

I was playing with my brother and some friends who probably average 4hrs a day playing (maybe slightly less?) and we just rolled through T6 rifts in about 10 minutes. This is pretty major for a casual player such as myself.

I can barely cobble together enough fire gear to clear a T3 rift in under 15 minutes solo. Surprisingly, my few lightening pieces and PoTA build made faster work of the rift (compared to my devastator/cindercoat/magefist/reapers wrap/haunt of vaxo fire gear). My monk feels super underpowered and weak when it comes to damage (have never been able to find a GNK after 1000s of shards). But when I stand in my forbidden palace and every mob is futilely attacking my invulnerable monk, just slapping palms on everyone watching them blow up - I finally feel powerful, or at least valuable.

I get the argument that monks shouldn't be relegated to a support class - and I agree with it. But right now, I just don't have access to the gear I need to put out damage. I resorted to rolling a DH and gear sharing, and he puts out really good damage. But when it's time to play in a group, it's a lot of fun playing the zDPS. In the state of the game, it seems that zDPS is the only way us casual players can access the hardest content.

If anyone has been thinking about trying this, I would definitely recommend it.
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I've test various gear combinations and added a section for optional gears.
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06/04/2014 12:27 PMPosted by Ireneaus
Yes this build is pretty popular now-a-days with CDR. Thanks for sharing yours. How often do you die without DS and against AOE damage elite affixes?

Hi, at the moment I rarely die on T6. I attribute this mainly to the extra toughness from strength gears I crafted, which means minimal movement requried against elite affixes.

For a while I was using Illusory boots, which is a fine substitute to DS, in the sense that I can easily escape from danger. But a serious drawback of Illusory Boots is that elites with Electrified can easily kill you.

Now I basically give up both DS and Illusory boots, and rely completely on the teleport effect from Epiphany as a substitute. Of course Epiphany is no way near as good as DS in two aspects: 1. it doesn't let you to teleport through walls. 2. it requires a target to teleport to. However, once I get used to it, my movement becomes as fluent as before. I think this is quite good as I'm making the most out of that single skill.

I think Resolve works on any direct hits but I will try to test this and confirm.

[Edit] DS to replace Inner Sanct. for very fast group.
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06/04/2014 12:13 PMPosted by oxijex
don't know why you are all running CDR etc

zero dps build with cdr is optimized for group play. I'm pretty confident to state that this build boosts the clear speed of a group than any other build of any class.
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Noob question, does this build work ok for solo play? Seems answer is no but haven't got time to try for myself for a few weeks. Thanks.
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06/14/2014 02:20 AMPosted by oldman54
Noob question, does this build work ok for solo play? Seems answer is no but haven't got time to try for myself for a few weeks. Thanks.

No this is strictly a group build. However, Shatter-Palm build, another different variation of zero dps build, is designed for soloing. Please check out the guide by Druin about this topic:

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Just added link to a video showing how this build works in action.
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Hello qisq,

It's only been a few days now that i have started to get back to working on the monk after ROS. I was kind of busy with the barb. Now requiring set items to move onto t5 and t6 i thought i'd try and make my monk a zdps one.

Always liked playing the support role and at the highest difficulty possible.

Went through your thread and sort of worked on it over the weekend. Ran t4 and t5 rifts with wds and barbs. Good fun indeed.

So i cyclone them in, blind them then ep them? I know some of the key items are missing but pretty sure with regular gameplay i should get them all soon.

Got two of the raiment set yesterday but :P

Anyways, does physical damage help in a zdps build? Please do check out my monk and offer your advice :)

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06/16/2014 04:13 AMPosted by demonknight
So i cyclone them in, blind them then ep them?

Yeah pretty much. Although it seems to you don't have a Laws of Seph yet, so it's probably more beneficial to drop Blinding Flash and use Epiphany. Then once you get a Laws of Seph or Mind's Eye, you can drop the spirit generator attack for Blinding Flash.

Go ahead and try different skills and see which one suits the best for your gears. Some works better than others depending on the dps of your group.

06/16/2014 04:13 AMPosted by demonknight
Anyways, does physical damage help in a zdps build?

Hi yes. Physical damage boosts explosion damage form EP so it's good.
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Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for this guide :D

I recently got a setup together based on this thread (still working on a few things...need waaay more mats) that annihilates T6 in high dps groups...that EP is just brutal.

It's also the most fun I've had in D3 outside of my jade doc. There really is no substitute for exploding entire groups of monsters at once.

Running with some clanmates that have jade docs has also led me to a conclusion that zdps monk + jade doc = awesome.

Thanks again from an appreciative lurker :D
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Welcome to the zdps club. Glad you enjoy playing the build :)
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06/04/2014 12:13 PMPosted by oxijex
I don't know why you are all running CDR etc, what a waste of time.

Because perma Sanctuary and perma epiphany that doubles my Toughness to 42m and gives me massive spirit regen.
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I appreciate the in-depth guide. I purchased D3 when ROS came out, and I mained a WD until pretty recently. I'm loving this build in group play. This makes for some super fast t6 runs, especially with my Jade spec'd clan mate! I have still yet to find some strongarm bracers, so I've decided to use Aughild's in my build. Still waiting on the fist as well. With the upcoming changes to Dex, I suppose I will craft new gear to replace my STR ones to be absolutely BIS. I'm in no hurry, and with the mat changes, it will be quite awhile before I start crafting again. Anyways, thanks for the build! Cheers!
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Thanks for the appreciation :)
It seems bliz have plan to let Dex to give armor ... so I guess there is no hurry trying to craft perfect Str gear yet :3 It's still going to be a while until 2.1 lands.
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