Diablo® III

2.06 Crafting

What does everyone think so far

I thought not having to worry about farming for legendary material to craft would great way to gear up but so far the crafting rolls are bad

I did 30 in a row and only one had the primary stat, the rest where just vitality or armor

Waste of time if it going to take a hundreds of rolls to get one good item and spend just as much time salvaging rares and blues
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Well that sucks if the rolls aren't decent. I'd much prefer the extra effort getting that leg mat for a guaranteed good roll.
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I think it is good to just be able to craft stuff that you need without having to find the mats... HOWEVER, it use to be so satisfying when you would finally get the mat that you are want after running the same route over and over again. made the items feel special. im still on the fence weather i like it or not, but it is convenient.
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is bs.

having to farm 120 blues for ONE reapers wraps...

and people complained about having to farm the leg mat?
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You have always needed 120 blues for bracers. There is always going to be bottleneck in craft, be it gold/leg mats/Veiled Crystals/Arcane Dust/Death's Breath. Because the legendary mat has been removed arcane dust is the bottleneck. Different slots require different amounts of Arcane Dust, once you get your bracers in order I would think that it will settle down.
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I prefer finding legendary crafting materials (which I've already vendored) than having to drop by the blacksmith that often. It's now quantity over quality.

My biggest problem is the number of souls you need. I'd rather trade in all my unused legendary materials for souls... but that's probably because gold isn't an issue for me.
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06/12/2014 01:23 AMPosted by MrDuMa
I'd rather trade in all my unused legendary materials for souls... but that's probably because gold isn't an issue for me.

That was my thoughts too. Was very disappointed they didn't turn all the leg mats into souls.

I'm on top of gold, whites, blues, yellows and even DBs to some degree... it's the FS that are always running out.
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