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I have not seen a post discussing the new changes in interactive environment. All the beta footage I have seen is awesome but I have only seen side wall and shelves falling. I am very interested to start exploring the environment to see what other environmental controls Blizz has added throughout the game.

Brainstorm possibilities?
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Im sure every enviroment will have different hazards. We've seen a ton of different ones in the blizzcon footage etc.
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Not only hazards, but secrets.

I would be very surprised if there wasn't some form of sand secrets in act two. The only way to find the secret is to attack the ground and the sand would blow out of the way.
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Don't forget the falling chandeliers!
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09/15/2011 01:59 PMPosted by ObsCure
Don't forget the falling chandeliers!

That do zero damage? Far from hazardus.

Im sure every enviroment will have different hazards. We've seen a ton of different ones in the blizzcon footage etc

Sorry to bash on your hopes, but there are not hazards in the environment to the players. Our play pen had already been padded up, corners rounded off, and bottles all childproof... thanks blizzard, for treating me like a baby again.
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The environment goes a bit beyond the interactive items: book shelves, chandeliers and walls. There are some items that are destructible even though they don't have an interactive aura when mousedover; i.e. statues, furniture.

But they don't contain any drops or cause damage to mobs in the surrounding area.

I do agree with Chino though; I would like the current hazards to be just that - hazards. They don't have to be deadly, but take a good enough chunk of health to give a player pause when running around the dungeon.

This would also provide opportunities for mobs to use hazards as traps; which may already be planned in later content.
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