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Demon Hunter Complaints

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DH is fine to me. My only REAL complaint is the fact you start with only one handxbow instead of two. I'd like to see that changed.
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04/15/2012 03:02 PMPosted by Wagz
DH is fine to me. My only REAL complaint is the fact you start with only one handxbow instead of two. I'd like to see that changed.

But you can find the second within 10 mins there after. No big deal. :)
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DH rocked once you leveled up i liked the class very much
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What about entangle.. it hits 4 enemies immediately at your attack speed while slowing and generating hate for chakram, on the side you can roll stunning blows and piercing arrows... what more do you need to !##! a boss as peircing arrows can pierce multiple times and stunning blows is a quick massive hit that sucks up a lot of hate and stuns?

Oh and at lower levels if u find a really good weapon that's not a bow you can quickly swap for impacting blows... it was great when i had a good axe but only starting bow >.<
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I've been playing DH for a bit on Beta now.

early game, up to level 13 (what we have in the beta) DH has very little AOE. VERY little. All the other classes I've played have both, yet DH does not. I'm assuming later skills and runes will help this. But right now, caltrops and the bola shot are the closest things to an AOE build, and those are slow effects. They are not instant explosions like you can get with Monk, Wiz or Barb. You are not going to surprise a group with a DH and blast them to bits. You are going to sneak in, drop a caltrops, and then try to hit with an explosive bola before running away and firing at individual targets. try not to get surrounded.

again, i'm hoping later skills/runes changes this a bit, as it seems like a very 1-dimensional character right now.

Exactly as Vadrak said. Even in the beta, this is proven wrong. Chakram destroys mobs so efficiently in such a wide area... And if you haven't checked out other skills of the DH, Multishot, Fan of Knives, Spike Trap, Cluster Arrow and Rain of Vengeance are also all AoE mobbing skills.
This class is definitely not 1-dimensional. But the play style of people would probably build around quick single targeting skills such as Rapid Fire since the DH class is very mobile and high in DPS/APS.
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DH does lack early AOE damage but that remedies itself after gaining a few more levels.
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