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NOW Say Why You Deserve A Key!


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So now that the closed invites have finally gone out, and obviously not everyone got one, what makes you think Blizzard should have chose you?

Personally for me, fan since 11, i'm bout to be 22, and probably what takes the cake, is my not quite finished Tyrael tattoo I suppose! Haha.


Oh yes, and bring on the haters, I'm kind of just bored, not tired, betaless, and figured this actually qualifies now seeing as the other threads the beta wasn't even out yet, so now there's a reason to complain since people actually know they didn't get one.
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Closed beta is open for public? I thought it was F&F/Media only atm.
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Insert Day[9] Episode 100 speech on life, substitute Starcraft with Diablo.

That's why I deserve this beta.

Also trumpets.
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Forget about the beta ... let's just go to live/release
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Lol i feel sorry for you :(

Ugly tattoo
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I deserve beta cuz...

I got nothing.
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No one deserves beta access. It is a privilege to be invited.
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I don't deserve it, I just bloody want it :3
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i dont deserve one. im not entitled or anything.

i want one tho. just really wanna play some get some hack n slash on and have fun. and of course report unknown bugs and just help stres test the servers. if thats what they really want is people thatll play id be an amazing candidate for that because id play it allllll the time. i ggot nothing else to do. have no commitments or anything.
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Insert Day[9] Episode 100 speech on life, substitute Starcraft with Diablo.

That's why I deserve this beta.

Also trumpets.

Why did you pull back, Uniden?

And fanboyism is not a reason you would make a good game tester. Excellent feedback is! Which is why I should have a key >_>
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No one deserves to be in beta. It's totally random.
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Well, i've always been a blizzard fan, played almost all their titles. I played the d2 beta way back when, and played d2 for a long, long time.
Also on a more personal note I have medical issues which prevent me from working, going to school, and doing any exercise or anything strenuous. So basically i stay at home all day on my computer being bored out of my mind :)
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09/22/2011 03:33 AMPosted by Udyr

hahaha well ive never been to that denial phase :P
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i am not worthy
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I deserve beta cos...

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i'm aware no one deserves one, but more or less what makes you think you should be chosen obviously
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a lot of poor people deserve to win the lottery, man.
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