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any reason not to use lvl 60 items?

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in D2, most end game items were lvl 40-80, and different builds used different items. A unique item with a higher lvl requirement is not necessary better than an item of lower level requirement, especially if it needed more strength/dex to equip.

But now in D3, having the ability to change builds at will, and no stat points, do you guys see any reason at all to NOT equip the lvl 60 legendary weapons/armor?
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The.....uh.........aesthetics? Hard to say at this point...the item database just opened up....I don't feel like scouring it for every tiny bit of information to see if there's some level 40 legendary that's still better than a 60 in the same slot, but you feel free to.
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seems like there are quite a bit of items that offer huge incentives to keep them around well after their clvl requirement.
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09/22/2011 05:53 PMPosted by Stormwire
seems like there are quite a bit of items that offer huge incentives to keep them around well after their clvl requirement.

and thats how d3 should be =D
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this is bout D3 not D2
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It's not because an item is level 60 that it's the best item for your build. You need to look at the item's random stats and properties to get the most out of it!
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It depends on how good the random mods are. I've seen some items with +250-300% armor. If a random mod can produce that big of a bonus, I can see people using rares. However, I expect droprates to be low enough that it will take everyone a long, long time to get a desired gear set. I don't think it's going to be like D2 where you can farm/trade for a full set in a few months of a new ladder season. Without ladder seasons, Blizzard makes droprates far lower because items are around much longer. That means I expect it to take a year to get a full set for one character, and this is assuming you play most days of that year a few hours each day.
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Well, I plan on getting to level 60 without being entirely naked, so yes I do see a purpose.
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