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New Chat Gem Javascript!


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There's a new version of d3.js and this time the BetaSignup class is there! Unfortunately, the signupUrl that would be called by the class is hashed (according to the comment). But it's actually not hashed, instead it's base64 encoded, which after decoding produces this:

The chat gem is working as intended.

instead of a URL. Nice one web team!
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Duplicate: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/3229384403
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Sign of.... more signs?
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09/22/2011 06:19 PMPosted by Scourge
Sign of.... more signs?

more signs of well...

more signs.

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more signs of well...

more signs.


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Just noticed this as well. Can anyone unhash the signup url? lol. This code is called everytime you toggle the chat button. Hash is passed in by the chat gem function (either 000629 or 961130). Unhash this code and you can have beta! You might have to remove the extra "return" in there too.
Edit: oops didnt see you decoded it already...well back to waiting

var BetaSignup = {

* Grab the account ID externally.
accountId: null,

* Lets hash the URL for now.
signupUrl: 'VGhlIGNoYXQgZ2VtIGlzIHdvcmtpbmcgYXMgaW50ZW5kZWQu',

* Socket the gem (pun intended).
start: function(hash) {

var socket = new WebSocket(BetaSignup.signupUrl + hash);

socket.onopen = function() {
socket.send(BetaSignup.accountId + '=' + Cookie.read('d3.chatGem'));

// Close the socket once beta signup has been sent
socket.onmessage = function(e) {

if (e.data == 'success') {
// Do something magical

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Sorry I didn't make it more clear, I did unhash (base64 decoded) the signupURL and it said:

The chat gem is working as intended.
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The chat gem changes the look of items based on each click for characters in the new items tab - did this by accident when looking at a set item.
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Go into the skill caculator and click the gem.
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09/22/2011 06:15 PMPosted by droidix
The chat gem is working as intended.

Oh Blizz and your overused yet reminiscent phrases... haha. They got us again.
how do you link to skill calculator and hero profile
they made it way to complicated to submit to plat your way build .I give up trying. no wonder the the builds are weak
Did you really just necro a thread for no reason? Was it hard to just make a new thread to ask a question?


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