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List of Life-on-Hit for Wizards

Request for sticky thread/ admin do it very useful to us. much thanks to TS !
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WTB Sticky!
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All of these tests were done in Act 1 of Inferno on the slow zombies. I need some help from the rest of you wizards in helping me correct and refine some of these values. They're only rough values at the moment because I haven't had time to do more extensive testing (and because the life-on-hit ring I was using was a low value, so there's rounding error). In any event, I thought it would be useful.

When I refer to a % value, that's the percent of life-on-hit you get. So if you cast Magic Missile and you have 100 life on hit, you get 100 life, but casting Arcane Orb only gives you 33 life per target hit by the explosion.

EDIT: Updated values! More accurate! As of May 29, 2012

Life per Hit (Inferno)

-------------SIGNATURE SPELLS--------------
Magic Missle:
-Charged Blast: 100% (single target)
-Split: 33.8% per target hit
-Penetrating Blast: 24.6% per target hit
-Attunement: 100% (single target)
-Seeker: 100% (single target)

Shock Pulse:
-Explosive Bolts: 16.5% per target hit per bolt + 33% on explosion
-Fire Bolts: 33% per target hit. This includes per bolt. If more than 1 bolt hits, you get the benefit of both (ie: 2 bolts is double the healing 1 bolt is)
-Piercing Orb: 25% per target hit
-Lightning Affinity: 33% per target hit
-Living Lightning: 2% per tiny shock.

Spectral Blade:
-Deep Cuts: 88.8% per target per triple hit, bleed generates no healing.
-Impactful Blade: 66.6% per target per triple hit.
-Siphoning Blade: 66.6% per target per triple hit.
-Healing Blades: 66.6% per target per triple hit.
-Thrown Blade: 33.3% per target per triple hit.


-Chain Lightning: 16.5% per target hit
-Forked Lightning: 16.7% per target hit, unsure of auxiliary bolt healing (test?)
-Lightning Blast: 16.7% per target hit, successive hits heal all in one tick as a lump sum
-Surge of Power: 25% per target hit
-Arc Lightning: 16.7% per target hit

-------------SECONDARY SPELLS--------------

Ray of Frost:
- (All Runes): 33% per tick for all runes except Sleet Storm. Remember that ticks are every half second, so if you channel for 2 damage ticks (ie: anything longer than a brief touch), you'll see a 66% healing number because it adds them up.
-Sleet Storm: 50% per target per tick

Arcane Orb:
-Obliteration: 33% per target hit
-Arcane Orbit: 25% per target hit
-Arcane Nova: 16.7% per target hit
-Tap the Source: 33% per target hit
-Celestial Orb: 20% per target hit

Arcane Torrent:
-Disruption: 20% per missile per target hit
-Death Blossom: 60% per missile per target hit
-Arcane Mines: 50% per mine explosion per target hit
-Power Stone: 20% per missile per target hit
-Cascade: 20% per missile per target hit, cascading missiles generate no healing (? needs further testing)

Disintegrate: (remember that ticks are every half second, so if you channel for longer than 0.5 seconds, you see the sum of the healing for 1 second or 1 tick, which is 22% per target). A "touch tick" in this case is just tapping the monsters with the beam for 1/4 second, not channling.
-Convergence: 11% (22%) per target per touch tick.
-Chaos Nexus: 11% (22%) per target per touch tick + 11% (22%) per target per tick of the sub-beam.
-Volatility: 12.5% (25%) per target per touch tick, explosion value unknown for now
-Entropy: 16.7% (32%) per target per touch tick
-Intensify: 16.7% (32%) per target per touch tick

NOTE: Wraith in this thread did some testing with conflicting results. Here are his results for Disintegrate:

-Convergence: 33.3% per ½ second (per target hit)
-Chaos Nexus: piercing beam 33.3% per ½ second (per target hit), small beams 22.2% per ½ second against 1 target, being near 2 targets gave inconsistent results but seemed to average around 33.3% per ½ second (more testing required), 3 targets either kill me or die too quickly at the spots I tried testing at.
-Volatility: 23.46% per ½ second (per target hit), explosion ???
-Entropy: 50% per ½ second (per target hit)
-Intensify: 50% per ½ second (per target hit)

-------------DEFENSIVE SPELLS--------------
Frost Nova:
-Frozen Mist: 10% per target per tick in the ice patch

-Calamity: 10% per target hit by the wave on arrival

-------------FORCE SPELLS--------------
Wave of Force:
-Impactful Wave: 16.7% per target hit
-Force Affinity: 16.7% per target hit
-Forceful Wave: 16.7% per target hit
-Teleporting Wave: 16.7% per target hit
-Exploding Wave: 16.7% per target per hit. Sub-waves do not generate any healing.

Energy Twister:
-Mistral Breeze: 10% per target per tick
-Gale Force: 10% per target per tick
-Raging Storm: 10% per target per tick, for both big and little tornados
-Wicked Wind: 10% per target per tick
-Storm Chaser: 10% per target per tick of the regular tornados, 21.4% per target per tick for the big sig tornado

-(All Hydras): 0%, they don't heal

-Molten Impact: 50% per target per impact, plus 25% per burning tick per target
-Star Pact: 50% per target per impact, plus 25% per burning tick per target
-Meteor Shower: 19.7% per target per impact
-Comet: 50% per target per impact, plus 25% per cold tick per target
-Liquefy: 50% per target per impact, plus 25% per burning tick per target

-Grasping Chill: 2% per tick per target
-Frozen Solid: 2% per tick per target
-Snowbound: 2% per tick per target
-Stark Winter: 1% per tick per target
-Unrelenting Storm: 2% per tick per target

-------------CONJURATION SPELLS--------------
-(All Familiars): 0%, they don't heal

-------------MASTERY SPELLS--------------
-Arcane Destruction: 20% on explosion per target hit
-(Archon beam ability): 25% per target per tick
-(Archon melee ability): 50% per target hit
-(Archon explosion ability): 20% per target hit

Explosive Blast:
-Unleashed: 33% per target hit
-Time Bomb: 33% per target hit
-Short Fuse: 33% per target hit
-Obliterate: 12.5% per target hit
-Chain Reaction: 11% per target hit per each explosion (you get 3 explosions per cast of the spell)

Credit to Grumbul on the Mirror Image thing here.
Mirror Image:-Mocking Demise: 50% per target hit per image detonation
-Mirror Mimics: 0%, image damage does not heal

WTB This guy on the monk forums.
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I was just coming on here to find out what exactly defined "ON HIT" cause some stuff just doesn't seem to trigger the "ON HIT" effects, namely "life on hit".

Thanks for putting all the time and effort into this.
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Has anyone looked at putting together a "Life on Hit" build?

It should be fairly obvious what kind of equipment to go for (ie: stuff that adds life on hit). But as far as maximizing your chances of getting returns on that gear, what kinds of skills are people grouping?
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You sir are a gentleman and a scholar, and I applaud you for it. Seriously though, great post and great work.
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definitely sticky worthy
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It depends on what skill you're using and how many targets you're hitting. Life On Hit uses our proc coefficients and I've seen people measure out all the proc coefficients (nice work btw!).

Proc coefficients, btw, are used for a lot of the On Hit Effects. For example if you ever see "X has a chance to Y on critical hit" - it's using the exact same proc coefficients as life on hit. For example, the Wizard skill Critical Mass that reduces cooldowns by 1 second. People test this and say "Oh wait, it only works with single target skills". That's not actually true. Single targets kills generally have a proc scalar of 1. Skills that hit 6x as fast (like rapid fire) have a reduced proc scalar to normalize out the proc effects. Frenzy has a 0.75 proc scalar, which affects the life on hit, but if it were a Wizard skill would also have a 75% chance to trigger Critical Mass on crits.

So - back to your question. Life on hit is proc scalared down for certain skills, whereas Life Steal is not affected by the proc scalar at all. So if you Seismic Slam or Whirlwind a large number of targets, it will surpass Life On hit faster than for Frenzy. Of course on single targets Life on Hit will generally always be better. In terms of where the breakpoint is, I think what you'd want to look at is breakpoints for various DPS levels for different skills for different numbers of expected targets.

Good job, your testing gave us a CRACKTON of useful info. This is basically proc rates for Critical Mass, Prodigy, etc.!
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Bump, where are the stickies?
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I requested a sticky for this and am now bumping it because more than one person asked where the thread is that shows spell co's.... So, bump.
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Requested sticky
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05/27/2012 11:01 PMPosted by Doms

Anymore? No hydra has ever triggered life gain.

I heard some guy saying that venom hydra + life on hit works really well and is a border-line exploit - therefore I'm asking.

venom hydra + life on KILL is the exploit.
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Excellent info; tag and thanks!
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Does Life Steal % have the same coefficients?
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06/11/2012 10:24 PMPosted by Howlareya
Does Life Steal % have the same coefficients?

It does not. Life steal is based directly on the damage that you are doing with that attack.

Furthermore, Lifesteal in Inferno is nerfed by 80%, so if you were to get 100 life back from whatever hit you were doing, in Inferno, you would only get 20 life.

Hence, Life on hit >>>>>>> Life steal.
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I've made my own tests for the Meteor spell using the same technique (since I use a Meteor spec with heavy crit and AP-on-crit gear) and would like to add some corrections to this data:
Meteor hits (with any rune except for Meteor Shower) yield 25% life-on-hit (same as Meteor ticks), not 50%. It's just that a life-on-hit proc on the initial Meteor impact occurs simultaneously with the first 'burning ground' tick, and healing numbers get merged.

So if a mob gets hit by a Meteor and stands in the fire for its full duration, you get a total of 100% of your life-on-hit amount, not 125%.

Also, Meteor Shower seems to leave a burning ground effect with a shorter duration, which seems to proc life-on-hit with a 10% modifier, but the nature of this spell makes it difficult to test.
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Hey Blizz, can we get a sticky here! This is like the 3rd thread with great info that needs to be a sticky but isn't. Pretty please with sugar on top?
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bump and sticky please!
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