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About Leah in later expansions.... (spoilers)

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Just finished the ending with a couple friends....

I was quiet disappointed....

I was hoping there could be anyway to save Leah at the end... /cry

But as the Black Soulstone fell down the heaven, there were no traces of Leah to be found... = /

Will there be anyway to purify and save Leah in the later expansions...?

Please~~ Blizzard!! I beg you!!

Let us save Leah like how we saved Kerrigan in SC2.
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I agree that the ending lacked closure for Leah, but overall, I think her role in the story is definitivly over. I think bringing her back in the story would be a mistake.
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Hm, I think the only possibility is that she becomes something like an angel.
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Haven't the entire Leoric's lineage suffered enough already?

Leoric driven mad.... Albrecht killed...

Noble Aidan defeated Diablo but sacrificed himself to contain the evil....

Even in the book of Cain, it is mentioned that Aidan's spirit lingered and resisted Diablo at the final battle in Diablo II. The Heroes in Diablo II wouldn't have won had Aidan not contended with Diablo till the very end.

Aidan fought till the end. Yet we can't save his little girl? The last line of lineage in his family.

Saving Leah would signify redemption, which is the true triumph over Evil.
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I just wrote this in a different post and I'll reiterate here.

Everyone knew what was going to happen to Leah. Why not make her stand up and fight from within? Not live, but make her spirit part of the key to bringing down this Prime Evil. She could have been her a lesser-good demon, a break away from Diablo, key to spiting up the blacksoul stone. She could have been the start of a new "race". She could have turned around at any point in the game and been like "Hey, you know what! NO I'm doing to do what I want." She could have been anything, but she turned out to be most straightforward plot device ever.

And along those lines, why go though this huge master plan to make Diablo the most power thing ever then send us heroes us in and pull a "This ain't no thing."

Why wouldn't you let Diablo blow up heaven and live to next Xpac?
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I'm guessing (hoping) there will be a way to redeem Leah in the expac because the female sorc has some conversation text about not stopping till Leah's soul is saved.
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She was Diablo's host. Her physical body was destroyed by Imperius.

Diablo's former hosts; Albrecht & Aidan didn't survive, you shouldn't expect Leah to live as well.
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She was Diablo's host. Her physical body was destroyed by Imperius.

Diablo's former hosts; Albrecht & Aidan didn't survive, you shouldn't expect Leah to live as well.

True, but Leah was sired by Diablo, so she's part demon.

As we've seen, demons don't like to stay dead.
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I think if anything the lack of closure or even a slight mention of her at the end (she is literally brushed off and forgotten) suggests that they don't want us to be committed to her dying or anything else. They know that the best way to not have your story criticized is to be vague.
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My barbarian said he would not stop until he saved Leah's soul...

I hope for some more closure in an expansion. Or else it is a bad way to end a good character, I know that real life is crap and that is just how it is, people die etc etc. But I still hate when people create good characters and just violates them or kills them in a really tragic way, just for dramatic effect.
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don't forget we never killed Adria
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It felt really, really wrong that she was just brushed off and ignored at the end. She deserves at least a courtesy mention...

If I were Metzen I'd find a way to bring her back. As a player, I completely hate that I have to save Sarah Kerrigan in Wings of Liberty, yet can't save the only remaining character in the Diablo universe... It's not really a victory if the only thing you save are a bunch of smug Angels who want you dead. I would've been just as happy tracking Adria down and letting Leablo do her thing up in heaven.
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Damn, all that points about Leah coming back is valid.
I really hoped she was dead. I had enough being a sidekick of a fallen angel paladin thing, I didn't want half demon mary sue come back in diablo's lore.
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hmmm i am pretty sure that leah will appear in the expansions in some form... i just hope it will be a good one... making her some evil deamon will be just lame
from the expsnsions i suspect the fall of imperius, defeat of adria and a quest to save leah

i think the fact that the ending didn't mension leah at all means that the don't know yet what role will have her in the future or they don;t us to suspect her role.

anyway... i really hope that there will be a way to save her in the expansion
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Damn, all that points about Leah coming back is valid.
I really hoped she was dead. I had enough being a sidekick of a fallen angel paladin thing, I didn't want half demon mary sue come back in diablo's lore.

actually if i want pain end suffering i will watch the news or read a little history... in games i want everything to be fine in the end :)
i really have games in which the only character doesn't die is the player (and this happends only because it's imposible to kill a real human from a computer game)
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Nevermind, I don't want to attract fanboy wrath...

I still hope she stays dead or corrupted.
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This is something that they have to address. We know that her body was destroyed, but what about her soul? (I'm going to go by game lore and not any real world religions for this.) As far as I know, you cannot merge souls, so her own would have been forcibly kicked out of her body. But what happened to it? Is she going to be reborn as an angel? A human? Did it get trapped in the black soulstone?

And if Tyrael is the archangel of justice, he cannot let that stand. If anything happens to her, there will be no justice. This would be the kind of thing he'd have to break open the black soulstone just to save her. Something along the lines of it being better for 100 murders to go free than 1 innocent to be locked up.

Then there's Adria. This is the most evil betrayal I've ever seen in any story. Something has to happen to her. Watching the Lord of Gluttony be revived and say "I'll digest your soul for eternity!" before devouring her would suffice.
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The whole Leah plotline was stupid to say the least.
First how exactly did Adria overpower Leah, Tyral and countless gourds ?
Why introduce her as the next Cain if you gonna kill her in a moment ?
Why was she such a big part of the early storyline if shes gonna get just dropped off 3/4 into the game ?
Why kill off another character, considering the player characters will never get mentioned again, only the angels are left.
Why is her storyline so straight forward, where is my story twist, or at lest some charcter analyzing and development ?
Tbh, diablo 3 feel like it was written by a kid who likes just spiky demons and cool bosses, and things exploding and dieing.
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