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I don't fully understand under what circumstances leaving the game will kill my character.
If I stand in town and click "leave game" or "exit Diablo III" my char will stay alive of course, but how will it be when I'm outside town with or without monsters nearby?
I understand that when I click "leave game" I need to survive the following 10 seconds to keep my character alive and if I do that I'm safe.
But If I click "exit Diablo III" I get a timer too, but I can also click "Exit now". If I just wait untill the 10 seconds are over and I have survived my char will stay alive, right? But what if I click"exit now"? It looks like I leave the game immediately, but if I understand correctly my character will still stay in the game for those 10 seconds, right? And only if I survive those 10 seconds then my char will stay alive, right?

EDIT: Got told by another player that this is indeed the way it goes.
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Why is there no real money auction house on hardcore?

I tried reading the whole post and didn't see any question related to this :(
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Is there a way to quickly exit the game before I die?
No. Unlike Diablo 2 you can not quickly exit the game before that killing blow is dealt.

Alt+F4 = poof!
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One thing to do is farm the hell out of the hardcore game if you don't you will not survive!:(
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Erm my dh hc character died and I clicked to archive it, but in the process my (very much) alive wizard hc character got archived instead. So i had to try archiving my dead dh again, and in the end I cant retrieve my wizard. Is there a way to get my wizard back, a button, option anywhere to get it back :((((((?
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Just the info I needed before starting *Hardcore mode.


Happy Gear Hunting!
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are there weapons or perks that exist in HC but not in SC games ? i hope the answer is yes.
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can we have one more mode, like SC, but won't allow player use AH? It encourages people to farm, especially for PvP!
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a blizzard employee comes to your house and covers your eyes

I might not get it back but someone isn't going back to work ether >:|
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Just bought D3, never played anything outside of the Starcraft Franchise... My buddy convinced me to do Hardcore asap. If you happen to hear a few fbombs, do not worry.;]
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i can log off before dieing. My hardcore player is just about dead. ive used my potion and the cooldown isnt quick enough. what i do is quickly change my screen to where i have task manager on and D3 highlighted. All you have to do is END TASK. It is done. Over. You Freeky Deeky Dutch Bastard.
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05/23/2012 09:57 AMPosted by eMLiquid
Clicking "exit game" starts a ten second timer after that 10 seconds you will be logged out.

what happens if I get DC'ed while fighting a boss in HC ? does the 10 sec timer come into play, & kill my HC Char ?
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Personally I believe players should get their character back if cause of their character death is from Blizzard's end: server crash, skill glitch or power outage. These should constitute as special circumstances.

We play the game on this level and we should expect a certain level of service and capacity out of the Blizzard to handle what we're doing. I can deal with my bad play caused my character to die, but not when the cause is from Blizzard's end. If it was from their end, we should get our character back.

Why play hardcore if you know you can die for certain due to server outage, skill glitch or other reason on Blizzard's end? We payed for this game we should have the right to have our character restore in hardcore if it isn't our bad play caused the character to die or at least give us one restore on our character.

I understand the mentality behind hardcore, believe me i do. I have a lv99 necro in D2 on hardcore. I just don't understand why denying us the right to restoration if the character death wasn't our fault. In the past that maybe been ok, but players and games have evolved, Diablo 3's backend infrastructure should have evolved with it.
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it sucks noone go hole the way hwit out dieing ones. i am a player hwit 3 lev 60.10
so i thing i now hwat i am torking about.
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What happens if you get disconnected while playing a hardcore character? Does the game automatically log you out after 10 secs?
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01/08/2013 06:08 PMPosted by Gilmaru
What happens if you get disconnected while playing a hardcore character? Does the game automatically log you out after 10 secs?

You stay still in the place where you were disconnected for 50-60 seconds and only then your character logs out.
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Lag death on Butcher nightmare. I find it negligent that there is absolutely no support for this kind of thing. Isnt the core basis of HC to test your skills in character building and effective gearing based on skill set/rune usage? Also, there should be some type of lag/dc/perma freeze protection in gears. IE +10% chance to NOT DIE during a lag spike. Seriously, this is what I have been contemplating, because I find no other way of getting around it. Aside from my very first HC WD that died because of my mistakes, every other char of mine died because of DC. I know I'm not supposed to "cry" about this in the forums, but if you would direct me to where I can buy the game and have the debit machine poop out during the transaction while still allowing me to walk away from the store with my copy of D3 LEGALLY, then I'll cease from complaining, or, you can reinstate my DH char, cause I'm sure you can check the logs and see what I mean about the rate of chars dying due to lag. just a though.

I'm not even angry about my gears going away, thats most of the fun, finding new gears, it's the 16 or so hours of sitting at my damned computer every 38 lvls, just to see it go to the zombie dogs because of an apparent screen shot of death.

After playing HC for a while, I find it more fulfilling than SC, but the whole idea of imminent death due to nothing I can prepare for or try to avoid really puts a stinker on the game as a whole. I've changed my ISP and ever hardwired my internet connection (Totally abandoned wirelessness in my home just for this exact purpose), but alas, the server has my testes in the palm of it's, er, hard drive, and will close it's, er, pins, whenever it chooses.

Yeah, I think thats about it, now back to checking the AH every 2 or 3 days as opposed to actually playing the game.
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So, I decided to give it another go, even though I said I wouldn't, and how do you think it ended? DC killed once again with my barb this time, right after finding a lvl 5 legendary belt (Vengence or smthing like that). Honestly, will the dc's ever stop? Are there actually people with lvl 60 HC chars? If so, I would love to talk to one of them, ask them a few questions about how they avoid dying from dc'ing or lag spiking. This is getting rediculous. I thoroughly enjoy the game, I get agitated when I read some of the negative comments about D3. I think it is a vast improvement over D2, I wasnt a fan of the linear build character development system that it has going on, with the runes and so forth, but I have actually come to enjoy putting different builds and runes into play and seeing which ones work well with others, but this DCing HAS to stop. I put a lot of time into the game and to see it all go to !@#$ because of something I have absolutely no control over really dampens my spirits. But I digress...
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