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Well done Blizzard! =] Gamers need read

well done, i can see u put alot of effort into your post. i agree with most of what you have said.
I agree with a lot of your post which is kind of ironic because the thing that will turn me off is the RMAH. If most upgrades in a few months time are only avail via real $ and not gold.. Well good bye. :[

This is 100% true for me. I assumed that the reason I have not seen a single yellow drop from a boss since starting Nightmare level, or a single set piece anywhere was a glitch in the coding or something. Now I'm starting to wonder.
Bravo Wreck, bravo. What I fully expected to be a troll thread, was nothing short of absolute truth. What I saw in videos and what blizzard told us we were getting..

I feel like blizzard offered us a cake, but then when cake time came, it had no candles, no frosting, and some employee had already eaten off the corner pieces...

Wheres the rest of the game? It took you that long to create this? I think vanilla beta wow had three times the amount of content we have here.

Although, blizzard loves their "difficulty" idea..the true ability to recycle their content over and over and call it "new and harder levels" with nearly nothing new and harder about it except increased damage/health of the creatures we are fighitng. If that's all it is, why not just give us 100 difficulty levels, each one increasing stats on itemdrops and mob health/damage. Then people could endlessly and pointlessly farm for your auction house (which you get a cut on!) forever!
You are my !@#$ing hero. Couldnt have said it better myself
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Posting in an epic thread. I'd give you +1000000 if I could, OP. Well-written.
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The OP speaks the truth, nailed it spot on.
Completely agreed. Saved your entire post as well.

Hell, if Diablo 2(LoD included) got a "Diablo 3 Patch" when it was in its Prime, just imagine the outcry...

Runes Removed.
Legendaries and Uniques made useless.
Skill Trees removed.
Elixirs Removed.
Barbarians no longer able to use 2-handers in each hand.
Blues and Yellows are now the best.
Stats are simplified.
All melee classes now forced to go full tank/survivability to do the hardest difficulty.
And a MILLION other things.

But hey! You get a Gold Auction house and a RMAH Later! Maybe even PvP soon after RMAH! (lol)
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I feel like blizzard offered us a cake, but then when cake time came, it had no candles, no frosting, and some employee had already eaten off the corner pieces...

This made me Lol
If i have more fun playing a game that was made in 2000 and a 2012 game sucks? What happened to the 12 years of 0 progress
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05/29/2012 03:23 PMPosted by Ethereal
Trash game and now a trash company
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