Diablo® III

Will Blizzard bring Cain back?

Forgetting all the hate regarding HOW Cain died (locusts via pixie- 'nough said), it is in my opinion that Deckard Cain's death was a terrible mistake.

It was abrupt and senseless.

So is Blizzard going to change this in a future update --> (re: dlc)?
And if so how? If Diablo can be ressurected a second time, surely the single most iconic face of the franchise (cant?) wont stay dead for long.
And so I ask you THIS, HA forum...

How will Blizzard reverse Cain's death?

(feel free to link a previous idea you've posted)
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I was thinking it could be the main story line for teh expansion pack that is sure to come.
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I agree with Albinowolf ... Diablo III: "Cain's Resurrection" could be in the works. It was weird seeing him killed. I can no longer stay awhile and listen.
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07/11/2012 10:32 PMPosted by DeadSurvivor
I can no longer stay awhile and listen.

me too bro...

Deckard Cain for my is my second father since 1996... and his death... mm no comment..!!!

Blizzard... if you are working in a expansion set... please bring back Cain... is very important and imperative... and Cain is the most iconic character in the Franchise...!!!

They care.. cheers!!!

P.S: Monk rules!!! ;-)
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Lets see.....

First off you go see Cain in the High Heavens (Seriously...where else would he be)
Then we get a bit more backstory as to how all the primes and lessers(wrong?) were put into one soul stone...(We smashed the hell out of Mephisto's blue booger....never actually go back and smash Diablo's or Baals...but I think its somewhere written in Blizz history).

Then off we go to the burning Hells to slay the stupid hoe we rescued in the first place *Adria*.
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Yea, Cain is an integral part of the franchise and his death was a complete mistake on Blizzard's part, even if used in a future installment as a main story arc in the attempt of his resurrection. I saw a post earlier, from a previous employee of EA who basically said that major gaming companies are run by the wrong people. This is a perfect example of that theory, not just Cain dying, but the entire Diablo 3 experience tanking big time and the damage to the franchise as a result. Closing/Losing Blizzard North, it's employees, killing Cain and the RMAH are just a few blunders that truly deserve an orange background icon and the handle "legendary". Pathetic and poorly managed, too bad to... I only waited 10+ years for the hardest, most disappointing gaming experience of my entire life and now it's here, vibrantly rich, polished and full of millions of gamers' tears... Diablo 3, a masterpiece among crap.
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Stop being so melodramatic, the game is a good game, that has made a lot of improvements over d2, better skill system, no more out dated manly assigning state points, game play followers and more, yes there are clearly mistakes, but the last patch helped a lot.
What fanatics like you we never grasp, is the fact that no matter what they could have done, you would not have had as much fun, as when you were 14, and the whole online thing was still pretty new, face it, the expectations you placed, on this game were unreachable, and your full of nostalgia that makes d2 seem better then it was, even back in 1998.
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Oh ya sorry, bring cain back as the arch angle of badassness!
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You hit the nail on the head. I frequently hear my friends go on and on about how "awesome Halo 2 is and how they ruined Halo 3." Reality is, Halo 3 is an awesome game in and of itself, for completely different reasons. People just love to !@#$% about change, whether or not the game is better.
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considering that zoltan kulle was one of the horadrim and he was brought back to life, it's not that far fetched to think that deckard cain could be brought back as well. maybe we'll need to find the ashes of deckard cain in a future diablo expansion. maybe adria collected them and hid them away because she is a hater.
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*Cain's ghost rises from the cathedral*

"You dare bring the warmth of life into MY tomb?!"

Oh wait, wrong character.
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I doubt there seriously thinking of an expansion right now. Mists of dickf*ck just game out. SC2 HotS is releasing soon. There probably still frantically trying to nerf inferno.

If cain comes back hes going to be resurected using the black soul stone that you can see fall in the last cinematic of the game after diablo's body turns to ash. His body wil obsorb the soulstone and he will become the next "diablo"
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Even if the expansion wasn't gonna be released for another 2 years, they would still be currently working on it. They do this months and months and months ahead of time.

Anyway, since Tyrael can still be an archangel of something even though he's human, I think somehow Cain should come back and usurp the role as archangel of wisdom and after Imperius is defeated Tyrael can have valor. That seems more accurate in my opinion.
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Joke response to this thread: Maybe he's in a secret area of Whimsyshire, waiting for you.

Actual response of seriousness: What that one person said about him being in heaven and you going down to the lower levels of Hell to defeat Adria.
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Is it just me or does it seem like humans don't actually...go to heaven when they die? You never see any dead souls while you are there. Same thing for hell.

I think if it was decided that Cain needed to be brought back, you would have to go into wherever dead humans/nephalem actually do go and grab him yourself.

Also, I don't know about anyone else, but I was just reading some lines from Diablo 1, and it made me pretty nostalgic about the long, gory, descriptive stories that NPC's would tell. Don't get me wrong, I hated sitting still that long just as much as the next guy, but there was some neat stuff.
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Bah, Leave the old coot dead. In Diablo IV lets go back in time and adventure with a young Deckard Cain
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90 Human Paladin
The last of the horadrim... he was old
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Cain should come back as an angel of knowledge. Then he should travel with us from act to act ID'ing stuff (instantly).
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I had a really good storyline idea a while ago concerning Cain that never got any feedback..wish some of the Dev would see it. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6036886207#1
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I think he will be ressurected as cyborg cain
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