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Bored, Whats your favorite movie?

Looking for something to watch, whats your favorite movie and why?
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"Unforgiven," which won Best Picture in 1992. A brilliant deconstruction of the spaghetti Western.

"Bulworth," starring Warren Beatty. Just outright hilarious, with some great sociopolitical commentary thrown in. The rap scene seals it.

Any Pixar movie.

"Pi." Also in the "Messed Up but Good" category: "Shadow of the Vampire."

"Pleasantville." For many reasons. I'll cite "great use of color" as the most obvious one.

And, finally, for the comedy crowd:

"Amazon Women on the Moon"
"Death to Smoochy"
"Brain Donors"

While I'm talking about the moon, let's throw in "Man on the Moon," Jim Carrey's biopic of the late, great Andy Kaufman.
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Not a movie..instead an HBO serie: Rome.
I recommend that show, because it's so exciting, historical and crude. It has 2 seasons and I saw them 10-11 times.
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Pulp Fiction. It was such a groundbreaking premise for the time and still is. Funny, crazy, great story, actors, and it's a Quentin Tarantino film, it's hard to go wrong with that combo. They just brought it back to theatres for one night last night. So, I went and caught that. Never had seen it before in the theatre. It was all the better!
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The Shawshank Redemption. I can't explain it! It has always been my favorite movie. I guess it would have to be the story line.
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The Wizard of Oz (1939)
because it's the closest thing to
perfection i've ever seen.
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Any Genre??

The other guys
8 mile
The Patriot
Road Trip
Old School
Step Brothers
any of the jacka$$ flicks

No rhyme or reason to this, just movies I liked off the top of my head.
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Tropic Thunder. Robert Downey Jr. as a black man.
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Solaris, the 2002 version. Incredible story. More focused in the psychological ramificatiopns and it kinda plays with your head. The dark atmosphere is enough to give this film a 100!

As a second choice, Eraserhead. A masterpiece.
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Where the Buffalo Roam! It's from 1980. Bill Murray playing as Hunter S Thompson. How could you possibly go wrong?
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Yes! hahaha
But i much more prefer Johnny depps take on HST.

It's great how they were all really good friends with hunter.
Makes their impersonations that much better!
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Jacob's Ladder, dawg.
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I have too many to list but off the top of my head:

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Kelly's Heroes
True Grit
Planet of the Apes
Parent Trap (original version)
Child of Glass
Star Wars (All)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Alien and Aliens
War Games
The Road Warrior
The Lethal Weapon series
The Die Hard series
The Breakfast Club
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Red Dawn (original version)
American Beauty
American Pie series
Forrest Gump
The Matrix Series
The Fifth Element
Independence Day
The Incredibles
V for Vendetta
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Definitely Pulp Fiction. One motherf***ing legendary movie, that one.
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Clearly the correct answer is Porky's...>.>...
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