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[1.07 PVP] Barbarian will still be the king.

You seem to not have factored in that we move and have skills that can counter. we also hit a lot harder than monsters. Also barbs wont be able to keep up their fury if they don't hit you. i think ranged chars might have an advantage as our whole life is about not getting hit.
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If there are no direct changes to any classes, you're a fool to think any class would be better than a Demon Hunter for pvp purposes.

Movement speed, invincibility, tracking arrows, boat loads of damage, and the ability to snare their targets, oh and let's not forget dropping a trap on anything that comes close.

omg, do you talk about weapon throw build barbarian??
Movement speed, immunity to all control impairing effects in 100% time, 100% weapon throws, boat loads of damage(30% + 35%), oh and let's not forget 60% speed debuff and 50% 1.5sec stun per hit.
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Stop playing roleplaying with text guys, PvP isn't out.

We don't know diddley squat and you all countering each other with statements like "OH BUT US DH CAN DO _____--BUT OUR BARBS CAN COUNTER THAT WITH _____" is embarrassing at best.
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Text dueling for now. I think Throw Barbs are top. Insane damage and speed with a lot of buffs.

If it's anything like D2 then there will be countering build after build. AH will be very active. So, load up those mules with legs with special attributes.
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I suspect barbs will be the worst character in PvP

lack of range except a joke throw barb, DH'd crit's for 1.5 mils+ 100% of the time, instakills barb, monk CM sledgey with tele, wiz CM locks, etc
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I suspect barbs will be the worst character in PvP

lack of range except a joke throw barb, DH'd crit's for 1.5 mils+ 100% of the time, instakills barb, monk CM sledgey with tele, wiz CM locks, etc


OP claims Barbs are strongest and most powerfull in 1.06. It's false. They have great toughness, in that they have the best damage mitigation.

The hardest hitters are DH, followed by Wiz. If your a Bar, good luck catching a DH before you take a half dozen hits. But if they do not fix the sweeping wind for Monks, game over.
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01/10/2013 12:56 PMPosted by Njoy
Legacy demonhunter infinite Smokescreen, sup barbarian bro.

Can you really infinite smokescreen against a single target?
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I have always said weapon throw barbarians will be the best pvp build for a barbarian.

People who actually played one will know you can reduce its fury cost to zero with belt and SOJ. That means your only limit is how fast you can spam that skill.

A good barbarian will be able to keep up thrive on chaos infinitely with just weapon throw and a spender (sprint) alone. But you really just need to double your DPS with insanity and win within 15 seconds.

But talk is cheap. I put my money at where my mouth is. I have already acquired a few top end weapon throw SOJ in preparation for its eventual price increase.
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01/10/2013 12:56 PMPosted by Njoy
Legacy demonhunter infinite Smokescreen, sup barbarian bro.

Did someone hear something? I swear I heard someth...
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All speculation. You all wasted your time. :(
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Demon hunter will destroy at PvP so easily. Let me vault away and snipe you with hungering arrow that is like a homing missile with no need to aim or see you. Oh you happen to stun the DH? no problem she will just use smokescreen and heal 60% of her HP and Discipline back with preparation.
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i would see what will this do against the slow time...
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I've thought about all the QQ on the forums for PvE content and wondered what a %$@#-storm there will be when PvP comes out. If I were in charge, I would put in place a system using variable DPS and/or EHP. An actual implementation would be significantly more complicated than what I have below I'm sure, but for a simple example, consider the following:

1. PTR is introduced with PvP, and testing takes place for "x" weeks
2. Stats collected across all the classes and duels
3. Classes balanced* based on collected results
4. Classes are continually balanced* on live servers on an ongoing basis (e.g. weekly)

*Balaced: Say for sake of argument that the most lopsided matchup is Barb vs. Wizard, with Barb's winning 70% of duels against (comparably equipped**) Wizards; when such a matchup takes place on live servers, Wiz DPS and/or EHP would be autobuffed so the matchup is closer to 50/50

**Comparably Equipped: Some sensible combination of average DPS/EHP for each class as baseline

This way, 2 "average" players from two different classes would win about 50/50 of the time vs. each other, but if you were an "above average" player, you would win more often. Also, if your dps/ehp was much higher than average for your class, you would have a distinct advantage vs. a player in a different class with average dps/ehp.

I have no idea if it will work this way, but I would do something like this (unless Blizz wants to spend the next decade putting out patches to balance the classes for real)
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pvp wil work differently
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A hiden outside screen hunter wtih a 100 crt % and 300-400K crt dam first hit Hunger Arrow nearly kill everything if you get hit! Sure 1 sec can have 2 3 shot with 100K dam coming . Ok 80% reduce...do you have 100K hp?

OP you need to learn more about PVP

weapon throw is useless as too short and slow and only 1 hit ! Most important is you need stand there and shot! what? If your shot cant kill the others. Wait for the crazy elemental ball or beam rifle hit you.

Wrath of the berserker ok only in increasing movement speed but please raise your fury to the level first. Battle rage is useless as it wont reduce your damage!

please use brain before posting something
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You know, i think they might going to follow the system like Starcraft 2. Which the unit skills are different for the single player and multiplayer.

They took out some skills that are overpower for multiplayer, they also took out some of the units from the game too.
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