Diablo® III

How It Went Terribly Wrong, Because They Listened To Us

From day 1 their design was to:

Let people find gear or at the end of a session make gear. Unlike d2 where you got gold and that was useless.

Right now we can craft items for certain slots. Those new recipes dropped the super gold inflated prices to reasonable levels..... this was great for the game.

Game needs more recipes for crafting. Give us more recipes with BoA. Give us a reason to collect recipes..... perhaps every recipe learned lowers crafting cost by 1%?

Give us legendary BIS recipes that make BoA gear. Imagine primary stat+Vit+resist all And then. Recipe would work for ALL your toons for that recipe but would be different depending on which class was making it.

Give us craftable weapons and off hands with 200+ minimum primary stat (that can't roll off stats like STR for WD knife or int for a quiver).

Along with this give us new modifiers that compete with the crafted gear that cant appear on crafted items (perhaps expansion drop only modifiers). You could always let items in the expansion have 7-8 enhancements and THAT would also make them super desirable.

This would make crafting good, and the dropped loot items still be the best. Also make the loot be like pre inferno nerf that a Rare amulet was...... rare and almost guaranteed to make you giddy when you identified it. Make rares rare AND make them good.
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way too much time on your hands son.
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01/20/2013 09:15 PMPosted by Sol
Update: The core concept of this post has been fully addressed by Blizzard in the Itemization developer's blog, it seems like our incredible quantity of feedback has given the developers a clear perspective as to what is needed to heal this amazing game. Good job everyone who gave feedback and supported this post!

The core mechanics of the game are broken. It cannot be 'healed'.

I look forward to Diablo 4 where perhaps some more talented and honest developers will make a game that really carries forward what the first 2 iterations of the game started.
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1. I agree completely with the itemization, at the point in which I am playing now, I see no possibility of finding gear that will change my playing experience, or hence make me feel much more powerful than I currently am. To add to this, the process in which I obtained the gear I have already was not very fun, nor exciting.

2. The boss battles should have a purpose. Like OP said, overcoming large and challenging boss battles as a team, and being rewarded with seemingly better drops for doing so, is FUN to me. If the monsters and all other things provided what you needed to make this happen, every aspect of the game would have its own functionality and purpose, which would of led to a more visceral experience. The thought of killing specific things in an attempt to obtain a certain item, I find a very entertaining and rewarding experience. Right now, all items and functionality are across the board in a mediocre fashion, thus leading to the same experience over and over again. If bosses were harder, they could have better chances of dropping good items, and the game would naturally balance itself out, and would incourage more professional groups of players to form and overcome said obstacle, which is also a very fun experience to be involved with in a social aspect.

3. I fully agree with what OP said about the design and art of the game. The original display of graphics was very compelling, and made me excited to play the game. Within the first minute after my purchase, I felt somewhat and confused and let down by how the graphics and artwork turned out to be.

4. The itemization and gameplay seems to be a completely separate element from the characters and bosses, and the story in which unfolds. The bosses finesse and prowess does not reflect their strength, and most of all the loot they drop. The bosses used to be the most important kill, for the sake of the story, and for the sake of killing the most powerful enemies that wielded the most powerful items. This is more of a philosophical debate however, but it has bothered me since launch. In Diablo 3, the bosses are all talk and no walk, and absolutely provide no reason to be killed after Hell difficulty. There is a serious disconnection from the story and the gameplay, which in my mind does not provide much of a visceral experience. Which leads me to my next, and most important point.

5. The overall atmosphere of this game is non existent. Puzzle piece A, is not fitting puzzle piece B. Gameplay and visualization should be combined and reflective of the story in which you are trying to tell, but as I said, there is a serious disconnection. I do not have a sense of darkness or adventure, or mystery while playing this game. From day 1, I felt an extremely linear and predictable progression of events. I did not roam into a field in search of a mysterious cave filled with monsters, I was thrown into an instance of battle from the very beginning, which did not feel very compelling, and most of all, gave me no time to smell the flowers and get my excitement pumping. I feel as though there were way too many scripted events in the beginning of act 1, as well as there being too many scripted events involved in the moments before fighting bosses.

6. I'm not saying re create the Diablo ll skill tree, but I definitely did not enjoy the experience of my hand being held through the whole thing. I also did not like the thought, that there wasn't going to be any significant changes to my character after I reached level 60, I had no decisions to make. If anything, the hand holding experience would of been justified, If by the level of 60, you started letting me put points into the skills I wanted, which would of been a good alternative, and probably would of provided a good end game experience. As making my own decisions at that point, would of made me feel more powerful and experienced, as well as giving me a reason to keep playing, besides finding loot. I don't think there is really anybody who would disagree with me on this idea, and would probably make for a significant improvement of the game.

7. Klondike bar.

8. The areas are too small, all outdoor areas could really use some more space, aside from 1 or 2 areas, which only exist in act 3, and in act 2. (Oasis and the first outdoor space of act 3). Though this is way far from my main concern.
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I think the Itemization still sucks.
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This sums it up perfectly. however it's much worse then your graph portrays.

about 10 items are useful out of 1200. those 10 items have 5% weighted value vs blackthorns 95%. so 1 item every hour stacked against a set piece dropping 5%, and then 5% chance it wont be blackthorns.

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04/18/2014 04:56 PMPosted by EmperorKuo
I think the Itemization still sucks.

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