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Parting Out My p100 SNS Wiz (Farewell)

Well after a lot of thinking I have decided to move on from CM/WW/SNS wizardry. Its been a long road, I've played this spec since its early versions in 1.0.3 and watched the class endure many nerfs, changes, and experience many triumphs. I appreciate all the positive experiences I've had in my time here in the Weatherman community, and am sorely going to miss freezing everything like a crazy kamikaze bomber. Thanks to anyone and everyone that has helped me, played with me, or debated any topic with me here on these forums. Good times :) 3.0 OS chant club forever! Haha. Cheers everybody. My only reason for moving on is that in real life I am a professional musician and also work in the recording studio, with increasing frequency and can no longer spam hotkeys all day and risk possible carpal tunnel (excessive musicianship combined with mp10 farming.. lol)

Special thanks in the wizard world-
Boozor - great friend, showed me how to really gear a SNS wiz, and always inspired me to push my wiz forward to the next level.
shand/aph/aimless - don't know you guys the best, but when I first started getting real serious about playing CM/WW I always looked up to your profiles on these forums.
charlatan / darshu - you guys also always have had role model profiles that i have seriously looked up to. badass.
Inspy - where are you!? was my biggest uber connect and always was up for theorycrafting and chatting about anything wizard or punk rock.
Alesso - theorycrafting buddy always focused on pvp with me and also hits pretty hard with his pvp wizzy spec -- watch out!
Pillz - now off being a crazy pvp witch doc, this guy is my boy
yodatoy - new owner of my beloved Chantodos Wand, one beast CM wizzy and has no issues multitasking while farming with real life. lol.

Was going to make this a long drawn out thread about my life and times as a Weatherman, but I decided I really just wanted to say thanks to a few specifics and the entire community as a whole for an overall great gaming experience as a Wizard :).

If interested in any of my pieces please go to the proper thread (my last farewell thread was deleted due to bumps and such, I wasn't aware we couldn't sell in the Wizzy forums anymore) please go to the proper thread in the Trading forum : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7801130103

Thanks again everyone,

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01/29/2013 10:50 PMPosted by Trayen
My only reason for moving on is that in real life I am a professional musician and also work in the recording studio, with increasing frequency and can no longer spam hotkeys all day and risk possible carpal tunnel (excessive musicianship combined with mp10 farming.. lol)

Use a macro like everyone else..... Buy the Diablo mouse if you have too.

Farewell for now though!
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I just hold down mouse buttons and keys instead of mashing them.
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May the wave of force be with you always.
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Safe travels and best of luck in your career. ^^
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Best wishes bud, you/kieble selling off, sad day for all.

See you @ MP0 :)
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Thanks for the kind words everyone, I will see you in mp0 as thats all any other class is capable of. :D
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I didn't get to know you but I seem you posting for a while. Hope all the best for you and your beautiful beautiful musica.

Personally I think you should stop with all this boo hoo stuff and use a macro. I can hook you up.
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Tray, I'm so glad to have played with you and also hope to continue you to play with you while you are putting more endeavors in two other classes - monk and DH. I met you through Boozor (one of the true remaining SNS/CM wizzes) and my playing the game has gotten better ever since.

I hope this is not the end of your playing D3. Instead, this is a new chapter of your becoming one of the best DHs or Monks.

Yeah...soon or later, I might have to put away my coat since I now have chronic tennis elbow from spamming the keyboard. But I think that's the fun of playing CM wiz instead of depending on Macro. It's the feeling of controlling spamming esp when you face reflect elites where I have to stop EB (Aphrall explained it to me once).

As for your Chantodo wand, I used it for one day and now it will move onto another upcoming tier 1 SNS/CM wiz as I already upgraded mine.

I have cut down on my playing time as well - I will be playing only couple hours during the week days as I need to spend more time with my kids. I have decided to be a better father. However, I am not yet ready to take off my hat. Besides, I still have not achieved pl100.

so stick around.
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@yodatoy thanks for the kind words bud, really appreciate it! happy that I have made some good friends thus far in my time with Diablo III. And I will be sticking around! Not quitting, just changing up the pace :)

@jellz thanks for the offer and the wishes for ze beautiful musica, but as yoda said there is something fun about actually mashing the keys and controlling your spam yourself... I have a sneaky suspicion this is the result of playing many SNES and N64 era games - Mario Party button mashing anybody!?

Thanks guys :) make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Also if ANYONE who has chatted, played with me previously, or has not played with me but thinks it would be fun - feel free to send me a friend request @ Trayen#1284 as I will still be playing, but not frequenting the Wizard forums as much!
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I'll send your treacherous !@# a friend request
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Good luck man, hope you find a spec/class that's a little less problematic for your work! It was always fun breaking servers with you and Boozy on MP10 runs. :)
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01/31/2013 09:46 AMPosted by JellzRoc
I'll send your treacherous !@# a friend request

Cool sounds good buddy :)

01/31/2013 09:49 AMPosted by Darshu
It was always fun breaking servers with you and Boozy on MP10 runs. :)

Cheers man, and we indeed broke many a server.. which unfortunatley made it almost impossible for us 3 to group together lol! Too much High APS and 60+% Crit Chance going on for Blizzys servers to handle the shocking aspects.. good times for sure.
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Trayen, your wizard will be missed! If you need a CM/WW for Uber, you have plenty of friends here that could permanfreeze :D
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@Darshu, you have sold all your Godly gears? who has them?
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Lol, no, I still have all my gear. I'm just goofing around putting crappy drops on my wiz before I log out. Chasing the bottom of the ladder :D
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Darshu, stop goofing around like that. It's already sad that Trayen has converted to DH/Monk. Can't lose any more elite wiz. Please stick around. OR you can always sell me your Nat ring. =)
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