Diablo® III

What heavenly aspect would you represent?

Well you forgot the most important virtue: Love
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The aspect of repercussion. The one who dishes out punishment and reward to those who deserve it. I suppose you could say it's the true aspect of justice.
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I would make my own Vaelflare. And that would be Prudence.

However I wouldn't side with any of the angels or demons. It would be for the human race. If I could convince Zolton Kulle to be on my side, then I would have it so. He didn't deserve such a fate, to be betrayed again. Even though He did horrible acts, the outcome would have been not better or worse, but fair, released from the chain like hope and fate.
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i would represent the aspect of Justice, and delete all of the AH functions and increase drop rates, so we can actually find our own gear, and fall back on trading! i would also get rid of usless stat rolls on class specific items and fix terribad legendaries.
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social interaction!


by your problems combined, i am captain blizzard!

captain blizzard is no hero
gonna take itemisation down to zero
he's his powers magnified
and he's fighting on the business' side

captain blizzard is no hero
gonna take the itemisation down to zero
do not help him put assunder
good guys who like to loot and plunder

"you'll pay for this, captain blizzard!"

we're the d3teers
you can be one, too
cuz saving our d3 is the thing to do
looting and one-shooting
is just the way
but hear what captain blizzard has to say


... D:

by phil brollins
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Justin means Justice, so I guess I'm Justice. Your all under arrest for being too sober.
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Although I have stopped playing 6 months ago, I still hang around the forum in hope of seeing an announcement of D3 total remake someday! Just as it seems my hopes are diminishing, then there was the Jay Wilson news, so I keep coming back.

"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no hope ever dies."
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02/01/2013 02:08 PMPosted by Gardrell
Anyone still playing must be the embodiment of Hope.

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02/01/2013 02:08 PMPosted by Gardrell
Anyone still playing must be the embodiment of Hope.
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Highly rated deleted posts are amusing. What's even funnier are quoted posts with the deleted post in them, also highly rated.
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I see myself as a vision of fate.
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Sigh......I didnt like the story line, so I will go with none of the above...
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Wisdom, or maybe retribution.
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