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Why my CM Wiz is not working properly?Help

I was WD, went DH now i'm at Wizard, i like to learn about all classes
Sold an Nat Ring for 400m, bought some items
(i have in my stash Tempest hat,triumvirate,blackweapon,non MF gear too)
But i mainly bought CM items and with MF gear if avaiable, to XP paragon in low MPS before and after update

But it seems i'm dieing too fast idk why, i know we arent tankers but its hard i wanna facetank as CM as easy i facetank in Archon form(so easy)

What i need to improve in my gear? I have such a lack of Crit Dmg but not rly worried about DPS just about surviability, i can in 15/20seconds kill elite in low mps anyway.

My guess is my armor, what your guys guess?
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i sell those items too http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/rakz-1630/Speedrakz/12741335
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3100 Armor and 440 AR unbuffed? That's the opposite of a CM wizard. Also 400ish LoH will not be enough against electrify and/or reflect especially with those armor/AR numbers.
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You have a really low LOH for the EHP you have. Consider getting around 4500 armor, 700 all resis and 1k loh. Magic will happen.
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Pin point is terrible. U dont need so much AR ARMOR but force armor rune and about 600 ar 4000 armor with ur hp you should rarly die then. As you get richer then increase crit chance and AR ARMOR so you can run more damaging runes like shocking aspect which is no armor even though it's called storm "armor"so you got to replace what energy armor was giving you. then we like 5000 armor and 800 ar. Shocking aspect and diamond shards will double your real world DPS so it's worth going after eventually.

Bottom line

pick up about 1000 more ARMOR and 200 more AR on gear and turn on Force armor.
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01/31/2013 07:58 AMPosted by Henri
You have a really low LOH for the EHP you have. Consider getting around 4500 armor, 700 all resis and 1k loh. Magic will happen.

or much higher attack speed. Having that low of an attack speed means that you can't 'perma freeze' monsters, which is the other way of passively mitigating damage, i.e. avoiding it altogether. I have around the same res and a little bit more armor, but I also attack at 3 aps when I use slow time, which allows me to keep monsters stuck in one spot. Your gear selection would be better suited for archon than cm, in my opinion.
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