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Name #1 reason you bought D3

I never played D1 or D2. Never was much of a PC gamer in those days. Still, I had quite a few friends who LOVED those games, so I thought I'd give D3 a try now that I game on PC exclusively.

Additionally, everyone I game with and a bunch of people at my office all bought D3 when it came out. Nobody plays it anymore, and I'm the only one who still creeps the forums.

because Im a fan!
Got it for free through the WoW Annual Pass.

But I would've bought it anyway because the beta impressed me immensely.
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Diablo and Diablo 2
Favorite part of these games was the random level gen, which didn't make it into D3, which is unforgivable..
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Because I'm a fan of the Diablo franchise, including character design / story / dungeon crawler gameplay (freaking addictive!) and so on.
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Made by Blizzard.
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Diablo 2
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Diablo 2
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The game is fun, but it's also filled will all kinds of wrong.
Diablo and Diablo 2
Favorite part of these games was the random level gen, which didn't make it into D3, which is unforgivable..

What you mean, there are all of those random events that Blizzard bragged about before the release to mix stuff up. Makes everything feel random!


Seriously, random events was a good idea but there are incredibly few. And there should be some incredibly rare (I mean legendary rare) that are very hard but always rewarding. More fun to "roll" a hard random event that gives you a legendary than to actually just find a legendary imo.
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Diablo 2
Because it is a great game.

Seriously though. I Still play this game a lot! I can't wait for the new patch to come out. Once I get my Monk to achieve a few goals I have for his gear, I'm going to start focusing on leveling a Hardcore character... which I am deathly scared of!

Most exciting thing about the patch: ability to set Monster Power in Public Games. I didn't like having to choose between actually facing a challenge or just roflstomping through the level. Going through Multiplayer on a high Monster Power is going to be a blast!!!!

Edit: Just as a note, I have only played D2 for about an hour or so. Never plan on going back and playing it, highly doubt I would enjoy it as much. Most of the fun of D3 are the visually satisfying graphics as you smash through hordes of demons! Not nearly as much fun on low res.
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Diablo 2
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Diablo 2
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Diablo 2----was a legend-------------------
Can d3 devs see this? You idiots, can you see why ppl bought your !@#$ty d3?

apparently this post was reported, wth do ppl expect when they get on forums, so much for america's freedom of speech (i'm australian) you poor sobs
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Blizzard since WarCraft 2 - Tide of Darkness.....
I'm a fan of the series AND I followed D3 through development and wanted to play it specifically as a result.

6 skills on a bar instead of left/right click and F key switching? Yes please.
Because it was a Blizzard product and I was naive enough to believe there was no reason to suspect it would be anything other than a true successor to its predecessor.
D1+D2. Also because of the high standard of quality Blizzard used to represent.
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I was in Beta since Early February 2012 and thought that based on the beta that it was a very fun game and will worth the costs.
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