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0s ZD WD need help on what to craft


i manage to craft a decent amulet, glove, bracer and shoulder. Btw im using rare ammy, vile ward, trifecta tasker before. i swap lacunis+ice climber with zuni's boot and archon bracer. Am i doing it right? what are the main focus that i should craft for now? either glove/bracer/shoulder? i think my ammy is pretty sweet.
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anyone? i got stack of essence ready to craft!
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i think youre best off staying with a nice lacuni for the ias. aim for trifecta gloves and ammulets obviously. stick with vile wards until you craft an actual comparable one dps AND ehp wise.

personally i dont see myself changing that much.


would need insane luck to craft an upgrade with the gold i have :S might try for a trifecta amu since i need the ias for my cm wiz also, but dps wise i dont see even that trumping the +6% and already high ish int on tals...
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you need ias on your gear for 0 dogs... decent crafts... but still needing the ias on ammy and gloves.
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switched my bracer+boots to lacunis and ice climber. i'll craft glove then ammy until trifecta roll. thanks for the reply!
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still no luck with glove/ammy through crafting. any more advices on upgrades/crafts? i have 200m to spend.
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Try the shoulders. Is hard to not get a good roll with them with it being 200+ main stat. The shoulders on my DH are crafted and were good enough for me to sell my comparable VW's. I see the prices dropping considerably on them and that was just scanning through to compare mine for sale. I have had no luck with gloves, seem like too many affixes available. Ammy's have potential, saw a would have been 600m cc/cd vit one rolled first go last night. I rolled 5 afterwards and got a couple avg dmg/cd and cc but not any precise upgrades.
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i am in a similar situation with my 0dog. i couldent afford top of the line items starting at 160mill for 200s homulus (where does anyone but botters and people that buy gold on RMAH get that kind of money)
it ate up my off-hand slot, ring, amulet, and helmet slot, that doesnt leave very meny slots to play with. i think that's the major downside to 0ZD. i put in something like 100m for cheaper items as its all i could afford and the DPS reduction from switching gear outweights the advantage in many cases. maybe with higher end 0ZD gear it works better.
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