Diablo® III

An EXP "Ladder" (NOT more leveling.)

What I think would be a great addition, is adding a ladder where people who are P100, get to duke out the most amount of experience possible. Every 3 months, this exp tally is wiped, and the P100's get to do this again. It will show how many legendaries you have gotten in this time period. I would love to do this after i hit P100(if blizz adds this).
-People who quit will(MAYBE) come back.
-An incentive after you hit P100.
-More pointless grinding.

Argue on about this! :)
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Considering that botters will top the exp ladder, I dunno if this is a good idea.
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03/01/2013 03:01 AMPosted by shndany
Considering that botters will top the exp ladder, I dunno if this is a good idea.

Yeah, just thought of that. Maybe set a limit of 12 hours per day of EXP'ing?
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Yeah this is a great idea

Said no one ever
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It is a good idea, it adds more reason to keep playing past p100 for some people. You can't let bots define YOUR game play. They had d2 ladders, bots were on the list, people still enjoyed it.

Its a win win for everyone, IMO. Blizzard gets $ from people paying to win. Players get something more to show their effort. More items could sell due to more people playing and or wanting to improve their gear.

Also to have just an exp ladder to reset instead of a whole character, it would work.
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Cus everyone just enjoys running around griding mobs 24/7. because that's so intresting to do.
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