Diablo® III

WTB high end wiz set 1.5B budget

Budget is 1.5B or even 2B if it's good.

Unbuffed dps 280k+, archon build preferred.

Post here your link/offer
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let me know your offer. SB: 1B, BIN; 4B
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im only interested in buying the whole set^
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I am thinking of selling mine. It's a hybrid build but mainly archon, can do 10 mins alk run with no problem mp 0 - 3. 4 - 6 is doable but takes longer and needs more playing attention.


DPS: 218,480 Unbuffed, 310K buffed.
Life: 35,637
Armor: 3523
APS: 2.43
CC: 51.50
CD: 424%
AR: 524-610

Full CM: *Yep slorak's rocks!*
(Only need to change helm for more apoc/loh, but doable with the same set with 9 apoc on source.

DPS: 233K BUFFED. (101% Perma freeze, I can show you, better build that the conventional 2.73 APS breakpoint but dps is just around 150k, Lol)
Life: 40k+ with amethyst

Why perma freeze? Because of the high CC. 51.50 base, + the 8% CC on Sloraks, thats 59.50% CC with 2.43 APS and it doesn't end there you have the option to use pinpoint barrier that will increase CC by 5% thats 64.50% of CC here (Perma freeze enough). Or you can choose to use stretch time(10% IAS) for more APS/Dps.

I can show you some runs if you're interested.
I am confident that it is pretty awesome build compared to the conventional ones, because it adds the Versatility without changing the whole set. Btw, DPS is still upgradable with higher gems.

Skills on CM:
Nova - Cold Snap
DS - Shards or Crystal shell
Teleport - Safe Passage (30% dmg reduction)
Energy Armor w/ Pinpoint or Slow Time with Stretch
Main attacks:
Blast - Chain Reaction.

Melts uber mp8-10 easy because of 233k intact dps. :)


Reason for Selling: Switching to Monk.

Sorry for the long post but its a MUST infos. See to appreciate.
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