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Why does the patch process take so long?

I'll try my best to not sound like I am complaining, but why is there so much time between patches as well as the long period of time for the PTR being up prior to the changes going live?

Below are dates and patch events that have taken place so far this year.

1/15/2013 Patch 1.0.7 PTR up
2/12/2013 Patch 1.0.7 goes live
3/12/2013 Patch 1.0.7a (looks more like a hotfix in the form of a patch)
4/8/2013 Patch 1.0.8 PTR up
?/??/???? Patch 1.0.8 goes live

I can understand the time between patches such as 1.0.7 and 1.0.8, but when you stack on top of that the time that it sits on the PTR, it adds up to be too long of a break.

One thing I have noticed with this particular PTR is the notes had the main meat in it (density changes, coop, crafting convenience etc...). The notes nearly doubled in size over the course of 1 week with class changes and other adjustments.

Do the PTRs really need to be up that long? I understand that it takes time to discover new bugs...etc, but wouldn't 2 weeks of PTR time be sufficient?

The main reason I bring this up is I have been playing this game since release and I am starved for more content/changes. I am to the point where paragon 100 isn't required as I have a few pieces of decent mf gear that if I wanted to get max mf, it would be easy. I don't see anywhere else to progress. I have even resorted to occasionally flipping a few items on the AH and have found it an utter waste of time to play the game to progress gold wise.

I know that I sound a little selfish, but I need more if I am to stay interested in playing.
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There must be a troll inside who keeps them from agreeing on simple things.
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go look at the ptr. No one playing. Keeping the PTR up for over 2 weeks serves no purpose. It only buys these losers time.
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despite what some people might tell you about making games, there is not a check box in the code that says "cause a bug(yes/no) that simply gets unchecked to fix an issue.
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04/29/2013 10:26 AMPosted by chasa619
despite what some people might tell you about making games, there is not a check box in the code that says "cause a bug(yes/no) that simply gets unchecked to fix an issue.

I'm not expecting it to be an easy thing, if it were a checkbox method, it would take what... a day? I don't think I am being unreasonable here.

I imagine since they created the game, there should be some sort of familiarity that goes into modifying code.
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That depends on a lot of things. What is the patch in question about? What issues do the devs want to solve with the patch in question? Just how many bugs have been found during the PTR test? How easy are they to reproduce and fix? No doubt there could even be more questions than that before a patch would be given the green light to the live server.
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like maybe read the bug section?

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