Diablo® III

No multiplayer bonus in console version?

06/12/2013 04:37 PMPosted by Lylirra
PC (due to performance issues).

no wonder my graphic card broke down after they introduced the mob density adjustment...
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Why is it that the consoles are getting what we have been asking for, for the past year!


In the console game they can dodge, roll, have a smooth, better optimized game, possibly no AH, and RMAH is out of the picture for consoles. They have itemization, offline mode (w/ no AH, who cares if you bot) the game just seems fun.

But, the one who was the director for consoles is now the one for PC, he hasn't started yet but hopefully he brings about change, and hopefully dosnt start porting console to pc.

So... you think the Console version is better than the PC version, yet you don't want the features added to PC that are implemented for consoles.

Make up your damn mind.
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I love general forums ...
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Why oh Why is this Diablo3 console infor on Diablo 3 PC version dont they have thier own console self help on the console game already. good lord console so easy to nagivate and now they need more help on navigation how to use thier control.... so funny . how hard can it be on the console to use uhhhhhhhh control with buttons near your fingers!!!!!!!!
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dont worry guys from facts console player dont stay longet than the min 6 months than after that they go on to other games.... look it up on googles and friends around you.
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I still on console need to play with difficulty settings /easy, medium, hard, master etc/ inestead of playing? I mean, I will start on medium, discover, it is no challange at all, start again on master etc etc? We have normal, nightmare, hell and inferno. Why I should bother to choose difficulty in normal, nightmare and hell? They just should be setted up for medium challange, like D2. After completing inferno, just after this game should unlock new MP settings/be console means easy, medium...master I, II etc/. I hoped, you will fix this in console versions. I hoped in console there will not be shared gold stash for my characters, so I can start new character as in D2 with 0 gold. And not with 2trilions. On the other hand, I am tired of my godly character on PC and I would like start self found character, so thanks on this allowed me on console, that is great. And no AH, great.
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This is great news! Nice to know we will be getting to at least 2.0 on the console version.
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