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Character Class idea: Bard

Hey guys! For a while I have been knocking around the idea of a bard class in a future diablo 3 expansion. I want to know what you guys think.Here's a rough summary;

Wandering minstrels and musicians who use the power of music to control the battlefield and inspire allies. The Bard can use special weapons exclusive to them such has Instruments (Such as Lutes, Harps, and Vielles [medieval Violins]), Picks (Off-hand), and Scarves (Considered as Shoulder equip.) Unlike other heroes, he tends to be a bit flashier in his/her appearance; wearing feathers, colorful masks and furs to deceive enemies into a false sense of security. The primary stat for a Bard is intelligence, while their resources is known as Morale (Pink) which can be raised based on the allies or enemies it affects, Bards tend to be mid-ranged characters, as their powers are based off sound. Monsters must be within earshot or they won’t be affected. The bard’s abilities are divided into these categories:
1: Burst: Sound is but vibration through the air. Through manipulation, Bards can enhance this vibrational energy to create blasts of energy that can not only deal direct damage, but alter the minds of friends and foes alike.
2: Control: Throughout the ages bards have learned how to turn the tides of battle through their music. They know that simple inspirational words can sway a warrior to great heights or use these same words to dissuade enemies.
3: Hymms- These abilities act much like a barbarian’s shouts. Hymms are inspirational musics that raise different stats and abilities for allies, or they can debuff enemies nearby.
4: Talents: Bards pick up numerous amounts of skills while travelling. The bard observes other warriors and picks up their skills through practice. These skills are, in turn, passed down from master to apprentice in order to survive the harsh wilderness.
5: Dances: Bards are not just musicians, they are full on entertainers. Dancing is another part of their repitoire against the foes of hell, those who underestimate their significance will pay the price for their arrogance.
6: Finales: Bards use fantastic abilities that completely devastate the battlefield. Because of their significant strength, most of these skills come with either a devastatingly high Morale cost, or extensive cooldown

Burst (Raises Morale)
Sword Madrigal: The bard conjures a piercing blast of sound that strikes the enemy much like a sword would. This strikes similar to the Monk’s “Piercing strike” except it’s only a one-part move. This skill has a relatively short distance of about 10-15 ft.
Quick Etude: The bard quickly conjures a burst of energy by enhancing the vibration in the air focusing on a single target dealing relatively strong damage.
Army’s Paeon: Creating a shockwave of sound radiating from the bard’s position the bard can hit any enemies within 10 feet and causing knockback.
Threnody: This creates a slow-travelling ball of sound that travels through enemies, damaging all enemies in its way. This attack is reminiscent of the ball-lightning rune for the demon hunter’s elemental arrow except it is a white ball of energy and doesn’t leak electricity.

Control (Uses Morale)
Foe’s Lulliby: Puts all enemies within range to sleep for a few seconds. The enemies will not move while asleep unless attacked. When attacked, enemies wake up and resume fighting. Enemies asleep will be seen with “Zzz” over their heads.
Threatening Capriccio: Causes an enemy to be immobilized for 2 seconds, then flees for a short period of time. An enemy killed while immobilized/fleeing will cause nearby enemies to also flee.
Etude of Invitation: enemies within range are persuaded to fight for the bard for a few seconds, this song is especially useful when the bard is surrounded.
Requiem of Condemnation: an enemy affected by this song is dealt additional damage by attacks.

Victory March: Allies under the influence of this Hymm will be granted additional movement speed.
Healing Ballad: Gives allies slow health regeneration over time.
Valor Aubade: Allies under the influence of this song will obtain resource regeneration, regardless of their class.
Battlefield Ellegy: Gives allies the ability to reflect damage while under the influence of this song.

First Aid: Bards must be well-versed in the ways of survival. This gives the bard the ability to bind and heal wounds of a nearby ally. This heals all allies within range.
Pickpocket: Enemies affected by this skill have an increased chance for a magic drop and yield 25% additional gold.
Unyielding Ally: Summons a faithful companion who has joined you through your use of speechcraft. This ally lasts much like the Witch Doctor’s Zombie Dogs.
Mystic Ballet: A bard who is nimble can easily dance across the battlefield without injury. This allows the Bard to “twirl” across the battlefield much like a DH would use Vault.
Breakdance: Bards who can conjure a wave of force by performing a rapid spin attack on his/her back. This causes a knockback/stun effect.
Elemental Carole: The bard dances around the enemies creating an elemental burst of Fire, Cold, Electric and Poison damage on each step. This dance consists of four major steps around the enemies each creating a rune of each element that deals AOE damage of the corresponding element to all enemies inside the rune.

Spotlight: No great bard can perform without a spotlight! Creates a field of light centered on the Bard’s position, foes inside it are slowed while allies and the bard’s chance to evade are raised.
Ancient Requiem: Uses the magic of song to summon the vengeful souls of the dead to burst out and attack all foes within range. All foes hit are drained of Health which is returned to the bard.
Grand Finale: Causes holy damage to all enemies within the path of this attack. Enemies also have a chance to be blinded.
Shining Fantasia: The bard absorbs all damage for several seconds.

Any thoughts? ideas?
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Me and my friends were just talking about this! We all really want to see a Bard class! It would be really fun and unique. Very good break down by the way.
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Could work, I always enjoyed them in D&D
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The Bard from Rift was super fun to play. Would love to see other games implement the bard just like that.

No swords just a guitar. Killing you with the Sound of Music. Music is also a great torture device.
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That's a lot to read so I'll just give my admitted knee-jerk reaction:

Oh yeah, I wanna sing the demons death. Just me and my lute.


Oh mans you could loot a lute.
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The bard has always been one of my favorite classes and I love seeing others who like the class too. There is something you do to the first Diablo that shows that they were working on a bard class.
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I was just thinking about this! This needs to happen!! The lore would be like "I tire of singing melodies for champions, it's my turn on the spotlight, losers." lols
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I'd be happy with a wooden barrel class at this point. One additional class in the expansion was a huge let down.
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