Why do I need a Battle.net account?

You need a Battle.net account to log into and play World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, and all future Blizzard games. Creating a Battle.net account is fast, easy, and free. For more details, refer to the FAQ.

Why do I need to merge my World of Warcraft account with a Battle.net account?

When we first introduced this service, we asked World of Warcraft players to create a Battle.net account to house their World of Warcraft licenses as well as any additional Blizzard licenses they may currently hold. Because all our games going forward will be supported through Battle.net, players must now log in with a Battle.net account in order to play World of Warcraft and use the related services.

What if I forgot my World of Warcraft account name, my registered email address, or my password?

  • If you forgot your World of Warcraft account password, visit our World of Warcraft Password Reset page.
  • If you lost access to your registered email address or if you forgot your World of Warcraft account name, contact us.