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So BlizzCon has always been a great event, but it is always only available to those that can afford to travel to the west coast.

The virtual ticket is an amazing tool for those that cannot be there.

Is there a way that Blizzard could potentially bring BlizzCon to the east coast like Philadelphia, and Texas such as Dallas? The E-sports could remain on the west coast but you could bring conventions to 2 more locations, allow costume contests and talent contests, still have gaming halls, artist halls, and things like that. You could include big screens for current running E-Sports on the west coast as well and big screens in halls that would be viewing the main halls on the west coast.

What would this do for you? This would allow thousands more blizzard fans to get together during BlizzCon to hang out and witness a taste of action, reduce a bit of the load potentially from people that travel to the west coast, and of course more Blizz merchandise sold.

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