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I too was disappointed With the lack of dev and creative panels. I actually think it's the most interesting part. I.
With all the posts about lack of a stream for the creative panels i have an idea that may help. I understand there are no recordings to put up. And it wasnt possible to setup recording

what about the slides? Would it be possible for blizz to host the slides as pdf in place of the missing streams?

Gdc does this with their talks. Some have video and others just have the slides. Yes it's not the same as a stream with questions but ita still full of interesting content. It also should be easy to create the pdfs.
Or they could just put in a single tripod camera and record things without requiring everything to be as professional and multi-camera as the main halls. If Brandon Sanderson can record all his college writing classes and youtube them, then why can't Blizzard do something similar? It can even be a caveat that the side panels aren't as high quality, get them as is. That would still be better than nothing.
Yeah, some dude posted a phone recording of the Overwatch voice actors panel, and it was great being able to watch it even if it was bad quality. Even if it was only vods and not streamed, I would love for them to show the voice actor, artist, and community stage panels. It can't be that hard to record them.
They could have done a tripod but they didn't this year. I'm just suggesting a solution for this year. Its should be super simple for them to do.

For all we know part of the problem could be directtv not setting up the recording because of contact wording. Idk and its besides the point of this post.

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