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Jun 4, 2013 Welcome to the Bug Report Forums! Welcome to the Bug Report forum! The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports on the Battle.net desktop app. We greatly appreciate our customers helping us to find issues with the game. As such, this forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Aratil0 Jun 4, 2013
Jan 12 Battle.net app white screen after update I just updated the Battle.net application (it was working fine before), and now the application's screen is white. I can't see anything. Screenshot : http://i.imgur.com/vkcsUtg.png I tried reinstalling with no results. Help.Scynthrax32 Jan 12
2h Duplicate Battle.net chat notifications I'm receiving chat notifications in the Battle.net app for messages I've already received/viewed in Overwatch. Here's a walk-through of the issue: 1. Open Battle.Net. 2. Start playing Overwatch. Note: I've chosen the "When I launch a game, exit Battle.net completely" option. 3. Play Overwatch and chat with friends. 4. Quit Overwatch. 5. Open Battle.Net. Upon opening, I receive a notification saying I have one missed message. That message is always the last message I received (and viewed) while playing Overwatch in Step 3. This notification doesn't appear to provide any value to users and forces us to take an unnecessary action (checking the notification for a message we've already read). I can't think of a good reason why this feature should exist.eternuspacis1 2h
14h Battle.net does not start minimized Recently, Battle.net has started showing up on Windows startup despite the "Launch Battle.net minimized to the system tray" setting. Unticking and re-tricking that setting did not help.AnsisMalins8 14h
17h how the hell do you add friends someone plz help I've tried and tried but it sucksPyroHedgehog8 17h
1d Launcher does not resume download I try to download destiny 2 trial .. every time i pause and i resume download it starts from the beginning!VHWED0 1d
1d [OS X][website] The website keeps trying to overwrite the password saved in my keychain Hi there, I’m having a minor but bothering issue with your website. Context: OS X 10.11.3 Safari 9.0.3 (11601.4.4) Credentials saved on my iCloud account through Keychain Access.app 9.0 (55171.20.2) Battle.net account linked to an smartphone authenticator. Description: On Battle.net websites, whenever I log into my accounts using the credentials saved in my iCloud keychain, I am prompted to update my saved password. Doing so overwrite the (correct) password in my keychain by a series of dots (.........), forcing me to do a password reset. Plaise not that answering “no” to the “Do you want to update your password for all battle.net websites?” prevents the issue from occurring, making this issue easily avoidable. Reproducibility: Probably systematic, although only tested twice. I don’t quite want to block my account by resetting the password unusually too often. Steps to reproduce: Create a new account on your OS X machine. Add an iCloud keychain which contains your up-to-date Battle.net credentials to your user account. Launch Safari.app and ensure the “Autofill users logins and passwords” is checked in the “password” tab of the option window. Visit https://eu.battle.net/login/en/. You should not be logged in yet. The login and password prompt are autofilled with credentials form your iCloud keychain by Safari.app. Press the “Log in” button. Expected results: You’re now logged into your account, and Safari redirects you to whichever page you were on before. Safari.app do not prompt you to update the password in your keychain (until it differs from whatever is saved in your iCloud keychain. Actual results: You’re now logged into your account, and Safari redirects you to whichever page you were on before. Safari.app does prompt you to update your password. Clicking “yes” to the dialog box that propose it replaces the password entries for battle.net account in your iCloud keychain by ........Rondodu14 1d
1d Reset Download Speeds when launching the blizzard app. When launching the Blizzard app my download speeds get reset for "Latest Updates" to 20 KB/s and "Future patch data" to 1KB/s. My only fix that I've found so far is going into Settings>Game Install/Updates>done, then going back into settings>Game Install/Updates>adjusting to max bandwidth>done. Is there some type of QoL patch you can implement that would fix this, or is there currently a fix to this because it's been consistent whenever it's time to download a patch/update for anything. Thanks!missinglynk0 1d
1d Unintended whitespace in GUI popup Regarding the prompt that is displayed in the battle net client application when one cannot log in, there appears to be a leading whitespace after the "Yo".. See screenshot for more details.. https://imgur.com/VwEaklzkenny6660 1d
2d "Play" button grayed out despite download bar pass "playable" Steps to reproduce: 1) Uninstall Diablo 3 2) Start your download for Diablo 3 3) The download bar will pass the yellow "Playable" tab 4) Bar will continue to be red, and the "Play" button will stay grayed out Work around currently is pausing the download, and restarting the download. Bar turns yellow, "PLAY" button lit up, everybody happy. Small bug, but hey, it's something.Nmx36 2d
2d Invisible minimize/maximize/close buttons This is for the battle.net launcher GUI and the buttons in the top-right corner of the window. The buttons still function; they are just not visible.Isofar1 2d
2d Blizzard Only Games Crash I constantly run into issues playing HOTS and Starcraft II. About 40 minutes into a game it will crash with either a "fatal error" or a memory core error. This is not an issue I have with other games. In fact, I can play D3 for hours with no issues. I have a gtx 1060, Intel i7-4770, and 32 gigs of ram. I ran these games until crashing with monitoring tools up to see if anything was spiking or having issues... I've run memtest, hardwareDiagnostics, checked crash dumps... nothing makes sense. The most info I get is that it is an unhandled expection or a memory violation on the Blizzard Application's side. I'm sorry to say it.... but after following other forum posts and seeing similar trends... I think Blizzard is covering up issues with compatibility across certain manufacturers. Why isn't there a better tool to view what caused the issue when the game has crashed? The most we can do is send a report, and we all know when you post that error code and ask for help you get a Blizzard rookie who runs you through the rigamarow before Velnak comes in and says the same things you've done until he just ignores you permanently until someone else has latched on to the issue and said that something along the way has fixed the issue... then Velnak says "Yay! Here is my link to give me good feedback!". We need better diagnostic tools. If Blizzard doesn't want to do the work to fix their compatibility issues, at least let your tech savvy fans do it. I get nothing with an unhandled or fatal error report. Let me run the program in an encrypted debug mode and I can pass the info to someone who can actually check each process and find where the software engineers made a mistake. Right now I cannot play Blizzard games unless I run it on my 2008 laptop. Get with the times :P Hardware has updated, so should you.Halvinator2 2d
2d Game stuck on task bar / icon tray Ever since the new patch came out, I can't open the sc2 launcher. When i do i can see the icon in the icon tray in the taskbar and i can see 3 processes " agent.exe " "battle.net" and "battle.net helper.exe" running in the processes section of the task manager but i cannot open the launcher no matter how many times i click on it. I could play directly using switcher.exe without the client but i'm unable to play because i need to update the game which i cannot do without the client which isn't opening! Any help is greatly appreciated.Rziraider91 2d
2d Battle.net App System Tray Icon settings reset after updates It's a minor thing, but it seems that whenever the Battle.net app updates, my settings for the system tray icon (to show icon AND notifications) resets itself. It might be a Windows issue, but whenever any of my other applications update, I don't have that same issue with them.NerdyCanuck91 2d
2d Offline doesn't always work I first noticed this when up late and seeing the toasts for a friend coming online, opening overwatch twice in half an hour. I have two accounts that currently run on separate computers and had both offline for a few days but even though one machine has been on 24/7 that account is currently offline for 4 hours where it should be at least 4 days. So there are instances where offline either isn't working and other instances where the counter gets reset when it shouldn't.WallyWalrick0 2d
3d Bad image error I am recently getting frequent bad image error. It works if I delete the cache folder and Blizzard folder, uninstall and reinstall the Battle.net app, but it is really tedious having to do this every time this error comes up. This happens probably 2 times a day and is random. I updated my graphics driver and seems to be an issue that a lot of users are also experiencing.Blacknosugar2 3d
3d AppData\Local\B.net\Logs huge files Today I had an issue, I saw that my SSD dedicated for Windows was very low on storage. Didn't know from which files it could come, i've tried everything i found on the internet but it changed nothing... Until I find the software "WinDirStat" that told me files in AppData\Local\B.net\Logs were taking 98% of the storage. I had files from January 4th sizing over 65Gb (the whole folder had files from Jan 4 to Jan 16, over 145Gb of log files). Contacted support and told me that was weird because it's supposed to only be MB and no GB. Hope it can be fixed and/or help people (got a screenshot of my folder with files size, don't know if i can put a link like imgur/hostinpic/whatever here). Sorry for bad english, ain't my native language)Aedenes1 3d
3d Cant set up SMS with two accounts on one phone # Have Two accounts - One Phone Number.... You want me to set up SMS - offering 4 extra bag slots... Yet Y'all Seriously thought that no one might have two accounts in one household? The two accounts have different email addresses - WHY ON EARTH would you not allow the same phone number to be used for two accounts? That is Nancy Pelosi Stupid.... Please fix this design flaw. Thanks SteveDubyateeff0 3d
3d Or Against Us Quest Bug Cant talk to Arluin to complete questSatanSpawn141 3d
3d Blizzard App changes my Screen Resolution So whenever I start the Blizzard App lately, my computer's screen resolution drops from its standard 1920x1080 and becomes 640x480, an option not selectable in my range of screen resolution options. This basically means I have to keep my Windows Settings open and manually reset the resolution back to its standard format every time I want to play a game. Is there any way to stop this?Fobar4 3d
3d Mythic+ bugs What a frustrating day after a new patch. So we were trying to do a mythic+ 12 Black Rook Hold and after the countdown the wall dissapeared but as we were headed for the mobs we got teleported back to the Font of Power every single time and we depleted the key and trying again and happened on +11 as well in the same instance... very sad day for the key owner. Depleting keys for nothing. Later that same day we were doing a Vault of Warden mythic+11 and we wiped on the last boss Cordana. It was all fine until we released spirit only to find out the wind didn't stop that was on during the boss fight so as soon as we released we got blown off the and died. Couln't relog or exit game or unstuck character. Only leaving the group helped to get teleported out of the dungeon. Really bothering and sad day after maintenance.Forgiven1 3d
4d Kazakus Potion "silenced" the Mana Treants I had 4 Mana Treants on board, my opponent was in turn 6, he played a 5 mana Kazakus Potion: "Deal 4 damage to all minions. Gain 7 Armor". The following turn I inexplicably had 2 mana crystals only. This wasn't a graphic bug 'cause I had no way to play more cards. I have a photo of the sequence after the Potion. Of course the Mana Treants were not silenced.Kapustin0 4d
4d Battle.net Launcher fix! I had the same problem that a lot of people are having with the battle.net launcher not working at all. I got Error message every time. The fix is: Go into your Battle.net install folder. Look for a folder that is labeled Battle.net 8180, open it then look for Battle.net app. You can click in the Battle.net in the 8180 first to make sure it works for you. It did for me. Then make a shortcut to the desktop that replaces your old one. Hope this helps someone. Note: you could have a folder labeled Battle.net 8179 use it first to update then you will see a 8180 folder.PsyPower7 4d
4d [BUG] App is stuck on loading Account Information Hi there, My app is currently stuck on loading account information when I logged in tonight. I can see the news part perfectly fine, But the part where I can view my games to play them is stuck and in a loop saying it is loading for the past hour now. Any resolutions to this issue? I have tried restarting the app, But this didn't work. So I'm not sure what else to think of. Thank-you, Xanlorash [The Insane]Korlastus63 4d
4d Static sound and app crashing. Been 72hrs+ no fix Common guys. Many have reported this issue and there has been no fix. Pretty essential. In case you need another reminder the bug is due to an unread message on the social app tab that crashes the entire app upon launchHeccate1 4d
6d [Beta/Bug] Sound notification (Actually) Version: 9701 When you receive a private message, a terrible sound is played and the client crashes. After such a client, just do not start again. Without a sound notification, the client does not crashes.Werloz21 6d
6d Bad image error after patching C:\Program Files (x86)Battle.net.8518\Qt5Gui.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. Received this error after background patch last night. Battlenet crashed, upon patch completion, and when attempting to restart it comes up with this error. Windows sfc scan shows no integrity issues.Smydgen2 6d
6d battle.net app window keeps popping up everytime i start my computer please fix thisoldskoolboy0 6d
6d [Bug?] Patch notes won't ever appear This problem has been persisting for a while now, everytime i try checking the patch notes on Overwatch, it says: "Oh no! we couldn't find what we wanted to show you. we'll keep looking. Check back later!" It's been one year since i had this problem, and to be honest it is pretty annoying, even though it's just a small problem, thanks in advanceSnesySnas0 6d
Jan 13 Voice Chat Crashes Battle Net I recently updated my Battle Net Launcher and I tried to start a Voice Chat with a friend. Battle Net produced a weird static sound and proceeds to freeze resulting in a crash. I can't open Battle Net anymore since it just crashes as soon as I open it.Sleetui4 Jan 13
Jan 12 Battle.net makes my browser open random tabs Whenever battle.net is active on my computer, my browser starts opening random new tabs containing advertising or "recommended updates". I know its not Blizzard's fault and that i messed up somewhere, but I tried many anti-virus, anti-malwares, etc to try and fix this already and my browser only starts opening new tabs when battle.net desktop app is open. So I came here to ask for help and to see if there is anything I can do to fix my computer other than formating it.Giuliano48 Jan 12
Jan 12 Battle.net Agent keeps asking for Admin privileges randomly I have the battle.net agent installed on my Win 8.1 and alongside that I have SC2, WoW, HS and HoS installed. in the last month or so I noticed that the Agent keeps asking for Admin privileges randomly, even while in game (popping me out of the game and asking to enter my admin pass), NOTE that it not doing any updates/patches. Giving it admin privileges is not an option (run as admin), but rather me being the one to decide when to give it privileges and knowing what is it doing on my PC. I tried giving it admin privileges a few time, and I don`t see it working on any updates of patches so from my point of view there is no reason to give the privileges. From the popup window (elevated access popup - prompt to enter password) I see that the process which is trying to gain access is "c:\ProgramData\Battle.net\Agent\Agent.exe" with the parameters "--adminport=6881 --session=14709516854937283887". When checking the netstat I get: TCP MyPC-hostname:0 LISTENING TCP MyPC-hostname:56422 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56423 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56424 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56425 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56426 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56427 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56428 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56429 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56430 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56431 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56432 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56433 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56434 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56435 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56436 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56437 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56438 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56439 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56440 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56444 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56464 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56469 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56476 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56483 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56484 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56497 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56509 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56510 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56511 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56512 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56513 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56514 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56515 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56516 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56517 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56518 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56519 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56520 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56521 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56522 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56523 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56524 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56527 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56528 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56529 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56530 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56531 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56532 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56533 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56534 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56535 TIME_WAIT From this we see that it tried a bunch of ports and is still waiting in case some packets come through and also that its listening on port 0 (which is very interesting from my networking experience point of view...). From the agent logs I get a bunch of these (c:\ProgramData\Battle.net\Agent\Logs\): [I 2017-04-08 10:58:50.0358] switcher argument[0]: '--switcheradmin' switcher argument[1]: '--adminport=6881' switcher argument[2]: '--session=12857164935687364131' Can I get an explanation why is this happening? Why is my agent asking for admin privileges when its not doing the patching/updating? Forward thanks!s3luX63 Jan 12
Jan 12 Cannot create threads etc. Corresponding to the response of Game Master Ethrasian i post my problem with sc2 bug forum here, because i cannot create threads in sc2 bug forum. It says i need an ingame character for the game to post on the forums. I do have an active ingame character and play the game regularly. Why cannot i post? btw. the bug i intended to report ist that hotkey customization is no more available for coop commander hotkeys, probably since last update. I can only edit standard race hotkeys. If i want to edit commander hotkeys i have to look for the correct term for the order and edit the config file manually.... Kind regardsLuckyStrike0 Jan 12
Jan 12 B.net launcher - opening links with the wheel's click If I click a link with the mouse's wheel click, it opens it inside the chat window, so I was wondering if this is intended or some sort of weird bug. it crashes my launcher sometimes https://i.imgur.com/JpRaU7I.pngDeadlyFeet0 Jan 12
Jan 12 Stopped receiving sms codes Since a few days ago I stopped receiving sms codes. Upon investigation with the customer support I realized I can no longer add international code together with my number. Hence my number remains incomplete. For example you cannot add +XXX LLLLL. You can only add LLLLTheIcon0 Jan 12
Jan 12 Overwatch League twitch stream plays even when the app is closed Steps to reproduce: 1. Open battle.net 2. Click "Overwatch League" while stream is live 3. Switch out of league tab immediately (before stream loads) 4. Minimize/Close to tray Expected: Twitch stream does not load, and does not play sound (or is at least muted) Actual: Twitch stream continues to run and have audio.ArgentAria2 Jan 12
Jan 11 Red #1 on Battle Net Icon Have a red #1 on Battle net start up icon on my Mac. Whats it mean?bigbad0 Jan 11
Jan 11 Battle.net No Gui in new Windows Build App doesnt seem to want to work in build 1709 17063.1000 Doesnt even open, no gui but I can see it running in processes If I reinstall windows and the app it works but after a reboot its deadtechanalyst0 Jan 11
Jan 11 losing in game items I'm lost voicelines sprays and most of summer games skin pls fix thisDrinkingSet0 Jan 11
Jan 11 Hearing OWL audio in WoW I went and checked out the OWL tab in the Battle.net app for a minute before heading back to the Games tab. When I left the OWL tab the video audio stopped playing. However, as soon as I launched WoW the OWL tab video started playing in the background, and even closing the Battle.net app didn't stop it. I had to re-open the Battle.net app, navigate to the OWL tab, and manually pause the video to get it to stop.pixagen1 Jan 11
Jan 11 Overwatch Not Showing Up Under "Your Accounts" I purchased Overwatch in the December of 2016 and have been playing it since then. I have noticed it does not show up under the "Your Game Account" section. I have contacted support about that problem and they directed me here. The game shows up on my account for them, but on my account page the "There are currently not games associated with this Blizzard Account." message is still there for me. Overwatch is the only game on this account and the same message appears regardless of what browser/app I use to view my account on.Salt0 Jan 11
Jan 10 Unread message notification before crashing After updating battle.net, I haven't been able to use battle.net at all. I've gotten a notification of an unread chat message and immediately after the screen freezes, then the program crashes.Bungie7 Jan 10
Jan 10 Battle.net client preventing sleep Client version is preventing system sleep, even when all windows are closed. It appears to be caused by the patch 7.1 preview video that auto-plays when WoW is selected. powercfg /requests says: DISPLAY: [PROCESS] \Device\HarddiskVolume2\Program Files (x86)\Battle.net\Battle.net.8098\Battle.net.exe Playing Video Windows 10 Pro 1607.Stompsucks9 Jan 10
Jan 10 Account ID Verification Crash Been trying to remove my Physical Authenticator from my account for the past 2 hours but I cant post my personal ID for proof of identification. Every time I try to upload the page crashes. Its a 5mb png and I have tried on IE, Chrome and Firefox but with no luck.DSB570 Jan 10
Jan 10 Hero Portraits Not Merged with Account Merge Hello! I recently merged two of my accounts together and now all of my HS cards are on my main account, yay! Unfortunately, my hero portraits did not transfer over with my cards. All of my hero portraits are now currently sitting in an account with few/no cards. Are there any known fixes to this issue? I need to swag on my enemies with my portraits. Thanks for any help!Benjamin1 Jan 10
Jan 9 Update Agent tries to create registry keys in HKLM Greetings, update agent tries aggressively to create keys in HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\Tcpip HKLM\Software\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Connections Update agent should only try to read from there, not to write, as it's not running as administrator and faces access denied, generating useless logs about it being forbidden to do that. When I say aggressively, it's almost hundred times per minutes. File Switcher is affected too, but is not aggressive when denied and tries in HKEY_USERS instead.Magissia1 Jan 9
Jan 9 Battlenet App - Recent Games Feed After a couple of tickets back and forth between GM's, it has been adviced to me that I report my issue on here also. Nothing too complicated, basically my recent games feed on my profile does not update. I've played every game Blizzard has to offer, I started with Diablo 3 and so far the only game that shows up is World Of Warcraft. Sooooo, ye. Love and tickles, GiovannieGiovannie0 Jan 9
Jan 9 Unexpected Error message For the past couple weeks, when I start playing the game it suddenly pauses and I'm sent to the home screen on my computer. Then I receive this box stating "the application encountered an unexpected error" message after that I use the report ID that is given so Blizzard can identify the problem. This is constantly happening almost every 5 - 10min in the middle of dungeons and raids or even in the middle of quests. It pauses then I'm booted completely offline and to the home screen on my computer. Please help.Laverio801 Jan 9
Jan 8 Blizzard App UI doesn't refresh after friends list window was open If I open my friends list, and then close it, the main app won't update it's UI if I change the game, EXCEPT wherever the friends list was. The app remains functional, but outside the predefinied buttons, you're guessing at what you're clicking at. Here's a screenshot of the issue in action: https://imgur.com/a/83vEsthedannyk0 Jan 8
Jan 8 Notification position resets every time When I go to the sounds & notifications page of the battle.net app settings, I try to change the monitor to my secondary monitor instead of my primary monitor. It says changes saved, but every time it just keeps going back to the primary monitor.Vexus6 Jan 8