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Jun 4, 2013 Welcome to the Bug Report Forums! Welcome to the Bug Report forum! The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports on the Battle.net desktop app. We greatly appreciate our customers helping us to find issues with the game. As such, this forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Aratil0 Jun 4, 2013
May 20 Battle.net app white screen after update I just updated the Battle.net application (it was working fine before), and now the application's screen is white. I can't see anything. Screenshot : http://i.imgur.com/vkcsUtg.png I tried reinstalling with no results. Help.Scynthrax40 May 20
Jul 31 Friends request malfunction The order for friends request does not go through.Supremer1 Jul 31
Jul 29 Battle.net PC no content So for a little bit of time i have only code in place where i should have info of game etc. is there any fix or i just need to wait for update for PC app https://imgur.com/a/lmQGGAH When i try to switch region to us it's all fine but when i come back to eu this all code come backModerniak0 Jul 29
Jul 26 using bandwidth cap hogs CPU time .Panlew0 Jul 26
Jul 26 Blizzard app purchases in wrong currency. I live in Australia, have only ever lived in Australia and used Australian currency; however, my Blizzard app shows any potential purchase, and even the advertisements (such as the recent Kobolds and Catacombs pre-purchase) in Euro. This would normally not be an issue; however, purchases in Euro are not equal in value to purchases in AUD (for example, the pre-purchase of KnC is €49.99 - about $80 AUD, whereas it costs $64.99 if purchased in AUD). I have spoken to Blizzard support who suggest I complete this bug report after I cleared my cache and data in the app (I also reinstalled it), yet continued to encounter the issue.Sindef9 Jul 26
Jul 25 How can i play SC Cartooned? I bought Star Craft Cartooned. But how can I play or download it? The purchase is completed. I have star craft remastered.Alex3 Jul 25
Jul 23 Assertion Failure.... When I try to play World of Warcraft I can enter my password and authenticater code but when I goes to load up I get this message: This application has encountered a critical error: ERROR #0 (0x85100000) Assertion failure! Program: D:\World of Warcraft\_retail_\Wow.exe ProcessID: 15100 File: d:\buildserver\wow\1\work\shared-checkout\branches\wow-patch-8_2_0-branch-fastpatch-7\engine\source\gx\src\d3d12\gxdeviced3d12on10.cpp Line: 428 Expr: SwapChain::Present threw an exception 2 times in a row <Exception.IssueType> Exception <ExceptionType> Assert <Exception.Summary:> ERROR #0 (0x85100000) Assertion failure! SwapChain::Present threw an exception 2 times in a row at d:\buildserver\wow\1\work\shared-checkout\branches\wow-patch-8_2_0-branch-fastpatch-7\engine\source\gx\src\d3d12\gxdeviced3d12on10.cpp(428) <:Exception.Summary> I have had this problem for about a week now. can someone help me with this issue?Noxious130 Jul 23
Jul 22 Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne keeps crashing since the newest update Everything was fine until latest update came. My game crashed 3 times since the update and I was only playing 6-7 Legion TDsRagnato36 Jul 22
Jul 21 U1 Error 100002 U1 Error 100002 I have not been able to play Cod black ops 4 for quite some timeEvilKnobby610 Jul 21
Jul 21 Relanding battle net bug. Relanding again and again and againNeoDecade1 Jul 21
Jul 19 Bug fixing Hey Blizzard support can you pls fix the bug in overwatch that you get ranked into a game which has 5 vs6 and that you can't leave or get a bann for leaving that's actually often happened to me and my friends so that we can't even play our favorite game and play other ones Please fix the bug Thank you in front your LofsCstLofsCst0 Jul 19
Jul 16 Battle.net Phone app: recieving push messages, although online on PC/ Ingame. Hey since a few days I'm recieving push messages on my Blizzard phone App although I'm online on the PC app or ingame in WoW, Overwatch etc. This is a common problem... and my friends don't have a clue aswell. This is kind of irritating because I thought the point off the App was to recieve those push messages when you aren't online on your PC or did Blizz change something with the last update or is that kind of a server problem?Tirami0 Jul 16
Jul 15 Can't Add Friend Heya, I can't seem to add my friend on battle.net. I haven't had any problems with it before and we are both on the same region. I looked from recommended friends as we have a mutual friend on battle.net but my friend I'm trying to add isn't there. They've also tried adding me and I haven't received a request either. Any solutions?Hurst9 Jul 15
Jul 15 Hearthstone closes and restarts (both PC & Android) when adding friend HS closes and restarts (both PC & Android) every time I was trying to add friend via "Add Friends > Add a Friend". The reason was "Sent Friend Requests" list (Battle.net tray app > Settings > Friends & Chat) was full of pending requests. I guess it kept every friend request I've made (since the fisrt beta). :) I would suggest two improvements: 1. Unanswered friend request expire over time. 2. Multiple requests selection in "Sent Friend Requests" list (maybe "Mark all" etc) so you don't have to delete multiple requests 1 by 1. Thank you in advance & have a great day. Best regards, PeterBanando0 Jul 15
Jul 14 4k display, launcher now huge *fix inside* *update* The app is scaling itself now so if you encounter this go into the properties>compatibility>Disable scaling and choose application instead of system ----original post below-- The launcher just updated and now its massive on a 4k display. I do have win10 scaling turned on but i went into the properties of the launcher and told it to ignore scaling. i cant launch anything now because i cant see anythingd0x3602 Jul 14
Jul 13 hello with a gig of stuff and 1.40 ghz it does not: take 3 secounds to reappear. so if you could try the new girl monster. we could have a bright aunhinged fuu turegambojumbo0 Jul 13
Jul 12 Unable to remove Call of duty from launcher. i consider it a bug that i am unable to remove completely Call of Duty Black ops from the blizzard launcher. To put it kindly I have no interest and do not want worst titles ever to plague my blizzard launcher Give users possibility to remove Activision garbage from the launcher.Silvar54 Jul 12
Jul 12 i m from china,war3tft ffa players,there is a bug,i need help so , as the title said, i m a china war3tft fan, i love play free for all mode. i plays games not in the battlenet, but in a netease platform,who claim himself reprensent the blizzard in china. since war3 1.29 ,the war3 can plays in 24 players mode. i came across a bug when i played FFA mode. that is: if there are 4 players in the game , 1 or 2 players may see other players don't move any of their amys all along the game, but they can chat with each other. and those don't move players happened see other players don't move either. so the bug seemed players are no in the same game after loading. i reported this bug in china netease form ,but they seemed can't fix it. or they choosed to ignore it . i was unhappys ,so as many other players like me who love play war3tht ffa mode games. i wish the blzzard could do something to fix it!wispomt0 Jul 12
Jul 12 Whenever I click a link from the launcher, my Chrome crashes? Any of the links that make the browser launch and try to run that site will cause my Chrome to crash and hang at a white screen, Anyone else having this issue?Keahi790719 Jul 12
Jul 11 Battle.net Client disconnects and reconnects constantly on new laptop Had spoke to a GM regarding this issue and was referred to opening a bug report. Issue is my new Alienware laptop will disconnect and re-connect constantly from the BNet client when logging into my account. The odd part of this is that if I am wired, this issue is not apparent. Only if I am connected wirelessly. The other odd part is if my girlfriend signs in while I am connected wirelessly, her account is fine. It is specifically my account and specifically only wireless. My desktop and old laptop can log into my account fine. Please let me know what specs you need or any further information.Diesik19 Jul 11
Jul 10 I can't buy Destiny 2 I try to click buy now on destiny 2 and it says 404 - page not found. And an ugly morlock will guide me back to safety.Kapk131 Jul 10
Jul 9 StarCraft II is crashing on startup Hello, Star Craft II crashes before it barely starts. Press PLAY in the launcher, screen goes black for 1 second, then it has crashed and gives me an error message saying "An unexpected fatal error occurred" ReportID : 92BCAE1E-964B-449F-BD67-DA215868A334 Have already removed Battle.net and SC2 from my computer and reinstalled Have deleted Blizzard folders from %ProgramData% as that helped some people online. Updated GPU drivers just in case Disabled the Windows 10 Game Bar Tried running the .exe files for both Battle.net and SC2 as administrator. It worked the first time I installed it on this computer, but later the same night it was already doing this. Can someone inform me how to get some information out of this ReportID so I might be able to see what's causing the issue?SilentSword0 Jul 9
Jul 9 adding payment not working in chrome if you open account management from launcher and try to add a credit card to your payment options, the 'save' / 'add card option, does absolutely nothing in my latest chrome browser v37. i had to go through trouble and using explorer to actually make it work.. just as reference here's some statistic as who uses what browsers.. August 2014 Chrome 60.1 % Internet Explorer 8.3 % Firefox 24.7 Safari %3.7 Opera %1.8 % others... whatever..... so basicly half your customers cannot add payment options without downgrading to some not so popular browser. Have a nice day.Killyana3 Jul 9
Jul 6 Closed conversations on the battle.net desktop app reappear after clearing the cache. If you close a conversation on the desktop app with someone (friend or not) and clear the cache of the battle.net app the conversation will reappar on your social tab. This means conversations are either stored somewhere else on the computer or are kept open on the server with no real way to close/end them unless I'm missing something. Edit: Currently the only way to permanently remove the conversation is to block someone's battle tag, however, after unblocking them the conversation pops back.Chipoka0 Jul 6
Jul 2 new update - CONNECTION ISSUE New update continuously loses connection with live battles and then struggles to reconnect. NOT A CONNECTION ISSUE. I am suddenly back at the menu and am able to start entirely new battle. New battle usually crashes game before it starts and need to reboot game to discover that once again ‘you list you previous battle due to disconnect’. Please fix this.somebody0 Jul 2
Jul 2 New Update - issues with connectivity to live battles New update continuously loses connection with live battles and then struggles to reconnect. NOT A CONNECTION ISSUE. I am suddenly back at the menu and am able to start entirely new battle. New battle usually crashes game before it starts and need to reboot game to discover that once again ‘you list you previous battle due to disconnect’. Please fix this.somebody0 Jul 2
Jul 1 Battle.net installation fail / Game tab not loading Hello, When I try to install the application Battle.net I got this error: https://i.imgur.com/k9AZOYj.png (French) I've try to copy/paste the app from another computer and in this case the game tab is not loading: https://i.imgur.com/XUTljtw.png In both case the logs show the same error message: I 2019-07-01 10:52:16.049731 [TactProduct] {Agent} Fetching remote version info for agent E 2019-07-01 10:52:16.058481 [TactProduct] {} Resolver - {2910} ERR: error resolving network address '.patch.battle.net': [11001] No such host is known. [11001] E 2019-07-01 10:52:16.058714 [TactProduct] {Agent} Downloader - {3404} ERR: name resolution failed for server URL prefix 'http://.patch.battle.net:1119': NET_ERR_FAILURE E 2019-07-01 10:52:16.058781 [TactProduct] {Agent} Downloader - {3404} ERR: failed to select host for download 1: DOWNLOAD_ERR_NOT_AVAILABLE E 2019-07-01 10:52:16.058824 [TactProduct] {Agent} Download error - DOWNLOAD_ERR_NOT_AVAILABLE E 2019-07-01 10:52:16.058865 [TactProduct] {Agent} Failed to download versions file The fetched url "http://.patch.battle.net:1119" is missing the region part (eu, us.. etc). Please make sure this value default to a valid value rather than an empty string. Thank you.HgAlexx0 Jul 1
Jun 30 Can't add friend nor receive friend requests For some reason I can't add a friend and I am not found on the search, even when we used our battletags to try and add each other, both in americas server, I can't add her and she can't add me. Why is it not working? If anyone can help I will be very thankful.DarthNuber15 Jun 30
Jun 29 Battle.net Launcher Not showing up in the start menu on Windows 10 I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I cannot see or pin the Battle.net launcher to my Windows 10 start menu. I can pin the app on the task bar though. Any ideas?Zaghar57 Jun 29
Jun 29 stuck on "updating Battle.net Agent" After I've installed the client it's just stuck on "Updating Battle.net Agent" When I try to reinstall it there's an error BLZAPPBTS0000C I've tried to delete ProgramData/Battle.net (Sooo many times) And I saw an earlier post that said you could update adobe flash, I've tried to completely uninstall all adobe programs and reinstalled them. That didn't change anything. I can just run wow.exe that works fine, but I also want to play hearthstone :( Is there anything else I can try?MagnusG96 Jun 29
Jun 27 In-game friend list order The in-game friend list is listing everyone in alphabetical order rather than prioritizing the friends who are playing the same game as I am. For example, if 20 people are logged into battlenet but only 5 are playing wow like myself, I will see a bunch of battlenet people at the top instead of the people playing wow. This change suddenly occurred around 10PM EST 06/26/2019. It's really annoying and makes the friend list a bit less efficient, as I have to scroll a few times to see everyone. Some friends were confused and thought I had unfriended them because they didn't see me above the battle.net client logged-in friends.Faux0 Jun 27
Jun 27 No option to hide advertisements There's Call of Duty and other games advertised in my launcher but I don't see an X to hide them.Desu0 Jun 27
Jun 27 "Battle.net Launcher.exe" has generic white icon in Windows 10 taskbar Feb 7, 2014 Hello Hyphen, One of our brilliant users has provided steps to workaround this issue that has helped some folks restore the icon to the original state. 1. Right click on the taskbar button 2. right click on "Battle.net" -> click properties 3. Click Change Icon... 4. Click ok. Hope that helps! If this doesn't fix the issue let us know. *https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/11676427585 THE PROVIDED SOLUTION DOES NOT HELP because in my icon settings there is a normal Battlenet icon so everything should work, but on the taskbar is just a blank icon. Please provide a proper solution.Amzie34 Jun 27
Jun 24 Max Friends Limit is too small I got excited when I saw that you updated a patch with friends list improvements, but didn't see any mention of the # of friends you can have. I've been playing Blizzard games forever and have a ton of friends, but regularly have to delete some so I can add new ones. This is so painful and people get upset. Please consider increasing the friends list max amount (currently 200). I can't even consider adding my facebook friends if this limit is not increased.Xielle34 Jun 24
Jun 23 Can't disable video autoplay on Battle.net App I recently installed the flash Firefox - NPAPI file to get videos to play in the battle.net app. I am now very annoyed that certain videos will play automatically as the app cycles to different news about each game. No option exists to disable video autoplay in the app or to disable it completely. I have uninstalled every trace of flash I can find on my system, I even tried uninstalling the b.net app. But the stupid videos still play automatically! It's an eyesore. I've already spent a solid 3 hours trying find out why. I need to know how to disable the video play feature in the b.net app again, at a minimum an option is needed to disable the autoplay.Eregos53 Jun 23
Jun 23 The Map The Map doesn't just stay as well as It should. The Map seems to think Area Placement on the boundries are always :out of bounds. The Map doesn't let me backtrack 20% of the time. The Map doesn't rotate at a Clockwise fashion. The Map doesn't let me find a certain area. The Map doesn't work as intended. The Map will just say There is Things that arn't . When i check a Map for 30 min ok i get it act 2 right. I get the Items and return and half of the Map has been blowed away. The map doesn't relize that it's a Game. The map from what i've seen will just flat Out lie to me.gambojumbo1 Jun 23
Jun 22 Overwatch League Login Error For the past 3 days whenever I try to watch the Overwatch League through the desktop client and click the 'log in' prompt below the video it gives me the: 'Whoops! We're having problems loading some content. Please try reloading this page using the button below. Thanks! Error code: BLZBNTBNA000007D0 (2404)' I have tried reloading the page multiple times, restarting the client, and deleting the client cache, but I am still having this error. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a fix?D3fiantQrow0 Jun 22
Jun 22 Battle.net is causing screen flickering. When screen begun to flicker, while I was in heroes of the storm, I thought my PC's video card is broken. Tested few games I have and turns out the issue when screen begins to flicker only appears when I play one of the games, which needs battle.net application to run. I don't have such issues with screen flickering in games, which doesn't need battle.net to run. Any solution?LoneSinWolf7 Jun 22
Jun 21 After disconnect, bnet launcher won't reconnect without restarting PC So far this seems to only happen when I play WoW, so it's possible WoW may be the problem. The situation: I am playing WoW and experience a disconnect. I've narrowed the issue down to my router (non-modem), which I think may be overheating, but maybe it is possible that it bugging due to the game? Regardless, when I restart the router, I am able to reconnect to the internet, but I cannot reconnect in-game (WoW specifically). When I type in my credentials I immediately get error BLZBNTBNA00000A8D, and it wont connect, despite having internet access. So I close WoW, and see the launcher just displaying "connecting", and it doesn't cycle into that 'retry in 60 seconds' thing, just continuously "connecting". If I open any game but WoW, I have to type in my credentials, but it will connect in game, but the launcher remains disconnected. If I launch WoW, I get the same thing before I closed it, no connecting. I can relaunch the bnet launcher, close any processes related to bnet in windows (tho there could be something I missed in the list), but the launcher will not reconnect unless I restart my computer. After a restart, everything works normally, until the next time I disconnect in this fashion. I get the same behavior every time. I think for now I may try reinstalling WoW, I am also having a display issue where i have to play in windowed mode, hopefully this will address both problems, but we will see.Butcher01174 Jun 21
Jun 20 Blizzard app trying to reinstall games that are already installed I was loading up the blizzard app to play destiny 2 when all of a sudden the app decides to say I have none of my games downloaded when I can still see them installed in their set folders. Also, the app tries to reinstall them but won't make it past the initializing stage.Samstar250 Jun 20
Jun 20 Bug in Warcraft III Good evening! Found a bug in the game Warcraft III! I can not log into your account, although all the data (login and password) enter is absolutely true! The technical support said that there are no visible problems with the account and it could not be stolen. They said that the problem with the entrance can be connected with the bug and it is necessary to apply here. Help please!Dezuron0 Jun 20
Jun 16 The downloads ma man! Is anyone at all having an issue where when you start a download and its going fine. Nothing wrong is happening. Then out of no where. Either on purpose or accident. The download bar jumps ahead and breaks the whole thing. I have left Destiny 2 for 6 days straight and it has always said "initializing". It never fixes itself even if you reset the app or your computer. Makes no dam sense. This has never been fixed. I had the exact same problem with this back when destiny 2 curse of osiris was out. And yes it happens with all games.Zechridoes0 Jun 16
Jun 15 I can not access my account My account page for recovery of a serial number is not opening .. this is an error on this page ... https://account.blizzard.com ERROR .. please fix this !!!PADOCA0 Jun 15
Jun 14 high cpu usage via battle.net desktop client I had just rebooted my computer and realized that the battle.net client is using 10% of CPU power. I was wondering what happened and realized that it's trying to do some background download for the future update available to Overwatch. Initially, I thought it was running at full speed, thus the high cpu usage. However, it turned out to be completely opposite. When I uncapped the bandwidth (setting the 0 for unlimited), the cpu usage instantly dropped to 1%. If I set any bandwidth restriction, I tried from 100KB/s to 6000KB/s, the CPU usage instantly goes back up. here are 2 screenshot that I took https://photos.app.goo.gl/p24C7Kv87iMgkw8R7Followme0 Jun 14
Jun 14 D2LOD All accounts are created on USWest regardless which Realm is selected. When I select any Realm, and I have tried Asia, Europe, US East and West, the game displays which one I have chosen. Then I proceed to create a new account, and it is always and only created on US West. I have tried repopulating servers in Registry, same result. I have tried in windowed mode and fullscreen, same result. I have tried reinstalling game, and running as admin, compatibility mode, same result. Note, the game shows I am trying to make account on these other realms, but the account is on West. The character page shows West on the upper right of the screen. Sadly, won't be able to play on US East, the most active server...Yaarg0 Jun 14
Jun 14 In-game random log out I keep getting log out of Diablo 3, overwatch and Destiny 2. While in-game, I get an error of connection and get bring back to the login menu. My internet is working perfectly fine and it keep happening only with game using battle.net. Does somebody know what it mean? ThanksMicFireQC1 Jun 14
Jun 12 Hearthstone Rules web page down https://playhearthstone.com/en-us/esports/programs/rules-and-policies will not load on any deviceMowgli0 Jun 12
Jun 12 Battle.Net Client Log In Wrong (yet correct) Informations When you want to log in and you type your e-mail in the username bar, the client may type the username for you (because it saved the account you used). If you let the client type the e-mail and you try to log in (with the correct password and authenticator code), it will not connect you saying that something is invalid, is wrong. I tried typing a wrong password and it automatically said that it is wrong, without needing the authenticator code. But when I typed the correct password, I needed the authenticator code, and, after that, it said something was wrong. I tried a lot of times until I got the idea of retyping the e-mail. After I did that (without letting the client type for me), I wrote the password, the authenticator code and it logged me in.Darkraid7 Jun 12
Jun 12 Lists of bugs (across al games) Greatest Games, poorly maintained. I posted a list of errors in the feedback sections but that appeared to be wrong, so here we go. Hearthstone. Randomly disconnects and reconnects. Overwatch Randomly crashes. Arcade has higher input lag then QP and Comp. World of Warcraft Randomly Flash Freezes at the start. Starcraft 2 Random flashing dots appear in the game. When in a party with a mate, he often gets disconnected from only the game. Battle.net Opens more then not as a Background process and requires to be started as admin.FransBauer1 Jun 12