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Jun 4, 2013 Welcome to the Bug Report Forums! Welcome to the Bug Report forum! The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports on the Battle.net desktop app. We greatly appreciate our customers helping us to find issues with the game. As such, this forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Aratil0 Jun 4, 2013
Jan 12 Battle.net app white screen after update I just updated the Battle.net application (it was working fine before), and now the application's screen is white. I can't see anything. Screenshot : http://i.imgur.com/vkcsUtg.png I tried reinstalling with no results. Help.Scynthrax32 Jan 12
34m Mouse Barrier On Avatar Creater Game making invisible "barrier" where mouse can't go on Destiny 2 Avatar makingJohnnyJaa0 34m
10h Can't disable video autoplay on Battle.net App I recently installed the flash Firefox - NPAPI file to get videos to play in the battle.net app. I am now very annoyed that certain videos will play automatically as the app cycles to different news about each game. No option exists to disable video autoplay in the app or to disable it completely. I have uninstalled every trace of flash I can find on my system, I even tried uninstalling the b.net app. But the stupid videos still play automatically! It's an eyesore. I've already spent a solid 3 hours trying find out why. I need to know how to disable the video play feature in the b.net app again, at a minimum an option is needed to disable the autoplay.Eregos19 10h
10h Game freezing bug This happened twice. I queue up for comp game and then try to view a replay during queue. Before replay loads, comp game is found. When it's junkertown, the vs screen shows up and stays there the entire time. Eventually I get kicked for inactivity, lose SR, and get suspended from the game. Pretty harsh penalty I suffer for a fault from the game.Newbie0 10h
2d Scanning for Games The scanning for games widow keeps popping up on start up, even though it has been disabled in the settings menu.Kulltor15 2d
2d launcher problems it only downloads for like 5 seconds and then just stops i sat down for 20 minutes pressing pause and resume untill it downloaded the overwatch update. why do you always push an update that end's up breaking everything???GunItExPo0 2d
3d All of my battle.net games got deleted? Why All of my battle.net games got deleted after i did an update to my laptop. The game that i had installed were overwatch, starcraft 2, hearthstone and heroes of the storm.Talon0 3d
3d Lista de amigos desaparecida Me ha desaparecido mi lista de amigos de mi cuenta de Battlenet mikigora@no-log.org y me gustaria recuperar los contactos. Muchas graciasDruidaLoco4 3d
3d Login token not set when resuming PC from standby When you have the Battle.net app opened and are logged in, then put your PC to standby and wake it after a bit, the app is still logged in, but launching Heroes of the Storm says "you were disconnected, please log in again". I assume it does not update the registry token in this case. Windows 10 x64 1709 Battle.net Version (Beta) Agent Version 3d
4d "Keep me logged in" doesn't Title pretty much says it all. Almost every time I start the Battle.net launcher, I have to log in and put in my authenticator code. I have the options set where I normally have to enter my authenticator code only about once a week (i.e., not every time). I have the checkbox ticked for (surprise!) "keep me logged in." Then when I'm in WoW, switching accounts requires the authenticator yet again. I enjoy account security, but I'm logging in from the same computer all the time, with the same IP address and everything. Logging in every time is quite annoying. Thankfully only Diablo requires the irritating Battle.net launcher currently, though I know in the future all the games will have this annoying app as a requirement. So right now, when I play WoW, I can bypass the launcher entirely. I'll be quite sad when this changes.Nkuvu23 4d
4d Invisible minimize/maximize/close buttons This is for the battle.net launcher GUI and the buttons in the top-right corner of the window. The buttons still function; they are just not visible.Isofar10 4d
4d Battle.net Friend List - Offline for X Days I've noticed that the battle.net friend list does not appear to be accurate for how long a person has been offline. I don't know if this is a bug or on purpose. Example, I added a person I faced in hearthstone. I chatted with him for a bit that evening. The next day he mentioned that battle.net showed me as offline for 12 days before I logged on. I have noticed this for other people on my friend list. I don't set my account to 'away' or 'invisible'. I've only ever used the NA server. I play hearthstone on my phone and two computers, and always close battle.net when I am not online/playing.cjbenedict1 4d
5d OW Crash during Blackwatch event Issue: Overwatch client crashes when player stands where sniper spawns during Retribution event. Steps to reproduce: Enter the Blackwatch Retribution event in all characters mode. In the last restaurant courtyard where the dropship arrives, the player may stand on a small pillar near the platform where the dropship arrives. When a Sniper spawns, the game immediately crashes. Details: This behavior was observed three times before I realized why it was happening. I was playing as Bastion sitting on the point where the sniper would spawn in turret mode, when the game would suddenly crash. I only realized why on the third crash, when I saw a brief black blob effect when the sniper begins to spawn. Strangely, the bugsplat window never appears after the crash, and the log from C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Overwatch\Logs doesn't detail the crash, and the crash isn't detailed in Windows event viewer. Environment & Logs: C:\Users\cathe\Documents\Overwatch\Logs\Overwatch.log https://gist.github.com/catleeball/4f6ebbe418f6993f3af758652ab1335f C:\Users\cathe\Documents\Overwatch\Settings\Settings_v0.ini https://gist.github.com/catleeball/9a5cf0e1daf16da9a74d66b23ff32b6f OS: Windows 10 Pro, Version 1709, build 16299.371 CPU: Intel i7-8700k GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 465 GPU Driver: GeForce Game Ready Driver v391.35 System info dump: https://gist.github.com/catleeball/859154c7f2d08183c0221a219350fd74 Application event logs from the evening this occurred: https://gist.github.com/catleeball/1a4286bb47ac8c6c98556dc53775daac Please let me know if you need any additional info regarding this crash!Cat2 5d
6d Download Speed Glitch when i start the update it says what it should be (3.5MB a sec), then after a little it goes lower lower lower till 0b a sec and the download of what is left slowly goes down as if it is downloading. p.s If you need to know it is with the new OW update for the eventCyborgGaming4 6d
6d blizzard app minimizes games randomly I have encounter a little bug that makes the blizzard app ping to windows to minimize all Blizzard games when opend. it then minimizes the game and opens up the blizzard luncher. also the blizzard app for me can't load the social tab and the little windows at the game seletion (like videos and such) it will just load in all enternatyfreddyanimu1 6d
6d Max Friends Limit is too small I got excited when I saw that you updated a patch with friends list improvements, but didn't see any mention of the # of friends you can have. I've been playing Blizzard games forever and have a ton of friends, but regularly have to delete some so I can add new ones. This is so painful and people get upset. Please consider increasing the friends list max amount (currently 200). I can't even consider adding my facebook friends if this limit is not increased.Xielle21 6d
6d Can't copy/paste picture from browser with b.net chat open Hello Blizz-team I've recently been having a problem with my b.net chat Whenever I have a b.net chat window open, I don't know why, but it lock off my copy/paste for picture, in my web browsers. For example, if I'm chatting with some friends while drawing something in paint, I go in chrome (or firefox, or IE) and find a picture, I try copy/paste it, and it will not work. I close all the chat windows, I return to my picture and I can copy/paste it just fine. While not a major issue, and while the solution is simple (closing the window) I still decided to signal it so you guys could try see why it happened and correct it in later b.net update Have a nice one Here a link to my b.net logs: http://sta.sh/01x9df21usriFelinaLain5 6d
Apr 15 My Battle Net username has been changed to Bnetplayer? Hi, My username has been changed from Cunilinguist, a play on my favourite Romanian gypsy folk band, to Bnetplayer. For no reason. Is this a bug or can I change it back?Bnetplayer10 Apr 15
Apr 14 Notification position setting resetting When I open the app without a game running, it sets itself to display notifications on the primary monitor. But I set it up to display on the second monitor. I just edited it, minimized the app, reopened it, and its set to display on the primary monitor again.Zasz0 Apr 14
Apr 14 cannot add friends in bnet! Cannot add friends on bnet. my privacy setting are fine it seems and im on europe region as are they. all fixes i have seen on these forums i have looked at and still no result . i have tried adding people from forums to play with and they see no friend request as do i... any help much appreciated i realy want to be able to do nightfall and other group stuff in destiny 2lees920 Apr 14
Apr 13 Hearthstone Spectate button vanishes quickly after pressing the 'eye' button I'm on the NA server. It happens frequently. I want to spectate a friend, I press the 'eye' button, the spectate button appears for a fraction of a second and then disappears, I don't have enough time to move my mouse to it and click it. By frequently I mean this happens 70-80% of the time, I often have to attempt to spectate the same multiple times before succeding. This has been happening to me since the 'spectate' button was first introduced.cjbenedict0 Apr 13
Apr 13 Game launches without me asking So I used to use the system tray menu to bring up the battle.net launcher. This would open it to the desktop and do NOTHING else. Now when I right click the icon and choose the game I would like to look at but not necessary launch at the time it will just auto launch the game. This is highly annoying and unwanted. If I want to launch the game I will click it myself thank you. Could you please correct this bug that was not there month ago, it really is starting to get on my nerves.H2oGatesy0 Apr 13
Apr 12 Warcraft 3 1.29 cursor bug The cursor in game is still bugged for me just like with the previous patch. Instead of the normal cursor that looks like a hand, it's like a mini crosshair all the time. Is there a way to fix it in game? Or just still a bug that hasn't been fixed?Kenshii0 Apr 12
Apr 12 Installer stuck on installation location. Been having problems with Battlenet the past week. Tried a few different fixes and none worked, finally decided to try a full re-installation. Installer asks where I want it installed with the desktop shortcut button below, but regardless of where I choose to install it, or whether shortcut button's been selected, the Continue button does nothing. I'm a hairs width away from losing my rag, the hell is going on?! ======================================================================= EDIT: GOT IT SORTED! Was pasted this by a friend helping me, so I don't know the post it's from exactly, only that it was done by a dood called Demonus: "Make sure the launcher app is uninstalled. To manually uninstall it type the following in your search bar (Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10) C:\ProgramData\ and look for the http://battle.net folder. delete it. Now start a fresh install, once you get to the continue button that won't work, close the installer. now go back to the c:\programdata\ and open the http://battle.net folder, there are/were TWO agent folders called Agent.4972 and Agent.5923 (something like that, I don't recall the actual 4 numerics after the folder). Delete them both. Now use the installer again and hopefully it only creates one agent folder, and it installed properly."Albastru14 Apr 12
Apr 12 fixed aspect ratio removed from game my warcraft 3 game doesn't have the 'fixed aspect ratio' option after the patch. i already contacted support and did the -nativefullscr thing everyone keeps talking about, the option is STILL not there on my laptop. the screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 and is in hd but NOT widescreen so i have 2 giant black slabs on the sides on my screen. please fix with the new patch.Ambition2 Apr 12
Apr 12 Battle.net update agent 100% CPU Usage I launched (completely up-to-date) battle.net this morning and my PC sounded like a rocket was launching - looked at my temp monitor and saw it was at 100% load (4.8ghz 4790k... insane) so I opened activity monitor to see the Blizzard App update agent consuming all my cpu. Nothing updated, it just ran at 100% for two minutes straight.false2 Apr 12
Apr 11 Battle.net launcher download remaining bug The launcher shows a download speed that moves up and down, but the remaining never updates (and therefore the readiness never updates (playable, optimal)). hit pause, and then resume and the remaining gigs updates to current, but stays static. i've got a video https://youtu.be/oSkDZ19bGMkLeBronzGames0 Apr 11
Apr 11 Overwatch PTR Download - 100% CPU Usage Hello, I'm not sure the cause of this but I noticed during the download of the Overwatch PTR patch my CPU was 100% with 90+ being taken by the Blizzard Update Agent (32 bit) process. It will occasionally drop and then climb back to 90+% and cause the rest of my machine to come to a crawl. I don't recall that ever happening in previous patches. Once it got down to the last 300mb to download everything went back to normal and it seems OK now with minimal CPU usage. I just wanted to share in case there is an issue with either the client or the Overwatch PTR patch.Novataglio2 Apr 11
Apr 10 Battle.net launcher causing 100% load on CPU So my computer fans would start to get loud, then a bit later my computer would just restart out of no where. after the second time i decided to look into what was causing it. With monitoring tools up i was all good after a restart, but the second i opened up the Battle.net launcher my cpu would hit 100% load on all cores, temps would skyrocket, fans would start getting very loud. So i would close the launcher and notice that cores ramped back down, temps went down to normal idle and same with fans. Opened again same thing happened, closed again back to normal. All of this is being done at idle with no games running. Next time i opened the launcher i went into settings and unchecked "Use browser hardware acceleration when available and restarted the launcher like it asked me to. Now i have the launcher open but everything is normal like it should be. Just wanted to get this out there as to what i found on my own 1: others can fix their problem if they are experiencing this to, and 2: Blizz knows theres something wrong with the launcher and what i think is the problem. thnxHigdo0 Apr 10
Apr 10 Battle.net app, Recursos del CPU Por alguna razon el Battle.net app, esta consumiendo muchas recursos del CPU y hace que los juegos se pongan lentos!jh3ryko0 Apr 10
Apr 10 "Play" button grayed out despite download bar pass "playable" Steps to reproduce: 1) Uninstall Diablo 3 2) Start your download for Diablo 3 3) The download bar will pass the yellow "Playable" tab 4) Bar will continue to be red, and the "Play" button will stay grayed out Work around currently is pausing the download, and restarting the download. Bar turns yellow, "PLAY" button lit up, everybody happy. Small bug, but hey, it's something.Nmx43 Apr 10
Apr 8 OW Crash after start, Log errors inside. Greeting Blizzard and representatives, I've been playing normaly in the past few days until yesterday, the issue persists on crashing right after the game "launches", which actually never do, I've tried every other solution fix in bliz forums and outside as well. None worked. It seems that I'm not the only one with this issue, I know some people with the same. I'm posting my error log from the OW folder, hopefully to get a fix soon. Best Regards. Himura. https://we.tl/qtnOzVrDvKHimura1 Apr 8
Apr 8 Launcher Not Launching Okay...never had this problem before, but my launcher wont launch. I click it to open and it will indefinately say "Starting Battle.net...". If I try to exit out of that, it'll indefinately say "Cleaning up...", but wont go away until I end it on task manager. I've tried restarting my computer, and it didn't help. I'm not sure what I did. I was bringing Warcraft up earlier and my computer started doing funky things (I think because I dropped my phone on it, though I'm not really sure why it caused funky things to happen), and now everything seems to be working...except the Battlenet launcher. Right at the time my guild was going to do some raid event. Any ideas of what to do to fix this?Spacie3 Apr 8
Apr 7 Streaming bug For some strange reason I am unable to stream to a page I manage. I own it and operate the facebook page but when I try to stream to it directly I cannot select the page it says waiting for facebook. and never lets me select the page. It is frustrating however I have found a work around in the meantime.rapting0 Apr 7
Apr 6 Keyboard lag in desktop app Since the last desktop app update I am getting really bad keyboard lag. It is almost impossible to use the social tab. It is not improved by using pop out chat windows. update: something I did solved it. I updated my graphics drivers and restarted a couple times, had ironed itself out later in the day.CandyToast0 Apr 6
Apr 5 Twitch drop issue Twitch drops. Twitch shows I have 2 as of 12am. Only got 1 in game. Account is linked. Pop-up blocker is off. ( Not sure what that has to do with it if the accounts are linked but your support in a ticket said it then told me to post it here and closed my case)Amerthyst0 Apr 5
Apr 4 Previous Chat Messages not appearing The previous conversations I had with people simply disappeared. When i open the chat box with them, it looks like we just became b.net friends. (it says: Start chatting with ...) Keeping notes I refreshed the account, checked your status, Deleted Battle.net+Entertainment folders, added ports to the firewall and check the Block List. Anybody got an idea?KingSolomon0 Apr 4
Apr 4 Popped-out chat window is missing right-click options In the Social tab of the app, you can right-click in the message entry field and: Undo Redo Cut Copy Paste Delete Select All In a popped-out chat window, right-clicking in the message entry field only gives: Copy Select Allpotaco0 Apr 4
Apr 3 Perfil Errado Número del problema: #62933536 Saludos Operarios Quiero reportar un error en mi cuenta de BattleNet. Cuando accedo a mi cuenta y pongo "VER PERFIL", la cuenta que aparece es de un tal "KenobiGuestA" y no "GeoJacc" como se supone que debería ser. Según lo que uno de sus operarios (noreply@blizzard.com) me ha contestado, se trata de un error de la página que Blizzard tiene que arreglar por medio de sus desarrolladores. "Investigando por nuestro lado pude averiguar que es un error de la página" sostiene el operario que amablemente me atendio. Espero puedan arreglar el problema en la brevedad. Gracias de antemano...GeoJacc1 Apr 3
Apr 3 Notifications displaying on wrong monitor. This has just started happening in this recent build, but the notifications I get when various games update, or friends' status changes used to display on my primary monitor. Now they display on the secondary monitor. I haven't found a way to move the notification back to the primary monitor. I've tried to manually move them as other programs have allowed me to do (mailwasher pro, feedreader, windows update etc) but the toast disappeared as soon as I click and spawns the app or chat window. Is there some setting either in the app itself or windows that will let me keep the notifications on the primary monitor? Or is this just a bug?Rivaini3 Apr 3
Apr 3 Cant creat a game or join a game D2 I was playing runs im pindle, and now and cant creat games or join any new game. Can someone help me?Shadow0 Apr 3
Apr 3 4 years later and still can't accept or see friend requests This is silly. N o changing the region does not work. Yes we tried adding each other through facebook, and YES we looked through all our settings, refreshed the launcher etcetcETC. UPDATE YOUR !@#$TY LAUNCHER BLIZZARD!Kakashi0 Apr 3
Apr 2 disable emoji in battle.net chat It is very infuriating that every time I start to type a regular smiley, the emoji popup covers half my chat window, thus making me unable to see what I'm just about to react to, and also if I want to type e.g. ":D" it becomes a dagger instead... Please let us disable this.Hollo1 Apr 2
Apr 2 Warcraft 3 DotA map I used a custom frozen throne map but it's crash and outDryBoneVN0 Apr 2
Apr 1 Gift icon has yellow dot - no gifts Title, basically. This dot has been there for months and the gift window loads up blank bar the word "Gifts". No loading indication, stays blank for hours. I'd really like this to go away.Feather2 Apr 1
Mar 31 Real ID shown in Battle.net groups When I join a Battle.net group, my Real ID always displays next to my BattleTag in the group roster even when I opt out of using Real ID.Derrek2 Mar 31
Mar 31 Parental control problem I posted this in the Technical Support forum, but I received no responses. Technically, I would consider it a bug, unless I am doing something wrong. I would like to play StarCraft II Coop missions with my son, but I don't want him to see the random chat comments visible in the game menu, and I would prefer that he is firewalled from all others. I have set us up with separate Blizzard accounts, and I have activated parental controls. The "Enable Blizzard Account Mute" setting in Parental Controls seems like it should work, because it says: "If you mute this account, it will no longer be able to view or participate in player-to-player communication, including chat channels and private messages. This includes Remote Guild Chat and BattleTag chat. Muting this account will also disable Real ID." However, when I check that box, not only does it shut off chat and message channels, but it also prevents me from being able to add him to a coop mission. It seems like I have to leave "Enable Real ID" checked in order to add him to a coop mission. However, that grants access to "...the advanced social features of Blizzard services, including chat across different games." But that defeats the purpose. Is there a way to play coop missions with a child for whom I have blocked chat, etc.? What do I need to select in Parental Controls? Or is this a bug?spline1 Mar 31
Mar 30 Not really a bug Every time the Battle.net app is opened it starts in non maximized mode, even if you maximize it and close it maximized. It should remember if it was maximized and start and re-pop up in that state.Sahara0 Mar 30
Mar 30 battle tag Battle Tag randomly sending out friends request has anyone else had this issueSnowhite0 Mar 30