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Jun 4, 2013 Welcome to the Bug Report Forums! Welcome to the Bug Report forum! The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports on the Battle.net desktop app. We greatly appreciate our customers helping us to find issues with the game. As such, this forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Aratil0 Jun 4, 2013
Sep 2 Battle.net app white screen after update I just updated the Battle.net application (it was working fine before), and now the application's screen is white. I can't see anything. Screenshot : http://i.imgur.com/vkcsUtg.png I tried reinstalling with no results. Help.Scynthrax31 Sep 2
51m Bnet app not saving preferences Since the 1.8.6 update my Bnet application is not saving preferences like obscenity filter off and my email account into the login screen of the app. Also every time it launches it asks me to localize the games I have and show me correctly those that I have installed. I tried to restart it with and without restarting my computer. Did the path to "settings.ini" or something get changed from the update ? If yes, what is it, if no, what is it anyway ? Thanks in advance for your reply, have a good day, night or anything else.Toriste5 51m
2h Updating My download rate keeps getting set to 20 KBs per second and when whenever I change it says that it's saved. However when I restart battlenet, it returns to 20 KBs per secondMjlot160 2h
5h Emoji Overload I sent my friend a paragraph of emoji in one message and now my PM's wont work. I would provide a screenshot but the chat wont load and is blank. EDIT: GRAMMARFeelyHeelys2 5h
8h The scrolling text in private whispers is choppy With this new update, the scrolling text in private whispers (when you right click a player's name and select "whisper"), is very choppy. Especially when sending large paragraphs, it gives me a headache looking at it. If my PC specs are needed let me know.Cheesefruit0 8h
12h Network Bandwidth auto set to 20kb/s WHY? Every time I open up the blizzard app, all my game updates are ridiculously slow. I have to keep going back to the network bandwidth and change my download speed back to maximum. Why does it keep getting automatically set back to 20kb/s every time the app is launched?Markerz0 12h
13h Can't Cancel Re-download of WoW in Battle.net launcher I have ran into a problem. I have an external hard drive with Wow downloaded on it, but the primary hard drive does not have enough memory for wow. I opened the blizzard.net launcher, and saw that it said play, and just as i clicked the button, my external hard drive disconnected from my computer, and so Wow starting installing. What am I supposed to do? If there is already a post on this, my apologies for wasting your time, and maybe they should add a cancel button for downloads, even if it is required. And thank you for trying to help.Zomtron15 13h
16h Battle.net App System Tray Icon settings reset after updates It's a minor thing, but it seems that whenever the Battle.net app updates, my settings for the system tray icon (to show icon AND notifications) resets itself. It might be a Windows issue, but whenever any of my other applications update, I don't have that same issue with them.NerdyCanuck84 16h
21h Patch notes for Overwatch When I try to view patch notes for Overwatch, it shows me an error message saying "Oh, no. We couldn't find what we wanted to show you...." It works for every other game, even for PTR Overwatch it shows me the actual patch notes.Doriath1 21h
21h D2/LOD server-side errors. I have joined multiple public games on US West. I take the waypoint to Frigid Highlands and almost immediately upon arrival, the game begins to lag, nothing can be touched, everything onscreen is moonwalking, and then I get YCHBI. This happened in 3 consecutive already-existing public games I joined. This has also happened at the end of a short (under 15 min) private (pw-protected) game. After the YCHBI, there is a 3-min "timeout" (temp ban) due to the server-side failure. This needs to be fixed immediately. The latest server patch did not fix the problem.jerryab2 21h
22h Diablo 2 LOD 1.14 patch and merc bug Since 1.14 hit on this old game there has been a new terrible bug with mercenaries which once hired will not allow you to access their inventory, view their health bar, or even heal them by holding the shift button down while using pots. Also the spam is horrendous but yeah. edit; Also The Ancients quest is bugged, yeah pretty much made your game a bugged pos worse than before. Sincerely, Spectr3spectr36 22h
1d Battle.net invisible mode It's nearly 2017, and Battle.net app still doesn't have a feature from the 90's, I would like to report this as a bug. Thanks in advance, and kind regards.lecrash55 1d
1d Friends List Issues I cannot connect to voice chat with a friend(the option is grayed out but only for this friend). This same friend also says that i appear as if i'm offline even though we are playing the same game at the same time, as in grouped up in said game. I am having this same issue with another friend on my list. Even though she is in game playing she does not appear online in my friends list.Nach0 1d
1d Battle.net Launcher Not showing up in the start menu on Windows 10 I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I cannot see or pin the Battle.net launcher to my Windows 10 start menu. I can pin the app on the task bar though. Any ideas?Zaghar51 1d
2d Game fail to start due to battle.net app This used to happened and recently stopped happening and it's happening again now. Try to launch a game (e.g. HotS or Overwatch) and the game fail to start. --------------------------- Overwatch --------------------------- General Error. (0xE0010160) --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Workaround is to kill battle.net app between click the Start button and hitting the error. PLEASE stop trying to do fancy stuff in the battle.net app, it just gets in the way of playing game we paid for.Nova0 2d
2d New Messages / Chat History I'm not sure when these changes specifically took place or became implemented but recently I've noticed two changes. I'm not sure if they're intended or not but I'd like to suggest / find out if there's a way they can be reverted. 1. When I open the Battle.net Desktop Application I will get a notification of "unread messages". When I open said message, it will not clear the status that it's unread as it should. (It used to but it does not do this anymore). The only way I can get it to clear the "unread" status is to give a reply. (It's resorted to me hitting the spacebar and hitting enter to clear it.) 2. It used to be that, when I logged out / closed the desktop application, any and all messages were automatically cleared. Now when I log out and log back in the old messages are still there. It'd be preferable if it went back to the way it was; I don't like old messages showing up in any of my applications and the fact that there doesn't seem to be a way to clear said messages with the update is rather annoying.Sajakain0 2d
2d game results wrong game results in win lose area. getting all ties instead of wins. loses show up correctlyGiantDwarf0 2d
2d Aggressive auto-hyperlink conversion in app chat Certain strings that are not necessarily intended to be links are converted into clickable links in app chat windows to friends. Example: "D.Va" produces a clickable link pointing you to http://D.Va/Ouroboros0 2d
2d Can't find my friends When i search for my friends Battletag #XXXX i doesn't find anyone, neither when my friend search for mine? Others having the same problem? any ideas on how to fix it?GirafTrussen22 2d
3d friend list bugged I cant add anyone and my friend list is not full. Help please ><Vinoz1 3d
3d Friends Removed from Battlenet Hi there! My friend just sent me a message on socialmedia and asked me why i had removed her from my battlenet friendslist. I was shocked because i didnt remove her and she didnt remove her either. We had eachother added on Real-id. i contacted blizzard support via chat and the game master told me he couldnt see any suspicious activity on my account. My first thought was that my account might had been hacked. But according to the GM it wasnt. he told me to report the bug here. Me and my friend are connected on the same region (europe). and i never turned off realid settings either. Anyone experienced this earlier? i also use an authenticator btw. thanks in advanceJinn3t0 3d
4d blade flurry broke when a weapon has lifesteal I would mean that the weapon would lifesteal, when it deals damage this is a effect that is unique with lifesteal, as by example poisoned works. further more it's not just Blade flurry, but also doomerangSirRolin0 4d
4d Status is always "busy" Whenever I login to D3, my online status changes to "busy". Even if I set the status to online, within 30 seconds it changes back to "busy". I have tried multiple settings in the battle.net app. The app will show me as online until I load D3, then it changes back to busy no matter what I try. I completely removed battle.net and its supporting folders, then reinstalled. Still "busy". Please help! :) Thanks!Adonijah1 4d
4d Desktop app won't open I use Windows 8.1 on a Lenovo Y510P. The Battle.net desktop app has stopped working recently - I tried literally all of the possible fixes that I could find online but the problem remains. When I say that it stopped working, this is what I mean: 1 - It will say that it is starting and show a loading bar 2 - The loading bar reaches the end 3 - The blue "loading" circle appears by the mouse cursor 4 - Absolutely nothing appears (although the "Battle.net desktop app" and "Update Agent" will pop up in Task Manager; "Update Agent" will close after a little bit but "desktop app" will continue to run, even though no app will appear on the desktop) Thank you so much if you can help me to get this working!BrainTofu22 4d
5d Blizzard games uninstalling on their own Yesterday, I was trying to login to blizzard the the blizzard app because I wanted to play some overwatch. When I logged in, I went to overwatch and it said "install" instead of play. I was thinking hopefully it was just overwatch that was uninstalled, but I checked the rest of my blizzard games, and they all said "install" instead of play. What could've happened? I know I wasn’t the one who uninstalled them.Joj0 5d
5d "Keep me logged in" doesn't keep me logged in... Title pretty much says it all. Every time I turn off/on my computer and start the Battle.net launcher, I have to log in. What gives?Sargeras0 5d
5d 15 Wins Streak: 3 v 3 Elite A.I. For the second time this weekend, all of my progress toward this achievement has been wiped out. Both times it happened when a game had not even started. While queued for a multiplayer, I was told "A player you were matched with has left the game or disconnected from this service." I was bumped out of queue, and the achievement was reset. The first time it happened, I was at 11 or 12 on my streak. This time, I had won 10 games in a row. This is getting really old and frustrating. The only reason I am playing 3 v 3 is for this achievement. Is this going to get fixed? Or is it designed to deny you the achievement for spurious reasons. The Game is Star Craft II. I can look back in my match history and see win streaks of greater than 15. Of course, unlike WoW, there is no way just to talk to a dev. in this game, so I have no idea as to whether I can expect ever to have this corrected. Hello out there?ArchonHammy0 5d
5d Battle.net connection problems Battle.net connection problems Well connect to Starcraft 1 battle.net. Client get sign out . Well playing a game at random time battle.net looses connection all this start happening after the update on july 24, 2017 I have never had problem like this beforeONEPOINTONE1 5d
6d Desktop app bug, others seeing me as offline Hi! This has been a bit of an ongoing bug, I thought it was a fluke but it's happened a couple of times now so I wanted to report it and see if anyone else is having this issue, or if there's something I should do. I don't know what triggers it, but occasionally I'm getting reports from people that they can see me online in the app normally when I'm in WoW, but when I log off it shows me as offline battle.net completely to them (on my end it looks like I'm online). Messages will still go through, though. So far, restarting the app has resolved it, but since I don't know that it's a problem until someone else points it out, you can see how this is an annoying bug, haha. I have noticed a few other people on my list seem to go offline when they log out of WoW, too, hrm? The first time it happened months ago, it was right after a patch, maybe 7.1 or 7.2, and I tried reinstalling the desktop app then. Need any other info? logs, specs?Micca1 6d
6d WoW won't launch when clicking play in Battle.net Agent After finishing updating, clicking play leads to the patch details changing to "game is running" for about 5-10 seconds. Then nothing. Nothing opens. "Game is running" changes back to "updated to patch". Launching directly from the wow.exe folder doesn't work. Running as admin doesnt work. Deleting files in programdata doesnt work, renaming WTF and cache folders doesn't work. Opening all the TCP ports that blizzard uses doesn't work. Forcing secondary logon service doesnt work. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't work. I've now wasted half of my day off trying to get this to work. The ads on the battle.net launcher work fine. So I can buy more things but I can't play for what I've paid for.Wardemon57 6d
6d Whenever I click a link from the launcher, my Chrome crashes? Any of the links that make the browser launch and try to run that site will cause my Chrome to crash and hang at a white screen, Anyone else having this issue?Keahi790712 6d
Sep 16 Battle.net desktop app freezes all the time I'm sorry for not giving a detailed information, because I don't know the reason behind it. Couldn't find this bug on known issue, so I'd like to report it. The desktop app randomly freezes for me and I can't even close it without ending the task. Everything on the app gets locked and can't click on anything. It still renders the last image of the window though, which I guess might help. I mean if I click away and return, it stays like that, instead of being a non-responsive app and turning all white. Also, this usually happens when I'm out of a game and click on something else on the app. Like friends window or another game icon. I'm sorry for not being able to give any more information, but hope to see this fixed soon. Edit: I'm using Windows 8.1. Other information about my PC is probably known by blizzard already (with the scan app). Also, I have seen another topic by another user which seems to be using Windows 10. Since, I haven't upgraded yet, I chose to not delete this topic. If it was unnecessary, sorry and you can delete it. I got the logs too, if a mod asks for it I'll send a PM, since I don't want my specs to be public.Tharky115 Sep 16
Sep 16 Battle.net is causing screen flickering. When screen begun to flicker, while I was in heroes of the storm, I thought my PC's video card is broken. Tested few games I have and turns out the issue when screen begins to flicker only appears when I play one of the games, which needs battle.net application to run. I don't have such issues with screen flickering in games, which doesn't need battle.net to run. Any solution?LoneSinWolf1 Sep 16
Sep 16 B.net App chat window doesn't scroll far enough on new message As of the most recent B.net beta app version, new messages in a chat window that isn't in the foreground don't scroll far enough to actually see the chat message when it arrives. This is unlike behavior in the past. Instead, one can see a the "New Messages" heading and a few pixels of the top of the first line of text, but not enough to read anything, forcing one to manually scroll the window down.Sephthir0 Sep 16
Sep 15 Communication Preferences Not Correct My country of residence is Japan. My communication preferences are set to ENGLISH (US). All email I receive from blizzard such as "My month in hearthstone" is being sent to me in JAPANESE. After verifying all of the settings with technical support, I have been instructed to post this bug here. Please update and advise.StevenSensei0 Sep 15
Sep 14 Battle net client bug - redirects EU clients to US sites When shadow came out as news on the B-net client i tried to gift it to another EU player (using the EU client being as EU player) how ever if you use the news post it redirects you to the US shop and if you go ahead and buy anything it ofc cannot be used by EU client users This also happens if you try and use the support option in the client, again redirection to the US side This also happens if you try and use the news posting with the blizzcon virtual ticket, again you get directed to the US site despite using the EU client, the US have another price and anything you get from the virtual ticket is probably unusable by the EU client If you go to the shop then everything is normal and you can buy the correct things for EU clientsDoc0 Sep 14
Sep 14 Hearthstone Streaming Bug Hi, today for the first time I started streaming with wow and I did a video of 2 hours and 8 minutes, okay, I went to my facebook page and it was finished and published, the same with the second video of 2 hours and 32 minutes finished and released. After a while I started doing a Hearthstone streaming for 1 hour whole playing quietly and seeing that the live marker was active and green, but at the end of the game I went to my facebook profile to check if I had posted the whole game, but I notice a bitter surprise, PUfff !! the video was not there, it was never published, I tried to reload the page many times, but nothing to do, then I try to do a Hearthstone streaming again and click on "Watch the Stream on Facebook" and open the internet page goes out written "This content is not available at the moment", so as if I have never made any live, I start streaming it makes me see and writes to me that everything is ok but it is not posting it in real time on the page, it does not show it at all. I do not think they are line problems having made 2 wow video at 720p lasting 2 hours each and having a 100mb fiber. I hope to solve this problem soon, because I would like to stream through the Hearthstone game. Cordial Greetings and thank you in advance. Satoby. =)Satoby1 Sep 14
Sep 13 I can't send or receive friend requests. Hy! I tried to add my classmate as a friend, but I can't! And also, he can't add me. It says: "Friend request has sent" and then nothing happens. Real ID is turned ON for both of us.eXtremeHU43 Sep 13
Sep 13 Battle.net client preventing sleep Client version is preventing system sleep, even when all windows are closed. It appears to be caused by the patch 7.1 preview video that auto-plays when WoW is selected. powercfg /requests says: DISPLAY: [PROCESS] \Device\HarddiskVolume2\Program Files (x86)\Battle.net\Battle.net.8098\Battle.net.exe Playing Video Windows 10 Pro 1607.Stompsucks6 Sep 13
Sep 13 Battle.net App and in game friends list gone. Was playing Overwatch beta and then randomly all my friends disappear from my list. I checked my region, logged in and out, exited app, tried to get people to re-add me (from the correct region of course), but I continue to not have a friends list and I have disappeared from my friend's lists as well. Not really sure what to do.Metalicz29 Sep 13
Sep 13 Download speed display error For some reason, my download speed starts at around 5MB/s (normal), but then progressively goes down to like 6KB/s (not normal at all). But the strangest part is, my download speed doesn't actually change. I still download updates fast as ever (if that makes any sense down here is Australia). Anyone else having this issue?MrMooMoo0 Sep 13
Sep 11 Blizzard app keeps deleting McAfee shortcut from desktop Blizzard app keeps deleting McAfee shortcut from desktop in Windows 10. I tried placing it back and changing names and locations (from user desktop to public desktop), but it keeps happening. I changed the shortcut file to "Read only" in the Public Desktop location and, in this case, I get UAC dialog telling me that the app needs permissions to modify the computer. I tried uninstalling Blizzard app and re-installing, but the problem persists. No other shortcuts get affected. What is happening here? -- Edit -- The UAC dialog I get is from the Blizzard Updater. It reads: "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? Blizzard Update Agent Verified Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment Inc. File Origin: Hard drive on this computer Program Location: "C:\ProgramData\Battle.net\Agent\Agent.5750\Agent.exe" --adminport=6987" I deny permission (three times) and the program is unable to remove the shortcut.Sid0 Sep 11
Sep 11 Blizzard App never connects I've taken a screenshot off the point in the connection process at which the app appears to hang: https://imgur.com/a/C83X2 See that spinny Blizzard symbol under the boxes where I've blacked out my email address and password? That just spins. Forever. It never stops spinning. I can exit out of this window and go back to the app itself, but if I ever want to go online, it pops back up, still spinning. My password has disappeared, but if I type it in again, again, nothing happens. Still just spinning.jsnlxndrlv0 Sep 11
Sep 11 Too much artifact power crashes So tonight I leveled up a Druid to 110 and only did the main story for each zone. So when I got to 110 I went back and looted all the Hidden treasure chests in one zone to get that high artifact power tokens. My weapon only had maybe 5 traits unlocked, so when I got back to the dream grove I activated most of them right there so I could do my weapon traits just that once. Well when I activated a token that gave 37mill AP a windows windo popped up saying world of Warcraft has stop responding. So I Control alt delete and ended the process and reloaded wow and logged on to all my other characters with no problems. But then when I go to log onto my Druid I get through the loading screen and I hear the background sound and what not but I'm stuck at the loading page and get the window saying wow is not responding. I opened up a ticket and a GM moved me to Org, maybe thinking it was a zone problem, but I still can not log onto him. So I don't know what to do I still have a ticket open but ticket times are really slow so I thought I would post it here.Deffect4201 Sep 11
Sep 10 Starcraft remastered - mission disappear at camping When I finnish some mission in camping and then try continue with another mission at another computer (in different city) it´s not available and I have to do the previous mission again. It´s frustrating to do missions all over again :/Khadnin0 Sep 10
Sep 10 Can't purchase Destiny 2 from the shop. Can't purchase Destiny 2 from the shop. Everytime I load up the client and go over to the shop, then select Destiny 2, I get the 'Whoops!' screen with Error code:BLZBNTBNA000003E8Turdbuster5 Sep 10
Sep 10 battle.net app friends list not updating status. hello, over the last week i've encountered a problem with the battle.net app. the status for myself, and people on my b.tag/real id do not update. if i've been afk from my computer for 4+ hours, it will still show me as online on my b.net app but not other peoples. if people on my b.net app have been afk for 4+ hours, they will show as online. if i go ingame (doesn't matter which game) it shows them as away if they've actually been away. the only time this issue resolves is restarting the client, and it only resolves for a short period of time before not updating the status' again. what am i able to do to fix this?bwittanybear10 Sep 10
Sep 10 Blizzard App "Playing Now" button will not change back after quitting game. Blizzard Desktop Application (Battle.net) "Playing Now" button will not change back after quitting game (SC Remastered). Quitting and re-launching the app does not change the state of the button. As this Button is designed to be disabled when 'Playing Now', the only work-around I found to launch the game a second time is to completely reboot my laptop. Issue is intermittent- Happens about 50% of the time after I quit the game. Running Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5. The game was installed at default location /Applications/. I have ensured that Game Install/Update settings in the application are set to their defaults. Is there anything funny I should look for in the 'StarCraft' folder? Or is this not related at all to the issue? Thanks!Erdrick0 Sep 10
Sep 9 mage tier 20 normal chest is missing the jewel on breasts. Mage tier 20 normal chest is missing the jewel on breasts.Jíchovec0 Sep 9