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Jun 4, 2013 Welcome to the Bug Report Forums! Welcome to the Bug Report forum! The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports on the Battle.net desktop app. We greatly appreciate our customers helping us to find issues with the game. As such, this forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Aratil0 Jun 4, 2013
Oct 16 Battle.net app white screen after update I just updated the Battle.net application (it was working fine before), and now the application's screen is white. I can't see anything. Screenshot : http://i.imgur.com/vkcsUtg.png I tried reinstalling with no results. Help.Scynthrax35 Oct 16
38m COD 4 Sky Wolf error Im having a 345 sky wolf error !! cant play.. 3 days like this !! any help ? Playing on pc !TankPT1 38m
1h Hots login problem HOTS Login problem.SENKI0 1h
3h Mr Destiny 2 Forsaken is gone? Ok, I bought forsaken for destiny 2 last night, and when I got on today it said that i didn't have it. I dont know if this is a bug, but please can I get forsaken back on my account. I really dont want to pay for it again.Viive1 3h
18h Cannot access account settings. I do not know what went wrong. I registered for my free copy of destiny so and now whenever I select "Account settings" under my profile "An error has occured" comes up and that's all i get. Please someone help medragh0 18h
1d Can't add friend I have been attempting to add a friend of mine through the Battlenet client, but when I type their name in the "add friend" button is greyed out and won't let me click it. We are playing in the same region, I checked. I bought Destiny 2 specifically to play with friends so this is basically making the game unplayable for me, please help.Weylin2 1d
1d Constantly reinstalling games Every few patches or so, I will have to reinstall both Overwatch and Destiny 2, receiving "BLZBNTAGT00000AF0" as my error tag to refer to, but I'm simply directing the Battle.net app to the same folders every time. This has been happening about once a month, I've run diagnostics on my computer, my hard drive seems to be fine, it doesn't happen with any other apps on my computer, just these two games, which are the only ones I have from the battle.net app. Is there any way I can get this to stop, or at least happen less frequently? Or am I just stuck reinstalling over 90Gb of files every month?Maddaloo0 1d
1d Friend appears in the app friend list but not in game I tried to play Destiny 2 with someone from America(region) , me being from Europe ,we had some problems with the friend list in the app 'cause we could not see each other's invite(solved by changeing my region) but i can't see him in the game's friend list. In the app i can see he is playing and in what area he is in but i can't join his fireteam because he isn't there(in the in-game friend list). If there is anyone that knows how to solve this and can help please do. Thank you.DivineOPPAI1 1d
3d Invisible client the client battle.net has stopped displaying the graphic shell, i.e. the entire client is a transparent window, when opening any application and after closing it "hangs" the client and only its borders are visible, games can be started, but only clicking on the memory where the button should fade recovery of the system (rollback for 2 days) did not help, removing ALL games and the client, followed by clearing all the "temp" folders and in general all combinations of Blizzard, Battle and HearthStone words and a complete reinstallation of everything (not the system) led to nothing . Problem still exists. The client window is invisible, but clickable (memory games "where the button" can be clicked, the game starts). Rollback of drivers did not give anything either. Cleaning the registry the same way. at 7 am by MSK the client started - everything was correctly displayed, after 2-3 hours I noticed that "the client needs to restart", after the restart the client became invisible.BeatCore3 3d
3d Alt+Tabbing making launcher disappear Im having this problem now, if i restart my computer the launcher shows up, and it stays up for a while, but if i alt tab out of WoW a few times it makes the launcher window show nothing, just an empty window. I can still launch games by right clicking the launcher icon in the task bar, but the window is empty, and if i close it out and relaunch it doesn't even give me a window at this point, it just puts the launcher icon in the task bar which i can access games thru, but no actual launcher window. it remains like this till i restart my computer again.Diamond770 3d
3d [Starcraft 2] Mouse doesn't work with new patch. Just downloaded new patch. Mouse is frozen. Tried rebooting Battlenet. Also tried rebooting computer. No change. Tried throwing computer at floor, no change.. Any suggestion? CheersChillax0 3d
3d Warcraft 3 - bots are dumby on Friends map So i decided to donwload w3 from battlenet cause i dont have my CDs in the flat , and of course i have newest version and Bots on Friends map literally go to the opposite gold mine, dont build anything or just dont move 1. is there a way to rollback versions? my old cd one had 1.21b and i had no issues with that map 2. any other solution ? am I forced to download old warcraft from torrents ? : / its the only map i play..flywithme0 3d
3d Can't Add Friend Heya, I can't seem to add my friend on battle.net. I haven't had any problems with it before and we are both on the same region. I looked from recommended friends as we have a mutual friend on battle.net but my friend I'm trying to add isn't there. They've also tried adding me and I haven't received a request either. Any solutions?Hurst4 3d
3d Battle.net desktop app freezes all the time I'm sorry for not giving a detailed information, because I don't know the reason behind it. Couldn't find this bug on known issue, so I'd like to report it. The desktop app randomly freezes for me and I can't even close it without ending the task. Everything on the app gets locked and can't click on anything. It still renders the last image of the window though, which I guess might help. I mean if I click away and return, it stays like that, instead of being a non-responsive app and turning all white. Also, this usually happens when I'm out of a game and click on something else on the app. Like friends window or another game icon. I'm sorry for not being able to give any more information, but hope to see this fixed soon. Edit: I'm using Windows 8.1. Other information about my PC is probably known by blizzard already (with the scan app). Also, I have seen another topic by another user which seems to be using Windows 10. Since, I haven't upgraded yet, I chose to not delete this topic. If it was unnecessary, sorry and you can delete it. I got the logs too, if a mod asks for it I'll send a PM, since I don't want my specs to be public.Tharky143 3d
4d McAfee Issue I have McAfee LiveSafe antivirus installed and up to date. The folder/ icon in my start menu disappears when I start the Battle.net application. The system tray icon remains and looks like software is working but the start menu item disappears and won't return until I try and update McAfee. When I launch Steam or League of Legends or anything else it doesn't disappear. It only disappears when I launch Battle.net application. I've let McAfee know also. But I don't know if there's a process in the battle.net application that does something or has something to do with the start menu?sinewave4 4d
4d Nao consigo se conectar Nao consigo se conectar. Sempre que clico em conectar aparece isso: http://prntscr.com/lhsg4bMathwar100 4d
4d Can't purchase Destiny 2 from the shop. Can't purchase Destiny 2 from the shop. Everytime I load up the client and go over to the shop, then select Destiny 2, I get the 'Whoops!' screen with Error code:BLZBNTBNA000003E8Turdbuster14 4d
5d Destiny 2 constant shut down My Destiny 2 game seems to shut down every ten minutes saying I need to scan and repair it and I've already done so about four times... Kind of annoying when I want to play and level up. It would be amazing if someone had an answer to this and could resolve it. Thanks.jenthahen1 5d
5d Games Disappear Off of Hard Drive As the title says, all games within the Battle.net launcher have literally disappeared off of my hard drive. This is the second time this has happened within the past couple of weeks. Destiny 2, Overwatch, and BO4 have removed themselves from my computer without a trace. This is my only hard drive, and I have a small SSD with Windows and a couple of small games. I've checked my recycle bin, as well as everywhere within the Battle.net directory. I've also noted the amount of free space on my HDD before and after the second incident, and noticed over 100 gb of space opened up. Where could the files possibly gone? For now I'm pulling the data off of my brother's computer with an external drive as to not use an excessive amount of data. Thanks for the help. System specs: Ryzen 5 1400 GTX 1070 FTW 128 gb Kingston SSD 1 TB Seagate HDD 2 x 8 gb 2666 FlareX memory EVGA Supernova G3 650 GoldTurtleThief1 5d
5d I can't send or receive friend requests. Hy! I tried to add my classmate as a friend, but I can't! And also, he can't add me. It says: "Friend request has sent" and then nothing happens. Real ID is turned ON for both of us.eXtremeHU53 5d
5d Can't log in properly Battle.net can log me in only after more than 3 attempts and I can't play Destiny 2 most of the times because I get message because I get message attention you must restart battle.net application! After restart battle.net once again can log me in only after more than 3 attempts and again I get that message in Destiny 2. Only sometimes I am lucky and can play Destiny 2. I did all what support articles says, but it doesn't help permanently.LoneSinWolf0 5d
6d battle.net agent uses too much power it constantly uses 12% of my processing power. that is on an i7-4700MQ. that is too much power usage. it should be fixed. think it started after the last patch.andreasasp1 6d
6d Social tab doesn't load Well it just doesnt :D Somitimes it loads good, but overall since Social tab appeared - Blizz app loads longer (but thats ok I guess) - Somitmes friends list loads long too and PC hungs up a bit windows 7 no updates installed 8gb ram Core i7 3770 gtx750 ti Any action could be taken to speed up the app?Lazarus3 6d
6d Error in Download I'm experiencing problems downloading Destiny 2, I put it to download, however, even with the Internet picking up, the download is downloading 0b/s. What to do?GigaBitsBR1 6d
6d KB/s Instead of MB/s Couldn't take a screenshot but when my client was downloading the patch for Overwatch it displayed a kilobytes speed by mistake. Maybe this is a one-off event but I figured I would let you know. I also scheduled my sc2 update at the same time.Ptolemy3 6d
6d Cant download battle.net Every time i try to download the agent stops at 4%. Then launches an error.Sempiterno0 6d
6d Gifts not showing up So I use twitch prime and recently claimed a golden loot box. So when I went to the blizzard app and said that I had Received the gift, I clicked on it, and the gifts window opened up. But there was a blank screen. I waited for a few minutes, and it was still blank. This also happened in the Overwatch menu. Please let me know if this is indeed a bug.ALAN151540 6d
Nov 10 Battle.net & MALWAREBYTES Battle.net app gives errors like BLZBNTBNA00000005 When you have MALWAREBYTES PREMIUM Can you patch battle.net app so it can work together with malwarebytes? It seems to be a problem with service or something, It only comes up when I have malwarebytes running. Sometimes you can get lucky and Bnet app will start up, but after a couple of minuts....SamseDK1 Nov 10
Nov 10 Bug Hi my computer is connected to the internet. But to run the black ops4 game please connect to the internet. I can not play, please fix this bugMrmilad781 Nov 10
Nov 10 SMS Protect Not Sending Code My boyfriend has been trying to get the free copy of Destiny 2, and for that he needs SMS Protect active. After inputting the phone number, it says it has sent the verification text, but we ever receive it. Anything that can be done to solve this? Need a fix as soon as possible, don't want to miss getting the game for free.Natani4 Nov 10
Nov 10 Battle.NET Launcher Lagging Computer My friend and I are both experiencing an issue with BattleNET creating horrible stuttering and lag on our computers after the new update that was released yesterday, aka 1.12.0. Experienced while having Overwatch open, caused my computer to have a slideshow-like effect. Friend experienced stuttering and then a crash. My specs: MOTHERBOARD: Asus Z170 PRO GAMING ATX LGA1151 CPU: Intel Core i7-6700k 4.0GHz SkyLake GPU: MSI GeForce Gaming X Trio 1080 Ti 12 GB RAM: Corsair Vengeance Lpx 16GB 2x8GB DDR4-2666 C16 1.2V Memory (32GB DDR4) Didn't have the issue before the BattleNet launcher update. I experience no lag if I close the launcher.XZeenon3 Nov 10
Nov 9 Every game on bnet took forever to install. Normally my download speed is 10-13mb/s, but in bnet I got only 1mb/sec or lower. my internet is fine I try download game from steam and it normal what happen.max0 Nov 9
Nov 9 Friend does not show as playing Destiny 2 He launches the game and is currently playing it, but Battle.net and Destiny 2 don't recognize him as playing the game. This means that on my end he shows as just "online" and in destiny 2 he shows as just "in app." So he is playing the game, but does not show up as such for me which means I can't play with him. The game itself seems to work fine though on his end.Phantom0 Nov 9
Nov 8 Unable to buy WC3 Reforged The shop always gives me " You’re not allowed to access this content at this time. " What's up with that? Has been like this since the announcement and only for this game. Heard from friends that they were able to buy it.v2px2 Nov 8
Nov 8 Battlenet app crashes display driver, have to reboot for 3 or 4 days now, (since the last update?), whenever I open the desktop app, a message pops up saying my display driver has stopped working and then it crashes, causing me to have to reboot. I can get as far as entering my login details, but it mustn't get past that as it forgets them after having checked to remember. I have tried disabling Avast, as well as a complete uninstall and re install of graphics drivers. Not sure if relevant, but there was a flash update the same day this started happening...MishZor361 Nov 8
Nov 8 Warcraft 3 Reforged removed original WC3 icon on Bnet Launcher Hello, very excited for WC3 Reforged. A small problem, however. I had the original Warcraft 3 listed on my Bnet Launcher, and the new Reforged Icon has removed it and access to the game completely through the Launcher. Please allow the original WC3 Icon and the new one to co-exist.Asuba1 Nov 8
Nov 8 Security settings greyed out For some reason my security settings have always been greyed out and I can't save my email address. http://imgur.com/gYj5D1F enGB client v1.0.2.3618Roux11 Nov 8
Nov 7 Destiny 2 Download Initializing Forever https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20759329499?page=1 Would just like to point out that if the download is interrupted partway through it seems that the issue which was brought up at the link above is very likely to occur. I received a pop-up saying I had lost connection out of the blue, and when I hit resume this occurred. I let it sit a good while and nothing happened. Restarted the client and it hung around. I was already 55 gigs into the download, and I didn't want to have to restart. My roommate was also downloading the game when his firewall briefly paused his download, and causing the same thing. That was when we began looking up a solution. Fortunately in both cases the problem was easily solved and only added about 20 minutes to the total process because of this handy solution (at least for my roommate, I didn't realize what was going on nearly soon enough): https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20759329499#post-9 Our interwebs are quite speedy, I can imagine this bug would be extremely frustrating for those with slower connections if they thought they had to restart the download. Best of luck to finding a solution!Nerdwise2 Nov 7
Nov 7 how the hell do you add friends someone plz help I've tried and tried but it sucksPyroHedgehog25 Nov 7
Nov 7 Battle.net Launcher Not showing up in the start menu on Windows 10 I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I cannot see or pin the Battle.net launcher to my Windows 10 start menu. I can pin the app on the task bar though. Any ideas?Zaghar54 Nov 7
Nov 7 Battle.net Jaina Avatar missing. I have used the Jaina Avatar (Hearthstone) as my avatar for a while. Suddenly, my avatar was reset to default, and I have looked for the Jaina avatar to find that is missing from the list.xyu3 Nov 7
Nov 7 "Battle.net Launcher.exe" has generic white icon in Windows 10 taskbar Feb 7, 2014 Hello Hyphen, One of our brilliant users has provided steps to workaround this issue that has helped some folks restore the icon to the original state. 1. Right click on the taskbar button 2. right click on "Battle.net" -> click properties 3. Click Change Icon... 4. Click ok. Hope that helps! If this doesn't fix the issue let us know. *https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/11676427585 THE PROVIDED SOLUTION DOES NOT HELP because in my icon settings there is a normal Battlenet icon so everything should work, but on the taskbar is just a blank icon. Please provide a proper solution.Amzie19 Nov 7
Nov 7 Max Friends Limit is too small I got excited when I saw that you updated a patch with friends list improvements, but didn't see any mention of the # of friends you can have. I've been playing Blizzard games forever and have a ton of friends, but regularly have to delete some so I can add new ones. This is so painful and people get upset. Please consider increasing the friends list max amount (currently 200). I can't even consider adding my facebook friends if this limit is not increased.Xielle29 Nov 7
Nov 6 "Blizzard Agent went to sleep. Attempting to wake it up." It's been like this for twenty minutes. Does this usually happen? I'm a noob on the Europe server...DRose1 Nov 6
Nov 6 "Continue" button showed greyed in internet support ticket. How am I supposed to contact for help, as an agent crash just inactivated all my blizzard games???Nickchen1 Nov 6
Nov 6 [Starcraft 2] Unable to download game data from Blizzard's servers. Battle.net works fine, the updater works, data is downloaded normally. Once I click "PLAY", the little Windows process bar starts and runs indefinitely. When I cancel it, it says "unable to download game data from Blizzard's servers". Been going on whole day, worked normally before.bagami0 Nov 6
Nov 6 [Warcraft 3 1.30] Cannot change resolution All worked fine in 1.29, but with the latest patch in Video options the resolution can not be selected/changed. Plus, in window mode, the game is not in wide screen mode anymore. Anybody has a solution?WindShiver19 Nov 6
Nov 6 Fix The Initializing when installing a game!!! I downloaded destiny 2 and when it was almost done id say like 5 min left it got stuck on "initializing" and i had to uninstall and reinstall the game. !@#$ing pointless! im so heated i waiting like 4 hours for that download just to have to reinstall it!Beyondgamer2 Nov 6
Nov 6 Starcraft 2 Fetching CDN configuration My SC2 installation is stuck "Fetching CDN configuration". Things I have tried (after talking to a GM in Live Chat): - Restarting PC. - Disabling all non-Microsoft services. - Tethering to my phone for internet. - Using as DNS server. - Flushing DNS cache and renewing local IP (and external IP). - Deleting ProgramData folders for both Battle.net and Blizzard Entertainment. - Uninstalling/re-installing Blizzard App. No matter what I do, I can't get Starcraft 2 to install - it just sits there trying to fetch the CDN configuration. I've installed Hearthstone and Starcraft Remastered without any problem. I've also previously played SC2 on this system before (about a month ago it ran fine). Help appreciated.chem3 Nov 6