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Jun 4, 2013 Welcome to the Bug Report Forums! Welcome to the Bug Report forum! The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports on the Battle.net desktop app. We greatly appreciate our customers helping us to find issues with the game. As such, this forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Aratil0 Jun 4, 2013
1d Battle.net app white screen after update I just updated the Battle.net application (it was working fine before), and now the application's screen is white. I can't see anything. Screenshot : http://i.imgur.com/vkcsUtg.png I tried reinstalling with no results. Help.Scynthrax35 1d
11h Can not activate gift card I can not activate my Blizzard gift card It is so annoying and i am so sad!!!F4llen1 11h
16h Проблема с персонажем Здраствуйте, О великая служба Тех Поддержки. У меня такая проблема - Купил я WOWBattle of Azepoth, зашёл не меняя сервера ( Вечная Песнь ), решил протестировать Война на неистовстве, запустил пробный период, тестировал скиллы и вдруг пошла компания, я испугался и вышел, тогда я обнаружил, что это уже не тестовый персонаж, а играем мы с друзьями на другом сервере ( Ревущий фьорд ). Помогите мне, дайте совет или подкрутите что-нибудь.Artemka0 16h
19h [not really] Special symbols in BattleTag Hey there! Sometimes when player tries to create a new BattleNet name, the system may prohibit him using some symbols - the ones that for some reason are counted as special characters. May I please be informed why are these symbols: >> Ć ć Č č Ł ł Ń ń Ś ś Š š Ŭ ŭ Ź ź Ž ž banned for my region (Rebublic of Belarus)? As far as I am awared, we use them quite officially, in Belarusian Latin alphabet (Łacinka) and Belarusian Romanisation 2007 system: https://wiki2.org/en/Belarusian_Latin_alphabet https://wiki2.org/en/Romanization_of_Belarusian Could you please add all these symbols to whitelist for my country? I'd like to create new BattleTag but I can't do that due to current restrictions.NamelessOne4 19h
1d SC2 profile disappeared + SC2 profile website is missing a trigger Hello folks, I have a present for ya: 1st issue on the StarCraft II website The new profile was recently added to SC2. I won't comment on the change of the profile itself but on the thing that missing: the region selector is not working. On the legacy website you were able to access your profile, go to the region selector on the bottom of the website, hit Europe, or Asia, and switch region there. This would make the website search for your profile on EU and Asia, and display it correctly. At some point in the past, after having the profile page being labeled as part of the legacy site, this feature broke. It also was broken when someone did a seasonal name change, the profile would just not update to the correct region and account ID numbers (the ones you used to enter in the SC2 Community API to get the profile information as an answer). I don't even know if it was reported, but I never expected it to be fixed since it was on the legacy website. Now, we have the profile with a new handy dandy look, and what not... but the region selector doesn't work. It changes the language but doesn't display the profile on the other regions. I tested with my profile multiple times, starting from the URLs on other regions (I have those written down in a txt file), and it didn't work. Could you fine folks take a look at it and just add the correct trigger to the region selector? I tried this in 3 different browsers (Chrome, Opera, and Firefox) and it happened in all 3. 2nd issue - Americas (US) profile disappeared. When SEA server migration happened my Battle.net app got me a few different options to login. One of those was the Americas (LA) which prompted me to login in 2 different characters once I was in-game: Sinistro#925 and Sinistro#803. This was part of the migration of the SEA server, and my character there was ported to the Americas. BUT, it also gave me a third profile on the Americas region, under a new option on my launcher (which still is present) called Americas (US). I believe this third profile is part of the old duplicated serial issue I had due to owning 2 serials (SC2 NA and SC2 LA, back in 2010). It was under the same account, same battle.tag, but a different region indicator. In total, this account I'm using to post held 5 different SC2 profiles: Americas (LA) - Sinistro#925 (I'm very proud of this one, never did a single name change on this account, I have it since Wings S1) and Sinistro#803 Americas (US) - Sinistro#aaa (I don't remember the number, it was created after character code was dropped) Europe - Sinistro#767 Asia - Sinistro#410 Now, when I launch the game through the Americas (US), that profile I would login instantly disappeared, and now I'm prompted to select between the Sinistro#925 and Sinistro#803, like I had selected the Americas (LA). This did not happen only to me, I know of at least other 2 casters that had this very same issue, one of them actively used the Americas (US) account to play - his smurf in a way to say - while using the Americas (LA) to cast, and all his ladder progress, unlocks, Warchest unlocks, got deleted. My guess on why this happened (I may be entirely wrong here, since I'm talking from the user perspective): Once the new profile was made available, the region Americas-Americas could not give 2 answers (one from the LA and the other from US portion) to any call, being that the SC2 website itself, or the API. So, the Americas (US) became unavailable for the players to use. The other profile under the Americas (LA) character selector did not vanish because it is Americas-SEA, which is a different answer to the profile/API than the Americas-Americas one. If my guess is correct, I kind understand, but I don't agree with the removal, as I said, people played in those accounts, had stuff they unlocked through game time, or paid for (Warchest S1 and S2, which now can't be unlocked anymore). So, how can I get my old Americas (US) profile back? and could you folks please check the website? Sadly I can't report malfunction on it as I used to do because you folks also removed the "website feedback" option that was present on the legacy page.Sinistro2 1d
1d PLZ HELP cant change install directory for anything this is a repost because no body answered my last post i can't change the install location on battle.net app. i press change but when i do the mouse loads for a split second then nothing happens. it happens for games too before i uninstalled and nothing even happened when i tried to change the location of where i wanna install the games.spongebob2 1d
1d Error 7000 Been trying to use the Blizzard app to talk with a RL friend. I get the error message: "! There was an error delivering your message to XXXXXX. (7000)" anytime I send a message and they obviously don't receive it. We're both no longer on each others friends list as well and when we send requests, they don't come through. We chat through a different app but the Blizzard one gives us that error. Not sure what's going on.Drexton1 1d
2d Battletag not updating in Battle.net App I paid for a battletag change yesterday, and was able to update it (purchased it online, not through the app). However, while the battletag showing up online/here in the forums has been updated, the battletag in the Battle.net app is still showing up as my old one. I submitted a ticket and was told to submit a report here, so please let me know how I might get this resolved. Thanks!rachillin22 2d
2d Bug? ! There was an error delivering your message to (person). (7000). So i was new here in this platform. just tried playing Blackout. he whispered me but i cannot reply. but he can chat. no friend request coming,Skylar0 2d
2d Overwatch "checking for updates" been like this for a few days, whenever id launch the game it would say im unable to connect to blizzard. uninstalled and deleted the files, now im unable to install the game. any ideas?SimplestFish0 2d
2d Cant Install blizzard and Hearthstone on Mac book pro Cant install blizzard and hearthstoneQuaQua0 2d
2d Game Crash when Using Rocket Launcher I'm playing multiplayer - Control, and everytime I switch to the Hellion Salvo in my secondary slot, my game crashes and I have to close the game in my task manager. Scan and repair did not fix the issue.Daaaaltoooon1 2d
3d Can't change install directory for anything. i can't change the install location on battle.net app. i press change but when i do the mouse loads for a split second then nothing happens. it happens for games too before i uninstalled and nothing even happened when i tried to change the location of where i wanna install the games.spongebob0 3d
3d Battle.net launcher app changes User name after disconnect or restart! Battle.net launcher app changes User name after disconnect or restart! I've been dealing with this for months now and its to a point where it just now to annoying. Every time something happens to make the app log out or disconnect from the internet it changes my username to another user that had logged onto my computer. So on the top right corner of the app where it should display your battle tag name it goes from crazylegs#***** to Frostydog#*****. I've uninstalled and reinstalled. clear every type of cache I could think of. cleared all account names that have logged in from my computer. still I keep getting this stupid bug. Please Help!!!!Crazylegs0 3d
3d You're not allowed to access this content at this time. When i try to buy BO4, then im getting this message. "You're not allowed to access this content at this time." https://puu.sh/BKTBC/e22143ad47.jpg Refreshing/restarting the client/pc doesnt help. Anyone got an idea?MutI1 3d
3d Battle.net Agent keeps asking for Admin privileges randomly I have the battle.net agent installed on my Win 8.1 and alongside that I have SC2, WoW, HS and HoS installed. in the last month or so I noticed that the Agent keeps asking for Admin privileges randomly, even while in game (popping me out of the game and asking to enter my admin pass), NOTE that it not doing any updates/patches. Giving it admin privileges is not an option (run as admin), but rather me being the one to decide when to give it privileges and knowing what is it doing on my PC. I tried giving it admin privileges a few time, and I don`t see it working on any updates of patches so from my point of view there is no reason to give the privileges. From the popup window (elevated access popup - prompt to enter password) I see that the process which is trying to gain access is "c:\ProgramData\Battle.net\Agent\Agent.exe" with the parameters "--adminport=6881 --session=14709516854937283887". When checking the netstat I get: TCP MyPC-hostname:0 LISTENING TCP MyPC-hostname:56422 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56423 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56424 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56425 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56426 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56427 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56428 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56429 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56430 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56431 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56432 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56433 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56434 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56435 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56436 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56437 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56438 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56439 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56440 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56444 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56464 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56469 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56476 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56483 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56484 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56497 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56509 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56510 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56511 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56512 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56513 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56514 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56515 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56516 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56517 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56518 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56519 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56520 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56521 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56522 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56523 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56524 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56527 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56528 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56529 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56530 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56531 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56532 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56533 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56534 TIME_WAIT TCP MyPC-hostname:56535 TIME_WAIT From this we see that it tried a bunch of ports and is still waiting in case some packets come through and also that its listening on port 0 (which is very interesting from my networking experience point of view...). From the agent logs I get a bunch of these (c:\ProgramData\Battle.net\Agent\Logs\): [I 2017-04-08 10:58:50.0358] switcher argument[0]: '--switcheradmin' switcher argument[1]: '--adminport=6881' switcher argument[2]: '--session=12857164935687364131' Can I get an explanation why is this happening? Why is my agent asking for admin privileges when its not doing the patching/updating? Forward thanks!s3luX65 3d
3d [Warcraft 3 1.30] Cannot change resolution All worked fine in 1.29, but with the latest patch in Video options the resolution can not be selected/changed. Plus, in window mode, the game is not in wide screen mode anymore. Anybody has a solution?WindShiver15 3d
3d Cant add friends Error 3 It says cant add friend error 3 and sometimes it say that newly licnes cant add friend and we both had it for a long timeSwsyBoy0 3d
3d how the hell do you add friends someone plz help I've tried and tried but it sucksPyroHedgehog22 3d
4d Blackops4 Error Code Game randomly keeps crashing with: Error code: 140720625504576 Any ideas?cru0 4d
4d Can't disable video autoplay on Battle.net App I recently installed the flash Firefox - NPAPI file to get videos to play in the battle.net app. I am now very annoyed that certain videos will play automatically as the app cycles to different news about each game. No option exists to disable video autoplay in the app or to disable it completely. I have uninstalled every trace of flash I can find on my system, I even tried uninstalling the b.net app. But the stupid videos still play automatically! It's an eyesore. I've already spent a solid 3 hours trying find out why. I need to know how to disable the video play feature in the b.net app again, at a minimum an option is needed to disable the autoplay.Eregos44 4d
5d Unable to remove Call of duty from launcher. i consider it a bug that i am unable to remove completely Call of Duty Black ops from the blizzard launcher. To put it kindly I have no interest and do not want worst titles ever to plague my blizzard launcher Give users possibility to remove Activision garbage from the launcher.Silvar52 5d
5d Blizzard Update Agent requesting permission repeatedly I think this problem has come up before, but after the recent patch (Oct. patch) on Overwatch, the Blizzard Update agent keeps asking for permission in the middle of the game. I'm not sure if it's the patch that's causing the problem, but it does interfere with gameplay (constantly), and I was wondering if there was a solution to this problem. Thank you!Project1 5d
5d BO4 Wont Start I bought Black Ops 4 and after I installed it I clicked play. But it wont start and it just keeps saying "playing now" and then nothing. please help me. Thank youJigabooBoy1 5d
5d disconnecting every Mid game i play what ever was the game the battle net always disconnect. on overwatch i lose points and WoW and now i cant play Black OPS because of battle net getting disconnecting. it is not my internet connection at all and i reinstall the app and deleted all the games and re download them and still does not work. i always get disconnection.Psychobee0 5d
5d Call of duty black ops 4 PC OPEN Beta download The website clearly states that the open beta starts today Aug 11 10am PT and its now 11am PT. cant download it let alone find where to download it. im assuming its in the battle.net program in the call of duty tab but when i click on it nothing comes upGodzsin4 5d
5d BLZBNTBG00000033 dont own copy when i do i own a copy of black ops 4 but when i launch game i get that error saying this account does not own call of duty please restart using battle.net app ive spoken to support they confirmed i own the game and that this is a bug atmWeeZy0 5d
5d Black ops 4 computer controls they did a good job with the graphics but the user controls are really bad i feel like im playing battle field 4 but a bad version of it cause when i aim the mouse is still in movement they should have took the user controls from mw3 in this game that would have made it perfect but they had to do things wrong just as we are used to from call of dutyqazmo0 5d
5d Battle.NET Launcher Lagging Computer My friend and I are both experiencing an issue with BattleNET creating horrible stuttering and lag on our computers after the new update that was released yesterday, aka 1.12.0. Experienced while having Overwatch open, caused my computer to have a slideshow-like effect. Friend experienced stuttering and then a crash. My specs: MOTHERBOARD: Asus Z170 PRO GAMING ATX LGA1151 CPU: Intel Core i7-6700k 4.0GHz SkyLake GPU: MSI GeForce Gaming X Trio 1080 Ti 12 GB RAM: Corsair Vengeance Lpx 16GB 2x8GB DDR4-2666 C16 1.2V Memory (32GB DDR4) Didn't have the issue before the BattleNet launcher update. I experience no lag if I close the launcher.XZeenon1 5d
5d Saying I dont own B04 when purchased It Saying I dont own B04 when purchased at gamestop. I preordered it at gamestop to play the beta and put the beta code in and that worked fine, but two days ago i went a payed the rest off and got on today and its says that i dont own the game and there is NO codes on the receipt at all to redeem....Landgoon0 5d
6d Warcraft III 1.30 Cannot change resolution Just bought the game because I heard wonders of the recent updates... only to find I cannot change it from 1024x768...!RadzhyunZero0 6d
6d Cant pre-order black ops 4 Im trying to buy bo4 but its keep saying youre not allowed to access this content at this time...???n0rdie2 6d
6d my battle.net account page is in russian So for some reason today my account page is all in russian, and the home page (where you can see your character for wow) says i have no liscences, but i just logged into the game so i have no idea what is going on, can someone help?Razorrage14 6d
6d Forced Application Restart While Purchasing My blizzard.net application forced a restart during an update in the middle of filling out payment information while I was buying a game. From a business perspective, this is probably not a great idea. You don't want to cancel a user purchasing a game in the middle, they might not bother to update and then come back and purchase!BiigP0 6d
6d Can't change resolution in Warcraft 3 Why blizzard patched warcraft 3? in 2016 everything worked like charm and now i don't know how to play my favourite childhood game..... https://imgur.com/a/3fcgtl2beliydom0 6d
Oct 10 There was an error delivering your message to -name- (7000) Some guy messaged me on destiny 2. I tried replying back but got that message? I can send messages to friends but not to people who aren't?Golden0 Oct 10
Oct 10 "Battle.net Launcher.exe" has generic white icon in Windows 10 taskbar Feb 7, 2014 Hello Hyphen, One of our brilliant users has provided steps to workaround this issue that has helped some folks restore the icon to the original state. 1. Right click on the taskbar button 2. right click on "Battle.net" -> click properties 3. Click Change Icon... 4. Click ok. Hope that helps! If this doesn't fix the issue let us know. *https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/11676427585 THE PROVIDED SOLUTION DOES NOT HELP because in my icon settings there is a normal Battlenet icon so everything should work, but on the taskbar is just a blank icon. Please provide a proper solution.Amzie15 Oct 10
Oct 10 Taskbar Icon I have this issue after reinstalling battlenet. I had it installed on my SSD but then uninstalled and put it on my HDD. After that I'd launch it and the TASKBAR Icon would be nothing but a blank document and I couldn't change it because if I went properties and searched for an icon to change it to (the icon was in my pictures folder) I'd go to pictures and it would be empty of any picture for some reason so I literally couldnt find the battlenet icon. Please help.XeReN0 Oct 10
Oct 10 GET IT TOGETHER BLIZZARD! Why is blizzard support so hard to create a ticket with? You're game glitched out with the new OW patch and I can't use my keyboard in game. Found out by getting dropped from my ranked game. Thanks RITO! What kind of mickey mouse operation are you guys running over there?BaBBLeRaBBiT0 Oct 10
Oct 9 Can’t add friends America’s server. I cannot add friends on America’s server. I talked to your twitter support and they suggested reporting it here, after their suggestion was exhausted. They suggested removing some friends, As friends list is capped at 200....but I removed friends all the time and I’m only sitting Around 120 right now. I HAVE also just recently deleted and reinstalled on both iPhone and iPad, to see if it helped, which it did not. EU and Asia sever working fine.BigDaddy0 Oct 9
Oct 9 Battle Net desktop app. I'm hoping someone can address this concern about logging into the battle.net desktop app. My password has a mixture of caps and lowercase letters. Last night when I logged into my account the caps lock was on and my caps letters were lower case and my lower case letters were now caps. I should not have been able to log onto my account that way but I was able. I always just did it with all caps and I was able to log into my battle.net account. It also doesn't ask me to use my authenticator. Any help with this matter would be appreciated, thanks.FunkyFrog1 Oct 9
Oct 9 Infinity charge "Downloading new files" Infinity Charge So, i wanted to install hearsthone and i couldnt because battle said i had no permission so i decided to unistall battlenet desktop and install it again and what i have is an infinity charge screen with the text "Dowloading new files". What can i do? I obviusly tried to unistall it again and then install the aplication via web etc... :DNatxo580 Oct 9
Oct 8 Let Others Know When I'm Typing - Keeps Turning on When Off The "Let others know when I'm typing" option doesn't seem to shut itself off. It seems like it only shuts off temporarily(perhaps until you close the launcher and open it again). I've always had it unchecked until someone told me it showed, so I checked it on and back off again. It seemed like it turned it off, but it kept coming back shortly after, possibly due to closing the launcher and re-opening. I have the box still unchecked, but it still shows my typing.Darknesselfz0 Oct 8
Oct 8 My friendlist become 0/0 Hi, i have a problem with friendlist in my ID. i got 1 friend i`ve been playing heartstone with, now when he text me, the message appear but when i try to reply it, it show me an error message "! There was an error delivering your message to Hardy. (7000)" When i try to invite my friend, the message tells me that he is already in my friend list. but my own friend list is 0/0dvpr0 Oct 8
Oct 8 French setup problems When my setup are in french, I don'T have the update news, serveres maintenancess hours, and pretty much anything recent about the game... I play on amercican server since I live in Canada, and my games are in english but everything seems to be related to european servers when the laucher is setup to French...Sparklebuzz1 Oct 8
Oct 7 Cant submit tickets I am trying to submit a ticket but i just cant. I just keep getting the message the site cant be reached when i try to press the submit button. And blizzard doesnt even have a call or live chat for technical issues. Can someone tell me a way to contact blizzard.ZarRoc1 Oct 7
Oct 6 Function key recognition The Push to Talk interface does not recognize keys "F13-F24".LtGrapefruit0 Oct 6
Oct 6 blizzard agent sleepy Pls Blizzard, The blizzard agent appears to be very sleepy, pls make sure it has ample supply of coffee. Jeff pls fix, A very happy gamerVeenlijk0 Oct 6
Oct 6 macOS Mojave font issue Fonts in the Battle.Net Launcher are pixelated - as though being stretched - on Retina displays (assumedly, I don't have a non-Retina Mac to test on) on macOS Mojave. Compare the "Challenge Rifts" pane to other text on the window. https://i.imgur.com/pYiYErP.pngwubsylol1 Oct 6