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Jun 4, 2013 Welcome to the Bug Report Forums! Welcome to the Bug Report forum! The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports on the Battle.net desktop app. We greatly appreciate our customers helping us to find issues with the game. As such, this forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Aratil0 Jun 4, 2013
Jan 3 Battle.net app white screen after update I just updated the Battle.net application (it was working fine before), and now the application's screen is white. I can't see anything. Screenshot : http://i.imgur.com/vkcsUtg.png I tried reinstalling with no results. Help.Scynthrax24 Jan 3
3h Battle.net app - Not showing me In-game Battle.net app & Games work! No issues. Online presence does not change (from logged into battle.net) to show i'm in a game. Have uninstalled/reinstalled a couple of times, deleted all existing files/folder etc. Scanned each game in battle.net just in case. When logged into Battle.net, will only show me as "Online", will not show me "playing <game>".SpiderXII3 3h
5h Battle.net HUD Icons Missing http://imgur.com/a/AbjCh Booted up Battle.net today and any of the icons didn't show up. I can click on them but they don't show. Also started up Heroes of the Storm and it booted in the highest quality graphics (not my preference), which my laptop cannot handle so it was a pain to revert to the old settings. Tried restarting my laptop and the programs, but didn't work. How to fix? (Sorry for bad English)Kwarkr0 5h
7h Battle.Net app icon hidden in system tray after every update After every update of the Battle.Net desktop application (the one that keeps updated all my games and lets me buy games from Blizzard) the application's icon gets hidden in the system tray. I want to see the icon in system tray without having to click arrow! I want to be able to launch the app without having to do extra clicks! But no! Time and time again I have to make the icon visible again in the system tray alongside Skype, Steam, network and the rest. Only Battle.Net application behaves like that. All the other icons JUST STAY PUT! And I strongly suspect that the behavior has something to do with how the B.Net app is coded. Every update must be coded to look like a new application to the WIndows OS. There must be some evil intent in this!Vedgaras3 7h
11h Client Update Minimizes Game As the title says, I was playing Overwatch and I was booted back to desktop, only to be greeted with the launcher asking if I wanted to restart to apply an update. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but I went through all the settings to make sure all updates are paused while a game is launching. Not only that, but I was on a clutch round, so I was booted out in the middle of a battle and died to an enemy I almost killed. I really don't know if it's a bug, but I also don't think the launcher should boot someone out of their game and break immersion.Professor0 11h
11h Can't open menus from friends list in battle.net I haven't had internet for the past month or so, so I'm not sure exactly how long this has been going on, but when I got back online and the client updated, suddenly when I try to open up the menu from the friends list where I used to be able to add someone to my favorites, open a whisper channel, etc won't open. I can respond fine when someone messages me from the client and it automatically opens a window for that conversation, and I can still whisper people when I'm in-game. Anyone else had this issue/know what could be causing it or how to fix it?Foxfire0 11h
12h Diablo3 B.net Message Stuck on Screen. Hello. When i play D3, and a friend uses the broadcast message thing, its stuck on the screen.. wont go away ever, UNLESS i exit the game and go back in.. Am i the only one with this issue? its beyond annoing..Iggy4 12h
17h Can't move window or disable DPI scaling Ever since my launcher updated on January 10, it's been locked to the lower right corner of my screen. I can't drag the window anywhere. I can maximize, minimize, and resize the window, but not move it. Additionally, the launcher now ignores the "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" flag in Windows 10. I have a 4k monitor and use 150% scaling, but I disable the scaling for many apps where it doesn't look good or it's not necessary (like the launcher). Before the Jan 10 update it used that flag properly, now it doesn't.Bendak0 17h
1d Hearthstone Permanently in "game running" My battle net launcher says im permanently playing hearthstone not letting me play it, as the game is "already running". I am on a Mac laptop if that is any help but this problem has been there for a few weeks now and is still like this through multiple client patches. Pls send help im getting rekt by no hearthstone in bed.Parker0 1d
1d Launcher Main Window Glitched Last few days, the app hasn't been displaying anything. Or so I thought. In most of the games, it background is too dark so I couldn't see this. But, it seems that there's a tag or assembly missing in parsing out the code on the main screens. http://imgur.com/a/eJ0NK Instead of the usual float right screen display with a news box, friends online, etc, I get raw text for Heroes of the Storm hotfix patch notes blog post. All other components of the launcher still work - game launching, toggling games, social tab, etc. The center window is the only component affected.Trojan4042 1d
1d Invisible Desktop App problem Hello, I've run into a problem with the application recently, the app itself it's invisible; it opens, in downloads updates from the games I have, but I can't see anything from it, also when I try to pause the update, it just crashes and it opens the error window. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall it, but it din't work.Oscarlo530 1d
1d D3 refuses to log into anything except the americas Every time I try and log into Diablo 3 from battlenet it logs me into the americas and I wish to play in Europe (because Blizzard doesn't have servers in ZA). Yet whenever I log in it absolutely refuses to log into anything except the americas even if I try log into Asia it still logs into the americas. This is incredibly frustrating. Please help.DaveTide1 1d
1d Battle.net invisible mode It's nearly 2017, and Battle.net app still doesn't have a feature from the 90's, I would like to report this as a bug. Thanks in advance, and kind regards.lecrash12 1d
1d Battle.net client hides the taskbar in Windows 10 Whenever I run WoW in a borderless windowed mode, which I prefer because I can easily alt-tab and not have the annoying border around the game, the Windows taskbar does not appear when I alt-tab into other windows. It appears as normal when I press the Win button. When I exit the Battle.net client, the taskbar appears again. I can't figure out if there might be a setting that's causing this, or a bug. If it is a setting, I haven't found it. Is this a known bug?Deimos0 1d
1d Can't find my friends When i search for my friends Battletag #XXXX i doesn't find anyone, neither when my friend search for mine? Others having the same problem? any ideas on how to fix it?GirafTrussen10 1d
1d Battle.net no longer signing games in. Hi, I have found other threads on this but they are old and did not contain resolutions for me. I recently replaced my faulty motherboard and have set everything up again. I have a secondary SSD with all my games on it so I didn't need to redownload any. After reinstalling battle net and pointing it at the directories on my secondary SSD, WoW and Hearthstone are the only games that will auto log in when launched. StarCraft 2 and HotS will require me to put my password in every time. I have reinstalled battle.net launcher, tried the beta launcher, cleared the battle.net cache, ran scan and repair on the games, nothing is helping get single sign on back with those games. Please help.Reiv6 1d
1d Can't See Friends List on Profile Website When I try to access the Friend's tab of my Diablo 3 profile on us.battle.net, I receive a message stating that "You don't have any friends yet. This page will show all your Real ID and BattleTag friends." I have around seven friends on the desktop app and I can see them and join their games in the North American Diablo 3 server.Batarjal0 1d
1d Opening battle.net launcher links in Chrome freezes Chrome. If I click on any of the battle.net launcher links, such as in News for the D3 Patch 2.2, it will launch Chrome and then just get stuck trying to load the page. It breaks my Chrome so badly that I can't even open up other sites like youtube or anything in new tabs. I have to close Chrome completely to use Chrome again.DarthMeraj9 1d
2d Has Halls of Valor Developed Epilepsy? I qq for Halls of valor.. got in, and my game started to load in, and then load in again, and load in again.... not restart.. like, loading, ready to play, loading screen, ready to play.. on and on.. So, I had to end process because, it just would not stop, and when I restarted, I was teleported home, and I have the abandoned dungeon debuff... which makes no sense because, I didn't leave the instance, lol.. Anyway, Just thought I would bring the issue up since a couple of my friends mentioned they had the issue as well and it appears I have become team speaker, lol.Alirium0 2d
2d "We've detected a newer version of Battlenet" Everytime I start it up, http://imgur.com/a/fBPlp.Smash4 2d
2d Please Fix This! This bug must be fixed. It is a bug in technical support that everyone reports in all forums. Either battle.net can't install / reinstall or people can't use it to install games like WoW or Overwatch. Please integrate into battle.net or tell people to use the following file to fix the issue before posting here: http://www.filedropper.com/bnethotfixupdate3 If you find it doesn't work please tell me and i fill fix it. Thank you Blizzard!GrumpyKitten1 2d
2d Stupid blizzard To manny bugs i buy overwatch it cost 40€ and i cant play it because i cant see enemies or friendly allies I pay 40€ for non playable game?? GEAVE ME MY MONEY BACK OR FIX ITkepo6261 2d
2d Battle.net app issue when icon fixed on Windows 10 taskbar Everytime there is a new update installed for Battle.net desktop app and the app is started from the Icon fixed on the Windows 10 taskbar, there is a dialog asking "progress with newest version", wich must be confirmed. To start Battle.net without the dialog, you have to delete battle.net from the taskbar and fix it again. It's not a big issue but i just wanted to mention it.letsfetz7 2d
3d stuck on "updating Battle.net Agent" After I've installed the client it's just stuck on "Updating Battle.net Agent" When I try to reinstall it there's an error BLZAPPBTS0000C I've tried to delete ProgramData/Battle.net (Sooo many times) And I saw an earlier post that said you could update adobe flash, I've tried to completely uninstall all adobe programs and reinstalled them. That didn't change anything. I can just run wow.exe that works fine, but I also want to play hearthstone :( Is there anything else I can try?MagnusG90 3d
3d Battlenet Launcher not closing Battlenet Launcher not closing after closing Diablo 3 ROS. Everytime I exit Diablo 3, the launcher remains running on the taskbar. I have to manually go to the taskbar, click the launcher icon, and click Exit. Even after doing this, if you look in Task Manager, look under Processes tab, Agent.exe *32 , BattleNet update agent is still listed , I must click end process to have it stop. Agent properties: Agent Type of file: Application (.exe) Description: Battle.net Update Agent C:\ProgramData\Battle.net\Agent\Agent\ 5362 Size: 4.50 MB (4,722,152 bytes) Size on disk: 4.50 MB (4,722,688 bytes) Created: ‎Tuesday, ‎January ‎10, ‎2017, ‏‎3:31:34 PM Modified: Tuesday, ‎January ‎10, ‎2017, ‏‎3:31:36 PM Accessed: ‎Tuesday, ‎January ‎10, ‎2017, ‏‎3:31:34 PM Size: 0 Bytes ⓒ 2010 - 2016 Blizzard Entertainment Inc Product version Operating system: Win 7 Ultimate x64 running game in 32 bit client. I have done the "Repair" on my launcher as of trying to repair another game bug. Bug where friend broadcast message not going away from my screen. I have tried turning Toast from long to short in settings and that did nothing. I must exit game in order to have message not be list on screen any longer.boogiewoogie1 3d
4d Battle.net not showing me playing any game Battle.net is saying that i dont play any game so i cant play deiablo with my friends :(Mindroixen1 4d
4d Whole Battle.net client inverted My Battle.net client appears bugged as part of the layout inverts on itself on the bottom right portion. However, Hearthstone runs fine without issues. Please take a look at the following screenshots. http://imgur.com/uZrtWUQ http://imgur.com/gDfxDJY System setup: Intel Core 2 Duo, Win10, Integrated Intel 4 Series Chipset, 4 GB ram.doubleUTF0 4d
4d Battle.net showing wrong WoW expansion, can't update. I recently upgraded this account to Legion, and copied an existing install of the game into the appropriate WoW folder. Why not just update? Well, my connection is fast enough to play...but if I tried to download what amounts to most of the game after WoW's file system change, I'd be stuck until spring. Which is a moot point, because Battle.net app won't update WoW. Also, it's very insistent that my account is Warlords of Draenor when I upgraded to Legion today. Even if you DO hit the "Install" button, it doesn't work--because it doesn't allow you to choose an install language, but won't progress without one. Antivirus was turned off, Windows Firewall was turned off. Why is it not recognizing me as upgraded to Legion, let alone detecting the install (which is in the same place it ever was)?lessta0 4d
4d keep loading but join the game I cant join the game when I updated. When i entered the game, always display loading but could not join the game and quit. In the left corner of the screen there have a code showing 6,3743: 1.00 (2) - [0]GiveMeSix0 4d
4d Voice chat causes scratchy audio Since the update of B-net launcher to voice-chat-included, a new feature was implemented as well. Lets call it "Retro 1920s vinyl record". All it does is adding a annoying scratching to all system sound and also other Voice-chat-apps like Teamspeak( in sent AND received audio) which makes it hard to communicate. Please resolve this issue, implement a disable button or even better give us the possibility to opt-in to your new "features", if we want them. Have a nice day! And for the bug part: USB Headset in use, Scratches appear as long as the launcher is runningJusttheice1 4d
4d Can't add friends on Battle.net desktop app Hey.. Keep getting this error 3 bs when trying to add my friend What's going on here?SairiZ0 4d
5d Can't add friends on battle net as a whole I have a few friends I want to add as battle net friends, but whenever I click on add a friend in the app, absolutely no users show up. I get 0 results for typing a single letter (which should basically be impossible with how many people have it) & I don't even get recommended users. This issue just cropped up a day ago & restarting the desktop client didn't help. Please help!Triforce0 5d
5d "Playing Now" Bug This problem first occurred a few months ago. It would occur every week or so after that. In past weeks, this issue now occurs every single time I try to play Hearthstone. When I load battle.net, I see "Playing Now" as a greyed out button. My own personal fix has been to navigate to my /Hearthstone install and delete the folder directly. Then, I restart battle.net and I get presented with the "Install" button. After the install finishes, I'm given a "Play" button. If I quit Hearthstone from this point on, I have to repeat this entire process. I've gathered my Battle.net logs and will send them if it can help resolve this issue. It is infinitely reproducible on my machine; I literally have to reinstall the game every single time I want to play... kinda sucks bruh!kast4 5d
5d Patch notes not loading Hi! I don't know if the patch notes have ever worked in the Battle.net client. I only play Overwatch so this is the only game I check out patch notes. It says "Oh no! We couldn't find what we wanted to show you. We'll keep looking. Check back later!" I think it has been this way ever since I installed the Battle.net client.MrJ0yk1ll0 5d
6d 오류 오버워치가 지원하지않는 모드라면서 검은화면으로 뜹니다. 삭제햇다가 다시 깔앗지만 똑같이 검은화면입니다 그래서 pc방에서 확인해보니 잘만 됩니다 오버워치를 구매햇는데 집에서 못한다는게 말이 됩니까.. 평소에 잘만되다가 갑자기 그럽니다. 해결방법이 없나요. 게임내 그래픽이나 그런설정을 원격으로 초기화시켜 주시거나.. 부탁드립니다Suzy0 6d
6d Launcher constantly querying WMI While Battle.Net is running, WmiPrvSE.exe is chewing through 5%-15% cpu. Close Battle.Net, problem goes away. If I pause the WMI service, not only does WmiPrvSE.exe stop using lots of CPU, but Battle.Net drops from 4% cpu to 1% cpu. This is a design flaw that effectively quadrupling my idle power consumption. If every game launcher I have did this, I would be stuck at 100% CPU just to run launchers in the background. Since the launcher seems to run just fine with WMI paused, I see no reason it needs to use it regularly in the first place. Turning off the WMI service stopped Win10's security center. Humor: I lowered Battle.Net Launcher's CPU usage by 90% using the one weird trick. #7 will surprise you!Bengie3 6d
6d Cant reinstall battle net app Good day. Yesterday iw uninstal battle net app as a probable solution of wow update problem, but wen iw tryed to install app back, one of two error message ocurs. First one happen, when i delete all battle net folders from ProgramData, AppData and program files. Error says : something went wrong while downloading a requied update. Plase check your internet connection and try again. My internet connection is fine, i do not use proxy. Still, this setup create new battle net folders, but only with some of the programs. Second happen, when i try to start installation again. It says : Were having trouble starting battle.net. Please try again. If the problem persist, try restarting your computer. Iw restart computer many times, no result. Iw disabled security software, no use. Iw enabled windows secondary logon service, no use. Iw run a security scan, no use. Iw set windows firewall, no use. Iw practicly use all of the tips, i can find on forum, except black magic and ritual sacrifice. I keep them as a last resort. Any more idea what should i do, please?Mitchel0 6d
6d Keeps asking me to enter my password When trying to log in to battle.net, I enter my username and password. Then after attempting to log in, it seems to delete my password and ask for it again and again, making it impossible for me to log in/play.Iwillglassya6 6d
Jan 12 Battle.net App System Tray Icon settings reset after updates It's a minor thing, but it seems that whenever the Battle.net app updates, my settings for the system tray icon (to show icon AND notifications) resets itself. It might be a Windows issue, but whenever any of my other applications update, I don't have that same issue with them.NerdyCanuck38 Jan 12
Jan 12 Error 4 Blizzard App - Friend List Hello and thanks for coming to my post. I am receiving an error - error 4 - on my Blizzard app friend's list. I recently added someone that was blocked, and tried to add them when they were blocked while playing in-game in Diablo 3. It stated that I had to unblock them first, so I did so. Now, they show up on my friend's list. But on the app itself, they are showing up as an error 4 and I cannot remove their friend request, although they are already added. If there is any insight on how to fix this issue, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, SandCastle.SandCastle0 Jan 12
Jan 12 I cant get achievements help I play OW on the Xbox one and i wont get achievements and im an achievement hunter and ill get the sprays and stuff but not the achievementsHyperNova0 Jan 12
Jan 12 battlenet wont go online today out of nowhere battle net stopped working and wont go online if i attempt to reconnect it immediately says failed i spent all day looking for issues on my end but haven't found anyone whats going on nothing is even loading in battle net no videos are anything shop wont load eitherAhuanting130 Jan 12
Jan 11 Battle.net Launcher Crashing on Startup As the title states, the launcher crashes on startup. I've reinstalled it, restarted my computer, deleted the Battle.net folder in C:\ProgramData numerous times, and nothing. It just crashes.bishibosh18 Jan 11
Jan 10 Ptr Que Bug In ptr overwatch there is a bug where it will randomly take me out of que on my screen. Then i joined back into a que and the old que is still there. The two ques try to put me in different games. This causes me to join and leave games unintentionaly. This resulted in a 75% xp reduction ban. I am on ptr and I was playing quick play solo que. Plz fix this bug blizzardMatthewK0 Jan 10
Jan 10 Taskbar now using incorrect icon After the update today, I noticed the taskbar icon is now displaying the incorrect one. It's selecting the high-detail icon that should be reserved for 'using large icons'. Here's an image with the different possible icons and where they are used: http://i.imgur.com/5yZ7hPR.png The first position is my taskbar with the incorrect icon being displayed (should be high-readability icon that is in the middle position). The second position is what the Battle,.net window uses if you 'use small icons'. The third position is what the Battle.net window uses if you use regular or 'large' icons. The icon being selected for the bottom right taskbar position should be using the middle, 'high-readability' icon.Bert0 Jan 10
Jan 10 App build 8265 crapped the highdpiscaling Just like the title says, the new patch that you guys deployed with QT libraries 5.6.2 and all that jazz actually seems to have broken the highdpicompatibility option, AKA the app looks like a giant blurry !@# on my 1080p monitor. Took my time to test other apps to be sure that only the Battle.net launcher app wasn't recognizing the call, so yeah, time to make another build.Revdarian0 Jan 10
Jan 10 Battle.net launcher won't work and I can't log in to account management I'm using Firefox. Since 2 days ago my battle.net launcher says that cookies on my browser are disabled, which is not the case, the launcher will wait a long time then switch to some generic buttons and text boxes for me to log in. I can log in that way but there's something wrong. The worst case is that I can go to the battle.net website but when I try to log in to my account management it just won't open, it just stays loading, all I see is white and it won't do anything. I assume these two issues go hand in hand, I don't know what to do. Its been 2 days now.Miaut0 Jan 10
Jan 10 Blizzard error When I try to start the battle.net launcher it comes up with an error.Undead5803 Jan 10
Jan 9 got out of play solo queuing got out of plat by solo queuing BLIZZARD PLZ FIXOngakuu1 Jan 9