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Jun 4, 2013 Welcome to the Bug Report Forums! Welcome to the Bug Report forum! The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports on the Battle.net desktop app. We greatly appreciate our customers helping us to find issues with the game. As such, this forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Aratil0 Jun 4, 2013
Jul 5 Battle.net app white screen after update I just updated the Battle.net application (it was working fine before), and now the application's screen is white. I can't see anything. Screenshot : http://i.imgur.com/vkcsUtg.png I tried reinstalling with no results. Help.Scynthrax34 Jul 5
9h Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne keeps crashing since the newest update Everything was fine until latest update came. My game crashed 3 times since the update and I was only playing 6-7 Legion TDsRagnato5 9h
14h Can't disable video autoplay on Battle.net App I recently installed the flash Firefox - NPAPI file to get videos to play in the battle.net app. I am now very annoyed that certain videos will play automatically as the app cycles to different news about each game. No option exists to disable video autoplay in the app or to disable it completely. I have uninstalled every trace of flash I can find on my system, I even tried uninstalling the b.net app. But the stupid videos still play automatically! It's an eyesore. I've already spent a solid 3 hours trying find out why. I need to know how to disable the video play feature in the b.net app again, at a minimum an option is needed to disable the autoplay.Eregos31 14h
14h Battle.net Client disconnects and reconnects constantly on new laptop Had spoke to a GM regarding this issue and was referred to opening a bug report. Issue is my new Alienware laptop will disconnect and re-connect constantly from the BNet client when logging into my account. The odd part of this is that if I am wired, this issue is not apparent. Only if I am connected wirelessly. The other odd part is if my girlfriend signs in while I am connected wirelessly, her account is fine. It is specifically my account and specifically only wireless. My desktop and old laptop can log into my account fine. Please let me know what specs you need or any further information.Diesik2 14h
20h voice chat rip? Voice chat isn't working with 1.12.1Caged49 20h
1d Blizzard App changes my Screen Resolution So whenever I start the Blizzard App lately, my computer's screen resolution drops from its standard 1920x1080 and becomes 640x480, an option not selectable in my range of screen resolution options. This basically means I have to keep my Windows Settings open and manually reset the resolution back to its standard format every time I want to play a game. Is there any way to stop this?Fobar6 1d
1d NO ACCOUND STATISTICS Hello, i just found that my ACC [wc3 - northrend] ( apm420 ) dont have statistic for analyze on the ladder Battle.net site. Working only ACC main profile.. :/ http://classic.battle.net/war3/ladder/w3xp-player-stats.aspx?Gateway=Northrend&PlayerName=apm420 Can someone check what happened? I really need those to analyze. THXweed4k3 1d
1d [Warcraft 3 1.30] Cannot change resolution All worked fine in 1.29, but with the latest patch in Video options the resolution can not be selected/changed. Plus, in window mode, the game is not in wide screen mode anymore. Anybody has a solution?WindShiver4 1d
1d Battle.net app window walking Each time the battle.net app opens on macOS, it walks vertically down by the height of the window title bar. The application is incorrectly storing or setting the position of the window between runs. It's off (too far down) by the height of the window title bar. The window appears lower and lower on each launch until it hits the bottom of the screen.WalDoomSand0 1d
1d Beta loading screen bug... On several occasions in the last 6-7 weeks when I load the launcher it crashes and I get the window asking what I was doing when I encountered "the problem". Sometimes it will occur before I enter my password/Authenticator number and sometimes after. I don't know why, and I've filled in the info in the error window, but have never heard anything back about it. Is anyone else experiencing this ? Usually I can close and reload without issue, so I move on and don't sweat it, but now it's just getting to be a pain (having to keep filling out the error report window). Anyways just curious if anybody else experiences this issue and will Blizz let me know if they're aware. Cheers!...Greyhorse0 1d
1d Unable to remove Call of duty from launcher. i consider it a bug that i am unable to remove completely Call of Duty Black ops from the blizzard launcher. To put it kindly I have no interest and do not want worst titles ever to plague my blizzard launcher Give users possibility to remove Activision garbage from the launcher.Silvar48 1d
2d [Beta] Setting getting reset Version (beta) of the app, the Friends & Chat setting "Display images and videos when posted as links to chat" keeps resetting to the default of being enabled when the app is closed and later reopened.CareVader2 2d
3d Add Payment Option is not working! Help please? Trying to buy BfA after months of not playing after Legion was completed, now I have a new card and want to change my card to that one, I click on the add Credit or Debit, and it just continues to load, to no avail. It either loads for a long time or just says there was something wrong... Blizzard help?NightStalker1 3d
3d Battle.net updates UP/DOWN Settings for some odd reason both my wife and i have this issue on three separate computers now. When a new update is ready to download, the Latest Updates drop to 20 KB/s and the future patch data drops to 1 KB/s The download progress bar seems to take forever. If i open the settings, it still says 99999999999 (which i max it out to), however i have to open and close the settings a few more times it eventually shows 20 & 1. At which point i can re-set it to all 9's and download the update near instantly. Is there a way to prevent this from switching back to 20 & 1? I double check these settings after every update and they seem to be fine so i'm not sure whats going on with the app.mleger0 3d
3d "In app" bug So me and my friend tried to play WoW together but when we try to play with our max lvl characters together it says that my friend is "In app" eventhough he's playing WoW and it says the same thing about me for him and I've tried to remove him and add him again but it still doesn't work. Please help!Fullmoon0 3d
3d 99% CPU Usage Im having a high cpu usage when im playing the new wow xpack. Just sharing this. It goes down to normal when exiting the game. I tried other games including fortnite and pubg and doesnt get higher than 50%... not sure if bug or somethingWolfee0 3d
3d Battle.nett app won't install any games. Start install button inactive, blizzard loading logo indefinitely spinning. Have tried fully purging and reinstalling battle net application. Game installers from battle.net lead to same problem.WOLFPRUD30 3d
4d how the hell do you add friends someone plz help I've tried and tried but it sucksPyroHedgehog11 4d
4d Games launched through battlenet do not use the right graphics card, leading to vram issues. Games such as destiny, heroes of the storm, and overwatch do not detect my amd card, and instead use the intel display driver, and thus cut my vram from 4087 mb, to 128. i have left messages to this effect on the destiny 2 and heroes of the storm forums, and for nearly a month i have heard no response and have received no support, despite giving a dxdiag as requested. help me or don't, i give up at this point.Gwenhwyfar1 4d
4d Game Running last time i saw this issue was in 2013 but for some reason the game is still having this issue why hasnt bliaazrd fixed it still? starcraft 2 game running glitch?!?!?! are we even trying anymore?MistaJ0 4d
5d BSOD - IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUALS on netio.sys when installing the battle.net client Hi I have re-installed my battle.net client today after a few months of not using it. Once I have logged in. i started receiving IRQ NOT LESS OR EQUAL BSODs on netio.sys. I have already followed an older post from the forum about cleaning all the AMD drivers and battle.net including all the games but this didn't help. I have to say to I only have this problem with the battle.net client. My steam, origin and other game clients work without any problem which led me to believe that this is specific problem with the battle.net client This specific BSOD is caused by an application trying to write to a memory page which is protected and in order to prevent an hardware malfunction, windows will display the BSOD and dump the current memory content either in a minidump file format (small text file) or a full memory dump which will be at the size of the allocated memory at the time of the error. While some BSOD can be caused by hardware malfunction and/or out of date driver. In this case, I don't believe that this is the problem here and my concern is that the new version of the battle.net client is the main cause of the fault here. The main reason I think that is due to a process of elimination. 1) I have other game clients (Steam, Origin etc.) who don't exhibit this problem while runnning 2) I can play other games using the above clients and I don't have any problem with any of them 3) I was able to use the old version of the battle.net client before without any need of updating my drivers etc. 4) I can see previous threads online of people having similar problems: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20758255673 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20759329864 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20761927159 Some other clarifications and the actions I took: 1) I am not using the client inside a VMWare workstation 2) SFC did find some corrupted file and fixed them but it does that anyways on a schedule time once a week 3) Tried to totally uninstall my display drivers using 3rd party tools like: https://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMD-Clean-Uninstall-Utility.aspx http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html 4) Cleaned up the entire blizzard and battle.net folders from %appdata% and %progdata% and now it is even worse-->next reply when I even try to install the solution, I am getting BSOD 5) Tried to remove all startup items using MSCONFIG - didn't worked I do believe this is a local problem with the new version of the client and I hope you will be able to escalate to solve this problem please help Itamarhysel29 5d
5d Battle.net app missing icons, text Recently my battle.net app has been missing certain icons and text. For example, the minimize, maximize and close buttons are missing from the upper right corner, although still function when clicked as if they were there. Also certain text seems to be missing, like beside the upgrade arrow(at least I think there used to be text beside it). I'm wondering if this is a known error or an isolated one.Barakki2 5d
5d Unable to stop receiving alerts and ads regarding Call of Poop I am not interested in playing Call of Poop, please stop spamming me about it.TelFiRE1 5d
5d Friend Requests not going through. I check my parental controls and region (which is the same), and I tried to add their email but my friend request won't go through. What can I do?Sean1 5d
5d Max Friends Limit is too small I got excited when I saw that you updated a patch with friends list improvements, but didn't see any mention of the # of friends you can have. I've been playing Blizzard games forever and have a ton of friends, but regularly have to delete some so I can add new ones. This is so painful and people get upset. Please consider increasing the friends list max amount (currently 200). I can't even consider adding my facebook friends if this limit is not increased.Xielle26 5d
6d Warcraft 3 - 1.30 - Freezing Hey.. So my warcraft 3 keeps freezing on me mid-game. The blizzard tech support says that the crashes have been due to my "sound". I've followed all their steps and advice, but the game is still freezing on me. These freezes lock up my computer and I have to reboot my computer. Has anyone ran into this problem before and solved it? I'm on a new MSI gaming laptop using an external monitor/keyboard setup. Help would be much appreciatedShawny0 6d
6d Missing Taskbar icon on Windows 8.1 Pro I've seen many solutions for this on other threads that seem to work for people, but they all say to right click on the icon and then choose a menu item that I don't have: https://i.imgur.com/2rCgGt8.jpg My Battle.net.exe is in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Battle.net" Any help?paluche0 6d
6d Call of duty black ops 4 PC OPEN Beta download The website clearly states that the open beta starts today Aug 11 10am PT and its now 11am PT. cant download it let alone find where to download it. im assuming its in the battle.net program in the call of duty tab but when i click on it nothing comes upGodzsin0 6d
6d Warcraft 3 1.29 cursor bug The cursor in game is still bugged for me just like with the previous patch. Instead of the normal cursor that looks like a hand, it's like a mini crosshair all the time. Is there a way to fix it in game? Or just still a bug that hasn't been fixed?Kenshii4 6d
6d black ops 4 open beta UI error 95614 i downloaded black ops 4 open beta and when i launch it using the battle.net app it tels me to restart the game and launch it via the battle.net app after doing so a couple times it keeps telling me to launch using the battle.net app i eventiualy got a error saying UI error 95614 i tried to look up what this error meant but found nothingrogue1ezio0 6d
Aug 10 Small error in login error message Hey just figured I'd point this out, the little box that pops up when you can't login has a space between the letters in one of the words. At the bottom where it says "You may try again in 60 seconds", you looks like y ou. Here's a screenshot I clipped of it - https://puu.sh/BbHFI/07d2d6c8ad.pnggoblin0 Aug 10
Aug 9 Ana Buff Isnt in?? I just played ana in several qp and then in a custom to make sure that this was true. he ult is still the same pre patch and doesnt do what the patch notes say they do. this is leading me to believe that the other buffs may not have came out?? But its in the patch notes wtffffImSugarGay1 Aug 9
Aug 9 Leaked Overwatch Halloween and Winter skin name Blizzard have leaked some of the Halloween as well winter wonderland skin names on the playoverwatch website under events. Not showing in case people do not want to see.RanceTser0 Aug 9
Aug 9 Battle.net Launcher Social tab "broken" (giphy) Was redirected here from https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17622512168?page=1#post-3 I'll just copy & paste So, i was away from my PC for a couple of hours. After coming back i recieved a notification of a bnet update. After applying i read through the patch notes and wanted to try the /giphy command. So i did, and posted >something< from giphy. The preview won't load, and the social tab freezes. When clicking on "Social" again (or wait long enough), it states an error. Sometimes it will show up again, being reconnected, however starts to freeze again. Screenshots: https://abload.de/image.php?img=social1jsfjx.png https://abload.de/image.php?img=social23cdwo.png https://abload.de/image.php?img=social3u6fiv.png -) Win7 SP1 -) Chromium Browser -) Ryzen 2700x -) 16mb RAM -) Geforce GTX970 Problem immediatly appeared after posting that giphy link, so i know it IS the cause. Also, When i did select someone else from the friendlist menu "send message" and it showed the "chat window" everything was working fine, until i clicke dthe person again with the mentioned problem. Open for suggestions, this is a rather fresh install (1 day old), so i might need one or more dependencies. Just called him via voice chat and said he should spam messages until the preview of giphy is gone. It is working now again.SmokeWeedEve4 Aug 9
Aug 8 Adding RealID friends ignore parental controls When RealID was added to the battle.net I used parental controls to disable it. Now at some point it seems the Battle.net desktop app ignores the setting. My "parental" control settings: https://i.imgur.com/X7p6tqQ.png UI when adding new friend: https://i.imgur.com/7jrjucy.pngRubert1 Aug 8
Aug 8 Battle.net makes my browser open random tabs Whenever battle.net is active on my computer, my browser starts opening random new tabs containing advertising or "recommended updates". I know its not Blizzard's fault and that i messed up somewhere, but I tried many anti-virus, anti-malwares, etc to try and fix this already and my browser only starts opening new tabs when battle.net desktop app is open. So I came here to ask for help and to see if there is anything I can do to fix my computer other than formating it.Giuliano49 Aug 8
Aug 8 Text Error If you disconnect from internet and you press go online and it fails it'll tell you "You can try again in x seconds," but the "you" has a space after the o so it looks like this: "Yo u" lolnagorra0 Aug 8
Aug 7 Hearthstone promo in the wrong language My battle.net language is set to English (US), but the promo icons / links for the new Hearthstone update are in what appears to be Spanish. Clicking on the ad takes me to a Spanish store page. Other promos are in English. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/o5z2V9k.jpg https://imgur.com/i65iDhI.jpg https://imgur.com/i65iDhI.jpgParticle0 Aug 7
Aug 7 I cant update my games I cant update my games because it gets stuck on Waiting or there is another update but when i look theres noting there.xftitan0 Aug 7
Aug 6 White Blizzard.net Screen Blizzard.net app going completely white and only able to click a select few buttons on the screen. I was playing normally then I realized I had an update for my graphics card and now all of the sudden my screen is completely white when I open the client. So I decided to back date my drivers to the previous ones and the problem still persisted. Please help!tacosarelife0 Aug 6
Aug 6 Battle.net beta client update causing crashes and loud noise Battle.net Beta client update. Seemingly because of something with notifications every time my friend messaged me it mad an ear piercing noise (really loud) and would crash the whole bnet app.Chilidog0 Aug 6
Aug 4 tooltip.js Uses Incorrect URL for Artisan Items Hey devs, it seems that the tooltips.js script is not working correctly for artisan items, seemingly because it accesses an incorrect URL. For example, when I put a link to > https://us.diablo3.com/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/journeyman-binding-rope on my webpage that is using the tooltip.js, the tooltip only shows a spinning wheel and my Javascript console prints the error that accessing the URL > https://us.diablo3.com/en/tooltip/blacksmithrecipe/journeyman-binding-rope?format=jsonp has returned a 404 (which can be confirmed by manually accessing this URL). I think the correct URL should be > https://us.diablo3.com/en/tooltip/blacksmith/recipe/journeyman-binding-rope?format=jsonp Accessing this URL returns a valid JSON response instead! This problem seems to be caused by an incorrect initialization of the TYPES object in the tooltip.js (line 28), where TYPES['item']['recipe']['url'] should have been initialized with "{folder}/recipe/{key}" ("/" after the {folder}"). Thanks for considering this bug report! best SebastianSeb0 Aug 4
Aug 4 can't connect discord to battle.net so as blizz support man Kragotheri said: report bug so i am doing just that im not the only one... u just cant connect discord to battle.net i tried everything what they suggested here https://www.reddit.com/r/discordapp/comments/51pn1n/having_trouble_connecting_battlenet_account/?sort=new discord normal discordPTB, no discord but running battle.net and open then discord in browser it just doesent work and its such a old bug omg Tuitara 3 points · 1 year ago I would like to say that I was talking to people that work at discord and that the issue will be fixed in the next update. YEAR AGOOOO and today discord via twitter to me: Glad you fixed the installation problem! The http://battle.net issue is one our team is aware of and is already looking into! No ETA for a fix unfortunately. In the future if you need technical help, feel free to contact our support team directly! http://dis.gd/contactExquisite1 Aug 4
Aug 3 Authenticator via Single Button When I try to login on the Blizzard Battle.net app using the Authenticator on Single Button mode, I can't login, but when I do it writing the Authenticator Code manually, I can login.Elitesparkle0 Aug 3
Aug 2 Battle.net bug with minimise to tray (includes workaround) My Computer Operating system: Windows 7 64-bit SP1 Windows taskbar has small icons with buttons that never combine (setup using standard Windows control panel options, no third party software). Running Windows and Wow from an SSD. Intel Core i7 with 16GB RAM. Battle.net Settings Launch Battle.net when you start your computer is checked. Launch Battle.net minimised to the system tray is checked. Allow multiple instances is not checked. When I click the X, Battle.net is set to minimise to the system tray. When I launch a game, Battle.net is set to minimise to the system tray. Restore Battle.net window when the game ends is not checked. Issue I open the Battle.net launcher app, click Wow and click the big play button. The launcher disappears from the taskbar and appears to minimise to the system tray as expected. However, when the Wow game client opens a second or two later, the launcher app reappears back in the taskbar and stays there. Clicking the tab does nothing because the launcher thinks it's minimised to the tray. This bug happens around 95% of the time when clicking the big play button. Workaround I have discovered that if I open a window of any kind (i.e. Notepad) immediately after clicking play and before the Wow client appears, the bug does not occur. Similarly, if I alt/tab to an already open window immediately after clicking play and before the Wow client appears, the bug does not occur. This issue only occurs when using the Battle.net option to minimise Battle.net to the system tray after clicking the play button. If that option is not checked, Battle.net minimises to the taskbar and no bug occurs. Everything else in Battle.net is working perfectly except Wow always updates itself every time I close it regardless of whether there's an update or not. It starts the update process then finalises instantly and finishes. Thank you.Mist1 Aug 2
Aug 1 Major Issue with Appear Offline Function Everything about the Appear Offline function seems to work as intended, but there also seems to be one glaring issue with this function. Lets say I want to play for a short period and appear offline so I don't receive invitations so before I even log in to Battle.net I select, Appear Offline, then I log in. To anyone who looks, it shows that I am offline, and have been for, lets say, 6 hours. If I sat in the desktop app for an hour without doing anything it would then say I was offline for 7 hours. However, the issue is that if I now log in to Overwatch and start playing, it now shows to everyone that I am still offline, but now I have only been offline for 1 minute and counting. The offline time resets whenever you log into a game. This undermines the effectiveness of the entire function if for example, you are trying to avoid someone and all of a sudden you go from offline for 2 hours to offline for 1 minute. Now they know you are simply appearing offline. This should be fixed. The time should never update unless you appear online again. TLDR; When appearing offline, the amount of time you have been offline for resets when you start playing a game. Offline for 10 hours. Start Overwatch. Offline for 1 minute. Please fix this!LordZozo3 Aug 1
Aug 1 Friend requests not showing up So my friend and I, who are in different server regions, sent friend requests to one another and neither of us has received them yet even after about a full day. is there a way to temporarily change my region to fix this?YoungBetus0 Aug 1
Aug 1 Can't use f1 and f3 keys in-game I have been using f# keys to set and seek camera locations in starcraft 2 for years. Today my f1 and f3 keys stopped working completely. I am not sure if I can set the locations using ctrl+f1 and ctrl+f3 as I am unable to jump to them after I set them to test. I have tried: -Replugging my keyboard -Resetting my hotkey profile -Trying on a different account If I enter the hotkeys menu i can still use the f1 and f3 keys to set hotkeys, but I cannot use them in game. Any help or anyone experiencing a similar problem would be appreciated.SimpleBit1 Aug 1
Jul 31 BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 Error while either fetching indices or reading from supposedly corrupted indices Essentially the title says it all i have WOW fully updated and downloaded it but it was on a separate computer then i brought my SSD to my main PC. all downloads specifically hosted on the SSD. Maybe its an issue with my internets web filter because it fails mid fetch although i have all files? i have run the repair tool with the issue still occurring. i have no security programs running including windows defender (it blocks stuff i use consistently).PapaTorbjorn2 Jul 31