Bug Report

Mar 2 Can't disable video autoplay on Battle.net App I recently installed the flash Firefox - NPAPI file to get videos to play in the battle.net app. I am now very annoyed that certain videos will play automatically as the app cycles to different news about each game. No option exists to disable video autoplay in the app or to disable it completely. I have uninstalled every trace of flash I can find on my system, I even tried uninstalling the b.net app. But the stupid videos still play automatically! It's an eyesore. I've already spent a solid 3 hours trying find out why. I need to know how to disable the video play feature in the b.net app again, at a minimum an option is needed to disable the autoplay.Eregos48 Mar 2
Mar 2 Battle.net makes my browser open random tabs Whenever battle.net is active on my computer, my browser starts opening random new tabs containing advertising or "recommended updates". I know its not Blizzard's fault and that i messed up somewhere, but I tried many anti-virus, anti-malwares, etc to try and fix this already and my browser only starts opening new tabs when battle.net desktop app is open. So I came here to ask for help and to see if there is anything I can do to fix my computer other than formating it.Giuliano53 Mar 2
Mar 1 Drop down UI elements does not render. When using the Blizzard app on PC, if I engage the drop down menu's used for the options & social status menu items, the UI elements inside do not render properly until I roll over. Only then, that single UI element renders correctly.Stiegosaurus0 Mar 1
Mar 1 I cannot click anything on the Battle.net Application I start up the Battle.net Application and when I do, I can not click "Play" or anything else for that matter. It doesn't freeze, it just doesn't let me click on anything. The buttons are mashable but nothing happens. I tried reinstalling the client but it didn't change. I'd really like to get this fixed.Bippu29 Mar 1
Mar 1 Battle.NET memory leak during Destiny2 download Using Windows 10 64xbit installed on a 128GB SSD, installed battle.net app on 1TB HDD drive as well as the game. After the download starts, TOTAL memory consumption slowly goes up. I have 16GB RAM, and if I leave the game downloading alone, my PC crashes after every 10GB downloaded. Note that the memory doesn't seem to be allocated do Battle.Net when checked on Task Manager, so I suspect the problem to be more of a incompatibility between the app and windows, something must be stopping temporary memory packets to be freed correctly. More of a bug report than me requesting assistance, since I can finish the donwload after restarting 4 times easily ;p Just did'nt know where to write this. ThxThales3 Mar 1
Feb 28 downloading stuck updates get stuck at 1mb and less .i tried everything to fix it .still same problemSlllayer0 Feb 28
Feb 27 Not showing online friends correctly This problem JUST started with the update a few days ago. A similar bug happened awhile back, where it wouldn't show all your online friends. The previous bug had a workaround: you could just click "games" up top or switch games and then switch back, and your online friends will all show. The old bug was fixed a couple months ago. The new bug...well sometimes friends just don't show up. Clicking "games" up top, or switching games and switching back does NOT work this time. Nor does relogging. I currently have 2 friends playing WOW that do not show up in the battle.net app, I have to log into a game to see them.Saerydoth6 Feb 27
Feb 26 IOS APP GLITCH I have these friend requests that are still in my queue and whenever I try to either decline or accept to get rid of them, it tells me that something went wrong.Katchiin0 Feb 26
Feb 26 BUG: Voice Chat staying active? In some previous version of the B.net desktop app for window, when you closed a chat window while voice chat was active, it would turn off the voice chat In the new version, even if you close all the voice chat windows, disconnect your headset.. the green icon stay active and consume a non negligeable amount of system ressource until you manualy turn it off until the next call. While this is probably done on purpose, why not have it off when you leave all the voice conversation ?Rodent0 Feb 26
Feb 26 Blue Screen When attempting App update Blue screen error immediately after clicking "restart" for Blizzard App update. Code: memory management. After computer restart, Blizzard App is now asking to be installed. When I attempt to use the Drive that it was currently on, it says "invalid installation folder"Korrigan1 Feb 26
Feb 24 Transparent app My battlenet app is transparent!!Hrxs10 Feb 24
Feb 22 PS4 elimination sound PS4 elimination notification not playing when a part of a kill. It will play if you have the final blow but not if you have any part of the kill and not the final blow. Can you fix?Oakenwraith0 Feb 22
Feb 22 Purchase is GONE My call of duty black ops 4 purchase is gone now When ever i login to the blizzard desktop app it says to buy bo4GhostCoffins1 Feb 22
Feb 22 Forced exit popup after each patch of Bnet app Dear Blizzard, I know it very well that is is not a bug, but I will consider it such until it is fixed. You are doing the MOST annyoing thing in the world with your battle.net app updates and I've just had enough of it. Namely: you are forcing a popup window in the middle of my screen each time a battle.net update is downloaded. This windows has only two options: restart RIGHT NOW or quit the app RIGHT NOW. This is insane! On multiple occasions I was watching a video in the app when this happened. I can't close this popup because closing it also closes the battle.net app. For the love of God, STOP doing this! I don't beleive I am the only one in the world who is annoyed by this to no end. Restarting the app cannot be SOOOOO important to force immediate action! Disable starting a game within the app until the user applies the update by restarting the app or something, but forget this popup window! Doing this totally ruins immersion while watching a movie. I even decided that f*** Battle for Azeroth expansion, if I can't even watch a 2 minutes trailer in the battle.net app for it before interrupted, I'm not interested in it at all. I regularly exit the app after I play and start it up again whenever I need it so I have absolutely no need for a forced restart immediately when a new patch is downloaded, I am already restarting frequently enough as it is. I also do not want to turn off any automatic updates because I know that keeping the software updated is important. I do not agree with such an intrusive method however. Just to bring an ovbious example, Steam can handle updates in a much more sublte and totally acceptable way. I was never bothered by that. Please try to learn from them and stop utterly annoying your otherwise loyal users! Best Regards, ZelZelbacsi0 Feb 22
Feb 19 ROGUE - SPELL - TRICKS OF THE TRADE It does not work, tryed with and without macro, the spell refuses to cast, this is bad for rogues in dungeon who can take aggro easily cause then tank get mad and we rogues cry :( please helpSTUpendous1 Feb 19
Feb 19 Warcraft 3 tft. Battlenet clan game 2x2 crash. The game crashes every time i take invitation to the clan game. My friends have the same problem...Sky13550 Feb 19
Feb 19 Blizzard app wont install I had problems updating Blizzard app, i tried to look into it, uninstalled, deleted the folders in AppData/Local, deleted the folden from Program Files, tried to reinstall and it still stucked on downloading, from the log i got the following line multiple times; ERR (d:\buildserver\bna-2\work-git\bootstrapper-repository\contrib\contrib\bnl_dl2\net\source\net\selectsocketpollset.cpp, line 375): error connecting loopback socket: [10060] ERR (d:\buildserver\bna-2\work-git\bootstrapper-repository\contrib\contrib\bnl_dl2\net\source\net\selectsocketpollset.cpp, line 201): error in select() call: [10038]Trassil1 Feb 19
Feb 17 US account stuck in EUR currency Hello. So I've opened a couple of tickets to address this issue. My Battle.net app is showing EUR currency. When going to the Blizzard Store through the web version everything is in US currency. I've been unable to fix this, so Blizzard Support suggested I post it here. Here's what I've already done based on the suggestions from my two support tickets: -Uninstalled all games and Battle.net and reinstalled. -Deleted the Battle.net cache folder. -Ensured my account is showing US in both Battle.net and in my Account Settings. All of my transactions were confirmed in US dollars per Blizzard Support. Any help would be appreciated!JablesFTW1 Feb 17
Feb 15 Super zoom after opening loot boxes and in hero gallery. Since the Overwatch League backdrop started showing up in the menu things have been weird. When you open up a loot box the screen zooms in and it super zooms in on the items. So this cause a little bit of a hassle to select each loot item individually. And it does the same thing when you choose a hero to edit, it super zoomsPhoenix92290 Feb 15
Feb 15 please help For some reason Canadians have to take a eligibility test in order to receive the reward of access pass for owl. But everytime i try to submit my answer it just shows loading FOREVER. idk what else can i do lk i refreshed for a few times but it still shows loading. it has been loading for like twenty minutes already please fixNoMercyPlz0 Feb 15
Feb 14 bug luego del parche no me carga la tienda, no puedo comprar nada alguien sabe por que ?wentten0 Feb 14
Feb 14 Account settings has flashing UI and acts as if it's in an infinite refresh loop. First of all I'm having no issues logging in and can access the forums and blizzard's homepage just fine so this isn't an account issue. However when I get to the account settings page all the ui flashes on and off the screen repeatedly and the refresh button in the upper left corner of my browser keep going to an X then back to a circle as if it's refreshing. I'm not sure what is causing this can I get help. I know there was a similar issue with the battle.net client some time back with people that had changed their resolution but I haven't done that.AoiYui0 Feb 14
Feb 13 All my friends in battlenet are gone! Please I have made really cool people and when i logged in today i saw that all my friends are gone ! what can i do to resolve this? Please help ... I didn't expect to come home to this! It's a nightmare please blizzard im a long time fan and user but this is one thing I didnt expect happen!LilFuego1 Feb 13
Feb 13 Stuck in Loop I am TRYING to update my account information specificly my SMS phone number information as I have not had that number in several YEARS now however I can NOT change that number because you keep sending the confirmation that it IS ME request to THAT phone number. I am 60 years old I hate doing crap like this online what the HELL ever happened to being able to pick up a god dam PHONE and being able to talk to someone ?? NO where that I can find is there a phone number listed to contact and actually talk to a support person . Let me guess all of those people were fired /let go so that the Ceo's that left could have more cash in their golden Parachutes ?OntillDawn1 Feb 13
Feb 13 Invisible client the client battle.net has stopped displaying the graphic shell, i.e. the entire client is a transparent window, when opening any application and after closing it "hangs" the client and only its borders are visible, games can be started, but only clicking on the memory where the button should fade recovery of the system (rollback for 2 days) did not help, removing ALL games and the client, followed by clearing all the "temp" folders and in general all combinations of Blizzard, Battle and HearthStone words and a complete reinstallation of everything (not the system) led to nothing . Problem still exists. The client window is invisible, but clickable (memory games "where the button" can be clicked, the game starts). Rollback of drivers did not give anything either. Cleaning the registry the same way. at 7 am by MSK the client started - everything was correctly displayed, after 2-3 hours I noticed that "the client needs to restart", after the restart the client became invisible.BeatCore5 Feb 13
Feb 13 Unable to connect when PC wakes up from sleep When I have the battle.net client running and put my computer to sleep, then wake it up again, the client is unable to connect and requires a restart. Version: Windows 10 Pro version 1803colsen913 Feb 13
Feb 13 Post new year's event launcher makes OW unplayable Loading time of the character models for the background is very long. Sometimes I don't load into matches anymore. (lost endorsment lvl QQ) After opening a lootbox the whole screen zooms in and when I went in the hero gallery to see what I got everything on my screen just disapeared and I only had a white background.Phage0 Feb 13
Feb 13 Can't add friend nor receive friend requests For some reason I can't add a friend and I am not found on the search, even when we used our battletags to try and add each other, both in americas server, I can't add her and she can't add me. Why is it not working? If anyone can help I will be very thankful.DarthNuber14 Feb 13
Feb 12 cant connect on EU servers cant browse eu.battle.net but yes the US one, same thing on the APP cant log in on european servers and when i connect using US ones later on in game cant connect to server. So i cant even access my account or even download battle.net app againSacromort0 Feb 12
Feb 11 how the hell do you add friends someone plz help I've tried and tried but it sucksPyroHedgehog26 Feb 11
Feb 11 Installing game - wrong "Insufficient disk space" error Hi there, When I am about to install a game, the default install location was my local "C" drive, which had insufficient space (25.0GB for Diablo). I then selected a different location, which had enough space (over 100GB), but the same error for not having enough space remained, which did not allow me to proceed with the installation. I was able to change the install location to another drive only after I cleared some space from the default location on "C" so that I had over the needed 25GB. Not a big issue, but can be annoying to someone if they can't clear out the space needed :) ZZinja15 Feb 11
Feb 11 Blizzard App changes my Screen Resolution So whenever I start the Blizzard App lately, my computer's screen resolution drops from its standard 1920x1080 and becomes 640x480, an option not selectable in my range of screen resolution options. This basically means I have to keep my Windows Settings open and manually reset the resolution back to its standard format every time I want to play a game. Is there any way to stop this?Fobar7 Feb 11
Feb 10 I can not throw a player from the channel Problem with opportunities http://i11.pixs.ru/storage/0/3/2/4png_3610032_31253032.pngmyGG0 Feb 10
Feb 10 Static sound and app crashing. Been 72hrs+ no fix Common guys. Many have reported this issue and there has been no fix. Pretty essential. In case you need another reminder the bug is due to an unread message on the social app tab that crashes the entire app upon launchHeccate2 Feb 10
Feb 9 Battle.net Client disconnects and reconnects constantly on new laptop Had spoke to a GM regarding this issue and was referred to opening a bug report. Issue is my new Alienware laptop will disconnect and re-connect constantly from the BNet client when logging into my account. The odd part of this is that if I am wired, this issue is not apparent. Only if I am connected wirelessly. The other odd part is if my girlfriend signs in while I am connected wirelessly, her account is fine. It is specifically my account and specifically only wireless. My desktop and old laptop can log into my account fine. Please let me know what specs you need or any further information.Diesik14 Feb 9
Feb 9 Battle.net app keeps disconnecting and reconnecting and I've tried everything to fix it Blizzard app keeps disconnecting and reconnecting not allowing anything to be done. I log in and then just constant reconnects/disconnects. I've tried the to do what a few other posts said to do with no help. tried first disabling the killer control then tried a fresh install with no success. also tried to install the battle.net app on my ssd drive as well as my hdd with no success. please help as i cannot even download a game at this point to try and play and cannot check my messages either. TIA for any helpjjsully274 Feb 9
Feb 8 voice chat rip? Voice chat isn't working with 1.12.1Caged57 Feb 8
Feb 8 Call of Duty Black Ops 4 UI error When I try to get on Call of Duty I am getting a UI error and it will not allow me to play the game at all. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?mcpatty1 Feb 8
Feb 7 Hearthstone, can't play with my friends. My Hearthstone says I can't message my friends while im set to appear offline, the problem is my battle.net launcher is in online mode. I can't play with them either. This is only an issue on the US servers, from the EU servers I was able to contact my friends. This started in last december I think, and since than it's stuck in that state. Before that I was able to play with my friends for years so I don't know what happened. I tried deleting and reinstalling the Battle.net app, and Hearthstone too multiple times but nothing worked.Landarius0 Feb 7
Feb 7 reclamo no puedo conectarme a Battle net es imposible lo grave que pago una suscripcion para no tener el servicio eso de que cada miercoles hacen actualizaciones y dejan a los clientes sin servicio y no lo soluciones.Pido por favor solucionmiriam471 Feb 7
Feb 5 Hearthstone says I'm set to appear offline My Hearthstone says I can't message my friends while im set to appear offline, the problem is my battle.net launcher is in online mode. I can't play with them either. This is only an issue on the US servers, from the EU servers I was able to contact my friends. This started in last december I think, and since than it's stuck in that state. Before that I was able to play with my friends for years so I don't know what happened. I tried deleting and reinstalling the Battle.net app, and Hearthstone too multiple times but nothing worked.Landarius0 Feb 5
Feb 3 When I launch App, Resolution changes When I launch the app, my screen resolution changes from 1920x1080 to 800x600 (From max resolution to min resolution) It doesn't really affect anything, as I can just change the resolution back, but it is quite annoying and I would like to fix this if possible. I updated all my drivers right before making this post and it didn't fix it.timka30 Feb 3
Feb 3 Start Voice Chat is Greyed Out 18 Jan 2019 Unable to launch a voice chat. It is greyed out. I can confirm the microphone works. I used it today in Voice Attack with another game. The alternative fix to create a group under the social also provides and error after entering a group name - you can't make changes to this content.Macros2 Feb 3
Feb 2 Cannot login into Battle.net PC user, when I go to start any game and type in my password it doesn't connect me to Battle.net, forced into offline mode, thus I cant play any games.djcross0 Feb 2
Feb 2 CHIVE Error code Graphics failed to initialize "CHIVE" error code.....WASTED 70 on CHIVE!!!!!!PDogzScrapin0 Feb 2
Feb 1 problema de descarga de app hola, no se si les estara andando bien, el link de descarga de la app de blizzard o si es mi computadora, pero eh intentado descargarlo como unas 100 veces y se corta hasta probe con Jdownload y me dice q falla la conexion de descarga con blizzard..Asakura0 Feb 1
Jan 30 all my blizzard friends are gone ;c when me and my friend logged on to play over watch together we discovered that all our friends were gone, and while in game cant change your status and you can't even send friend requests to get them back, I even asked people in general and they all said that they lost theirs too. I can't friend most of them back since we don't have ways to communicate apart from blizzard, please fix this quickly or you might start losing some peopleSamPie1 Jan 30
Jan 28 SMS Protect and Foreign cell phones. Hi, the page us.battle.net/support/en/article/26824?linkId=100000004849526 lists a few limitations. You should also include the number must be "Not foreign". I work overseas and my cellphone number (in my case Chinese) is not eligible.Cybercelt0 Jan 28
Jan 28 can not access account page from app this is the error message i get: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN it sends me to this address: https://overview/?utm_source=app-other&utm_medium=internalandreasasp0 Jan 28
Jan 28 Cannot craft hellfire rings and amulets though have necessary materials have materials to craft hellfire rings and amulets but cannot craft them. Says that don't have materialsVektor1 Jan 28