Bug Report

Jan 23 4k display, launcher now huge *fix inside* *update* The app is scaling itself now so if you encounter this go into the properties>compatibility>Disable scaling and choose application instead of system ----original post below-- The launcher just updated and now its massive on a 4k display. I do have win10 scaling turned on but i went into the properties of the launcher and told it to ignore scaling. i cant launch anything now because i cant see anythingd0x3601 Jan 23
Jan 21 "You're not allowed to access this content at this time" no markup, not working See this screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/kfw3hM9.jpg Clicking the dropdowns does nothing. The "News" pane is equally broken: http://i.imgur.com/ahdiunA.pngMàni13 Jan 21
Jan 20 No request for Authenticator code As of today (27 Jan 2015), I am not being presented with the Authentication challenge via my Authenticator/code. I have quit the game and re-logged in multiple times with the same result. I also scanned the game files and downloaded an update but am still not being presented with the Authenticator challenge. I previously submitted a report to the GM, who reported back to me that "The authenticator challenge (the thing that enables you to receive a code request each time you log in) is properly enabled for your account, so if it is not asking you for the code then it is likely a bug." He recommended I check here with the Team. This only just started happening today. Strangely, I was presented with the challenge when logging in to submit this bug Report. Please advise.AllBeef19 Jan 20
Jan 19 My Battle Net username has been changed to Bnetplayer? Hi, My username has been changed from Cunilinguist, a play on my favourite Romanian gypsy folk band, to Bnetplayer. For no reason. Is this a bug or can I change it back?Bnetplayer17 Jan 19
Jan 19 Could Not Block Player & Error 7000 During a recent game of Destiny 2, I found myself unable to block a user spam messaging me. Since I normally prefer to leave Whispers set to Everyone, this is an expected occurrence that is fixed simply by blocking the specific user. This time, however, I could not. "Could not block player due to network error" was the message that greeted me. I sensed a challenge and began running some tests. The accounts involved in my tests were my main account (currently experiencing the blocking issue) and a test account I created specifically for this test. Here are the results: 1) The problem is not game-specific Whispers are sent via the Battle.net client and can be found in the Social tab. With all game processes closed, the inability to block users via their profiles persisted on my main account. The test account was able to block perfectly well. 2) The problem is not network-related Despite the text of the error, it is not related to a specific network. Using the mobile app via my cellular network (separate from my home network), attempts to block the test account returned the error "Request didn't go through. Try again!" 3) The problem is not client-related When contacted about this issue, Blizzard Support usually replies with a link to this article: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/34719. Supposedly, this fixes the problem by rebuilding corrupted client files. Prior to testing this solution, the test account could block normally and the main account returned errors. Upon deletion of the Battle.net client files and rebuilding them, the same results occurred. 4) The problem is not related to block list limitations The block list supposedly has a limit. If the limit had been reached (highly unlikely), then the removal of at least one user from the block list would therefore make space for the test account to be blocked. Errors still occurred. 5) The problem is region-specific Upon swapping my main account's client region from NA to EU, I discovered that it was possible to block users while logged into EU, but not while logged in on NA. Finally, I decided to run some messaging tests. Please note the Privacy feature Receive private chat messages from friends only was disabled during these tests. Here's what I discovered: 1) Messages while friended acted as expected Messages were delivered perfectly fine between the main and test accounts. 2) Messages while unfriended returned 2 results While I was able to message the test account from the main account perfectly well, the test account could not message the main account without experiencing the 7000 error. This should not be the case since both accounts' privacy was set to receive messages from anyone. In conclusion, this seems to be a server-side issue that is account-specific and region-specific. If you cannot block users or are being returned 7000 errors when you are 100% positive the other user is not blocking you, it's not your fault. What was used to perform these tests: Platform: Apple iPhone / MacBook Pro Laptop / custom-built desktop PC Network: Spectrum / Verizon Clients: / beta Jan 19
Jan 19 Exit Battle.net Uh oh, it looks like your installation files got mangled somehow. Please re-download and reinstall the Blizzard Battle.net desktop app.Viper0 Jan 19
Jan 18 "Provide battle tag or Email adress" - Can't add players I'm playing hearthstone a while, and when I want to add the player I just get the same message that I need to provide email adress or battle tag. Lets say someone's name is "Example", every time I write their name (in the battle.net app and in game) I just cant add them, always the same message. If there is a way to fix this or a different way to add players write it down here :DNiray2 Jan 18
Jan 16 bo4 uninstall glitch i uninstalled black ops 4 because it was taking too much space and when i uninstalled it for some reason instead of reinstalling it it tells me i have to buy it againdoyohomwaak0 Jan 16
Jan 16 Battle.net invisible Good morning, when I open the Battle.net client the login screen appears, it loads but when the battle.net opens it becomes invisible, being inaccessible, thus failing to open the game at all! I await response quickly!chiarini1 Jan 16
Jan 16 [Warcraft 3 1.30] Cannot change resolution All worked fine in 1.29, but with the latest patch in Video options the resolution can not be selected/changed. Plus, in window mode, the game is not in wide screen mode anymore. Anybody has a solution?WindShiver23 Jan 16
Jan 15 Diablo 2 connection interruptions. I keep getting connection interruptions everytime in curtin areas in diablo 2 LOD If i complete the Den of evil then go though a town portal i get a connection interruption everytime. If use a Town portal in tristram and go though it i get a connection interruption. if use a town portal in catacombs level 4 i will get a connection interruption. if i am in act 5 and use the waypoint to go to act 1 i will get a connection interruption. After completing act 2 and talking to Meshif to go to act 3 i will always get a connection interruption. this only happen in the area listed above is this a bug with battle.net? I'm using useastNico1 Jan 15
Jan 15 COD BO4 Stole my money I know I posted this already in a different section but devs need to see this... This post is about COD BO4 not launching.... I have had this problem for a while now. I am aware many people also have this problem. I have tried many things none of which work, and im hoping a member of the team will help people like us. Unfortunately this post probably wont be read by a staff member because they only care about money. Anyway here is my problem: -Open Battle.net launcher -Click play on BO4 -Says Loading -Says Already Playing -Goes back to the green play button I have tried so many things. A message to the devs, people are getting mad please just help us out. Thanks, Kieran.Qauk1 Jan 15
Jan 14 game crashing My game keeps crashing and telling me that im losing connection to blizzard. any way to fix that?Mickey56170 Jan 14
Jan 13 Multiple Game Instances One small issue I've noticed with this so far. When launching a game (I've only tested this with WoW, as that's all I have) a new instance of the game is launched, regardless of a pre-existing instance. Using system call (unix based) lingo, open -n $WOW_PATH is used instead of just open $WOW_PATH A suggestion to fix this: check for instances of the selected game, and if an instance does exist, disable the play button. This was on the Mac Client, I do not know of the Windows clientMorpheus4 Jan 13
Jan 12 Battle.net.exe - Bad Image Every few days when I launch the battle.net launcher it will pop up a dialog box with the title that is above, and the text below: C:\Program Files (x86)\Battle.net\Battle.net.9799\Qt5Gui.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support. Error status 0xc0000020. I it takes multiple times of hitting OK for it to finally go away, and be replaced with: A required DLL could not be found. Please download and reinstall the Blizzard app. After closing that I just go to my download history of my browser and click the battle net installer and within moments it reinstalls and relaunches the program like nothing is wrong. It is just getting old having to do this every few days.TheLostBear5 Jan 12
Jan 11 AppData\Local\B.net\Logs huge files Today I had an issue, I saw that my SSD dedicated for Windows was very low on storage. Didn't know from which files it could come, i've tried everything i found on the internet but it changed nothing... Until I find the software "WinDirStat" that told me files in AppData\Local\B.net\Logs were taking 98% of the storage. I had files from January 4th sizing over 65Gb (the whole folder had files from Jan 4 to Jan 16, over 145Gb of log files). Contacted support and told me that was weird because it's supposed to only be MB and no GB. Hope it can be fixed and/or help people (got a screenshot of my folder with files size, don't know if i can put a link like imgur/hostinpic/whatever here). Sorry for bad english, ain't my native language)Aedenes7 Jan 11
Jan 11 Battle Net Updating Agent (NOT WORKING) Battlenet Agent update not working. stuck at 25% ish , this is a completelly new computer, have not installed anything from blizzard before on this pc. cant seem to fixx this issue, gone through all the guides and possible fixxes and nothing works.AntonTheKing1 Jan 11
Jan 11 Battle.net is literally crashing/breaking my entire computer my computer crashed several times during overwatch today after exploring all possible reasons for this including virus, malware, overheating and more, i thought maybe since i wasnt finding the issue and the computer stopped crashing that maybe it had fixed itself. when i went back to battle net again, it crashed anew. i also cannot uninstall/reinstall since it is also not responding and refuses to run please send helpSkullker1 Jan 11
Jan 10 Destiny 2 - Resource Detection Bug Recently acquired the Rust Punk Shell with Treasure Hunter perk, it stopped working in the Dreaming City. Couple of my other ghosts also stop displaying nearby caches in the Dreaming City, even the DC specific ones. DC cache/ resource detectors of ghosts worked on one character, not on the other. Restarting the game resulted in no changes. Other issue: caches opened on the Tangled Shore, when on full glimmer, send all the resources and shaders to the postmaster.DR4G4L1 Jan 10
Jan 10 [BUG] App is stuck on loading Account Information Hi there, My app is currently stuck on loading account information when I logged in tonight. I can see the news part perfectly fine, But the part where I can view my games to play them is stuck and in a loop saying it is loading for the past hour now. Any resolutions to this issue? I have tried restarting the app, But this didn't work. So I'm not sure what else to think of. Thank-you, Xanlorash [The Insane]Korlastus64 Jan 10
Jan 10 Flames of Alacrity Mage Trait BUGED! Hi Blizzard, My mage has 1146 haste with frost gear and when I switch to fire and equip two flames of alacrity pieces that should add 278haste each. I still have 1146 haste. I thought, surely it's not registering the haste because I'm not in combat, but when I am in combat the cast speed is still the same. Tested the below... Fire spec with frost traits = 3.9sec Greater Pyro Cast Fire spec with x2 Flames of Alacrity Traits, all other gear and haste the same = 3.9sec Greater Pyro Cast So I thought maybe just GP has a cast speed reduction cap. But it's the same with my fireball 1.9 and scorch 1.3 with or without the flames of alacrity. How is this possible? Is my toon bugged? Please fix this blizzard. Kind Regards, Biqnoob-Jubei'thosBiqnoob1 Jan 10
Jan 10 make huge file battle.net make a file in my windows drive with huge size 30-50 gigbyte what can i doing. i delete this file but make again every weak or 10 daysfullmorale0 Jan 10
Jan 10 I cannot click anything on the Battle.net Application I start up the Battle.net Application and when I do, I can not click "Play" or anything else for that matter. It doesn't freeze, it just doesn't let me click on anything. The buttons are mashable but nothing happens. I tried reinstalling the client but it didn't change. I'd really like to get this fixed.Bippu28 Jan 10
Jan 9 Streaming Bug Hi there, I'm having a problem with streaming World of warcraft since yesterday. I did streaming fine for past 7 months but since yesterday it's been messing up. I did every step I was suggested by filing ticket but it didn't help so I was suggested to report it here. So, when I click the streaming option in battle.net, there are two ways of streaming. 1. is Stream directly to my facebook timeline and 2. is to stream it on my facebook page. I use the step 2. But since yesterday I can stream via option 1 only. It wont allow me to stream on my facebook gamepage. It shows option allow game access, I click it, it takes me to the part where I allow blizzard web access on my facebook, and then nothing happens. An early solution would be a great help, thank you^^Subhadeep16 Jan 9
Jan 7 Unfriend doesn't stop messages After you unfriend someone on battletag, they can still message you. This seems like an obvious oversight.tuskboar1 Jan 7
Jan 7 Character Not Available to Post on the WoW Forums My Characters won't update on the WoW forums for me to post. I have an active subscription and the character is over level 60 but its not sticking. I'm not sure where else to post this as GMs haven't been able to assist further and are calling it a bug, which I get, but I can't post it to the WoW bug report forums since I can't post there, and it doesn't really fit anywhere else. I just want to be able to post on my character like I used to, and I'm not sure why they keep falling off for being able to be posted as. Its not just one character. None of my characters are available. I can't post there at all.iggzy8802 Jan 7
Jan 6 McAfee Issue I have McAfee LiveSafe antivirus installed and up to date. The folder/ icon in my start menu disappears when I start the Battle.net application. The system tray icon remains and looks like software is working but the start menu item disappears and won't return until I try and update McAfee. When I launch Steam or League of Legends or anything else it doesn't disappear. It only disappears when I launch Battle.net application. I've let McAfee know also. But I don't know if there's a process in the battle.net application that does something or has something to do with the start menu?sinewave7 Jan 6
Jan 5 Previous Purchases Disappearing I purchased Diablo III a little while back and now that I have a new computer. I downloaded and installed battle.net to transfer my games to the new computer because I no longer use that other computer to play games. But when I installed battle.net on the new computer and logged in and linked the various accounts. I am now being asked to purchase the game again. What is the deal here?adfleshner1 Jan 5
Jan 5 Typo bug in the Battle.net app Hey, I found a typo bug while being disconnected on the Battle.net app. See the screenshot here: https://imgur.com/a/9XuWJpF (it's on the "you may try again in x seconds" line). I know it's not much but even the little problem can be infuriating, eh ?Elderas0 Jan 5
Jan 4 diablo 2 error 8AF882AF-B5A0-4832-A7AC-B147CAE83EA7 hi error?xuansang20131 Jan 4
Jan 4 Blizzard app purchases in wrong currency. I live in Australia, have only ever lived in Australia and used Australian currency; however, my Blizzard app shows any potential purchase, and even the advertisements (such as the recent Kobolds and Catacombs pre-purchase) in Euro. This would normally not be an issue; however, purchases in Euro are not equal in value to purchases in AUD (for example, the pre-purchase of KnC is €49.99 - about $80 AUD, whereas it costs $64.99 if purchased in AUD). I have spoken to Blizzard support who suggest I complete this bug report after I cleared my cache and data in the app (I also reinstalled it), yet continued to encounter the issue.Sindef7 Jan 4
Jan 3 Help! Blizzard app and internet speed not making any sense I started to download Heroes of The Storm but it like pretty much caps at 1.4 MB/s (i have the download and upload speed set to unlimited = 0) Usually it downloads at 5 mb/s or 4 mb/s. Looking at the task manager it shows that Blizzard update agent takes 9,8 MB/s of my internet. Why is this happening ?Prügiauto0 Jan 3
Jan 3 Blizz shop language bug So I live in germany but my german isnt the best, so I want to use blizzard on english. And it works fine everywhere except in the shop. Always when I enter the shop i get redirected to the ger shop and my account language doesnt affect it in any way. But forums etc are working fine, its just the shop. I have no idea why and how to fix it but yeah, i get redirected from every shop, i cant enter the us shop, even tho the us blizzard side works out fine and the shop in my bnet app on my PC is also english... My browser is set to english as well so idek what is going onSerit0 Jan 3
Jan 2 Warcraft 3 (Russian) errors :) Wc3 errors (rus) - The shaman speaks English, until 1.30 he spoke Russian - Koda speaks English, to 1.30 also spoke Russian - Warden 3 skill dagger, no translation into Russian, description of skill in English - The Russian language does not work in the Bnet chats and games. When entering Bnet, the message about the number of players and games does not reflect the Russian language. - Still does not work mode games AT - Saving the game and loading it (in user games) does not work. Before patch 1.30 everything worked. - The screen resolution of 1280x1024 does not work correctly, please correct, thanks. I will be very happy if you correct these errors, thank you and happy New Year =)Fantasystorm1 Jan 2
Jan 2 Ошибка при запуске D2 LOD на macOS Mojave Добрый день! На сегодня у меня сохраняется проблема при запуске Diablo 2 LOD на макбуке "MacBook Pro Retina 13-inch Late 2013" с ОС "macOS Mojave 10.14.2". Я вел продолжительную переписку с гейм-мастерами, и выполнил все инструкции из тикета EU65084966. Но проблему разрешить так и не удалось. Я опечален. Я очень хочу поиграть в Diablo 2 LOD хотя бы локально, без сети. Суть ошибки следующая: При запуске игры я вижу как открывается окно на весь экран и вижу заставку Blizzard, со звуком, как полагается. Но через две-три секунды игра вылетает и появляется окно с кодом ошибки. Примеры ошибок и дополнительную информацию можно узнать из тикета EU65084966. Очень прошу помочь! Готов оказать любую помощь со своей стороны!DiablosDaddy0 Jan 2
Jan 2 Hades Operator Mod not sticking I have added the Cross Bar weapon attachment on the Hades LMG and it fails to stick for matches. All kills with this weapon and attachment have failed to accumulate despite numerous kits and restarts. This issue can be replicated. Game mode: Zombies Map: Classic Level: Normal Players: Solo Issue: Attachment does not stay fixed to weaponAcidBurn1 Jan 2
Dec 31 Smashed unit voice Hello. Found the broken voice (rus) of the unit Shaman at the Horde faction. Firstly, in the RoC and TFT campaigns, the unit speaks full english. Secondly, in the skirmish, when the unit moves from the barracks, it notifies itself in russian, but later when giving orders or choosing a unit, the Shaman speaks english. Checked on standard Blizzard maps. Without mods. Without additional campaigns.Rudolf0 Dec 31
Dec 31 Cant send/receive friend requests Hey all, I have a bit of a problem with sending/receiving friend requests, via Battle.Net and Hearthstone. I have added people to my friends list before, but cannot seem to add one of my friends in particular. I have tried this via Battle.net and Hearthstone, but I don't get any friend requests from my friend, and the same for him from me. I have tried entering his BattleTag in several different ways, but only one will show up: FriendName#1234 Now obviously that wasn't his real user name, but you get the idea. Anyway, as soon as I can fix this, I can start playing with my friend, hence the whole idea of Battle.net friends. Thank you all for viewing this, whether or not you are looking for an answer, or have an answer.rocky151730 Dec 31
Dec 29 lost of skins lost my moira halloween skin and its hands down my favorite one anyway i can get this backSMOKINGos0 Dec 29
Dec 29 Can't launch Black ops 4 from blizzard app? All of a sudden I cannot launch black ops 4 from the launcher. I click launch game and it say "launching..." and then it goes back to the play icon. It worked before but now it doesn't. The only way I can launch it is by going to the game folder to open the game. I tried reinstalling the game and the blizzard app and it still is the same thing. For more information, this problem started happening after my game froze and I did a force restart on my computer. Not sure why the problem still persist after uninstalling everything.FoReaLz1 Dec 29
Dec 28 Waste not want not ps4 Reaper waste not want not achievment in ps4... 5 games first game i have 4kill in 1clip second game 3 third game also 3 solo kill and i dont get this achievmentBimbóka0 Dec 28
Dec 28 Mythic keystone windows Dear Blizzard, I would like to ask for your help concerning a BUG issue. Last week I did the Motherlood mythic plus 10. In the Dungeon Finder under the Mythic Keystone I can only see the Motherlood 9. So far it has always shown me the Mythic achieved with the highest key. I thought the weekly reset would solve my problem. This week I've got Atal Dazar Key 11 from the weekly chest. So far my highest Atal Dazar key done in time was the 9. Now, I've done my 11 in time, but it still hasn't been updated in the Mythic Keystone window. The website shows the achieved mythic dungeons, in-game however they are shown incorrectly. I have written the GM and he told me I should report the problem to you. So this is the issue I would like your assistance with, that my highest key that I achieved is shown in -game. Thank you in advance, I am looking forward to hearing from you Best wishes WándorrWándorr1 Dec 28
Dec 28 Black Ops 4 Download FREEZING My BLOPS 4 Download keeps freezing at random intervals forcing me to restart battle.net. I tried to leave the download overnight but it didn't move at all and was stuck at the same amount all night. This isn't a problem with my SSD (recently installed) as i have installed CSGO on it as well.automatic1 Dec 28
Dec 28 ERRO DO SERVIDOR - Brazil Blizzard website ERRO DO SERVIDOR Over and over againCaleb0 Dec 28
Dec 28 Destiny 2 download stuck Just showing "initializing" in bar. Im waiting since yesterday.SneaKChecK0 Dec 28
Dec 28 Blizzard.net app crashing Blizzard.net app on Windows 10 PC keeps freezing after only a few clicks, and i have to shut it down on the task manager before i can restart and use it again.Grunt521 Dec 28
Dec 27 Friend does not show as playing Destiny 2 He launches the game and is currently playing it, but Battle.net and Destiny 2 don't recognize him as playing the game. This means that on my end he shows as just "online" and in destiny 2 he shows as just "in app." So he is playing the game, but does not show up as such for me which means I can't play with him. The game itself seems to work fine though on his end.Phantom1 Dec 27
Dec 27 help with account pls Help fix bug with change passwords on accounts @ Warcraft 3 TFT . Then i change my password on account Fakehealer i have bug, cant login now, just disconnect from battle.net. Im dont write wrong password or smth. Fix it PLS.Fakehealer0 Dec 27
Dec 27 BUg Exotic quest nodes and protocols My exotic quest nodes and protocals is bug i cant create a other nodes for no reason plz help meIsCriticals1 Dec 27
Dec 27 WC3 TFT account bugged! After i change my password on europe account Fakehealer i have bug. Cant login on account 3 days. HELP please.Fakehealer0 Dec 27