Bug Report

Jun 11 WC3 AI Bug Hi there, yesterday I was playing WC3 vs. Insane AI and the enemy heros no casting spells.They had a full mana. What is that?Ромакекс1 Jun 11
Jun 11 [Warcraft 3 1.30] Cannot change resolution All worked fine in 1.29, but with the latest patch in Video options the resolution can not be selected/changed. Plus, in window mode, the game is not in wide screen mode anymore. Anybody has a solution?WindShiver31 Jun 11
Jun 8 English Grammar Error in Blizzard App Shop Post for WC3 Reforged There is a grammatical error in the Blizzard App shop tab posting for WC3 Reforged under the header "AZEROTH, BORN ANEW," sub-header "Reimagined Visuals." It says, "Every character, structure, and environment has been recreated to emphasis the depth, dimension, and personality of this rough-hewn fantasy world. Behold Warcraft III’s classic units in glorious 4K, with updated animations that bring them to life like you’ve never seen." The word "emphasis" should be changed to "emphasize" to be correct English. "Emphasis" is a noun and "emphasize" is a verb. Thank you for your time and attention.Electret0 Jun 8
Jun 8 Warcraft 3 World Editor Messing Up Object Names I resumed working on some old custom maps of mine and downloaded an update. Since the update went through, my progress has halted. The update added a custom ID system. The update also added previews for text inputs (like tooltips) and smoothed over the file loading system. As I worked and saved, all of the text-related data for my custom objects (abilities, items, buffs, etc.) got scrambled. Every time I save a map, all of the text (unit names, tooltips, suffixes, etc.) get randomly scrambled and I'll have random text descriptions (like "Train Grunt" or "(C)" which I was using as a universal suffix to differentiate my version of the game objects from the original) substituting object names, suffixes, tooltips, and descriptions with these randomly taken other suffixes, tooltips, and descriptions. I'm not sure what's causing it, but it is near impossible to make any progress as any time I want to save the map or playtest it, my objects are corrupted and my progress is lost. Playtesting is rough as well, because the map saves beforehand, scrambling all of the text before loading the map.TheCreator2 Jun 8
Jun 7 cant log on cant log on its says BLZBNTBGS80000012 every time i tryGxknigth0 Jun 7
Jun 7 Facebook connection permission problem i gave permission to blizzard but i can not see my facebook friends who play blizzard games after i click update permission it just says "You can now return to your Blizzard game or app." and nothing happensLxia1 Jun 7
Jun 7 Long Aunthenticator Queues Why is it taking 665 minutes to authenticate to log in?Dreamweaver0 Jun 7
Jun 7 cannot add firends error 1 help, im trying to play some games with friends and this is the first time i ever have this issue can i get some help with this !CosmicPower0 Jun 7
Jun 6 Items popping up when 2nd account logs in Items popping up every time the shared account on the Battle.net logs in and/or changes Realms. Just like this account https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/multiple-clients-triggering-various-store-product-delivered-toasts/123418/5Phoze0 Jun 6
Jun 6 Critical Bug Report: BNet App -Energy0 Jun 6
Jun 6 Game crashing every time Game crashing every time i start a custom game and minimize the game(ALT+Tab), even for a secondRuffneck0 Jun 6
Jun 6 Battle.net Not Showing Game I'm Playing Recently I've noticed the Battle.net friends screen nor the profile page are displaying the game I'm currently playing. I've tried based on game master advice to delete the cache folder per the guide at https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/34721. I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Battle.net app. I also made a new account and launched a game and got the same result. This is also occurring for games played on my laptop, so it seems to be a multi PC issue.Zuwur1 Jun 6
Jun 6 [closed/Update] Battle Net: I LOST ALL my friends Battle tags? I just logged in on my Battle net desktop, about ready to start Overwatch, and I notice that all My friends I had on Battle. net have been removed!!!! I didn't even remove anyone on my friend list! I don't know if this was a bug, or worse. But One thing is for sure, All my battle tag friends are Gone?!KerutoHonu1 Jun 6
Jun 5 Cannot Connect Without Using TLS 1.0 Encryption I had trouble connecting to blizzard. The problem turned out to be when I disabled TLS 1.0 eliminated insecure ciphers, I couldn't connect. As soon as I re-enabled TLS 1.0 and the TLS_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA cipher, that fixed the problem. Game Master Ixzal checked with someone and informed me that Blizzard as disabled the use of TLS 1.0 to be compliant with PCI. I am very familiar with PCI and the requirements. So if it is truly disabled, I shouldn't be able to connect but it is the only way I can. If there is a particular cipher I need to enable to get connectivity to work with TLS disabled, please let me know. I am concerned about this because TLS is not secure and has been compromised along with certain CBC ciphers.RobotWorgen0 Jun 5
Jun 4 Battle.net window moves upon launch This is a weird bug. On the Mac version of the Battle.net app, it won't stay in the same place. Normally on a Mac, when you quit a program, it'll reopen in the same location on the screen, but with Battle.net, when you quit and reopen, it opens an inch or two lower than the last time it opened. After a few times, it'll get all the way to the bottom of the screen and need to be pulled up for the "Play" button to be accessible. Not a life-changing bug, but it'd be a nice quality of life fix.lincolnic1 Jun 4
Jun 4 new old bug on w3 when will u fix the new old warcraft 3 bug?bOOmbleb330 Jun 4
Jun 4 "Blizzard Agent wird Aktualisiert" hängt Ich habe sämtliche Blizzard Ordner schon mehrmals gelöscht da ich bei "Blizzard Agend wird Aktualisiert" hängen geblieben bin und immer wieder hängt es an der gleichen Ställe. Kann mir da jmd helfen?Thunderbird0 Jun 4
Jun 4 Dalaran Heist Bug I bought the Dalaran Heist, But after that i can't play on the normal version anymore, just on herioc. Meaning im stuck with progress and cant play it.RollendeOma22 Jun 4
Jun 4 Warcraft3 Not responding When I switch to desktop Warcraft 3 is not responding I don't know what to fix that I already update GPU driver. And I can't see and play some map on Warcraft 3 I already change my folder reinstall but I can't see map I want to play Please Blizzard can you fix that game .. And someone who can help me guy please help meRom0 Jun 4
Jun 3 Destiny 2 Opening Bug Not Opening Destiny 2 Saying scan and repair then re open but still not opening It happens after you press enter at the start menuMoose0 Jun 3
Jun 3 Offline bug is causing strange issues with friend list Battle.net appears in offline mode when I did not set it. If a friend messages me the message goes through and displays their name as "Retrieving Details" and that they have been offline for 49 years. If I select the drop down that normally shows "view profile" "clear chat history" "wish list" "report" and "block", it now shows "View Friends". I can then view my friend's friend list.Outburst0 Jun 3
Jun 2 Unable to delete Classic WoW Upon making a cleanup on an old laptop (keeping Classic on main desktop in hopes of getting a key at some point) I've ran into the following problem: Trying to remove the Classic Beta through Programs and Services it tells me it should be done in the Bnet App. In the Bnet App however, since the Stress test is over, I don't have it in the list where I could choose an account (retail, ptr, and such). I can find it through scanning for games in the Bnet App settings, but there isn't a delete button there either (not one I could find). I'm sure deleting the files through File Explorer would mostly solve the problem, but for people who aren't very technical, this could be handled more effectively.Afthrast0 Jun 2
Jun 2 Wrong code entered Got an email about someone trying to log into my account, so I go to my computer and try to log in to battle.net. After entering my password, the site takes me to a authentication screen where it will send you a code via email or sms. No matter which method I chose or how many times I entered the code correctly, even copying and pasting from the email, the site kept saying "wrong code." Shortly after, I received an email about "Password Reset". Not sure if I triggered that through my efforts or if someone is actively trying to hack my account. I decided the best course of action was to click the link and come up with a new password ASAP, guess we'll see if that was effective, but the bottom line here is that, for the last 20 minutes, on this account, blizzard's account verification coding has completely screwed up.MoobyNooby2 Jun 2
Jun 2 ! There was an error delivering your message to (player name). (7000) Somehow a friend of mine went missing from my friends list and now whenever i try to talk to him this error pops up: ! There was an error delivering your message to (player name). (7000) P.S.: i know for a fact that he didn't block me or removed me from his friends list.Ming3662 Jun 2
Jun 1 When Blizzard's game won't work unless you delete a vital system file... Overwatch doesn't laucnh without the deletion of the Windows/System32 "msvcp140.dll". This is extremely annoying. The removing of this file doesn not hurt your computer, but DOES make the majority of all other games besides Overwatch unplayable. Most games rely on this System32 file, but not Overwatch. 1. I launch Overwatch, to see a short-lengthed black screen appear. 2. The window closes without any error message. Leaving me to research for hours on end 3. I finally find a video on youtube that doesnt talk about backround tasks or razer software. This German video shows me how to delete the file to make the game playable. I won't play blizzards game anymore if they can't fix vital game-breaking bugs like this one... Link to Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHHWqdmxU_YSwankie0 Jun 1
May 31 Missing "add more info" button on tickets created as Live Chat I opened a Live Chat, but accidentally refreshed the page. Then I couldn't open the chat, even though I saw it as open in the Tickets list. Daremdekhar then updated the ticket itself, asking me to get additional info, and marked ticket as Need More Info. Despite that, there's no "add" or "reply" button, only "Mark as Resolved". I made a screenshot: https://pp.userapi.com/c855224/v855224588/57f4b/3YSc11h02_Y.jpgWinjin0 May 31
May 31 Friends Notifications Settings Broken? Battle net desktop app. It appears to have this great feature to not be pestered with notifications from ALL your friends. Great Idea! I admin and there fore have a large number of friends but don't need to hear about every single on that comes on line etc. I just want to know about my favourite few. Here is a pic of the feature window in settings https://imgur.com/KTdtAWs but i get notified of everyone and would like to see this feature working! Thanks.Zaphod0 May 31
May 30 my files don't act right when i play the game i got 6 n 5 acting like the same thing all the time. when i downloaded the game from the site the download came with a error text like mystic key items appear in my inventory monsters do too much damage when i try to blizzard repair wich there is no easy button in files like b4 that acts as tho it did the game says you'r just a person with a dream did you delete wtf. yes. yes i didgambojumbo6 May 30
May 29 TFT wont work anymore (Mac) Two nights ago I had a patch on my WC3 TFT game. I patched the game, with the Battle.net installer. Now nothing works anymore. RoC says it is unable to have the graphics and i need to update my graphic drivers (on a mac..). And TFT says "Sorry not able to open". I dont know how this happens, I didn't do anything. So I've uninstalled the entire game and thought; maybe downloading the game again is the solution. I went in my account, downloaded the RoC game, and the same TFT updater pops up. It uses 3 gigs of space, and nothing happens. RoC is 'installed', still gives the graphics error, and TFT is completely gone from my system. I am using Mac High Sierra 10.13.6. Never had any problems with the game, was running smooth, and now all of a sudden it is gone. Anyone got an idea?Deohelix0 May 29
May 28 battle.net app content language bug my battlenet show me arabic content i want to change that back to english but i don't allow me to do that. I'm from Egypt but i don't like to have arabic videos about wow on my news feed or translate the game places to arabic it sound dump. I opened a ticket and GMs told me to do those steps : Perform Steps 1-5 of this article: https://battle.net/support/article/30304 Do not reinstall yet but follow these additional steps: 1. Open file explorer/file manager 2. Type the following into the address bar (not the search bar): %APPDATA% 3. Delete the Bnet and blizzard folders inside the appdata folder if they exist. 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with %LOCALAPPDATA% and %TEMP% 5. Empty the recycle bin. ____________ but it didn't work so i did my own investigation and here what i found : used VPN than i open the app and this time the content was English. so here what i think. I think the app looking to your IP address to know where are you from and if you are from country speck Arabic it show you Arabic content. and there is no control over this from my side. but what if i don't wanna see arabic content ???Minaa1 May 28
May 26 Heroes of the Storm level not moving with experience. My Heroes of the Storm level is stuck at lvl 49. I have played multiple quick matches and the experience bar is not moving :( please help :)julabug1 May 26
May 25 D 2 hardcore death bug? im playing D2 hardcore non ladder and my 79 pally cant join games and theres no picture or icon for him and i walked the whole game solo so id like to be able to finish hellKICKASSSSS0 May 25
May 24 Bob the Bartender card interactions In Dalaran Heist when you see Bob the Bartender, I used The Upper Hand to discount Unidentified Contract down to 3. Discount works but when you draw the card and it changes to one of the contracts it loses the discount. I realize that since it changes to a different spell technically it's working as intended but It would be nice if discount carried over to the subsequent contractsBuffhugs0 May 24
May 21 wrong code entered please try again I can't log into my account because no matter how many times I attempt to get the security code/code correct, it keeps telling me "Wrong code entered please try again"내목숨을아이어에0 May 21
May 20 BLZBNTBNA00000A8D(1126) No me deja entrar a la aplicación de Blizzard y me sale este errorJoulesNava0 May 20
May 20 Problem account When entering WarCraft3 in Battle.net, it says that my account does not exist, but if you go under a different account and register / profile or / stats, then all statistics are visible and that the account is not deleted name Woag.San3r Server Europa http://classic.battle.net/WAR3/LADDER/w3xp-player-profile.aspx?Gateway=Northrend&PlayerName=woag.san3rTushkan0 May 20
May 19 Giphy/youtube preview problem Hello, i just got redirected here by a Gamemaster after an 1,5 hour session with him. I have a an issue with the battlenet app on windows. E.G: If somebody sends me an animated picture(Gif) via chat in the battlenet app, it wont show me the preview. normally there should be an option to set that preview on/off at "options -> friends&chat -> chat" but i dont have that. I only got 4 out of 5 options there. it is just missing. I reinstalled the app twice, tried the beta-version, deleted every single blizzard related file-folder under %programdata%, %appdata% and %localappdata%. I asked a few friends if they have an option to set the preview option on/off i am the only one having this issue so far. I use Windows 10 Pro N kind regardsJuicy1 May 19
May 19 Destiny 2 not working in Bnet app. I haven't played Destiny 2 in a while and i tried to play it and it won't work. I launch it from the Bnet app and it doesn't work. I see several other sites with people all reporting there game does not work either but Bungie and Bnet are not saying anything. Can we possibly get an information update on the situation with Destiny 2?Timmins11 May 19
May 19 Duplicate battle.net app icon When I click on the battle.net application icon on my taskbar to start the program, it spawns a duplicate battle.net app icon on my taskbar right next to it, so that I have two battle.net application icons running on my taskbar at the same time. I have no idea what is causing it. Here is what it looks when I sign into windows. http://s16.postimg.org/6n2wg292d/image.png Here is what it looks like after I click on the battle.net application. http://s11.postimg.org/pide1u2z7/image.png Any suggestions?gudayacej79 May 19
May 18 UI Bug, displaying two different away times https://imgur.com/4e5ZJgn Pretty self explanatory, no other people on my friends list had this. I suspect this has something to do with the desktop app, and phone app having different away times, and the different UI components accessing different ones. (this user is often on both)Martini0 May 18
May 18 Battle.net icon missing Win10 taskbar This isn't a new issue for, it's been around for some time. Instead of showing the Battle.net icon a generic windows application icon is shown in the taskbar.Scyntt1 May 18
May 17 Battle.net-Setup.exe has a different file hash on each download? If I download the battle.net installer from https://www.blizzard.com/en-us/apps/battle.net/desktop and then hash the resulting Battle.net-Setup.exe file with SHA256 it will have a different hash each time I download it. For example, using PowerShell's Get-FileHash and SHA256 Battle.net-Setup.exe will have the hash: BE304F3C83A73DAF79331FD20119174967BB47D9248A48CB6815E60BE80F1070 If I download the installer again and hash it again it has this hash: E601FAF49260AA1425A532ECB61E3D20BA6AF303FF4BFEDB8A372F5E27874A8A And so on, each new download of the installer will have a different SHA256 hash. Is this intentional? It makes using sites like VirusTotal pretty much impossible as they're based almost entirely based around file hashes.Nathe0 May 17
May 16 disconnecting every Mid game i play what ever was the game the battle net always disconnect. on overwatch i lose points and WoW and now i cant play Black OPS because of battle net getting disconnecting. it is not my internet connection at all and i reinstall the app and deleted all the games and re download them and still does not work. i always get disconnection.Psychobee3 May 16
May 15 Diablo 2 unable to connect to battlenet I can't find a thread for battlenet keeps disconnecting me from diablo 2. I hope this isn't a bad place to post.MrMahurin1 May 15
May 15 Mythic + Season 2 :( I have not completed any? My completed Mythic + Dungeons this season are not showing up? My toon shows none completed this season. What up Blizz?Swaylogeezy0 May 15
May 14 Game is bought but Battle.net can't see 2 years ago I bought Overwatch and played a while then decided to take a break but 2 days ago when I tried to play Overwatch again it keeps telling me to buy the Overwatch again. If I take a look at my profile in the web GAMES AND SUBSCRIPTIONS It shows that I have Overwatch and account is active. - I tried to change my region back - Delete my cache - Re-install the app - Change the password -- The game is directly purchased from Battle.net --Also I can't find my profile in any other places I post the same issue on technical support section but didn't get more than 1 respond which was useless , so I am triying my chance hereDayDream0 May 14
May 12 Battle.net app crash The app crashes if alt+tabbing in and out of the app in quick succession.Hussle0 May 12
May 12 I cannot enter matchmaking HotS Hello, when I start HotS and click on ready buttom (quick battle), the game will start to loading and after few secs It kicks me out to the lobby. When I try it once more the game will tell me YOU CANNOT ENTER MATCHMAKING WHILE CURENTLY IN GAME.Finrod0 May 12
May 12 "Playing Now" Bug This problem first occurred a few months ago. It would occur every week or so after that. In past weeks, this issue now occurs every single time I try to play Hearthstone. When I load battle.net, I see "Playing Now" as a greyed out button. My own personal fix has been to navigate to my /Hearthstone install and delete the folder directly. Then, I restart battle.net and I get presented with the "Install" button. After the install finishes, I'm given a "Play" button. If I quit Hearthstone from this point on, I have to repeat this entire process. I've gathered my Battle.net logs and will send them if it can help resolve this issue. It is infinitely reproducible on my machine; I literally have to reinstall the game every single time I want to play... kinda sucks bruh!kast5 May 12
May 11 battle.net new account creation fails When I fill out an application for a new account on battle.net, after inputing all of my info and clicking continue, it displays an error "Sorry, but we cannot process your request at this time." when forwarding to the URL: https://us.battle.net/account/creation/en/tos.html I am trying to register an account for my son so he can try WoW, but cant seem to complete the account creation process, please advise.Weldrock3 May 11