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Apr 26 keeps requesting admin password In the past couple days, the launcher has started to ask for my admin username/password every couple hours while sitting in the background. For security and best practice, I've never run as an admin user on the account I normally use. This is new behavior. version Apr 26
Jan 5 OS X 10.9 Support With our coming Desktop App update on January 8th, OS X 10.9 will be leaving our supported macOS versions. We do support the most recent operating systems, but we recommend updating your operating system for system security and game performance. If you’re currently running OS X 10.9, please refer to our updating your Operating System article.Dylon Kempkes0 Jan 5
Jul 1, 2017 Common Blizzard Application Connection Issues Greetings all, We've been working to improve some of the available troubleshooting resources for our games. Since connectivity problems are a common problem in gaming, we wanted to provide some information on what causes connection problems and what to do to resolve issues when you're having them. Table of Contents 1. Connection Troubleshooting Resources 2. FAQs 3. What to do if you need more helpDrakuloth5 Jul 1, 2017
Oct 20, 2015 [Solved] Issues What is this [Solved] tag? We have created a way to mark a thread as [Solved]. If you’ve found a solution to your issue, or fixed your issue, you can mark your post, and the entire thread, as [Solved]. This will put a small green check mark next to the thread title. If you see this, it means the player who created the thread found a fix. How do I mark my Post and Thread as [Solved}? Click on the drop down arrow in the top right corner of the post. Choose "Mark As Solution". The post will be tagged with a green “Marked As Solution” banner, and a green check mark will be added to the Title of your thread. Who can mark a thread as [Solved]? Only the creator of the thread (the “OP”, or Original Poster), or a Blizzard Forum Representative can mark a thread as [Solved]. I see a [Solved] thread. Where’s the solution? A small box with a green check mark will appear in the top right corner of the thread, under the Reply option. If you hover your cursor over that box, it will say "Solution". Clicking that will jump to the post marked as a solution. What if I mark another post as a solution? That one will be “Marked as Solution”, and the previous post will be unmarked. A Note about [Solved] Issues Please keep in mind that when a thread and post are declared [Solved], this may only apply to the OP’s particular issue and circumstances, and fits his unique combination of software and hardware. One fix or solution can help many other players, but it probably won’t help all players. If the fix or solution doesn’t help you, it is just one more factor to eliminate in the troubleshooting process, and we’ll try our best to help you narrow it down, to find the solution that applies to your computer, and your circumstances. Thanks to all of you who post your fixes!Glaxigrav0 Oct 20, 2015
Jul 11, 2013 Welcome to Blizzard desktop app Mac Support Welcome to the desktop app Mac Technical Support forum. This forum’s purpose is to assist in identifying and troubleshooting technical issues that may arise during the use of the desktop app while using a Macintosh computer. Posters in this forum will be held to our forum Code of Conduct – please take some time to read it before posting.Aratil0 Jul 11, 2013
7h Warcraft 3 Quit Unexpectedly I just bought/installed Warcraft 3 I tried updating it.. Can anyone helpAdondres3 7h
9h Game client crashes when entering shaman class hall Cannot get into shaman class hall (maelstrom). When trying to zone in to the maelstrom the game client crashes each time.Kasuf0 9h
1d Unable to start 3D acceleration Unable to start 3D Acceleration with my MACMommacookie10 1d
1d Diablo 2 Blizzard Downloader asking to open a file? .Zadmaster0 1d
2d Network Error Downloading Warcraft 3 Setup Hello, Whilst attempting to download '', the network connection is continually interrupted and I get a 'Network Error'. Resetting my modem, using a different browser, resetting my wifi, retrying the download or restarting my computer yields the same result. Attempting to post a ticket about it directly (thrice) gets me a similar issue: 'Something went wrong on our end, please try again later'. Please help me resolve this issue. Kindly, Tom.Tomify0 2d
2d Network Error Downloading Warcraft III Setup Hello, Whilst attempting to download '', the network connection is continually interrupted and I get a 'Network Error'. Resetting my modem, using a different browser, resetting my wifi, retrying the download or restarting my computer yields the same result. Attempting to post a ticket about it directly (thrice) gets me a similar issue: 'Something went wrong on our end, please try again later'. Please help me resolve this issue. Tom.Tomify0 2d
4d not fully loading So for a while now, the app opens fine, I can play games fine, but it has the loading icon infinitely where the news would usually pop up for the game. Furthermore, I can't edit my profile (the pop up will appear but it's just a blank space) and I can't buy anything from the store, I have to purchase things directly from the website. These things are minor, and they're not stopping me from playing any of my games but I am curious as to why it won't load properly and I haven't seen anyone else mention anything so I thought I would say something. I am running High Sierra 10.13.6. Everything is up to date OS wise from Apple.DragoStark2 4d
4d Warcraft 3 Problems with Mac OSX 10.13.2 Hi, from time to time i used to enjoy some rounds of WC3 and WC3 TFT on my MacBook and was around march of this year where is was pretty happy with the game, supporting the native mac OS resolutions. Yesterday is started the Battlenet within WC3 TFT and was forces to install an Update. After the update was finished the migration of the profile data wouldn't work. After skipping this i mentioned the resolutions wasn't the native mac resolution and these wouldn't be able to choose anymore. As this wasn't sad enough every time i hit the ""-Button in the main menu, the game instantly quits without any warning- or error-message. The OS im using is macOs High Sierra Version 10.13.2 and my WC3 /WC3 TFT Client is on version Are these Problems known and are there any hot fixes or workarounds? kind regards, ChrisGreenChris8 4d
4d "the application encountered an unexpected error" I am trying to launch the battlenet launcher on my macbook, but I get this error every time. I've tried reinstalling and deleting the cache but nothing has worked. 99B81B1B-41AF-41B3-81DC-4F6D66E59BDB EDIT: 8A400BB5-9B6A-4666-A7A0-A8E712B09639 (Tried launching again)Sporech1 4d
4d Launcher crashes on startup Everytime I try and launch I get this message in a pop-up: "The application encountered an unexpected error." I've tried deleting the cache and reinstalling but the problem remains. FB4DA5AD-368F-4BFD-AACC-3DD18F74B465Sporech0 4d
5d The application “” can’t be opened. "The application “” can’t be opened." <- Verbatim error text. Running MacOS High Sierra 10.13.5 iMac 27-inch My wife has the *exact* same computer and hers installed the app without issue.Nico3 5d
5d D2 HS How's D2 on High Sierra 10.13.5? Is it still freezing/crashing?acidkiss0 5d
5d Diablo 2 LoD on high sierra Please fix the installer for high sierra, I wanna play with my friends but I just can't install the game anymoreDUBFIRE1 5d
Jul 11 Unit shadows Warcraft III TFT patch 1.30 I just updated WC3 on my Mac tower and I no longer have unit shadows in game. The box is checked in video options, but no dice. I'm on the most recent version of Mac OS 10.13, any suggestions?Bahumbriss0 Jul 11
Jul 7 MacOS Sierra Purgeable Space not freeing up With the addition of Purgeable space on the new Sierra operating system, I am unable to install games due to "Insufficient disk space". The Mac forums and support files state that purgeable space will be automatically deleted when free space is needed. I currently have 15GB of "free space" and 35GB of "purgeable space" on my hard drive. I am trying to install the Diablo 3 PTR, which is 16GB, but I am unable to free up space by deleting old files, old applications, etc. because these items are moved to purgeable space NOT free space. It seems the Blizzard installer only looks at free space when calculating the available space for game installs. Is there another way to install the game which would force the MacOS to free up purgeable space?HoosierDaddy5 Jul 7
Jun 29 scrolling in HOTS on iMac causes game to leave page Trying to play HOTS on iMac, whenever I move cursor to top / side / bottom of the page, it causes the mac to do that silly thing where it minimises the page to one side. This causes me to have a few seconds in the game where I desperately click around my mac screen to try to get the game to maximise again. Is there a way to keep the game on maximised all the time so if the cursor goes to one side it doesn't automatically minimise it?Fran2 Jun 29
Jun 24 WoW crashing on Mac WoW has been crashing on my Mac every 15 minutes or so, saying its a "Blizzard Error." Also, when opening the game, it says that WoW is not going to be compatible until os x10.13 is installed (which I have already done). Anyone else having this issue?NightKnight1 Jun 24
Jun 24 Apple AirPods on Im trying to use my new Apple AirPods for voice chat in the app and it doesn't work. I can listen to the music from the game perfectly fine but my mic won't move from my iMac's built-in microphone to my AirPods microphone. Has anyone figured this out? app is using system default audio system, my system preferences says my default audio system is my AirPods so I don't understand whats wrong.Dutch27 Jun 24
Jun 23 Diablo II won't install on MacOS 10.13 Hi there, I guess answer might be "Use it on Sierra and not High Sierra", but HS will be out next week, so I ask: is installer working for anyone here on MacOS ? I can just see Licence agreement, I agree and thats it - nothing more happened after this. When run from Terminal, it says D2-1.14b-Installer-enGB/ --help/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/ Error: unsupported compressor 8 /BuildRoot/Library/Caches/ Error: Unknown compression scheme encountered for file '/System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources/Exceptions.plist' /BuildRoot/Library/Caches/ Error: unsupported compressor 8 /BuildRoot/Library/Caches/ Error: Unknown compression scheme encountered for file '/System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Library/AppExceptions.bundle/Exceptions.plist' any advice please? Thank you MartyZmartyz369 Jun 23
Jun 22 wow is blank on battlement app pretty odd but battlenet connects and when you go to games and it shows all the available games you have/can is blank when you click on it. normally a picture pops up and you can click the button in the app to start wow but you can't. not sure whats going on. rest of the games display fine its only wow.JONATHAN5 Jun 22
Jun 20 Warcraft 3 download, Warcraft 3 download, I bought the disks back in the day and saw that it has been made playable on macs. I was hoping to download it on my laptop but when I go on the classic games, theres no tab for Warcraft 3.GoldenKnight3 Jun 20
Jun 15 launcher won't open no message [SOLVED] So my launcher does not want to open, it just pops up on the taskbar and disappears right away. Tried updating my operating software but to no avail, getting real pissed atm. Since as far as I can find nobody has had this problem before. I also don't get any messages at all, it just pops up and vanishes right away.Hantapanda7 Jun 15
Jun 15 Checking versions on Europe Hello, I have installed D2 for the first time on Mac. The version downloaded from Bnet was 1.14b. I wasn't able to update it when trying to connect to 'Europe' and tried USEast to see if the realm was maybe down. I was able to update to 1.14d and create an account and play on USEast. However the problem persists with Europe as a realm. The game just gets stuck at checking versions. Is this a known problem? I am rather new to Mac and checked if the firewall is at fault, but it does not seem to be activated. Any other advice?Slunk2 Jun 15
Jun 15 App crashes on startup (OS 10.13 high sierra) Basically Title. I have tried every solution blizzard lists, uninstalled and re-installed the desktop app twice, restarted several times. It was working fine yesterday, now today it just crashes every time I startup. One of my many error codes: 57AE824E-D745-4685-AD48-267AB8A6CBEElukemu10010 Jun 15
Jun 14 Can't go online My internet seems to be working fine so I don't understand Reset your network devices to make sure your router hasn't become flooded with data. - done If you're using a wireless connection, optimize your internet connection to rule out a connection issue. - done Update your drivers to resolve any compatibility issues. - done Release and renew your IP and flush your DNS to resolve any network conflicts. - done Try closing background applications to resolve any software conflicts. - done Delete the Tools folder to automatically rebuild outdated or corrupt files. - done i can login i just can't GO ONLINE which is really aggravating, i can access my account but only in offline mode even after all this trouble shooting pls helpMiatron1 Jun 14
Jun 10 Agent Sometimes when I quit WoW, the background Agent process is running at 100% CPU time.Beaubourg12 Jun 10
Jun 9 Is it true Warcraft II is ported to Mac now? Why don't I see it on Blizzard's store?XANA77772 Jun 9
Jun 9 [Solution][Diablo 2] Mac cannot be opened. [Solution] Mac cannot be opened. 1. Download Clients From here. 2. Extract 3. Open terminal 4. Enter cd ~/Downloads chmod -R 777 5. You can now run the Grats! You may visit the full version of the solution where I have written down in here: Also, it is welcome to have a small donation if you believe this is helpful. Yey! Thanks.熱射豬豬2 Jun 9
Jun 6 Diablo II crashes on launch It seems Diablo II has to be ran from the Desktop. Otherwise, It will aways crash on launch (i.e starting diablo II from LaunchPad). If you are expriencing similar issue, try the following: - Create an alias (shortcut) on the Desktop - Run Diablo 2 using the alias (shortcut) created or - Open terminal - Change the directory to Desktop - Run Diablo II MAC:~ user$ cd Desktop/ MAC:Desktop user$ open -a Diablo\ II For window mode: MAC:Desktop user$ open -a Diablo\ II --args -wleaf0 Jun 6
Jun 3 Stuck at "Cleaning up" Hello everyone, I've been stuck at "Cleaning up" for three days now ( Launcher, World of Warcraft Launcher and Heartstone Launcher). Can't restart my computer or anything. Does anyone know what to do? ***Fixed it**** Shut down Agent and launchers.Kjozw13 Jun 3
Jun 1 Blizzard App refusing to update or install Blizzard App refusing to update or install after following technical instructions listed on this site. This started shortly after the small patch following the destiny 2 announcement a couple weeks ago. I followed the instructions listed as far as deleting files, stopping processes and even deleting the folder (which can't be done because "agent" is running in the background, even though i've disabled every agent file and restarted multiple times). As of last night the app will not even install. The plus is that with the app uninstalled i can now actually open blizzard games from my applications folder where i couldn't before (strange). What's going on? This is going to cause a major issue with the patch that's guaranteed to come in Tuesday after this past week's content patch. Without the app i can't update wow. Here is a link to the thread i commented in last night with the exact error code. Jun 1
May 28 launcher WoW update My Launcher tries to update WoW everytime I quit WoW. The AgentError logfile contains these lines: [W 2018-05-28 10:35:29.0018] Process does not have permissions to path - '/Applications/Games/wowEU/Cache/ADB/deDE/DBCache.bin' [W 2018-05-28 10:35:29.0019] Unable to validate permissions, setting playable to false - wow_dede Deleting the cache folder doesn't help. File permissions of the parent folders are correct.Beaubourg2 May 28
May 25 Launcher Crashes when Attempting to Launch on MacOS 10.13.4 The launcher will no longer launch as of MacOS 10.13. Doing a search, it seems like it might have something to do with Apple forcing a file system change from Extended Journal to APFS. I've completely deleted the app and its support folders and tried to reinstall the launcher several times to no avail. This is getting ridiculous that this issue has persisted so long, as I can't play the games I've purchased. One of the error codes I've received is `FAA9D967-FB89-4A0F-BC06-C720B76FAC6E` Please help.PrimeNumbers2 May 25
May 24 Cannot install MacOS 10.13.4 Hello, I have been trying to install the last 2 days but the installer always stuck at the beginning. I remove it, remove folders/cache/files, shutdown my computer, clear my cache, reset my DNS, remove proxy, firewall and fireVault... I have following all the process mentioned in the different topics that I found in the forum but nothing works... I'm using WIFI connection, however when I play Warcraft II, I have no problem. Here the error I always got into my log files: W 2018-05-24 09:36:26.463599 [Main] {0xb0822000} Downloader - {13798} WRN: HTTP: connection timeout for '' E 2018-05-24 09:36:26.463701 [Main] {0xb0822000} Downloader - {13798} ERR: HTTP: connection failed for host NET_CANCELED W 2018-05-24 09:36:28.470615 [Main] {0xb0822000} Downloader - {13798} WRN: HTTP: connection timeout for '' E 2018-05-24 09:36:28.470734 [Main] {0xb0822000} Downloader - {13798} ERR: HTTP: connection failed for host NET_CANCELED ============== Please help me!!sabK0 May 24
May 21 Can not access to Starcraft 2 after update. i CAn not access to starcraft 2 after update to 3.9.0 patch. the errors screen pop-up always, and I'm using Mac OSX 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion). Pls tell me the solutions of this. Thanksanhducduong4 May 21
May 19 MACos High Sierra 10.13.4 can not connect when i m trying to play warcraft 3. MACos High Sierra 10.13.4 can not connect when i m trying to play warcraft was ok before.LittlePants0 May 19
May 19 WC3 Crash on Macbook Air Hi, I've a problem with Warcraft 3. I'm playing on a Macbook Air. When I play on battlenet, I can play for like 5min, and after it, the game closes, and a message appears: "uknown error" + DA74EBC5-06D1-457E-97B5-81EC7A80375B Pls help me, just bought WC, one week ago, and can't really play online :(cicik114 May 19
May 13 Where is Druid and Assassin? How can i install Diablo 2 LOD Expention version on my mac, yesterdat i bought the game here, I have installed and done manual patching ver1.14d but my game is not expention version. there is no assasin and druid in the game. Can you please help me?Marvin0 May 13
May 13 Unable to install Diablo II Lord of Destruction expansion pack I bought a digital download for Diablo II for my MacBook air and it has worked fine. However, I just recently digitally bought the expansion pack, Diablo II Lord of Destruction and when I try to install it, it tells me to "Please install Diablo II before installing Lord of destruction" and then gives me a link to buy Diablo II. How do I install the expansion pack? Thank you for your timeJohn3 May 13
May 8 Loss of cards?! Stopped playing hearthstone maybe a year or so ago. played it religiously on my Windows PC everyday for over a year. Reinstalled it on my MAC today and for some reason my account has been completely reset to the tutorial stage. Not sure if i've missed some kind of reset on accounts and i just don't know about it or whats going on if anyone can give me a hand. Its just annoying because i've invested roughly £100-£200 into this account in the past. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!Jackwb19991 May 8
May 1 app won't launch - OSX Sierra 10.12.6 Hello, I have an issue when launching app. The app just close directly after opening with no error message. I tried to clean the cache but the app wan't open. And i have no idea why because no error message It i check in "activity monitoring" i see the task is created and close just after. Can anyone help me please ? ThanksNakilu25 May 1
Apr 29 Cant Find Diablo 2 Download link I found the diablo 2 LOD download just fine but i can't download LOD until i first instal regular Diablo 2, look at my account history, I've had this game basically since release... also your records don't show the copy to my ORIGINAL Diablo 2 key, but my LOD key is registered? Please help me unlock this as it is one of my favorite games ever. I would very much like to play diablo 2 / D2 LOD againIfrit22 Apr 29
Apr 28 launcher crashing on 90% of startup, sluggish if running For the past months (not exactly sure since when, I think even last year), app on macOS has been really unstable for me. It keeps crashing, even directly on startup, or is reacting really slowly, if it starts. This means, multiple minutes of startup time, half a minute to open a menu or close settings, … Video showing response time: (Clicked menu, then game settings, then one item in tab view, and closed: 80 seconds) Crash reports from current live: D5E4A8BB-B98F-443F-8A21-A0AF0F88C04A 84A1CCDC-38ED-4610-8E77-C246CD51EAA7 Crash reports from current beta: 8B6B1C7F-A69C-44B4-98E9-45CB833D254B 2D0852CE-C55C-414F-9CA9-36CB03E28C77 51005A5E-4AC9-4BB1-ABBD-7E961DDABE8E A5330D33-791F-4C6B-884E-03F822F8FFC2 System configuration: Always pretty much on latest, currently on 10.13.1 (17B1003). iMac 27", late 2012. No system-installed Qt. No messages in Console. Happens on both, stock GPU drivers, or NVIDIA web drivers.schlumpf4 Apr 28
Apr 28 Classic Game: Frozen Throne Change Language Classic Game: Frozen Throne Forever in Korean, how the fact this happen ? I'm in America, is America, Downloading a US game client, installing with ENGLISH, POOOF, in-game Korean language. 1. How to change it's language when I don't read Korean, and every button was clicked by me and was still in Korean 2. Is this a bug of Battle.netKirisaki8 Apr 28
Apr 23 When pasting with Cmd-V in a Social chat, it pastes twice. When using the client in a Social chat window, conversing with another user, if you paste using Cmd-V, it pastes from the clipboard twice, as opposed to right clicking [context menu] and selecting 'Paste'. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the polling delay for keydown events, but it appears to be a bug with the macOS client at the least, as I can't seem to reproduce the problem with the Windows client.amharris1 Apr 23