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Aug 28 keeps requesting admin password In the past couple days, the launcher has started to ask for my admin username/password every couple hours while sitting in the background. For security and best practice, I've never run as an admin user on the account I normally use. This is new behavior. version Aug 28
Jan 5 OS X 10.9 Support With our coming Desktop App update on January 8th, OS X 10.9 will be leaving our supported macOS versions. We do support the most recent operating systems, but we recommend updating your operating system for system security and game performance. If you’re currently running OS X 10.9, please refer to our updating your Operating System article.Dylon Kempkes0 Jan 5
Jul 1, 2017 Common Blizzard Application Connection Issues Greetings all, We've been working to improve some of the available troubleshooting resources for our games. Since connectivity problems are a common problem in gaming, we wanted to provide some information on what causes connection problems and what to do to resolve issues when you're having them. Table of Contents 1. Connection Troubleshooting Resources 2. FAQs 3. What to do if you need more helpDrakuloth5 Jul 1, 2017
Oct 20, 2015 [Solved] Issues What is this [Solved] tag? We have created a way to mark a thread as [Solved]. If you’ve found a solution to your issue, or fixed your issue, you can mark your post, and the entire thread, as [Solved]. This will put a small green check mark next to the thread title. If you see this, it means the player who created the thread found a fix. How do I mark my Post and Thread as [Solved}? Click on the drop down arrow in the top right corner of the post. Choose "Mark As Solution". The post will be tagged with a green “Marked As Solution” banner, and a green check mark will be added to the Title of your thread. Who can mark a thread as [Solved]? Only the creator of the thread (the “OP”, or Original Poster), or a Blizzard Forum Representative can mark a thread as [Solved]. I see a [Solved] thread. Where’s the solution? A small box with a green check mark will appear in the top right corner of the thread, under the Reply option. If you hover your cursor over that box, it will say "Solution". Clicking that will jump to the post marked as a solution. What if I mark another post as a solution? That one will be “Marked as Solution”, and the previous post will be unmarked. A Note about [Solved] Issues Please keep in mind that when a thread and post are declared [Solved], this may only apply to the OP’s particular issue and circumstances, and fits his unique combination of software and hardware. One fix or solution can help many other players, but it probably won’t help all players. If the fix or solution doesn’t help you, it is just one more factor to eliminate in the troubleshooting process, and we’ll try our best to help you narrow it down, to find the solution that applies to your computer, and your circumstances. Thanks to all of you who post your fixes!Glaxigrav0 Oct 20, 2015
Jul 11, 2013 Welcome to Blizzard desktop app Mac Support Welcome to the desktop app Mac Technical Support forum. This forum’s purpose is to assist in identifying and troubleshooting technical issues that may arise during the use of the desktop app while using a Macintosh computer. Posters in this forum will be held to our forum Code of Conduct – please take some time to read it before posting.Aratil0 Jul 11, 2013
1d WC3 TFT update issue at 65% Hello guys, Yesterday i was enjoying this amazing game (although undead is a bit too weak against orc) with my friend. This evening while launching the game as usual wc3 launcher is asking for an update. After agreeing the terms the update goes to 65% and doesn't go further. I waited hours and nothing happened... I tried to reinstall but now i'm stuck at 0%.... Do you have any solution for me? Thanks a lot.Bonaventure2 1d
4d Warcraft 3 install stuck @ "Updating Warcraft 3" 69% I purchased WC3 today, downloaded the game client, and opened "Warcraft 3 Launcher". I was away from my computer for some time, and returned to find it stuck at 65%. After restarting the launcher a couple of times, the install progressed to 69%, but its been stuck there for several hours after several restarts. Please help!GwatMagnus15 4d
4d Can't install/patch games The Battle-net app seems to be broken on Mac atm. I cannot install games, since it will just be stuck in the pop-up after hitting the install button. I've had WoW installed for a bit now and twice the Battle-net app wouldn't let me patch the game, saying it was waiting for another installation, but there was none. The first time I figured it was something with the Agent, so I quit the Agent through Activity Monitor, and reinstalled the app. This worked for a while, but as soon as a new patch came for WoW I was back to square one. I have since tried deleting the files in Mac HD -> Users -> Shared -> & Blizzard and reinstalling the app, but it still won't work. Also quitting the app makes it hang and I have to force quit it. The app used to work flawlessly in the past, so I think a recent update has broken something, at least on Mac. Would love to hear if anyone has got it working somehow. R.Tkay2 4d
5d Problem with installation on MacOS High Sierra 10.13 Hi all, last evening I wanted to play some good old fashioned Diablo III, but after several tries I was not able at all to install the app. The error given is telling me that there is another instance of the program running, but it is not true. Anyone here had the same issue as me? Thanks for any help given Please note that I tried installing both the standalone game client and the application, but the same error occurs in the two situation. In addition to that, I tried deleting all the application folders but I still got the same error. My Mac is up-to-date with the latest OS version. Regardsilsologheo15 5d
Sep 14 Installing setup on Mac not working Installing setup on Mac not working... have tried every recommended action on the forums, the setup is hanging at ~10%. 100% refuses to download on my machine. Clean machine, new install. No Proxy issues, filevault and firewall turned off, plugged into modem instead of going off wifi, latest version of OS, never installed before so no files need be deleted, have tried just about every version of the downloader (wow, diablo III, Overwatch, straight, etc....), have made sure DNS isn't the issue, etc. I mentioned in my original ticket everything I had done and they asked me if I had checked <insert everything mentioned here> in spite of my message body saying I had done it... anyone have any luck figuring this out?Batman3 Sep 14
Sep 7 "Game is running" when it isn't I have no games running on my desktop, and the Battlenet app won't update, stating the usual: "Game is running. An update is available and will be applied when the game closes." Is there a way for it to update while the game is running? I can't figure another way to solve this.CorruptPyro1 Sep 7
Sep 7 launcher won't open no message [SOLVED] So my launcher does not want to open, it just pops up on the taskbar and disappears right away. Tried updating my operating software but to no avail, getting real pissed atm. Since as far as I can find nobody has had this problem before. I also don't get any messages at all, it just pops up and vanishes right away.Hantapanda8 Sep 7
Sep 7 Will be Overwatch for MacOS? Hi guys & hello Blizzard! I would like to ask you 1 question. It's quite annoying but I can't find any information about it: Will be Overwatch for MacOS, or I need to download Bootcamp to play it?Soldier331 Sep 7
Sep 2 unable to install Hi Blizzard, when im going to install games ive purchased, it goes to the install screen from, then the icon just continues to spin in the bottom right of the window but never begins the install. What do I do to fix, I am running a new MacBook Air, Thanks for you time. SunnyBobbyDLives2 Sep 2
Aug 29 WoW won't install on MacOS High Sierra - Insufficient Storage Space The game file is 55GB and I have 138 GB available to use. And when I choose a file location, it says insufficient storage. I'm using a 2017 MacBook Pro 15-inch on High Sierra. Has anyone experienced this issue and have any work arounds or solutions?waesas0 Aug 29
Aug 29 Installation Failure Hi, Installation wont start for any blizzard game, it will just have the loading icon and will keep going for ever!! .( THis on MAC OS X. I have the battle net App.benitocamelo2 Aug 29
Aug 28 Setup quit unexpectedly When I try to install the blizzard launcher or a game the installer immediately closes (pops up on the doc and then disappears) and i get this error message. I had a look inside the "package" and it seems to classify the the setup file as a doc not an exe, which might be part of the problem? Im running High Sierra.Aether0 Aug 28
Aug 20 app mac OSX el capitan won't quit My app won't quit. I run El Capitan 10.11.6. I start the app, don't type anything and just quit it. The Agent process quits after a couple of seconds but the icon is still in the dock and it says "not responding". Because of this i can't restart my computer because the app hinders it.sebsid7 Aug 20
Aug 17 Mac OS Sierra 10.12.4 - Waiting on Another Installation or Update... I have to admit, I'm beginning to get really frustrated here. The issue began when I was attempting to install Diablo III and World of WarCraft on my Mac. I was continually receiving the message "WAITING ON ANOTHER INSTALLATION OR UPDATE..." So I thought, okay fine. I paused all the current downloads in the agent and resumed just WoW and then just Diablo III. There was no change in the behavior and it continued to cycle. Now I should mention that I was able to successfully download StarCraft II, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone all within the past 24 hours on the very same Mac. I went through the system files located at /Users/Shared/ and deleted every file and folder associated with Blizzard and I removed the app from Applications and deleted the destination folder. I downloaded a fresh launcher install file, rebooted my computer, and installed the file. This didn't solve the issue, it was the exact same. I even uninstalled all other Blizzard games, cleared the files out again, rebooted and re-installed with no luck. I went through every single step of the article at MULTIPLE TIMES with one notable exception. The Blizzard folder at ~/Library/Application Support does not exist, and the files listed here are nowhere to be found on my system: com.blizzard.errorreporter.plist com.blizzard.Installer.plist com.blizzard.launcher.plist net.battle.Authenticator.prefs net.battle.Identity.prefs net.battnet.battle.plist Now, I notice this article was last updated a month ago and a new client has since come out. Is there ANYWHERE ELSE on my machine that may contain these, and any other important files I need to erase?smilethief5 Aug 17
Aug 16 macOS HS Starcraft 2 texture issue as you can see in these pictures, debris textures on lava terrain is not fully loaded on some parts. I could see the base orange floor textures. This happens on all maps even after I reinstalled the whole game. I'm currently playing it on iMac High Sierra and I don't know is this problem occurring on every users, or mac users, or just me. Can anyone please help me? Aug 16
Aug 16 Diablo II won't install on MacOS 10.13 Hi there, I guess answer might be "Use it on Sierra and not High Sierra", but HS will be out next week, so I ask: is installer working for anyone here on MacOS ? I can just see Licence agreement, I agree and thats it - nothing more happened after this. When run from Terminal, it says D2-1.14b-Installer-enGB/ --help/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/ Error: unsupported compressor 8 /BuildRoot/Library/Caches/ Error: Unknown compression scheme encountered for file '/System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources/Exceptions.plist' /BuildRoot/Library/Caches/ Error: unsupported compressor 8 /BuildRoot/Library/Caches/ Error: Unknown compression scheme encountered for file '/System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Library/AppExceptions.bundle/Exceptions.plist' any advice please? Thank you MartyZmartyz372 Aug 16
Aug 15 WoW Client Consistently Crashing on Specific Characters I try to log into both my Warlock and My Mage for leveling in BFA and then the entire client crashes. Originally it allowed me back onto the characters, but when I moved or used an ability it crashed. Now I can't even load into the game on these characters, and the game was working properly for hours on each characterDecafWizard1 Aug 15
Aug 15 WoW: An update is available, but the game is running bug. I'm running on a macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.6 All realms are incompatible. I closed the game, and it says Game is running. An update is available and will be applied when the game closes. I checked my options and noticed the Scan and Repair, Check for Updates, and Uninstall Game are all grayed out. Reset In-Game Options under Game Settings is also grayed out while other games such as Hearthstone are blue and clickable. I looked in my blizzard application support folder and the WoW no longer has a folder. Diablo 3, Heroes of the Storm etc. are still there. What steps should I take? I'm not sure how to uninstall and reinstall since the option is grayed out.Nethermore1 Aug 15
Aug 15 Incompatible servers / Game is running / can't update client Incompatible servers; client says "Game is running. An update is available and will be applied when the game closes." It isn't and it doesn't. Restarted client; checked for extra processes; deleted cache; uninstalled (full uninstall via CleanMyMac) & downloaded again; still says "Game is running. An update is available...". (Shouldn't the version available for download be the most current version?) High Sierra 10.13.6 halp Edited to add: another restart fixed it. Don't know why. But I'm not complaining.BattlePants1 Aug 15
Aug 15 shows blank screen when WoW selected On my iMac, when comes up with WoW selected it shows a blank screen. No Update or Play button, no ads, nothing. I can launch WoW directly, sometimes, but I've gotten the all realms "Incomptable" issue as well. I tried killing agent, restarting, reseting UI, dumping all AddOns - nothing helps. I've had the spinning ad cursor for weeks but today was the first blank screen/dead WoW.Roster0 Aug 15
Aug 15 unable to locate the game I have it installed already. but its grayed out when i try to manually locate it. I just bought BfA and have no way of upgrading :(Machod0 Aug 15
Aug 14 Warcraft III worked fine under 1.29, now it crashes on startup, why? Since version 1.30 of Warcraft III, whenever I start the game it fills the screen with black and crashes to the desktop. Why does this happen? It worked fine under 1.29. What happened to the game between 1.29 and 1.30 that could cause this to happen?Cawesiza0 Aug 14
Aug 14 Apple AirPods on Im trying to use my new Apple AirPods for voice chat in the app and it doesn't work. I can listen to the music from the game perfectly fine but my mic won't move from my iMac's built-in microphone to my AirPods microphone. Has anyone figured this out? app is using system default audio system, my system preferences says my default audio system is my AirPods so I don't understand whats wrong.Dutch28 Aug 14
Aug 11 Warcraft Launcher doesn't Patch on Mac I played like ages wc3 on windows. For some months I installed wc3 on my mac. It went well - I had no problems at all. But after this match now I can't open wc3 tft anymore. I tried everything from the other topics and the blizzard guard. I restarted my mac, my internet router, deleted the files, installed it. But the warcraft 3 launcher don't want to open the wc3 tft app. It somehow trys to patch it up. It loads until 100 percent and then this error: BLZBNTBTS0000005D I tried every step.. but somehow it won´t help.Mim1 Aug 11
Aug 11 Guide to Install d2 on high Sierra with some workaround ( no porting/crossover) !!How to get it running on high Sierra APFS!! He Guys, After some troubleshooting I now am able to play it on 10.13.2 APFS+ FileVault +. As suggested you should copy it from a install from OSX Sierra. But How? You will need the following: 2 external drives formatted HFS ( both at least 30gb), the OSX Sierra installer, and some time. - The Sierra installer can be found here: - After the download create a boot instal from the file, as explained here: Boot from the drive with the install, run it and install on the OTHER external drive you connected ( mine won't install on the same drive as install app image). This will take some time, but it did run Sierra from my USB drive. I downloaded the installer for d2, and could install the game in the applications folder. Run the game, instal the update from battelenet and exit Power down disconnect both drives, restart and hold option key in order to boot from your normal drive . Insert the external drive were you installed d2, and copy the folder from applications on that drive. I am able to play d2 on high Sierra AFPS+ OS Good luck :-)JWJWrad6 Aug 11
Aug 10 Can't login, stuck in region pick (MacOS) I just recently download on my Mac and I'm stuck in the login screen and unable to login. When it prompted the region, it doesn't show anything but the map and the button to continue. I pressed the continue button and it kept loading but the password and email are grayed out. I saw some other folks have this problem but on a PC, haven't found any solution to MacOS.DanTheMan13 Aug 10
Aug 10 Trouble installing on MacOS HS Ver 10.13.6 Hi all, I'm having issues getting to work to install wow. It gets stuck on the login screen, with a loading icon and everything else is greyed out, I cant select any region or anything. It comes up with a map of the world and a continue button, but I cant click anywhere on the map, only continue (which leads to nothing) Steps I've tried : reinstalling (in different languages as well) restarting mac changing networks deleting all shared data Searching for any resolutions that arent 4+ years old Still no luck!Dakarot5 Aug 10
Aug 9 Warcraft III crashes on startup When starting the game, it fills the entire screen with black and the pointer changes to the spinning wheel, and the game then crashes to the desktop with Mac's internal crash message window, saying "The application encountered an unexpected error". Report ID is 86905D7A-36DA-467A-9BFF-C7DF2A40B3CF. I've even tried clean uninstall and re-install of and Warcraft III. The same problem occurs in both the US and EU download versions of the game. The game worked fine under version 1.29. I'm running macOS High Sierra 10.13.6.Cawesiza0 Aug 9
Aug 9 Network Error Downloading Warcraft III Setup Hello, Whilst attempting to download '', the network connection is continually interrupted and I get a 'Network Error'. Resetting my modem, using a different browser, resetting my wifi, retrying the download or restarting my computer yields the same result. Attempting to post a ticket about it directly (thrice) gets me a similar issue: 'Something went wrong on our end, please try again later'. Please help me resolve this issue. Tom.Tomify2 Aug 9
Aug 8 KEEP ME LOGGED IN - currently disabled because another instance is running. Please help. Cannot use the KEEP ME LOGGED IN on the BATTLE.NET APP, it is greyed out. When you hover over the (?) the message reads "This is currently disabled because another instance is running". When the user for the computer is switched to the admin user the KEEP ME LOGGED IN is available. We have deleted and re-downloaded the BATTLE.NET APP. We have restarted multiple times. We have deleted all other files that had the name BATTLE.NET including those under the shared folder. The problem still persists. Only the admin users profile allows the use of KEEP ME LOGGED IN. Before assuming that's the reason there are 3 computers running BATTLE.NET APP. Only 1 of them is having this issue, while the other 2 are able to switch computer users, from admin, and use the BATTLE.NET APP's KEEP ME LOGGED IN just fine.May8 Aug 8
Aug 6 Warcraft 3 Problems with Mac OSX 10.13.2 Hi, from time to time i used to enjoy some rounds of WC3 and WC3 TFT on my MacBook and was around march of this year where is was pretty happy with the game, supporting the native mac OS resolutions. Yesterday is started the Battlenet within WC3 TFT and was forces to install an Update. After the update was finished the migration of the profile data wouldn't work. After skipping this i mentioned the resolutions wasn't the native mac resolution and these wouldn't be able to choose anymore. As this wasn't sad enough every time i hit the ""-Button in the main menu, the game instantly quits without any warning- or error-message. The OS im using is macOs High Sierra Version 10.13.2 and my WC3 /WC3 TFT Client is on version Are these Problems known and are there any hot fixes or workarounds? kind regards, ChrisGreenChris10 Aug 6
Aug 4 Launcher Failing on MAC OS High Sierra 10.13.6 I just updated my MAC with the new OS High Sierra (High Sierra 10.13.6). When I try to run the Diablo 3 launcher, the icon flashes on the dashboard and then disappears. I've tried removing all data files and reinstalling the app and I still have the same problem. I'm also seeing others having a similar problem in the forums. Is this there any solution to play the game?Ace3530 Aug 4
Aug 4 crashes on startup OS X 10.13.6 The launcher crashes each time a start up is attempted. The error listed is: AEFBB4CE-35FA-460E-8559-88285F6CC007 When the launcher is removed and a reinstall is attempted the same error occursLanctharus1 Aug 4
Aug 3 Waiting on another installation or update (HS) (Mac) I have the bug but non of the solutions I found works. I opened Bnet and tried to launch HS then I got the msg "Waiting on another installation or update" 1. pausing all updates and starting HS one doesnt change anything 2. Renewing DHCP lease doesnt work 3. Killing Agent process (while Bnet running or after closing it) doesnt work 4. Restarting Mac doesnt work 5. Trying different network doesnt work 6. Reinstalling Bnet doesnt work What can I do?KafkeKretz1 Aug 3
Aug 3 MACos High Sierra 10.13.4 can not connect when i m trying to play warcraft 3. MACos High Sierra 10.13.4 can not connect when i m trying to play warcraft was ok before.LittlePants3 Aug 3
Jul 26 Diablo 3 Freezes on iMac This is a new ocurrence, and is now happening every time I try and launch Diablo 3 on my iMac. It started about a week ago. I am running High Sierra 10.13.6. I've ran 'Scan and Repair' several times and that doesn't seem to fix it. The app initially would freeze once the game got created and loaded, but now, its freezing at the game creation screen. Not sure how to resolve this short of re-installing. Ideas?PneuDeCorb1 Jul 26
Jul 22 Cannot install MacOS 10.13.4 Hello, I have been trying to install the last 2 days but the installer always stuck at the beginning. I remove it, remove folders/cache/files, shutdown my computer, clear my cache, reset my DNS, remove proxy, firewall and fireVault... I have following all the process mentioned in the different topics that I found in the forum but nothing works... I'm using WIFI connection, however when I play Warcraft II, I have no problem. Here the error I always got into my log files: W 2018-05-24 09:36:26.463599 [Main] {0xb0822000} Downloader - {13798} WRN: HTTP: connection timeout for '' E 2018-05-24 09:36:26.463701 [Main] {0xb0822000} Downloader - {13798} ERR: HTTP: connection failed for host NET_CANCELED W 2018-05-24 09:36:28.470615 [Main] {0xb0822000} Downloader - {13798} WRN: HTTP: connection timeout for '' E 2018-05-24 09:36:28.470734 [Main] {0xb0822000} Downloader - {13798} ERR: HTTP: connection failed for host NET_CANCELED ============== Please help me!!sabK2 Jul 22
Jul 22 WoW Client - Shop Won't Proceed to Purchase Hi, Version: 8.0.1 (27101) (Release x64) There are a couple of services that I wish to purchase that can only be done via the shop (I don't use PayPal, so I can't purchase these services via web). When I choose the service I wish to purchase, I can select the server and character to apply the service to, but where usually the billing information populates, I get a blank black box with a 'x' to click on to exit out of the shop. I didn't see any recent related posts to this, so I'm hoping I can get some insight. I was able to use the shop to its full potential before the prepatch. My Mac is running version: 10.13.6. Thanks for your time.absinthex6 Jul 22
Jul 20 Game client crashes when entering shaman class hall Cannot get into shaman class hall (maelstrom). When trying to zone in to the maelstrom the game client crashes each time.Kasuf1 Jul 20
Jul 19 Warcraft 3 Quit Unexpectedly I just bought/installed Warcraft 3 I tried updating it.. Can anyone helpAdondres3 Jul 19
Jul 18 Unable to start 3D acceleration Unable to start 3D Acceleration with my MACMommacookie10 Jul 18
Jul 17 Diablo 2 Blizzard Downloader asking to open a file? .Zadmaster0 Jul 17
Jul 16 Network Error Downloading Warcraft 3 Setup Hello, Whilst attempting to download '', the network connection is continually interrupted and I get a 'Network Error'. Resetting my modem, using a different browser, resetting my wifi, retrying the download or restarting my computer yields the same result. Attempting to post a ticket about it directly (thrice) gets me a similar issue: 'Something went wrong on our end, please try again later'. Please help me resolve this issue. Kindly, Tom.Tomify0 Jul 16
Jul 15 not fully loading So for a while now, the app opens fine, I can play games fine, but it has the loading icon infinitely where the news would usually pop up for the game. Furthermore, I can't edit my profile (the pop up will appear but it's just a blank space) and I can't buy anything from the store, I have to purchase things directly from the website. These things are minor, and they're not stopping me from playing any of my games but I am curious as to why it won't load properly and I haven't seen anyone else mention anything so I thought I would say something. I am running High Sierra 10.13.6. Everything is up to date OS wise from Apple.DragoStark2 Jul 15
Jul 14 "the application encountered an unexpected error" I am trying to launch the battlenet launcher on my macbook, but I get this error every time. I've tried reinstalling and deleting the cache but nothing has worked. 99B81B1B-41AF-41B3-81DC-4F6D66E59BDB EDIT: 8A400BB5-9B6A-4666-A7A0-A8E712B09639 (Tried launching again)Sporech1 Jul 14