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May 19 Mac OS Sierra 10.12 Now Available Apple has released their newest OS Update, 10.12. Patch notes for this release can be found on Apple's website. Both for system security and game performance, we recommend keeping your Operating System up to date, especially those using Intel GPUs.Glaxigrav0 May 19
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Jul 11, 2013 Welcome to desktop app Mac Support Welcome to the desktop app Mac Technical Support forum. This forum’s purpose is to assist in identifying and troubleshooting technical issues that may arise during the use of the desktop app while using a Macintosh computer. Posters in this forum will be held to our forum Code of Conduct – please take some time to read it before posting.Aratil0 Jul 11, 2013
6h Can't reach For a couple of days now I'm not able to reach and updating Hearthstone. I'm from Canada. the curl request for the Hearthstone update is timing out, and a traceroute is stalling after some jumps. traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets Removed first jumps for privacy 5 ( 11.385 ms 24.543 ms 23.919 ms 6 ( 16.612 ms 20.298 ms 24.907 ms 7 ( 28.838 ms 32.370 ms 26.233 ms 8 ( 30.125 ms ( 49.942 ms 51.996 ms 9 ( 39.382 ms ( 80.890 ms 78.189 ms 10 ( 79.906 ms 87.393 ms ( 51.185 ms 11 * ( 83.735 ms * 12 * * * I tested by doing a shared connection with my phone data, and it's working fine. WoW is fine too, I can play it normally. I don't know if it's an issue for other users, but I thought I would share this.Tabris10 6h
10h Games won't install I tried downloading HoTS and Wow, but the downloader is just stuck with the pop-up installation page. Im using a 2015 macbook on El Capitan. Is anyone else having these problems?Bjacksoul1 10h
1d In macOS Sierra 10.12.1 can't update or reinstall In macOS Sierra 10.12.1 can't update or reinstall. The Programm say there is no connection to the internet. But it is. I don't habe activate Firewall or Antivir. The Steps i try: is install: I start SC and it say "Your Client version ist older then the Server version" I try to Update, but it say "You don't have an Internet connection. At the Support Site i have read, that i have to reinstall the Game. I have deinstalled the Game SC with But i can't reinstall the Game. It say " You don't have connection" I deinstalled the complete, like the Support Site say. Then i have downloaded the Game SC from the Site and try to install again. But it say " You don't have connection" it sucks. Can you help ? Sorry for my bad English.MagicMan26 1d
1d Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2 Cannot install any of the blizzards games So I am running mac OS sierra 10.12.2. Decided to try WoW and bought the game just to find out that I cant install the game. Just gets stuck after I click Install (little blue logo in the bottom right corner is moving) and nothing happens for a while until I get a error. So did all the steps that I could (deleted the agent, and so on) and after reinstalling the client I found out that it did not even find the hearthstone game that I had previously installed anymore. Now that I click install on any of the Blizzards games they all have the same thing happen which is nothing. Pretty disappointed at this stage that I spent a nice sum of money on a game and I cant play anything anymore.Viksa1 1d
1d Ptr not working I have no idea why my ptr wont work because it says theres an error when launching a programDrCola124 1d
1d [SOLVED] Can only connect to The Americas server Hi All, I'm on a clean install of Sierra 10.12.2, and I just downloaded the app for my Mac. I connect to Europe in app, I even select Europe as server for Diablo 3, but upon pressing the Play button, Diablo 3 always connects to The Americas server... Can anyone please help? Thanks, Kristofkristofpetho2 1d
2d Blizzard folder created in user <home> folder, why? I've noticed either from patch 2.4.3 or small fixes later. I have <Blizzard> folder now being created in users/home on OS X. Anyone know why this is happening now and how to stop it. This is not correct place for this folder on top level in users/home. If I delete it next time I login to it creates new one. Folder contains - files.capsule2564 2d
2d Battlenet chat window shows texts after a while Hello, Team Blizzard. I'm currently using macbook air 2015 early. The problem I encountered since 1 year ago is that when my friend on battlenet chat me and I open the chat window, it doesn't show me the texts right away rather it takes about a minute then I can see what was going on on my chat window. I really want you to fix whatever bug this is.quantum990 2d
2d Unusably slow to load since patch 7.1.2. Hello hive brain! Unusably slow to load since patch 7.1.2. (over 3 mins to load characters) All add-ons updated, and disabled. Using; OS X El Capitan 10.11.16 iMac 27-inch, Late 2013 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Mackintosh HD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB I can't see any known errors so assuming it's my machine. 1. Any suggestions for any last things for me to try/check before doing anything drastic? 2. Can I attempt a repair on my install? If so how? If all else fails - is there anything I should know/consider before a complete reinstall? Thanks for your comments/suggestions. :)Myffy2 2d
3d keeps freezing & crashing after update Yesterday I received this required update, and after relaunch client, keeps crashing. I've performed uninstall the client, delete Bnet related files and reinstall again but same Environment: iMac 21.5 2012 Late, Mac OSX 10.11.4 Bootcamp installed. No antivirus softwareandrewu15 3d
4d Diablo II installer won't launch Hey all, I'm running a Macbook Pro using OS 10.9.5, and the installer won't open. It downloads fine, extracts fine, then when I open it it sits for a second, then crashes with no error. The same thing happened when I tried to launch the installer a while ago, so I just used my Starcraft II CD. Anybody encounter this? Any ideas on what I could try?BADHORSE7 4d
4d StarCraft 2 Patching Issue OSX Sierra I have OS X Sierra and was playing StarCraft II just fine last night. This morning there was a patch, but it won't complete. It says there is a problem with my game files, so it scans, but while patching I get an error saying, "Whoops, try again." I've tried several times; I've tried quitting/restarting, and I've restarted my Mac multiple times, but nothing is working. What should I do?Jcoba0 4d
5d "Downloader" app won't run Purchased Warcraft 3, game downloader downloaded, but Mac gave me a system error when I tried to run it, saying I can only run apps from the mac store.jevans885 5d
5d Diablo 2 does not open after patch Hey guys, my diablo 2 cant even open after last patch. I have deleted and installed it again and without ask to join, it works. I can play single player but it will crash when i try to patch it. Does anyone have the some problem?bidula7 5d
6d Questions regarding starcraft I'm a dedicated Starcraft fan but all the computers in my life these days are macs, and I can no longer play my beloved Brood War on any of them. This makes me sad. Are you guys working towards fixing this at all? It is a classic that should be preserved for all to play, and it's frustrating having my copy of it sitting right here in front of me, yet does not work with my os x 10.12. I hope you guys can get around to releasing a version that works with the new apple !@#$ these days, so that I can get back to destroying everybody with Protoss.Brushhog0 6d
6d installed other Blizzard games but not WoW Even though my other Blizzard games are installed and updated, I keep getting: "Waiting on another installation or update..." "Downloading 203 Bytes remaining @0 B/s" Cycles back to the "Waiting on..." and loops Agent seems to be pulling a heavy CPU load. Have tried deleting the Battle net and Blizzard directories to let the app rebuild. I then get: "Fetching encoding table..." "Initializing..." "Checking residency 358183/1108318" (these first number changes each time) Cycles back to the "Waiting on..." and loops I just updated Hearthstone with no problem before I posted this...Anonbracka44 6d
6d Not seeing chats Chats not showing up at all in on Mac OS X Sierra 10.12.1. Using the latest update of Every time I chat with somebody I am not seeing the text they sent nor do I see any responses in the chat window. The chat window just remains blank as if no messages have been sent or received.Ahyb9 6d
Jan 14 Can't install on brand new Macbook Pro I've checked I'm not on a "Case sensitive" disk. I've tried removing the Users/Shared/ folder and starting the process again I've tried setting DNS to This is a brand new Macbook Pro 2016 with Mac OS 10.12.2 This is my first attempt at installing on this laptop. The agent starts up ok, but gets stuck at around 45% every time. The latest log entry is: I 2017-01-08 02:55:35.318140 [Main] {0xb074c000} Bootstrapper State: STATE_CHECK_CLIENT What is happening?JeremyTM4 Jan 14
Jan 13 Diablo 2: LOD Patch 1.14d - Game will not open following patch Hello, I was insanely happy to see that D2:LOD was patched for Intel Macs. I can open it once installed, but as soon as the latest patch (1.14d) is installed, the game will absolutely NOT open and produces continuous error reports on every launch attempt. Blizzard PLEASE address this, I have seen at least 3 other posts on here with the same issue and no response from blues. We love this game, and just want to play. Thanks!Hashem13 Jan 13
Jan 13 Server "Incompatible"? IMPORTANT NOTE: When my sister downloaded WoW she says the game downloaded directly and she can't find any bnet exe or anything. WoW just starts up directly. So my sister just started playing WoW and she has had a horrendous experience so far, around 5 tickets sent in two weeks only two of those having a proper solution. The latest issue she has ran into after she eagerly logged in after so much frustration is the COMPLETE REALM LIST displayed as "incompatible"? We tried to send a ticket but can't find any proper report type so we are here in hopes someone can help us out. Most of them asking for tedious ID's and traceroute stuff to be sent. She hasn't had this problem before, this just happened and we don't even know why. She is pretty frustrated and seriously considering dropping the game at just level 23 because of all the issues she has ran into.TyrantV1 Jan 13
Jan 13 Can't connect to, WoW, Any Blizz Service From this morning I am not able to connect through app, connect to WOW or through any other process. I receive BLZBNTBGS80000021(3003) error or Error #2 while logging into WoW. I can log in to my account online (hence my post) and my internet works fine for every other app that I own. If I click on Shop or News I also get this error: Error code: BLZBNTBGS8000001C (1) I have tried: -resetting DHCP lease -flushing DNS -deleting cache The only difference is that I am in Europe now after travelling through South East Asia - however I was playing yesterday in Switzerland just fine, so I can't see why this would be the issue either. Could someone please provide me an alternative fix?Comatoast8 Jan 13
Jan 11 - Closes after launch I'm starting my client, the icon on the task bar does show up. I get to the first "Starting your bla bla" window, afterwards it goes away same as the icon. It seems that the client is trying to start an update but crashes after that what i've done: restarted re-installed (haven't deleted all my local files tho) os version: sierra 10.12.1 machine: macbook air 13' (mid 2013)rox2 Jan 11
Jan 10 Apple AirPods on Im trying to use my new Apple AirPods for voice chat in the app and it doesn't work. I can listen to the music from the game perfectly fine but my mic won't move from my iMac's built-in microphone to my AirPods microphone. Has anyone figured this out? app is using system default audio system, my system preferences says my default audio system is my AirPods so I don't understand whats wrong.Dutch2 Jan 10
Jan 9 Starcraft 1 for Mac CAN I PLAY Starcraft 1 for Mac ?ShinyPants1 Jan 9
Jan 8 Cannot force quit out of on Mac The only threads I can see talking about this are from a year or two ago, but recently its come to my attention that I cant fully quit out of The screen closes, but the app remains open on my Doc. The only solution is to completely force shutdown my computer every time I want the icon to go away, which is not ideal. I cannot restart my computer or shut it down normally because of this problem. I can reopen, strangely enough, so the problem doesn't have anything to do with not being able to use the app. The problem is that a new icon shows up every time I use and it never goes away unless I force shut down my computer. Like suggested in year old threads, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but after multiple attempts the problem remains. I really dont know what to do here. This problem has only been happening this past week after using since installation with no problems for around a year.OldWounds18 Jan 8
Jan 7 Is there any mac that can handle wow? I have so much lag... low fps on my 2012 mac mini, 2.6 gh I7 core. I get into a battle and everything slows down. maybe I need a new computer. I have only ever used Amiga's and macs... do I have to go to PC now to continue my WOW passion? Can anyone point me to a computer that I can play wow on without issues?mindancer1 Jan 7
Jan 7 Setup not installing on Mac Unable to run setup on a mac. I was able to play HotS last night without any issues, then this morning when I went to launch bnet, it loaded up, but then when I launched HotS I got the version mismatch error. I checked the version, and it seemed to match the latest patch number. I then removed from my computer and downloaded the Setup app again to reinstall it. Now it seems to just be stuck at the "Starting" stage of the Setup app, and my dock shows two instances of running, with one of them not responding. I am on the latest OS with the most recent security updates.hex3377 Jan 7
Jan 6 HotS 22.6 update never found - mac client Can't play the game because the latest patch doesn't start installing - I manually checked for updates but the client only says Checking for updates... and doesn't do anything. Things I have tried: - Scan and Repair => this also appears to not do anything for at least a few minutes - Restarting my comp => achieved nothing - Uninstall client and reinstall => this was a mess in itself. I unzipped using the Archive Utility tried to run it, and for some reason, two instances of the installer popped up and they just hung. I couldn't reinstall. - Changed internet connections => went from hard wired connection to USB hotspot from phone (two different providers) - this didn't do anything either. GG blizzard - I guess I can't play with you anymore, the mac client just got #rekt.Hotshot4 Jan 6
Jan 6 Fixes for the "battle-net can't be opened" & "starting battle net" hangs 1. Clean all remnants of all previous battle net installs, I used the app find any file to search and delete all folders and files. 2. Add to your DNS server list, and make it the first server. 3. launch battle net installer, it will freeze, or go really slowly, wait until the request for admin password comes up, and enter. 4. Force quit the installer (it is going to hang) 5. Open activity monitor, kill the process named "agent" 6. Re launch the battle net installer and watch it finally work. 7. Eff you blizzard this is rediculous, i had this same problem over a year ago and it still isn't fixed Also a reminder, removing from you DNS server list will cause the launcher to hangASSY1 Jan 6
Jan 5 The application "" can't be opened. ... I got no clue what to do with this error I have battlenet installed on my mac for a long long time then i decided to delete it cause of lack of hard disk space and i tried to reinstall it after a week and that's what i get I get the same error if i try to install the EU/US version or for example if I try to install lets say only HOTS without the luncher. same error accured to me on Yosemite and then i upgraded to El Capitan. Plx HELP!~ :|<3Sanix8 Jan 5
Jan 5 Retina Displays Just wanting to know if Retina displays are still not fully supported as i have just downloaded the battlenet desktop app and my display is still blurry.Jesse6 Jan 5
Jan 5 Blizzard Error every time Every time I load up it brings up the main window then crashes giving a Blizzard Error. Report ID: 8AB25A14-DDEF-48F7-AA62-9CD869BD2879VanityAngel27 Jan 5
Jan 5 The portraits are not showing in Heros of the Storm on Mac 10.12 Sierra Hi, I just switched to Mac from windows, and found that all the portraits are missing in HotS, including my own ones and others'. All the places where portraits are to show are blu-ish square blobs. I was suspecting that it's due to my /Application is on a case-sensitive formatted volume, so I re-installed it on my other case-insensitive partition, but the problem is still there. I also tried to move around /Users/Shared/Blizzard, but it does not solve the problem either. I am running out of ideas and hope someone can help me on this. Thank you!JerryMa5 Jan 5
Jan 1 Cannot install WoW - cannot select language I'm trying to install WoW after clean installing Mac OS X Mavericks on my Macbook, but when I use the launcher to do so it does not give me the option to select my default language. When I click install anyway it prompts me to pick at least one language, again giving me no options at all.TheQz37 Jan 1
Dec 31 SOLVED : Can't INSTALL ALL blizzard Games OS X 10.11 Hello, If you can't install blizzard game, this is a simple solution for you. Why can't i install games ? 1) Because, Blizzard don't support CASE SENSITIVE File System ( ) 2) Because you format your Hard Drive in Case Sensitive mode FYI : It's more secure to have Case Sensitive File System How can i fix the issue ? You can create a dedicated partition in Case Sensitive mode To do it, follow this steps : 1) Create a dedicated Partition a) Start Disk Utility ( located in /Application/Utilities/ ) b) Select your hard drive c) Select "Partition" d) Add a partition ( click on "+" ) e) Choose the size ( 15Go for D3, 2Go for HS, 6Go for HOTS, 21 for SC2, 30 for Wow ). In my case, i choosed 75Go f) Name the partition "Blizzard" for example g) DONT CHOOSE SENSITIVE h) Choose "Apply" and wait for the partition to be created 2) Make a link from "Blizzard" partition to your "Application" folder if you want 3) Download a) Install it on your new partition "Blizzard" 4) Launch and Install Games on "Blizzard" partition a) When installing the games, choose the location "Blizzard" Best Regards, Have Fun and Shame on Blizzard Developers who knows the issues from years and do nothing ! Ps : Make replies from time to time to put this post on the top to help others pleaseLarzack22 Dec 31
Dec 31 Unable to verify game version Running an old iMac on OSX (10.4.11). Game already installed and runs fine. Internet connection fine. But when trying to log onto get cannot verify game version message. Tried resetting permissions per support article on this issue to no effect. Other suggestions?James1 Dec 31
Dec 30 MacOS Sierra Purgeable Space not freeing up With the addition of Purgeable space on the new Sierra operating system, I am unable to install games due to "Insufficient disk space". The Mac forums and support files state that purgeable space will be automatically deleted when free space is needed. I currently have 15GB of "free space" and 35GB of "purgeable space" on my hard drive. I am trying to install the Diablo 3 PTR, which is 16GB, but I am unable to free up space by deleting old files, old applications, etc. because these items are moved to purgeable space NOT free space. It seems the Blizzard installer only looks at free space when calculating the available space for game installs. Is there another way to install the game which would force the MacOS to free up purgeable space?HoosierDaddy1 Dec 30
Dec 30 Unable to launch installer app Hi, I am currently using OS X 10.10.1 and I recently tried installed app again. I downloaded the app from website and unzipped the folder. I can see the icon but when I double click on it, it simply says 'The application “” can’t be opened.' I tried installing individual games but same message appears every time. I deleted all previous and blizzard folder from this mac and tried various steps that were suggested by support staff but nothing worked so far. If you have any idea what might be going on, please help! Thanks.Leah25 Dec 30
Dec 28 Can't switch out of warcraft 3 Hello there! I can't switch between programs after i have opened warcraft 3 frozen throne. It is pretty annoying, someone please help me AngryViking1 Dec 28
Dec 27 Battlenet won't update. Reads "Updating 0%" on my Macbook. Need a bit help. Much appreciate!MadLife3 Dec 27
Dec 25 [solved] it's taken 4 hours but seems to finally have progressed.flyonwall1 Dec 25
Dec 24 Unable to install Diablo 2 on mac Unable to install diablo 2 on mac. I downloaded the download and I have the diablo 2 install screen, but when I click install it doesn't work and I am unable to close out the install app. I have to hard shut down the entire computer and restart. My system security is open. Any tips?jdog110 Dec 24
Dec 24 StarCraft 1 Mac support or client? Or do I need to use Wine / Boot Camp?Opex1 Dec 24
Dec 22 stuck on the starting battle net page on Mac with OS X EI Capitan Hello, I recently update my mac to that system and I play one game and freeze on the loading page of hers of the storm. Later, I can't even open the battle network app. I stuck on the that page for a while. It never loaded. I sometime force to quit Heroes of the storms because it freeze for like 5 mins. I am not sure if it has sometime to do with that. I saw the loginGoblin thing but not sure what does this will help me. So anyone who knows how to solve this please let me know. I will be grateful forever. Sincerely,jason1 Dec 22
Dec 22 In macOS Sierra 10.12.2 can't update Hi, I just brought the new pro 15 inch and tried to installing on the new system. However it keep stuck on the updating page. I have got following log data. Anyone know what is happening? Last login: Fri Dec 23 01:37:11 on ttys000 ChengsideMacBook-Pro:~ chengsiwang$ /Users/chengsiwang/Downloads/\ Setup ; exit; <html><head><title>Object moved</title></head><body> <h2>Object moved to <a href="">here</a>.</h2> </body></html> 2016-12-23 01:50:11.733 Setup[685:16711] Warning - conversion from 64 bit to 32 bit integral value requested within NSPortCoder, but the 64 bit value 9223372036854775792 cannot be represented by a 32 bit value 2016-12-23 01:50:11.735 Setup[685:16711] Warning - conversion from 64 bit to 32 bit integral value requested within NSPortCoder, but the 64 bit value 9223372036854775807 cannot be represented by a 32 bit value 2016-12-23 01:50:11.794 Setup[685:15485] Warning - conversion from 64 bit to 32 bit integral value requested within NSPortCoder, but the 64 bit value 9223372036854775792 cannot be represented by a 32 bit value 2016-12-23 01:50:11.795 Setup[685:16711] Warning - conversion from 64 bit to 32 bit integral value requested within NSPortCoder, but the 64 bit value 9223372036854775807 cannot be represented by a 32 bit value GIF89a?????,D;<html><head><title>Object moved</title></head><body> <h2>Object moved to <a href="">here</a>.</h2> </body></html> GIF89a?????,D;GIF89a?????,D;<html><head><title>Object moved</title></head><body> <h2>Object moved to <a href="">here</a>.</h2> </body></html> logout Saving session... ...copying shared history... ...saving history...truncating history files... ...completed. [Process completed]ChanceW0 Dec 22
Dec 22 Classic Game: Frozen Throne Change Language Classic Game: Frozen Throne Forever in Korean, how the fact this happen ? I'm in America, is America, Downloading a US game client, installing with ENGLISH, POOOF, in-game Korean language. 1. How to change it's language when I don't read Korean, and every button was clicked by me and was still in Korean 2. Is this a bug of Battle.netKirisaki2 Dec 22
Dec 21 Chat not appearing I'm having a recurring issue that my chat is sporadically appearing and disappearing . When I try to select all it can sometimes fix the issue. I'm getting frustrated because I can't message people outside of WoW.Ghostdav1 Dec 21