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8h Sudden hidden charges shipping to Canada - Fedex So a lot of us run into an with sudden hidden charges showing up, months later, due to the shipper that Blizzard uses to ship to Canada; FedEx. When we order from Blizzard, we pay for the items, pay for the shipping, and then usually within 1-3 days, get our package. Months later, we get a giant bill from Fedex. When our package hit the border, Fedex pays the taxes on our package to Customs, and then sends us the bill to pay them back. Which is fine & expected. Unfortunately, when they do this, they like to charge what's called an "Advancement Fee". Their website states that they charge one, but you have to drill down to see that it's currently either '2.5% of the amount advanced, or $10 whichever is more'.. But I've been sent a straight $30 fee on top of my sales tax owing, on a $43USD order (includes $9 USD shipping), so I'm not sure how accurate their website really is with their fees or how they're managing to inflate them. To add to this, they say that if you create a Fedex account, with your shipping address and a credit card attached, any shipments to that address will be automatically linked to your account and your credit card will be immediately charged when Customs assesses fees, avoiding the Advancement Fee altogether. Except they don't always automatically charge it, and when they don't, they send you a nice invoice months later, AND assess the fee. Which they SAY you can get waived if you call them to get the invoice attached to your account, but they'll only waive the Advancement Fee once (when I called to get it waived, I was informed that per management, they can only waive the fee once, no matter the circumstance). If they continue to fail to automatically charge your credit card, you'll keep getting charged the fee. And they won't waive it afterwards, even if they were the ones who screwed up. My gear store order in March 2017 was awesome, and its because Blizzard charged sales tax on it for me. It was an expensive order (when converted to Canadian, boo), but it was for 3 people, and because of the group order, we saved on the shipping (default shipping amount for a single item, no matter how small, was $14 USD, it's now slightly less). Subtotal $125.25 Shipping & Handling $33.83 Discount (MMO Champion 10%) -$12.53 Tax $19.11 Grand Total $165.66 Because of that tax paid, Fedex had to inform Customs that the tax had already been paid on my order, and Fedex couldn't charge the Advancement Fee. For the first time in forever, I didn't get a crazy bill afterwards. I don't know whether that was a test or what, but sales tax isn't being charged now, so we're still subject to the ridiculous Fedex charges. Please start charging us sales tax on gear store purchases (and remit to CRA), so that Fedex stops with the major charges to us that we simply can't get out of. Or stop shipping with Fedex, and go USPS with them handing off to Canada Post.Ressie15 8h
10h Illidan/Silvanas Statues Display Case Hey, wouln'd be a good idea if it was possible to purchase a display case for the statues avaiable on the store? I am having a bad time finding a table display case that can fit a 24 inches Illidan or Silvanas statue. Has anyone else found a store that sells display cases this high?EventHorizon0 10h
1d Blizzard gift card in NZ I play Overwatch on PS4 and I have wanted to buy it on PC for a while, I upgraded my PC, bought the peripherals and I went to buy Overwatch, but because I live in NZ I can't find the gift cards anywhere, and I don't have PayPal or a card, Does anyone know where they are or if there in NZ at all? If not, blizzard can you please bring them to NZ?PugNinja1 1d
2d Warcraft 4 What will it take to get a Warcraft 4? I know World of Warcraft was there to replace Warcraft but it simply isn't the same. The custom games W3 had to offer and the starcraft style it had to its competitive gameplay is GREATLY missed. I dare you to even show a teaser. Even a teaser that doesn't have to commit to the idea, maybe an April fools, watch how you will have people going crazy over the idea.Lavelm72 2d
3d Split payment option for in-game purchases I recently purchased a $20 Blizzard prepaid card to add money to my account balance. Before I purchased the card I figured I could use that 20 from the card and pay the other $1.65 with my debit card. Which would make sense right? I feel like adding a split payment option would benefit greatly instead of having to add that extra change to your account and having to wait up to three days each time. Especially considering you can't make a whole lot of in-game purchases for only $20. This is just my 2 cents on the subject and feel like it would be a great addition.Oakshadarus5 3d
4d Add gift option for MXN I contacted customer support and they told me you have disable shop gifting because prices are not the same in MXN as they are in other currencies. Well, tie each account to a currency and let us gift to another account tied to the same currency. This is ridiculous. Other countries/currencies are able to gift. Let us gift between accounts with the same currency!KnownIssue0 4d
5d Blizzard gear shop Canada Wow there are some really cool things I would like to buy the from blizzard gear shop. But the problem is the crazy shipping costs and to boot the duty fees I have to pay when the product arrives at my house. I bought a shadow plush and I paid more for shipping and duties than what I paid for the cute fuzzball. There were a few other things I bought as well and the result was the same. Blizzard, is there a place or a way I can order from and not pay more for shipping and duties than I am for the product. I would even be willing to open a brick and mortar store in Edmonton, Alberta. Cheers, RycerzMagnus0 5d
6d LotV/D3 RoS CE guides Hello to whoever is reading. I buy all the collectors edition of Blizzard games. I have all 3 for SCII and the hardback CE game guides for WoL and HotS but I cannot find one for LotV, was there not one made? It’s the same for D3, I have both CE’s of the game and the CE guide for D3 but cannot find one for RoS.. do these exist? If not, why would they make one and not the other? The inconsistency on my Blizzard display shelf is annoying lol TAKE MY MONEYRorian0 6d
6d Dimensions for the statues Hello Blizzard ! Could you post the full dimensions of the statues you sell ? I'm trying to find a display case for Illidan but it's hard when I don't know how wide he is. Thanks! =) P.S.: If you could tell me how wide he is, that'd be great. =Ddarkblade0 6d
Feb 15 Please make womens or XS sizes for OWL hoodies! Us Tracer-sized fans want sweatshirts too! I was so excited to get my OWL hoodie, but the "unisex" S is way too big. Would you consider making XS or womens sizes? :( Here's a comparison with my favorite sweatshirt. Granted, it is a zip-up hoodie so it can naturally be tighter -- but the difference in sleeves and length is huge too: Feb 15
Feb 15 New (old) game idea I think it would be a good idea to offer Diablo 2 available to play, maybe a remastered version like you did with Starcraft original. I tried installing it on my computer, and for some reason, it wouldn't run. Used to, but still working that out, also can't find key for expansion. Can't help thinking that if it's offered with the other games, it would be more accessible.Lyros1 Feb 15
Feb 14 Blizzard Shop Ukraine For quite a while Ukraine has a military conflict with Russia and a lot of countries has supported sanctions against the country. However, in Ukraine we still have no other choice to purchase Blizzard products through the shop rather than in Russian currency - rubles. I believe, you should consider either making a separate shop for Ukraine in national currency or switch Ukrainian market prices to Euro.Porog5 Feb 14
Feb 12 Gifts in some South American countries Hello. I know that this isn't the forum for problems in South America (Chile in my case), but since nobody gives a damn there, I decided to make this post here. My concern has to do with the fact that gifts that aren't linked with Overwatch or Destiny are disabled. So, I can't gift WoW game time, Diablo III, HS packs, etc... I really want to know an official answer about why is this option being disabled for so long, and when are we going to actually be able to use this option. (Sorry if my english was garbage)Arkanteik1 Feb 12
Feb 10 How to gift WoW Pre-Order? How to gift WoW: Battle for Azeroth to a friend?Mj7112 Feb 10
Feb 10 Blizzard Gear Why does widowmaker shirt say that they come is S-4XL when the shop only sells XL 1 / 2 / 3Bhop0 Feb 10
Feb 10 WoW payment system is confusing can someone explain WoW payment system to buy the game? from someone who is used to buying about $60 games that are usually a 1 time purchase, WoW is confusing and expensive.xxMemeLordxx1 Feb 10
Feb 9 Paysafecard Option I was reading a thread about paysafecard today and so i will make this thread to say the reasons why Blizzard should make a paysafecard option in the shop. 1.Many people (especially in a big part of Europe) don't have a shop that can purchase a prepaid card so a paysayfe will be usefull 2.A lot of people don't have a paypal/debit card 3. Even with a paypal/debit card , it is easier to buy a paysafecard espacially in small amounts of money . 4.Easy to load our balance. So Bliizard doesn't lose anything by adding a paysafe option in the shop and now it is a good time to do it with the official launch of Hearthstone and the upcoming Heroes of the Storm.EagleEyes26 Feb 9
Feb 9 Why Warcraft 3 is still paying Disscution to find out why it does not put Warcraft 3 free-to-playRafJon773 Feb 9
Feb 8 Mammoth Bundle Gift Hiya, Is there any chance that the mammoth bundle will be available for purchase as a gift in the shop? I have posted the same question in the Hearthstone community forum. The feeling is that much like the welcome bundle, the mammoth bundle is a great way to buy someone cards who would/could not purchase the products themselves. I hope this gains traction. Thanks much.Kestrel1 Feb 8
Feb 8 Paysafecard issues ... Please Implement a way to use Paysafecard, PLEASE OH PLEASE. I mean it cost blizzard less ? its faster more secure because NO bank account needed the thing is i bought a paysafecard for 10 euro AND i noticed we can't use it here, i need paypal now and can't find a solution please find one for me. And don't say "buy prepaid card" THEY DONT EXIST IN THE COUNTRY THAT IS CONSIDERED THE CENTER OF EUROPE (Belguim) So im in a bit of annoying position here... i have money issues so these 10 euro per month is all i could spend so i just can't lose 10 euro its much more annoying then you think... Please helpGoldenBrovok328 Feb 8
Feb 5 Please! Make a Europe Store. I live in the UK and love buying Blizzard merch! But unfortunately I always get hit buy FedEx, I know that’s not your guys fault but it really does discourage me and other people buying from the store. I brought a BlizzCon Bag (Which didn’t turn up) and FedEx sent me a S+H fee of £23.00! Then I got on to Blizzard as my item did not turn up and you guys rocked and sent me another at no additional charge but then again FedEx sent another, this time £25!! And my last purchase 5 packs of patches... they charged me £18, it really sucks it does, I won’t be buying anything else unfortunately as FedEx suck all the fun and excitement out of buying new merch, I know other people out of the USA will also be having this problem and I doubt this will even be seen by someone in charge or by someone who can make a difference but it really would be nice to buy things without the fear of having to pay even more on top of what I have already paid. You guys rock and us out side of the USA need your help, as Tracer always says “The World could always use more Heroes!” BE OUR HERO BLIZZARD!! PLEASE!!JellyBadger3 Feb 5
Feb 4 if i preorder from amazon standard will i receive a key and be able to play the allied races today?TheramoreITB1 Feb 4
Feb 3 Old version of Reaper tee for women I've actually wanted to buy the Reaper tee for women but once I had enough and went on the shop, I noticed that the old model was replaced by another one. I wanted to know if it was possible to have the old model back aswell since a lot of people actually loved it from the reviews.Exyna0 Feb 3
Feb 2 Upgrade to collectors edition? if I purchase a base copy of the expansion and later decide that i want the collectors edition, am I able to pay the difference?Odakoda0 Feb 2
Feb 2 collectors physical in blizzard store Has Blizzard ever considered selling the collectors physical edition in the blizzard store. They could put a disclaimer on it that once purchased no refunds ... exchanges for non working disks yes. I would so put the money in your pocket blizzard and then you would not have the issue of having to refund people who bought the digital copy from you. I would even wait for the physical copy to arrive after the release. Please let me know if this option has been explored. Before anyone says people will take advantage of it. It will be like games from EB games. After you purchase you can not get a refund only if something wrong and then it is an exchange.Moggy1 Feb 2
Feb 2 Plz add Gifting option...!!! Please add gifting option to the new xpac.GrumpyWizard0 Feb 2
Feb 2 Suggestion: Add JCB to payment options Hello. I've never seen this suggested before, so I'd like to offer a suggestion regarding the Japan Credit Bureau card type. For those of us in Japan, Korea etc. it would be nice to have it as an option as it is a common card at least in Japan. Thanks!Popo4 Feb 2
Feb 2 You need to warn us that level 110 boost does not include level 3 garrison After 48 hours of hell trying to purchase BfA and failing due to Credit Card issues I finally bought it late last night only to find the single reason for why I bought the pre-order game, namely to not have to experience the pain of leveling another toon thru WoD so I can get a Level 3 garrison, only to find out I have no garrison hearthstone in my bags or mail and no garrison at all in fact. :-( Desperately googling around, I made the discovery that had I created a trial 100 toon and THEN applied the 110 boost I would have gotten the level 3 garrison, which is like salt on the wound. Several unsatisfactory GM tickets later and I am sad, mad, and very depressed. Blizzard, is this a bug as I hope or working as intended?Vazkor0 Feb 2
Feb 1 Blue D.Va Hoodie Greetings! I just wanted to start a thread hoping that there may be another run of the blue D.Va hoodies.Sormaus0 Feb 1
Jan 31 Paypal won't use credit I chose to buy ROS through to use my PayPal credit line. That is the only reason I purchased a digital only version (I LIKE having the disks and pretty boxes, etc). The credit line is set up as my default payment form, the PayPal page said it would use the default payment, but, because said it was a recurring payment it skipped over the credit line and charged my bank account, taking the money tagged to pay my internet bill. Why is a one time purchase set up as a recurring subscription? I mean, I'm truly unlikely to make any future purchases through the store, because, as I say, I like going to the brick and mortar store and picking up the pretty box (D3:CE was purchased at the local gaming store). And I'm only into Diablo here ( of course, given the three Diablos account for nearly half the serious computer games I play, and at least half my computer gaming time...)thothep15 Jan 31
Jan 31 International Shipping - FedEx Complaint Just wanted to let you folks know that when Canadian's order from your site, FedEx delivers. However Fedex is terrible. I understand Custom fees apply on some goods and I am happy to pay them, however FedEx charges the receiver a $10.00 Advancement fee because they paid customs in advance to take the package. My Custom fee on a recent blizzcon purchase was 2.72, FedEx then applied their $10.00 charge, and then applied Canadian taxes for 3.03 and 4.85 on top of that. So my $2.72 in customs worked out to be $21.10. That is almost a 1000% increase. I would love for you to find another company to deliver internationally, or for Canadians send it USPS and Canada Post will take it from there. it may take a week longer but it's insane to think I'm paying so much more for nothing. FedEx also likes to make 1 attempt and then they tell you to pick up the item during their weekday only hours. In a city of 750K+ people, we have 1 Fedex location for pick up, which is at the airport, across the city from me. it is a HUGE inconvenience. So I urge you, nay, I BEG of you, please reconsider with whom you do business with, as they are screwing your customers. I am happy to make purchases, and I love blizzard products, and I certainly am fine paying taxes and customer fees, but it is a real "kick to the balls" to have to pay a terrible delivery company (who won't even charge you when you pick up the package but instead almost two weeks later you receive a notice to pay within 15 days of the pick up or get charged double) screw over your customers. Thank you for your time, and I hope Blizzard Entertainment will consider this in the future.Engelus14 Jan 31
Jan 28 Not able to use Visa gift card on the store? I bought a gift card today hoping to use it to buy some WoW subscriptions and Destiny 2. But when I was completing my purchase, the transaction page told me that my card information is not valid. That was odd, since I double-checked my gift card information and everything was correct. So I made a phone call to the Visa gift card company's customer support. I was told that "there is a temporary suspension of service between the seller (Blizzard) and those using Visa gift cards." Is that true though? I was able to use my prepaid Visa gift card on Steam, just not on Jan 28
Jan 28 I want to purchase WoW How can I update my "Blizzard Balance" so that I'm able to purchase World of Warcraft on the Blizzard Shop for 24.99? P.S. - I've tried using my Bank of Montreal Debit MasterCard and it won't work. I would appreciate any feedback or advice. Thank you all.Feordin0 Jan 28
Jan 27 to delete chat record i want to delete my social record. Not my social freinds But my conversations. Because there is too many conversation records. do not delete my freinds...! only social conversation records.index0 Jan 27
Jan 26 SMS Payments I would like to see SMS payments for the store. This would be especially handy for Hearthstone!Padn11 Jan 26
Jan 26 D2 and DLC When i buy D2 from the shop does it include the DLC or just the game?JustRight1 Jan 26
Jan 25 different currencies on gear store hey everyone I have just a little bit of feed back for the guys who built and run the gear store. I would love to see able to see the prices on the store in my own currency (which is British Pounds) that way i can see exactly how much stuff is without having to currency convert am I the only one who wants this?Simsy1 Jan 25
Jan 24 Split pay between CC and Blizzard balance So I recently got a $20 giftcard for blizzard and put it in to raise my balance and figured I could spit pay the last amount for OW(sadly untrue). It would be more beneficial to customers to allow split pay as I read that it takes 3 days for a balance to be added(apologies if I misread, but highly inconvenient either way.)Thewolfxero0 Jan 24
Jan 22 Is Blizz gonna make a new WoW Mouse? Just curious is blizzard going to get steel series to make a new WoW mouse? All mine are broken and i NEED those buttons on the side of the scroll wheel for strafing in ALL my MMO games i will but 10 just for myself if they make another i dont care if its the gen one which was god awful on its ergonomic. For the love of god let a dev see this and pass it along that there is still a demand for these thats why the sell on ebay for 100-300 for used ones 500-600 for the wirelessTormented0 Jan 22
Jan 22 New expiration date & cvv on existing credit account No clear way to update the expiration date and cvv on an existing credit card when a new card is received from the bank.Debrawolf1 Jan 22
Jan 19 Should I buy a name change? Should I buy a name change? I am going to start a YouTube channel from scratch, and it is going to go by the name DiyoBio. I play Overwatch, by the way. I have the money to do it, I am just wondering if I even should bother paying it. Again, I have the money. This YouTube channel is also only going to be for fun, not serious.CheezIt1100 Jan 19
Jan 18 Sizes and Problems in the Apparel Hello Blizzard Employees and Fellow member of the Blizzard Community I have been apart of the blizzard community for just over 10 year and during this time i have myself collecting little bit and bots of merchandise such as POPs, posters, even my horde flag... However there is one thing i have noticed in the blizzard merch store that we lack, now idk if it's because they're out of stalk or they don't want to promote bigger people playing there game, i have been eyeballs some of the shirts and coat you guys have on your store yet i've only ever seen 1 shirt as big as a 4xl i am a bigger guy and would love to get my hands on some of your shirt and or coats but however i am unable to do so because you don't provide/sell them in my size, as a member of your community i am saddened by this please take into consideration maybe adding more BIG AND TALL friendly items not all of us players are size Small or medium i'd like to see for each shirt at least up 5xl because i have friends as well who are bigger guys they would love these just as much as i would. Thank you for taking the time to read this SkrilusSkrilus1 Jan 18
Jan 17 Bought game on wrong account can I send it to my main account? Hi I had a friend get me overwatch as a secret Santa gift but he accidentally put it on the account instead of gifting it. Is there any way to gift it?OVERRIDE1 Jan 17
Jan 15 Dark Reign 3 Activision has rights of this classic legend RTS. We all will like to see Blizzard with Activision make a part 3 and 1 & 2 in HD. Dark Reign for Blizzard any chance see it happen or not? What you people think? All the best. :)hegira2k76 Jan 15
Jan 13 Overwatch League Home Jerseys So I saw that overwatch league player jerseys became available for purchase on the store. I thought it would be a cool idea to have community members be able to customize the jerseys with our own name and number!Konro0 Jan 13
Jan 11 Can’t find “Redeem Digital Goodies” Button So I linked my account to my overwatch account on PS4 so I could get my 100 extra overwatch league skin tokens, I followed all of the steps on the site to claim my reward, but from what I can tell, there is no “redeem digital goodies button.” Can someone send either a screenshot of where it is or just give me very specific directions to where the button is?BrightHammer1 Jan 11
Jan 11 Gift: Add a page to choice REGION first I want to send my friend Hearthstone packs as a gift. I live in Japan and my country of residenceon account information is Japan, too. Of couse I have charged Blizzard Balance as JPY. When I try sending it from Shop page, it always show me AMERICA region friend list even I logged in via ASIA server. I tried to change language into Japanese but it was in vain. Next I used Google Chrome to send, but it also showed AMERICA friend list. I could find ASIA friend list when I changed shop page country into KOREA, but then it said that I didn't have Blizzard balance enough as KRW. I cannot place my order with JPY and ASIA friend list at this moment. I suppose it will be solved if Blizzard allow us to choose a region before doing a friend. tl;dr I cannot send any gifts to my Asian server friends because Blizzard won't allow.Oreta0 Jan 11
Jan 11 Wishlist function, along with notification of sales. Same as the title, the Shop, the App, pretty much any point of interaction between the customer and the business, where business is done, needs a wishlist function added. I am interested in some Blizzard games, but I don't generally buy games at full price. You can blame Steam for that, along with many other websites, and bundle offering sites. Fact is, it's tough to justify paying $60 for a game, these days. The problem is that Blizzard isn't going to be getting any sales from me, as long as I have no option to establish my interest in a game, with a wishlist, and then a following feature where you can elect to be sent emails that notify you of a sale on your wishlisted products. This is something that Steam does, and it's an important feature. You can only imagine the amount of money they have made because of that. Now I dunno how Blizzard feels about this sort of thing, but I'm quite certain Blizzard loves money, being a business and all. This is an option to make more money, while pleasing potential customers. Dismiss this at your own peril. You are missing out on potential customers.demontrace0 Jan 11