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Nov 20, 2013 Post only Shop Beta Feedback Here Hi all, If you want to leave feedback for Beta Shop, please post them in this forum. For feedback for other titles, see the following bug forums below. This ensures your feedback is reviewed by the right parties. Hearthstone Feedback: Desktop Application Feedback: Thanks in advance!Machkhan0 Nov 20, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 Welcome: Please read! Welcome to the Feedback Discussion forum for the Shop! Help us to improve the Shop by providing feedback and suggestions here. Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct.Aratil0 Nov 1, 2013
17h Sylvanas statue out of stock? Who do i contact about this i asked the live chat and they have no idea when the statue will be back in stock. Blizz plz restock or give me some feedbackZerileon2 17h
2d Blizzard Shop Ukraine For quite a while Ukraine has a military conflict with Russia and a lot of countries has supported sanctions against the country. However, in Ukraine we still have no other choice to purchase Blizzard products through the shop rather than in Russian currency - rubles. I believe, you should consider either making a separate shop for Ukraine in national currency or switch Ukrainian market prices to Euro.Porog9 2d
2d Currency for Ukraine I know Blizzard Entertiment as a very consumer-friendly company. I also believe it's important to state I've been informed that all income from purchases made in Ukraine are going directly to Blizzard Entertaiment. Taxes are also paid in the country purchases were made in. That makes RUB currency only nominal. I do not mean to be negative or offensive in any shape or form. Please, bear with me. Rubles are a currency of a country-aggressor that kills ukrainians on the east of Ukraine (and that's quite literal, I had to deal with the consequences myself) and annexed part of the Ukraine's territory. Even though I'm lucky enough to live in a relatively safe region, for obvious reasons I would like to not use or even see RUB as a currency I pay your services for. So, given everything said above, having all the prices in RUB while being ukrainian is quite uncomforting, to say the least. It's not just about my personal preference or feelings, it's also about how Blizzard Entertiment company overall is percieved in Ukraine. I understand that Ukraine's market and user base might not be big enough to justify any big changes finance-wise, but I also know Blizzard Entertiment is not just all about finances, but also about consumer experience and high quality service. Is there anything possible to be done to resolve this situation globally? Such as change currency for Ukraine to USD, EUR or even UAH while preserving relative prices? Is there anything I can personally do to make this happen? Thank you. PS: yes, I did search for similar threads. But unfortunately did not find a response there from the Blizzard Entertaiment representative. It's quite sensitive topic, so any response explaining possibilities would be greatly appreciated. For further reference: - - PS2: yes, I did try to contact support. They directed me here. For further reference: #62673936DiRaven27 2d
3d Purchase for Change, Balance Merge / Name Checker It would be really awesome if when purchasing anything from the store and the battlenet balance is lower than the amount required then having a notification to purchase balance or merge with credit card for the remainder would be ideal. Another feature would be to add a "Name Checker" before purchase is finalized to see if the name you want to use is available in the realm. I just ordered a race change mainly to change the name of the character I want to main for a bit and it is taken :( anyways just minor suggestion but could greatly help customer to make a good purchase.Vahlkor1 3d
5d Nothing says how long the sales are I want to buy the destiny 2 complete edition but i dont know how long the sale lasts for..IHaveTFish0 5d
Jun 8 Hearthstone Pin Suggestion Not long ago Blizzard revealed a Rise of Shadows pin coming in support kits for Firesides being scheduled not long after release. ( I'd like to get a hold of one of these, but they seem to be event-exclusive for now. It'd be nice if they were added to the store eventually, if at least for a short time after the promotion for anyone that doesn't live close enough to any gatherings.GreemBeans0 Jun 8
Jun 7 Split payment option for in-game purchases I recently purchased a $20 Blizzard prepaid card to add money to my account balance. Before I purchased the card I figured I could use that 20 from the card and pay the other $1.65 with my debit card. Which would make sense right? I feel like adding a split payment option would benefit greatly instead of having to add that extra change to your account and having to wait up to three days each time. Especially considering you can't make a whole lot of in-game purchases for only $20. This is just my 2 cents on the subject and feel like it would be a great addition.Oakshadarus15 Jun 7
Jun 5 Sudden hidden charges shipping to Canada - Fedex So a lot of us run into an with sudden hidden charges showing up, months later, due to the shipper that Blizzard uses to ship to Canada; FedEx. When we order from Blizzard, we pay for the items, pay for the shipping, and then usually within 1-3 days, get our package. Months later, we get a giant bill from Fedex. When our package hit the border, Fedex pays the taxes on our package to Customs, and then sends us the bill to pay them back. Which is fine & expected. Unfortunately, when they do this, they like to charge what's called an "Advancement Fee". Their website states that they charge one, but you have to drill down to see that it's currently either '2.5% of the amount advanced, or $10 whichever is more'.. But I've been sent a straight $30 fee on top of my sales tax owing, on a $43USD order (includes $9 USD shipping), so I'm not sure how accurate their website really is with their fees or how they're managing to inflate them. To add to this, they say that if you create a Fedex account, with your shipping address and a credit card attached, any shipments to that address will be automatically linked to your account and your credit card will be immediately charged when Customs assesses fees, avoiding the Advancement Fee altogether. Except they don't always automatically charge it, and when they don't, they send you a nice invoice months later, AND assess the fee. Which they SAY you can get waived if you call them to get the invoice attached to your account, but they'll only waive the Advancement Fee once (when I called to get it waived, I was informed that per management, they can only waive the fee once, no matter the circumstance). If they continue to fail to automatically charge your credit card, you'll keep getting charged the fee. And they won't waive it afterwards, even if they were the ones who screwed up. My gear store order in March 2017 was awesome, and its because Blizzard charged sales tax on it for me. It was an expensive order (when converted to Canadian, boo), but it was for 3 people, and because of the group order, we saved on the shipping (default shipping amount for a single item, no matter how small, was $14 USD, it's now slightly less). Subtotal $125.25 Shipping & Handling $33.83 Discount (MMO Champion 10%) -$12.53 Tax $19.11 Grand Total $165.66 Because of that tax paid, Fedex had to inform Customs that the tax had already been paid on my order, and Fedex couldn't charge the Advancement Fee. For the first time in forever, I didn't get a crazy bill afterwards. I don't know whether that was a test or what, but sales tax isn't being charged now, so we're still subject to the ridiculous Fedex charges. Please start charging us sales tax on gear store purchases (and remit to CRA), so that Fedex stops with the major charges to us that we simply can't get out of. Or stop shipping with Fedex, and go USPS with them handing off to Canada Post.Ressie28 Jun 5
Jun 1 Product suggestion. Hi, Not sure if product suggestions are welcome here, couldn't see anything for sure. I've just seen the post on the new summer collections, and was disappointed to see no real swimwear available, just more shirts, more jackets, more hats. I would love to see some really cute designs based on different properties, rock my faction, race, or favourite character when i'm at the beach. Even non swimwear, some of the basic underwear designs on the characters look great, I love the look of the Night elf stuff especially. Just for some variety in products available, and also some more variety beyond just faction stuff.VioletLazuli0 Jun 1
May 31 Blizzard doesn't do refunds I bought a second license for OW and within a couple of weeks changed my mind about starting a second account that I'd use to focus on competitive play only. Mostly to do with how toxic the community seems lately. I expressed all my concerns within my trouble ticket I submitted to Blizzard. Their response was less than expected, explaining that "too much time" had passed (MAX 3 weeks at this point). Hearing this and knowing that it's probably just a click or two to disable a license from being used and then a few more to issue the refund, it just doesn't seem worth it to me that blizzard would go out of their way to piss off their customers. I've always looked at buying lootboxes or participating in things like the breast cancer awareness by donating and buying the goods was my way of continuing to support Blizzard for releasing new content in a game that I regularly enjoy. I can no longer support this even when it's for raising money like in the breast cancer fundraiser. I know I'm not a large customer of yours Blizzard, but you have completely and utterly lost me as a paying customer for anything you sell.agentc0re8 May 31
May 26 Can I use Asia Destiny2 CdKey on EU account So i posted this on the bungie forum also, but i wanted to hear what other people had to say about this. I wanted to purchase the destiny 2 forsaken legendary collection for my blizzard eu account and i found a pretty good deal on a CdKey site, but it’s for Asia. I figured that since your progress will be the same on overwatch on whichever server you play on, then on destiny it will be the same and i will be able to play forsaken on EU even though the key is for Asia, please give helpful advice!!!MrFate1 May 26
May 15 Order stuck on pending. Attempting to play the annual pass for destiny 2 with a buddy of mine since only nights work for both of us but the order has not updated in the past hour or 2. Customer service is closed for the night so any other way to speed up the process?elua351 May 15
May 14 15th anniversary mouse pad I feel like you should post the dimension of the pad in the info for the package. Granted the box itself is 13.9" x 10.9" x 14.2" I still would like to know specifics rather than guess based on the box size. I'd be terribly disappointed if I spent that much and got a 8 by 10 little mouse pad. When I see something that's a map I kind of expect a big fat mat.ButtYogurt0 May 14
May 8 Regional Differences in Price Can anyone tell me why the Euro price is so much more than USD or CDN? I live in Bermuda and when I created an account I selected it as my country of residence, not knowing that Blizzard would lump us into the Euro users (our domestic currency is equivalent to the USD, and we're a British overseas territory, so I have absolutely no idea why they did that in the first place), and as much as I don't mind using Euros to pay for stuff on the shop, I don't understand why the Euro price for some items is so wildly different than the USD price. For example, looking at the new Overwatch League skins, it would cost $100 USD to purchase 2600 tokens, but 100 Euro to purchase the same amount, which with today's exchange rate is approximately $120 USD. Why am I paying an additional 1/5 of the price for a digital purchase? Especially since I don't even use Euros in everyday life?JonTargaryen1 May 8
May 8 Regional pricing for other regions Hey, Yesterday i was a bit bored, and i did some calculations with no particular reason, because i simply don't expect any significant changes. So i just submitted a ticket to talk about the topic, as i was curious what kind of response will i be given. Will it end up in the trash can? Or will i get an actual reply on the topic. So i did that, and i got a reply from 2 kind GMs and they recommended me to post it here, so a relevant team member can take a look at this. I am kind of a old player as i started out with TBC on private servers. Why, you may ask? I was 12 at the time and i just got hoooked on it. Then i got my first Battle chest and started playing on retail...for a while. Anyway I am not here to gather myself a pity party, I think we have all been there when our parents did not want to spend money on games, so we had to save up for the game. I always envied people from other countries. Some get adjusted prices for basically everything, because their financial situation is significantly lower than the western world. For example Brazil, Russia, Certain Asian Countries have adjusted prices on everything. Here in East Eu, we get the western prices and the eastern taxes and salaries. It is just the worst of both world. We are not poor enough to get privileges, but not rich enough either. Now I am not here to bash Blizzard, or Steam or other platforms where you can buy games, for not catering for people from other regions, and only bothering to give region locked discounted prices for certain regions. It comes down to a lot of things, but as I said i was bored and i did some maths. I live in Hungary, which might not sound as bad. Some people don't even know where it is though. Thats fine. Point to the case is that the country i live in is a country that got screwed by other bigger and stronger countries during the wars, and suffered wounds that may never heal. So economy is not exactly flourishing if you see what i mean. Young people go abroad because it is a lot more viable to live abroad. I myself plan to go abroad when i graduate next year as an engineer. So i did some maths. here it is: USA 4174 EUR / month (national average) 4890 USD = 4 174,43 EUR Sub price: 13 euro / month 13 / 4174 of average monthly salary ~0.0031% 13 euro is 0.0031% of avg salary Sub Price in EUR: 13 / month Hungary 907 EUR / month (national average) 1063 USD = 907,45 EUR Sub price: 13 euro / month 13 / 907 of average monthly salary ~ 0.014 % 13 euro is 0.014% of average salary Adjusted sub price: 0.0031 x 907 = ~ 2.8 Euro 0.31% is the percentage of the salary of the USA worker that he has to pay for 30 days of sub. 920 is the avg national salary in Hungary. 2.8 Euro is the adjusted price that takes national financial situation into mind. Source: Regional pricing would bring a lot more subscribers, and it would be more fair for everyone. Not even mentioning the expansion prices. I never understood why everybody is surprised that people from poor countries pirate games. Why do you think a lot of those private servers of wow still thrive and live? There are legit businesses built around it, cause people want to play WoW, but they dont have the money for it. Look at this *redacted* *redacted* Biggest server in Hungary. Last year's net sales 38 174 000 HUF Last year's net sales in EUR (converted on 2017.12.31) 122 920 EUR This private server makes this much money, from premium shop, and trading of characrters. They literally have a auction house for characters (ingame gold / or token they sell for IRL money) And the entire thing is ran by 2 guys. It is an actual company names : *redacted*KFT. (KFT = LTD) Now because I am an student i will do the same with Student wages. Average student wages: USA $10 / hour Work hours required: 13 / 10 = 1.3 hour for 30 days of sub Sub price: 13 / month Hungary $3 / hour Work hours required: 13 / 3 = 4.3 hour for 30 days of sub Sub price: 3 x 1.3 = 3.9 ~ 4 Euro / month That means the Hungarian student has to work ~3.3 (10 / 3 = 3.33) times more than a student from the USA to be able to play the same amount of time with your game because the average wage is 3.33 times higher. Now i know there are a lot of things that i did not take into account, like cost of living and all that stuff. I am not going to do that, simply because i dont think it is necessary, because i am not trying to be accurate here. I am just trying to make a point. So in short, other countries like my own could use some regional pricing just like Brazil has it. I am not blaming blizzard or anybody for this. I am just bit bitter about my country you know. Thats all. If this will be considered I am sure a lot of people will be grateul for this. Entire East Eu has the same situation. Just to say a few: Hungary, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia etc. Mainly i am speaking in the name of the Hungarians, but i think nobody would turn down a more fair pricing. Thank you for the attention.Shifty1 May 8
May 8 Regional currency prices Hey guys, an Asian player here enjoying all things Blizzard. I noticed a trend in major online game distributor that started in 2014 starting to take local currency with regional prices to bring benefits to the local players around the world. I wonder if this would be possible for Blizzard store? It just a struggle for other people from the other continent are struggling to pay for games and subscriptions over falling economic issues. I kinda want to suggest to ease the burden to the non USA player and enjoying the game with the others. I believe if someone asked me to gift them with different price I think that's maybe a minority to that to happen, Since WOW players prefer to play with real life friends. and I hope this will help a lot of people from non US or non NA to enjoy the same experience as the others. Equity experience that share the timeless moment with other players.zackstronomy1 May 8
May 4 Bring Back the D.Va Leggings! Seriously, where are they? I saw there's a sale going on and I figured I could get a pair for the spring and summer, but only the Widow and Tracer ones are available. Not just on the Blizzard store; Hot Topic didn't have it either, and I swear Think Geek used to have them. I might be mistaken. Gear shop folks, pleeease make more, or at least tell us when you're getting more in stock? I don't wanna risk buying bootlegs off Amazon or cheap/bad cosplay ones.Centorea0 May 4
Apr 27 "Name Your Amount" Prepaid Card option Blizzard has a pretty wide assortment of prepaid card options for those who don't want to or simply cannot use a debit/credit card. And that's very much appreciated. But some people actually have absolutely no means of adding 1.10 to a 20 USD card so they can purchase whatever things they may want. Tax is annoying that way. I'm fine throwing another 2 Quaters and a nickle at Blizzard! But... I simply cannot. :| STEAM has a great way around that in the form of "Name Your Amount" style of cards where consumers can put any amount from 10 USD to 500 USD onto said card. This compensates for odd number purchases or strange amounts like 22.25 because of sales or even just the 2 quarters and a nickel for the tax! The alternative for Steam would be to spend 70 (50$+20$ in this instance) dollars for Just 1 brand new 60 dollar Triple-A game it inflates pretty quick when other things like DLC get throw in and That's... dumb. So that's a great reason for these cards to exist! But Blizzard doesn't have this option, and as such, I can't justify spending 40 dollars for 10 Overwatch loot boxes and a name change when 20 dollars should be enough. Again, I have no objections to paying the Tax. But I definitely CANNOT justify 40 Dollars for a name change and a fistful of boxes. :| Please Blizzard. I want to give you money, but you won't let me. Please incorporate a "Name Your Amount" Style of card so I can give you money again.DoomFish0 Apr 27
Apr 27 Steam paying method I want to buy overwatch, and I want Blizzard to cooperate with steam so people could buy Blizzard games with steam balance :) Because I have money on steam and I want overwatchMeoWicE2 Apr 27
Apr 27 balance wait time. Processing time for balance makes no sense. So I decided to buy a product from your store, I had some credit due to some left overs from a Wow token. I decided I'd top up my balance and buy the item in question but I'm being told that it takes 1-3 days to process. I fail to see the sense in this as I use the exact same saved card to buy both game time and games and in those cases the purchase is instant. I had intended to play the expansion that I want to buy this weekend however If I had known this would happen I would have just bought it off a third party site. I don't even know if I want the expansion anymore because by the time I'm able to buy it I likely will not have time to play it. It's completely wasting the limited free time I have and I am legitimately upset. The processing time should have been made clearly apparent before the order is completed not after. The money has already been deducted from my bank account and is therefore in your hands but I'm unable to use it. This is just madness to me. No other storefront makes me wait for my own money before I can spend it. I can see no justification for this policy and think you guys need to rethink it.GridBurn0 Apr 27
Apr 23 Paysafecard issues ... Please Implement a way to use Paysafecard, PLEASE OH PLEASE. I mean it cost blizzard less ? its faster more secure because NO bank account needed the thing is i bought a paysafecard for 10 euro AND i noticed we can't use it here, i need paypal now and can't find a solution please find one for me. And don't say "buy prepaid card" THEY DONT EXIST IN THE COUNTRY THAT IS CONSIDERED THE CENTER OF EUROPE (Belguim) So im in a bit of annoying position here... i have money issues so these 10 euro per month is all i could spend so i just can't lose 10 euro its much more annoying then you think... Please helpGoldenBrovok338 Apr 23
Apr 21 Why cant I check what currency the Blizzard store is in? Im looking around the store and can't confirm that it is actually in my local currency (NZD) or not Is there any way to actually confirm this?SteveBandito0 Apr 21
Apr 20 PayPal payment method outside of the US So, I live in Brazil and I do use PayPal from time to time, the main usage being to buy games, for that reason I went after info in online gaming stores that accepted PayPal and Blizzard's store appears as supported in the PayPal stores site. For that reason I went to the store, only to find out that I can't use PayPal for my payments, unless I choose WoW's monthly sub, which is billed in dollars. Seeing that I contacted the US support and got informed that there's an issue (seemingly for a few years now) that made the PayPal option be removed for Brazil. Using the Brazilian forums is basically screaming into an echo chamber as far as official support is concerned. So I'd like to ask if there's any info on when or if the PayPal option will ever be returned as a payment option.Noth0 Apr 20
Apr 17 Adding to the Overwatch Archives Merchandise? I just saw Blizzard's official Twitter post the link about the new Overwatch Archives Merch in the Blizzard gear shop, but was sad to find they didn't have a shirt of the Official Uprising Print from a few years ago: I've seen this print used on a coffee Mug (sold at Gamestop: ), collectible poster prints and a Blizzcon-exclusive reusable tote bag ( ), but it never made it onto a T-shirt. Since we got two new shirts for the newest story ark, but nothing special for Uprising or Retribution (aside from the generic Overwatch/Blackwatch logos), I was hoping there were possible plans of adding that "Join Overwatch" Uprising poster as a T-shirt to the gear shop.HealinHammer0 Apr 17
Apr 17 Razer Gold/Silver program Hello i was wondering if and when the Razer Gold/Silver program was going to be launched in the USA. Currently you can only use the function if you are in SEA but Razer has claimed they gave all of action to implement it. NA here for purpose of if/and when that date is to be expected or known why it is not an option as the currency is a 1-1 ratio with NA compared to everywhere else it being valued at less than that 1-1 ratio for the countries they listed applicable for the program. I was told by Customer service to post about this here since they did notice that SEA has access to it but never even heard of it and had to look into what it even was and that they saw nothing for NA or EU accounts to when or if it will be addressed. Any information or consideration on this matter would be appreciated. Thank you.Blakkr2 Apr 17
Apr 4 COMPLAINTS: Mishandling DLC (Rebuying Base Game, etc.) General Disclaimer I didn't see an overarching thread for this, so I figured might as well. There doesn't appear to be anything in the Code of Conduct about Complaint/Petition threads, so if you're a little irritated by this obnoxious quirk of BattleNet's operation, let them know here. My complaint: Blizzard, for the amount of trouble it's been to utilise your platform (e.g.; downloading Destiny-2 5 times because it got stuck at 85Gb 4 of them), and general compatibility issues on down the line, I'm surprised you have the nerve to demand players repurchase the base game in order to purchase DLC. While I'm not all that pleased with how Steam does things, and how poorly they treat the developers, at least they don't milk players for all its worth all while failing to fix critical issues with core components of their platform. If you can't get it together and at least let me purchase DLC for the games I enjoy that are exclusively released on this platform, I'm sorry to say, but I'll find a competing game on Steam that makes it a bit more affordable. Despite the rubbish revenue the developers will get, it's still better than the nothing I'm willing to spend until the developers of this platform get this fixed. [Biggest Beef: Destiny 2.]nijk1 Apr 4
Mar 29 World of Warcraft soundtrack on vinyl Hello, I was listening to the Warlords of Draenor soundtrack and this idea came to my mind. I think some people would actually love to see the soundtrack released on vinyl. As a vinyl collector, adding my favorite game soundtrack to the collection would be just awesome! I can imagine a nice gatefold LP with a poster or some kind of artworks included. Would love to see the MOP soundtrack as well :). Do you think this is a good idea? Anyone else interested in this?Cosmosophy5 Mar 29
Mar 20 Destiny 2 Forsaken + Anual Pass discount So, I was checking the store and noticed that forsaken has a 35% discount and the pass 30%, but I couldn't find any information on what kind of sale this is, just wondering until when is this discount going to last. Thanks!Flea0 Mar 20
Mar 13 Blizzard & Fanatics Blizzard just teamed up with Fanatics and I can't believe how bad this relationship is. I have a year 1 OWL jersey that I paid $80 for. It feels like a pro team jersey and was worth the money. I told myself cool they are now letting us make our own jersey with numbers and names on it. So I went and bought a year 2 jersey since I was really happy with the year 1. Come to find out when I opened it up. This jersey does not feel like anything even close to the year 1. Feels cheap and light, I paid more for this fake jersey then I did my year 1. Blizzard never said anything about the quality of the jerseys being changed just the company. I feel like I really wasted my money on this 1 guys. IMO I feel they should go back to whoever was making the jerseys for year 1 OWL. Let's not talk about the OWL logo on the bottom of the shirt and on the sleeve. If you own a year 1 OWL jersey you know what I am talking about V the year 2 OWL jersey. Year 2 jersey made out of 100% Micro Polyester Year 1 jersey made out of 92% Polyester %8 SpandexXLTaylor1 Mar 13
Mar 10 Dark Reign 3 Activision has rights of this classic legend RTS. We all will like to see Blizzard with Activision make a part 3 and 1 & 2 in HD. Dark Reign for Blizzard any chance see it happen or not? What you people think? All the best. :)hegira2k79 Mar 10
Mar 8 Legion canvas wall hang Anyone here know if they will have (or have they had?) the canvas for the legion expansion? I know they are sold out of the original wrath, but is the legion then sold out too? Would seem kinda early for it to be sold out.Litho4 Mar 8
Mar 8 Is there anywhere I can purchase Diablo 1? Or is that no longer a "blizzard" title?Sephrinx3 Mar 8
Mar 2 Mobile community Would love to be able to chat with bnet communities on the mobile app.Gnomesftw0 Mar 2
Mar 1 Jaina Statue from Blizzcon Hello, Any chance we could get the ETA on when it will be on the gear shop? Thank you.UberPenguin2 Mar 1
Feb 19 Paying with Revolut Is Blizzard considering to implement payment method with Revolut? By that I mean not just using revolut card for your payment, but being able to make transactions directly via app, in other words is blizzard considering opening business account on revolut? Even though revolut is not yet very popular beyond UK, France, Greece and some other EU coutnries, I think it would be great addition for the players as no doubt for Blizzard also.complexxL91 Feb 19
Feb 15 Gifting processing time? I must say, i'm pretty hugely disappointed with the 72 hour processing time associated with gifts in battlenet. Digital sales should NOT TAKE THIS LONG. Battlenet, get your !@#$ together. I didn't think my friend would be waiting almost an entire week to play the game. FIX. THIS. NOW.teddyventure2 Feb 15
Feb 11 Starcraft 2 merch sizes Can we please get more StarCraft merch and possibly more sizes in rotation as whenever there's merch that I want to buy (20'th anniversary for example) there's only remaining sizes left such as small or 2x large.JamesGames0 Feb 11
Feb 10 Is there a way I can restore another character within 15 days of each other? Even if I have to pay (within reason) just want to know if it's possible?Matricx1 Feb 10
Feb 6 Clothing Sizes I have been interested in buying several items of clothing off of the Blizzard store. Unfortunately it seems the sizes used are not standard American sizing and this causes all of the clothing to run extremely small. I really wish more sizes would be available, especially larger sizes like American 2xl and 3xl.Crysteria0 Feb 6
Feb 3 Blizzard design team should make Star Trek ship battle game The Blizzard design team should make a Star Trek Multiplayer fleet and single ship battle game. NOT Activision, but Blizzard they make the best games ever.Hunter7771 Feb 3
Feb 2 Can't Purchase D2?! Please Help!? Can't purchase Diablo 2; server error. This happens directly after being asked to enter in my D.o.B.Octaeveus5 Feb 2
Jan 28 Wow Gear Hello, I think it would be really awesome if there was more world of Warcraft gear, but instead of relating so much to BFA if it related more to the player, having class related apparel or even spec related, could be legendary weapons like the Doomhammer or Gorehowl. In my opinion I think this would be a really cool way to bring wow and blizz fans to show off their interest in wow outside of the realm. Just a thought.Starpoll1 Jan 28
Jan 28 Correct Currency For My Country Hi Blizzard, I am writing on this topic here because i tried contacting the customer support services and there reply to this was there is nothing customer support can do about this this is a issue which you need to post on forums for blizzard to look at. So My country is Pakistan We have local currency here PKR. Most of the popular game providers for example steam, Epic Games, and every other game provider provides us with payments in USD this is the currency used to make online payments that does not support the local currency PKR. Providers like Origin, Google Play store, Apple Store they support our local currency PKR which is much convenient for us. Now the blizzard store however for country Pakistan shows all the payments in Euros which is the only game provider that shows this currency for an Asian country. Why is a question? Why blizzard count us in Europe payment methods? I just want to bring this up because games like Black Ops 4 a big game coming to blizzard the only provider from where we can buy Black Ops 4 for pc and we are stuck with payment methods that support Euros for some reason. We goto activison the game maker website and they ask us for the whatever edition we want to buy the payment shown on there website is USD and when we select retailers it gives us one option and redirects us to your store which shows us the game is in Euros. This is due to the blizzard store is not updated. Point out any other provider like Steam, Apple store, Google play store, EA, Origin or any that uses Euros for Pakistan.? We want to buy games from blizzard but due to payment currency being Euros which we are forced to give 25% to 30% more to blizzard we are unable to make any purchase. We want to play your games but why should we pay so much extra? Blizzard is a big platform but also it is the only platform which is not updated for the Asian countries it lacks the support the payment methods to provide ways to grow blizzard in Asia also its like blizzard only focus on other regions. I need blizzard store to update currency.Salman99875 Jan 28
Jan 20 Overwatch knit long sleeve Are there any plans to restock that Overwatch knit long sleeve sweater? It looks really nice, and I would love to throw my money at one.Scoopy0 Jan 20
Jan 20 Nicer refund policies Maybe for the future it would be nice to have a more reasonable refund policy like Steam for example. Tried to refund Black Ops 4 because I can't run it. Got told they couldn't do anything because I tried to run it. How else am I gonna know if I can run it? Pretty ridiculous and it makes me feel like the big fat sack of Shekels i probably am to you.Falconhoof3 Jan 20
Jan 17 Battle for Azeroth Pullover Hoodie is NOT part of the new year sale. I think it is quite misleading that the Battle for Azeroth Pullover Hoodie is heavily featured in promotional images for the current new year sale but is actually not on sale.Serenus0 Jan 17
Jan 16 Cho'gall T-Shirt Hi, I'm not sure if you guys all remember the Cho'gall shirt they had on the store for a while, but I'd love if it made a comeback, I bought a set of them for my best friend and myself(Him being Cho, me being Gall) but I recently lost the shirt on a trip. Will the shirts ever make a comeback? I would love to order another.Thanh2 Jan 16
Jan 14 Why does order from Blizzard Shop is pending for 30 days? I ordered some clothes from Blizzard Shop on 27th of November. Then, some days later they e-mailed me: "The item(s) listed below from your order have shipped out of our warehouse and are now on the way to your shipping address." Now it's pending and support isn't answering. What can i do???MrDominoshko1 Jan 14