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Nov 20, 2013 Post only Shop Beta Feedback Here Hi all, If you want to leave feedback for Beta Shop, please post them in this forum. For feedback for other titles, see the following bug forums below. This ensures your feedback is reviewed by the right parties. Hearthstone Feedback: Desktop Application Feedback: Thanks in advance!Machkhan0 Nov 20, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 Welcome: Please read! Welcome to the Feedback Discussion forum for the Shop! Help us to improve the Shop by providing feedback and suggestions here. Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct.Aratil0 Nov 1, 2013
17h Mercy pink T-shirt I haven't heard anything or get an email after purchasing this shirt. Where can I check the status of it?lumi4 17h
1d Legion canvas wall hang Anyone here know if they will have (or have they had?) the canvas for the legion expansion? I know they are sold out of the original wrath, but is the legion then sold out too? Would seem kinda early for it to be sold out.Litho3 1d
1d Warcraft canvas wall-hangs Hello! Are there plans to restock the classic WoW and Wrath of the Lich King variants of the canvas wall-hangs? I intended to purchase them while they were still available, but didn't realise they were limited stock, and unfortunately missed out. Thanks in advanceDarkgrincH8 1d
2d Blizzard Should Sell Zen's Fastball Team Iris Jerseys Many of the fantastic character designs and their reimaginings have been requested as merchandise in Overwatch's 3 years, but few of these designs would be practical for affordable manufacture or sensible for casual wear. However, Fastball Zenyatta's team Iris jersey not only looks fantastic, but ticks every box as a smart item to sell. Blizzard has already licensed or themselves sold more complicated clothing (be it in printing or feature) so there's no issues with production: it is a simple baseball jersey with 3 colours. The printing could be screened, sublimated, etched, appliqued, embroidered; the manufacturing plant is Blizzard's oyster. It looks great and like something you would wear every day, so practicality is not an issue. Everyone loves jerseys and hoodies, and the OW store could use the clothing variety. Its simple but eye-catching design means it could be sold affordably, and because it's just a cool baseball jersey, it would be the best currently offered clothing choice for any player who wants to rep or support the game but is looking for something discrete. Make it happen Blizz xoxo I would buy one instantly and don't want to have to make one myselfChaoticism0 2d
2d More Than One Bnet Name Change? Lets face it... We all make mistakes. A pretty easy one to make? Bnet names. For one reason or another, we change our names to these silly or bland names that we -thought- were a good idea at the time, but eventually come to hate and wish away with. My mistake was changing my name to Tony. The reason for it is a little bit more than childish, I suppose, but the want to change it is as strong as any, I would imagine. Now, I realize that the policy is pretty clear and fair with the 'one name change and that's it' but perhaps exceptions should be made? I think it might even be fair to offer a time limit between changes? Even if the time was a bit lengthy - say a month or two between changes - I think players would still feel grateful that the name they picked when they were ... Less mature ... isn't the name they are stuck with forever. I am sure I cannot be the only one who wishes they could change their name in Bnet... So what do you guys all think? What sort of ways might be a good idea to possibly have Blizzard address the issue?Tony20 2d
3d Battle for Azeroth canvas wall-hang... I’ve been waiting for news about the Battle for Azeroth canvas wall-hangs. I was hoping for the release of it before the release of the expansion, but... Any news about this, so we can complete our collection again ;)Leilee0 3d
4d Game Time Gifting Options Under the Shop we are able to gift most things directly to our battlenet friends. Why is WoW game time limited to only sending it through email? I feel it would be more secure if I could send game time and them receive it through the battlenet client gift interface rather than a code. Naturally please keep the emailing code option, but with the ability to gift game time as it currently is the gift recipient is still forced to log in via a web browser to redeem and jump in.FlameFlash0 4d
5d Purchasing overwatch with gift cards Hi , im from Singapore (SEA region) and im planning to buy overwatch. However i do not have a credit card to buy it and gift cards are extremely rare to find in my country, Fortunately i will be going to USA next month and i heard that gift cards are available there. Thus, i have a few questions : 1. Where can i buy these gift cards and how much will one cost (say 20 USD) 2. Will i be able to use these gift cards for my account (its region is Americas and Southeast Asia) Thanks!wangwang5 5d
Aug 9 Multiple copies/Add a cart Please bring back the cart functionality of the original store? Like say I wish to buy multiple copies of a pet currently on sale to give to friends at some future point in time.. As it stands now I have to make each purchase individually a send each to a given e-mail addy. Rather than say Enchanted Fey Dragon: Quantity (4). I did so in the past when the Celestial Steed first came out in the old store. Or take the current sale on the Battlechest and MoP. People may want to buy multiple copies for the future. Either for RAF's, gifts, or whatever. Being able to buy multiple copies at one time would be a HUGE bonus during the current sale. As well as future promotions.Thunderwulf32 Aug 9
Aug 5 Battlenet Anon setting needed Privacy issue. You need a setting to allow gamer to be anon to certain friends. Or everyone at any given time. Right now if I log in Everyone can see what character I am playing and where I am. We need a choice on who sees we are on. Some days you only want some people to see you and want to hide from others. The way battlenet is now the only option is to not play at all when you don't want to be seen by a friend.Hahji0 Aug 5
Aug 5 shopping cart feature shopping cart feature. so wondering why blizzard would not have a feature such as shopping cart to help their paying customers. never noticed it before but semi annoyed i have to use a cc twice to purchase the items i want, fixed it but just putting money on account but still? it should have it at least on the web storeLordSteve0 Aug 5
Aug 5 Fluctuation of TRY As a voice for the Turkish player base; recently the exchange rate between TRY and EU/USD has gone bonkers. It is really hard for us to keep up with ever increasing subscription amounts. Steam does special prices in TRY and I think blizz can keep this in mind. I am having really hard time to keep my friends in the game or bring new ones. Btw, to give you an example, 2 years ago we were paying about 45 TRY a month and now it is 77 TRY. I hope blizz can address this issue sometime. Thanks,Hobsbawm0 Aug 5
Aug 3 Gifting 72 hours to send a gift. RIP. According to the CS I spoke with, gifting is an automated process. But... why does it take so long?? It honestly doesn't really make sense considering it shouldn't take a computer much more than a minute to an hour to verify both accounts (which is why it takes so long, according to CS). I don't really remember it ever taking more than an hour to get or send a digital gift in the past. I've been sent a baby boomkin and sent a mount myself. Don't get me wrong, it warns you it'll take time. But so do character transfers and those go through in about the time it takes me to make a cup of tea, so I kind of assumed this would be the same sort of thing. Anyway the cookie crumbles, gifting takes WAY too long compared to other games and I don't remember it taking this long in the past.Tipsy1 Aug 3
Aug 3 Restock Sizes for Tyrande Skater Dress? I've been checking for the last few months on when the Tyrande Skater Dress in the gear store was going to get a restock in sizes, the only choice that has been available has been XL the whole time I've been looking for it and it says it comes in all sizes. I'm an XS to an S, and wanted to try to get it before Blizzcon this year. Any possibility of getting it restocked?Ivory1 Aug 3
Aug 2 Blizzard Gift Cards Are the Blizzard gift cards that are purchased from amazon region specific or worldwide redeemable? thank you.Scavenger1 Aug 2
Aug 2 Not able to use Visa gift card on the store? I bought a gift card today hoping to use it to buy some WoW subscriptions and Destiny 2. But when I was completing my purchase, the transaction page told me that my card information is not valid. That was odd, since I double-checked my gift card information and everything was correct. So I made a phone call to the Visa gift card company's customer support. I was told that "there is a temporary suspension of service between the seller (Blizzard) and those using Visa gift cards." Is that true though? I was able to use my prepaid Visa gift card on Steam, just not on Aug 2
Aug 1 Website shop charge is... silly Just slightly agitating. "Free domestic shipping on orders over $100"' Tried getting a few items together but it kept declining for reasons [below]. okay cool, w/e. Add the BFA CE to cart. "Shipping: 6.76". Tried adding a pepe plushie I've been wanting to the order. "Presale products cannot be combined with other products that are not a part of the presale". ಠ_ಠ I won't even be buying the plushie now. Still purchased through the blizz amazon page so I could use donations/amazon smile. This combination problem on the store itself was just a bit annoying lol.Vegatifa0 Aug 1
Jul 30 Can’t find “Redeem Digital Goodies” Button So I linked my account to my overwatch account on PS4 so I could get my 100 extra overwatch league skin tokens, I followed all of the steps on the site to claim my reward, but from what I can tell, there is no “redeem digital goodies button.” Can someone send either a screenshot of where it is or just give me very specific directions to where the button is?BrightHammer3 Jul 30
Jul 29 Upgrade to collectors edition? if I purchase a base copy of the expansion and later decide that i want the collectors edition, am I able to pay the difference?Odakoda2 Jul 29
Jul 29 Snowglobes I love the blizzard store and all its merch, but I think it would be awesome if you guys could make snowglobes, with for example Arthas sitting on his ice throne, like in the cinematic scene in warcraft 3 frozen throne after he shatters the ice prison. Just think it would be a cool thing to make from you guys.JollyCoster0 Jul 29
Jul 29 Snowglobes I love the blizzard store and all its merch, but I think it would be awesome if you guys could make snowglobes, with for example Arthas sitting on his ice throne, like in the cinematic scene in warcraft 3 frozen throne after he shatters the ice prison. Just think it would be a cool thing to make from you guys.JollyCoster0 Jul 29
Jul 27 Gifting problem My friend gifted me WoW and i got the email from blizzard. This is what the email tells me to do : But I dont see any gifts there ... Is this common , should I wait or what ?BluE1 Jul 27
Jul 26 Delete, without reply, email or anything? Why did my thread get deleted? No notification. No warning. No reply. No email. Nothing. It just got deleted. May i ask why?Shifty3 Jul 26
Jul 26 Regional pricing for other regions Hey, Yesterday i was a bit bored, and i did some calculations with no particular reason, because i simply don't expect any significant changes. So i just submitted a ticket to talk about the topic, as i was curious what kind of response will i be given. Will it end up in the trash can? Or will i get an actual reply on the topic. So i did that, and i got a reply from 2 kind GMs and they recommended me to post it here, so a relevant team member can take a look at this. I am kind of a old player as i started out with TBC on private servers. Why, you may ask? I was 12 at the time and i just got hoooked on it. Then i got my first Battle chest and started playing on retail...for a while. Anyway I am not here to gather myself a pity party, I think we have all been there when our parents did not want to spend money on games, so we had to save up for the game. I always envied people from other countries. Some get adjusted prices for basically everything, because their financial situation is significantly lower than the western world. For example Brazil, Russia, Certain Asian Countries have adjusted prices on everything. Here in East Eu, we get the western prices and the eastern taxes and salaries. It is just the worst of both world. We are not poor enough to get privileges, but not rich enough either. Now I am not here to bash Blizzard, or Steam or other platforms where you can buy games, for not catering for people from other regions, and only bothering to give region locked discounted prices for certain regions. It comes down to a lot of things, but as I said i was bored and i did some maths. I live in Hungary, which might not sound as bad. Some people don't even know where it is though. Thats fine. Point to the case is that the country i live in is a country that got screwed by other bigger and stronger countries during the wars, and suffered wounds that may never heal. So economy is not exactly flourishing if you see what i mean. Young people go abroad because it is a lot more viable to live abroad. I myself plan to go abroad when i graduate next year as an engineer. So i did some maths. here it is: USA 4174 EUR / month (national average) 4890 USD = 4 174,43 EUR Sub price: 13 euro / month 13 / 4174 of average monthly salary ~0.0031% 13 euro is 0.0031% of avg salary Sub Price in EUR: 13 / month Hungary 907 EUR / month (national average) 1063 USD = 907,45 EUR Sub price: 13 euro / month 13 / 907 of average monthly salary ~ 0.014 % 13 euro is 0.014% of average salary Adjusted sub price: 0.0031 x 907 = ~ 2.8 Euro 0.31% is the percentage of the salary of the USA worker that he has to pay for 30 days of sub. 920 is the avg national salary in Hungary. 2.8 Euro is the adjusted price that takes national financial situation into mind. Source: Regional pricing would bring a lot more subscribers, and it would be more fair for everyone. Not even mentioning the expansion prices. I never understood why everybody is surprised that people from poor countries pirate games. Why do you think a lot of those private servers of wow still thrive and live? There are legit businesses built around it, cause people want to play WoW, but they dont have the money for it. Look at this *redacted* *redacted* Biggest server in Hungary. Last year's net sales 38 174 000 HUF Last year's net sales in EUR (converted on 2017.12.31) 122 920 EUR This private server makes this much money, from premium shop, and trading of characrters. They literally have a auction house for characters (ingame gold / or token they sell for IRL money) And the entire thing is ran by 2 guys. It is an actual company names : *redacted*KFT. (KFT = LTD) Now because I am an student i will do the same with Student wages. Average student wages: USA $10 / hour Work hours required: 13 / 10 = 1.3 hour for 30 days of sub Sub price: 13 / month Hungary $3 / hour Work hours required: 13 / 3 = 4.3 hour for 30 days of sub Sub price: 3 x 1.3 = 3.9 ~ 4 Euro / month That means the Hungarian student has to work ~3.3 (10 / 3 = 3.33) times more than a student from the USA to be able to play the same amount of time with your game because the average wage is 3.33 times higher. Now i know there are a lot of things that i did not take into account, like cost of living and all that stuff. I am not going to do that, simply because i dont think it is necessary, because i am not trying to be accurate here. I am just trying to make a point. So in short, other countries like my own could use some regional pricing just like Brazil has it. I am not blaming blizzard or anybody for this. I am just bit bitter about my country you know. Thats all. If this will be considered I am sure a lot of people will be grateul for this. Entire East Eu has the same situation. Just to say a few: Hungary, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia etc. Mainly i am speaking in the name of the Hungarians, but i think nobody would turn down a more fair pricing. Thank you for the attention.Shifty0 Jul 26
Jul 26 EU Gear Store is much worst... Hi guys, I'm really happy that you opened Blizzard Store in EU, but...can we get as much stuff as US store? No Moira's T-shirt, no Hammond's no half of the stuff from WoW. It looks like an outlet store, not a real store. And don't get me wrong, I ordered something already (WoW colouring book is awesome!) but we need more up to date stuff, please.Jaheira0 Jul 26
Jul 20 Queued Hi i bought the D3 Necromancer DLC as a gift and sent it by email to my bf. It's been almost 4h the purchase is queued. How long does it take to process? Thank youFlorina0 Jul 20
Jul 19 Currency for Ukraine I know Blizzard Entertiment as a very consumer-friendly company. I also believe it's important to state I've been informed that all income from purchases made in Ukraine are going directly to Blizzard Entertaiment. Taxes are also paid in the country purchases were made in. That makes RUB currency only nominal. I do not mean to be negative or offensive in any shape or form. Please, bear with me. Rubles are a currency of a country-aggressor that kills ukrainians on the east of Ukraine (and that's quite literal, I had to deal with the consequences myself) and annexed part of the Ukraine's territory. Even though I'm lucky enough to live in a relatively safe region, for obvious reasons I would like to not use or even see RUB as a currency I pay your services for. So, given everything said above, having all the prices in RUB while being ukrainian is quite uncomforting, to say the least. It's not just about my personal preference or feelings, it's also about how Blizzard Entertiment company overall is percieved in Ukraine. I understand that Ukraine's market and user base might not be big enough to justify any big changes finance-wise, but I also know Blizzard Entertiment is not just all about finances, but also about consumer experience and high quality service. Is there anything possible to be done to resolve this situation globally? Such as change currency for Ukraine to USD, EUR or even UAH while preserving relative prices? Is there anything I can personally do to make this happen? Thank you. PS: yes, I did search for similar threads. But unfortunately did not find a response there from the Blizzard Entertaiment representative. It's quite sensitive topic, so any response explaining possibilities would be greatly appreciated. For further reference: - - PS2: yes, I did try to contact support. They directed me here. For further reference: #62673936DiRaven2 Jul 19
Jul 17 Military Discounts Just a suggestion to use to verify military service, to start to offer Military Discounts for the different Blizzard services. They are great and a lot of companies use them to prevent fraud.JMKolb0 Jul 17
Jul 17 Gifting of Pre Purchasable items. Gifting of Pre Purchasable items. Hi, My request is to please make the pre purchases giftable alongside the other other services already able to use this function. I would be very grateful for this option to be added to the shop as the only means to do so currently is with both players having an active wow account. As it stands the only means to do so is to trade in game gold in World of Warcraft to convert to balance to purchase the expansion, hearthstone expansion bundles etc. However my wife only plays hearthstone (since it has Japanese, which i'm grateful for) so i'm unable to trade her gold and would like to be able to gift these bundles in the future. Thanks, Yuna.Yuna7 Jul 17
Jul 17 Overwatch League Inaugural Season Shirt - New York Excelsior? Is there any reason why the Overwatch League Inaugural Season Shirt - New York Excelsior has the name in front and logo in the back as opposed to other inaugural season shirts having their logo in front and name in the back?Crimmie0 Jul 17
Jul 16 Old Blizzcon merch? I've gone to the last 5 Blizzcons and each year except the first (2013) I purchased a Blizzcon logo year pin. 2013 was actually our first year attending and our honeymoon. I have been searching for years for anybody with a 2013 Blizzcon logo pin without luck. I was wondering if there will ever be any way to purchase old merchandise such as this? We won't be going to Blizzcon this year sadly, as we have every year as an anniversary trip. In it's place, I would love to be able to gift my husband with a 2013 logo pin to commemorate our years celebrating with Blizzard.Exotical0 Jul 16
Jul 16 Purchase involuntary cancelled Made a purchase, it got cancelled without any warning. Now the item is no longer on the store (it was on sale). If it comes back, it'll come back at a higher price and I never even got a warning that the purchase had been cancelled, only found out cause I checked my account and saw that the money was refunded. Please give customers feedback of when a purchase is cancelled.Alux0 Jul 16
Jul 15 Legion not stand alone in shop legion has been removed as a stand alone product in the bnet shop. with that being said, makes it impossible to gift a friend legion because its linked to the bundles that has the pre order block for gifting. Just yesterday i could buy legion solo and now that i have my bnet funding today, its bundled and not valid for gifting. Help please.Zeit6 Jul 15
Jul 15 Get a new payment system. Your payment system is horrid. I shouldnt have to jump through a million loops to use a GIFT CARD. My friend shouldnt have to confirm payments with her card company every time she makes a payment, and trust me, its not a setting for her bank account. Heres some feedback, how about like every other place on the internet, dont screw people over, dont take a dollar from their account to confirm what they are using is legit, allow us to use paypal WITHOUT a bank account linked, allow us to use a prepaid card without issue. These "security" measures are not user friendly in the slightest and have made you lose a lot of business from people, and I might be one too.xUberDerp1 Jul 15
Jul 10 Suggestion - Blizzard Bundle I would like to suggest a Blizzard Monthly Bundle. Including Wow time, hearthstone packs, HoS skin and an over watch lootbox at a reasonable price. Let me know if you need any more suggestions.Catch220 Jul 10
Jul 9 Can you add Norway into the EU gear store? ?NorskNoobing0 Jul 9
Jul 8 Charging Account Balance to Gift Cards I ran into an issue today with trying to add money to my account from a visa gift card. It turns out that the way the system is designed, it charges $1 to the account to make sure that the account is active and then backs that charge out later. Unfortunately, when dealing with a *gift card*, it can't charge the full amount because of the $1 temporary charge. After speaking with customer support, the solution was to *save* the gift card, let the charge fall off over the next business day, and then charge the money. This was completely unclear on the site itself, and the errors that I was getting charging the card just made it sound like an internal server error. Please make these steps clearer when adding a new card and charging it for the first time.STORM0 Jul 8
Jul 7 WoW Figures Hey! I like the store but i think we should put in more figures, like some old ones that other parties made before and still does. It would benefit Blizzard even more to put them in the store and make more money. Many wishes! /NeroNERO0 Jul 7
Jul 6 Blizzard Credit Top-up How is it that a pre purchased credit for Blizz Store hits your account instantly, but a visa credit top-up takes from 1-3 days to hit your account? Isn't a visa top-up the same as a visa purchase? A purchase is instant why not credit?DagonetKills0 Jul 6
Jul 5 Split payment option for in-game purchases I recently purchased a $20 Blizzard prepaid card to add money to my account balance. Before I purchased the card I figured I could use that 20 from the card and pay the other $1.65 with my debit card. Which would make sense right? I feel like adding a split payment option would benefit greatly instead of having to add that extra change to your account and having to wait up to three days each time. Especially considering you can't make a whole lot of in-game purchases for only $20. This is just my 2 cents on the subject and feel like it would be a great addition.Oakshadarus9 Jul 5
Jul 1 Split pay between CC and Blizzard balance So I recently got a $20 giftcard for blizzard and put it in to raise my balance and figured I could spit pay the last amount for OW(sadly untrue). It would be more beneficial to customers to allow split pay as I read that it takes 3 days for a balance to be added(apologies if I misread, but highly inconvenient either way.)Thewolfxero1 Jul 1
Jun 30 Paysafecard Option I was reading a thread about paysafecard today and so i will make this thread to say the reasons why Blizzard should make a paysafecard option in the shop. 1.Many people (especially in a big part of Europe) don't have a shop that can purchase a prepaid card so a paysayfe will be usefull 2.A lot of people don't have a paypal/debit card 3. Even with a paypal/debit card , it is easier to buy a paysafecard espacially in small amounts of money . 4.Easy to load our balance. So Bliizard doesn't lose anything by adding a paysafe option in the shop and now it is a good time to do it with the official launch of Hearthstone and the upcoming Heroes of the Storm.EagleEyes28 Jun 30
Jun 30 Paysafecard pay Why can't pay with paysafecard in romania?MarioXGamer0 Jun 30
Jun 30 price policy and real-time money Turkish Have a nice day. My name is Taylan TOPRAK I am writing this article to make a few comments and suggestions. Me and my friends love BLIZZARD games very much. Unfortunately, we are having difficulty buying and playing games for the country we live in. One of the main reasons for this is that the dollar currencies are very moving and the games are very expensive compared to the money we earn. For this reason our access to games is restricted. To give an example from myself; I can play WORLD OF WARCRAFT every 2 or 3 months. Other gaming platforms can make games more accessible in our country. The absence of Turkish servers, the lack of Turkish language support, the inconsistency of price policy; The environment that loves me and your games is very upsetting. I want you to find a solution to this. I know English is not good, so I put the Turkish copy of the article at the end of the article. suggestions part; 1) Can you add interface to FROZEN THRONE III and provide servers for DOTA 1? 2) Can you add a market section in World of Warcraft where you can buy and sell goods such as mount, clothes and weapons? This also applies to OVERWATCH. Thus, companies like STEAM seem to have left platforms like ORIGIN, BLIZZARD, UPLAY behind by including real money in games. Thanks to this market; I think the players and the audience will grow. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Turkish; İyi günler. Adım Taylan TOPRAK Birkaç yorum ve öneride bulunmak için bu makaleyi yazıyorum. Ben ve arkadaşlarım BLIZZARD oyunlarını çok seviyoruz. Ne yazık ki, içinde bulunduğumuz ülke için oyun satın almakta ve oyun oynamakta zorluk çekiyoruz. Bunun başlıca nedenlerinden biri, dolar kurunun çok hareketli olması ve oyunların kazandığımız paraya göre çok pahalı olmasıdır. Bu nedenle oyunlara erişimimiz kısıtlı. Kendimden bir örnek vermek gerekirse; Her 2 veya 3 ayda bir WORLD OF WARCRAFT oynuyorum. Diğer oyun platformları, ülkemizde oyunların daha erişilebilir olmasını sağlayabiliyorlar. Türk sunucularının olmaması, Türk dilinin desteklenmemesi, fiyat politikasının tutarsızlığı; Beni ve oyunlarınızı seven çevremi çok üzüyor. Buna bir çözüm bulmanızı istiyorum. İngilizcemin iyi olmadığını biliyorum, bu yüzden makalenin sonunda, makalenin Türkçe bir kopyasını koydum. öneri bölümü; 1) arabirimini FROZEN THRONE III'e ekleyebilir ve DOTA 1 için sunucu sağlayabilir misiniz? 2) World of Warcraft'da binek, giysi ve silah gibi malları alıp satabileceğiniz bir pazar bölümü ekleyebilir misiniz? Bu aynı zamanda OVERWATCH için de geçerlidir. Böylece, STEAM gibi firmalar oyunlara gerçek para ekleyerek ORIGIN, BLIZZARD, UPLAY gibi platformları geride bırakmış gibi görünüyor. Bu market, oyuncuların ve izleyicilerinin artış göstereceğini düşünüyorum. Good day, good work ... Taylan TOPRAK toprak.taylan@hotmail.comWildRage0 Jun 30
Jun 28 Summer sale sold out already? Every time I try to add something to my cart from the summer sale I get an error "we don't have as many (item) as you've requested" I've tried to add a few things and so far I haven't been able to add anything to my cart. The cute but deadly zipper pouch only had the wow purchase option and it wont let me add even 1. I tried to get a couple of the shirts, reaper men's didn't have a S or L option so I figured I'd try M, nope. Dva shirt, tracer... I cant add any to my cart, I've tried women' and men's shirts in multiple sizes, tried logging out then back in and no luck with anything. So is everything literally just sold out already or is this an error? I mean this summer sale seems like a cool idea and there' some stuff that I would definitely get but... if literally everything that I want to get is sold out that's kind of lame. Makes me not want to even bother looking in the future and get excited for nothing.BeaMcghee0 Jun 28
Jun 26 Gear Store EU inventories Just like many other Europeans I am very pleased to finally get the European Gear Store. However, as it is already stated in the FAQ, it has a separate inventory from the US Gear Store. So certain collectibles are just available in the US and that kind of defeates the purpose when I still have to order there. So my question is, will the products be slowly added to the EU store so the inventories become similar?Paciala1 Jun 26
Jun 26 Where is the Gear Store Summer Sale start-End date? Can anyone tell me when it ends?Tiram0 Jun 26
Jun 26 Will the Jaina poster come back? Sorry if this isn't the proper place to ask this, but I found no other place. The page for it no longer exist and it was out of stock when I could access it. Does the page removal of it mean it won't get restocked and is gone forever?Tobi0 Jun 26