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Nov 20, 2013 Post only Shop Beta Feedback Here Hi all, If you want to leave feedback for Beta Shop, please post them in this forum. For feedback for other titles, see the following bug forums below. This ensures your feedback is reviewed by the right parties. Hearthstone Feedback: Desktop Application Feedback: Thanks in advance!Machkhan0 Nov 20, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 Welcome: Please read! Welcome to the Feedback Discussion forum for the Shop! Help us to improve the Shop by providing feedback and suggestions here. Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct.Aratil0 Nov 1, 2013
2d Support a Creator? I'm thinking this should be a thing Blizzard looks into for everyone who still supports their games. Just a code you put into the blizz store and a percentage of anything you buy goes to a creator of your choice.BonBon0 2d
2d Cannot redeem statue card I purchased an Illidan statue at Blizzcon and since then I have not been able to redeem this in the store since it is always out of stock. I purchased this for $350 and have no way to obtain my item. I asked for a refund from Blizzard support and they said they cannot. I do not have the ability to check the store frequently to "catch" when it is available again, especially since this seems to completely defeat the purpose of buying this at the event. There needs to be a resolution for this since I have already been charged for an item I do not have and possibly may never have.Mokilok0 2d
2d ADVERTISING BANK AND LOANS IN THE APPLICATION - IS THIS NORMAL? The Russian part of the community was surprised to find in the application an active advertisement of the bank Tinkoff, “specifically, a credit card for players. With a wild % of course and a very dubious cashback. Russian support - went away from questions about this advertisement, and topics on the forum were successfully cleaned or banned. From here I had a question - is it normal to advertise on my resource with games 12+ banks, and credit cards as well. This is despite the fact that when you click on the link for registration, only the phone number and name are required. This is despite the fact that this bank is famous for its bad reputation throughout Russia. Is the main office aware of what is happening in the Russian branch? Or is it the next step into the abyss of our beloved company? Blizzard is ready to give teenagers in credit slavery? I would like to hear your thoughts. 2d
2d Cho'gall T-Shirt Hi, I'm not sure if you guys all remember the Cho'gall shirt they had on the store for a while, but I'd love if it made a comeback, I bought a set of them for my best friend and myself(Him being Cho, me being Gall) but I recently lost the shirt on a trip. Will the shirts ever make a comeback? I would love to order another.Thanh1 2d
3d Does checking out as a guest de-prioritize your order in the Blizzard shop? Does checking out as a guest de-prioritize your order in the Blizzard shop? Recently, for the black Friday deals, on Nov 19th, I placed an order in the morning for 2 of the items on sale. I wanted to make sure successfully ordered the items before the stock ran out, so I checked out as a guest. (As I wanted to use my personal email to track my packaged.) About 5 or 6 other co-workers placed orders later in the day. I've not received an update email, but realized something might be wrong, when all of my coworkers who had placed orders, were talking about how they all expected them to be delivered to their homes today. After checking the status of my order, it is still "processing" ten days later. The only difference between their orders and my order was that I placed mine in the morning, where they placed theirs after 3pm and that they were signed into their battlenet accounts. So my question, after talking with live chat about how to resolve this and only being shown the order status form, was are guest check out orders deprioritized some how, in comparison to people who signed in before ordering. According to support, my only solution is to just "wait for it to move forward as we are experiencing a high volume of orders." I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed this before?Snowstorm1 3d
3d Refund time is less than 30 min on Cod 4 ? LOL ? hello there , i bought the game yesterday and only played it 30 min or so and i asked blizzard for a refund ! and they told me i have played too much to refund ? how is 30 min too much for refund ? is this a joke ? scam ? whats this seriously ! i never bought any thing from activision before and probly will never buy again ! thats a harsh way to scam people ! This is my chat with blizzard gm ! i almost played all blizzard games and im disapointed in them now ! is the money Coming from bo4 worth losing your reputation? ! 3d
6d Can't redeem prepaid card. So I bought a prepaid card so I could buy the Destiny 2 annual pass, and I tried redeeming it, but I get this error Oops! The code you entered cannot be claimed. Please check the code and try again. If you see this error again, please try again later, as the game or website may be undergoing maintenance. Is it because it wasn't properly activated? Because its a Canadian code, and my account is Canadian too, and is there a place on where I can see server status' or something like that? Ill try contacting Blizzard later today to see what the issue is.xboxer2141 6d
Dec 7 Winter Wonderland Jingle Tracer shirt. I noticed it vanished off the store when I was planning to buy it, but missing only on the NA side, why?Plague0 Dec 7
Dec 7 Destiny 2, buy addon for full price, and we do discunt on next day. Yesterday I bought Destiny 2 Forsaken at full price, but today the game received a sudden discount. I am denied a refund of money that "disappeared." Although the discount was not, and if I knew about it, I would not buy the game yesterday. Money does not return, referring to the progress made in the game. Level 39, not even the maximum. What should I do after the purchase? Look at it and not do what you can and should do in the game? I should not have raised the level? Since the purchase did not go even 48 hours. For the money I spent, I could buy another version of the game today, but they can even change the version of the game. I ask either to return the money to buy the game at a discount, or to change the version of the game for the best. Or make compensation in other games spreading on (World of Warcraft, dubbing). I hope for your understanding. P.S: I apologize for errors in the text, because I write using a translator. But I no longer know where to turn. This is the maximum disrespect for the players.Rammstein0 Dec 7
Dec 6 Currency for Ukraine I know Blizzard Entertiment as a very consumer-friendly company. I also believe it's important to state I've been informed that all income from purchases made in Ukraine are going directly to Blizzard Entertaiment. Taxes are also paid in the country purchases were made in. That makes RUB currency only nominal. I do not mean to be negative or offensive in any shape or form. Please, bear with me. Rubles are a currency of a country-aggressor that kills ukrainians on the east of Ukraine (and that's quite literal, I had to deal with the consequences myself) and annexed part of the Ukraine's territory. Even though I'm lucky enough to live in a relatively safe region, for obvious reasons I would like to not use or even see RUB as a currency I pay your services for. So, given everything said above, having all the prices in RUB while being ukrainian is quite uncomforting, to say the least. It's not just about my personal preference or feelings, it's also about how Blizzard Entertiment company overall is percieved in Ukraine. I understand that Ukraine's market and user base might not be big enough to justify any big changes finance-wise, but I also know Blizzard Entertiment is not just all about finances, but also about consumer experience and high quality service. Is there anything possible to be done to resolve this situation globally? Such as change currency for Ukraine to USD, EUR or even UAH while preserving relative prices? Is there anything I can personally do to make this happen? Thank you. PS: yes, I did search for similar threads. But unfortunately did not find a response there from the Blizzard Entertaiment representative. It's quite sensitive topic, so any response explaining possibilities would be greatly appreciated. For further reference: - - PS2: yes, I did try to contact support. They directed me here. For further reference: #62673936DiRaven18 Dec 6
Dec 5 ordered 2 items but only ship one? i ordered 1 "blind cute but deadly figurine" and 1 "nyxl jersey" at black friday on nov 23. Both are confirmed with all the email confirmation, that's fine. today Dec 5, i got the shipping email with the tracking number, but only the "cute but deadly" is on shipment? what happen to the other jersey then. or they ship one by one?axe4men0 Dec 5
Dec 4 how long does it take to ship internationally? I've ordered a few items back in Nov 23rd and now it's already Dec 4 and it still has not arrived at my place yet?axe4men1 Dec 4
Dec 4 Mei Pajama Pants and Shirt Does anyone know what fabric they are made out of? Some apparel in the store say what they are made out of and other apparel doesn't? i would like to know before purchasingBettyMwwaahh0 Dec 4
Dec 3 Mei slippers :( When can we expect a restock on the mei slippers? I finally saved up enough to get them and they aren't in the store anymore so sad :(Jazz0 Dec 3
Dec 3 Adding small amounts of balance to round out a purchase I was looking to purchase the Destiny 2 expansion Forsaken using my gold from WoW to buy WoW tokens to convert into Blizzard balance, however buying the three I had enough gold for would only net me 39 EUR of the 39.99 EUR required and since there's no way for me to add any balance beneath 10 EUR I'm left with no other option than to just give up the idea entirely since I'm not going to have the leftover 9.01 EUR just sitting there. Apparently there was nothing that could be done about it but it just feels rather disheartening to be so close yet unable to do anything about it, while if I could convert the WoW tokens into USD I would have plenty to buy it with.Joe0 Dec 3
Dec 2 Blizzard Gear Shop Order Stuck on Processing I bought some stuff for Black Friday and I shortly got the order confirmation email, and in it it says that i'll get a shipping confirmation email. That was november 23rd, now its December 2nd. Even when i look on the "My Orders" category it says that the order is still processing. I don't want to ask for a refund because then i wouldn't be able to reorder certain items since they've sold out in the time since i originally bought it. Has this happened to anyone else?NVEE2 Dec 2
Dec 2 Problems with logging on the Battlenet app I know this might sound like a very simple thing to do but before you start looking for a solution why you can't log on to the app, you should change your region and try then to see if it works because of the maintenance. On December 2, 2018 I thought I had a problem with logging in, so I tried all the solutions stated on the forum and then I read that it was maintenance time. Again, people who read these announcements know this, but I didn't and there are probably others who don't check the news. Thank you for your time.Bvoodoo0 Dec 2
Dec 1 Can we get an option in the shop to Gift something? Me and my friends went in and bought another member of our group the Genji replica sword but there wasn't any way to let him know in the package that it was from all of us. Alot of different shops have this option. Just something that would be cool especially around this time of year.PopePetronus0 Dec 1
Nov 30 You`re not allowed to access this content at this time So i wanted to buy a gift for my friend. i spammed trought the age question, and now it says You`re not allowed to access this content at this time (you cant view this product due age restrictions.Togs1 Nov 30
Nov 29 Sudden hidden charges shipping to Canada - Fedex So a lot of us run into an with sudden hidden charges showing up, months later, due to the shipper that Blizzard uses to ship to Canada; FedEx. When we order from Blizzard, we pay for the items, pay for the shipping, and then usually within 1-3 days, get our package. Months later, we get a giant bill from Fedex. When our package hit the border, Fedex pays the taxes on our package to Customs, and then sends us the bill to pay them back. Which is fine & expected. Unfortunately, when they do this, they like to charge what's called an "Advancement Fee". Their website states that they charge one, but you have to drill down to see that it's currently either '2.5% of the amount advanced, or $10 whichever is more'.. But I've been sent a straight $30 fee on top of my sales tax owing, on a $43USD order (includes $9 USD shipping), so I'm not sure how accurate their website really is with their fees or how they're managing to inflate them. To add to this, they say that if you create a Fedex account, with your shipping address and a credit card attached, any shipments to that address will be automatically linked to your account and your credit card will be immediately charged when Customs assesses fees, avoiding the Advancement Fee altogether. Except they don't always automatically charge it, and when they don't, they send you a nice invoice months later, AND assess the fee. Which they SAY you can get waived if you call them to get the invoice attached to your account, but they'll only waive the Advancement Fee once (when I called to get it waived, I was informed that per management, they can only waive the fee once, no matter the circumstance). If they continue to fail to automatically charge your credit card, you'll keep getting charged the fee. And they won't waive it afterwards, even if they were the ones who screwed up. My gear store order in March 2017 was awesome, and its because Blizzard charged sales tax on it for me. It was an expensive order (when converted to Canadian, boo), but it was for 3 people, and because of the group order, we saved on the shipping (default shipping amount for a single item, no matter how small, was $14 USD, it's now slightly less). Subtotal $125.25 Shipping & Handling $33.83 Discount (MMO Champion 10%) -$12.53 Tax $19.11 Grand Total $165.66 Because of that tax paid, Fedex had to inform Customs that the tax had already been paid on my order, and Fedex couldn't charge the Advancement Fee. For the first time in forever, I didn't get a crazy bill afterwards. I don't know whether that was a test or what, but sales tax isn't being charged now, so we're still subject to the ridiculous Fedex charges. Please start charging us sales tax on gear store purchases (and remit to CRA), so that Fedex stops with the major charges to us that we simply can't get out of. Or stop shipping with Fedex, and go USPS with them handing off to Canada Post.Ressie24 Nov 29
Nov 28 Sale date in banner for Destiny listed as X - 27th not 26th Given the size of your company and thus review process that should happen before marketing goes out this should not happen. If you list a sale as [from date] - [to date] it is reasonable to assume the sale will finish on [to date] not at the end of the previous day. You should include times or put the day the sale ends on not the following day. Apparently according to a friend once you went to the store page it did correctly show x - 26th however on destiny 2 launch page it showed 27th.Neon0 Nov 28
Nov 27 Paysafecard issues ... Please Implement a way to use Paysafecard, PLEASE OH PLEASE. I mean it cost blizzard less ? its faster more secure because NO bank account needed the thing is i bought a paysafecard for 10 euro AND i noticed we can't use it here, i need paypal now and can't find a solution please find one for me. And don't say "buy prepaid card" THEY DONT EXIST IN THE COUNTRY THAT IS CONSIDERED THE CENTER OF EUROPE (Belguim) So im in a bit of annoying position here... i have money issues so these 10 euro per month is all i could spend so i just can't lose 10 euro its much more annoying then you think... Please helpGoldenBrovok334 Nov 27
Nov 27 Can I buy Overwatch on one PC and install it on another? I am just getting into PC gaming and Overwatch is going to be my first big game that I buy for it. I have the money now for the game and I kinda want to buy it now, but my PC parts aren't here yet. However, I do have installed on my personal laptop. I am wondering if I can purchase Overwatch on my laptop, not install it, and log into on my new gaming PC when I get it up and running and install it there. I know you can do this for many of Blizzard's Free-to-play games but I don't know if the same applies to Overwatch since it isn't free.Ic3ys0ul4 Nov 27
Nov 26 You ought to allow Paypal for immediate purchase. That way people can feel more comfortable spending money on your products, without worry of it being stolen like the MANY companies who have had this happen recently. To be honest, I strongly dislike the balance feature (as its a bit untrustworthy attempt to scoop up more liquid capital and forces you to wait for funds) and will simply add my information and delete it after purchase. But it feels irritating to have to resort to this. Therefore I would be more inclined to buy more from you (gems and LBs) if it was easier to do so (IE Paypal Its 2018).Wertpenguin0 Nov 26
Nov 26 Multiple copies/Add a cart Please bring back the cart functionality of the original store? Like say I wish to buy multiple copies of a pet currently on sale to give to friends at some future point in time.. As it stands now I have to make each purchase individually a send each to a given e-mail addy. Rather than say Enchanted Fey Dragon: Quantity (4). I did so in the past when the Celestial Steed first came out in the old store. Or take the current sale on the Battlechest and MoP. People may want to buy multiple copies for the future. Either for RAF's, gifts, or whatever. Being able to buy multiple copies at one time would be a HUGE bonus during the current sale. As well as future promotions.Thunderwulf33 Nov 26
Nov 26 i have some currency related issue i am from Malaysia and i recently purchased something from the shop, and everything is fine, including all the shipping fee, but then i realized something is not right. On the total amount, it stated that the total amount (grand total) is $35.99 including the shipping fee, did a quick google search 3 days ago and when converted to my currency (which is MYR), is around MYR 149.65, i said sure i can afford that, then i proceed to checkout. After that, when everything is good and done, i received the confirmation email receipt, all is fine but then, i got a message from my bank through my phone, (this happens when i use my debit card) to show how much is being deducted and i found out that it was MYR 157.03. where is that extra charge coming from?axe4men1 Nov 26
Nov 25 I can't refund Black Ops 4 I'll make this story short. Played this game less than an hour but GM claimed I played for 7 hours. Probably downloading time and waiting on the lobby counts. I am literally level 2 on the multiplayer and I can't refund the game. The moment the game finish downloading, I probably surpass the required time to refund this game. Then I spend a few more hours testing the game performance because the performance on my PC is absolutely terrible. They still won't refund me the game. Been supporting Blizzard for since Vanilla WOW but that probably doesn't matter.BlazingNinja1 Nov 25
Nov 25 How To Purchase Warcraft III? So since the announcement of WC3 Reforged I have been looking at buying the original Warcraft III Battle chest, but I'm not spending $60+ bucks on it... Is there away to buy get the Original game through blizzard while we wait for reforged to come out? Or give the original to those who have purchased the pre-order of Reforged.Suredude2 Nov 25
Nov 25 Cant refund BO4 Bought the game exactly 24 hours ago. Downloaded it, played for 3 hours max, didnt enjoy it, had FPS issues and other technical bugs. Decided to get a refund. This is where it goes downhill. After filling a support ticket I got told that I played too much. 3 hours. Is there any possible way to get my 47 euros back?DankHamster1 Nov 25
Nov 24 Delivery time I am ordering items from the na shop and want to know how long it typically takes to deliver to euMooImAPotato3 Nov 24
Nov 24 Can't buy BO4 Can't buy BO4. Sad face. Wont even let me on the store to purchase anything.Gen0cide3 Nov 24
Nov 24 Purchasable allied races for Christmas I think it would be a HUGE money maker for Blizzard and also a very nice Christmas gift to all its subscribers if they made each allied race purchasable in the Blizzard store for Christmas time. I think $50 a piece for each allied race sounds very reasonable. Anyone else with me on this?theá1 Nov 24
Nov 24 Warcraft III Reforged discount? Before any ask, I had went to Customer Support to find out if people who owned the OG games of Warcraft III before the remaster was announced would get a discounted to which I received the response "sadly no, it's a separate purchase and won't have any discounts for already owning the original." I asked why, and he responded with: "That is just the way development is setting up pricing for that game." While, I can't blame the person for doing his job, the development team is making by far a crude move, I don't want to pay for the game twice, especially after they had announced Diablo Immortal. I'd be fine if I got it a discount for owning the original game, since I don't want to buy the game twice, even if they say they're balancing the gameplay and doing a reskin.Exzenosis1 Nov 24
Nov 23 Mischief Plush restock? I was gonna buy him during the sale yesterday but sadly he was out of stock and now his page has vanished entirely, will he be restocked at all or did I miss my chance?Plague0 Nov 23
Nov 22 Gifting processing time? I must say, i'm pretty hugely disappointed with the 72 hour processing time associated with gifts in battlenet. Digital sales should NOT TAKE THIS LONG. Battlenet, get your !@#$ together. I didn't think my friend would be waiting almost an entire week to play the game. FIX. THIS. NOW.teddyventure1 Nov 22
Nov 21 Warcraft III: Reforged discount? Hey!!! I'm really glad to see Warcraft III: Reforged and I'm willing to buy it! Just wanted to know if there's a chance of getting a discount as a veteran owner of the original game. In this account I own Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and also Frozen Throne, I bought it years ago and now I'm so happy to be able to play it again with improved graphics, but it would be really nice of you Blizzard if you can show some love for the original owners! Keep your great work up! Thanks a lot for your time and I'm eager to get a positive answer!DeltaSoul4 Nov 21
Nov 21 why can't i spend my balance from battle net in blizz merch store why can't i spend my balance from battle net in blizz merch store i feel i should be able to i spent like 3 hours grinding a wow token and i wanted to buy a wallet with it thought it would be cool to tell people i earned it through a video game and it would be a cool story i don't see why they could not do this seems pretty easy to dofpsdingleman1 Nov 21
Nov 21 Shop Balance I think you should have the and gear shop balance the same, so it transfers. It would make it easier for me to buy stuff.CyborgGaming1 Nov 21
Nov 20 Black friday sale? Any chances for a black friday sale? Would love to get a world of warcraft membership if it wipl happenMisterMaor2 Nov 20
Nov 20 Bnet Launcher, game Launch options As we talk about the Launcher, can you add the option to send the launcher to the system tray when we launch the game? There are 2 options right now: -Leave it running -Minimize Bnet windowHeldamon3 Nov 20
Nov 17 Suggestion: Accept Bitcoin as payments. I suggest Blizzard sign up and allow Bitcoin as a payment. The majority of products purchased are in fact digital, it makes sense to use digital currency to pay for it.Acesz7 Nov 17
Nov 17 Gear Store feedback Hope this is the right place... CS on Twitter sent me here. When the Gear Store BlizzCon sale began, my husband and I immediately pored over it to see what we wanted to buy. However, I was aware that there was stuff missing... like, no yearly pin, and a decided lack of plushies. I understood that there had been indications of more stuff, so I figured it would be added later. So I bookmarked the page. Sorted for "Newest". And kept checking. And now I know that either "Newest" is not working, or you guys are removing and re-adding everything. The order of the same things keeps changing. And when I made a second effort to track if something was added - noting the overall number of items for sale - I could figure out ONE ITEM was added one day, but cannot figure out what it was. It's been really frustrating. Could you internally tag add dates and/or order so that functionality works dependably? It'd be much appreciated.Solitha1 Nov 17
Nov 17 Split payment option for in-game purchases I recently purchased a $20 Blizzard prepaid card to add money to my account balance. Before I purchased the card I figured I could use that 20 from the card and pay the other $1.65 with my debit card. Which would make sense right? I feel like adding a split payment option would benefit greatly instead of having to add that extra change to your account and having to wait up to three days each time. Especially considering you can't make a whole lot of in-game purchases for only $20. This is just my 2 cents on the subject and feel like it would be a great addition.Oakshadarus11 Nov 17
Nov 13 Can't Purchase WC3 Can't Purchase WC3. When i try to purchase the original wc3 a message pops up saying "404 - PAGE NOT FOUND We've dispatched a rescue murloc to guide you back to safety." How do I get the game?Willdabeast3 Nov 13
Nov 13 I cant buy warcraft3. I would like to buy war 3 rog and tft but i cant.... i really wanna training for war3 reforged. Someone can help me plz? Im always warcraft player not really dont like starcraft world.... And now warcraft will be live again its my best news last 5 year.. :DLitchez0 Nov 13
Nov 12 Poster packaging and care I received my saurfang poster in a triangle box this year. It strikes me as odd that they suddenly change from the super nice package tubes to triangle boxes. I'm more upset that my poster was damaged before it even went into the box because the box was almost fine, it seems as though someone did try to open it though. But my poster was creased so badly and this is never how they did things in the past. It was always treated with care and not beat to !@#$.MiniNinja0 Nov 12
Nov 12 Blizzard doesn't care about the fans anymore? Hello you all, This week i bought the Lego set (the Bastion website exclusive). I like to collect some stuff, and Lego is one of them, when i saw it i ordered it the same day because i'm fan of the series. I wanted to keep it in the box, but the box came trashed, because they sent it loose in the Blizzard Gear box. The problem is that i live at Brazil, and everything here pay tributes (so i paid for two sets instead of one), then i can't even ask for a refund or anything because of the distance. I'm just posting this to share my experience, some people REALLY like your work, but instead of giving joy your careless actions spread frustration to people. Thank you.Dragon0 Nov 12
Nov 12 Warcraft III : Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne unfindable in shop Hello world!_ I feel like title is quite enough... Since Warcraft III: Reforged was announced I feel like I wanna play the game again. And for some reasons, the game is unfindable... Well, actually all links that lead to the game resulted in an `Error 404` situation... Is it normal? Blizzard did replace those ones by Reforged? Can I still get the game? Link or what? Thanks for answering!Rymfire1 Nov 12