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Nov 20, 2013 Post only Shop Beta Feedback Here Hi all, If you want to leave feedback for Beta Shop, please post them in this forum. For feedback for other titles, see the following bug forums below. This ensures your feedback is reviewed by the right parties. Hearthstone Feedback: Desktop Application Feedback: Thanks in advance!Machkhan0 Nov 20, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 Welcome: Please read! Welcome to the Feedback Discussion forum for the Shop! Help us to improve the Shop by providing feedback and suggestions here. Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct.Aratil0 Nov 1, 2013
11h Code Redemption "An error has occurred." I won a beta BFA key at mmo champion but when I try to claim it, I got this error : "An error has occurred." Help please!!!!Gobliins2 11h
12h T-Shirts Size Chart Hello Blizzard! After speaking with a Customer Service rep, it was brought to my attention that I should post here suggesting that you add a T-Shirt size chart somewhere on your Blizzard Gear store, preferably on the T-Shirt pages themselves. T-Shirt sizes vary immensely between stores and it would suck to get a shirt that doesn't fit right. Kind regards, skateman222skateman2224 12h
4d Diablo 3 Xbox One Game Download: How can I purchase the main game without purchasing the Ultimate Evil package for 100.oo. As I already bought and own the Necromancer add-on for 21.oo. Any chance Billzard will come to the party with a discount? Or a simply purchase code to negate the pre-perchased content?BeardDaggers0 4d
5d Destiny 2 sale What happened to the sale for Destiny 2?Its not even the 16th yet.was going to buy it before it was over.Bluewind850 5d
5d Paysafecard Option I was reading a thread about paysafecard today and so i will make this thread to say the reasons why Blizzard should make a paysafecard option in the shop. 1.Many people (especially in a big part of Europe) don't have a shop that can purchase a prepaid card so a paysayfe will be usefull 2.A lot of people don't have a paypal/debit card 3. Even with a paypal/debit card , it is easier to buy a paysafecard espacially in small amounts of money . 4.Easy to load our balance. So Bliizard doesn't lose anything by adding a paysafe option in the shop and now it is a good time to do it with the official launch of Hearthstone and the upcoming Heroes of the Storm.EagleEyes27 5d
5d Warcraft canvas wall-hangs Hello! Are there plans to restock the classic WoW and Wrath of the Lich King variants of the canvas wall-hangs? I intended to purchase them while they were still available, but didn't realise they were limited stock, and unfortunately missed out. Thanks in advanceDarkgrincH7 5d
6d Please offer other shipping services I am months late about this, I realised I never posted about it so better now than never. I bought 3 t shirts and I live in Canada. I had no idea it shipped with fedex and I got really high fees. The total for 3 shirts was over $150. That is beyond ridiculous. I want to buy more things, but no way I will until they offer usps/canada post. I was pretty upset.Blackluc0 6d
Jun 13 Gear Store Not Working. Hey, So Because I am a T-mobile customer, I was offered a coupon for $20 off a purchase of Overwatch League Gear. I wanted to buy a hoodie using this coupon but ended up spending an accumulative 8 hours yesterday trying to get the website to work in order for me to get this hoodie. Part of it taking so long was that every screen had a ridiculously long processing time. I thought this could be due to the internet I was on but I ended up trying on four different internet servers over the course of the day and it did not change how slow the website was being. Every time I was on the final step, the website was processing my payment and then instead of being charged for the hoodie, the website would say down for maintenance and I would have to try again. Normally, I would be fine and just try again the next day, but now the coupon does not work because I guess it was only for yesterday. If there could be a new coupon I could use that would be great (unless you guys wanted to just give me a hoodie for free which I honestly wouldn't mind ;) ...). I really wanna buy stuff from your store, but I can't if it does not work. Please let me know if there is some resolution on this matter Thank you for your time BenEagleEye7351 Jun 13
Jun 12 Why not use ''Paysafe'' as a method of payment? I do not own a credit card - or want to in any case.For monthly subscriptions i use reccuring payments through Paypal. I think Paysafe is the ''safest'' AND fastest way of buying goodies online. Guys there in Blizzard i want you to know that i would spend more money on your games - especially the microtransactions-ny ones if i had that option. I do not know what would it cost you to implement Paysafe as an option but i am certain that the profits would far outweigh any costs implemented.Cosmos1 Jun 12
Jun 11 Destiny 2: Being able to wear more than 1 piece of Exotic Armor, Destiny 2: Being able to wear more than 1 piece of Exotic Armor, What is the point of having sets of exotic armor if you cant even wear more than one piece? Hoping they put that update in the new expansion. That be hella nice and I think it would keep people playing. The thought of being able to wear a full set of exotic armor would just make me play a lot more to get that. Thanks!Panda1 Jun 11
Jun 10 Please don't abandon e-mail gifting I have nothing against the new gift system, however unfortunately it's just not as flexible as the old one (gifting via email address) For example, if I want to purchase a game for a friend/relative (as a birthday gift) while the game is on sale, I can't just purchase it during the sale and then wait until the day of the birthday. I can either purchase it full price or wait for a store sale and gift it then...which isn't really a birthday gift at that point. Another example: Usually while there was a WoW Legion sale going on, I always purchased 2-3 copies for myself because of the boost that came with the game. So if I wanted to boost a new character to 110, I could just redeem one of my Legion codes. I have a feeling this won't be possible with Battle for Azeroth, because like all the other new Blizz-Activision game releases, it won't have email gifting. I understand that there are certain products that you want to keep within the system, like Hearthstone packs or Overwatch lootboxes. However full game releases should have both gifting option IMO.LittleJ0 Jun 10
Jun 9 No game time included, full price for BFA/Legion This seems like a move straight from EA DICE, this is not correct by any means. Why should we pay full price for the world of warcraft legion/Battle for Azeroth and game time separately? I love this game, and have been with blizzard for a while, but this is a strategy that failed DICE. Now I feel the same type of disappointment here. I am certain there are others who feel the same.Krystalcandy1 Jun 9
Jun 9 Legion not stand alone in shop legion has been removed as a stand alone product in the bnet shop. with that being said, makes it impossible to gift a friend legion because its linked to the bundles that has the pre order block for gifting. Just yesterday i could buy legion solo and now that i have my bnet funding today, its bundled and not valid for gifting. Help please.Zeit4 Jun 9
Jun 7 Split payment option for in-game purchases I recently purchased a $20 Blizzard prepaid card to add money to my account balance. Before I purchased the card I figured I could use that 20 from the card and pay the other $1.65 with my debit card. Which would make sense right? I feel like adding a split payment option would benefit greatly instead of having to add that extra change to your account and having to wait up to three days each time. Especially considering you can't make a whole lot of in-game purchases for only $20. This is just my 2 cents on the subject and feel like it would be a great addition.Oakshadarus8 Jun 7
Jun 6 Warcraft 4 What will it take to get a Warcraft 4? I know World of Warcraft was there to replace Warcraft but it simply isn't the same. The custom games W3 had to offer and the starcraft style it had to its competitive gameplay is GREATLY missed. I dare you to even show a teaser. Even a teaser that doesn't have to commit to the idea, maybe an April fools, watch how you will have people going crazy over the idea.Lavelm76 Jun 6
Jun 6 Gear Store EU inventories Just like many other Europeans I am very pleased to finally get the European Gear Store. However, as it is already stated in the FAQ, it has a separate inventory from the US Gear Store. So certain collectibles are just available in the US and that kind of defeates the purpose when I still have to order there. So my question is, will the products be slowly added to the EU store so the inventories become similar?Paciala0 Jun 6
Jun 6 "Please contact support " when trying to purchase wow complete collection Hello, I tried today to purchase the wow complete collection and I had a couple of pleasant surprises. I used my debit card , with the same infos with which I made purchases on other platforms (steam for example) , but it displayed a message with 'unknown error was encontered' and 'please contact support'. I tried unsuccessfully to match the credit card details , with the blizzard account details. I also tried to change the phone number of the account but it asks me for a confirmation code send to an old number I no longer have. Best regards, BogdanBogdanVanDam5 Jun 6
Jun 5 Gear Store EU Hello everyone, I'm not the first and probably won't be the last to bring this up, but why has a EU Gear Store been absent for years already? There's not even much in the way of an official reply from Blizzard on the matter it seems, when I try to Google it. I'm probably not alone when I say I'd love to purchase the D.Va statue, among other things, but preferably without the very high shipping costs and custom duties over an already expensive purchase. Has there been any news regarding the possibilities? Even any kind of official answer that I'm unaware of?sonicrmw7 Jun 5
Jun 4 Increase refund playtime Hello all, I tried overwatch the other week and I thought it was alright, but it seemed a little too dead for a 50$ purchase. I played for a couple of hours and got to level 10, then decided i would refund it. I contacted support and the person was very nice about it, but I was told that my playtime was too far out of the range for refunds. I was very confused as only getting really didn't seem like too much time for a refund.... And to be frank a lot of that time was spent looking for a match lol. I just feel kinda scammed now out of 50$ as not only did I buy the game relatively recently, I also didn't play for very long. I would really enjoy some more head room for the refund policy as my case (which is quite reasonable) was seen as WAY out of reach by the support person.nyoai0 Jun 4
Jun 2 Blizzard gifts system is really bad I wanted to gift overwatch to my brother so we could play together this night but after the purchase I got an email saying it may take 72 hours to claim the gift!, why don't you let us know before the purchase that the gift process will take up to 72 hours? The worst part is that I can't cancel the order!! Please improve your gift system!Amgmt1 Jun 2
Jun 1 Paysafecard issues ... Please Implement a way to use Paysafecard, PLEASE OH PLEASE. I mean it cost blizzard less ? its faster more secure because NO bank account needed the thing is i bought a paysafecard for 10 euro AND i noticed we can't use it here, i need paypal now and can't find a solution please find one for me. And don't say "buy prepaid card" THEY DONT EXIST IN THE COUNTRY THAT IS CONSIDERED THE CENTER OF EUROPE (Belguim) So im in a bit of annoying position here... i have money issues so these 10 euro per month is all i could spend so i just can't lose 10 euro its much more annoying then you think... Please helpGoldenBrovok330 Jun 1
May 31 Waiting seven days to get to gift Why can't we gift a friend until after seven days? That is honestly inconsiderate to those trying to help their friends join a game with them.DaleNempheta1 May 31
May 30 Upgrading Overwatch to Origins Edition? [SOLVED] Heyo, I pre-ordered Overwatch for the standard $40 price, overlooking the Origins Edition because I don't own any other Blizzard titles. Now after playing the beta, I would kinda like to get in on those skins. Is there any way to upgrade/separately purchase the Origins Edition for the $20 instead of the $60 tag? ThanksZremoff47 May 30
May 28 desiny 2 humble bundle key anyone here have destiny 2 key code for malaysia i have american destiny 2 cd key if want trade i ok with itibadgrammar0 May 28
May 24 Payments and Communications I'm beyond frustrated right now. Just lost at least an hour between yesterday and today trying to establish a payment method to make a purchase. Been a customer for years and never had this problem.... Your so-called support website is a nightmarish merry-go-round of automation. Would it be so costly to have Blizz reps available to chat for 30 secs to help long time customers spend more money??? I tried removing the payment method and making a new one.....but it wont let I troobleshot it....your website solution didn't work I can't day is ruined with the frustration of it all....AND I don't even know if this message will be read this month. VERY disappointed in the do I get past this issue if I don't revolve my life around facebook or twitter??? Would making a call service or chat room just for these kinds of problems really be beyond Blizzard's means? I doubt it. Your loyal but ANGRY customer.FireTurtle1 May 24
May 22 Overwatch legendary not giftable via email? Hello! Why is the Overwatch legendary edition not giftable via e-mail gifting (key code)? Both the Origins and GOTY editions had the option.Dartox0 May 22
May 16 Credit Card must be from the same region as the account? Is there a reason for this? My girlfriend is in the EU and I am in the US. She doesn't play any Blizzard games or have her own account. She would often log in to my account to buy me gifts from the Blizzard Store or add to my Blizzard Balance, but now it rejects her card. We only just found out about the change because she tried to buy me the Pink Mercy skin today.Rory0 May 16
May 16 Chat - Emojis In-game Emojis from Heroes of the Storm To Launcher - So people that play HoTs and have unlocked them can use these emojis in the Social Tab->Chats in the Launcher too, other than in-game only. Considering that the emojis that we have incorporated at this time in the Bnet Launcher are the pretty basic ones, but HoTs has everything from jaina, Thrall,Tracer,Orcs emojis and so on. (This would also promote people to play heroes of the storm more often in order to unlock these emojis) ... Thanks in advance, JamesJames0 May 16
May 14 Other types of Cancer Partnerships? Hello, so i just saw the mercy skin for overwatch (breast cancer awareness) im a Melanoma cancer survivor and im wondering what you are doing for melanoma awareness (all this month)resiarlleh1 May 14
May 14 Unable to download Blackthorne That is the link from the downloads section of blizz classic games. An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #132.2d5efea5.1525741865.13854f66 This is the error message I get when I click the link to download the game. Please give me a working link or point me to somewhere on the internet I can download this so I don't have to pull my super nintendo out of the basement.Zer0ofTime1 May 14
May 9 Misleading Xbox One information I have enjoyed playing Overwatch on the Xbox One since the release of the game, and have collected all of Tracers items, with the exception of the Battle for Azeroth emotes. I was genuinely interested in picking up WoW again and though this would be a great opportunity to finish my Tracer collection, however, despite the message stating "Unlocked with the purchase of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth collectors edition or digital deluxe edition." The content remains locked. I asked a GM in a IM chat prior this post only to be left disappointed again. They stated only PC is eligible for the digital content and that I should attempt to reach the Devs through the forums or Twitter. I can understand that content might be platform exclusive, but not if the content has a specific message about how to unlock it. Please update the console content so members of the community don't feel cheated, or even better yet... allow us access to the content we purchased.GHOSTBYTE0 May 9
May 8 balance and gifting feedback I'll try to organize it for easier reading/navigation. Feedback: Overall cool feature But only if you're not from Rus region or (seemingly) CIS region While reasons behind restrictions are understandable, it still blows to not be able to send gifts to any of my friends Suggestions: Let us choose what currency we want to use as our account currency regardless of region This would adjust pricings on Shop items, sub and everything else to appropriate regional prices of that currency Selecting currency that offers cheaper games and goods like Rub can be an exception from this rule Selecting such currency may be only available to people residing in said region That way any account can pick EUR on EU, but only accounts registered to Russia or similar region can pick RUB That way people previously restricted to RUB can opt out of cheaper regional prices and pay baseline EU price for services and goods in EUR That way a workaround is introduced for those who want to send gifts to their friends and are fine with EU prices (vs RU prices) Alternatively, shop can have an option for all games and services to gift them regardless of region but for same fixed price across all regions. Something like "INTERNATIONAL" edition (in contrast to "CIS/RUS" version that's cheap). So in other words we must be able to choose whether we want to buy (and/or gift) an unrestricted INTERNATIONAL version or CIS/RUS version that will have restrictions Side note/rambling: My account was EU before RU/EU merge for wow. My account currency was EUR and overall I was 100% satisfied with it. Should it have stayed that way I would be able to send gifts to my friends now. My account was forcibly converted without my consent to RUB, which kidna blows. I'm not concerned with EU prices being higher. I want to be able to send my friends gifts. I don't care if I will have to pay more than my region's price is.Mercer0 May 8
May 7 How about offering a Warcraft 3:Gold Edition for $14.99 on your store? You offer a digital purchase of Starcraft with it's expansion pack. Why not offer the same at a discount for Warcraft 3 and its expansion pack Frozen Throne? It's already offered in physical form. I would purchase it on your store for the right price.HappyFace6 May 7
May 4 blizzard balance gift Hello, I'm from Brazil and I wanted to know if a friend of mine that lives in the US is able to gift me $ through blizzard balance, will it convert to my currency?Snapcat1 May 4
May 4 Pandora charms Just would like to ad mothers day is coming and We need Alliance and Horde Pandora charms please. Plus one for each class, for the ladies.Lee0 May 4
Apr 28 Why? Never sure where I should post these but.. I Really want to know why I only get pitted against players who have won 500 plus games with one deck "golden hero players" whom I can not beat. Really think you guys should redo your matching system. I've lost wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more than I have won so I don't see the logic. Sick of getting my sh!t kicked in because it won't pair me with fair matches. I have a friend who is consistently in the same rankings with me with way worse decks and he plays against fair match ups. If I could at least understand the logic maybe I'd feel better. Spent to much money on the game to feel like I want to quit for good.MTG1230 Apr 28
Apr 27 Purchasing Game Time - Options for casual players I am wondering if there is a demand for world of warcraft game time without paying a monthly subscription but buying it on a per hour used basis. As a casual user I may play a couple days a year, I'll even buy the 2 month prepaid card as it is MUCH cheaper than buying game time on line. (weird, also weird that transfers and name and race changes cost so much in a pay to play game but that's just my 2 cents, it's actually pretty ridiculous you guys want the amount of someone to buy a videogame for them to change a character's race just so they can continue to pay to play your game but that's a separate mini rant.) i feel like with many other competing games wow would be more accessible to casual players if people were able to pay for the time they play the game rather than a full subscription for time they don't play. I probably won't return for a subscription in the foreseeable future but i would probably buy 20-30 hours game time and see how long it lasts me. It would also give me a purpose when I play and not just hanging out in a main city. Just a thought, good luck with wherever this game goes.ginger1 Apr 27
Apr 24 Blizzard Shop Ukraine For quite a while Ukraine has a military conflict with Russia and a lot of countries has supported sanctions against the country. However, in Ukraine we still have no other choice to purchase Blizzard products through the shop rather than in Russian currency - rubles. I believe, you should consider either making a separate shop for Ukraine in national currency or switch Ukrainian market prices to Euro.Porog8 Apr 24
Apr 22 Giftable balance feedback When I learned that Bnet balance had become giftable, I was ecstatic. When I went to check it out myself, I was even happier to find that I could gift a custom amount. However, when I found that Bnet balance was not an accepted payment method for gifting Bnet balance, my excitement quickly gave way to disappointment. (To clarify, I realize that being able to gift Bnet balance using Bnet balance technically goes against what the Bnet balance info page says about it being non-transferable, but bare with me here.) I have loads of gold in WoW, and like to gift stuff to my friends using the Bnet balance that I get from WoWtokens. There are a number of things available in the bnet shop that I am unable to gift- WoW character services, and game pre-purchases are ones I'm aware of off the top of my head. Currently, the only way for me to "gift" these to my friends is to give them gold in WoW (if they have a WoW account with at least the base game, and an active sub) to use to buy WoWtokens to convert into Bnet balance, get close to the amount they need without going over, and have them pay the difference themselves, or go over using WoWtokens and leave Bnet Balance sitting on their account. The ability to use my Bnet balance to directly gift my friends the Bnet balance they would need to make those purchases would be a great way to circumvent the current clunky and inconvenient means I have of "gifting" them ungiftable digital goods from the Bnet shop, without the need to add a gift option for those currently ungiftable digital goods, and while using just WoW gold still.Generationtp2 Apr 22
Apr 21 Korean battle net tag doesnt work! I purchased SC:R and I can't change battle tag into Korean name!! This sucks.. I have friends in SC under and I am not looking forward to purchase another SC:R just to get Korean name. Can this be fixed???Toguro0 Apr 21
Apr 20 Gifting of Pre Purchasable items. Gifting of Pre Purchasable items. Hi, My request is to please make the pre purchases giftable alongside the other other services already able to use this function. I would be very grateful for this option to be added to the shop as the only means to do so currently is with both players having an active wow account. As it stands the only means to do so is to trade in game gold in World of Warcraft to convert to balance to purchase the expansion, hearthstone expansion bundles etc. However my wife only plays hearthstone (since it has Japanese, which i'm grateful for) so i'm unable to trade her gold and would like to be able to gift these bundles in the future. Thanks, Yuna.Yuna6 Apr 20
Apr 19 Gift card troubles So, my friend decided to get me a gift card for $20 (which went thru in 2-3 mins), but then we realized tax was a thing for what i was after and he grabbed me a second one, but after waiting for 1-2 hr, the balance for the second one has yet to come to me. The code says its been connected to my account, but its just not coming thru. So is there a daily limit, or does it normally take that long?Hellwolf0 Apr 19
Apr 9 Sudden hidden charges shipping to Canada - Fedex So a lot of us run into an with sudden hidden charges showing up, months later, due to the shipper that Blizzard uses to ship to Canada; FedEx. When we order from Blizzard, we pay for the items, pay for the shipping, and then usually within 1-3 days, get our package. Months later, we get a giant bill from Fedex. When our package hit the border, Fedex pays the taxes on our package to Customs, and then sends us the bill to pay them back. Which is fine & expected. Unfortunately, when they do this, they like to charge what's called an "Advancement Fee". Their website states that they charge one, but you have to drill down to see that it's currently either '2.5% of the amount advanced, or $10 whichever is more'.. But I've been sent a straight $30 fee on top of my sales tax owing, on a $43USD order (includes $9 USD shipping), so I'm not sure how accurate their website really is with their fees or how they're managing to inflate them. To add to this, they say that if you create a Fedex account, with your shipping address and a credit card attached, any shipments to that address will be automatically linked to your account and your credit card will be immediately charged when Customs assesses fees, avoiding the Advancement Fee altogether. Except they don't always automatically charge it, and when they don't, they send you a nice invoice months later, AND assess the fee. Which they SAY you can get waived if you call them to get the invoice attached to your account, but they'll only waive the Advancement Fee once (when I called to get it waived, I was informed that per management, they can only waive the fee once, no matter the circumstance). If they continue to fail to automatically charge your credit card, you'll keep getting charged the fee. And they won't waive it afterwards, even if they were the ones who screwed up. My gear store order in March 2017 was awesome, and its because Blizzard charged sales tax on it for me. It was an expensive order (when converted to Canadian, boo), but it was for 3 people, and because of the group order, we saved on the shipping (default shipping amount for a single item, no matter how small, was $14 USD, it's now slightly less). Subtotal $125.25 Shipping & Handling $33.83 Discount (MMO Champion 10%) -$12.53 Tax $19.11 Grand Total $165.66 Because of that tax paid, Fedex had to inform Customs that the tax had already been paid on my order, and Fedex couldn't charge the Advancement Fee. For the first time in forever, I didn't get a crazy bill afterwards. I don't know whether that was a test or what, but sales tax isn't being charged now, so we're still subject to the ridiculous Fedex charges. Please start charging us sales tax on gear store purchases (and remit to CRA), so that Fedex stops with the major charges to us that we simply can't get out of. Or stop shipping with Fedex, and go USPS with them handing off to Canada Post.Ressie19 Apr 9
Apr 9 Prices do not match "Jojobonks Prices do not match. On the client front you advertise "the Witchwood" expansion pre purchase bundle as $49.99(usd) and again on the pre purchase page as $49.99(usd). yet my New Zealand dollar price is $79.99(nzd) on the same store page. a quick google search tells me that at 9pm on the 27th of march (1am 27th blizzard time) that $49.99(usd) is equal to $68.65 dollars(nzd). Now i know a way back you decided to have different prices for different countries (not something i like obviously but i can understand it), this however does not sit well when i have been advertised a price twice only for it to be completely wrong ($11 dollars more or a 16% increase). This is probably just an oversight as you probably make these pages with U.S. audiences in mind, to me however this is false advertising and would probably be better if you removed the default U.S. pricing from the battlenet client front (and probably the store page too (49.99us is not equal to 79.99nz). p.s. i think you spelled spooky wrong on the pre purchase page, would probably prefer a spooky card back than a spoopy one. 14 hours ago Oathland Greeting, Jojobonks. How are you? This is GM Oathland, happy to be at your service First, thank you for contacting us to express your concern! I understand that you have some questions with the price different in New Zealand. As a Kiwi myself, I can see your frustrating here and I think that you have your point! I am sorry that you have such experience, that’s why we like to have player’s feedback all the time. Blizzard would not be a great company without polished by your feedback. We may have created the skeletons of our games and community. But, players, who are the flash of our community and they define who we are today. I want to humbly invite you to share your feedback with us, and it is important to let your voice can be heard by all our players and our team. Please share your concern in our forum: If you have other concerns or your problem persist, please contact us again! We will be here and on standby! Until our path cross again. GM Oathland" checked the battlenet front roughly 12 hours after initial ticket submission and the price has been removed from there. The store page however, still has the us price and the non-matching nz price on the same page (as well as the aforementioned 'spoopy' cardback).Jojobonks2 Apr 9
Apr 9 Digital Copy of Famous Blizzard Entertainment Books Hello. Why we don't have digital dooks for sale? Lets save trees and not use paper. We're living in the Information Age. Not all players who want to buy Blizzard Best Sellers Books can visit their local stores to purchase it. For some countries Amazon sellers put restrictions to some countries and its not nice when you want to buy something you just can't have it. The Warcraft Movie was great but it was just small part of the giant Warcraft Lore. So Please keep in mind this suggestion. I don't know the Diablo, StarCraft and Overwatch Lore. But reading books about the lore for these games can give me joy and positive energy that I require each day as I going to work every single day 6 days a week! Not much time for games, but my passion for these games is huge and I always find couple of hours to play them.Lúcio0 Apr 9
Apr 7 Can't buy Legacy of the Void? After not touching SC2 for quite some time, I decided to pick it up again. Last time I played was during Heart of the Swarm, so I figured I should probably pick up Legacy of the Void now that it's out. I went to the shop only to find that I can't buy it outside of the $50 campaigns package. What's the deal? Frankly don't feel like wasting $50 considering I own 2/3 of what's offered.solarfall3980 Apr 7
Apr 7 Username changing I didn’t get a free username change pls help.MrShmeep0 Apr 7
Apr 7 List of battle tag # options when renaming, please. I tested out the rename feature thinking I'd get to keep my number, but ended up losing it. Honestly that bums me out big time. On a rename, can we please be shown a list of possible numbers we can choose from to go with our tags instead of being randomly assigned them? Would be nice to have some control over that.Nalukai0 Apr 7