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Nov 20, 2013 Post only Shop Beta Feedback Here Hi all, If you want to leave feedback for Beta Shop, please post them in this forum. For feedback for other titles, see the following bug forums below. This ensures your feedback is reviewed by the right parties. Hearthstone Feedback: Desktop Application Feedback: Thanks in advance!Machkhan0 Nov 20, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 Welcome: Please read! Welcome to the Feedback Discussion forum for the Shop! Help us to improve the Shop by providing feedback and suggestions here. Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct.Aratil0 Nov 1, 2013
7h Gifting Destiny 2 - Pre-orders I would like to suggest enabling us to gift Destiny 2 ( Pre-purchase). I mean it's a good idea since people like me would want to send this highly anticipated game as gift. As of now you can only pre-purchase it for yourself.FatKet95 7h
9h Gifting. Kehl1 9h
10h Warcraft canvas wall-hangs Hello! Are there plans to restock the classic WoW and Wrath of the Lich King variants of the canvas wall-hangs? I intended to purchase them while they were still available, but didn't realise they were limited stock, and unfortunately missed out. Thanks in advanceDarkgrincH2 10h
1d Pre-order question Are Preorders charged full amount upfront? If I make a pre-order for lets say the DVA statue is the full amount charged on my card and kept there until it's released months from now??HatsuneMiku0 1d
1d Dark Reign 3 Activision has rights of this classic legend RTS. We all will like to see Blizzard with Activision make a part 3 and 1 & 2 in HD. Dark Reign for Blizzard any chance see it happen or not? What you people think? All the best. :)hegira2k73 1d
1d Pre-Paid Cards (Canada) I want to go and purchase credit for my account, but I can't seem to find any pre-paid gift cards (that add currency) in Vancouver, BC. I can find the WOW 60 Day Online Game Cards, but that's pretty much it. All of the other major game publishers have these cards in Canada, such as Valve for the Steam $20, $50, and $100 gift cards. So why is Blizzard the exception? I don't always want to use my Visa, and I have no interest with heading down to the states to grab a couple.Blues19900 1d
2d Warcraft RTS and Diablo 1 & 2 With the Starcraft remastered being put in the Blizzard store does this mean we will possibly see something for ALL the Warcraft games and first 2 Diablo games. I know if ALL of the warcraft games were redone and placed on the Blizz Store possibly even as a bundle for getting Warcraft Orcs VS Humans all the way to the final Warcraft 3 expansion. Not to Mention seeing both Diablo and D2 and its expansion LOD being updated and put in the Blizz Store.MonsterSquad0 2d
2d Past Digital Collector Item goodies With all the things Blizz has been adding to the Blizz Store lately theres a few things id like to see them add. 1 thing id personaly like to see are the digital items that came with the Collector's Edition of Classic/Vanilla and Previous Expansions. Im not saying sell the physical items but the items that are already in the game that were only obtainable if you got the Collectors Edition for Classic and past Expansion's. this is nothing that changes game play just would better it for those who are into Collecting such things. I have Noticed that the Dreanor Digital Items are being sold on the Blizz Store, So its not like they havent done something like this already or maybe was done as a test to see if it be worth while to put the rest up there. IF the second one is true wouldnt putting the Vanilla Digital Items on the blizz store be more effective or both Vanilla and Dreanor so there is a refrence. IF all the past Collectors edition were to be put up on the Blizz Store there could even be a kind of Battle Chest version of the Digital items.MonsterSquad0 2d
2d Please replace your plastic cards with paper let's do our part blizzard, even though you keep deleting my post about this topic, please consider halting production of plastic gift cards and replace them with paper!saber0 2d
2d Special request - I don't expect much but I can hope. So I purchased WoW Legion about a month ago to play with my girlfriend. She was big into for a few years but fell out of it. I told her that I would absolutely play it with her because it would be a great time. We never actually ended up playing together. The reason I'm making this post is to ask for a refund or even a credit on This morning I found my girlfriend in bed with another guy and needless to say the relationship is over and because of it I won't be playing WoW. I'm pulling the sympathy card because that's all I got. Please help me out.MrFist0 2d
2d New Gear Store: No more Paypal? I was happy to see the Gear Store finally being live again and wanted to buy the Cute but Deadly Bastion instantly. Turns out only Credit Card is accepted as a payment option. I don't have one and never had the use for one and my past orders all went through Paypal. Is Paypal out entirely or do we have to wait as long as it took the Store to come up again, until it's added again?KeV9 2d
2d Paysafecard issues ... Please Implement a way to use Paysafecard, PLEASE OH PLEASE. I mean it cost blizzard less ? its faster more secure because NO bank account needed the thing is i bought a paysafecard for 10 euro AND i noticed we can't use it here, i need paypal now and can't find a solution please find one for me. And don't say "buy prepaid card" THEY DONT EXIST IN THE COUNTRY THAT IS CONSIDERED THE CENTER OF EUROPE (Belguim) So im in a bit of annoying position here... i have money issues so these 10 euro per month is all i could spend so i just can't lose 10 euro its much more annoying then you think... Please helpGoldenBrovok319 2d
3d Warcraft 4 What will it take to get a Warcraft 4? I know World of Warcraft was there to replace Warcraft but it simply isn't the same. The custom games W3 had to offer and the starcraft style it had to its competitive gameplay is GREATLY missed. I dare you to even show a teaser. Even a teaser that doesn't have to commit to the idea, maybe an April fools, watch how you will have people going crazy over the idea.Lavelm25 3d
5d No goody bag if u dont own a creditcard! Blizzard it really annoys me that theres no option now for ideal or paypal anymore in the gear store there are lots of people that dont have a Creditcard please fix this because i wanted to buy a goodybag epic version and it forces me to have a creditcard this has never happened and why now? please fix this greetings a dedicated blizzard fan!SacredStorms1 5d
5d Unfair shipping rates to EU Hi everyone, I know this has been asked in other posts, but I think Blizzard should start taking this seriously and offer cheaper shipping options or at least an European hub. I though maybe with the rework of the store they would announce something... but it looks like it's not happening. I think it's surrealistic to pay 450$ for a D.Va statue and add 420$ on shipping fees... really?? 870$ (whitout taking into account import fees). I was so shocked that I had to open a support ticket and ask the Store team if it was a mistake (it wasn't). Maybe it's FedEx who is scamming us? Different EU locations have so different shipping fees for the same product. I would like to ask Blizzard to do something about this as soon as possible, on behalf of all non US customers.Charlio1 5d
5d Diablo 3 White and Black Logo Mug Is the white and black D3 logo mug still available in the shop? Cause I just saw one and really want one. Anyone know?bshep0 5d
6d Not able to use Visa gift card on the store? I bought a gift card today hoping to use it to buy some WoW subscriptions and Destiny 2. But when I was completing my purchase, the transaction page told me that my card information is not valid. That was odd, since I double-checked my gift card information and everything was correct. So I made a phone call to the Visa gift card company's customer support. I was told that "there is a temporary suspension of service between the seller (Blizzard) and those using Visa gift cards." Is that true though? I was able to use my prepaid Visa gift card on Steam, just not on 6d
6d Cancel order option is gone I don't see anymore the "cancel order" option, I really hope this is being implemented since I feel more comfortable if I know by any change I need to cancel/change/update my order. Thanks!Golfire0 6d
6d Place order button not working. Hey i checked yesterday if the Gear Store is up again , and to my surprise it was. I looked for the new items there and i find out that there is Grommash statue i want so much and it looks like it can be ordered . So i put it in the cart , i filled all the needed stuff like address credit card and shipping method . Until now all works fine but when i hit the Place Order it does nothing. I assume it should redirect me to my bank page or a secure payment process but it dont. Is the statue really available ?? Or is it a mistake in the shop page . If it is available why cant i place the order ??TychusFindly3 6d
6d Overwatch Commander Bundle (+ other wishlist items) Just wondering with the wishlist feature, it appears to change the price of the Overwatch Commander Bundle. Adding to cart however appears to be fine. Also, some other items I add to my wishlist have seem to disappear. Just thought I'd add it here since they're both not serious bugs.LiliumZee0 6d
6d Over watch Commander Bundle Quick question, is it suppose limited to only, Genji, Soldier, Winston, and Tracer for the shirt in the bundle? I was ecstatic to see the bundle but heartbroken to see my main is no where to be seen.MajorMegabit0 6d
Sep 12 Recurring WoW subscription This is more of a suggestion but I would really like to be able to buy one month of game time at a time without it being automatically set as a recurring payment. If I remember correctly, this is how it used to be. If there is such an option and I missed it somehow I apologizechestbuster1 Sep 12
Sep 12 Gifting with Battletag I would really like it if we could send gifts via battletags. Other gaming services allow you to send gifts through usernames or e-mail, why can we not? I'd like to surprise my friend with a WoW pet, or maybe Overwatch or whatever from time to time, but asking for e-mails totally tips them off. I don't communicate with them via email, ever. It's always facebook, steam, battlenet, or texting. I have no idea what my friends' email addresses even are.LoungeFly0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Add Bitcoin as a payment method Could you add Bitcoin as a payment method for your platform? It would make it easier to buy games and you would be one of the first platforms to add it as payment method.DarkEevee0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Product Request - Overwatch Hello! Not really a question or discussion starter; I have a product request! I love the style of this Ana shirt ( and I'd love to see it in a Mercy design. *nudge nudge* That is all. Thanks for reading! XDDragnSpooker0 Sep 12
Sep 11 Get Destiny off my launcher or I'm uninstalling I do not want to look at, see, or be asked to purchase Activision filth. This is the Blizzard launcher, and I have been a loyal fan and customer since Warcraft 1. Why are you letting Activision onto your app? Today it's Destiny. Next you're going to be peddling Call of Duty. And then from there the floodgates open and every terrible movie-tie in game, Crash Bandicoot racing game, and every other awful thing that Activision does will be on my launcher. If you don't remove this filth right now, I will be dropping your company from my "day 1 must buy" list.LucasCraft9 Sep 11
Sep 10 Warcraft 4 I highly recommend a Warcraft IV RTS/RPG/MOBA. The series has sat stagnant for too long. The potential for a great expansion already exists and I'm sure it would have a large fan base backing its launch. However over the years I have given up hope on a modern RTS with the elements the original Warcraft brought to the table. I do not expect this to change anything but at least I can say I spoke my mind.SilentReaper1 Sep 10
Sep 10 Blizzard we need Warcraft 4 !!! Warcraft series was amazing, the best series I ever played, I remember the nights I couldn't sleep because I had to continue the Warcraft 3 campaign, nothing compared to the feel of playing it, Thrall and his orcs, Arthas and his journey on becoming the Lich King, nothing could ever compare... Was one of the best games Blizzard ever made, I loved everything about it and I love it to this day. It's one of the most amazing stories ever made. Warcraft 3 had the best campaign I ever played on a RTS game and also was the father of multiple genres of games: MOBAS and Tower Defence. We should not forget this, Warcraft 3 really set a standard. That's why we would love to see a sequel of Warcraft 3, an amazing RTS that could blow our minds like Warcraft 3 did. A Warcraft 4 game will be the most amazing thing Blizzard could do right now !! So Blizzard, please make it happen !Zhepyre0 Sep 10
Sep 9 Destiny 2 Pre-Purchase past sept. 6? If PS4 and Xbox already released Destiny 2 and I can't get the pre-order benefits anymore, can I still get the pre-purchase benefits before the pc release?NameGoezHere0 Sep 9
Sep 9 Splitting a purchase between balance and card I'd love to be able to split a purchase using the remainder of the balance I have and then putting the rest on my default payment. It's not a huge deal because I can add to my balance what I need to and then complete the purchase that way. But I didn't know that was the case until after I made a purchase. Fortunately everything worked out. Overall though, it would be easier to just deduce my remaining balance from the purchase total. Thanks!Scoatz1 Sep 9
Sep 8 Checking order status? I pre-ordered an Overwatch statue for one of my best friends. It's supposed to be released this month but with the store down I can't see my order history and have recieved no emails since my order confirmation. Is there a way to get in contact with blizzard through an email for this? Their phone line was a joke and self help links lead me to parts of the site that are all down. Any help is appreciated thank you.Brendonkd131 Sep 8
Sep 8 gear shop ????? when will the gear shop be back, its been a while now that its in maintenanceiTzMaThPr02 Sep 8
Sep 8 Zero Dawn Horizon PC conversion With the addition of Destiny 2 to be available through the Blizzard shop I just had to ask if Blizzard might include a " Zero Dawn Horizon / PC conversion " and/or future expansions " Zerop Dawn Horizon 2 " at some point future point to the Blizzard shop? Thanks Blizzard in advance.KnfjyteShjne0 Sep 8
Sep 7 What are the Destiny 2 PC requirements Destiny 2 PC requirements are not listed anywhere that I could find. I plan to get it for PC. I'm sure at least one of my PCs will meet or exceed recommended requirements. However, that not necessarily true for the rest of my friends & family. Anyway, this shouldn't be treated like a state secret when you're now taking pre-orders. How can people purchase a product if they don't know if it will work for them?Ulna6 Sep 7
Sep 6 Destiny 2 Pre-Installation? Does anybody know if we will be able to Install Destiny 2 before it releases? Similar to how you are able to install stuff on Steam the night before the actual release.theBOOGI3man3 Sep 6
Sep 5 Destiny 2 as a gift Hi there, I've purchased it for my self with my bnet currency and would love to purchase this for my friend, any plans to allow pre orders to be gifted?Vertigo1017 Sep 5
Sep 4 Destiny 2 with Giftcards ? Hello, Since Destiny 2 is coming out soon, i was wondering if i can buy it with Blizzard gift cards ?Ovinatorr1 Sep 4
Sep 3 Customizable Profile Page? I know this has probably been asked or even answered before, but I was wondering if a community profile system like Steams will ever be created or considered for the Blizzard client. *Edit* I just found the post about the profile API, never mind.osu0 Sep 3
Sep 3 Buy Overwatch as a gift I would love to pre purchase Overwatch as a chrstmas gift. But I see no way to do this. Is this something that may become possible?Pooks105 Sep 3
Sep 3 South African Rand Blizzard will you add support for South African Rand currency? Paying euros as a South African is ludicrous.ZA2254 Sep 3
Sep 2 Destiny 2 - Upgrade purchase I have made use of the nVidia event (buying new gpu, getting game). This netted me a pre-purchase of Destiny 2, standard. I would like to be able to upgrade to season pass or digital deluxe edition, but so far I have not seen this option in the shop. To be honest, I don't even know if blizzard offered upgrades before, but it would be nice to do so even after a purchase.fusurugi1 Sep 2
Sep 1 Undelivered Order My boyfriend ordered a gift for me back in the beginning of July... I understand the Blizzard gear shop is down, but my gift was ordered almost 2 months ago at this point :(ClimberHart0 Sep 1
Aug 30 StarCraft Remastered, no PDF Manual or Quick Reference. StarCraft Remastered, no PDF Manual or Quick Reference. Looking back I see this is my 7th copy of this great game. I was expecting at least a PDF StarCraft manual included. I see the SC Battle Chest manual in on Blizzard's FTP site. I really was hoping for the original full color Quick Reference Chart. {My color copies would be back in the debris field somewhere, I think the B&W version is on the table behind me.} The included PDF is a Quick Start Guide, not in the least pertinent to the digital Remastered StarCraft.SgtWallace0 Aug 30
Aug 30 Goodbye! Dear people at Blizzard's; Although I admire you a great deal for presenting us with great games, I regret to let you know I will no longer make use of your services. The first game I purchased was Starcraft, back in 1998 I believe it was. I have been a 'follower' since, but as of today I will stop. I have disconnected my PayPal account and I will remove the app from my computer. Why? Mainly, because of the way Blizzard handles its sales and is protecting the software - which can (does!) amount to offensive customer treatment. But quit honestly, because of the lack of real, original creativity, as well. The creativity the first generation of developers possessed, exploiting every aspect of limited possibilities, but is so lacking in the current generation. I wish you all the best. -GreyhoodGreyhood0 Aug 30
Aug 29 PLAYER ICONS Could Player icons or 'Profile Pictures' PLEASE be added in the future. Various other programs/sites like Steam, Origin and Social Media have this feature and it would make it better for players to stand out on my friends listDislexic1 Aug 29
Aug 29 Are we gonna get a Warcraft III Remastered? I would really want one and definitely pay for it. It also kinda urks me that it doesn't show up in the blizzard app.YoohooX2 Aug 29
Aug 29 Upgrading Overwatch to Origins Edition? [SOLVED] Heyo, I pre-ordered Overwatch for the standard $40 price, overlooking the Origins Edition because I don't own any other Blizzard titles. Now after playing the beta, I would kinda like to get in on those skins. Is there any way to upgrade/separately purchase the Origins Edition for the $20 instead of the $60 tag? ThanksZremoff44 Aug 29
Aug 29 Destiny 2 PC Open Beta?? I didn't pre-order yet I know it's the first day of the open beta, and so many threads blowing up Which are bound either way. I have so many pre-orders on the horizon and hard to keep track of these games after pre-order number7! I'm down here in Louisiana and on CDT TIME ZONE.. And it's almost noon here, so I was just wondering if any one knew the starting times? the start And is it going to be added to if it takes this route, just wanted to get a heads-up And to beat the crazy traffic from millions of users!Schattenlauf0 Aug 29