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Nov 20, 2013 Post Only Battle.net Shop Beta Bugs Here! Hi all, If you run into a bug on our Battle.net Beta Shop, please post them here. Other bugs see the following bug forums below. This way, your bugs can be seen by the right folks for reporting. Hearthstone Bug Report Forum: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/forum/10591462/ Battle.net Desktop Application Beta Forum: http://us.battle.net/en/forum/10122541/ Thanks in advance!Machkhan0 Nov 20, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 Welcome to the Battle.net Shop Bug Report forums! Welcome to the Bug Report forum for the Battle.net Shop! The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports about the Battle.net Shop. We greatly appreciate our customers helping us to find issues with the platform. As such, this forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues. Creating a Bug Thread When reporting a bug, we would like you to take the time and search the forum to see if your issue is already reported. The Known Issues thread has some good info in it. While we won't delete duplicate reports, it will save us time if you know the issue is already posted and do not repost it. Using keywords (such as a unique element of a crash log or an ability name) is a good way to find threads. Additionally, if you have multiple issues, separate them into different threads. Unique bugs should get unique threads. Try to include steps to reproduce your problem. Be succinct. Leave out any opinions on the problem and focus on how best to tell us about it to help resolve the issue. Finally, a screenshot or video showing your issue would be greatly appreciated! You can upload your videos to YouTube and your screenshots to sites like imgur. Posts we do not need Since we are strictly interested in issue reports on this forum, the following threads are likely to be moderated or moved immediately: 1. Discussion threads (What do you all think?) 2. Invalid issue reports 3. Feedback / Suggestion threads. 4. Posts requesting information on the game. 5. Posts made on other forums (Don't spam.) 6. "Accomplishment" threads, threads to advertise screenshots unrelated to bug reports, and other "This happened" posts 7. Posts requesting status updates on existing issues. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Aratil0 Nov 1, 2013
16h Plagued by NID request I have contacted support with this issue, and they advised me to post here. When I try to upgrade my games or access certain part of my accounts such as account management I encounter the following request: Fill in Account Details To continue, we’ll need some additional information so we can secure your account. [ NID ] <-(input box) I am unsure what this NID is, a little online research has led me to believe that it stands for National ID, and is required for players in Taiwan. Now whilst I do live in Taiwan, I am a British national wishing to play on EU servers. I have no NID except perhaps my passport number, which unfortunately is returned with 'invalid value'. I hope somebody can help me as I'm eager to get back online. Many thanks.Bjornabuns5 16h
3d Bug with WoW Armory App I have the WoW Armory app downloaded on my phone and have noticed when i try to access either the auction house or the events tab i get a message that says "This World of Warcraft account is locked, banned, suspended, or under review. This feature cannot be used until any outstanding issues are resolved" There are NO outstanding issues that need to be "resolved" beyond this being an obnoxious bug. I have tried posting about this asking for help on the BlizzardCS Twitter page with no response. Image Link: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C5TMo0xVUAAxNBg.jpg Or here if the above link doesn't work: http://i.imgur.com/k8nrX4K.jpg P.S. I would have posted this on the appropriate forum but the starter edition restrictions prevent me from doing so.AryaHarding0 3d
4d Switching network doesn't work heroes of the storm Heroes of the storm, switching network forces you to leave the game even tho it should work fine.Ponta0 4d
5d Comp bans Yesterday i was playing competitive with my friends. Then me and another one of my friends disconnected and now we have both been banned and I it won't tell me how long for.Joshy690 5d
6d Battle.net account summary report standard games instead of deluxe 2 of my games was moved back to standard edition, is it a bug or something happened here?? https://1drv.ms/i/s!AtSfFJZTemfyi7dmP6RZP5HvmdWyhgIvanCarlos1 6d
Feb 15 Sombra translocator bug So whenever I place my translocator, I run into battle but sometimes when I press E it simply cancels it and the translocator disappears. I am aware you can get killed before you teleport but sometimes it just vanishes despite me not dying. Is anyone else getting this problem or just me?MinxcatXD0 Feb 15
Feb 15 Battle.net appears to have lost permission to edit Overwatch PTR files My OS is Windows 10, my only downloaded game is Overwatch. Overwatch: PTR started an update. I started up Overwatch (not PTR), unintentionally pausing the update. When I then quit Overwatch and tried to restart the PTR update, it said it was waiting for another update. I then did a scan and repair on the PTR and it continued to wait for a nonexistent other update. I tried to start a scan and repair on Overwatch but it sat there doing nothing. I then closed and reopened battle.net after trying to pause and restart things a couple times. Now I when I told the PTR to restart the update it said "waiting..." but nothing about a different update. I restarted battle.net again. This time the client hanged before opening. I closed that window, it said "cleaning up" for a minute, and when it closed I got a permissions request: "Do you want battle.net updater to make changes to your computer?". I said "yes". Now when I try to update OR scan and repair the PTR, I get error BLZBNTAGT00000BB8. Scan and repair does work on normal Overwatch now. I even tried uninstalling the PTR but this didn't do anything (when I restart battle.net the game is still there waiting for an update). This seems like some sort of cascading error, so I'm going to uninstall and reinstall battle.net now.TheGreyFox1 Feb 15
Feb 11 Attempted login I got a text claiming to be from Blizzard that was just a verification code. I checked Authenticator and had no waiting login requests, and nothing in my recent history. Is this a bug, or did someone try to login to my account? Changing my password either way. Can't figure out how to upload the screenshot from my phone, will provide it when I'm home from work.gatherer8180 Feb 11
Feb 9 No 4096 x 2160 support No 4096 x 2160 Resolution(17:9) in Overwatch? This is "True" DCI 4k and is most likely what a Movie Theater will show as a proper aspect ratio. Some digital film is recorded @ 4096 x 2304 (17:10) but the more common 3840 x 2160 UHD is NOT used for professional video. LG has a 31" DCI 10bit Monitor (which I'm currently using) that has a gorgeous picture... too bad it doesn't work on this game in DCI resolution. And yes, I've tried EVERY viewing mode before you ask. BTW... this is the ONLY game where I have encountered this...Battlefield...Tomb Raider...all work.Whoizit1 Feb 9
Feb 8 Unable to Play D2 USEast I connect to server, however when I click on the character I want to play I get kicked out to the main menu and automatically trying to reconnect. Are the servers still undergoing updates?Klinetry0 Feb 8
Feb 6 My game on console crash I was playing ranked, the game kicked out 4 of us. My friend reconnected and it was 3v6. I wasn't able to reconnect because I was suspended. I want my SR back pls. Also note I was playing against a platinum when I am silver.Saladsplat0 Feb 6
Feb 2 Server kicks me and i cannot rejoin game I keep getting kicked from the server during competitive matches then it doesn't allow me to rejoin once I reconnect to the main menu. I have lost tons of minutes of my life and hundreds of points from this continuously happening. Please fix whatever is the issue. Its not my internet connection because I always get lag beforehand if it were and when I get kicked it just is entirely out of no where, without any warning. Please refund me some of my competitive points or something. This is not okay and its happened so many times I've lost count. Its not okay and I'm sure I'm not the only one this has happened to. Sincerely, SaraSirrah0 Feb 2
Feb 1 Your Software Doesn't Run On Linux In March 2015 Michael Morhaime responded to a petition regarding Linux support negatively, mainly arguing that "Linux usage represents less than 2% of installed desktop operating systems". Since that date according to netmarketshare.com the Linux market share has grown from 1.5 to about 2.3% and the growth rate of the graph seems to be hugely increasing when you compare it to the numbers of the years before. When you interpolate the curve for the next months you will admit that it looks like at least 3% market share are a realistic scenario for 2017, likely even more. The Steam group "Steam for Linux" has more than 36,000 members, the group "We only buy Linux games" which I'm part of has over 5,000. Of course people usually just notice these groups accidentally so these numbers are way lower than representing a huge amount of Linux users but show that there is a serious interest in native Linux gaming. Sales numbers of several games that have been published in the net usually show 2-5% Linux sales on Steam. Valve employs a significant amount of people improving MESA, the open source OpenGL implementation that has currently reached a nearly feature complete state up to version 4.5 for all GPUs and will expose this version surely in few weeks. The main aspect of all this is that everyone benefits from everyone else. The features that get implemented for certain GPUs are very quickly implemented for other GPUs as well disregarding the brand because things get reused. The quality also gets improved because when your developers have bugs in their own code they can take a look at the sources to recognize what is wrong. If any game developer finds bugs in MESA instead he can simply read the code by his own and commit a (proper) fix or just report it and will likely get help quite soon. This means when you just install Ubuntu 17.04 on a device with a recent AMD or Intel GPU as a user you will be able to play all Linux games flawlessly, without hidden dirty tricks that affect your visual experience or frame times negatively, out of the box without having to install anything. You can even plug your PS3 DualShock controller, pull it off and connect it to your Bluetooth dongle without any additional driver installation. That's basically a console gaming experience on the PC platform, improving the satisfaction of gamers, perfect for SteamOS and superior to all experiences I ever had with Windows. Vulkan which is also implemented with open sources for Intel and AMD GPUs brings benefits to almost all platforms in future and gets rid of all borders the OpenGL API has. I like to invite Blizzard to participate in a platform where companies, private persons and associations improve and build basic software for everyone who is trying to create something new upon it in peaceful cooperation. And contributing to evolve IT to a blessing for people, respecting their privacy and supporting free education all over the planet. Edit: Feral Interactive submitted a patch to improve the open source Vulkan drivers for the first time today. As you can see - this is how easy developing for the Linux platform can be, improving it for everyone, just fixing your own issues quickly without huge efforts of communication and making it great to profit even more from it's stable shape. Source: http://phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Feral-ImageWithoutFormat-ANVoooverclocke0 Feb 1
Jan 31 Battle.net stopped responding. My battle.net stopped working while i was downloading overwatch. I did everything blizzard said to fix this: -My driver is up to date -I don't have an anti-virus -I already follow the steps to close background appliction.Lemonfish0 Jan 31
Jan 29 Bugs após cair de uma partida rankeada Eu estava em uma partida rankeada com meus amigos e entao minha internet caiu, a conexão ficou ruim e eu saí do jogo... Até aí tudo bem, porém, quando eu reiniciei menos de 30 segundos depois, o jogo não me mostrou a opção para voltar a partida, então eu não consegui voltar, fiquei com uma derrota e prejudiquei o meu time... O que eu peço é para que me dêem a chance de recompor a minha derrota por um bug do jogo logo após um problema obviamente causado pela minha internet.SkMicky0 Jan 29
Jan 28 Junkrat glitch Mine like a steel trap achievement on consol (ps4) does not work I have Completed the achievement numerous times however have never received the trophy.Kzeze0 Jan 28
Jan 26 Purchasing using a Verified by Visa (not allowed?!) For some reason, it appears one is not able to purchase battle.net balance using a card that has Verified by Visa system active in it. This is really stupid. You guys should update your payment portal. I want to make purchases and I am completely stopped from doing so because: a) I am not based out of the US b) I have only Visa debit/credit cards.KunaP2 Jan 26
Jan 26 Penalized for faulty servers I got d/c from ranked game (servers down) which is not my fault, yet I'm penalized sr points and suspended from playing for ten minutes. Could this PLEASE be fixed? It's happened twice. Players shouldn't lose sr because the servers crash and they lose connection. They should lose sr for losing games or choosing to leave prematurely.BT1607020 Jan 26
Jan 26 Net Hiccup - Unstarting App so I guess if your net has a hiccup and disconnects you from a match, not only will overwatch !@#$ itself claiming it cant connect you, but battlenet will put you in a queue to re-sign in, AND purposely not run properly (system tray only icon with exit as its only option). Pretty much cost me a competitive match and a %^-*ing 5 minute lockout. So much for attempting to improve my damn ranking. I was doing so well too!GrineX0 Jan 26
Jan 24 can't buy overwatch can't buy overwatch because when i type in the credit card payment it says"please correct the errors below and try agian" but i did like all right and nothing wrong but i can't authorize it HELP MESANICDUCK16 Jan 24
Jan 22 Nvidia GeForce Experience Bugs out all GUI's and Inputs - Overwatch So I'll start by explaining the issue and then give an example. Whenever I'm not on the highlights form in Overwatch, if I press alt and z to open Nvidia GeForce Experience all of the GUI's bug out and i cant make any input into the game. In descript, they just disappear and the only way to bring them back is to close and relaunch Over watch. I find this to be a major issue as as it mean I can't record game-play as I risk loosing all input and GUI's in Overwatch and then if i close Overwatch I will have been removed from game. This is a particular issue in competitive play (hereafter referred to as comp) as it means I get suspended and have had multiple instances of this happening. I try to record my comp games so I or someone else can review then later to give me feed back and question my decisions during that game. My example happened to me today. So i was qued for a comp match and as the map loading screen appeared I tried to start recording the game. I started recording but the GUI had disappeared and I could not select a hero therefore I was forced to close Overwatch and receive a comp penalty which I didn't deserve. Because this is the third or fourth time I'v had to do this I was penalized with a 30 minuet suspension. I feel that this was not fair. To the Overwatch: If there is anything you can do to rectify this bug I would be extremely grateful P.S: Please feel to correct my spelling. Thanks.Tensounder540 Jan 22
Jan 19 Payment Issue Battle.net used my pre-paid $60 card(s) and also took $60 off of my brothers without permission.DeadlyKitten0 Jan 19
Jan 19 punished for battlenet sucking got d/c from battlenet in the middle of a game, then i get punished with 10minute ban. give me 10 loot boxes for my time and rankfancyleggs0 Jan 19
Jan 18 Battlenet Update Failure Battlenet is updating but it won't update and I can't play my games until it does. It says Battlenet is updating in the menu at the bottom of the list and my games all say that they are waiting on another installation or update, which is this battlenet update which stays at 0% for days now.Ralph0 Jan 18
Jan 16 My Battle.net giftcard won't work So, as soon as the Battle.net gift cards came to Greece i ruined and bought one. I go to my account settings and i click on the Add a Game Key button. I type in my gift card's code (yes i am 100% sure it's correct) and its says "Balance Load Amount: EUR 20.00" All good up to here. Then i click Load Balance. Here it says an error has occurred, without saying what's the error. PleaseHELP!OMGisPaul2 Jan 16
Jan 12 WoW unable to update hello well after updating battle.net to 1.6.0 my wow unable to update here's the steps: 1-i'm clicking on the resume button http://imgur.com/ctZSLwU 2-it starting to fetching manifest and encoding table http://imgur.com/ffYOC2N http://imgur.com/EKIkGgu 3-after fetching manifest and encoding table it starting to downloading game data but it stuck in there and says check your internet connection. http://imgur.com/a/iintxzahbod0 Jan 12
Jan 8 Typo in sc2 store page Says "Campain" instead of "Campaign" http://i.imgur.com/YXSqYn6.pngLiquidWater0 Jan 8
Jan 7 Paste password into change pass field We were able to paste passwords into the change password fields before but not able to do it now. I change my password often and the characters are different with several variations. I use a password app that i can just paste my password in and this is difficult to do when the site doesn't allow for it. I prefer not to type in 10+ characters 3 times when i can just paste it in. Change it back.... I tried on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome and all the same...no dice.Kryptek3 Jan 7
Jan 5 Revived under Oasis map On the new Oasis map our Lucio and I were pushed off the map and killed, our Mercy then tried to revive the other teammates but we were revived with them. There was nothing we could do because we couldn't die or fall off the map again. We lost the game. Not sure if anyone else ran into this problem but it should probably be fixed.Metalsushi0 Jan 5
Jan 5 Hearthstone Welcome Bundle I bought the Hearthstone Welcome Bundle, and since it's a one time offer, I can't see it as an offer in-game, but I can still see it on the Battle.net app shop. Is that a bug or is it by design?Eyebyss0 Jan 5
Dec 31 Playstation connectivity issue I had some connectivity issue yesterday whit mi playstation acount. Everytime i lost the connection, I was kick from the game and now I have a -75% xp penality and i never left a game before that! So im scared now because i dont now if next time i will be baned.ShinyHero0 Dec 31
Dec 29 5 yogg-saron Its normal found 5 yogg-saron in 2 month?Zigio0 Dec 29
Dec 22 Diablo 2 Save problems Recently I have noticed that when I try to save and exit it doesn't actually save my progress which makes it pointless to play the game, I have also been having problems with the maps not saving as I am playing the game. Any suggestions on how to fix this or if there will be a patch released to resolve these issues would be greatKeviepoo0 Dec 22
Dec 21 Unable to purchase gift using paypal Trying to buy 2 copies of overwatch for my brothers for christmas. However, when I select paypal as the payment option and hit continue to paypal, an error is displayed saying correct the errors below. There aren't any errors shown on the page (screen shot: https://snag.gy/nNC0X8.jpg). Tried it using chrome on both mac and windows systems.hugemanatee1 Dec 21
Dec 21 Launchers images/links broken The launchers images, links, and even the games Shop area, are all basically unusable or not even there. its been like this for around a week. Sucks because I am trying to see if i can get legion/starcraft for a friend., and the Launcher is always a convenient avenue to accomplish stuff like this. Or at the very least it helps me check the price quickly.Kyubii0 Dec 21
Dec 18 Failing to connect to game servers I've left my computer on and game running for 3 hours and I still can't connect to any game serversJackFrost4072 Dec 18
Dec 16 Overwatch Error / Disconnect and Competitive During the beginning of numerous competitive matches, my Overwatch has crashed resulting in a freeze up of my entire computer and mouse. This crash creates an error and an option to send the results to Blizzard but-as stated-the crash prevents me from sending the crash results. I would not be very concerned with these mishaps if it was not for the fact that they only appear to occur during competitive play and always have resulted in me losing SR and receiving a ban from Competitive. Although none of these side-effects have led to drastic harm-I lose a few SR and get banned for 10 minutes- I am fearful that I soon may get banned entirely from a season when it was not of my own choosing to have the game crash and render my entire computer disabled. I would like to say, I am no computer genius and may just be unable to fix the crash but I would still like to have the reassurance that I am safer against future crashes and their consequences. Thank you for your time, I love the game, FoSchizlleFoSchizlle0 Dec 16
Dec 15 Abathur Gift Button The other commanders have a gift option for me. I unlocked Nova and didn't unlock Alarak and I see both of theirs. I have Abathur unlocked. Abathur's gift option is not appearing. Preventing me from buying it for a friend's birthday.MrCoupon1 Dec 15
Dec 14 Unable to purchase anything on Battlenet store Hi, Ever since Battlenet have introduced the shop I have not been able to buy anything from it. I am currently trying to purchase the Reaper of Souls expansion for Diablo 3 after the recent update impressed me. However I have tried to buy it 5 times over the past 6 hours or so only to have the website constantly try to process the order for me, and endlessly load and the order not get processed. I've even tried to disable my antivirus suite to ensure it wasn't a firewall issue. All of my details are up to date and correct; address, card details etc. The weird thing is that I can purchase stuff for WoW both in-game and from the manage account page, since I've bought the newest expansion and various amounts of game time over the past weeks and months. Is anyone else having any issues buying stuff from the store? Could any Blizzard staff shed some light on why I can't buy anything? I've never known a shop so averse to accepting payments!bwfcnut7 Dec 14
Dec 8 Desktop App - unable to add friend. So, brand new Bnet account set up today. Try to search for friends - nothing I keep getting "0 Results for"whatever" - doesn't matter if i search for their e-mail, name, or ID (with or without the hash). They are also unable to search for me - name, email or ID I don't show up. It will allow me to send an invite from in game (Overwatch) to an e-mail address but it's not being received. All connected to Europe, no parental controls set up. Thoughts?Freder1ck2 Dec 8
Dec 7 Haven't been able to see patch notes on Overwatch for quite a while It's a pretty simple problem: Every time I click 'Patch Notes' in the battle.net client, the window pops up and tells me "Oh no! We couldn't find what we wanted to show you." I haven't really taken any unnecessary steps yet, since the rest of the game and client seem to be working fine.Aecnoril0 Dec 7
Dec 4 Game broke during Character Select So I entered the queue for competitive and I alt tabbed. I hear the match start so I alt tab back in as character select starts but I'm stuck with seeing Lucio in his pose like he would be in the home screen with the Numbani background. I don't see any of the other people but I can still use voice chat but pressing any of the buttons like P and esc did nothing on the screen. I had to leave the game because I couldn't choose a hero and lost points. I'm a bit scared to start another match because I don't know what caused it and it might happen again. Any Fixes?EujinaJean1 Dec 4
Dec 4 To play, or not to play. During the past weeks, since Legion was introduced, I have been disconnected for periods of, up to, five days. I am now disconnected again. I do not pay to be constantly disconnected and it is about time that Bliz sorted the problem out. At the moment I would not recommend the game to new customers and I have played for ten years, or more. I am at the end of my tether with this constant interruption to my enjoyment and, if I could get to my account, am seriously thinking of packing the game in.Tercan1 Dec 4
Dec 4 Entry Point Not Found error - libmemcpy3dn_plugin.dll Battle.net Helper.exe error window opens when opening / if it opens clicking things in the shop cause -> Entry Point Not Found error - libmemcpy3dn_plugin.dll. full error-> ( The procedure entry point vlc_fastmem_register could not be located in the dynamic link library c:\.....VLC\plugins\3dnow\above dll file ) VLC 2.2.4 BN BN Agent Dec 4
Dec 1 "Update, waiting on another installation or update" bug. Can'y play any games that want to update because atm WoW, Overwatch and its PTR have updates, but they all have the quoted phrase and will not even if i pause all and try to update one, it always says it, ive restarted and re logged and still nothing... i dont want to reinstall...C6E30 Dec 1
Nov 28 Account history Account history: transactions and purchases only go back to 2012. What happend that you only go back that far. I would like to know if all accounts made before 2012 have been deleted or otherwise removed. Battle.net also will not accept old game cds i purchased. Battle.net has some explaineing to do. So please explain.Toxic1 Nov 28
Nov 18 Security Check Fail I bought a set of cards and it said to do a security check but I don't have the email for it. Could someone tell me how I can fix this?BrutherBOOM0 Nov 18
Nov 18 Overwatch Missing From "Download Clients" Page https://us.battle.net/account/download/ On this page, if you are not logged in, there is no client downloader for Overwatch. This makes pre-loading the game difficult without the help of a friend who already owns it.Antoids0 Nov 18