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Nov 20, 2013 Post Only Battle.net Shop Beta Bugs Here! Hi all, If you run into a bug on our Battle.net Beta Shop, please post them here. Other bugs see the following bug forums below. This way, your bugs can be seen by the right folks for reporting. Hearthstone Bug Report Forum: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/forum/10591462/ Battle.net Desktop Application Beta Forum: http://us.battle.net/en/forum/10122541/ Thanks in advance!Machkhan0 Nov 20, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 Welcome to the Battle.net Shop Bug Report forums! Welcome to the Bug Report forum for the Battle.net Shop! The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports about the Battle.net Shop. We greatly appreciate our customers helping us to find issues with the platform. As such, this forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues. Creating a Bug Thread When reporting a bug, we would like you to take the time and search the forum to see if your issue is already reported. The Known Issues thread has some good info in it. While we won't delete duplicate reports, it will save us time if you know the issue is already posted and do not repost it. Using keywords (such as a unique element of a crash log or an ability name) is a good way to find threads. Additionally, if you have multiple issues, separate them into different threads. Unique bugs should get unique threads. Try to include steps to reproduce your problem. Be succinct. Leave out any opinions on the problem and focus on how best to tell us about it to help resolve the issue. Finally, a screenshot or video showing your issue would be greatly appreciated! You can upload your videos to YouTube and your screenshots to sites like imgur. Posts we do not need Since we are strictly interested in issue reports on this forum, the following threads are likely to be moderated or moved immediately: 1. Discussion threads (What do you all think?) 2. Invalid issue reports 3. Feedback / Suggestion threads. 4. Posts requesting information on the game. 5. Posts made on other forums (Don't spam.) 6. "Accomplishment" threads, threads to advertise screenshots unrelated to bug reports, and other "This happened" posts 7. Posts requesting status updates on existing issues. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Aratil0 Nov 1, 2013
Jul 31 Unable to add payment method Tried adding multiple cards via multiple browsers (even on a mobile phone) and on 2 PC's. No error message. Just endless loop on the "Save payment method" screen. Tried troubleshooting with chat and they recommended I post this in the bug forums. Unable to add any credit/debit cards to my account. Not getting error message.SaulGood65 Jul 31
Jul 25 Blizzard Checkout error. Trying to buy 6month sub and Slyverian Dreamer... keep getting message. Please correct the errors below and try again. We can't process your subscription request right now. Try again later.Bubblegirlz0 Jul 25
Jul 22 Shop: different prices in cart and "order total" field Add item from shop with discount to cart. Check cart: item is in cart and with discounted price Wait till sale ends and check cart: item with discounted price is in cart but "ordre total" is with new price. Clearing cache doesn't help. Reason: Could happen because cart and products are in different tables and not syncing. P.s: can't attach screenshotPekaBoyarin2 Jul 22
Jul 17 Destiny 2 not able to be purchased for free When i try buying destiny 2 on the launcher, it redirects me to a 404 page with some murlock thing, please helpTincer1 Jul 17
Jul 17 Wrong Spanish Translations for WoW Summer Sales Bundles Hi. See the errors listed below: The title of the Battle for Azeroth® bundle is incorrect. It should be 'World of Warcraft®: Battle for Azeroth® Artículos de Edición Digital de Lujo'. The other bundles featured (Legion® and Warlords of Draenor®) do not have the Spanish 'í' in the word 'Artículos' in their title. These errors can be found here: https://us.shop.battle.net/es-mx/family/world-of-warcraft#bundles.Thulium1 Jul 17
Jul 17 Mcree Deadeye Achievement Bugged I got a quad kill earlier on Route 66 today with mcree's deadeye and did not receive the spray or the trophy.Dante3 Jul 17
Jul 17 An error occured Dear Blizzard, I currently cannot add any credit cards to my account, I want to say WTF. Thank you for enabling this so i can actually pay you money lol.trislasis4 Jul 17
Jul 17 Destiny 2 Ace of Spades quest not loading I've started the Ace of Spades quest and reached the point where I killed the Fanatic. At that point, I needed to leave the game. Now when I try to reenter the quest, it does not launch. I can view the video of Uldren talking with the Fanantic, then with his sister. After the video, the game cuts to the screen where the transportation ship is flying me to the location of the quest. Typically, at this point, the screen goes to black, as if the game is about to put me into the scenario. It stays black for an unusual amount of time (maybe 5 to 10 minutes), then it switches to a light gray. Again, it seems like the game is about to put me into the scenario, but it stays in the light gray area. I've left it there for over an hour with no chane. Rarely, perhaps in one attempt out of 10, the game will place me in the scenario, but the frame rate is so slow that I get kicked out of the game before I can progress any further. This only happens when I am trying to get into the Ace of Spades quest. I do not have similar problems anywhere else in the game, so I assume it is some kind of bug. I'd really like to complete this quest and it is very frustrating that the game is not working correctly. What can you do to help? Thanks, GaryFullVengence2 Jul 17
Jul 17 Blizzard Gear Store: Order confirmation email has a placeholder FAQ redirect link. I recently pre-ordered the Figma Pharah and Figma Mercy through the Blizzard Gear Store. Upon checking the confirmation email, I found that the FAQ link found in the email footer redirects to a placeholder page. Repro Steps: 1. For the ordering account, ensure that HTML emails can be received. 2. Pre-order Figma Pharah from the official Blizzard store. 3. After the pre-order is complete, check the corresponding email address for the confirmation. 4. Scroll to the footer of the confirmation email and look for the FAQ link. 5. Click the FAQ link and observe the resulting page. Actual Results: The body of the FAQ page reads "FAQ placeholder page...". Expected Results: The complete FAQ page can be seen Notes: Here's the link, taken directly from my confirmation email: https://gear.blizzard.com/us/faq/Xyphin1 Jul 17
Jul 17 Gifting - Can't gift bc of an issue I am from Argentina and I want to gift my friend loot boxes but I can't gift anything to anyone. Why can't I? Is there a way to solve it?Geobro3421 Jul 17
Jul 10 I haven't used up my free BattleNet name change, but it still won't let me change it for free. I didn't know where else to put this, but I only recently downloaded BattleNet so I could play Overwatch. The only other time I had used battlenet was for WoW but that was a really long time ago on a TOTALLY different account. However, now, I want to change my BattleTag and it's saying that I have to purchase a change, even though I haven't used my free change yet. What should I do?AeonicBond3 Jul 10
Jun 27 Payment Method Error - Can't add new payment method I have been having some strange issues updating my payment method on my blizzard account. The last time I paid on my blizzard account was a long time ago when I had a different card. Knowing I could easily change that in my Blizzard account, I just google'd Diablo, clicked buy, but when I logged in and tried to choose a different payment method (the credit/debit card option) it would load for awhile until it said "something went wrong". Every time I repeated this the same result occurred. (did it about 10 times, waited for a bit, then tried again) I figured I could just update my card info from my account settings page to get around this. Logged in, went to payment methods, deleted my old card saved. When I tried to add a new one, the same loading and "something went wrong" message happened. So THEN, I tried on a different browser (chrome), and I was at least able to enter my card information this time. Feeling hopeful as I nearly completed filling out my information, I clicked save info. Then I get a red error message on the top saying "Oops! you missed something" then it literally shows just a period that looks like this "." I filled out everything at least 10 times, kept retrying it and confirming everything was there and correct. Im sure I got everything. But it wont let me add a new payment method. Then I tried filling out a ticket for customer support but I couldn't even do that!!! It wouldn't let me get past the captcha, claiming I didn't enter it correctly. I've owned and used computers for over 10 years now, I am well acquainted with captchas and the different types of security measures to prove someone is not a bot. Ive done this a billion times. I know I was entering it correctly. So after patiently trying to resolve this myself, at last, here I am, with nowhere else to go, posting on this forum. I've never posted on a forum before, I've only read them so this is a 1st for me. Can any blizzard support please help me out here?! :( Really dying to try Diablo 3 *coughcough*giveyouguysmymoney*cough*LexFX5 Jun 27
Jun 4 Cant buy anything wont let me buy games keeps saying Sorry, you’re not eligible to purchase Destiny 2: Forsaken Digital Deluxe Edition. and it keeps denying me my balance request.ComradeMatt2 Jun 4
May 30 Purchase balance not loading It wont load the page to purchase balance On mobile or computer. It just keeps spinwheelingEllili2 May 30
May 23 Payment Methods Page Error 500 - Server error when trying to review payment methods. I have tried on different browsers and tried using my phone and have resulted in the same error.Camwil1 May 23
May 15 Cannot log into gear store. Tried to buy the collectors edition today and myself and several friends could not log into the gear store all day long. We still cannot. We are in different states, on various devices, android, ios, PC.Keedon0 May 15
May 13 Made an ingame purchase and it disappeared in game Bought the 2019 War Chest for StarCraft 2, but it disappeared in new patch.Ryuuga1 May 13
May 11 Zero Hour completion does not register in game Anyone else having an issue with the Normal Zero Hour not counting when you go to do the Heroic? I completed it first on my Hunter and on that character only it'll let me start the Heroic Zero Hour, but even though I finish the quest on my Warlock and Titan, it will not give me the weopon and it does not unlock the Heroic. It does for any and all Fireteam members with me when I complete the Normal Zero Hour but will not count on my Warlock or Titan. At the end of the mission it says Mission completed, but I don't get the weopon and I can't get into the Heroic version. Out of 6 completions all other fireteam members got the weopon and the Heroic opened up but neither happens on my characters.DeathDealer1 May 11
May 11 account problem When entering WarCraft3 in Battle.net, it says that my account does not exist, but if you go under a different account and register / profile or / stats, then all statistics are visible and that the account is not deleted name Woag.San3rTushkan0 May 11
May 1 New Overwatch update messed up FPS. I leave my FPS type on display based and went into my first placement today to be his with 20 FPS, I normally get 70 FPS, no drops as I don't need anymore than that. We need a fix quick as I want to get into my games!Veskiii0 May 1
Apr 30 Unable to purchase Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls upgrade I have recently added funds to my blizzard account in hopes of purchasing the D3 Reaper of souls upgrade and also the necromancer pack. My issue comes when I try and purchase the upgrade but when I do so, I am met with a message saying that a previous purchase is under review and I must wait 72 hours. The interesting part about this issue is that the last purchase I made was nearly a month ago, and if I try and purchase a different blizzard service, it will allow me to do so no problem. I contacted player support after 72 hours from my original attempt at purchase and was told that the issue needed to be fixed by the developers and all I can do for now is sit and keep trying to purchase until the issue is finally fixed. I hope this issue is resolved soon as I am eagerly waiting to jump into the new content that awaits. If anyone has had a similar issue or any possible solutions, all help would be much appreciated :)Bohmar1110 Apr 30
Apr 29 Diablo II 1.14d crashes on startup 100% of the time (OS X). Known bug for >1 year Patch 1.14d to Diablo 2 LOD broke the game for many Mac OS X users. The issue that is when starting the game, it crashes immediately. This issue is not present in 1.14c or 1.14b. The only effective workaround I found was the install 1.14b, then as soon as it goes to Bnet Update, force quit. This puts it in a state where it won't try to update again, unless you try to use battlenet. So to this works, but it doesn't allow online play. This bug has been in existence since day 1 of patch 1.14d, over a year. There have been countless reports on the forums, and even a promise that it would be fixed >6 months ago, but so far, nothing. There aren't very many changes to the game between 1.14c and 1.14d, so it should be fairly simple to do a code diff and figure out what caused it. Alternatively, there isn't anything in 1.14d critical enough to that justify crashing on startup every time, so the better option if Blizzard is unwilling to do any code work to fix this is to roll back everyone to 1.14c.Afar12 Apr 29
Feb 24 diablo 3purchased bug diablo 3 didnt show me the option to purchase the game when im on the game page its not my computer and not my account i check it with blizzard supportmigtysamsung0 Feb 24
Feb 21 All purchases failing + support contact issue First off, I have to access the shop from within a game, because Blizz seems to have difficulty fixing the biggest issue with their shop. Second, whenever I try to pay for something I want to purchase, it thinks about it for a minute, then spits out an error that says something went wrong. Every time. And finally, there appears to be an issue with the "contact support" function that has repeatedly prevented me from opening a ticket, so I can't get help from there and am forced to turn to the forums. Someone please fix this, now. Edit: I would love to throw cash at Blizzard and get fun stuff for the games I play, but I can't, and they don't seem to want to fix that, because the issue has persisted for over two months now. Edit 2: screenshot: https://i.ibb.co/HqcQz58/Screenshot-2.pngBeelzeboss0 Feb 21
Feb 18 You're not eligible to purchase Destiny 2 Forsaken Standard Edition + Annual Pass Bundle I am trying to buy Destiny 2, but this message keeps popping up. Have sufficient funds on my account, it just won't let me buy the game. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!Crimson1 Feb 18
Feb 15 D2 has stopped running on Mac - continuously tries to patch to sorry posted in the wrong section - not sure how to deleteAlzipan1 Feb 15
Feb 15 Shop bug report I was try to buy lunar new year but my credit card has no enough money soo ı cant buy the pack but after that day every time ı open shop mobile or pc doesnt matter ı cant push any buttons cuz the lunar new year pack ı was trying to buy is cant authorozied but ı dont have the lunar new year bundle either. So ı jusr want to use my shop again or ı have to delete this game for understandeble reasons , ı cant buy anything :’)DodoAirlines0 Feb 15
Feb 13 Can't connect to store at all. As title says. Can't connect through Battle.net app on PC or through the browser. Wanted to pick up Forsaken for Destiny. Is the store down or having maintenance done?xMoriKunx1 Feb 13
Feb 13 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 wil not start. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 wil not start. safe mode error wil pop up and ask me if i want to start the game in safe mode, then it goes away in less then a second without giving me a chance to chose yes or no and blizzard wil come back to my screensuppermonky1 Feb 13
Jan 30 Subscription showing in local Currency (CAD) but when charged it is in USD. I had this issue occur back in July and was told that it would be fixed. It happened again on my January bill. In July it was attempted to remove the sub and resubscribe. This didn't fix the issue. Other items that I have purchased from the Shop have been charged correctly. Support couldn't find anything with my account. Can this be looked into and resolved. Especially since I may not be the only one affected.Chiros1 Jan 30
Jan 25 Gear store - no size info for backpack Hey, i wish to buy the "BlizzCon Badge Starter Kit" backpack, but there is no information how big the backpack is. I asked in the live chat but they are saying they have no size information too. He suggested that i should create a bug report here. Please maintain the information and what sizes of a laptop it can fit (14", 15.6", 17.3") Regards, TheobaldTheobald3 Jan 25
Jan 22 Unable to pay with credit card in Gear Store I know this post won't be read by anyone but fellow customers anyway, but as the first response to a ticket was unsatisfactory and I'm now waiting for a second response, I might as well post here. I'm trying to pay with two completely independent credit cards (AmEx and MasterCard, both from different banks linked to different accounts and so on) for an Epic Goodie Bag at the gear store. No matter which card I use, it gives me a "transaction declined" error and the first GM told me he can't even see the declined transactions. Things I've tried so far: - different browser - different computer - different shipping addresses (both in the US and Germany) - different billing addresses (both my 'actual' billing address, i.e. the one my credit card statements are being sent to and my current US address) - tried both the "same as shipping address" checkbox as well as using a different billing address - a proxy to check if "Braintree" has a problem with me using my German credit cards from a US IP address According to the Braintree website and FAQ, the 'shop owner' will be able to see the declined transactions and see from a certain error number next to those transactions what exactly caused the transaction to fail, i.e. insufficient funds, wrong expiration date or something like that. According to the GM, he couldn't even see any declined transaction for my account... so yeah, I'm guessing something is not working correctly. I just paid for something else with my MasterCard just fine, btw. So it's definitely working, and it was an even higher amount than those 60 bucks for the Goodie Bag. I mean, I would gladly pay with Paypal as I have a bit of money left on my Paypal acc, but someone decided the shop won't accept Paypal anymore apparently. That's really sad too.Kirschgrün10 Jan 22
Jan 17 Battle.NET Portal - Bad Weblink While trying to research how to add people using Real ID instead of their battletags, I ran into a bad hyperlink. The page that contains the link - http://us.battle.net/en/realid/ Search for "set up your BattleTag on our Support page." It should direct you to - https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/battletagfaq This link is not working.M3GATRON1 Jan 17
Jan 15 WC3 login issue (4.2) & (6.2) Ever since this garbage patch i can NO LONGER log in to my account as when i first attempt to log in it'll say "Connection to battle.net has been lost" When i try to login again it says "Error handling the request (4.2)" and when i try AGAIN it says "Error handling the request (6.2)" . Blizzard stop !@#$ing with us dammit.Infinity1 Jan 15
Jan 15 Cannot use Command Key to right click on Mojave In Warcraft III and Frozen Throne I can no longer use the Command Key to right click. I was able to do this a few months ago. Both my MacOS and Warcraft have received updates since then. My command key works outside of Warcraft. In System Preferences I have updated Accessibility to allow Warcraft to control my computer. I disabled all of the trackpad shortcuts thinking one of those might be interfering with the clicking (I saw an old forum post about something similar to this in WoW and that fixed it then) but it didn't help. Any suggestions would be appreciated.CharlieSmall0 Jan 15
Jan 13 Heals per 10 minutes I can't see my heals per 10 minutes. I've never looked before but with all the nerfs to my main mercy I wanted to see if I was still having a big enough impact. Here recently it feels like a no.MomotheHomo0 Jan 13
Dec 21 Have Overwatch Beta "ACCOUNT STATUS: ACTIVE" but cannot authenticate I have Overwatch Beta in my Game Accounts but cannot post to forums, and when I launch game I cannot connect to game server past login screen.Earthbound5 Dec 21
Dec 19 Can't buy Black Ops 4 Battle Pass I already got Black Ops 4. When I'm trying to buy the Battle Pass it keeps telling me to buy the game. Didn't bought the game in shop, added it with a product key.Jon1 Dec 19
Dec 14 Blizzard gear issue I have ordered a couple things in the blizzard store on 12/3/18 and i wanted to refund one of the items so when i discovered it was still processing i decided to wait for it to finish. However it is 12/14/18 and i am still waiting for the order to finish processing. i am just curious if it takes that long or there is some error on my end and how to fix any error. I can reply with the order number if necessary. Please help!JellyBoi1 Dec 14
Dec 10 Can't write a review I just received my order (LAG Hat and Authentic Jersey), and yet I am unable to write a review for either item.JohnnyRokkit0 Dec 10
Dec 8 Unable to purchase Destiny 2 annual pass I’ve been trying for like three days to purchase the annual pass, as I really want to play Black Armory. Everywhere I try, the card gets declined with the error “Please correct the errors below and try again” Blizzard support has been no help.Apollo0 Dec 8
Dec 4 Slow to load battle.net What's wrong with battle.net? It takes ages to load, I've never had this problem with any other website and it's getting pretty annoying.Lomen2 Dec 4
Dec 1 unable to enter cvc code for in game purchase in hearthstone hello! i came across a bug when trying to make a purchase within the hearthstone shop. i was asked (for security) to enter my cvc code for the card i have on file, but i was not able to do so because when entering the number 5 (which is one of my 3 digit numbers) the field would reset and only show the number 5. anytime you enter the number 5 this would happen. i was able to fill the field with any other number as many times as i wanted. just 5 seems to be an issue. i was able to get around this by copying and pasting the code. thank you.mechajeff0 Dec 1
Nov 30 ummmm where is Destiny 2 trial? i keep reading something say it would be available on the battle.net site on the 28th but was on here yesterday and never able to find it.Maverick0 Nov 30
Nov 29 Blizzard Battle.net App uses too much GPU I recently noticed the Blizzard Battle.net App drives my GPU at 20% when I am on the "Game" tab, vs 1% on the "Social" tab. By percent usage, I mean 3D as shown on Windows Task Manager. This behavior is relatively new. The GPU is a 1070 ti 8GB, monitor just 1920x1080 60 Hz., and in my opinion, the GPU use is way too high for a game launcher. It is enough to make my cooling run harder, which I don't find acceptable for a game launcher. A few games I play (with the launcher closed) use less GPU! For now, I will just keep it on the social tab, or close it. If this is a known issue, or there's a simple fix, let me know. This was reported via issue id 64452441, and they suggested I post in this forum. The only help offered (make window smaller) made little difference. Update from original observation: As of this morning, and patch, instead of the GPU being pegged at 20%, it spikes only when the video (new maps for season 3) appears, and the spikes are only to 20% if the BN app window is selected. Whether this is the result of the patch, or my being more observant isn't easily tested.jon1 Nov 29
Nov 29 Email Change Bug I recently changed my email because I didn't have access to the current one. But since I was logged in my battlenet desktop app already, it asks for the password, but I can't change the email (https://i.imgur.com/idjwhdy.png).Alien0 Nov 29
Nov 27 I can't Purchase Destiny 2 + Expansion pass with my pre-paid visa gift card whenever i try to purchase it tells me my card is not valid, but i have made other purchases with this same card.LostPuppies4 Nov 27
Nov 27 can't buy overwatch can't buy overwatch because when i type in the credit card payment it says"please correct the errors below and try agian" but i did like all right and nothing wrong but i can't authorize it HELP MESANICDUCK23 Nov 27