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2h Gear store maintenance? since i cant find any info on this, and now cant even log into the gear store... any idea on when the maintenance is supposed to be done so i can get my purchases made? ThanksJayde0 2h
1d Paypal not working? It says i can pay with paypal on the store yet when i try to place a order it only shows creditcard info also when u try to add stuff to ur cart it bugs out.....SacredStorms0 1d
1d Unable to add items to cart on mobile Hi I'm using an Android device with chrome and had issues adding things to my cart on mobile.TrashGoddess0 1d
2d Unable to pay with credit card in Gear Store I know this post won't be read by anyone but fellow customers anyway, but as the first response to a ticket was unsatisfactory and I'm now waiting for a second response, I might as well post here. I'm trying to pay with two completely independent credit cards (AmEx and MasterCard, both from different banks linked to different accounts and so on) for an Epic Goodie Bag at the gear store. No matter which card I use, it gives me a "transaction declined" error and the first GM told me he can't even see the declined transactions. Things I've tried so far: - different browser - different computer - different shipping addresses (both in the US and Germany) - different billing addresses (both my 'actual' billing address, i.e. the one my credit card statements are being sent to and my current US address) - tried both the "same as shipping address" checkbox as well as using a different billing address - a proxy to check if "Braintree" has a problem with me using my German credit cards from a US IP address According to the Braintree website and FAQ, the 'shop owner' will be able to see the declined transactions and see from a certain error number next to those transactions what exactly caused the transaction to fail, i.e. insufficient funds, wrong expiration date or something like that. According to the GM, he couldn't even see any declined transaction for my account... so yeah, I'm guessing something is not working correctly. I just paid for something else with my MasterCard just fine, btw. So it's definitely working, and it was an even higher amount than those 60 bucks for the Goodie Bag. I mean, I would gladly pay with Paypal as I have a bit of money left on my Paypal acc, but someone decided the shop won't accept Paypal anymore apparently. That's really sad too.Kirschgrün4 2d
4d Novel Method for Bypassing BlizzCon Ticket Restriction on Blizzard Gear Store Item presales have officially gone live (at gear.blizzard.com) for people who have purchased tickets to BlizzCon, and a restriction has been put in place to limit purchase of these items to only those who have legitimately purchased a ticket. However, after accidentally experiencing an error, myself and a friend have identified a fairly trivial means of bypassing this restriction, which allows any user to purchase items in advance without needing to acquire a BlizzCon ticket. This isn't inherently risky from your end, as no legitimate security concerns arise from this vulnerability, however it still allows unwanted action so we assume you'd want to take a look at it. PoC: A proof of concept write-up can be easily supplied privately either by forum PM or email. The actual methodology is incredibly simple, and the explanation for what we believe allows it is very straightforward. Remediation: Based on our understanding of how the gear store works, the remediation steps should be fairly simple. If it would be considered helpful, we can provide an overview of remediation steps to help during the triaging process. Let me know if you need anything from me, or delete this post and PM me if you believe this isn't the correct place to leave something like this.ǶSebass2 4d
4d Failed to purchase the Goodie Bag to send to overseas address Hi, I have been trying for the whole night to get the Blizzcon Goodie Bag from gear store. I was trying to ship it to Singapore and purchased with my Bank of America Debit card. But every time I got an error saying: "Transaction has been declined. Please try again later." The BOA card is in good standing.... I even tried to create a new account in Battle.net with my wife's name and to make the purchase with her Singapore bank account. it doesnt work either. I used the online chatting and the staff changed my address assoiciated with my Battle.net account from Canada to Singapore, it did not work. (I was living in Canada few months ago) I am wondering is there anyone else encountered the same problem? How could I solve this... Should I submit a ticket to the Billing team? Thanks!RAYzor0 4d
5d Redeeming Gift Card: "An Error Occurred" When I redeemed my card, it said, "An error occurred." I refreshed, tried different browsers, and I tried deleting the browser's cache. Is there another solution to this? Maybe I typed the code the wrong way. I typed it this way: 1234 1234 1234 1234. Is it wrong?OverWhales0 5d
6d "You do not have permission to access this product." Looking at the BlizzCon gear pre-sale, I tried to click on a few of them to see more details about them, see if I wanted to buy anything. Then for some of them, I got asked to log in, which I did, and it redirected me back to my Account Dashboard and said "You do not have permission to access this product." Is this normal? Are there some BlizzCon attendees exclusive items? Note that it didn't do this for all of the items, only certain ones. If it IS normal, I'd like to suggest letting people at least LOOK at the items. I'm on the fence about buying a virtual ticket and those items could be the decisive factor on me buying it or not. You don't have to let people buy the items if it's attendees exclusive, just let them look at it. UPDATE: I just saw the text at the top of the page saying it's available to all ticket holders. Guess that answers that question. It would still be nice to be able to look at the products, if I had details on that Snowball Plush I might buy a virtual ticket. Let me give you money Blizzard.BigMissSteak2 6d
Oct 11 Random prise Hello, When I try to buy the Wow Jacket (BlizzardGear), the price is $ 84, but when I go to the page, the price goes to $ 49 and in my basket it goes to $ 120 . After having dissected and tested with Dudenaulth (GM), the problem is the same on his side. Can you make a small bug fix? : x (Sorry for my English, i'm a French noob baguette)Sousuke0 Oct 11
Oct 5 login issue so i opened battle.net and it told me to log in,i filled in my email address and password but where it says login or make a new account didint appear please help if you read this please respondMagicTurkey0 Oct 5
Oct 5 problem tryng to buy in the gear store HELP! Hello, first to all sorry for my bad english i hope this topic can be understand: since the launch of the new gear store i can't buy anything when i try to put my credit card all blank case say "Please Use A Correct..." this is with date, credit card number,etc. A little red error appeard in the top saying something like "Credit Card (Braintree) Error Initialized. So what can be the problem? im the only one with this problem? i try with 3 credits cards and nothing, and try in chrome, firefox and IE. thanks for your answer!.Benjaelthas1 Oct 5
Sep 27 D2 game full but game no full bug me have many many game full for 1hour. after 1 hour game full is gone and i join ~5 game again. after 5 game me have game full again for long time.... anyone same or know how to fix? game is no full, i can not make new game or join new game! if me try to make game, there is delay 302329 games.YingLing0 Sep 27
Sep 25 USD change to AUD My account can't change USD to AUD! so sad! If I choose AUD It didn't working!!!!!!!DaHuangIsGod1 Sep 25
Sep 24 Able to Install Overwatch on Mac I was able to install Overwatch on my Mac to find out that it is PC only, and the Battle.net app installed a .exe file and showed the Play button... but failed to launch obviously. This is a huge bug, lol. And especially a big letdown. Screenshot 1 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/6rd50zkzfym5t93/Screen%20Shot%202017-09-24%20at%2014.58.35.png?dl=0 Screenshot 2 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/di380zzbtdgnlze/Screen%20Shot%202017-09-24%20at%2014.56.09.png?dl=0JasonBornAgn0 Sep 24
Sep 22 Battle.net Helper High CPU usage ? Hi everyone, I have this issue for months now. Being IDLE on desktop or while gaming, the whole Blizzard App ecosystem and especially "Battle.net Helper.exe (32bits)" is using from 5 to 15% of my CPU adding up to nearly 20% of my CPU usage which is i5 2500k @ 4.4Ghz (so it's still kicking). And its doing nothing, pure IDLE. In comparaison Overwatch IDLE on the menu is resting at 12%, and it is rendering at 60Hz while Battle.net is just a regular 2D software. Steam is using a whopping 0.1% and instantly respond when I opens it. I've made a program that can resize 1440p pictures into a small icons up to 20 times a second and it's using about 15% of my CPU. So what is going on, what is this this Blizzardry ? I tried killing it through the task manager but it keeps coming back again and again. I'm close to writing a piece of software to deal with it, just a infinite loop that checks for "Battle.net Helper.exe (32bits)" and kills it. As I understand it display videos on the Battle.net PC program but even YouTube consume less CPU and frankly I don't care. I'd rather have a static picture for such price. Is there any known solution to keep Blizzardry from overloading my CPU ?Synless2 Sep 22
Sep 21 GearStore wishlist not working Whenever I go to my wishlist I get wishlist sharing but not my actual list, and when I try to add it all to my cart (six items which I cannot view) I get the store maintenance page. I've tried clearing my cache and tried a private window for Firefox and Chrome with the same results. My phone also gives me the same results (both on and off wifi). Took this up with CS on twitter and they told me to report it here.EmberLake0 Sep 21
Sep 20 Can't purchase D.Va Statue When trying to purchase the statue after filling in my details and clicking to place order, it pops up with "specify shipping method" despite there being one.MidKnight0 Sep 20
Sep 18 Redemption Code Issue I attended Anime Expo 2017 and purchased a pre-order for the Nendoroid Mei figure. I entered the code provided on the card I received after the transaction and it says its invalid. Thank you in advance.Lunaska1 Sep 18
Sep 17 Other currency to USD It is still ridiculous how there isnt a conversion to regions for currency. We still have to find out what our countries currency is to the USD, and even then it seems to be incorrect. Recently tried to purchase an item and got charged more than what was calculated. Wtf...Teddy1 Sep 17
Sep 17 I purchased Starcraft remastered but I cannot find where to download it As title says I cannot find anywhere in my account where to download it, ( I did find starcraft anthology but not remastered) Can you help?Takabron1 Sep 17
Sep 14 Expire in 16 days - in white letter Diablo 2 expansion, US East ladder, some characters in some accounts get "Expires in 16 days" messages in white letter. Even I accessed the character and play some game, the message will not vanish. What is wrong with this messages ? Usually it vanish if I use the character in game.sparky0 Sep 14
Sep 14 Grommash Hellscream statue order bug Hello, it has be 3 days, since this item seems to be available again on the gear store, that am trying to buy it, but i can't. I put it in the cart, choose my payment method and then click the "Place Order" button and nothing happend. I try everything, all different browsers, different computers, different battlenet account, different credit cards and banks, i try ordering as a guest too, nothing work. I try to order others items from the store and no problem, it work fine! So my guess is there is a specific problem with that item, maybe because it show's it available but in reallity its not, i don't know. When i try to order it as a guest i got that error message: an error has occured on the server. Please try to place the order again. Help please!Jeh2 Sep 14
Sep 14 Trouble purchasing Goodie Bag from mobile I tried to purchase the BlizzCon goodie bag via my mobile today with my virtual ticket discount. All the times i tried to enter card information and purchase it, i was getting no confirmation screen or email notifying of my purchase. They also did not show up under my Orders. But i do have 2 pending transactions from blizzard gear store, for the amount of the bag and shipping, showing up on my bank account.Azvion0 Sep 14
Sep 4 delete pls delete plsRoten0 Sep 4
Aug 31 Cant make fireteam Couldn't invite friends to fireteam in destiny 2, didn't even show that any of them were even in game just 'in app', there is no option to invite!Zephyr0 Aug 31
Aug 30 Paste password into change pass field We were able to paste passwords into the change password fields before but not able to do it now. I change my password often and the characters are different with several variations. I use a password app that i can just paste my password in and this is difficult to do when the site doesn't allow for it. I prefer not to type in 10+ characters 3 times when i can just paste it in. Change it back.... I tried on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome and all the same...no dice.Kryptek10 Aug 30
Aug 29 So I played my 7 games at the beginning of the week. And I'm decayed to Diamond for no reason whatsoever. Heck, I also got my 2K of Competitive Points which is given to Master rank as usual. Can any one of you guys enlight me. Thanks in advance.ǷǷǷǷǷǷǷǷǷǷǷǷ0 Aug 29
Aug 29 I can't Purchase Destiny 2 + Expansion pass with my pre-paid visa gift card whenever i try to purchase it tells me my card is not valid, but i have made other purchases with this same card.LostPuppies2 Aug 29
Aug 28 Battle.net download speed default bug The battle.net loader will default back to 20/kb s for updates and downloads, even after being reset to a higher speed. This causes updates to take much longer than required/fail when left to its own devices.Paen0 Aug 28
Aug 26 Hearthstone Waiting for Authorization Infinite Loop It's been 2.5 hours and I still haven't gotten my Hearthstone packs.... I've deleted the app, reinstalled it, tried on my phone and my tablet (trying to use Amazon coins), restarted my phone, the loop lasts for about 30 mins or more and if any time during the process I hit the wrong button, back up too many times, or need to do something else (like get more coins bc tax wasn't included, ya, thanks for that annoying and dumb feature) it goes into the loop again. I've done it 4 times now bc the coins keep glitching. Somehow the glitch is even going over across all platforms (even PC) only half of those times. Looked up to see if it's fixable and the help guide said all of the things that I've already done and said they were fixing the problem. That was back in 2016, last year. Blizzard seems like a big company, it impresses me how many minor glitches and bugs become part of the game experience (negatively, obviously).GrumpyKitten0 Aug 26
Aug 20 SC2 battlenet page login - an error has occurred So when i log in to battle net via the browser (Firefox v53.0.3), the battle net page for the other games are showing that I am properly logged in (hots, d3, overwatch). However, the sc2 page shows otherwise - [an error has occurred]. I've tried logging in and out and back in but i get the same message every time. I just want to vote in the poll for the Play. Vote. Win! event but I can't cause the page sees me as not logged in. I've tried clearing the cache and cookies - same experience. I've tried using Edge and Chrome - same experience. Used my mobile phone - same experience. The message shown on the screen is [An error has occurred. Please try again. Log out]edrisRaven2 Aug 20
Aug 18 I haven't used up my free BattleNet name change, but it still won't let me change it for free. I didn't know where else to put this, but I only recently downloaded BattleNet so I could play Overwatch. The only other time I had used battlenet was for WoW but that was a really long time ago on a TOTALLY different account. However, now, I want to change my BattleTag and it's saying that I have to purchase a change, even though I haven't used my free change yet. What should I do?AeonicBond1 Aug 18
Aug 15 My friends list has been online for 2 days My battle.net friends list says everyone has been playing for 2days. I've deleted all extra files following a previous thread. Reinstalled still everyone remains online or in whatever game for 2 daysGgezpro0 Aug 15
Aug 12 Dead Link: Battle.Net App->Shop->Overwatch Clicking the option at the footer to buy Overwatch swag is returning a 404 Error. Figured y'all would wanna know if you didn't already.Garick0 Aug 12
Aug 10 playoverwatch display bug Encountered a weird issue on combat tab select a specific hero https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/career/pc/us/TheRealDeal-1945 go to career stats then select any heroes OVERWATCH.GUID.0X0860000000000030TheRealDeal0 Aug 10
Aug 8 Cant cancel Copa Lucioball when its finding a match since the latest update, the cancel option above the screen wont show and you cant cancel while searching for copa lucioball game.CommandrColt1 Aug 8
Aug 7 Battlenet Update Failure Battlenet is updating but it won't update and I can't play my games until it does. It says Battlenet is updating in the menu at the bottom of the list and my games all say that they are waiting on another installation or update, which is this battlenet update which stays at 0% for days now.Ralph1 Aug 7
Aug 7 Updating Issue my launcher wont update, its stuck at 42 percent and wont go higher, so now i cant play overwatch because the launcher wont finish updatingShane2d21 Aug 7
Aug 7 Xbox1 Asian server error Everytime I try to join any sort of game mode for Overwatch on Xbox, I get a, "Error starting game, trying again" I'm in Korea, and this problem seems to be happening to everyone here. It's been going on since the Doomfist update... Please fix this... the Asian server is pretty pathetic as it is. This error is making it almost unplayable. I'm pretty close to quitting.poomachine0 Aug 7
Aug 4 trolling system hey can you fix you're system? litearlly making me play with not so good players and some of them walled us with mei so please FIX YOU'RE GAMEXWEEABOOX691 Aug 4
Jul 25 New sc update bug Used to playing windowed(fullscreen) and new update screwed that upundecided1 Jul 25
Jul 23 Unable to purchase anything on Battlenet store Hi, Ever since Battlenet have introduced the shop I have not been able to buy anything from it. I am currently trying to purchase the Reaper of Souls expansion for Diablo 3 after the recent update impressed me. However I have tried to buy it 5 times over the past 6 hours or so only to have the website constantly try to process the order for me, and endlessly load and the order not get processed. I've even tried to disable my antivirus suite to ensure it wasn't a firewall issue. All of my details are up to date and correct; address, card details etc. The weird thing is that I can purchase stuff for WoW both in-game and from the manage account page, since I've bought the newest expansion and various amounts of game time over the past weeks and months. Is anyone else having any issues buying stuff from the store? Could any Blizzard staff shed some light on why I can't buy anything? I've never known a shop so averse to accepting payments!bwfcnut8 Jul 23
Jul 23 Plagued by NID request I have contacted support with this issue, and they advised me to post here. When I try to upgrade my games or access certain part of my accounts such as account management I encounter the following request: Fill in Account Details To continue, we’ll need some additional information so we can secure your account. [ NID ] <-(input box) I am unsure what this NID is, a little online research has led me to believe that it stands for National ID, and is required for players in Taiwan. Now whilst I do live in Taiwan, I am a British national wishing to play on EU servers. I have no NID except perhaps my passport number, which unfortunately is returned with 'invalid value'. I hope somebody can help me as I'm eager to get back online. Many thanks.Bjornabuns11 Jul 23
Jul 18 Unacceptable wait times for gift purchases I had a normal blizzard account on and off for about 10 years...isn't there some way you can authenticate this so there isn't an 'up to 70 hours' of wait time for gift purchases? Even TSA has a fast lane now, and TSA is not highly thought of on yelp. I understand you are worried about fraud, but couldn't you give the benefit of the doubt to some accounts?AresFields0 Jul 18
Jul 18 Ctrl-c a game name close the game Hello, since today i'm noticing that when i want to ctrl-c a gamename the game crash, i've never had this before !MichaelM0 Jul 18
Jul 17 Diablo II - Player Not Found Hello, for the past 2 days I am having a Player not found on a character that never expired ... I just cannot log on it all my other character are working well, just this one ... Diablo II Softcore Useast Non Ladder Account : aLtrom Character : Kubo Please help !aLtrom1 Jul 17
Jul 12 Gear store won't allow me to review and rate on Reaper statue I already bought Overwatch's Reaper statue and I like to review it on the Gear site. But the Gear store recognizes me as someone not yet buying it and didn't allow me to review.Theodore0 Jul 12
Jul 5 ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS Constantly getting this issue: "The us.battle.net page isn’t working us.battle.net redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS" I cant purchase games, game time, cant get into account management, cant submit support tickets.. This issue is driving my crazy and i have tried everything suggested on the forums, google, etcMonako2346 Jul 5