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Jan 6 Email Recovery Issues Afternoon everyone, There is an issue with the email recovery system for Diablo II, Warcraft III, and Starcraft in all regions. We're currently looking into the issue and will update everyone once we have more information and when the system is back up and running. Sorry for the inconvenience, ClásicoClásico1 Jan 6
8h US-West Maintenance - Tuesday, January 17th Afternoon everyone, We'll be doing maintenance on US-WEST on Tuesday, January 17th from 10am-1PM. This will effect the following games: Diablo II Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Starcraft Starcraft: Brood War Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Thank you, ClásicoClásico20 8h
Mar 12 [D2] Installers, Stand Alone Patches, and Update Troubleshooting Installers If you already own Diablo II, 1.14b installers for Mac and PC can be found here: Stand Alone Patches If you already have an older version of the game installed and are having trouble patching, go here for the stand alone patch: Troubleshooting What if I am receiving errors attempting to patch or cannot complete patching? We recommend downloading and reinstalling with the new installers: What if I don't see installers on the page you linked? If you don't own the game, you will not see them there. Go here to purchase: Is there a Mac patch? No, the changes we had to make from legacy OSX to 10.10 and 10.11 support were too great, there is no Mac patch, only the install linked above. My screen is off center when the game loads on Mac. We're working to fix this display issue, but in the meantime if you hit CMD + M twice on load, the game with center properly. My FPS seem low on PC, is there any type of workaround? Running in windowed mode will remove the FPS constraint. Right click on the game's shortcut and go to Properties. In the target line, add -w after the ". It should look similar to this: ...\Diablo II.exe" -w Gatekeeper is blocking my download. Apple has a very good way to unblock trusted sites that Gatekeeper is stopping here: Mar 12
Apr 25 [D2] Windows users experiencing issues patching If you are running into this problem either 1) Right click the game and hit "Run as Administrator" or 2) Go to the game directory and run BNupdate as Administrator.Ramius1 Apr 25
1d [D2] How to use the ignorelist feature Looks like forums ate the last one while I was updating it. Added a few more strings in the past month. Do w/e you like. Updated Jan 15, 2017 Alright, we all probably know about /ignore or the squelch button in Diablo II. However in-game this is pretty ineffective because chat goes through the game servers not However patch 1.13d implemented an awesome new tool for ignoring spam. NOTE: this has some issues You CANNOT ignore entirely empty lines. The chat field does not require an actual message. This is a known issue. The filter is case sensitive, This means actually using the filter in-game is fairly useless. Nobody told you about this in-game. With that in mind, let's work around these issues! step 1: enter Diablo II and go to the chat lobby or join a game. Type /ignorepersist IF this says disabled, type it again to re-enable it. Next type /filtermsg foo If this says cannot add filter, skip this step. Now exit diablo II Go to my pastebin link LINK IS HERE: (this is a text pasting website) and copy the entire contents of the text box. Control + C copies text. Right click on your Diablo II shortcut, go to properties. On Windows XP click find target. On Windows Vista/7/8 it will say Open File Location. This will open your Diablo II folder. If /ignorepersist said message filter added in-game when you typed /filtermsg foo right click on the file named ignorelist and choose open with... Use notepad as the program. Copy the text of the pastebin link into this file, then create a blank line at the end of it by hitting enter after all the text. Control + V is paste text. IF /filtermsg foo could not add the filter, right click on a blank space and create a new text document. name it whatever you like. you can delete it later. Open this document with notepad if it does not already open and paste in the text creating the blank like at the end of the document and choose save as... from the file menu. from the dropdown box at the bottom choose ALL FILES, not text document. name your file ignorelist and NOT ignorelist.txt. save it. NOTE: On Windows 10 you probably need to save the file elsewhere as ignorelist.txt, rename it to ignorelist and then move it to your Diablo II directory. restart Diablo II. Note this file is optimized for USEast NL but works well on USWest and USEast all modes, though not quite as well. I update this file regularly be sure to check back every week or so for a new version of the paste. Happy gaming!Kaylin11 1d
Nov 22 [D2] Ladder Reset - November 22 Afternoon Adventurers! The Eighteenth Ladder Season is upon us! This ladder reset, like all those before it, creates a clean slate where all ladder characters begin at level 1 with no previous items to help them. To participate, simply wait until the Diablo II realms return to service on November 22nd, log in to, and select the “Ladder Character” checkbox when creating a new character. You can track ladder character leveling progress by clicking on the Ladder button from the main Diablo II in-game interface. Thank you all and have fun! ClásicoClásico1 Nov 22
Dec 14 [WC3] 1.27b Patch Notes *Updated* Patch 1.27b is now LIVE on all servers! Specific Changes & Improvements - Bug fixes and General MaintenanceClásico1 Dec 14
Nov 15 [WC3] MSVCR120.dll Error While Patching If you get this error after patching to 1.27a then you have a few options: #1 Reinstall using the new installer #2 Install Visual C++ Redist Package -Go here: -Choose your language -Choose vcredist_x86.exe -Click next -Run vcredist_x86.exe #3 Wait for the 1.27b patch. We do not have a definitive date to share at the moment.S4d1k27 Nov 15
9m Diablo 2, Legend Ends Here? Hi there, It has come to the point where I would like to express my concerns about the Diablo 2 community. I do understand that this game is old and absolutely insignificant for you and your business however I do believe it needs a little bit of attention. After 5 years I went back to the game and experienced... well bots. Spam bots and Baal runers as well as other bots (muling, enchant bots and more). From a business perspective you could mass ban all the bot users and would profit because every second CD key you ban a new one will be purchased. It saddens me that the greatest game of all time (in my humble opinion) is being count as so insignificant. Blizzard please stand up for gamers as we have always been on your side. With heart and soul, DSDarkSouls7 9m
9h Diablo 1? Hey Blizzard, I'm just wondering if the classic team is planning on updating Diablo 1 to be compatible as well? I know there is a color glitch bug in Windows 7 where the colors would look really bad if we don't kill 'explorer.exe' before starting the game.FearedBliss5 9h
10h Killing Mephisto w/Throwing Potions 10h
10h The truth behind the chat gem Many gamers over the years might have wondered what was behind the mysterious purple gem that exists in the chat of Diablo 2. After years meditating on ancient, banned tomes in the very tomb where Moozevelt, the Cow King's great-great-great-grandfather rests, I have been blessed with the wisdom to finally grasp the truth behind it's purpose. After coming to such a shocking realization, I finally understood why Blizzard never dared to disclose the origins of such an UI feature. And I agree with them, that such a secret must never see the light. But what can I say is... It is working perfectly indeed... And there will be a time when the gem will be clicked for the 3,23 * 10^36th time. And when that happens, I fear for us all.OShogun10 10h
13h D2 patching and modding? Dear anyone who reads this, A long time ago I have played Diablo a good bit when I was younger, and liked it very much, and also slowly gotten into the one thing that keeps old and new games going(the modding community), and not mods that effect multiplayer or anything like that, but mods that increase difficulty of singleplayer or make singleplayer more interesting and attracting as far as wanting to play it more. I have found a really good mod that does this really well(as far as what type of challenge I'm looking for in SP), and would make the experience far more enjoyable for playing it. However, there is a drawback that I have been having issues understanding... The mod requires 1.09 and not any higher. I have already beaten the game on unmodded but wish to make it more interesting, and have no use for the multiplayer besides Lan which doesn't even need internet in the first place, so that's not a problem, but the questions I'm asking is: Ever since the new update with the new installer that pre patches it to 1.14, does blizzard not want players to have a way of making there SP experience more difficult/interesting or just add more to it? A: If not then I am curios how one would be able to downgrade the patch? B: But if so, this would confuse me as a modding community is one form of keeping a community around that keeps the game alive, a lot of games try to keep this around too. Thank you for taking the time to read this, hopefully it was not too much to read.Drecka13 13h
14h [WC3] Request My friends and I have a hard time dealing with the whisper spam on @Europe, please can somebody come and have a look at the public channel tour? Just /join tour and see the bots that massively whisper spam all of us 24/7, thank you!!GrandSilver10 14h
16h overwatch Hi I love this game butt there are some big issues with it f first I play about 6hrs a day or longer and all your snipers are wrong there is not a sniper in the world that would have a sniper rifle that tacks more then one shot to kill please fix them the only people that should track more then one head shot are tank chartersSavageHulk1 16h
1d [D2] Version Marathon Play Through Final Thoughts I have been playing this game since it came out. Right now I am doing a D2 Version Marathon and this has allowed me to remember a ton of things that I have forgotten about the game. Diablo II 1.00-1.09 The game was 10 times easier then 1.10-1.14. During my D2 Version Marathon I have noticed how far out of date all of the items are for 1.10-1.14. The experience was nurfed in 1.10 This caused a huge imbalance in the game followed by the lower item rates the only thing they raised up in 1.10 was the skills. That was nothing more then 1 damage up to 2 damage if you think about it. Basically the skills do about the same amount of damage as 1.00-1.09. Because they nurfed so much back in 1.10 this encouraged a lot of people to bot the game instead of play the game. This is Blizzards fault they should address this issue and fixed there error as of 1.14 to buy them time to fix up the bugs in the game. There dead line for the next patch is coming to an end here shortly. My guess is the next patch well be some time after the next ladder reset. I just got done fixing up a boat load of drop rates for single player that I think should be applied to bnet. People do work for a living Blizzard you are not the only ones. These people can't spend all there work time on farming for there items so they bot for them instead. Simple solution better drop rates = far less botters. The exp rates are horrible after 1.10 between 20-25 it takes 8 hours of leveling in lower areas without the cow level. Between 85-99 it takes the average legit with a job player a little over 6 months to hit 99 from 85. Takes the average botter 1 month to hit 99. Again this is Blizzard's fault as to why we have botters in the game. Again this should have been addressed and there error should of been fixed as of 1.14. The items I don't even want to get into but still they need to be updated for this newer revised more difficult version of Diablo II which was implement back in 1.10. Yet another reason why people are botting they want perfect items this is why people are duping runewords as well they want that perfect runeword. I know this sounds like I am complaining and all but I am not. These are pure legit facts. I know I know "We are working on fixing these bugs up" in the mean everyone else is saying this "we wont get around to content for another 10 years at this rate." Some of the things that I well be working on for single player will mainly be exp rates and skill balancing. Took me 3 months a decent drop rate going lets hope this takes less time.cyber150010 1d
1d Is the SCV wall-clip Exploit in Broodwar a bug? There are a couple versions of this. When you construct adjacent structures, the SCV temporarily hovers above them and waddles around until it finds open pathable terrain. I understand why this can't be helped to some extent. Years ago, there was a map called "Monty Hall" which used three lanes which were each blocked by a wall of mineral fields. Terran players used the wall-clip exploit to jump the mineral fields and go get early scouting information on the opponents. I found that it is possible to wall-clip up cliffs, and even make an SCV jump (short) distances across empty space or water, with a little bit of setup.Wade4 1d
1d [D2] Ignorelist This list has been compiled over the past couple of years so far no annoying spam has slipped through it on ladder or non ladder. I don't know about the other realms but so far its worked great on U.S. East. Just so you know this well also block you from typing and receiving other web sites like or things like that. There is a code for getting around this but if I shear it these spam bots well exploit it. I am hoping that Blizzard well implement in a white list for things like this. Back in patch 1.13d we where given new commands to use From the patch notes. - Ignoring players is now saved between sessions of the game. All ignores are now written out to disk (file: 'ignorelist'). This feature can be toggled by issuing the command '/ignorepersist'. '/filtermsg <content>'. To unfilter content issue the command '/unfiltermsg <content>'. (The maximum length of a filter pattern is 128 characters) - Users can now set their home channel by issuing a new chat command '/home <channel name>' while in the chat interface. - Users can return to their home channel at any time by issuing the command '/home' the down side with the home channel is you do not get news updates like how many players are online or if someone attempted to hack your account. Chat Reminder provides a number of ways to manage in-game spam and communication from other players. Some of these commands are: /options ignorepublic (/o igpub) - Ignores messages in public chat channels from anyone who isn't on your friends list. /options unignorepublic (/o uigpub) - Reallows messages in public chat channels from anyone who isn't in your friends list. /options ignoreprivate (/o igpriv) - While in private chat channels you will not receive messages from anyone who isn't in your friends list. /options unignoreprivate (/o uigpriv) - Re-allows messages in private chat channels from anyone who isn't in your friends list. /options ignorewhispers (/o igw) - Ignore whispers from anyone who isn't in your friends list. /options unignorewhispers (/o unigw) - Reallows whispers from all users. There is a full list out there somewhere on the web. If you do not have an ignorelist file you well need to make one or download it from i do how ever update it when I get the chance to the orginal name for the ignorelist is as its called ignorelist there is no .txt or .log or anything like that at the end. You can open and edite it with any text editor out there I Recommend notepad++ Blizzard and have full right's to view the code on pastebin to insure no harm well come to your system. If they say it well cause harm then most likely I well see a blue post. If you notice there is a couple of lines that are blank its to combat against the spam that has exploited the ignorelist. This code is as stated. !<space><space> !<space><space><space> !<space><space><space><space> which means you well no longer be able to shear your xp like you use to with | | so sorry about that guys. I am still looking for a way to shear your xp in game Windows and MacOS Renaming functions just in case you have to remove any thing at the end like .txt and what not ... another useful way to create the ignorelist ... ...cyber150016 1d
1d Starcraft Resolution Problem When I try to play Starcraft 1 in Windows 10, the screen resolution becomes so small I can't hardly see it. Is anyone having this problem or does anyone else have a solution??? ThanksAstrith11 1d
1d After 10 years of D2, my patch suggestions I have played D2 since 2006, and its always been my favorite game. I quit for a few years because I thought the game was dead... but Blizzard strikes us with 1.14. This game always keeps me coming back, so I feel the need to vocalize based on my experience. I will be posting the 5 most important things I think would improve the game. All of these things may be achieved within reason; obviously higher resolutions or 100 new runewords isn't going to happen. A massive overhaul simply isn't practical on such an outdated game. But it's still going strong, and I would like to thank you (BLIZZARD NORTH!) for supporting this game for so long. With that out of the way, let za go! NOTE!! These are in order of importance! ==== RUNES/RUNEWORDS ==== 1) When runewords were introduced back in 1.07/1.09, they were merely a nice side dish. People still used rares or uniques for the most part. 1.10 introduced a lot of nice runewords, but created a huge game imbalance with the 'oskill' system. At this point in the game's life, its not worth rebalancing every item to match the games difficulty. ---(A) Remove ALL ladder rune upgrade recipes. ---(B) Change the recipe for Enigma from 'JahIthBer' to 'JahZodBer'. With the inability to cube runes, this means you must get a Zod drop to make an Enigma. Even with the new 1.13 chances, it's still incredibly rare. Please Blizzard!! This will slow bots down massively, and also give us a nice eth Enigma ;D ---(C) Enable PATTERN and PLAGUE. These are two unused runewords that have been in the game for 10+ years. You don't have to come up with anything new, just allow what is already there! Preview the new Zod enigma here! ==== 1.10 BUGS ==== 2) Okay, there's so many bugs I won't list them all. But more specifically I'm referencing to things that worked at one point. 1.10 introduced many bugs, such as broken skills and animations, etc. Purple monsters also don't spawn anymore due to the broken palette lookup. --- The most critical bug is the "CPU usage" bug floating around. Address this before anything else. It cuts CPU usage down from 25% to 1%; my laptop runs so much smoother! This has to be fixed no matter what, Class A bug. The 1.10 bugs can come next. ==== SINGLE PLAYER ==== 3) As it has been mentioned many times, at this point in the game's life enable all ladder content (runewords/quests) for single player. It made sense back in the D2 heyday, but anymore the userbase is small with lots of single players. It will save them the extra step of having to download a 3rd party program to enable the content manually. --- Enable ladder content for single player, make the Diablo Clone spawn by selling 1 or 2 SOJ's (50+ is unreasonable in SP). They can only be activated after game completion on hell. --- Cut the experience penalty past level 70 back to the way it was in 1.09. It sucks having to do THOUSAND'S of runs by yourself to get to level 99. It wasn't that bad in 1.09 with cows. ==== SKILLS ==== 4) Synergies are simply a huge problem. Again, D2 would need a massive skill overhaul to balance everything, but I propose a rather easy solution: --- Remove ALL synergies from the game, and beef up skills so a level 20 skill does 75% of what it would do fully synergized. This will allow players to diversify a bit. That is why the only thing you see are light sorc's and hammerdin's. Skills like Nova were also nerfed in 1.10 and need a damage boost. --- or, alternatively, give 2 skill points per level up. --- Remove casting delays from many of the skills. Skills like Hydra and Frozen Orb were at one point in time widely used and godly. Now they suck and no one uses them because of the delay. ==== AREA LEVELS ==== 5) Something few people seem to know about is the vicinities area level. Back in 1.09, many places and monsters were level 90+. This allowed for many good items to drop. Blizzard wanted to nerf Pindle runs and such so they capped this to around 85 in 1.10. --- Bring back old monster and area levels. This is as simple as a copy and paste from the 1.09 txt files. This allow players to get better items and more experience, and will also BEEF UP monster difficulty. Win-win. ;D Well that's its for now. I honestly doubt all of this will be implemented aside from maybe a few bug fixes. But its nice to know someone is working on Diablo II, and I hope they take my suggestions into consideration. Many of them have been done using 3rd party tools or mods and aren't hard to implement. Best of luck to the best game ever made! Let me know what you think about these changes!galaxyhaxz29 1d
2d What is your favorite Warcraft 3 custom map? Warcraft 3 has a great map editor that has been explored to make some of the most fun minigames in RTS history. From tower defense, to footmen wars, to even complex arena battle games such as the legendary DoTA. Of all those great maps what was your favorite? I still love me some DoTA and Pudge Wars.OShogun1 2d
2d D2: Anya Bug I love that you guys are still working on these classic games. Is there any chance of getting a fix for the Anya bug? I'm sure you know what I am talking about but just to be clear I am talking about the bug where you lose the bonus resistance from the Anya quest when you die. Sure, in pvm this is never really an issue but it's a huge pain for pvp. Please address this issue! Thanks!igotworms1 2d
1d [WC3] 1.27 breaks AMD Athlon XP / Pentium III support due to SSE2 Hey classic devs, I had issues with Warcraft III and the latest patch 1.27 on an old computer (AMD Athlon XP). The update from 1.26 didn't work (BNUpdate.exe crashes) and copying over an installation with patch 1.27 already applied won't run either: war3.exe immediately quits with "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc000001d)". * My conclusion first: I found out that since patch 1.27 Warcraft III binaries contain SSE2 instructions which are only availabe from Intel Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon 64 onwards. Those are already ancient by todays standards of course, and my Athlon XP is so old it's almost retro. But If there's no real need for SSE2 then I hope you devs can remove it in the next patch. Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the new efforts for this game! I just thought it might be nice to keep it compatible with the machines it was built for. Some detail: A quick web search shows that Far Cry 2 shows the same error message as war3.exe on computers where the CPU doesn't support SSE2. I then used 'objdump' from GNU binutils to look at war3.exe and indeed there are several SSE2 instructions in the code. I did the same with BNUpdate.exe and checked the memory address from the crash message. At this address we see: 40d007: f3 0f 7e 05 18 8d 44 movq 0x448d18,%xmm0 which is an SSE2 instruction as well. This is as far as I went.. Many thanks * I can only see the German translation "Die Anwendung konnte nicht richtig initialisiert werden" but this should be the English one.Strobokopp5 1d
2d Patch 1.27a Changelog Got it from downloaded Standalone Patch: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patch 1.27 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specific Changes & Improvements - Throw away that old PowerPC Mac in the closet, we’ve created a new installer to support Mac 10.10 and 10.11 - Improved compatibility with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 - Fixed a crash caused by Chain Lightning Known Issues - Windows 8.1 and 10 saved games are still stored in a location that requires running as system admin - Some graphical issues with the cinematics are still occurring - Changes to gamma settings will not take effect in windowed mode - Cyrillic characters are still not displaying - Disabled ambient sound while a MIDI issue is being resolved - Mac 10.9 and earlier are not supported - Mac build does not support the editorKnoWnNoW132 2d
2d [WC3] Please get rid of matchfixing Please get rid of the 50% forced winrate system, it is killing this beautiful game for so many players. The system is forcing players to lose their games by driving everyone to a flat winrate of 50%, give or take a few percent. This results in long search times and lopsided games because the system wants to make sure you are going to lose no matter what. You have to sit around and wait for 30 minutes to find a game where your team gets run over by your opponents after five minutes. You then quit and have to wait another 30 minutes to find another lopsided game and it just goes on like that. Again, again and again. Seriously, this is ruining the game. By the end you have spent more time waiting than playing. This is the number one thing that is killing this beautiful game. Seriously, forcing players to lose is a horrible design. Please get rid of it, this should be top priority. P.S this suggestion is only for random team matchmaking, not for solo matchmaking.oldskoolguy5 2d
2d Questions about rank and comp points...need help So i really want a golden gun this season i have 1464 CP and my rank is Master, which means that i will get 2000 CP at the end of the season, which i don't know when the end of the season is. My question is 1) If I loose a game can I get demoted? 2) If i am demoted will I get 2000 CP (master) or 1200 CP (diamond) ? 3) When does Season 3 end? thanksBloodWing1 2d
3d Diablo II - Unable to connect to Every time i try to connect ot i get the following message. "If using a modem, you may need to connect to your internet service provider before connecting to For more information, please visit" What i have tried to do: >Diablo II installed via >Single player works just fine >Running game as admin >Patched the game from 1.12 -> 1.13D via I need help from someone who is smarter than me(about 90% of the earths population) Thanks in advance.NightFever71 3d
3d wow legion warlock proffesions what would be the best 2 proffesions for a warlock to take in the legion xpac that is good for making own stuff yet selling aswell....i ask cuase i was told that herb/skinning is the best combo money makerKetsuin2 3d
3d When can we see a StarCraft update? There are updates for D2 and W3, when can we expect one for Starcraft?Grab35 3d
3d Tanked Diablo In less than 3 minute I tanked Diablo on hardcore normal. This is my very first Assassin and I'm only using what the game has dropped. I'm going to try and make Lore and Rhyme before nightmare. When I get a Lum rune in nightmare I'll be ready to traverse hell. 3d
3d Diablo II Patch 1.14- Still no Higher Res?!?!? I love Diablo 2 to death, but the fact that it only runs in 800x600 really irks me. Is there any way that I can play it in higher resolutions WITHOUT being Ban Hammered off the face of the earth?kangolcraft51 3d
3d Who Hosts Elite Warcraft 3 Replays these days? Gosugamers no longer hosts replays for Warcraft 3. I mean they have some from several years ago, but they quit taking new ones a few years ago. Due to backwards compatibility issues, it's no longer possible to view those replays without keeping multiple installs patched to exactly the right version, which gets to be completely ridiculous. Also, preferably they should have a description of which version of the map(s) they are playing on if it is not the official Blizzard ladder version of the map. Also, don't say "Google", because that just leads back to Gosugamers and Teamliquid, and they don't host new replays.Wade4 3d
14h Diablo 2: No Option for Normal, Nightmare, Hell mode. I Already re-log my account and restart my PC, do I need to reinstall the game?Judwig07262 14h
3d Warcraft IV? I loved the Warcraft games. I knew the world before the 'world' was a thing. Should Blizzard return to it's roots? Personally, I think they should create another Warcraft single player game, especially after the release of the Warcraft film. Base game, plus DLC, could mean a lot of profit. Especially if they continue to link in game items across their stratosphere of online games with achievements etc in other games. Please Blizzard, WARCRAFT IV?LuckyTiger7 3d
3d Remaster for the SWITCH please. Just going to toss this out there but I would love a remastered Rock N Roll Racing and Lost Vikings on the Nintendo Switch. Two very good games I could see myself playing on such a portable system.Gryphandor2 3d
3d need help i am missing my d2 video test how do i get it back, my game is running slow and lagging alot.metalhead11 3d
3d Warcraft IV? Warcraft Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne have been my favorite games since I first started playing them in 2002. To this day in 2016 I still play these games and I have been waiting/yearning for the day Warcraft IV comes out. Warcraft IV needs to be made and soon!!! While talking to the thousands of other players on Warcraft III they all agree. We want this game!Tbow62 3d
4d Warcraft III Long wait times As I write this thread, I am sitting searching for a ladder game of Warcraft III. I have been playing ladder Warcraft III games for many years now, but over the past few years trying to play a ladder game, whether solo or a team game, I have had enormously longer wait times. It doesn't seem like it was all that long ago when I would wait only 30 seconds to find a game. But what I can't understand is why does it take so long? Shouldn't a solo game be as easy as it gets to find an opponent for? I just can't understand it anymore. Anyone know why this has happened?Abie2418 4d
4d WC3 Third Party WASD Script/Programs Allowed? Are third party scripts/programs that change the arrow keys to WASD (I.E Custom keys) allowed or not whether in singleplayer or multiplayer? I'm wondering since it seems to me that such things are fine since they don't impact the game in negative ways.AryaHarding1 4d
5d Paysafe card add paysafe card payment please :)MFPhiliptime1 5d
5d [WC3] Anti-spam solutions Wc3 Anti-spam solutions Some ideas to get rid of the unstoppable years-long spam that's flooding our channels and our accounts by whisper. 1. Squelching/Ignoring a spambot account that keeps whispering should eventually get muted if it does not stop. 2. Banning users by IP would significantly reduce the amount of spambot accounts in a clan channel (or OP channel). 3. Clan channels should be able to ban more then 200 accounts by raising the limits. 4. Not opening the clan channel if it is in private mode and no one is in it, and memorising the bans even if we leave the channel. 4. Spambot accounts that join and leave channels in less then a second and still are able to leave long messages in the chat should be voided. 5. An option to ignore whispers from starcraft/diablo accounts, that would be permanently saved even if we log off & an option to not let the sc/d2 accounts join our clan channels (as it is on public channels), option that would be saved even if the clan channel is empty. Thank you. #IloveWc3GrandSilver12 5d
5d Killing Duriel with potions. It didn't take that long considering the item quality of the potions I used. Enjoy. 5d
5d Is this true about D2 Is D2 realy getting a change, like higher resolution, HD remake and so on, maybe new expansion for D2? Can we aspect any changes in the future ?PhaseBlade2 5d
5d FATAL ERROR PLZ HELP! Fatal error! I have just bought and intalled warcraft 3 and frozen and this thing pops up. This application has encountered a critical error: FATAL ERROR! Program: d:spil\warcraft iii\war3.exe Exeption: 0xC0000094 (INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO) at 0023:6E1A9C3F what can i do to fix this ?Lays0 5d
5d [War 3] Please Update Ranking System Please update the way the game deals with ranking and communicating the meaning of ranking to players. Tell the player what their score is the way SC2 now tells MMR, and also tell them how many Standard Deviations they are above or below the community mean.Wade0 5d
5d WCIII patch for Mac: problems with It's wonderful that you updated the Mac version- so happy to see WCIII running again, and it looks awesome on modern hardware! It looks like there are a few serious bugs though, which is understandable given the dusty old code. Most importantly, there are major issues with joining games on bnet. The Quick Play works fine, but arranged teams and custom games do not. Another player (also on Mac) is unable to join an arranged team after I send him an invite, and vice versa. The app freezes (UI freeze, BG animation and sounds still going). Also, custom games do not work very well. I cannot create a custom game and have a friend join it by name. I'm sure you'll track these down and fix them... can't be as hard as porting the whole network codebase off of OpenTransport!RupertMurloc5 5d
6d Is there a way to play Diablo II online? I used to play Diablo 2 online, I was wondering if you're still able to play it online. If anyone can help me if there's a way I would appreciate it.Anonster691 6d
6h Cannot create a Hell game My hell game is bugged, I beat Baal NM, and my Join Games are all Hell, but I cannot create Hell. I beat baal on NM but save/quit and didnt talk to Tyrael but it still put me in hell but create a game as Hell is greyed out. Dont see anyway to make a ticket for this but id like to not post my account name since its sadly has personal info because I forget D2 accounts can be really anything. Can a Blue help me and can I PM them?Ink4 6h