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Jan 25 [All] Server Upgrade January 4th @ 1000 PST Hi All, We will be upgrading the servers for Diablo 2, Warcraft 3 and Starcraft at 10am PST on Friday. Expected down time is 1 hour. Changes (For Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3): Added new chat command /verify-tw to allow Taiwan citizens to extend default lifetime of their accounts to a year to accommodate new legal legislation in Taiwan (Note: Valid Taiwan account required to complete verification) Added email notifications 15 days before account or character expiration Thanks, Classic GamesMark Chandler112 Jan 25
Nov 19 [War3] Forums Have Moved Please visit the new Warcraft III forum: Chandler0 Nov 19
Feb 4 [D2] Season 23 Begins 12/7 Greetings adventurers, We know you're eager to sharpen your blade, restring your bow, and practice your arcane arts. Season 23 is scheduled to begin Friday, December 7 at 5:00 PM PT! We'll see you in a few weeks for the latest ladder reset! Cheers, Diablo Community TeamNevalistis256 Feb 4
Jan 23 [D2] Support Ending for Windows XP and Vista With an upcoming platform patch intended to streamline the process of launching and connecting to Diablo II, we will be ending support for Windows XP and Vista. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively. As we continue to support our legacy titles, we have found the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to newer versions as well. Once our next patch update hits, Diablo II will no longer run on Windows XP or Vista. We encourage any players who are still using one of these older OSes to upgrade to a newer version.Nevalistis0 Jan 23
Sep 1 [All] Chat Bot API V3 Hi All, Classic is Pleased to announce Chat API Alpha 3 with self registration: Thanks, ClassicMark Chandler59 Sep 1
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1h Why not use captcha to stop bots Hey blizz could you make captcha system like those streaming sites after creating a game example 6 pictures out and u need to click a certain monster type or whatever creating a game: please solve this captcha before joining all the bots would be useless this could also be when you pick up high runes or uniques, theres a puzzle you need to solve when you pick it upBlueFire2 1h
2h [D2]Some issues after regular maintenance. Hello? Classic Games Team, I don't understand why your team doesn't examine carefully Asia server after regular maintenance. Therefore, whenever I face the inconvenience due to your imperfect action, I have to write again. So I visit here to say something. Symptoms are below. 1. Unstable ping. When I typed /fps in my game, I found out the ping is dancing from 14 to 218. As I live in Seoul of Korea Republic, I could not believe those figures. 2. When I created my game, I found out the game's IP which server gave was always 150. And it took 5-7 seconds to create. As you know server must give different IP. I think this part of settings makes server unstable totally. 3. My classic barbarians' whirlwind hitting sound is like LOD barbarians' one again. I wanna get back hitting feeling through my ears. 4. Especially, It is hard to create games in Ladder. I know standard and ladder games do not share server. Therefore, you also have to find the reason and fix it. So many ladder users are complaining. Consequently speaking, I think you did not rearrange Asia server after maintenance. Because server is very unstable. Therefore, Plz look into Asia server. Thank you for your reading, 1 of Asia D2 Users.ArnoldPerm32 2h
3h wtf is going on I am starting to get really irritated with the process here. WHY when i try to download client is it giving me an authentication error. I just set-up authenticator and it keeps doing the same thing like its groundhogs day. Its starting to piss me offRebel3130 3h
3h VPN use on Diablo 2 Hi everyone, I was recently trying to go back and play Diablo II but cannot due to my VPN connection. My entire household uses a VPN connection configured on the router. This cause ZERO issues with any services I use including 99% of all games I play. I use a dedicated IP address that I do not share with others and it never changes. Going through technical support with Blizzard has not helped. Apparently because its on a older engine one of Blizzards "SECURITY EXPERTS??!?!?!" decided that VPN connections are not allowed. They said due to botters. I don't think they realize that you can simply use SOCKS 4 proxies and other means to evade this system. I don't play any other Blizzard games other than Starcraft 2 (which works perfectly) and recently I wanted to play Diablo 2. I am not a fan of Diablo 3 and when I get an urge to play the Diablo series I simply go and install Diablo 2 again. But I can't connect because of my VPN. I don't know how many of you travel or are aware or know anything about security in this era. But simply put a VPN is a must. If you are in an airport, coffee shop, hotel or even your house. If you are not using a VPN you are literally leaving yourself vulnerable to all sorts of attacks. A VPN doesn't make you bullet proof just like two step verification doesn't either (especially if someone installs a Trojan on your phone and can get the code without physically having your phone). But its a good security practice. My problem here is that I use a VPN behind my entire connection, so all my services, phone and anything else in my household uses this same connection. The nice part is that I don't have to waste my time setting up some stupid program on all my devices.. its done through my router. Now for the kiddies on here that normally think VPN use = cheaters. Grow up and do some research. I am asking this to be viewed by the developers of the classic platform to allow VPN use. Surely when someone connects to the server there are other checks they can perform such as which user accounts or cd keys are being connected at that time. For someone in my situation I am simply not going to take down my VPN connection to play a game that is 20 years old. I am hoping that the developers will make changes for those of us that actually take cyber security seriously and take extra steps to protect themselves. Again VPN's don't make you bullet proof, but not using one leaves you naked. I use VPN's everywhere... for work, travel, home and even mobile. What I have is a static IP for my VPN connection, so it never changes and I paid extra to get one specifically for me. Diablo 2 is the only service/game/etc that causes me issues. They now say that I am suspended from connecting when I haven't even made an account or character. Again, I don't want to hear from 12 years old who have know nothing about VPN's or how botters actually exploit games (its not VPN's). Would rather have the developers view this so they know that regular people use VPN's regularly. Thanks!goffy5916 3h
3h WC3 No Longer Offline Game? I found that I was unable to play my old Warcraft 3 games during a period where my internet service was interrupted, and this has confused me.... I tried contacting Support about this, and was referred to post here about it because they had other reports of the same issue. There was no error messages involved, the game just froze up, whenever I chose from any of the tabs provided in the starting screen. Has anyone else seen this?? I first bought WC3 years ago, when I did not even have internet, and it was fine, but I think now it may no longer be an offline game, for some reason. This is disappointing, and annoying, and I am losing my fascination with the game I have loved for well over a decade now. Is this just me, or has anyone else come across this issue with Warcraft 3?? Thanks in advance!!zlloyd10 3h
3h Patch not installing OS X ( I'm getting an error message after the game client attempts to patch: "This patch does not need to be applied to the game. The version of the game you have installed is more up to date than this patch. File version: Patch version: " OS X High Sierra 10.13.6 I tried fully uninstalling and reinstalling and downloading the patch as is said in this guide This gives me a file that starts up but is unresponsive. If I try to run the game and connect to Battle Net, it starts trying to install the patch inside the game client. This starts up BNUpdate which completes successfully. However, when I start the game client after this it starts patching again. The game has been running fine for weeks up until today. Did one of the Blizzard developers put a "<=" where they should have put a "<"? :DVlatkos25 3h
7h Congratulations guys I just love my games randomly dropping at a moments notice for literally no reason, losing all my items and then not being able to join games for another 10 minutes. Very nice job. And that waiting in line for hours on end? PRICELESS. Absolute genius game design. Maybe we could add something where you have to like solve a quantum physics math problem just to open the game, and then when you get to the sign in screen, you have to guess what your new password is every time just to log in. Oh and then when you complete this easy task, you should be forced to write an email to blizzard tech support to have them make a game for you so you can join and play for 5 minutes with 5hour bans in between each 5 minute game. I mean just to be fair this makes alot of sense in my opinion.master6 7h
7h Heeeelp Launch game FAIL... patch fail Help Patch Fail every time l launch my diablo 2 lord . it start patching and it says Blizzard BNUpdate v2.136 compiled on Mar 30 2016 Log created at 2:01 am on 02/15/2019 This patch upgrades Diablo II Lord of Destruction from version 1.07 or later to version 1.14d. NOTE: patch not required for file '\{MacPath01}\Diablo' [version] RESULT: Patch failed ( Ok i launch diablo 2 again.. and it starts over again. Blizzard BNUpdate v2.136 compiled on Mar 30 2016 Log created at 2:01 am on 02/15/2019 This patch upgrades Diablo II Lord of Destruction from version 1.07 or later to version 1.14d. NOTE: patch not required for file '\{MacPath01}\Diablo' [version] RESULT: Patch failed ( So i tried to uninstall diablo and reinstall it.. ) i did a all system virus scan ( clean ) mal scan all scans i could do .. CC cleaner everything.. start and restart computer.. and it keeps doing the same what should i do ?????kevkev3 7h
10h Deleting toons Why is Blizz deleting toons on Diablo 2. I've lost 4 bank toons from not logging in for a few weeks. I would like to get them back so if a mod see's this.Cutthroatus2 10h
11h [D2] Asia server needs your attention Blizzard. I have been a fan of your games for a long time since starcraft and diablo 2. I've had experience with most of you major titles especially WoW. Since then I moved to US from South Korea, got married, have 2 kids as of now. It's been 18 years since I've played diablo 2. And a streamer's youtube video that I not knowingly saw brought back those memories of 18 years ago. That night I bought 2 copies of diablo2 and LoD, and started playing on the Asia server. And had so much fun playing it for about 3 weeks. But your latest server maintenance ruined it all. All the games I create, if I am lucky enough to create one successfully, has an ip address 150. And this has been going on for 2 days already. What is going on Blizzard? All the experience I have with your games from 18 years ago till about 8~9 years ago were pleasant ones. You guys had problems back than, but the reactions were quick, communication was always there. Which seems to not exist anymore. I understand it's one of your older games, but it's one of your best one, you still sell copies online through your website. Please understand Asia is one of the areas with your best fans and supporters. Please let us know what is going on, and what will happen and when it will happen. Thank you.SoJ13 11h
12h Diablo 1 & Warcraft 2 are forcing downgrades that dont match the 1.09/etcwar2 install, you broke something on your end? or did you just kill both games and not say anything?DragonKing2 12h
14h Download/installation of Diablo 2/LOD Hi. I recently reinstalled diablo 2 LOD and it was working fine for a few days but then it tried to do a patch update, which subsequently kept failing with an error message along the lines of, "patch failed because your patch is already up to date." So, i unin/re-installed but it kept doing the same thing. So I completely wiped all diablo files off my computer and now I can't even figure out how to re download. Whenever I try to open the client download it gives me an authentication error. Any ideas or a guide to reinstalling from scratch.?Rebel3130 14h
14h [D2] Diablo II Asia server needs immediate attention To whomever it may concern, I've been a fan of Diablo since a long time ago, and have been enjoying playing the game for awhile now as well. I understand that Diablo II is an old game, but I think the amount of attention you're giving it is unforgiving. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that development of Diablo games are one of your main reason for your success. But recently, especially starting about two weeks ago, the Diablo II Asia server has been unstable, but I have not seen much improvement. In fact, the server has gotten worse in the last two days - to a point where you have to pray to successfully open a new room. This is completely ruining game experience and even though there are multiple complaints about this coming up at the moment, I have not been seeing any replies or announcements from Blizzard. All we want is the server to become stable again. Us players are not asking for much. Just please do a thorough maintenance and check what is going on with your servers...LeoS0 14h
18h [D2] please merge East / West please? :(Pugnax3 18h
19h Diablo 2 Asia Server completely dysfuntional Hello Blizzard, What the hell is going on? I recently re-downloaded Diablo 2, and as a Korean American, I play on the Asia server. The first 2 weeks of getting back on d2 were decent, but starting around last week, there have been some serious issues with creating games... Starting yesterday, it's pretty much impossible create a game, and with the private wait-list ban, people don't even want to try creating one. Please fix this right away, as I feel like I'm getting completely ripped off.. I know it's an old game, but there are tons of players that stick with this game. Please please please fix this immediately. This is UNACCEPTABLEErgThenHan1 19h
21h [D2] Diablo II Asia server is faulty!! has not been resolved!! [D2] Diablo II Asia server is faulty!! has not been resolved!! Why ???!!!BattleCraft2 21h
22h [D2] Fail to create game I'm D2 User, and playing in asia server. But It has been impossible to create a game since yesterday. I think after the server restart, IP has been fixed at 150 and it's almost impossible to create a game. Please fix this problem right awayJNK0 22h
1d [D2] Diablo II Asia server is faulty!! has not been resolved!! Diablo II Asia server is faulty!! has not been resolved!!BattleCraft0 1d
1d [D2] Asia server is faulty!! has not been resolved!! [D2] Asia server is faulty!! has not been resolved!!BattleCraft0 1d
1d Diablo II problem Diablo II Do you need to queue up to create games? You can't join other people's games. The above shows you need to queue for more than 320,000 seconds. I have been waiting in line for 4 days. Is there any way to solve this problem?好吃香腸3 1d
1d Diablo 1 Battle.SNP issue? hello i was wondering if anyone had an idea on how to fix this? so i have diablo 1 installed correctly I've downloaded patch 1.09b and let that install however when i go to get into it says there is a new version of software available, and goes to install a new patch even though i have the current patch installed, after it restarts the game it says the patch cannot be installed because it does not match the file checksum- Battle.SNP , any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated thank you.Stalmen2 1d
1d Bad status of Diablo2 server (Asia) Hello, First of all, I can't speak much of English. I speak Korean. So, let me excuse to everyone who speaks English as a first language. I play "Diablo 2" with battlenet Asia. However, several days ago, the server is running bad such as impossible to create the rooms or join the rooms. I think this is the "clear issue" Blizzard has to resolve. In conclusion, what I'm trying to say is that the battle net of Diablo server(mainly Asia) has to be managed right away. The server doesn't seem to be sustainable so, most of the functions are not running properly. Looking foward to your resolution to "Asia server" of "Diablo 2". Best regards.AMURoREI0 1d
1d D2 sudden crash - out of memory on an 8GB system? I was playing D2 1.14d (no mods, all legit). Single player, Amazon, Act 1 Stony Field. Then all of sudden, the game crashed to desktop. The error report suggests it's about RAM. How can D2 crash on an 8GB RAM system? Can one force D2 to use more RAM since, according to the report below, only 256MB RAM is allocated to the game? System: 4-core 3.8GHz, 8GB RAM, Win7 64-bit. Crash.txt says: [Halt] (Unrecoverable internal error 0018f87c) failed at (904) D2190212.txt says: ERROR: Out of memory! (3) Pool Blocks overflowed at 64 total physical: 267,862,016 available physical: 235,843,584 total page: 1,879,617,536 available page: 1,073,741,823 total virtual: 2,143,289,344 available virtual: 1,750,491,136AKosir11 1d
1d Help Diablo II, New Player. Hello everyone, I just made my first purchase in Blizzard, "Diablo II" and that makes me very happy but I would like to make the following queries. - How can I change from 3D to 2D? - If my girlfriend is bought Diablo II, can we play both in net or battlenet? - I just installed Diablo II and it will not let me enter Battlenet, what happens? What is the correct way to do it? I'm new to this, and I do not speak much English, I speak Spanish. thank you.Endzeit8610 1d
1d [D2]Static Field Does Lightening Mastery improve Static Field? Why is it that Static Field works awesome and sometimes doesn’t work at all? The Radius, is that the damage radius or how close you have to be to a monster?AtomicPunk4 1d
1d [D2] CBF Fun Name an item or combination of items that privides Cannot Be Frozen. Lets see if we can get them all. Provide Just one so to let others share. I’ll start. 1. Death’s Guard (Sash)AtomicPunk11 1d
1d [D2]Asia server is gone ??!! Asia server Create an game or join game always failed to join game .... why??? this issue Has been going on for a day...BattleCraft0 1d
1d Wc3 Frozen throne public games after upd. Hi there guys, sorry for my English but i will do my best. i'm an old Legion TD Hell 3.98 fan. Played over 10k games easy and a lot of hours on other public and normal maps. And i just feel i have to speak out somewhere, since the update came that made bots unusable, the game imoa have become that title itself "unusable", Like 99/100 games i find or create is not playable, players leaves after lvl 1 when they leak or have no clue have the game works, and when you try to explain and or educate them they flame in you're face, leave or ruins the game for you, almost every game there is someone leaving making the game incredibly boring. And if you want a good and fun game you have to look for hours and hours searching and asking questions to players to balance the game, i think that i will now stop playing because it feels pointless, maybe i give it a go if there would be some form of ranking system. Really blizz or whomever is pulling the strings start up some form of ranking system for dedicated players for popular maps.. since u wanted the "control" of the game and released that upd its time some things started happening, because i know a lot of players me included already thought that wc3 had a functioning community with the bots, and of curse there was unhappy folks back then to, but now there is no balance between the 2 at all. no rank nothing just peoples hosting and people leaving. Hoping to stir up some emotions around this so comment away please!!!!! With all the love! KnasarNKnasarn5 1d
1d Ladder reset will we get a ladder reset before reforged comes out???KabutO1 1d
2d cant connect to battle net any one elese?gravsten6662 2d
2d Diablo 2 is unable to proceed. Unsupported graphics mode Just bought a key for the Diablo II, installed the game but it hadn't run. The error was "Diablo 2 is unable to proceed. Unsupported graphics mode". I tried to switch on Windows XP сompatibility and run it as administrator with the resolution of my screen 1024×768, but it hadn't worked. How can I play the game? Or how can I take my money back? P. S. I have Windows 10BlackDot1 2d
2d Warcraft 3 Reforged Release Date? Any idea when Warcraft 3 Reforged will release? 2019 is vague and I really hope it's not coming out by the end of 2019.DreamyAbaddo1 2d
2d [D2]Asia Server Create Game wait in line....400+ Creat Game wait in line 400+...300+...why??BattleCraft1 2d
3d [DII]Game Crashed Last night while clearing the left side of the nightmare throne area the game crashed, instantly shutting down the app and for a split second the crash report appeared but didn’t stay open. I was doing nothing out of the ordinary for me, I’ve made this run a million times before with the same old barb build on US West HC Ladder, except I was tethered to my phone using 3G, but even with this internet type I’ve not had connection problems. I’ve never in 18 years experienced this before with D2. When I reconnected about a minute later the game I was in no longer existed, making me think it was on Blizzard’s end. I was playing on OS 8.1.AtomicPunk4 3d
3d Question on up coming patch? Does this mean our current season will be shortened when you get patch ready to implement or can it be inserted seamlessly and not effect the current season. Just wondering.Wyo645 3d
4d /verify-tw /verify -twLiviathan0 4d
4d 24 hours of my d2cdkey being used by me The server crashed me out yesterday and ever since it has said that my cd-key is being used by myself. I have shutdown my computer, cleared caches, reset router and it is still going 24 hours later. How do I get to play my game?WizardGirl111 4d
4d Rearranging char screen [D2] No clue whether this has been discussed before or not. But since blizzard actually implemented the 18 char per account, any ideas on if this is a possibility? I'm not a programmer so I'm unaware of the strain this could/could not cause on a server, but seems to be simple to implement an option where we could rearrange our char screens (click hold left mouse button & drag for example), especially since 18 chars is now the max and not 8. Thoughts? Ideas? Inputs?Legacy8 4d
4d [D2]US West Connectivity. Are the US West HC Ladder servers a mess for anyone else, or is it my junk 3G tethering that is the problem?AtomicPunk2 4d
4d Rock n roll racing remake A remake would be awesome. A great new esport. Lots of room for expansion on a simple yet fun system. Something with monthly rankings. A lot could be done here in the multiplayer realm. Expanding on the ideas on races and planets. Have a moba type roster of characters and vehicles. Have team play and the like. I feel like there’s plenty of people who would play this and it could be made cheapTheSigster0 4d
5d cdkey in use by myself works now.... idk why 24 hr ban.. but have never had a weird cdkey one like thisHugnsKisses6 5d
5d Corpes fire So im looking for information about Corpes Fire The Zombie From Act 1 Den Of Evil .. What make his so different from other zombies I wonder if he has another name besides corsefire … I swar that zombie holding out on a bunch of hidden treasure.. A Thumb up Reward for any information on Corpesfire The underground Den of evil zombie anything. Perhaps him the other six of zombies are having a secret meeting regarding the attack on diablo. ...Slayercloud1 5d
5d Running Diablo 2 in 2019 Hey guys, a similiar topic was beaten to death a few years ago and I wonder if some patch on the way changed something. I get 'access violation: c000005' error, and I cannot run diablo on my windows 10 laptop with GTX 950m. I tried all compatibility setting, tried using the '-w' trick, tried Sven glide - nothing works, same error. Can anyone run diablo 2 today on Win 10?TheStag10 5d
6d Temporary restriction from server D2 Character screen says I am temporarily restricted. Wasn't logging in and out or creating a lot of games just kind of went afk and came back to it. Don't run any hacks or 3rd party software so not sure how I would get restricted?Garret990 6d