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5h [War3] 1.30 Balance Changes Hail Warchiefs, Lichs, Commanders, and Keepers, Here's the full list of changes to balance for 1.30: Hero Balance Changes Archmage Water Elemental Level 1: Decreased Hit Points from 525 to 500; increased damage 18 - 22 to 19 - 23 Level 2: Decreased Hit Points from 675 to 625; increased damage 31 - 39 to 33 - 41 Level 3: Decreased Hit Points from 900 to 825; increased damage 41 - 49 to 44 - 52 Brilliance Aura Level 2: Decreased mana regeneration from 1.5 to 1.25 per second Level 3: Decreased mana regeneration from 2.25 to 1.75 per second Mass Teleport Increased Area of Effect from 700 to 800 Blademaster Base Stats Reduced Agility from 24 to 22 Lich Frost Armor All Levels: Reduced slow duration against all units to 4 seconds Demon Hunter Base Stats Reduced Agility from 22 to 21 Metamorphosis Reduced duration from 60 to 45 Keeper of the Grove Force of Nature All Levels: Reduced mana cost from 125 to 100 Goblin Alchemist Healing Spray Level 1: Decreased from 40 to 30 Level 2: Decreased from 55 to 45 Level 3: Decreased from 70 to 60 Transmute Increased conversion factor from .8 to 1.25 Goblin Tinker Base Stats Reduced Armor from 4.5 to 3.5 Pocket Factory Pocket Factory now has Heavy Armor instead of Normal Engineering Upgrade Level 1: Increased spawn interval time for Clockwerk Goblins from 4 to 4.5 seconds Level 2: Increased spawn interval time for Clockwerk Goblins from 3.2 to 3.5 seconds Level 3: Increased spawn interval time for Clockwerk Goblins from 2.56 to 3 secondsCluster Rockets Level 3: Increased Damage for Cluster Rockets from 27.5 to 30.5 Naga Sea Witch Mana Shield Level 1: Increased damage absorbed from 1 to 2 Level 2: Increased damage absorbed from 1.5 to 3 Level 3: Increased damage absorbed from 2 to 4 Pandaren Brewmaster Breath of Fire All levels: Increased mana cost from 70 to 75 Level 1: Reduced damage over time from 7 to 5, reduced max damage from 520 to 480 Level 2: Reduced damage over time from 14 to 10, reduced max damage from 1000 to 720 Level 3: Reduced damage over time from 21 to 15, reduced max damage from 1360 to 1080 Human Balance Changes Flying Machine Base Stats Increased Hit Points from 200 to 250 Increased Gold cost from 90 to 100 Increased Damage from 14 - 15 to 18 - 19 (air-vs-air only) Militia Base Stats Decreased duration from 45 to 40 seconds Mortar Team Base Stats Decreased half damage radius from 150 to 100 Decreased quarter damage radius from 250 to 200 Priest Dispel Magic Increased cast range from 500 to 600 Added a 5 second cooldown Applies to Doom Guard (Creep); Doom Guard (Summoned); Pandaren Brewmaster (Storm) Siege Engine Base Stats Increased Supply cost from 3 to 4 Spell Breaker Spell Steal Cooldown increased from 3 to 6 seconds Human Items Ivory Tower Base Stats Increased lumber cost from 20 to 25 Reduced stock from 3 to 2 Orb of Fire Base Stats Increased hero bonus damage from 5 to 10 Increased splash damage radius from 140 to 150 Increased gold cost from 275 to 325 Human Upgrades Defend Base Stats Damage reduction reduced from 50% to 40% Reflection damage reduced from 100% to 90% Flak Cannons Tech Tree Now unlock with Keep Swapped command card location with Flying Machine Bombs Fragmentation Shards Base Stats Reduced half damage radius from 275 to 225 Increased quarter damage radius from 250 to 275 Reduced bonus damage for half damage radius from 18 to 15 Reduced bonus damage for quarter damage radius from 12 to 10 Improved Masonry Cost Level 1: Increased to 125 gold and 50 lumber Level 2: Increased to 150 gold and 75 lumber Level 3: Increased to 175 gold and 100 lumber Orc Balance Changes Bat Rider Base Stats Increased bonus damage from 13 - 15 to 16 - 18 Berserker Base Stats Increased Hit Points from 450 to 475 Headhunter Base Stats Increased Hit Points from 350 to 375 Increased Regeneration upgrade from 0.8 to 1.0 Hit Points per second Shaman Base Stats Increased Hit Points from 335 to 350 Increased bonus damage from 8 - 9 to 10 - 11 Purge Decreased mana cost from 75 to 65 Spirit Walker Changed Hotkey from (T) to (W) Tauren Totem Tech Tree Now unlocks with Stronghold instead of Fortress Now trains Spirit Walkers and Spirit Walker upgrades Swapped command card locations so Spirit Walkers are first button Orc Items Scroll of Speed No longer applies to Goblin Sappers Orc Upgrades Berserker Base Stats Decreased the damage debuff from 50% to 40% Swapped command card location with Troll Regeneration upgrade Burning Oil Moved command card location to middle row Liquid Fire Base Stats Reduced the attack speed debuff from 80% to 60% Reinforced Defenses Base Stats Reduced from 200 to 150 lumber Tech Tree Unlocks with Stronghold instead of Fortress Spiked Barricades Cost Level 2: Reduced from 175 to 125 lumber Level 3: Reduced from 275 to 175 lumber Troll Regeneration Swapped command card location with Berserker upgrade Undead Balance Changes Acolyte Base Stats Increased Hit Points from 220 to 230 Increased Hit Point Regeneration while on Blight from 2 to 4 per second Increased armor from 0 to 1 (6% damage reduction) Increased movement speed from 220 to 250 Destroyer Base Stats Reduced Hit Points from 900 to 850 Reduced Orb of Annihilation bonus damage from 20 to 15 Frost Wyrm Base Stats Reduced Frost Breath attack duration on Heroes from 10 seconds to 3 seconds Necromancer Cripple Reduced mana cost from 175 to 150 Unholy Frenzy Reduced drain from 4 to 3 Hit Points per second Raise Dead Increased base summon duration from 40 to 45 seconds Obsidian Statue Base Stats Reduced Hit Points from 550 to 500 Skeleton Warrior Base Stats Increased Hit Points from 180 to 190 Skeleton Mage Base Stats Increased Hit Points from 230 to 240 Undead Buildings Haunted Gold Mine Base Stats Reduced Blight radius from 960 to 768 Reduced cost to 225 gold and 210 lumber Necropolis Base Stats Reduced cost from 255 to 225 gold Reduced build duration from 100 to 90 seconds Ziggurat Base Stats Increased Hit Points from 550 to 600 Undead Items Orb of Corruption Base Stats Decreased armor reduction from 5 to 4 Sacrificial Skull Tech Tree No longer requires Graveyard to purchase Base Stats Decreased stock regeneration from 60 to 45 Undead Upgrades Cannibalize Swapped command card location with Frenzy upgrade Ghoul and Abomination Decreased the duration from 33 seconds to 20 seconds for Ghouls and Abominations Ghoul Increased healing from 10 to 16 per second Abomination Increased healing from 15 to 25 per second Devour Magic Decreased damage against summoned units from 180 to 160 Disease Cloud (Abomination) Increased damage from 1 to 2 per second Reduced duration from 120 to 90 seconds Exhume Corpse Now generates Crypt Fiend corpse instead of Ghoul corpse Frenzy Swapped command card location with Cannibalize upgrade Skeletal Longevity Increased duration time from 15 to 20 seconds Increased cost from 50 to 75 gold Skeletal Mastery Now unlocks with Halls of the Dead Stone Form Moved command card location to the middle row Night Elf Balance Changes Archer Base Stats Increased Hit Points from 245 to 260 Tech Tree Improved Bows command card location swapped with the Marksmanship upgrade Chimeras Base Stats Decreased half damage splash radius from 125 to 100 Druid of the Claw (Bear Form) Base Stats Decreased bonus damage from 29 - 44 to 25 - 40 Druid of the Talon Base Stats Increased cost from 135 to 150 gold Faerie Fire Reduced duration on units from 90 to 70 seconds Reduced duration on heroes from 60 to 40 seconds Dryad Abolish Magic Reduced damage against summoned units from 300 to 250 Applies to: Eredar Sorcerer, Naga Couatl, Centaur Sorcerer, Polar Furbog Shaman, Forest Troll Shadow Priest, Kobold Geomancer, Mur'gul Snarecaster, Nerubian Seer, Salamander Seer, Watery Minion Snarecaster, Tuskarr Healer, and Ice Troll High Priest Glaive Thrower Base Stats Increased bonus damage from 36 - 53 to 51- 68 Huntress Tech Tree Moonglaive now unlocks with Tree of Ages Sentinel is researched by default Mountain Giant Base Stats Decreased cost from 425 to 350 gold Decreased Supply from 7 to 6 Hippogryph Tech Tree Hippogryph Taming is researched by default Hippogryph Rider Base Stats Increased Hit Points from 765 to 780 Night Elf Buildings Ancient of War Base Stats Reduced Hit Points from 1000 to 900 Reduced bonus attack damage from 44 to 36 Tech Tree Removed Sentinel upgrade – researched by default Ancient of Wind Tech Tree Removed Hippogryph Taming upgrade - researched by default Ancient Protector Base Stats Reduced build time from 60 to 55 seconds Decreased rooted attack cool down from 2 seconds to 1.7 seconds (24.75 to 29.12 damage per second) Decreased uprooted attack cool down from 1.5 seconds to 1.4 seconds (19.67 to 21.07 damage per second) Moon Well Base Stats Increased mana regeneration at night from 1.25 to 1.50 per second Chimera Roost Tech Tree No longer requires Ancient of Wind to build Neutral Balance Changes Purge Reduced damage to summoned units from 400 to 200 Neutral Items Boots of Speed Now have a stock of 2Pete Stilwell188 5h
17h [War3] 1.30 PTR Greetings Raiders, Tinkerers, Harbingers, and Wardens, Your support in this campaign has been like that of the glorious Scourge marching on Lordaeron: inexorable. We thank you, and hope you enjoy the fruits of our continued partnership! Please remember, don’t eat the grain or feed the Abominations after midnight. Windows Mac Specific Changes & Improvements Updated anticheat to keep the Horde at bay Unit button locations and hotkeys adjusted for consistency Balance updates can be found and discussed here: Map pool updates can be found and discussed here: Bug Fixes [Mac] Joining a custom game no longer results in a crash [Mac] Loading a saved game no longer results in a crash [Mac] Client no longer crashes when switching between expansions [Mac] Cinematics work again [Mac] Switching between fullscreen and windowed mode no longer causes menu/text misalignment [World Editor] Crash when same ability with different buff ID’s is cast on a unit resolved Blademaster able to path through intended items during Wind Walk again Defend consistently reflects damage from piercing attacks again Killing a Demon Hunter at the end of its Metamorphosis no longer prevents Metamorphosis from being used for the rest of the match Stun works again if the target has already been stunned by an illusion Using Crypt Fiend's burrow/unburrow no longer resets the cooldown for the Web ability Using Town Portal on a moving Tree of Life can no longer cause the spell to interrupt and grant temporary invulnerability Units that can only attack other air units (or groups of units that include one of these units) can attack move to areas where there are trees again Dropped items can no longer be stacked on top of each other (2)TerenasStand_LV: Fixed pathing around Mercenary Camps Cursor matches the mouse position when resolution is taller than wider again Players can rejoin a saved multiplayer game again Clan Message of the Day can be set again Intro cinematic displays again Text scales correctly and is no longer cut off In Windowed Mode After loading a saved game, portraits no longer stretch the width of the screen Ambient sound has been returned to ambience Hero glow for player 12 is consistent with original version again Korean and Chinese installation names of Warcraft III on Windows 10 OS no longer say "StarCraft" in those languages Setting 3 of "Set Ally Color Mode" no longer changes the team color of neutral creeps Team and color no longer reset when clicking on the dropdown arrow in Lobby The cursor no longer disappears behind the black bars of the main menu The scoreboard no longer truncates when a timer is present Tooltips for Keeper of the Grove's Learn Tranquility, Blademaster Critical Strike, and other Critical Strike abilities have been updated to properly reflect changes made in 1.29.0 IME no longer creates a green box in non-enUS clients Opening preferences no longer generates an error The map pool from Random Team has been mirrored to Arranged Team “/fps”, “/apm” and “/ping” visibility will be retained between games [World Editor] The edges of the Editor window are clickable again [World Editor] BlzIsUnitInvulnerable returns the correct boolean value [World Editor] BlzSetSpecialEffectPosition and BlzSetSpecialEffectPositionLoc names are now distinguishable in the GUI [World Editor] Dead units no longer remain selectable when using BlzIsUnitSelectable [World Editor] Improved function names for ability tooltips to turn on/off autocast [World Editor] Values for BlzSetUnitDiceSides can be modified [World Editor] Renaming an Item no longer changes all Items’ names [World Editor] The default GUI values for UnitInterruptAttack and UnitCancelTimedLife no longer cause an error [World Editor] UnitDisableAbility hides an ability with Hide=true and Disabled=false again [World Editor] With an ability that has Disabled=false, attempting to set Disabled to false again no longer causes a crash [World Editor] Adding a hero ability to a non-hero unit via Spellbook no longer causes a crash World Editor Upgrades Added support for vJass with JassHelper Most buffs/debuffs can simultaneously apply to the same unit if their ID’s are different Added BlzPlaySpecialEffect Added BlzSpecialEffectAddSubAnimation Added BlzSpecialEffectRemoveSubAnimation Added BlzSpecialEffectClearSubAnimations BlzSetSpecialEffectHeight will take terrain height into consideration Known Issues In 24 player games AI buildings may become stuck in construction (unverified) Unit health and mana bars overlap quest text in the UI Icons are off center when the client is snapped while in windowed mode in narrow resolutions Framerate is not adjusting correctly when running in the background To help visualize and solve mouse cursor lag we have added oscursor to registry that draws the operating system arrow cursorPete Stilwell94 17h
1d [War3] Map Pool Updates Hail Warchiefs, Lichs, Commanders, and Keepers, Here are the full sets of maps and updates for 1.30: Map Updates (2)Amazonia Reduced the number of Wand of Illusion and Sentry drops by creating proper level 2 Charged items drops (2)ConcealedHills Cleaned up tree placement (2)NorthernIsles Cleaned up tree placement (2)SwampedTemple_V2 Removed all custom data Cleaned up tree placement General map clean up from removing the custom doodads (2)TerenasStand_LV More building area at start locations Swapped creep camps at the expansions - closer expansion is the easier creep camp now Level 8 Wizard no longer aggro's on passing units Swapped the Mercenary camp location with the green creep camp - these buildings are now further away from start locations (4)Avalanche_LV Swapped Mercenary Camp with Fountain of Health Swapped Tavern for Mercenary Camp Added a Tavern to the center of the map Relocated creep camp to prevent accidental aggro (4)BridgeTooNear Relocated creep camp to prevent accidental aggro (4)PhantomGrove_LV Red camps are two levels harder now - Item drop is unchanged Replaced the level 3 Ghost with level 3 Skeletal (8)Ferelas_LV Pushed back several expansion goldmines and creeps to prevent accidental aggro (8)GolemsInTheMist_LV Relocated the 2 Mercenary Camp creeps further to prevent accidental aggro (8)TwilightRuins_LV Swapped the remaining Goblin Laboratories on the outside of the map with the Goblin Merchant's at the center of the map The center creep camps that dropped level 1 permanent items now drop level 1 power-ups Map Pool 1v1 (2)TerenasStand_LV (2)Plunderisle_LV (2)SwampedTemple_V2 (comm) (2)NorthernIsles (comm) (2)EchoIsle (2)TirisfalGlades_LV (2)Amazonia(com) (2)LastRefuge-1.3 (comm) (2)ConcealedHill (comm) (4)TwistedMeadows (4)TurtleRock 2v2 (4)PhantomGrove_LV (4)Avalanche_LV (4)TurtleRock (4)CentaurGrove (4)BridgeTooNear_LV (4)Synergy_big_paved (comm) (4)TidewaterGlades_LV (4)LostTemple (4)TwistedMeadows (4)FurbolgMountain_v3 (comm) (6)GnollWood 3v3 (6)ThunderLake_LV (6)GnollWood (6)Monsoon_LV (6)DarkForest (6)UpperKingdom (6)RuinsOfStratholme (8)Mur’gulOasis_LV (6)RollingHills (6)TimbermawHold (6)StranglethornVale (8)Battleground 4v4 (8)Feralas_LV (8)Northshire_LV (8)Sanctuary_LV (8)TwilightRuins_LV (8)Battleground_LV (8)Deadlock_LV (8)GolemsInTheMist_LV (8)Mur’gulOasis_LV (8)MarketSquare (8)GoldRush (8)Friends (8)BlastedLands FFA (4)Deathrose (4)FountainOfManipulation_v1.1 (comm) (6)EmeraldShores (6)SilverpineForest (6)Monsoon_LV (6)NeonCity(comm) (8)Deadlock_LV (8)Mur’gulOasis_LV (8)TwilightRuins_LV (8)MarketsquarePete Stilwell20 1d
1d [D2] Season 22 Is Live! Greetings Adventurer, It's time to hone the edge of your axe, summon fresh skeletons, and repair your staff - Season 22 is coming Friday, June 15th at 5:00PM PST! We hope you're as excited as we are to bolt out of the Rogue Encampment in less than two weeks! We'll see you in a new ladder season soon. UPDATE (6.15 @ 5:02 pm PDT): The new ladder season is now live! Enjoy! Cheers, - Diablo Community TeamTyvalir294 1d
Jul 8 [All] Server Update May 22nd 1000 PDT Hi All, We will be upgrading the classic servers on the 22nd. Expected downtime is around an hour. Specific Changes & Improvements New accounts will expire after 10 days instead of 2 to align with Diablo II character expiration Enforce account purge after 90 days inactivity (with 7 day grace period) Bug Fixes Fixed issues with clan service (Warcraft III)Mark Chandler74 Jul 8
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3h [War3] Please allow .MIX files in Patch 1.30 Dear Blizzard, The upcoming patch 1.30 introduces some really drastic and unforeseen changes in the game core for the first time after decades, such as: The MPQ archives have been replaced with flat, uncompressed files (data.000 and data.001). A new sound provider, "FMOD", has replaced "Miles Emulated 3D" and the other sound providers. Some well-known third-party tools (pJass, JassHelper and SFMPQ) have been officially acknowledged and included in the official distribution for the first time in the history of Warcraft III. The last one shows that Blizzard is finally acknowledging the huge amounts of time and effort that has been spent so far by various communities and individuals, and is taking steps towards utilizing their work for the benefit of the players. However, the introduction of the new sound provider "FMOD", destroyed a very practical and useful feature of Warcraft III, which had been left there unintentionally for more than 15 years: A pseudo-plugin system that would auto-load any .mix, .flt, .mixed, .mixtape files located inside the folder of WC3. This feature is still being actively used for hundreds of third-party plugins that enhance several aspects of Warcraft III, one of which is a reconnection plugin for custom games that I have been developing for 3 years and that is currently being used by thousands of players: So, if you are still open to suggestions and still intend to embrace the efforts of communities and individual developers, I would like to ask for the following: Please provide an official plugin system in Warcraft III, in place of the old feature that was lost. An auto-loading feature of .mix files in Warcraft III would suffice, but anything similar would be greatly appreciated as well. Please leave us an open door to contribute to the game we have loved for all these years.h3rmit12 3h
3h [WC3] 4v4 RT - Allies Purposefully Ruining Games - Something Needs To Change I know there is a thread already made for this general subject, but instead of posting there, I thought it would bring more light to the situation by making a separate thread. HALF of the games in 4v4 are ruined AT THE START by purposeful leavers. The other half are ruined by team killers who do a multitude of deliberately sinister things to the honest players who are just trying to enjoy the game. I'll compile a list just off the top of my head. Obviously this list does not include everything that happens in a game: - Leaving right at start of the game, making it a 3v4 from the very beginning - Uprooting their main tree right at the start and detonating their wisps - Unsummoning their buildings right at the start - Pretend to be AFK (then they leave right when the game ends, you can tell because your record updates to a loss, meaning they were just watching the whole time) - Putting their workers to mine gold then going AFK or pretending to go AFK - Holding their team hostage (give me gold or I'll TK / do 'this' or I'll leave) - When one of your allies has a grudge on one of your other allies and they TK each other, and you're left sitting there wondering why this happened to you - An ally thinks he is entitled to an expansion gold mine or an item drop and will kill your entire army because you thought differently. - Full-on verbal altercations turned to caps lock abuse and threats which turn to unwanted whispers even extending to after the game is over. - Purposely patrolling their workers at the start of the game and not using their resources. In summation, the overarching problem here is that users are going OUT OF THEIR WAY to ruin the game for honest players. This is a very serious problem and the game could benefit GREATLY from some sort of report-a-player system or at least some tool which holds users accountable for leaving games and/or abusing the system and other players. In just a few days alone this weekend I have encountered ALL of the above listed problems, and that was in less than 20 games. That's seriously the state of the game right now, and while it can honestly be amusing at some points, when it happens to you repeatedly, it nearly makes you want to throw your fist through a wall. Like someone said in another thread, there are people dedicating accounts to ruining 4v4 games. In a post by Nargothrond8, he highlights a few profiles of users who are deliberately searching 4v4 and leaving right at the start. The accounts have records of anywhere from 0-20 to 0-30. How is this acceptable? ... To put things in perspective, the community is greatly appreciate of all the work that has been done and continues to be done on our beloved Warcraft III. We are posting these concerns because we know you are listening and are hopeful that something may come of it. The WC3 community has always been a close knit and welcoming place. Holding players accountable for their actions and disconnects would surely benefit more than just 4v4. Thanks for reading. GL and HF to all.radiaNce6 3h
5h [D2] REPORT : PvP abusive HACK [D2] REPORT : PvP abusive HACK look this youtube Asia1 account : abyss character : Mafia (99 nec) he use PK AUTO PROGRAM. This program ruin DIABLO2makita12v3 5h
10h Diablo 2 - Whirlwind Barbs - WTF Happened? About 30 hours ago, the realm shut down for some kind've maintenance. Before the server shut down, tri-whirling on a Barbarian was not an issue. Everything was working seamlessly. Not even 10 minutes after players were able to log on, the entire mechanics of Whirlwind became BROKEN. It shows the animation of Whirlwind, but cannot hit if you're attempting to tri-whirl. I've tested this on multiple PCs and the issue is the same. If you try to tri-whirl, or do quick changes in your Whirlwind chain, the game shows you whirling, but you are UNABLE to get any hits in. Because of this, it is much easier to become killed whether in PvP or in PvM because you are left WIDE OPEN to be hit. Honestly, I'm surprised some of the Hardcore mode players haven't come foward with this. Literally 30 hours ago, everything worked 100% perfect. But after your little server shutdown yesterday, Whirlwind Barbarians are basically unplayable now. So Blizzard, would you please look into this issue? For 20 years now an issue like this has never been prevalent, but after one little server shutdown, the whole build is ruined. Regards.Pillion221 10h
11h Is THis The End Of Wow?? Is This The End Of Wow??LuckyTiger1 11h
11h D2jsp the cancer of D2 Cancer killsZARATHUSTRA26 11h
11h Weekend Issue. Good Morning Classic Games Development Team. This was a great weekend on US West HC Ladder. The servers are working very well, at least a lot better than they have in recent months. There is however an issue that arises sometimes where one is usually forced to save and exit from the game. What I think is happening is when a melee character, in this case a whirlwind barb, is surround by very fast and high numbered mobs with mana burn or some other reason to force the use of Concentrate while surrounded, attacking is not possible. I think this is initiated by attempting to strike a monster just out of reach—behind the monster in front of the character. This has happened to me about a half a dozen times this past weekend, mostly on the back end of the River of Flame, in around archway structures. When it does happen damage can not be dealt. The character goes through the motions and and sounds, but does not hit the monsters. The merc deals damage, but all my character can do is run around, take damage, click on things like chests, active shrines, open portals, use potions and pickup items and gold. But there is no damage and I can’t enter a portal (character says “I can’t”) nor use a waypoint. When no monsters are around I can wait it out and it takes about a minute for things to work properly, usually though, I’m forced to save and exit and then return to the game which brings everything back to normal. As a HC player I’m not too worried about this, so far it’s been easy to handle but I can see it going south and causing a great deal of misery. :DBearTribe13 11h
11h Patch to combine US East and US West on WC3? Is there any reason why a patch could not be created to combine US East and US West on WC3 to reduce wait times during 4vs4 search? The current wait is worth it, but why keep the US on different gateways?Dan8 11h
13h meh password problem i would to reset my password . thanks youJMENTABARNAK6 13h
19h D2 east HC dead It’s sad that the community on east hardcore ladder is dead because all they want is fg from jsp for trades in game and they all play in private games using discord Plus with the recent Dysinking and rubberbanding it makes this game almost unplayable In hard-core hell difficultyZARATHUSTRA17 19h
22h my post got deleted but not the bots! lol i made a post that got 3 pages of comments and it was deleted by blizzard yet they cant delete the bots from our game gj blizzard im sick of you and your lazy staff i say we all support thoes who worked with blizzard north and have them make their own companyDiaton5 22h
1d If you are stuck on "Checking Version" The Fix! Looks like the Classic Team is cleaning up the world of stolen (illegitimate/bad) keys. You can quickly look through these three Blizzard comments and see for yourself. Clicking on the green Blizzard staff name will take you to the actual post. Please spread the word to help prevent innocent players from further being scammed by black market sellers. Only buy the game directly from this website or unopened copies from legit brick and mortar stores. :) ... ... ...BearTribe28 1d
1d [D2] find item is a little busted along with other barb mechanics, find item seems to be at least partially broken. sometimes bodies are unpoppable. the corpse is available and the animation plays, but the corpse doesnt change. if you get close enough or at the right angle you can pop certain corpses this way, but not always. also, i use fcr on my barb and if im popping too quickly, sometimes i will end up in a state where i cant teleport anymore. again, the cast animation plays, but i dont move. other skills may not work properly either then, im not sure.stuffedtiger2 1d
1d [WC3] Leavers & Team Killers in Random Team Can we expect a reporting mechanism or someway to keep these trolls at bay from ruining RT games? It is really getting frustrating that you can get 3-4 team killers out of 10 matches a day.Wrath16 1d
1d D2 is Forgotten by Blizzard. Hello Blizzard, I am really upset with what you have done with diablo 2. Is this how you threat the LEGENDARY GAME that made you guys. THE GAME that changed Action RPGS. The game with a unique loot sytem and trading. DO you not care about this JEWEL of a game. What happend when did you give up? WHY CAN HACKS TAKE OVER BATTLE.NET AND YOU DO NOTHING!. Stop focusing everything on the new stuff some of us enjoy the classics. It makes me relax after a <Edited by Moderator> day of work, I enjoy doing mf runs with friends. Best ppl i have ever met online was in D2 i can call them my brothers. They know me more then my wife or parents ever did. Do you not understand that diablo 2 is a very important game to alot of people. I KNOW I KNOW what you will say " We want to focus on future games" BUT WE DONT!. So Please Hire someone to just work on d2 and fire the current employees that manage d2 servers. Stop playing with thousands of players emotions and life in some cases. Get it togheter blizzard we love you. Thousands of us still have faith you will change and make D2 the game it is ment to be. Please Blizzard PLEASE!Koreka15 1d
1d Account Delete ? (D2 LoD) Hi, I wanted to play D2 LoD today but it's write that my account doesn't exist, what can i do ?Fralox2 1d
1d [War3] Having bad ping on PTR is not only no-fun, it's also hurting the game Many players, myself included, are eager to try out the new balance changes and map pool. This is really exciting, there is so much stuff to figure out and discover! But I'm afraid our enjoyment is being greatly limited by outdated technology. And here I am referring to ping of course. Playing on 400 ms has never been enjoyable. And especially in the modern age of gaming when everyone is used to better, this is no fun at all anymore. And that's what it's like for Europeans to play matches on the PTR. For Russians it's even worse. When you have massive wide reaching changes like 1.30 is bringing, you have to be able to rely on a lot of testing. On the community. On feedback. Because this stuff cannot just be theory crafted. It has to go through trials in practice. And this is just not the case right now. Not sufficiently anyways. Barely anyone is playing on PTR ladder. Because it's so frustrating. Queue times are horrible. Making the experience even worse. Further compounding the issue of little testing happening, with people quickly giving up on the server entirely. It can seem like small and insignificant enough of a thing to not be too concerned about. "After all, it's only a PTR, we're gonna be done with that soon anyways". Such a line of thinking can be very dangerous in my opinion. What happens on the PTR lays the groundwork for what is to come in the "real game". What we might screw up here because we didn't deem it worthy enough of our full attention, we may very well have to get back to in the future. To fix the issues we overlooked before. Wasting tremendous amounts of time. And while we scramble to get it right, the game could be in a very unenjoyable state for months on end. Turning masses of players away. And keep in mind, this is not only an issue for 1.30. This will continue to be a problem for all future patches and PTRs if nothing is changed. So how can this be addressed? a) Have different PTRs for different regions, with their own dedicated servers. b) Keep the one region PTR but track players' IPs and only match them with other players "near" them. Hosting their game on a server close to them. I am sure there are other possible solutions to this, that I am not seeing, as well.remodemo4 1d
2d Warcraft Remastered Bueno me gustaria trasladar a todos esta idea. Despues de ver el exito de starcraft remastered, me gustaria trasladar a blizzard por que no hacen un remaster de todos los warcraft y juntarlo todo en un unico juego, o acaso seria mejor que el 1 y 2 esten juntos y el tercero por separado.Sanguinius750 2d
2d D2 cant connect? Cant connect to useast is anyone else having this issue? my internet is fine but it just says disconnected when it is checking versions.SodaFizzle910 2d
2d [D2] Constant "Connection Interrupted" Getting annoying tbh. Every 5-10 mins I get random 'Connection has been interrupted" What the heck is happening?wararmy8 2d
2d So, when will we actually hear something from blizzard? This is insane, just look at all these threads! Classic team, what are you doing, other than deleting the evidence of you not communicating with your actual fans. ;) Other than, Upgrading the forum maximum posts per page, Deleting telekinesis without a word, Screwing up the numbers so everything goes desync, fixing the numbers somewhat so you dont desync As often. \_(o.O)_/ No patch notes. No words of other bug-fixes, patches, mistakes, yes.... You cant ignore mistakes if they were. Do you have any older saves? Is it possible to reroll the patches and make it great again? Or is it not? Be a good sport, lol. you can obv delete this post, as it violates "do not ask for blue post". But looking at the frustration of your players, I'm pretty sure you need to give us some concrete notes. I bet Just One sentence can calm down hundreds/thousands of players.Yiup17 2d
2d Oh come on blizzard, how am i going to get an anni i was perming a game, and i got CONNECTION LOST, and now i cant reenter to the game this is a scam, i was playing that game, and now i cant wait for the diablo clone is a new limit to the legit players this? because with this ridicolous ammount of time for each game, we cant even complete the entire game come on blizzard stop helping botsMijailBallac13 2d
2d Hurricane Account Closure of Death-Diablo II edition I just returned from a 83 day incarceration period in Houston post - hurricane Harvey, though not among the thousands immediately affected by the flood-and-release waters, I was incarcerated awaiting trial among those transferred from the flooded city-jail, in a very packed county jail. I won my cases nevertheless as slow to trial they became but I have a problem now. I had recently dropped my refurb laptop and activated a theft-security feature on the device... This device was a government service machine prior to my ownership, and it is impossible to restore my hard drive through Dell-Intel tech support, and a new hard drive is ultimately required. I am unsure of the possibility to restore 3 lost accounts that have been deactivated, if they have been... I am eyeing a solid-state hard drive to return to the network sometime in the near future. I had completed an Obedience runeword, that I have yet put to practice,even to this day, this feat took the entire previous season! There were plans to see this gameplay carried on in the non-ladder, is this possible with my older accounts? They are @Octotheist, @OOxile, and @ArchbishopLaz-USEast. p.s. This is a fwd: to the dead @support so just grit your teeth while reading all this, I'm literally just coming home to all this and I'm reading about whirlwind barb bugs. p.s.s. Hoping to hear from a Blue on this!octotheist3 2d
2d I would love to see WC4, or WC3 remastered. Hello battle net friends. I was watching Mr. Yagut stream some WC3 on Twitch this morning, and it got me thinking about how much I miss that game.... I've been a lifelong classic RTS fan ever since the early Wacraft and Stacraft days. Recently, Starcraft II really scratched that itch for the last few years for me, but now that support is winding down for that title, and I've played through it plenty, I'm eager for a new RTS on the horizon. Hands down, the game I would very most like to see go into development would have to be Warcraft 4. Or even Warcraft 3 remastered would be fun as well... particularly if the graphics were updated in such a way that I crank up a modern graphics cards in the options and play with some year 2020 level graphics. I know Blizzard has said in the media things like "If the fans have enough interest in Warcraft 4 we'll make it", so I simply want to do my part and signal my interest here in the hopes that any wandering devs might see my two cents. Pretty please with cherries on top? :-)GabesRage5 2d
2d I want to donate WC3 disc, but remain owner of CD-Key, is that possible? I own warcraft 1 & 2 plus expansion (not edition) also I own warcraft 3 plus expansion. Since 1 & 2 can be downloaded from random sites across the internet, I do not need the CD's anymore... and as far as part 3 goes, I would like to either donate them to Goodwill for someone else to enjoy, maybe give them away, or send them to Blizzard if you can resell them in a store somewhere as used. My only problem is that I wish to keep the CD-Keys issued to my name for WC3 and the Expansion, if I give the CD's away, and they use the CD-Key, would I still be able to download the games from after someone else used them? If not, then what do I do with the discs? In that case I would not want to share the game because I still want the option to download it if necessary... I just wanna get rid of it because I get easily addicted to Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne to the point where it very quickly ruins my life. If you create a WC3-Remastered or WC4 I would buy it though... If somebody could remove the CD-Key from my account if I donated the CD's themselves, I don't wanna do that, in that case could I send them to Blizzard and you could issue the CD's new CD-Keys? Otherwise, what should I do with all these games, do you recommend I just throw them away, since they can all be downloaded? Not sure what to do...but, I see no reason to hold onto the CD's themselves.Dan4 2d
2d Would like to purchase WC2 BNET w/CD-Key ... That is dumb, why would Blizzard not make a digital download version. I owned the game since before it had a version and I want to buy a version with a new CD-Key. Please create this option, I am not asking for a remake of Warcraft 2, just make it available for purchase, and use that profit towards a WC3-Remastered or WC4. Thank you.Dan4 2d
2d Whats going on with mules now i created a mule and put items on it then went back to character selection and its gone instantly... I was like what the heck so i tried to make another character same thing make it join a game exit back to character selection and its gone. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON FIRST MY MULES DELETED NOW THEY JUST INSTA DELETEYolo1 2d
3d A Remaster (D2) would be a bad idea... Hi. Don't know if it's really a project, or just rumours, but I think a remaster would be a bad idea for many reasons: 1.- Because we are romantic players, played the game since long (most of us) in the 2000's and we like the game as it is, don't want ''cool'' and modern graphics or new gameplay. 2.- The game would lose it's magic and uniqueness. And still, after that many years, is full of bugs we just accept... 3.- New and youngest players have no interest in diablo 2 anymore, they go play other kind of games. Instead of a remaster, the game would recover ''new'' adepts or comebacks simply adding some new little quests (like Pandemonium event, something like this, but new) in some patch from time to time. Revalancing/nerfing some skills that are too overpowered (smite, hammer, charged stryke, etc.) and enhancing ones that are too weak (fire traps, fire druid skills, martial arts, lot of melee skills of many chars...), making pvm interesting again and not just hammer/javazon/lite sorc thing in runs and smite for ubers. Change the exp farming area; cs/baal runs are pretty boring, mostly because we do it 1000000 times to lvl... and did it again and again for years; give other areas the same experience gain!; it could be nice so we could have more options to do runs and not always the same ones. Stop the ''map changing in every game'' thing... it makes no sense and give botters an advantage. Ofc... we can memorize all maps, cos they repeat -.- ofc ofc. Nah. Maps should be just 1 for each area and be always the same pattern. My bathroom does not move everytime i esc/enter my home, actually... why Bal Throne stairs do? Can think of many more things, but I guess you can do it by yourselves. No one is reading, anyway, but meh... was bored, just saying ideas. Salutations.LookNoFurthe16 3d
3d Unable to connect to Seems very random, but it's basically a Russian roulette for me to connect to I know my internet is fine, I know everything is fine, however some days I can connect to, and some I can't. Sometimes restarting my computer works, sometimes it doesn't. Is there any way to debug / troubleshoot why? Am I doing something wrong? A little frustrating, because I only log in when my discord group is hosting a custom game, which I end up missing because I can't connect. What can I do to prevent it from happening?Sciku0 3d
3d some tip for getting started in multiplayer ? so i played warcraft 3 since i was a child but just recently i started playing multiplayer and its alot more difficult than hard bots and so far i lost 15 matches in multiplayer i tried playing night elfs then i tried humans but lost all games they just get fat so fast any tips for getting better ? or we can play together if you wantpicarica4 3d
3d [WC3-PTR] Queue building bug I come across a bug where queuing for example 2 farms will leave the blue placeholders, but the 2nd building doesn't get built. I effectively lost my 80/20 resources but the farm doesn't pop up. After finishing building, the worker goes idle. I can issue more orders to them, even build a farm on top of the older farm, and the blue placeholder is still there like the building stays in an infinite queue. This has happened to me so far: - Queuing night elf shop trees and moon wells. - Queuing orc burrows. - Queuing human farms. Haven't tried on UD.Abaddon0 3d
3d CPU utilization in D2 When can we have this fixed? The game is still using a core to the max in menus when in focus. I hate it when my cpu fans rev to max. A fix has been proposed here. Thank you for your attention.Hextor43 3d
4d Tourny prelims time Would it be at all possible to reduce the prelim times they are way too long and alot of finals hardly played since none want to wait so long? Just a thoughtSwordPuppy1 4d
4d Please make the item changes optional. In the past you could use items and windwalk to jump certain distances. And some custom games like Island Defense used this to create a very fast paced gameplay. It was a required skill to be considered good. Also in many rpg custom games loot is annoying now because all loot stacks in one spot. We can understand you guys changed it for melee but this is about custom games. We would appreaciate it.Ryo0 4d
4d Disconnected from Please Reconnect Fresh install along with a follow up reinstall and I still cant get past the error of "Disconnected from Please Reconnect" when trying to play diablo 2 online. Ive ran as administrator and have the latest patch installed as well , ran compatibility tests and still nothing seems to work. Please help with any information on how I can play diablo 2 once again as I have over the past 15 years. Always a great classic to come back to and I've never had issues before now.Devsters17270 4d
4d comprise account lost all my character on my account. played july 11 . 2018Svett1 4d
4d Best done ever done by blizzard in online games, excelent each 5 games played, each 5 chaos, im getting realm restriction, for be a human this awesome, hope all the online games communities copy blizzard, then we finally stop humans, and leave the online games for the IA.MijailBallac0 4d
4d Why blizzard? Why did you delete so many of my characters without warning?Nker9 4d
5d D2 Asia Server has gone Insane. Greetings! On behalf of Asia gamers I want to report a severe problem. The problem has occurred for more than a week and we gamers from Asia has not received any updates nor a move to handle this issue. Continuous and frequent Realm Down together with Failing to join the game, to name a few. This problematic realm down lasts more than a half day. We the gamers have raised our concerns and voices to Blizzard Korea hoping they can make it right, but no. Have a look in the Asia Server. It’s literally insane. Please fix the server and do something!Whiskeyn7 5d
5d [War3] Custom campaigns not working? It seems custom campaigns have stopped working with WC3...? The demo campaign isn't even included anymore and I see no way to load other custom campaigns(putting them in Campaigns folder does not work). Edit: Only now did I notice the existence of the support forum. If appropriate, those with the power, move thread there.martixy0 5d
5d What's going on with the ping? Is it on my end, i could play for hours with a nice 50 ping and now 5k ping at the point of being disconnected and cannot log back on Bnet with the message of ''Verifying your internet'' sometimes Unable to connect, sometimes ''Bnet isn't responding please try again in a few minutes'' And sometimes clicking on Bnet doesn't start at all and it makes my teleport to stop working On my end or Blizz'sMichaelM9 5d
5d Pete Stilwell - Blizzard, please give him a raise. Pete Stilwell deserves a raise for still being involved with Warcraft RTS. Below is an article of encouragement for RTS fans (and for the haters known as WoW fans). 5d
6d Footman 1.30 vs 1.29 Defend research Hey, I heard Defend got changed a bit and decided to do my own research on this cause this is really interesting. What I found out is that Defend is now deflects attacks of damage type Magic! And reduces damage from attacks of this damage type and Spells! I'm not sure what is a bug or what is intended, but I found 1 clear bug in WorldEdit that is not using one of the settings for Defend-like skill. So these are ladder significant changes: 1) Defend now reduces damage from spells (Frost Nova) by 10% and Magic damage attacks (like Shamans) by 10% 2) Magic attacks now got deflected as pierce attacks do. This is either bug or a huge buff. 3) Deflected piercing attacks deal 65% damage to the attacker. Deflected Magic attacks does 100% damage to the attacker and it works both for ground and flying units. Now imaging Frost Wyrm attack got deflected back. Spoiler: it even chills! 1.30 Defend data according to my research in a spreadsheet: Or as img: Map making-significant changes and longer explanation: This is a screenshot of the 1.29 options found in WorldEdit: This are the options for 1.30: How defend works: There is a chance (Data - Chance to Deflect) that projectile of attackers with damage type Piercing, Magic or Spell will be deflected back to the attacker. If Deflect occurs: Then projectile is fired back to the attacker and when it reaches it attacker takes damage and may even be killed by it. If attacker dies of deflected attack you even get XP as usual. Even some attack effects (like frost attack) will got deflected with the projectile and will apply on the attacker. Deflect never occur when attacked by buildings such as Towers or Necropoly. The damage attacker takes is computed as follows: (Original Damage) * 0.65 - for damage type Piercing and (Original Damage) * 1.0 - for damage type Magic and Spell. See below about this. The victim (footman) takes: (Original Damage) * (Data - Damage Taken) * (Data - Deflect Damage Taken (Piercing)) for damage type Piercing and (Original Damage) * (Data - Damage Taken) * (Data - Deflect Damage Taken (Spells)) for damage type Magic and Spells (Damage type Spell is never seen in WC3 Melee) If Deflect does NOT occur: The victim takes less damage computed as: (Original Damage) * (Data - Damage Taken) for damage Piercing damage type and (Original Damage) * (Data - Magic Damage Reduction) for damage type Magic and Spell (This is true for Spells like Frost Nova too) NB: Damage type Spell is NEVER seen in WC3 Melee but can be set in the Editor. This damage type is equivalent to damage type of a spell being cast. If you set this damage type in editor the icon for it looks the same as Normal attack type but does full damage to most units. I tested it too but it is irrelevant for ladder as Spells (like Frost Nova) got reduced by 10% but NEVER Deflected back by Defend. NB: Armor types reductions/increases are computed after the aforementioned computations. A bug in the option in Editor and WC3 ? : Data - Damage Dealt - is % of damage attacker takes when projectile got deflected. The % is computed based on the attack power itself. Not the damage dealt to the victim (no armor or other reductions are taken into consideration) !!! Changing this causes no effect and actually is 65% hardcoded?. (Both in 1.30 and in 1.29) If you want to test it for yourself cause I didnt create public test map then you need to set an option Game Data Set: Melee (Latest patch) in options of a map in WorldEdit.Romeno3 6d
6d Diablo2 Asia Server gone crazy Greetings! The problem has occurred for more than a week and we gamers from Asia has not received any updates nor a move to handle this issue. Continuous and frequent Realm Down together with Failing to join the game, to name a few. This problematic realm down lasts more than a half day. We the gamers have raised our concerns and voices to Blizzard Korea hoping they can make it right, but no. Have a look in the Asia Server. It’s literally insane. Please fix the server and do something!Whiskeyn4 6d