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Jan 11 [All] Server Upgrade January 4th @ 1000 PST Hi All, We will be upgrading the servers for Diablo 2, Warcraft 3 and Starcraft at 10am PST on Friday. Expected down time is 1 hour. Changes (For Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3): Added new chat command /verify-tw to allow Taiwan citizens to extend default lifetime of their accounts to a year to accommodate new legal legislation in Taiwan (Note: Valid Taiwan account required to complete verification) Added email notifications 15 days before account or character expiration Thanks, Classic GamesMark Chandler110 Jan 11
Nov 19 [War3] Forums Have Moved Please visit the new Warcraft III forum: Chandler0 Nov 19
16h [D2] Season 23 Begins 12/7 Greetings adventurers, We know you're eager to sharpen your blade, restring your bow, and practice your arcane arts. Season 23 is scheduled to begin Friday, December 7 at 5:00 PM PT! We'll see you in a few weeks for the latest ladder reset! Cheers, Diablo Community TeamNevalistis250 16h
Sep 1 [All] Chat Bot API V3 Hi All, Classic is Pleased to announce Chat API Alpha 3 with self registration: Thanks, ClassicMark Chandler59 Sep 1
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1h please ban me so i do not have to play anymore i have been playing hots sits the beta and wow since 2004 i also have every game you have ever made. the last month or so i have just been trying to get banned plz helpnanus14 1h
1h Diablo 2 Global Discord Server **NOTE: This is not an attempt to replace any of the forums you're currently using! Just adding another, to make it slightly easier for Some. By now, we have spread all over the web, in many different forums, adding one shouldnt hurt. Trying to keep d2 alive as much as possible, and here, with a global discord! (This is for all Realms: East,West,Eu and Asia! Everyone is welcomed!) It's still a little early for the discord, so give it a little time and patience! And still alot of players who needs to join to make the server meet expectations! One day, we'll have enough players to communicate with, to keep the game alive, for forever. ^_^ Well, not really forever, but for as long as we have the motivation! So what can we do around here: Chat with other Diablo players, discuss items, drops, builds. Find other players you can Speedrun/Walkthrough with! Trade item for item, without having to look ingame for hours. I will try make this discord reach the whole diablo 2 community, and one day... One day, we'll get gud. Kind regards, Glenn.OnVacation0 1h
7h Rearranging char screen [D2] No clue whether this has been discussed before or not. But since blizzard actually implemented the 18 char per account, any ideas on if this is a possibility? I'm not a programmer so I'm unaware of the strain this could/could not cause on a server, but seems to be simple to implement an option where we could rearrange our char screens (click hold left mouse button & drag for example), especially since 18 chars is now the max and not 8. Thoughts? Ideas? Inputs?Legacy2 7h
10h i think this would be a good addition if the server tells you how many more games you can create/joib play in the next hour/day to not get a ban. just done 30-40 baal runs, all around 2:30 but just had to stop for an hour or so as im worried it could result in a ban if there was something to tell me how many games more then it would be no problem :)Jordi2 10h
10h Temp bans out of control. Ruining the game. i can leave a game and go make a baal run and get banned. i got banned while doing an uber run last night and lost a 20/17 storch. this is a joke. yall need to fix this temp banning bull!@#$ or your gonna drive all your customers right back off the game.legitxsniper1 10h
13h D2: Tp-pk is back On europe server: character name free-ench - sorceress Killed several persons with tp PK. It seems that the hackers found workarounds to the previous tp-pk fix. Please Blue message or community message to show that you take note of it.Olbat10 13h
19h D2+wine Hello, just got me new keys for D2+LOD and installed it via wine on 18.04 Ubuntu. Single player is fine but I can't connect to Bnet since it crashes. Tried to find a fix here on the forum or google but to no avail. Is there a fix or should I just forget it? Installing windows on my laptop is unfortunately not an option.Namal7 19h
1d D2: Diablo clone hunting So you developed a way where I have to quit and join games to have a chance to kill Diablo Clone... and you also developed that quitting and joining games means you get 1-7 days of temp ban. Meanwhile I met more bots than legit players. Words can't describe how mad I am about this.Silonec2 1d
1d Long waiting time for black ops4 I have so much issues with finding a match. Iam from india and usually connect to the asia server but still cannot find a match in any of the modes. I have tried the other servers and on some lucky days iam able to find 1 match but mostly i am unable to find the matches. any solution?thebeastadi30 1d
1d Way point slow travel speeds I’ve noticed that when going from nearly any act to act 1 Tristram is extremely slow. So slow in fact it causes my game to crash and I get an interruption message... the only work around I’ve found that works for me is traveling to Dark wood and then to Tristram as the speed is nearly instantaneous as compared to nearly a minute!? Also each end act transfer results in very slow speeds and crashes going from act 2-3? Act 4 to 5 seems to be the best and going from towns to areas that are not towns does seem to be the only way to Way point travel now... Ideas as to why this is?? Tested on my high speed internet and iPhone same every time.Knoland0 1d
1d Too much ping in ladder games My ping is way too high in ladder games, both on US east and US west. I live in western Canada and it's almost unplayable... I thought it was something on my side but it's not. I logged into World of Warcraft just now and my ping was 60. Im some ladder games on Warcraft 3 it's in the 400s and sometimes higher. What is going on?Swaee1 1d
2d Tool to watch old W3G Data pls 2019 ;) Any chance/new program to watch old replays (like 1.29 or so)? Would love to have a program which just loads any W3G Data and play them... pls give us such a tool. It's rly bad that all those old replays are lost, even after short fix/patchs :) many thanks, looking forward :) Greetings.TeamSerrey0 2d
2d How To Find My CD Keys? I'm trying to reinstall Diablo 2. I don't HAVE the jewel cases anymore. Are the CD keys not saved on my account? Am I screwed? :(Eguzky2 2d
2d can not connect @wc3 Northrend I have changed my account password now, unfortunately I do not connect to the battle net connect. he gives me mistakes. I have customer service reported he can not do anything I should write it in the forum and that it is a techiker reads and to fix. sry for my english google tranlter :) pls hlp me fast to fix the bug My account name is TheOrk Northrend serverTheOttoman0 2d
2d Expiration of main account? Why am I getting an email from Blizzard that my main account, that is played every day on D2, using a key that was purchased from Blizzard is expiring April 2019?Cindy6 2d
3d Blizzard, Banning For Sven's Glide Wrapper Only? I would like to ask a Blizz representative if this, and only using this, is 100% Safe, before I install it, as I have heard a lot of good things about it and have seen it being vouched by a few Blizz representatives with a few contradicting statements. Is this "Sven's Glide Wrapper" 100% Safe? Does Blizzard give the "OK" for it? If I get banned ONLY for this, can I have my account restored again?Wyrmvater7 3d
3d Custom Mouse Capture (will this design ban me) (Diablo II) Just for sh*ts n gigs, I wrote my own mousecapture to play D2 with, as glides wrapper house a screwy algorithm that relocates the mouse when panels are opened. Cursor relocating/Scrolling: What if a mouse capture or mouse lock used a method of relocating the mouse to last x/y-coordinate. Would relocating cursor to a particular position when x/y values (Cartesian coordinates) reach thresholds flag me as modding and ban/close my accounts? No clicks will be made, just cursor positioning. Can honestly be simply summed up with a conditional loop checking 200<x<800 | 200<y<800. The packages I'm using inherit from parent classes that rely on winapi for cursor repositioning. This is of course detected, but bannable? I works, but don't wanna nuke myself with something so small where I could just download cursorlock...Columbus8 3d
3d Waited WAY to long to Ban bots Thanks for the ban wave but you waited way to long. Seasons already ruined with the massive amount of items and High runes that people have already got botting.BrbWiFeNaKeD29 3d
3d drop hacker confirmed. today i got drophacked by player. he first said gg to our team when he think he was winning. but then we beat him and i reply him gg :) he got mad and after 10 second i got instant disconnection. my computer said "problem with DNS server". he made somekind of attack to my computer to put my internet down.Wlizer12 3d
3d War 3 - Crashes in -nativefullscr Hi Community! I hope you can help me so i can play some WC3 properly again :) I do not like to play in window mode because the brightness is too dark and I dont want to change my Windows brightness so much to reach the point that would look good in WC3. Further more, playing in window mode feels less responsive than playing in native fullscreen. My Problem: Whenever i play wc3 in -nativefullscr, I get lots of crashes when I switch from Desktop to War3. This could be when a laddergame is found or whenever i randomly tab out and back into War3. The game sound still works, but the Screen freezes and no controls work anymore. I need to manually turn off and on the computer again which is very frustrating. Does anyone have a solution for this? I was trying to locate some error log files from the crash but the "Errors" folder is empty and I only see this .txt in the "Logs" folder: 1/14 14:31:06.822 Error (UI\FrameDef\UI\ConsoleUI.fdf:105535496): Expected ",", but found "AlphaMode" 1/14 14:31:06.822 (UI\FrameDef\UI\ConsoleUI.fdf//105535496) Warning, unknown keyword in context: Literal String 1/14 14:31:06.822 (UI\FrameDef\UI\ConsoleUI.fdf//105535496) Warning, unknown keyword in context: , Thanks! mTw-Tak3rTak3r5 3d
3d Fix the damn crashes WOW! My friend and I playing Legion TD and it keeps crashing on level 20. We finally get a good 4v4 going with no desyncs/leavers and then BAM! Straight back to desktop. So over it. This never happened before 1.30 patch or whatever it is. So... Over... It!Adz2 3d
3d Making ladder runewords work with normal characters I had made a hardcore non ladder character on battle net and I am currently level 42 on nightmare with a Sorc . Could really do with some of the ladder runewords working for me . Is there any reason why these are only restricted to ladder characters ?HuMaNiTY9 3d
4d What are invalid words 3.31? I try to create acc name I try to use words like `please`, `win`, `let`, `plz` They are banned for some reason. How I know which words are invalid where are source of rules?Wlizer3 4d
5d WC3 - My account of around 15+ years deleted Hey guys, I'll make this short. I've been a lifelong fan of Warcraft 3, it's still my favorite game to this date. Still, as most of you know, over the years it has become unplayable through the Battle Net, due to the outdated UI, mass bots and lack of player activity. After Blizzard finished some major patching of the game last year, I decided to log in and try some custom and melee games, but suddenly I cannot log into my account anymore, with the game saying that it doesn't exist. Now, I have been using the same account for a long time (probably since 2004), and I have been keeping it alive over the years by periodically logging in every once in a while, so I don't know why it got deleted. While it has been several months of no activity on it, that happened in the past too, and yet this never happened before. Can someone help me get it back?Kennoth10 5d
5d Is there an active Warcraft 3 Customs Maps Discord Is there a Warcraft 3 Custom Maps Discord for playing together online on battle net? I love Warcraft 3 still but mainly only for the custom maps and want to play with some others online on voice chat like discord. What are some active warcraft 3 custom maps mainly discords.. I have only an australian one atm but they are not that active all the time. Willing to play and join with players from around the world as long as it is mainly english speaking but honestly would join a non english discord just for the community and to stave loneliness.. yeah I am lonely :( thus the discord :)AlienC1 5d
5d WC3 Custom Games Getting Kicked At Game Start Hey, I just came back after the update, and I have a problem where when I join a Custom game. The game will Dowload, I will be in the lobby, the host will start, the loading screen does appear, it does load, I do press a key, and wait for other players. Then when the game does start. It goes in game of a second before ending the game and bringing up the end game score screen (all 0's). Been trying to que with a friend, and she is getting in the games just fine.Pythonhier2 5d
5d D2 vanilla vs LOD anyone perfer vanilla over LOD? personally I perfer vanilla because using rares and bonesnap was a blast even though LOD have items that were just easier to play (enigma)Jamesixchain6 5d
5d [D2]Unstable Asia server after regular maintenance. Hello? Classic Games Team, I have to write about some issues after today regular maintenance. Symptoms are similar to my last report thread. 1. A scroll bar at character selection window is malfunctioning. 2. Unstable ping. When I typed /fps in my game, I found out the ping is dancing from 14 to 218. As I live in Seoul of Korea Republic, I could not believe those figures. 3. My classic barbarians' whirlwind hitting sound is like LOD barbarians' one again. I wanna get back hitting feeling through my ears. 4. It is hard to create a game. So, some users are trying to make their own games face the queue line number or "Realm Down" message. Consequently speaking, I think you did not rearrange Asia server after maintenance. Because server looks like having default settings. Therefore, Plz look into Asia server. Thank you for your reading, 1 of Asia D2 Users.ArnoldPerm18 5d
6d D2 Can't create games in asia server It is very hard to create games after maintenance asia server. Almost D2 users in asia server are very uncomfortable due to this problem. Since the games can't be created, they have to keep trying to create games. So they easily experience "realm down" and "server down". Please solve this problem quickly.라인야트0 6d
6d 3 hours ban (10 000+ in line) just tried to make my 13th game when got ban i thought limit is 20 games per hour, can a mod confirm pls ? i number my games so i am sure that my games were only 12-13Odin12 6d
6d [D2] Server Problems?? Currently it's very hard to create games (aka the door won't open) and after leaving a few games my connection is restricted from realm. Is this globally happening? (As far as I know this is very common on the Asia server.)꿈꾸는사적3 6d
6d [D2 LOD]: Constant Key In Use - It is Not Anything going on right now with the servers? Constantly hanging on "checking versions" and then eventually goes through saying CD Key is in use. However everything is shut down so not sure what is going on?Voodooist7 6d
Jan 11 D2 With Roommate My basement roommate and I are trying to have a nostalgic Christmas vacation by playing some D2. Unfortunately we barely make it an hour before getting temp banned. Is there any way to bypass this ridiculous automation system that was implemented when classic servers actually had large loads? Also, my legit keys that are on my account from buying with my box set apparently are chat banned after coming back. No support was offered via ticket so I'm already a bit pissed off with Blizzard. 20 year old game or not, if you run it you should support it; especially if you still sell it (which they do!). As a business with multiple games across different genres you shouldn't allow a 20 year old game to ruin my experience with Blizzard. FYI I've tried over 8 VPNs. All seem to be blocked. I also tried to spin up my own vpn on a few servers I have at DO and AWS but those IP are all blocked too. Do we have to play private servers in order to have fun? Locking this thread as the discussion has not been respectful or constructive. Please keep our Forum Code of Conduct in mind when engaging in discussions with your fellow players on our forums. Thank you! iDoMnCi30 Jan 11
Jan 10 T-Shirt Size unavailable(?) Im trying to get a size Small for a Men's ana shirt, but all they ever had was an XL. Anyone know who to contact to get a size small for this? ThanksDrMD3 Jan 10
Jan 10 Warcraft 3 Reforged Forum 1. Go to 2. Click the link "games" on top of screen 3. Click "game forums" You will then be taken to this page, which is where my complaint exists: On that page, there is no link to Warcraft 3 Reforged, there needs to be one! I would like to see a link to at least here: if not here: Jan 10
Jan 10 Warcraft 3 : 200 ping in lobby 350+ ping ingame My usual ping to EU servers with every game is around 200 but in warcraft 3 its over 300 in game which is unplayable, but it's 200 in lobbies?. I have no other choice of servers since EU was always the closest to me, South-Africa. Even with starcraft I get like 180 ping.ProphetZA2 Jan 10
Jan 10 D2 Non Ladder Chars got deleted? Just noticed that some of my non ladder chars got deleted silently. I'm sure that I checked that before reset, indeed I didn't touch them in the last 10 days, but IIRC normally they would just work fine if nobody takes your name. I'm aware that there was a server upgrade on 04.Jan, but are they also purging non active chars, or am I missing something? I remember there was a purge some months ago where Blizz did publish an announcement explicitly saying that all nonactive chars would be purged. But I don't see such things this time. Any help would be appreciated !Krystal4 Jan 10
Jan 10 80% of Diablo posts are about banning bots! 2018 Ladder Nov-Dec now Dead! Bots run 24/7 Bots troll in forms Legit players Banned for doing baals to much to try to keep up with the bots climbing the ladder 80% of the people want bots banned! Blizzard staff get a payoff and i get temp banned for Game Master Abuse! im shocked i can even make a post agianDiaton2 Jan 10
Jan 10 [D2]Discord: US West Hardcore Ladder I had the opportunity to join this group and do a few cBaals with some good people using voice chat while playing. I highly recommend this for maximum fun with these guys and gal. Unfortunately I left Discord and am no longer part of it, but I highly recommend this group.AtomicPunk3 Jan 10
Jan 10 Diablo 2 mouse lagg Hello guys, since google could'nt help me at all and i tried alot of things i just gonna reply here. i am using sandbox to run 3 instances of diablo 2. the moment i use my 2nd instance the game is going crazy with it laggs, everytime i move my mouse the game framerate drops rapidly. does anyone have any solution? it was fine a few days ago before the patch, may blizzard made some hidden changes? would appreciate your help!INSIGHT5 Jan 10
Jan 10 Can a mod respond to one of us who lost nonladder stuff all my chars are gone accounts are still there but every char is gone. Hopefully a roll back is coming cause that pretty much just ended my diablo career foreverFlintStone9 Jan 10
Jan 10 [D2]Three Things 1. Do not allow characters that have advanced to nightmare be able to return to normal, and do not allow characters that have advanced to hell be allowed to return to nightmare and normal. 2. Do not allow characters to advance past each act until they’ve reached a certain character level. Eg., normal act 1 clvl 15, act 2 clvl 20, act 3 clvl 25, act 4 clvl 30, act 5 clvl 35. Nm act 1 clvl 40, act 2 clvl 45, act 3 clvl 50, act 4 clvl 55, act 5 clvl 60. Hell act 1 clvl 65, act 2 clvl 70, act 3 clvl 75, act 4 clvl 80. 3. Make it so Uber Diablo spawns based on number of kills contributed on (hit count) per act in all difficulties. Eg., 1000 hits on monsters via melee, spells and minions per act within each difficulty.AtomicPunk32 Jan 10
Jan 9 Please create link to WC3 Reforged forum Please add a link to the Warcraft 3 Reforged forum to your main page with links to forums: Jan 9
Jan 7 Warcraft 2 not playing on laptop Warcraft 2 tides of darkness wont install. Have 64 bit and 16 bit not supported. Any suggestions?Ilanrox131 Jan 7
Jan 7 Warcraft 3 should begin in same chat channel. When will you be fixing the chat channels? isn't it a lot better that users join same channels instead of W3 en-1, W3 en-28, w3 en-27.. everyone being separated, not good for the game, especially for the new people. Thank you.Dan1 Jan 7