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1d [War3] 1.30.2 PTR Updated Greetings Raiders, Tinkerers, Harbingers, and Wardens, The last test realm catalyzed a lot of good discussion. We appreciate the critique and continue to be sensitive to the many ways we all enjoy Warcraft III. Overall, communication has been civil and oriented toward actionable feedback. Thank you. This new iteration to the PTR addresses a number of issues we can all agree upon. Included in the patch notes are other features we will integrate within 1.30.2 before its release. PTR is for testing ideas - be it balance or features - and we will continue to use it as such. Specific Changes & Improvements Added a filter for lobby name Added a filter for map name (prefix with @) Previously Added Maps will now be uploaded and downloaded from the cloud All custom games from all gateways are now visible in the lobby browser Port forwarding is no longer required to host your favorite map Encrypted network traffic Updated custom game listing to have all games (for filtering) but list still shows the first 100 games Added region filter to custom game filter Added auto refresh of game information if less than 100 games on list Custom games that are full (or unjoinable) get auto grayed out on games list (refresh to remove) Bug Fixes Mac clients can now join games hosted by Windows clients Arranged teams invitations working Client identifies Reign of Chaos for stats properly Fixed icons in chat Improved message when creating accounts that already exist Improved message for login errors Fixed crash when canceling map download Fixed crash when joining full game Known Issues Client slows down if left open for multiple hours Custom games can end when host leaves In Progress Features Kick and ban functions for game lobbies Display player latency in the game lobbies Evaluating how to gracefully handle count down experience when players leave Evaluating experience when players drop due to network issues Edit: If you get a grayed out button in your client it could mean your client is not showing the upgrade dialog properly. Please run Warcraft III Public Test Launcher.exe to patch your client and we are looking into a fix.Pete Stilwell260 1d
1d [War3] 1.30.1 Hail Warchiefs, Lichs, Commanders, and Keepers, We're happy to get this patch in your hands. It is focused on stability improvements, and some minor changes for multiplayer. Specific Changes & Improvements Game client can now use up to 3GB of memory -nativefullscr mouse sensitivity is on point Updated observer API to export more game information Bug Fixes Gameplay [Mac][10.14 Beta] Cursor responds in game FMOD related crashes on many custom maps resolved. Testing was conducted on various MOBAS, Horde Vs Alliance X3, Sunken City, ORD8.4, and numerous test maps submitted by community Silent map crashes resolved on popular custom maps Maps calling preload() with a file string shorter than 4 characters no longer crash TFT campaign missions no longer crash on load Casting two spells with the same BuffID no longer causes a crash Switching expansions no longer crashes [World Editor] Player can be added to player groups again without crashing Setting Clan Message of the Day no longer causes a disconnect Bash tooltip updated from “opponent” to “target” Defend correctly allows 60% of piercing damage through when not reflected Improved Masonry cost correctly calculated Human fast building speed no longer transfers between structures Ancient of War damage is consistent between rooted and uprooted Allied heroes with shared control appear in the UI again Sound Muting sound using Ctrl+S or Ctrl+M while a unit is selected no longer triggers the hotkeys for Stop and Move All ambient sounds return after re-enabling sounds during gameplay Resolved sound volume issues for certain spells and ambient footsteps Game sound remains when the client is not in focus Data Map veto preferences are saved between sessions Imported files in custom campaigns no longer silently corrupt on save SharedModels/TeamGlow00.tga no longer fails to load RoC campaign data no longer includes TFT balance changes Dirt and grass cliff tiles are no longer replacing other tiles Empty strings in the Italian local no longer display <sp/> Numerical tooltips in French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish match English entries (4)SynergyBigPaved has the correct file extension [World Editor] Abilities with no buff ID no longer stack indefinitely Balance Changes Far Sight was intended to be 2700 AoE at level 3 Meat Wagons' Disease Cloud now deals 2 damage per second Map Updates (2)Amazonia Kobold Taskmasters now drop Level 2 Permanent items instead of Level 2 Charged items Creep camps no longer agro other creep camps (2)SwampedTemple Removed hidden unbuildable terrain Removed locations where towers could be built on cliffs Corrected map description (2)Road to Stratholme LV Removed a location where units could be dropped and not attacked (4)TwistedMeadows Tree locations reverted to 1.29 Goblin Laboratories have a tree within range for Wisps Adjusted all starting locations to allow for optimal building placementPete Stilwell188 1d
Oct 8 [War3] PTR (Updated 9/28) Greetings Raiders, Tinkerers, Harbingers, and Wardens, Over the past 15 years, the community created hostbots, mastered the arcane art of port forwarding, and passed down knowledge of the most popular maps. Self-solves, workarounds, and the resolute desire to keep friends playing; hallmarks of why we love this game and those of you actively contributing to its legacy. We’ve been working on direct fixes to those server-based problems as we addressed issues that couldn’t be self-solved beyond the codebase like widescreen support, hardware cursor, anticheat, and balance. We’re excited to bring these next evolutions in the restoration of online play over Specific Changes & Improvements Maps will now be uploaded and downloaded from the cloud All custom games from all gateways are now visible in the lobby browser Port forwarding is no longer required to host your favorite map Encrypted network traffic Bug Fixes Desyncs with certain custom maps resolved Custom sound files with meta data play again External links from load Breath of Fire translated in Italian Known Issues Cloud downloads for mac causes the game to freeze if connecting to a windows host. Arranged teams dont work (fix in progress) Note: If you click through the updater UI too fast it might show a conflicting actions error. Please wait a little longer on the EULA screen to avoid the issue. PTR Installer Download: Update Hotfix Build 10378 has been deployed to fix the crash on the game list. Update 2 Missing changes: Updated custom game listing to have all games (for filtering) but list still shows the first 100 games Added region filter to custom game filter Added auto refresh of game information if less than 100 games on list Custom games that are full (or unjoinable) get auto grayed out on games list (refresh to remove)Pete Stilwell452 Oct 8
9h [D2] Season 22 Is Live! Greetings Adventurer, It's time to hone the edge of your axe, summon fresh skeletons, and repair your staff - Season 22 is coming Friday, June 15th at 5:00PM PST! We hope you're as excited as we are to bolt out of the Rogue Encampment in less than two weeks! We'll see you in a new ladder season soon. UPDATE (6.15 @ 5:02 pm PDT): The new ladder season is now live! Enjoy! Cheers, - Diablo Community TeamTyvalir330 9h
Sep 1 [All] Chat Bot API V3 Hi All, Classic is Pleased to announce Chat API Alpha 3 with self registration: Thanks, ClassicMark Chandler59 Sep 1
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30m WC3 Reforged NEEDS Ability Scaling In the revamped map editor, we need to be able to implement ability scalings to abilities. What I mean is this, for example, rank 3 Holy Light heals for 1000, but with scaling it would do 1000+100% of intelligence stat for example. So if you had a hero with 100 intelligence, it would heal 1100. I don't mean that blizzard pvp maps should use ability scalings, but to add this option in the editor. Imagine the possibilities, the MOBAs one you design in the editor, the RPGs, insane!Denny5 30m
1h Warcraft III reforge collector's edition Will there be a physical collector's edition for sale? If so, when will it be available?Gios0 1h
1h Warcraft III collector's edition So, I am probably in a 1% or something like that, but I figured I would come on to here and ask about it. I've had the WC III: Reign Of Chaos CE, since the year it came out... and I was wondering, if after all these years, WoW players could get something (NOT WC III: Reforged, for free), for having the CD-key attached to their accounts. I mean, I know other game CE's have given pets or mounts etc, but I mean, even a WoW FoS achievement would be nice. Anyway, I just figured I would ask. I think I've tried asking once or twice before, but I can't remember.Balimauladad1 1h
1h Selling 20$ Blizzard card Have 20$ Blizzard card I am never going to use looking to sell/trade it for 20$ paypal or a 20$ Nintendo E Shop card thank you!noMERCY0 1h
1h 20$ Blizzard card I don't want looking for 20$ paypal or 20$ Nintendo E shop card I have a Blizzard currency card worth 20$ that I am not planning on using so I am looking for 20$ paypal or a 20$ Nintendo E Shop card in exchange thank you!noMERCY0 1h
1h Hell Ancients I'm going for it on my ssf HC Hammer/charge pally. Wish me luck!Grindspice2 1h
2h Completing normal to hell... Hi all ye seasoned d2 players, Have you ever equipped your characters with self-found and where you did not use any rune word items in a d2 LOD game? Can you complete a run from normal to hell with that aforementioned equipment? Mudder challenges for the next level of gamers with grit and brawn: self-found socketing/socketed items permitted no rune word items not rushed nor peeps giving you wpsThat is a super fun and skills-building run! ʕ ·㉨·ʔ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷiWasntThere11 2h
3h What Is Best Diablo 2 Pvp Class/Build Atm? What Is Best Diablo 2 Pvp Class/Build Atm ? Also Does it make a difference to play online on diablow 2 or diablo lord of destruction? like which one is more populated is basically what im wondering?PigeonMaster22 3h
4h Diablo 1 bnet issues Hello, Blizzard, Now that you recently fixed some issues on Diablo 2 battle net, could we expect that you would look into Diablo 1 situation as well? For half a year now or longer we are unable to create or join any games on d1 bnet. ThanksAga5 4h
5h 1 handed wep inquiry... Hi to all you seasoned d2 LOD gamers, If you had to choose between equipping your barb with a sword and shield and your choice of swords was either: a Lightsaber w/ a shael runeor a clean Grandfather swordwhich sword would you choose? If you chose the Grandfather, should it be socketed with a Shael for the attack speed bonus? Thanks! ˓˓ก₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎ค˒˒iWasntThere6 5h
5h Diablo 2 ( cannot connect ) I am unaware if the servers are down or if it is an issue on my end. I tried to connect to D2, which has been running fine for weeks, and now it gives me a message: You are disconnected from Please reconnect. I have: Ran the game as an admin, Reinstalled, repaired, tried 3 accounts, switched computers, I also have found no information(or at least obvious info) on server status. Is this purgatory?Amatzu5 5h
7h warcraft 3 reforged release date release date in the app is december 31 2019 which means that it is not going to be released until at least 2020.andreasasp8 7h
8h WarCraft III Clan Channel (USeast) fixedCALLMEOCT19 8h
8h WC3 Classic Keys Status? Okay, it's to nobodies surprise that Blizzard has gone downhill over the years. But to seriously make everyone wait an X amount of time to play a game that's 16 years old is just ridiculous. Nobody minds waiting for reforged but at least let us play the old classic while we wait. It was removed from the store to avoid refund confusion between Reforged and RoC/TFT but now there's thousands of players refunding Reforged because they were anticipating getting classic with their pre-purchase so what's the difference? To send out CD-Keys to everyone who pre-ordered is absolutely effortless and will keep people occupied and hyped for Reforged. It's such a small thing to ask for and yet Blizzard can't even give us a lousy ETA at LEAST...It's 16 years old! Why on earth is Blizzard shooting themselves in the foot? This is common sense and exactly why the 100+ people on my BNET friends list have been offline for 6+ months..Raven0 8h
9h Purchase Frozen Throne Is it still possible to purchase the Frozen Throne expansion. I have the original game through, but wanted to get the expansion to practice before Reforged comes out, but the link to the original game is gone. Is it going to come back or is there anywhere else to purchase it without being a risky buy? ThanksVazlow7 9h
10h Warcraft 3 Reforged Discount if you own Warcraft 3 Hi guys ! I don't know exactly what I am aiming for with this topic, but I think that I aim for a free Warcraft 3 Reforged game if you already own Warcraft 3 or at least some discount. I do understand that it's a "different game", but to be honest, it's just a remake. I find it unfair for people that have bought the game after the release of WoW, where they actually bought a "dead" game that very few still play and I think you can agree that at least a loyalty discount would be fair, maybe even free. Is there anyone else supporting this idea ? Thank you for reading and I'm waiting for some feedback.Mike3 10h
11h Warcraft 3 Elf Balance (Scroll of Madness) I'm just hoping that none of the new changes on 1.30 end up favoring the night elves in an unjustly rounded way due to the fact that something as simple as having the Night Elf shop come stocked with say, a scroll of madness, which would enhance the attack speed of the hero at the cost of being damage amped, would have been able to properly draw attention away from say, archers, keeping them alive longer to perform more attacks with bonus damage from true shot.... as the POM fires away searing arrows at high speed. It's hard to see how this might be useful to the other heroes in concept perse.... But a DH getting his hands on claws of attack combined with fairie fire, combined with scroll of madness might be able to achieve the same result as a more complex option...AtlasMeCH62 11h
11h Let us buy WC3 in some way Since the announcement of WC3 reforged, both I and my son have been wanting to play WC3 (My son for the first time, and for me it will be a repeat). I own the game, but since I haven't touched it in a decade, I have lost the CD keys (and in fact the whole CD for frozen throne). I am willing to buy it again, except that you pulled WC3 from the store. I know that reforged will come with the ability to apply the original graphics, but that does not help me now. Please give us some way to play the original game now while we wait. It does not matter to me whether you choose to put it back on the store, make it free like you did with Starcraft, or my suggestion would be make it playable now by anyone who pre-purchases reforged. Pick whichever option you want, but PLEASE let us have some way of playing through the story now.Kryptor10 11h
12h Icons WC3 Hello, I am just wondering. Are we going to get some new profiles icons in game? 1500 win for last icon is not that much. Would like to see some for example for 2500 wins. What are your toughts?Zabro1 12h
12h Dwarf ring... Hi! Is it just me or do you, too, wonder if a Dwarf's finger is thinner or fatter then the ring of the character that you are playing? If so, how do we safely equip that ring?      /⌒⌒⌒ヽ     /~´   `⌒ヽ    (  /⌒⌒⌒ヽ   )   ( @/ ・  ・ ヽ@ )   (  し、 ꈊ  U ) < ᵇᵃᵃ ~   (  ヽ——イ   )       (      )      “し——–U“iWasntThere1 12h
12h Reconnect to game in Reforged Would it be possible for Blizz to implement a reconnect to the game option in reforged like you can do in other modern games if you get disconnected?NoRefunD3 12h
12h Replacing Rifleman to High Elf Archer at WC3:R Melee? or Replacing as Human Archer. There are too many dwarf in human units. Dwarf = (Rifleman, Mortal Team, Flying Machine, Siege Engine, Gryphon Rider) = 5 High Elf or Blood Elf = (Sorceress, Priest, Spell Breaker, Dragonhawk Rider) = 4 Human = (Peasant, Footman, Knight) = 3 It's Almost Dwarf Alliance not Human Alliance :(Snafu0 12h
12h Is Warcraft 3 Reforged playable already? Hey, is Warcraft 3 Reforged playable already when you can pre-purchase it? Or will it only be playable next year even if I buy it now? I don't know what the "pre-purchase" really mean.ArkanosRa4 12h
13h Community Survey to Reforged Here is a fan made survey to find out how the Warcraft Community thinks about Warcraft III Reforged: 13h
13h Warcraft 3 Reforged I write on behalf of a fan of the Warcraft series, and the classic Warcraft 3 in General. I write with the hope that I will be heard(at least a little hope so). I watched the stream with Blizzcone 2018 Warcraft 3 remaster. I certainly understand that this is not the final version, everything seems alright, except for the interface( in my opinion). The interface is the one that I have seen has undergone many changes, and I had the feeling that we will not play in our favorite Varick, and Streamer Artas (Artes in the classics), which is Warcraft 3. I certainly understand that the remake is not possible, BUT! Add at least in the" SPOILS of WAR EDITION " classic interface. I can not and do not want to give up the long-familiar and many favorite classic interface. Thank you all for your attention, he has already pre-ordered, and look forward to Warcraft 3 remaster!Alexandermjj1 13h
15h [D2] December Ladder 2018 Greetings blizzard and fellow diablo players. I wanna start out by stating that the ladder which started around december 2017 has been the ladder which brought the most enjoyable and thrilling experience i've ever had in diablo since i first started playing back in the early 2000s. Blizzard did some silent patching or similar which knocked out 99% of the working bots & cheats. Due to this the community thrived, finding items was rewarding and people were trading much more frequent, in other words the diablo 2 community was thriving. Somehow the ladder of june 2018 was a real dissapointment, bots were sighted from day one and quickly ruined the experience for alot of players. I know that Blizzard recieved alot of critisism at blizzcon, after revealing Diablo Immortal. I think you should grasp this opportunity to mend the relationship between Blizzard and their diablo 2 fanbase and repeat what you did at the start of the ladder of december 2017. Make a small patch, hotfix or whatever that will change the game just enough to make the current bots useless, atleast for the start of the ladder. Best Regards MercyfulMercyful31 15h
15h RT matchmaking 1 sec ago hello. ive posted this before. i really appreciate that u try to make the gameexperience better for everyone. but at the same time u are unwillingly creating a worse experience for the more seasoned players. im strictly speaking of random team. in my case 2v2 RT. with the older system it took a while to find a match and it was more or less balanced. u could always have a good game. with the new system u find a game instantly but it is NOT balanced at all. it is complelty random. the amount of bad players is unberable. im lvl 37 and yet i get matched with people who have 0-18. (in my team and aswell in the enemy team) playing this is no fun at all - not for me nor for them. the quality of each single match should increase with level - not stay the same or get worse. PLEASE overthink the range in which players can be found. after today i will stopp rt for good now. after 15 years of wc3 its the first time i am really fed up with the game, because i cant remember the last good match i had in RT. also it seems that many other players feel the same way i do. this needs to be fixed asap! have a nice day.ohyeah1 15h
17h "you have been disconnected" the biggest issue on wc3 currently is this bug where you get instantly disconnected without even having 30 sec disconnection time. the game works just normal but then it disconnect and strench the hero portait to the full image lenght. i really dont know what issue is causing it. maybe the server or maybe its hack made by other player? idk. it usually happens after 20-30min the game has been started. this random disconnect kills the fun of having competitive match of bnet. i have changed my os. and some hardware so its not my hardware issue im sure of it. and its not also my connection issue.Wlizer2 17h
17h suggestion interface It's will be usefull to see the number of select groups like in sc2 as the function exists in war3 original but not visible ????Dsisjoe0 17h
18h Warcraft 3 health bar glitch I discovered a glitch that when pressing alt all my units health bars wouldn't appear. So then I went to options and set it so health bars will always appear and they still didn't show. After a bit it seemed to work again, but was only showing when it wanted to. I ran WC3 using the new launcher so I'm thinking I've found a glitch. at 5:20 mins you can clearly see no health bars displaying, I know if I popped in my old CDs without needing to log in it would work fine. I can't wait for WC3 reforged I know they'll have all things like this fixedShockbladeX2 18h
19h D2 Need Single Player Barbarian Suggestions I've had high level barbarians before, but I've never previously taken the character class seriously. Now I'm playing a Hardcore single player Barbarian. I plan to max Sword Mastery and both defensive skills: staying alive is important. For offense I'm using Concentrate, which I plan to eventually max, but I will put a few points in Whirlwind and Berserk as well. Once I finally cleared Act 3, I killed Izual, and reached the City of the Damned waypoint without much trouble. I am level 28 now and getting a bit bogged down. Even though I have a point in Find Item, I haven't found a good item drop since Act 2...Wade23 19h
20h (+91-7878774360) AKHARV BIOCORP (+91-9799977997) PVT.LTD attattattattattattGHGHFTT0 20h
20h Botters East Hardcore Ladder I suggest reviewing those characters, as they are automated bots. I edited out the players.SangoReborn5 20h
20h About pre-buying Warcraft 3 Reforged If someone doesn't have Warcraft 3, and if he pre-purchase Warcraft 3 Reforged now, will he able to get to play the original Warcraft 3+FT now or he still need to purchase the old Warcraft 3 if he wants to play it now?Kilometer6 20h
20h Bots diablo 2 One part time admin working 20 hours a week can solve boting problem of diablo 2 but you are busy making mobile games ehh ? boters even have their own chanels etc openly inviting you for xp boost. gench enchant bot online 7/24 im assuming its blizzard supported.Esa53 20h
20h The support didn't even know what to say. I did hear that with the purcase of reforged I would get access to the normal WC3. But that did not happen and WC3 is also not longer in the store. And the support sad they have no clear information on how or when it would be possible to get into WC3. So Blizz can you pls tell us what the problem is and what is going on? Because it is rly annoying, not to know what is going.Vincent2 20h
20h Give us Diablo 2 lad reset date already! cmon blizzard wakey wakey give us the reset date already! Diablo 2 still got a huge community that enjoys the first few weeks of a reset and takes a few days off. so give us the date already so i can tell my boss im sick that day! i mean taking a personal day!bigD4 20h
21h Windows 10 WC3 Not Fullscreen. Windows 10 | Warcraft III : TFT I'm having an issue with fullscreen, I'm trying to get it to go to windowed fullscreen, but there is two giant black screens on both side of the monitor, how do I get rid of them?NEAUXLA5 21h
21h Warcraft 3:Reforged Map Editor Feature Wishlist Warcraft 3:Reforged Map Editor Features Wishlist Hi everyone I am a war3 map maker since 2003 and SC2 mapmaker since 2010. Here are some of the feature I'd like to see in the War3: Reforged map editor on release. The list might be expanded if I came up with something new. 1. Action(Functions),Thread and OO support if possible 2. Trigger functions instead of sub-editors which are bugged and takes too much time to learn and load 3. Smooth tool in terrain-height edit. Overlay feature of ground texture. Higher terrain texture limit 4. Official tools that can directly observe and load assets from Diablo3, SC2, Heroes and WoW, or at least tools to extract and convert them. 5. Options to make units click through instead of adding locust ability 6. F2P arcade mode 7. In-game Donate support and corresponding functions 8. Map uploading, locking support similar to SC2 counter part 9. Detach weapon models from character models 10. QoL changes from SC2 editor 11. Allowing imported unit textures used as skin variations 12. Unit selection limit (from 1 to 256) and smooth game speed settings functions (from 0 to 5) 13. Range indicating and unit highlight functions 14. Key listener functions 15. Full set of UI functions from SC2 editor Thanks for reading. There are rumors that the current editor is the new editor. I hope the rumor is wrong. We all know how important the initial release is. If required features are going to be added over years. Who knows how many players and map makers would be left. Anyway, please do not release a semi-finished product, because in that case there will only be one wave of paying testers before the game is downvoted and forgotten. The RTS ladder part will soon cools down especially without the support of official tournaments and we map makers need a better editor to make games that are good enough in year 2018 or 2019 instead of 2004.Hawke1 21h
21h Wc3 map editor reforged Please allow easy way to lock your map and easy way to add loading screen picture thank you @blizzardAmbitionz1 21h
21h New wish list for PTR 1.15a Personally subjective - Official Bli$$ard bot: fix terrible drop, noobs, high end PvP ect - BoA items: fix many problems - noobs, wallet warriors, jsp, greedy ppl, scams, item shops ect... - Bigger stash 10x10 + 3-4 additional pages - Charm inventory 10x4 - Fast unassign assigned skills and stats points - Improved Character screen: absorbs, mf, break points.. ect - Loot filter - Icons buffs/debuffs - Item lvl show on items - Runes/gems stacking - Auto gold pick up - Shift/Ctrl auto clicks in inv/vendors ect - Diablo Clone spawn - any unique rings, easier way to get anni - Cows - reopened afer Cow Kings death, terrible design fix - Countess - runes drop to Zod, qol change - Removed Antidote/Thawing/Stamina potions stacking - Griffon Eye: add 15% Magic absorb - Mage Fists: add 20% magic absorb (PvP fix !@#$%^/hammers) - Phoenix rw: 40% CtC Firestorm decreased to 20% (Smiter fix) - Rebalanced and added new synergies for skills (eg new synergie for -*!@# from bone armor due to new abs and bad state in PvM) - buffed melee weapons (melee builds are unplayable w/o gg weapons) - 1sec cast delay for Teleport - fix mindless spam, more strategical PvP, fix tmc: Project-RedVex combo - Global Cooldown removed - cd for tele - PvP Arena: opened by Qual Kehk in act 5 - empty Cow lvl ....more EnjoyZerK6 21h
1d They take down the classic War 3 version without any warning They take down the classic version without any warning. Now how am I going to buy the classic version? Such a harsh action from blizzard. I am pissed.SycSpySycSpy17 1d