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Jan 25 [All] Server Upgrade January 4th @ 1000 PST Hi All, We will be upgrading the servers for Diablo 2, Warcraft 3 and Starcraft at 10am PST on Friday. Expected down time is 1 hour. Changes (For Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3): Added new chat command /verify-tw to allow Taiwan citizens to extend default lifetime of their accounts to a year to accommodate new legal legislation in Taiwan (Note: Valid Taiwan account required to complete verification) Added email notifications 15 days before account or character expiration Thanks, Classic GamesMark Chandler112 Jan 25
Nov 19, 2018 [War3] Forums Have Moved Please visit the new Warcraft III forum: Chandler0 Nov 19, 2018
Jul 19 [D2] Ladder Reset coming June 14 Greetings adventurers, Darkness gathers and it is once more time to fight the evils that lurk below Sanctuary. The next Diablo II ladder reset is scheduled for Friday, June 14 at 5:00 PM PT! We'll see you in a couple weeks for the latest ladder reset! Cheers, Diablo Community TeamNevalistis181 Jul 19
Jan 23 [D2] Support Ending for Windows XP and Vista With an upcoming platform patch intended to streamline the process of launching and connecting to Diablo II, we will be ending support for Windows XP and Vista. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively. As we continue to support our legacy titles, we have found the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to newer versions as well. Once our next patch update hits, Diablo II will no longer run on Windows XP or Vista. We encourage any players who are still using one of these older OSes to upgrade to a newer version.Nevalistis0 Jan 23
Sep 1, 2018 [All] Chat Bot API V3 Hi All, Classic is Pleased to announce Chat API Alpha 3 with self registration: Thanks, ClassicMark Chandler59 Sep 1, 2018
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Jul 31 Cant run Diablo 2 - Error ID inside So I've tried all the wrappers, compatibilities etc. Game is on win10. Downloaded with Blizzard Downloader. Error ID: 82A849BB-367F-4CC6-9AA0-E77D65B4CA42 D2VidTest says d2data.mpq is corrupted. I've swapped it with other file, worked but cant connect to - checking version into disconnect or please wait a few minutes. I've bought 2 keys from Blizzard site.Dvil2 Jul 31
Jul 31 Starcraft brood war korean text on startup When SC1(not Remastered) starts up there is some korean text before the main menu screen. Whats it say?Ashburger1 Jul 31
Jul 31 Diablo 2 on Linux Game used to work perfectly for years and years using Linux and Wine But then you decided to "stop cheaters" and since then, it's not possible to login to (single player works fine). Game just hangs and crashes at login screen. Heck, even downloading patch works perfectly! But meanwhile, bots still there, hacks still there, shops still there. Think there is a possibility you get rid of the broken system and let us play again?shodan14 Jul 31
Jul 31 seeking advice on price guide for items Hi all Can you please suggest what are the following worth? Reaper's Toll -- I don't have any characters whose merc require that, so I am happy to trade that way if its worth something good value. Arachnid Mesh -- I have 2. Both came from my private meph runs and are 130 something defense (but not max defense, the ED is like close to 110% but a bit lower) Wizard spikes -- I have 2 of those too and none of my chars are really using them. 3 x tokens -- Towards the very end of the last season, someone was willing to trade a PUL for 1, so wondering if it i about the same value now? Low end Mara -- only 21% resist.BFG90003 Jul 31
Jul 30 Remove Nightmare mode from Diablo II As of a few minutes ago, in Nightmare mode, there were two games of Diablo II in US East realm, non-ladder, for a total of three players. Normal mode is doing allright, and Hell even better. Why can't you understand that folk do not want to play in Nightmare ? It's a waste of time. Nightmare was made to get rushed through it. So please remove it, will you, so hard working players can go to Hell as soon as possible. Why not even consider removing Normal mode ? The real goal here is getting to Hell faster. Thenceforth the true players can find a wide selection of machine made games to gain levels in a fast, free and easy way, while eating genetically modified popcorn and watching you tube videos. We don't need a Nightmare mode anymore, it is worn out. And while you're at it, you should also reset the bladder every two weeks. The outcome could only be an outstanding video gaming experience ! Thank you for your understanding and your compassion.SieurCorbeau7 Jul 30
Jul 30 Everything is getting worse In almost ten years of Diablo II playing on Battle.Net, United States East Realm, I have never seen things as bad in this game ! As of a few minutes ago, there was only one game in nightmare mode (non-ladder) with a single player in it ! Can you believe it ? I joined the game, typed something to the player, but when I hit the "enter" key, Blizzard didn't publish it. I feel like crying and laughing all together hahaha LOL hihihi.SieurCorbeau1 Jul 30
Jul 30 D2/LOD USWest server killing active games. D2/LOD USWest server killing games being played with "Your Connection Has Been Interrupted" (YCHBI). It then deletes the active game from the game server. Happens at all difficulties and in any area, no warning. I just played for 2 hours in the same game--and it happened again. When the notice comes up, when I try to join the game with a different char, the server says there is no such game. This happens to a lot more people than is realized. To me, it happens every 1-4 days. Thus, I am reporting EVERY incident shortly after it happens.jerryab7 Jul 30
Jul 30 *Focuses memory* Trying to remember custom map! Hey everyone, First time posting in forums, and I must say I have a doozie of a headache trying to remember a custom map game! >< Ok so for starters this game is similar to Golems; Where you spent peons earned through kills to buy higher lvl troops. The entire map consists of varied higher level troop to buy, and their respected minion cost. (Each troop would have a zone to throw your peons on top of to buy) In the middle of the map would be three buildings, where you would take these troops previously bought and place them in these buildings to combine them into more powerful troops or heroes. (Example: two elven archers and a grunt would make a warden) Peons used as currency would spawn outside the map to an island with teleporter pads to respected areas in the map. Each area of the map would have different troops from selected races to buy. If I could just remember the name of this game.... All the free icecream in the world to whoever can lend a hand, and cure this many year long headache of mine! ^^CruzeCtrl0 Jul 30
Jul 30 Occy's random teleportation and fighting souls in WSK Ever since I started using Occy, I noticed the random teleportation seems to get triggered a lot more often when fighting souls in WSK than fighting other monsters. It appears when the lightening spell from souls hit me, each lightening spell is not just a single hit, but made up of multiple hits. In my worst case scenario, the teleport triggered off like 4 or 5 times in less than 1 second (I actually see myself randomly appear at different locations 4 or 5 times in a blink of eye). Now, the souls aren't enough to kill me as I have good life and very high resistance, but what this really annoyed me is when the random teleportation is triggered, I lose aim. Most of the time when I run into souls in WSK, I just tank their lightening damage and shoot fireball back at them. In other words, it is usually a shooting contest to see if I can kill them faster than they can kill me, and I almost always win the shooting contest in the end. However, since I started using Occy, the problem now is when I try to tank their lightening damage and shoot fireballs back at them, a lot of the time when I am being teleported to a random location, I found that I shoot at the wrong direction as the game doesn't seem to keep track of the specific monster that I was shooting at, but instead I shoot at the direction where my mouse cursor is after the teleportation animation is done. In other words, the game does not "remember" the "name lock" I have on the monster. While this is not enough to get me killed, but it does cause extra time to be wasted when trying to clear the area. This issue is not as obvious when fighting other monsters, but is a lot more noticeable when fighting souls.BFG90002 Jul 30
Jul 30 channel timer for games? i raised this suggestion some time ago, but since nobody is 100% sure on the limit of games anymore, it would be a good idea to have a channel timer, so lets say your doing quick baal runs (which some people still do) and you've been doing it for 5-6 hours, and then you might be abit cautious wether you need to rest abit or wether you can carry on, there should be something like this ''you can create/join 13 more games in the next 45 minutes you can create/join xx more games in the next 12 hours'' just as an example it would really help out legit runners in the long run i guessJordi4 Jul 30
Jul 30 D2 Runenword Oath bug? Hello everybody, I built the rune word oath into an ogre hammer yesterday. When I used the runes, I noticed that the rune word didn't work. Now the question how I can be helped and who is responsible for the error. I would be very happy about your support.RmESilence5 Jul 30
Jul 30 Clan/Community NO PUBLIC BOTS USWEST LADDER SERVER Hey guys There is a clan/community growing on uswest ladder server were virtually everyone who is in it doesn't support public botting. If you are here and a gamer and just want some more people to play with in the ghost town of D2@USWEST server, then come to the channel. Its op npb To get there and stay there forever, and avoid the gameplay of a bot stealing all your exp and all your loot all season long.. Join us for good. In channel chat type /home op npb And you will forever be apart of the growing community of true old wild west gameplay. We play the game the way it was intended and we GET the most out of it, even if its only for an hour a week or every evening after dinner. In the end, we unite to have fun again.... Remember in channel chat type /home op npb THATS NO PUBLIC BOTS!! WERE REAL PLAYERS UNITE AND PLAY HARD 24/7 ALL ACROSS THE WORLD!!!!! JOIN US NOW!!!! IN CHANNEL CHAT TYPE /HOME OP NPB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you on the flipside broskis, and ladies of the night.Vengeance3 Jul 30
Jul 30 Diablo 2 Cannot Connect to server Hello Folks, I cannot connect to diablo 2 server, any of them. I have the latest patch. I get this message even before asking me to login " is not responding. Please try connecting again in a few minutes." Ive tried allowing the ports. I tried to log in on my desktop using a vpn and it didnt work. now im on my laptop at a new house because I think I accidentaly got my IP restricted which i didnt know about when i tried with the VPN (If someone knows how I can get that removed please help) now im at a different persons house trying on my laptop and i still cannot connect, I bought this game a few days ago to play and have only gotten about 2h of game play in, any help or advice IDK what to do i cannot play the game.Trollix1 Jul 30
Jul 29 Repair Issue Every time I launch WC3, it takes me to the updater and says I have to repair it but whenever I do, it still says I have to repair. After I repair can launch the game, but I don't want to repair the game every time I want to play it, I just want to be able to launch it without problems and without having to repair it every time. If anyone has ideas, friend me on discord or just reply to this topic. Discord: x3x#9971Xayla0 Jul 29
Jul 29 [WC3] AFK BOTS blizzard, is there plans to take care of these "afk bots" in the future? or do you guys have plans for punishment for those who join games and just sit there? its getting a tad bit ridiculous when you sit there for damn near 30 minutes for a game, you get one just to have a player "AFKBOT01" on your team whose just sitting there?....join a new game...JUST to get the SAME PERSON... seriously, this is a issue and really needs to be looked into.SDulsky3 Jul 29
Jul 29 Chat API UPDATES? I would like to see a few commands added to the BNET Chat API such as. the ability to /designate a user the ability to /invite a user to WarCraft III Clan The ability for Shamans to have Bot CPI Operator Status Back end work to resolve and display product icons Any updates what so ever, just make some effort. I am using it with Stealthbot right now www.stealthbot.netPsYChiC1 Jul 29
Jul 29 Oops I opened a VPN, and now I have no idea how long i'm out for. I used a VPN on diablo 2 and now both of my CD Keys are unable to be played. I went to my office and tried and I can't play on there either. Something needs to change. If i'm restricted for 14 days I'm charging back my keys. I just bought both of them for my friend and I to play together. This is so embarrassing blizzard. You could easily restrict vpn/proxies but instead you do this random punishment thing. Why do legit players get punished, but botters can publicly post in the realms and ruin the game. I know you stopped caring about your players years ago. I've quit every game I've played because of how you guys just constantly give up on your games. Including Diablo 3. How long is it going to be until blizzard stop's caring a bout over watch. This is embarassing.BDotMilli1 Jul 29
Jul 29 [WC3] There was an error in handling the request. (3.13) Couldnt connect to my battle net wc3 account. After creating a second one, after few games problem returns. I asked for help to battle net support, but they dont know how this problem could be solved. Jul 29
Jul 29 WARNING, Diablo 2 PK BOT KILLED ME IN BAALS Uh oh Blizzard... has a new foe hitting the playing field. Diablo 2 is going to get messy. Hope you all are continuing that work in progress on remaster because it looks like your hands are going to be forced again sooner than later. I was in a baal game and a player joined, hosted us. Then it came to throne, and it started pking.... but it was a BOT. LOL EPIC! THE FINAL FRONTIER OF WAR IS AMONG US SAVE OUR SOULS BABY LOL Honestly though for real if you are reading this and your the master mine of that thing please please please don't public release. I am afraid we are alone until remaster hits...Vengeance11 Jul 29
Jul 29 How do you level up smiter? I have come across a number of youtube videos and other guides on how to build a cheap smiter for the purpose of running ulber tristram. I almost have nearly all the gears ready. Now question is how do I level him up? He is good for doing tones of damage to single target, but appears to have poor crowd control. Aside from getting rushed through NM and Hell and leeching experience in public baal run games, which is something I'd prefer not have to resort to (and I am sure will attract some strong opinions from a nameless individual), can anybody suggest a good way to level that cheap smiter up to the point of being able to fight ulber? With my skelinncer and orb/fireball SORC, I had no problem solo NM and Hell as both are good with crowd controls... but smiter, I am not sure how to.BFG90003 Jul 29
Jul 28 Sound Help on latest version Warcraft 3 Version 1.31 Jun 3 update on Windows 10. When I start a custom game or standard story campaign, certain sounds are missing. When a worker builds, there is no sound when the building is set. There are no working sounds when focused on a building. Also, some sounds are very low. Music plays and basic unit responses are present and most attack sounds. The narrative voice in campaign does not play. I have tried modifying all sound options within the game turning them up and down. It does not seem to help. Any suggestions? Thanks.JackDeth0 Jul 28
Jul 28 On my way to get my Faith Bow I think I have 1/3 or potentially close to 2/3 of stuff ready. I have a 4os GMB now. It was a white GMB dropped by one of the monsters in Durance of Hate level 3. Not superior or anything, and with +2 skills. Applied horadric cube formula and I got 4os in it. I don't have an Ohm rune, but I might be in a position to trade for it. I have: 1 x 1st, 1 x mal, 2 x um, 1 x pul, 1 x andariels helmet (I traded my previous andariel's helmet for the 1 x mal and 1 x pul), 1 x Arachnid Mesh (someone let me know how much that's worth?), 1 x token and 3 x keysets (I saw a game asking for a Vex for 3 x keysets). I don't think I will need to give everything I listed here for the ohm rune, but will see how things play out. The big hurdle I will try to meet from there is the Jah rune... kind of hard to get that. Hopefully I will just have some luck before the ladder is reset towards the end of the yeare again.BFG900030 Jul 28
Jul 27 Diablo 2 Ladder/NonLadder Ip Rotation Ips used to rotate first in, first out but I've noticed lately that ips are randomly rotating or hardly at all. Like an ip will be ladder, move to nonladder for a couple of days, then switch back to ladder. Like there's no logic.. What gives?BrightHammer0 Jul 27
Jul 27 Strange behaviour of monsters in WSK I noticed the soul killers in WSK sometimes acts strange. Sometimes I teleport into a group of soul killers, because I have frozen armour on, the soul killers are forced into hit recovery, allowing me a chance to teleport out and escape to a safer place. What I noticed today is that when i teleport out, about half the soul killers will follow me and try to hunt me down, while the other 50% would just stand at the place where they hit me before I teleported out and continue to stand there even when I walk / teleport closer to them. For those 50% of the soul killers who appear to get "stuck", even when I am in their line of sight or stand very close to them, they would just stand there do nothing while getting killed. Is this some kind of buggy behaviour? Has anybody else noticed this before?BFG90001 Jul 27
Jul 26 new hero and moira revert saw the patch notes for sigma, glad he got the .4 for shields and the grasp buff. However, on a physical note, wish he looked more like how he does in the origin short. He doesnt really "look" like a tank. He kinda blends in with the dps/healer. With the moira revert I'm glad they took it off her. As a moira main with over 200 hours on her in competitive play, I felt it was too powerful. Because rein's charge shouldnt be a thing you can just walk away from. It takes away from other heroes essentially than helps moira. Any good moira can easily fade from a mcree stun or hog hook (I have done this many times. It's not hard people. Youtube is a great place for hero tips and tricks) and even with shatter, if you know how to avoid a dva bomb with fade, shatter is no different (even tho you do have a couple more seconds for reaction). Listening to audio queues and having good game sense will make or break ur moira.saladdad1 Jul 26
Jul 25 I Made a Whirlwind/Frenzy Barb... Oops. The combo worked well, with the exception of the occasional whirlwind "lock". The whirlwinds encircling wind animation remained visible, I could move around and get hit by monsters, but I couldn't do anything else; use skills, drink potions, use a town portal, nothing. The background of everything in my belt and inventory was red. My only choice was to leave the game. I have since respeced to Frenzy/Berserk. It's a shame too, because whirlwind barbs are a blast. Oh well. Blizzard, please fix?TheDarkJedi5 Jul 25
Jul 24 Gamer/Stock Trader Any Gamer / Stock trader who want to discuss , new thing or new idea , to help bring up ATVI stock ;)CyNerG13 Jul 24
Jul 24 Email Service whispers Any way to disable these? Getting really tired of seeing email registration whispers every time I login. Tried /ignore on it and of course didn't work.Undo0 Jul 24
Jul 24 Jewel of fevor question Hi all Just checking the story with Jewel of Fevor. Shael rune can do basically the same thing and Shael rune has 5% more IAS then Jewel of Fevor, so what makes Jewel of Fevor so special that a lot of people appear to be after them? Also, if a Jewel of Fevor does not spawn with a prefix (in other words, it has no mods other than the IAS), then is it considered to be worthless?BFG90004 Jul 24
Jul 23 Tech Team: The rule than bans your associated IPs if you attempt to connect with a VPN is ridiculous Assumptions: 1. Either all IPs from the VPN service are black listed or someone else using the same VPN has been banned 2. If a user connects from a banned or blacklisted IP then other IPs associated with that user are banned as well. Scenario: I try to connect to the Diablo II servers with a VPN connected (by mistake). I receive an error and I am unable to connect. I disconnect my VPN. When attempting to connect (usually the next day) I receive an error. Error: "You were disconnected from Please reconnect." Observations/Complaints: 1. This rule possibly harms normal users more than it harms those that are violating the terms of use. 2. I am a legitimate user. I am not using bots. I must connect to a VPN for work and I sometimes forget to disconnect it. 3. Bots are as active as ever.Krakoise5 Jul 23
Jul 21 Warcraft II roc? About a year ago I bought Warcraft III reign of chaos, and I wanted to play it again after my PC suffered some hardware issues and I lost my stuff, so I downloaded the game, but it's asking me to put in CD keys to play the game? Am I still able to play a game that I bought or what? If so how can I do that? Thanks for any helpCegoes4HuHu2 Jul 21
Jul 21 Lord of destruction VS sigma Hi I'm going to buy LOD Lord of destruction VS sigma[u][/u] What is most popular and interesting simultaniously? ThanksStaglaitor0 Jul 21
Jul 21 Report BOT user Reporting player He use BOT thats finding game and always AFK nickname is perfectplayGARIMTO4 Jul 21
Jul 20 Destiny 2 slow download hello . i just bought destiny 2 from blizzard store now the download speed is very slow its 97GB file my internet speed is 100GB and the game downloading on 900kb/s there is anyway to fix this ?TrickyHunter15 Jul 20
Jul 20 Welcome to Blizzard has done nothing to stop the botters sick of it.Diaton29 Jul 20
Jul 19 Dota (Original) Hey guys I've downloaded Classic Warcraft 3 and want to get back into it. I haven't played in a while but I was hoping to get back into Dota (Original Dota). Could anyone tell me how I can play the original Dota now that I have downloaded Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne?loco232 Jul 19
Jul 18 diablo 2 issue logging in im having a issue on my desktop for diablo 2 i can login to the account on my laptop but i cannot log on to the account on the desktop.. makes no sense yes im sure im useing the same info as the laptop and im useing the same realm East.SythikGold5 Jul 18
Jul 18 [D2] Won't work on MacOS Catalina When MacOS Catalina is released, 32-bit applications (including Diablo II) will no longer work on Mac. Is Blizzard planning on releasing a 64-bit update to the game so that it will continue to work? I have really enjoyed playing this game since my childhood and hope that this is the case. It would really suck if Mac users lose this gem.Kole13 Jul 18
Jul 17 Warcraft 3 Reforged Why haven't we heard anything from the game since 8 months back? Did it get cancelled? I thought beta was going to pop out this summer? any info on that...DeJaVu3 Jul 17
Jul 16 D2 Bugged items? So this morning I was just walking about when someone joined my game bragging about his items. nothing wrong there, it was impressive but suddenly he showed me a bugged spirit shield. it was a phoenix runeword mixed with spirit stats. the same thing happened with the grief runeword & oath in hoto. anyone familiar with these type of bugged items? I remember the ‘ith’ runeword back in 1.10 but since ruststorm it should have been removed right? Screenshots as proof Jul 16
Jul 16 THE NEW EXPANSION This is the Furo Style! Do you want to new expansion for fullyaction? If you to the yes then what is you want in detalized.KiraroStyle4 Jul 16
Jul 15 [D2] Why are these items so cheap Hey guys - Just came back to D2 and I've been seeing in game characters mentioning one of those item shops and they're selling things like sojs for barely nothing and ladder just started. How are they doing this, it seems really ridiculous how cheap they are and I'm having to trade in game quite a bit to gets things like sojs or high runes. What's the trick behind these guys that they can do this...? Not sure if they all do this, but the one I keep seeing is d2legacy.GetDusted7 Jul 15
Jul 15 Can't connect help Unable to connect to battle net, says "You were disonnected from battle. net. Try to reconnect".I try everything but still can't. Wondering if i had some restriction how long will be...Vortex0 Jul 15
Jul 15 D2 help so i just recently acquired an old diablo 2 battle chest and installed the game but i was wondering if theres a way to register it to my account since the old website register page is gone.Kenai5 Jul 15