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Jan 25 [All] Server Upgrade January 4th @ 1000 PST Hi All, We will be upgrading the servers for Diablo 2, Warcraft 3 and Starcraft at 10am PST on Friday. Expected down time is 1 hour. Changes (For Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3): Added new chat command /verify-tw to allow Taiwan citizens to extend default lifetime of their accounts to a year to accommodate new legal legislation in Taiwan (Note: Valid Taiwan account required to complete verification) Added email notifications 15 days before account or character expiration Thanks, Classic GamesMark Chandler112 Jan 25
Nov 19 [War3] Forums Have Moved Please visit the new Warcraft III forum: Chandler0 Nov 19
2d [D2] Ladder Reset coming June 14 Greetings adventurers, Darkness gathers and it is once more time to fight the evils that lurk below Sanctuary. The next Diablo II ladder reset is scheduled for Friday, June 14 at 5:00 PM PT! We'll see you in a couple weeks for the latest ladder reset! Cheers, Diablo Community TeamNevalistis174 2d
Jan 23 [D2] Support Ending for Windows XP and Vista With an upcoming platform patch intended to streamline the process of launching and connecting to Diablo II, we will be ending support for Windows XP and Vista. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively. As we continue to support our legacy titles, we have found the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to newer versions as well. Once our next patch update hits, Diablo II will no longer run on Windows XP or Vista. We encourage any players who are still using one of these older OSes to upgrade to a newer version.Nevalistis0 Jan 23
Sep 1 [All] Chat Bot API V3 Hi All, Classic is Pleased to announce Chat API Alpha 3 with self registration: Thanks, ClassicMark Chandler59 Sep 1
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1h The report bot post we will start with these US-EAST.SangoReborn5 1h
1h DIablo 2, Stuck on checking versions (not a temp ban) Hey I was wondering if someone could help me out here. I starting playing Diablo2 again on Friday with the new ladder reset. I was looking at where and how I had Diablo2 installed and it put a bug under my skin so I deleted everything and started with a fresh install. I used all of the default installation locations and following the default suggestions by the installation wizard with no modification. For some reason, when I try to log onto Bnet it stalls in the loader on Checking Versions. Anyone have any suggestions? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling fresh two times now. I have also reset my router. The patch update completes successfully and I am running the program as administrator. I really do not understand what the problem is here. Edit: Here is the patch log from a fresh install: Blizzard BNUpdate v2.72 compiled on Oct 16 2003 Log created at 4:21 pm on 06/16/2019 This patch upgrades Diablo II Lord of Destruction from version 1.07 or later to version 1.14d. WARNING: can't open uninstall list file The system cannot find the file specified. RESULT: Patch succeeded with warnings noted above Not sure what this means... here is the Bnet log after a fresh install: 6/16 16:21:51.115 Connecting to 6/16 16:21:51.125 querying gateway 6/16 16:21:51.160 searching for the fastest server 6/16 16:21:51.220 Connected to server 6/16 16:21:51.231 accessing accounts 6/16 16:21:51.395 Checking for the latest versionVysero0 1h
3h Banned 3 hours to prevent bots ? Hi, While trying to get the right mercenary and a bit of muling, I found myself banned for 3 hours (waiting in line to create a game for 10800 sec). I did some research. It's to prevent boting. Considering half of the forum posts are complains are about bots, is it doing anything good besides preventing leggit players from playing the game? This is ridiculous.Styks2 3h
5h massive desync problem since the reset night, i and many friends have been experienced bad desync problems while clearing areas. was this something that occured during something that they did while putting the servers down?Jordi0 5h
8h Anyone else having login issues?!?! WTF Can anyone else currently login? WTF!? Clean re-install, Keys are good, two comps here - cant login. Late start? Anyone else having issues!? PLS FUR THE LUVV OF GURRRDD!!!! HAAALPPP (yours sincerely a fan that's been waiting nearly 20 years for a d2 extension/remake)Medicated3 8h
10h Gem has a purpose! So i found out what gem does and Brevik you are a genius! You activate it and go straight up and click on the d2 banner! Please don't spoil the surprise for anybody else! Just have a good laugh and go about your way! Much love -Zookah If anyone else found a purpose its been 20 years guys i cant be the first ;)Zookahz5 10h
11h duping? disconnected.. left a ghost.. can't log in.. so is this someone crashing servers to dupe again? please save the exiting character AFTER all other in game players saved on any exit blizzard.. end this duping crash fest.thorn0 11h
12h why do i get checking veriosn been happening since day 1.... i try to log in and it says checking verson tried resetting ip/ redownloading.. nothing worksjerm0 12h
17h Fix bots and hacks for reset dont make this a 3 day reset and then every1 legit cant compete with items and exp cause of hacksVindictive8 17h
1d Fresh install D2 LOD can't connect to Battlenet So I installed D2 yesterday, everything worked fine, I created a character on the European server played a while and logged off. Today I installed D2 LOD on another family members laptop (we bought 2 copies of the game years back) patched it etc. Game loaded fine but got the dreaded "You were disconnected from battlenet please reconnect" message. Tried all the various fixes, to no avail. Now I also get the same message on the laptop I installed the game on yesterday, even though that connected fine yesterday and no system changes have occurred. If someone could please look at my tracert log and advise if there is a problem there Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600] (c) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 2 ms 1 ms 1 ms 2 15 ms 11 ms 17 ms 3 11 ms 15 ms 9 ms [6] 4 * * * Request timed out. 5 20 ms 22 ms 17 ms [6] 6 * * * Request timed out. 7 24 ms 20 ms 20 ms [] 8 21 ms 25 ms 22 ms 9 25 ms 30 ms 31 ms [] 10 52 ms 51 ms 51 ms [] 11 32 ms 25 ms 28 ms [] 12 36 ms 28 ms 30 ms 13 * * * Request timed out. 14 * * * Request timed out. 15 * * * Request timed out. 16 * * * Request timed out. 17 * * * Request timed out. 18 * * * Request timed out. 19 * * * Request timed out. 20 * * * Request timed out. 21 * * * Request timed out. 22 * * * Request timed out. 23 * * * Request timed out. 24 * * * Request timed out. 25 * * * Request timed out. 26 * * * Request timed out. 27 * * * Request timed out. 28 * * * Request timed out. 29 * * * Request timed out. 30 * * * Request timed out.Blizzaria8 1d
1d EU servers down? D2 Hey, Are the EU servers down? Me and my friend was trying if we had a third CD-key combo or if the CD-key where fake. Now we cant connect either one of ous. Is it so that we might have upset the D2 godess? Or is the servers down? If the D2 godess is sad, how long will our downtime be?Packe0 1d
1d *BLIZZARD* Banwave reset please!!! It doesn't take rocket science to realize that d2 is highly hacked and botted. Realisticly there is no point in resetting the ladder if you guys dont do anything about the bots, 3-4 seasons ago you did a banwave and made the game awesome for atleast half the ladder duration. I assume you reset the game for the fans but the people actually playing the game get screwed over on the ladder race and economy by bots that run 24/7. It only takes like 2-4 days before the bots are going full force and if you dont drop a banwave it just wrecks it for everyone except the botters, Besides when you ban all the botters they buy new cd keys so your actually making a ton of money from this old masterpiece. please for the love of diablo 2 drop a banwave and lets have an amazing ladder for atleast a few months!! <3Vindictive13 1d
1d [D2 LoD] Are Botters Bad Players? Reporting a Botter on US West Hc Ladder Account: whysopoor Character: whysostoned Game names: whysostoned and stonedbaal The last 2 public botters literally cannot build a hammerdin that can kill dolls safely. When their script knows there are dolls (Adam, note the spelling and use of their and there) it cries DOLLS! NG! These botters are total losers. The one is so bad that he can only manual his 95 hammerdin in normal. The other is so bad he killed his 97 Zon doing his first manual Chaos run. Losers and garbage players.AtomicPunk16 1d
1d Typical no banwave botters be up and running by tonight gj blizz, really dont understand why they bother resetting this game when it takes 2-3 days for it to turn into the same thing it was such fail...Vindictive3 1d
1d WC3 - Nasty bugs Hey, support, I've found a few really annoying bugs which don't allow normally develop or play a custom map. Maybe someone already reported, but anyway: 1) Updating to 1.31 splits WC3 to 64 and 32 bit versions placing it in different folders. Though `Maps` is still in the root, which make them inaccessible in the game, only after you manually move them they can be seen. Another thing is that default path to frozen throne maps became `Maps/frozenthrone` (used to be with a capital `F` `Maps/Frozenthrone`) , so I have to rename the containing folder for old maps, why would you change this? 2) Trying to run a custom map results into failure with no description I use eng version so shouldn't be related to translations the only way I can launch a map is to use `testmap` of world editor The map is just my custom melee map with no jass script 3)Trying to `testmap` in the editor shows 2 consequent errors Unable to open file: `C:\Users\lenovo\AppData\Temp\Maps\Test\WorldEditTestMap.w3x` Unable to save file: `C:\Users\lenovo\AppData\Temp\Maps\Test\WorldEditTestMap.w3x` The problem is that Maps folder doesn't exist so after I create \Maps\Test\ manually it runs, it's really annoying cause it's Temp files and they getting cleaned up all the time. I thought maybe it has something to do with the rights, I tried to run as administrator but it didn't help. I think it used to place tmp maps somewhere under WC3 folder, have no clue why you need to change this) I would suggest adding a preference configuration for this. 3) Switching from Reign of chaos to frozen throne seems to be buggy Open world editor then use testmap for default empty map, after game runs click exit to menu. Click `Arthas face` to switch to frozen throne -- instead of switching to frozen throne it will rerun your test map. P.S. I'm not sure that using testmap for w3m map should run Reign of chaos, I think it still should run frozen throne version. 4) AI - editor can't open a map cause path is too long)) Open a world editor, open AI editor, then Test configuration, try to browse some map. I personally get The specified map file path is too long. For best results, use map files within your Warcraft lll directory. In my case path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Warcraft III\Maps\FrozenThrone\Community Not that long right?) Don't know why even have that kind of limitation at first place) 5) Trying to test AI results in bare background main menu Open world editor, open AI editor, then test configuration, then try to test AI with default map -- game runs and shows no menu, but just a very sad frozen throne with background music. That's it I run game on lenovo Y700 OS - Win 8.1 64 bit. P.S. I really enjoined warcraft 3 back in a days, especially editor part. It's a bit worrying seeing that the game I Iove gets more and more bugs, when it used to have reputation of a game with NO bugs at all. I hope it's just cause you concentrate on reforge and don't pay attention to the original game. I don't know how many more bugs I would discover If I test it a bit longer, it's really was about an hour or so for me to find these bugs. I hope I was able to help you..... cheers to your QA team.pshek3 1d
1d Can't Log in - CD Key being used by: FAQ Hi, I was hoping to get in on this Diablo 2 ladder reset right at 5, but I keep getting a "Your CD Key is currently being used by: FAQ". The cd key is connected to my bnet account, it worked before the reset, and this has persisted now 4 hours. I feel a bit jipped from getting to have a true reset. I've tried reseting my ip, waiting the 5 minutes it recommends before logging in again, and browsed for any answers, but I'm at a loss. Any help?Gore1 1d
1d Will you be staying up late? Yahoo! It's reset time. Will you be staying up super later to get as far as you can or do you all pace yourselves during the first three or so days of the new ladder? Ꮚ ︣⓪‸ ︣⓪ᏊiWasntThere4 1d
1d 3600 seconds to go! Tick-tock tick-tock...TheDarkJedi14 1d
2d Diablo 2 Servers? So this isnt just me experiencing this issue, but me and my team for the diablo 2 reset are currently getting "Unable to connect to"... anyone else?DDevil5 2d
2d My feelings about act 2 and act 3 long quests. There are 2 very long quests in act 2 and 3. For act 2, it is the Horadric Staff quest, and for act 3, it is the Khalim's Will quest. Both quests are very similar to each other in the sense that: 1. They are initiated near the beginning of the act (staff quest begins after you kill Radamant, and Khalim quest beings almost as soon as you are in Act 3 after talking to Cain) 2. They are both completed towards almost the very end of the act (staff quest ends after you open Duriel's chamber and Khalim quest ends after you kill councils, after which you go down to Durance to kill Meph) 3. Both quests involves you collecting multiple items from multiple areas 4. Both quests are very time consuming unless you get rushed by someone. So in essence, both quests are more or less similar to each other. But for some reasons, I am very happy to put up with staff quest, but I just can't stand Khalim quest. It makes no sense that I feel this way because both quests are so similar. I thought I should feel the same about both... wonder how come I feel differently about them even though they are so similar to each other...BFG900012 2d
2d Blizzard we need a patch against bots Blizzard, can you make a new patch against bots please pleaseMouldimpress3 2d
2d BOT FREE!Ladder Reset Teams! Discord! We are the top Ladder reset Discord for HC East. and if you play SC you may want to switch. We are Savage Tendency! we are a ACTIVE discord full of LEGIT players! Https:// What do we have to offer!? 1-Ladder Reset Teams 2-Our own trading system(non-jsp) 3-Strict no Botters! 4-Events! HC duels/8man run race!/so much more 5-Personality! you know who i am! hate all you want! 6-Twitch Community 7-Metal(best music ever) 8-Me and Adam are fun Drunks you will love it! 9-French/Russian/English/Spanish we got many that speak and type i know little french myself but i want to learn Russian. if i want spanish ill go to work lol last 3 resets we have been fighting to keep Diablo2 active and fun! we host events and have our own trading system! no need for JSP makes it more fun for us to compete with others without the burden of beating the losers who bot! well hit us up i expect all my hatters to read this and troll and report my post as usualDiaton58 2d
2d Blizzard Games? You know I was expecting to see if I could buy the older games that Blizzard developed. You know Warcraft 2. I have Starcraft and will get Warcraft 3 Reforged, but you would think they would sell their older games if someone is willing to buy them.Siphron3 2d
2d [D2] Desync still not fixed Just a reminder that last year the "Classic Team" released a patch that made the game desync alot more often, breaking Whirlwind skill. Still has not been fixed yet, just as expected by Blizzard. If you have no time then maybe don't mess with the game in the first place?Darknight9 2d
2d Last call for REset teams! Reset is in a few hours! come to Discord to make some teams! we are mostly HC East Https:// NO BOTS!Diaton0 2d
2d Yo Classic Games Team, any chance of ladder reset banmnesty? I haven't got any bans on me or my keys or accounts and never do But even as a legit player, I'm suffering from range bans. My only internet for tomorrow is a public IP via cell phone tower for mobile hotspot, and that's been range banned from East/West (not EU). Presumably someone else was being naughty on it at some point, its a public IP How about resetting some of these IP rangebans so it doesn't stop legit player from participating in the race?claniraq5 2d
2d Playing for stress relief rather than to be competitive. How many players now days plays D2 for stress relief reasons rather than to be competitive? Myself is like that. When I finally get a chance to turn on the game at the end of the day, I am pretty tired from my job and looking after kid, etc... So the last thing I want to do is spending more brain power to do things such as "analyze a game so I become the most effecient player" or "compete and become number 1 on ladder". I play because I want to relief my stress and I am more interested in seeing a hord of monsters die while hopefully be able to construct some of those ladder only runewords which I never got to construct before. For exapmle, I want to build a Faith and try it out once, which is something I never got to do before (I still haven't managed to build one yet) Now, am I going to suddenly find myself playing 5-6 hours a day just because I somehow manage to build a Faith? Absolutely not. Am I suddenly going to be able to kill other experts in PVP just because I got myself a Faith? Absolutely not. I will continue to be time poor, and I will continue to play for stress relief rather than to be competitive. Nothing will change just because I somehow manage to build a Faith. All that will serve me is to grant a feeling of satisfaction to see my bowzon in action using a bow that I never got to use before. That is all it does to me. But anyway... it seems constructing those runewords to try them out is impossible if I play using a "play for stress relief" approach.BFG900026 2d
2d LF US East softcore friends for reset I'm looking for some people to quest/play with for the reset coming up on Diablo 2 east softcore. I'll be playing quite a bit and don't really know anyone that plays anymore so if you're planning on playing a lot feel free to give me a discord link or just add me in game "tzxlock" is my d2 name :)MATTINCIS0 2d
2d Bot Free D2 Reset ( legit player group ) Hello! We are trying to get all the legit players on HC East to join our discord. We ban botters. We have a proper medium of exchange that works directly on discord. We want you to join us this coming ladder so you can enjoy playing d2 without the bots. We hope to create a market place in which legit players only trade with other legit players. if this sounds good to you, join our discord! Cheers! if you bot d2 there are plenty of other d2 discords you can turn to! fun for everyone this season! Adam27 2d
2d Diablo 2 Discord! Hi there! Watching so many people still enjoying diablo 2! we are trying to keep d2 alive as much as possible with a global discord! (This is for all Realms: East,West,Eu and Asia! Everyone is welcomed!) D2 GM trades: Reset comming up! 14th of June! And we will be hosting a Race, for everyone to enter! With prizes! West,East,Europe,Asia! Doesnt matter! We're doing this Globally! (All teammembers must be in the discord server and provide completed ancients hell quest with time stamp!) So what else can we do around here: Chat with other Diablo players, discuss items, drops, builds. Find other players you can Speedrun/Walkthrough with! Trade items, without having to look ingame for hours. I am still trying to make this discord reach the whole diablo 2 community! Any little help will be much appreciated! Kind regards, Glenn.OnVacation37 2d
2d Diablo 2 Ladder Reset 2019? is this happening?Relientkiid50 2d
2d removing bots would not fix anything, let me explain see NO ONE and i mean NO ONE is going to go back to in game trading. its a horrid experience, its slow, people offer trash, finding what you want is basically impossible at the price you want it for.. so even on the off chance blizz bans bots (they never will) people are STILL going to NEED a place to trade their LEGIT gear outside of game. which means jsp is still going to be the default place to get gear. legit or otherwise. since its been around for ages, and most people already have the currency and are familiar with it and how to trade there. discord will never be a good enough substitution for jsp reddit will never be a good enough substitute for jsp this forum will never be a good enough substitute for jsp the only thing and i do mean only thing that might have a change to replace jsp would be a fully functioning searchable blzzard own/moderated d2 trading site. AND THAT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN EDIT: by the way i am 100% pro banning bots!! i am just not stupid enough to think its going to happenjimmyhates28 2d
2d Roll Ladder to Non Ladder without a reset. Then you wouldn't have so many topics asking about reset every 4 and a half months.Southpark11 2d
2d [D2] Change the way Dclone spawns make it so Dclone will spawn in ONLY the current game where the soj is sold. and make it so that selling 1 soj has a 1/10 chance of spawing 1 dlcone in current game. that way: no one is making an excessive amount of games trying to land on IP bots that find IP no longer have an advantage. legit players actually have a chance at getting an anni. 1 Annie will have the value of 10 sojs, and might be slightly more rare then it is.Adam30 2d
2d starting char for next season Hey all My ultimate goal is try to build a Faith bowzon for the next season., and chances are, I will NOT be able to achieve that goal. In order to get there, I won't be making a zon right off the bat. I will need a different starting char. I am thinking about beginning with a SORC (probably lit/ice dual elemental) or Pally (Hammerdin). Given that I will only be able to play for 1 hour per day, and given that I am highly unlikely to get my hands on many high level runes, so that means high end runewords (such as Engima, Infinity) are out of reach for me. So I will need go with "cheap" options. @AtmoicPunk. See if the below "cheap" items make sense based on your experience: Head + ammy + glove + belt = Iratha's Finary -- mainly for +10 max resist and the huge amount of resists the set offers. I can probably use that even when I am well into late Hell difficulties. Body armour = Smoke -- the +50 resist is just too good to pass up IMO. I won't be able to get Enigma, so please don't suggest Engima for me. Weapon = if I can manage to get a VEX, then probably HOTO, otherwise I will go with Spirit weapon. This might be the only source of +skill items I can have apart from +skill charms. Shield = Spirit made out of Pally shield if using hammerdin (or Herald of Zakarum) or else Rhytm runeword if using SORC. Building a spirit using Monac just requires too much STR for my liking. Rings = I don't know. I doubt I will get my hands on any SOJs, so I will just go with magic / rare +resists/+stats rings Boots = +life, +stats are all good. SORC can teleport and Pally can use Vigor aura, so in either cases, +running speed isn't all that essential compare to some of the other characters. Charms =+life, +resists, +skills. As for merc, it will alway be act 2 dudes. Holy Freeze or Defiance. I am thinking more about Defiance. The idea is not for him to kill stuff, but for him to survive and attract monsters while I do the kill. Helm: Andariel's if I can get my hands on one, but if not, Tal Rasha's (10% leech together with +life, pretty good) Weapon: Insight. Wether it is SORC or Pally, running out of mana mid-fight is always a bad idea and affects killing abilities. So having that extra mana regen makes me feel more comfortable. If I am using a barb, then I'd go with Reaper's Toll, but with SORC or Pally, I am happier with Insight Body armour: not sure, maybe Shaftstop. Huge DR and +life is good. Also defiane aura means he has huge defense. So he should get hit a lot while DR helps him to take less damage. I may not choose to up it, as I may not want to spend that PUL rune to upgrade it, but I will see how things go. I guess I could try to make a fortitude if a high rune drops, but given that my goal is to build a Faith bow and I struggle to find High runes, then my feeling is I will want to save every high rune I can find, so I probably will NOT build a fortitude unless I am sure I will have enough to build that damn Faith. .BFG900011 2d
2d Best merc for hammerdin Seems to be a flip of coin between Holy Freeze or Defiance. I remember back when 1.10 first came out, I tried Might, thinking Might + Concentration = huge attack, but he just dies a lot. At this stage, I personal feeling is a bit more towards Defiance. Holy Freeze is good that the Aura slows down the monsters (only exception are those level 5 frenzy dudes, they don't get frozen no matter what). Defiance at the other hand, would mean the hammerdin would only suffer from 10% chance to get hit (in addition to a chance to block since all paladins use a shield) while spamming hammers. Also allows merc to be hit less often. (I probably will never get an Exile so forget about it. Probably Herald of Zakarum is what will end up being used) Defiace doesn't help against elemental projectiles from monsters but neither does Holy Freeze. Hammerdin's tactics usually (not always) involves either charging towards (or teleporting into) a horde of monsters and start spamming hammers. So being able to continue spamming hammers rather than being hit is good. Concentration Aura gives 20% chance of uninterrupted attack which is helpful. Concentration Aura also boosts merc damage, so we can get away without using Might aura, besides, Might aura doesn't benefit the hammerdin anyway. I feel more like using Defiance one. Feel free to suggest otherwise.BFG90005 2d
2d [D2 LoD]D2JSP Bot Talk Why does D2jsp, the original botting website, not allow bot discussion on their website? This site is allowed to sell a forum currency so players can buy and sell Blizzard's IP with real money. The site allows botters to sell Blizzard's IP to all the players who use the site, which of course greatly boosts fg sales, but why is no one is allowed to talk about using bots?AtomicPunk23 2d
3d For blizzard I would like to take a moment and say thanks blizzard again for the friday reset. As many are working on tuesday and can't fully spend a lot of time due to work on next morning, it is much easier on fridays and bring much more people to join along for the first days of the season. Thank you and have a great reset everyone.SangoReborn2 3d
3d BLIZZARD GET A PHONE NUMBER why doesn't blizzard have a phone number its 2019 should a company of this magnitude have good customer service, especially when they are making us pay a monthly rate for a game that came out in 2004???? Getting a job at McDonald's requires more customer service then this company providesDevilsletuce2 3d
3d i can't download the game Have a problem on the server downloader is not downloading the game?AdemN0 3d
3d a glitch gotten worse. a glitch gotten worse. sometimes i get a bug which makes u cannot do anything so that u have to only exit game. when this happens, u cant use any skills. If u move more than a certain distance from that point, u will be dragged back. u cant grab any items on the ground. Things are like that. I had a feeling that it might be triggered by several quick clicks, but it seems gotten worse these days even without those. I played several hours from 2~3 days ago, and i got 5 or more this glitch which is very annoying. Plz could u sort this out so that I can enjoy our great game ? I wish good luck to u. Thanksmadik7 3d
3d Diablo 2 LOD Stuck at Checking Version d2lod battle net logs as follows 5/26 14:06:49.056 Connecting to 5/26 14:06:49.087 querying gateway 5/26 14:06:49.134 searching for the fastest server 5/26 14:06:49.212 Connected to server 5/26 14:06:49.228 accessing accounts 5/26 14:06:49.400 Checking for the latest version I downloaded game at and used my 26 character key. I did the same thing for D2 and D2LoD but i cant login in the game. These keys my 10 years old keys and i played d2 lod battle net for a long time ago. Game updated it self from 1.14b to 1.14d but cant login. There shouldnt be any problem but i cant enter game.AyarCi14 3d
3d Enigma improvement [clone] We all know that Enigma is best what happened in Diablo 2 and kept this game alive to this day. All current meta and gameplay in Diablo 2 is based on Eni. This beauty, unique and qol item is simply too good and too mandatory as end game armor. Every decent Player play Diablo 2 mostly for get awesome Enigma which allows mf and PvP for every class and makes many builds viable. Every other armor cannot be compared to Eni due to top stats and especially due to Teleport. So, what if Enigma would be allowed to make it also in helms? Yeah, imagine Eni-CoH/Forty combo or Eni-Eni like Spirit-Spirit. Perfect balance: Diablo 2 = two Enigmas ^^ More Eni more love :*KosmO22 3d
3d How long will you play this season For me, I am going for two days for now, mainly because work takes much of my time... But if a miracle happens and bots are no longer, I will most likely keep playing more of d2 on my free time rather than quitting after day2.SangoReborn10 3d