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21h [War3] 1.30.1 Hail Warchiefs, Lichs, Commanders, and Keepers, We're happy to get this patch in your hands. It is focused on stability improvements, and some minor changes for multiplayer. Specific Changes & Improvements Game client can now use up to 3GB of memory -nativefullscr mouse sensitivity is on point Updated observer API to export more game information Bug Fixes Gameplay [Mac][10.14 Beta] Cursor responds in game FMOD related crashes on many custom maps resolved. Testing was conducted on various MOBAS, Horde Vs Alliance X3, Sunken City, ORD8.4, and numerous test maps submitted by community Silent map crashes resolved on popular custom maps Maps calling preload() with a file string shorter than 4 characters no longer crash TFT campaign missions no longer crash on load Casting two spells with the same BuffID no longer causes a crash Switching expansions no longer crashes [World Editor] Player can be added to player groups again without crashing Setting Clan Message of the Day no longer causes a disconnect Bash tooltip updated from “opponent” to “target” Defend correctly allows 60% of piercing damage through when not reflected Improved Masonry cost correctly calculated Human fast building speed no longer transfers between structures Ancient of War damage is consistent between rooted and uprooted Allied heroes with shared control appear in the UI again Sound Muting sound using Ctrl+S or Ctrl+M while a unit is selected no longer triggers the hotkeys for Stop and Move All ambient sounds return after re-enabling sounds during gameplay Resolved sound volume issues for certain spells and ambient footsteps Game sound remains when the client is not in focus Data Map veto preferences are saved between sessions Imported files in custom campaigns no longer silently corrupt on save SharedModels/TeamGlow00.tga no longer fails to load RoC campaign data no longer includes TFT balance changes Dirt and grass cliff tiles are no longer replacing other tiles Empty strings in the Italian local no longer display <sp/> Numerical tooltips in French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish match English entries (4)SynergyBigPaved has the correct file extension [World Editor] Abilities with no buff ID no longer stack indefinitely Balance Changes Far Sight was intended to be 2700 AoE at level 3 Meat Wagons' Disease Cloud now deals 2 damage per second Map Updates (2)Amazonia Kobold Taskmasters now drop Level 2 Permanent items instead of Level 2 Charged items Creep camps no longer agro other creep camps (2)SwampedTemple Removed hidden unbuildable terrain Removed locations where towers could be built on cliffs Corrected map description (2)Road to Stratholme LV Removed a location where units could be dropped and not attacked (4)TwistedMeadows Tree locations reverted to 1.29 Goblin Laboratories have a tree within range for Wisps Adjusted all starting locations to allow for optimal building placementPete Stilwell156 21h
1d [War3/D2] Network Connectivity Issues Hi All, We are investigating issues connecting to Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3 to our server environments in all regions caused by certain home routers. When we have more details we will let you know. Thanks, ClassicMark Chandler18 1d
Sep 17 [D2] Season 22 Is Live! Greetings Adventurer, It's time to hone the edge of your axe, summon fresh skeletons, and repair your staff - Season 22 is coming Friday, June 15th at 5:00PM PST! We hope you're as excited as we are to bolt out of the Rogue Encampment in less than two weeks! We'll see you in a new ladder season soon. UPDATE (6.15 @ 5:02 pm PDT): The new ladder season is now live! Enjoy! Cheers, - Diablo Community TeamTyvalir309 Sep 17
Sep 1 [All] Server Upgrade 1000 PDT (8/28) Hi All, We will be upgrading servers at 1000 AM PDT on Tuesday. Expected downtime is less than a hour. Specific Changes & Improvements Fixed 15 year old bug where players couldn't whisper between games Enable Chat API Alpha 3 with self registration: Thanks, ClassicMark Chandler59 Sep 1
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3m New game for mobile Blizz, Diablo 1 for phones. $9.99. You can do it!Grindspice0 3m
39m blizzard uses data for OpenAi? do you guys know that it is very likely that blizzard is collecting your game data at the moment to build up better neuron network that will be perhaps someday undefeateable? why would we help blizzard to do that and for free? our game data is valuable.Wlizer11 39m
43m Help Please!!! I made a runeword Grief for a zeal paladin on diablo 2. My venom on the weapon does not cast once so ever. I am not using smite, I use zeal with it and its been a few days of playing and I have yet to see the venom cast. Did someone trade me like a fake rune or something somehow? Please help.THEOTHERGUY3 43m
2h 8th Or 9th Tavern Hero For Warcraft III TFT: Scutum 8th Or 9th Tavern Hero For Warcraft III TFT: Scutum (Finally, from the Mad Skeletor Tavern Hero, the Scutum Tavern Hero is much more improved and balanced compared to the predecessor Mad Skeletor!) Hero Name: Scutum (Mountain King / Paladin / Lich Hybrid Melee Living Hero) √ Hero Abilities: Divinity Blast, Chrono Boost, Mystique, Dream Similarities 1 to: Storm Bolt, Bloodlust, Rejuvenation Similarities 2 to: Mountain King, Paladin, Lich = Strength Hero / Living Hero / Melee Hero Major Similarities: Mountain King Hero Name: Scutum Mystical Hero, adapt at fast offensive combat and winning battles. Can learn Divinity Blast, Chrono Boost, Mystique, and Dream. Based from the Mountain King’s statistics, but instead has 24 starting Strength, 9 starting Agility, 17 starting Intelligence, has 3 Strength more per Hero Level, has 1 Agility more per Hero Level, and has 2 Intelligence more per Hero Level. Scutum Questions And Answers Question 1: What is it that this Hero really needs that he got the Dream spell?… Answer 1A: Since he got a non-combat usable Ultimate spell, this should be compensated by a Hero killer spell. Answer 1B: Divinity Blast, and Chrono Boost. (3/4 Hero Abilities at this point.) Q2: What is the second most important Hero Ability that this Hero needs?… Answer 2: Maybe to power up himself and other Heroes?… The Mystique spell might as well be the answer. (4/4 Hero Abilities.) Scutum Information The first spell of this Hero is called Divinity Blast. It is a Hero killer spell that works somewhat similarly to Storm Bolt, as Divinity Blast also has a 9 second cooldown (because Divinity Blast is actually based from Storm Bolt itself, if anyone is curious). However, Divinity Blast cannot stun opponents but instead can ignore enemy units being spell immune, being mechanical, and / or even being invulnerable, so use this Hero killer spell to finish off enemy Heroes that relies on Scrolls of Town Portal to escape while being invulnerable, making them pay for trying to do so. You can also use Divinity Blast to target enemy structures. The next spell of Scutum is called Chrono Boost. This spell reduces the cooldown of most non-Ultimate abilities to zero, including Scutum’s Divinity Blast spell which you can constantly spam against enemy invulnerable Heroes you are trying to kill if you have enough damage power and mana to kill off a particular enemy Hero trying to get away. But since this spell is a positive buff spell that can work on other friendly units, for example on a friendly Mountain King; he’ll can spam Storm Bolts on enemy Heroes like nobody’s business, like Scutum can by himself! Hero items’ cooldown is also reduced to zero, so for example if you need quick healing using multiple healing potions, Chrono Boost can heal save a Hero’s life. But Chrono Boost is not limited to using only on friendly Heroes and units, but this spell can also be used on buildings too to tech so much faster than you normally would! If for instance you play as Humans then you can research both Lumber Harvesting upgrades almost instantly while quick-teching to Siege Engines for a quicker surprise attack against enemy bases! So remember that this spell also reduces the tech time and research times to zero as well. The next spell of Scutum is called Mystique. This other buff spell can give extra experience points to Scutum or to other friendly Heroes (such as the Mountain King, that I was talking about, which is again great to use on so he can use more powerful Storm Bolts)! But if and when Scutum is by himself and does not have much choice but to use this spell on himself; he can instead power himself up considerately. Either way, max out this spell to get the most out of Scutum. But this spell can also work negatively against enemy Heroes, but only use it against dangerous enemy Heroes that have high experience and / or about to level up to get Hero level 6! Lastly is Scutum’s Ultimate spell called Dream. You can get this Ultimate spell at Hero Level 1 at the cost of 250 mana, and what this spell simply does is that you can win 16 extra random “race” points per buffed friendly unit if you win if an official Ladder match. However, the major drawback of using this Ultimate spell is that it is overall non-combat usable, so the more you use this spell the more handicapped your forces (and your allies in team games) becomes, so keep this in mind not to become too greedy and only use this spell fully if you are sure you are winning the official Ladder match. The Dream spell has a 12.5% chance to win Tournament race win points which are otherwise only can be won in official Tournament games, and without the risk of gaining Tournament race loss points, provided again that the player using this skill wins the official Ladder match. Or this skill can also be useful to fix up “damaged” Warcraft III accounts that otherwise has below 50% racial statistics. Because when you win an official Ladder game chooses a “random” race, the other minor downside to this spell is that this spell randomly chooses a random race or Random or Unknown or Tournament to gain those win points from one of the eight “races”, so if you are planning to fix up for example Undead stats; depending on how badly is that race below 50% it will take a while to fix up that race… Overall, Scutum might be a Hero that most players would hire as their first Hero especially due to his Dream ultimate spell, combined with his Mystique spell to win much more race win points than without this Hero. This Hero is very popular! Divinity Blast (Spell / Smartcast) - Shoots a light elemental ball of magic that damages a target enemy unit. Ignores Spell Immunity, mechanical status, and invulnerability. Can also affect structures. Level 1 - 75 MP Cost, 100 Damage, Ignores Statuses: Spell Immunity, Mechanical, Invulnerability. Target: Enemy, Air, Land, Structure, Ancient. 600 Cast Range, 9 Seconds Cooldown. Level 2 - 75 MP Cost, 210 Damage, Ignores Statuses: Spell Immunity, Mechanical, Invulnerability. Target: Enemy, Air, Land, Structure, Ancient. 600 Cast Range, 9 Seconds Cooldown. Level 3 - 75 MP Cost, 325 Damage, Ignores Statuses: Spell Immunity, Mechanical, Invulnerability. Target: Enemy, Air, Land, Structure, Ancient. 600 Cast Range, 9 Seconds Cooldown. Chrono Boost (Spell / Smartcast) - Decreases the cooldown of all non-Ultimate spells, all non-Ultimate abilities, all non-Ultimate skills, all non-Ultimate auras, all items’ cooldown, all items’ stock cooldown, construction time of buildings, training time of units, and research time by 100%. Level 1 - 50 MP Cost, 100% Cooldown Decrease Of: Non-Ultimate Spells, Non-Ultimate Abilities, Non-Ultimate Skills, Non-Ultimate Auras, Items’ Cooldown, Items’ Stock Cooldown, Construction Time, Training Time, Upgrade Time. 900 Cast Range, 20 Seconds Duration, 1 Second Cooldown. Level 2 - 50 MP Cost, 100% Cooldown Decrease Of: non-Ultimate Spells, Non-Ultimate Abilities, Non-Ultimate Skills, Non-Ultimate Auras, Items’ Cooldown, Items’ Stock Cooldown, Construction Time, Training Time, Upgrade Time. 900 Cast Range, 40 Seconds Duration, 1 Second Cooldown. Level 3 - 50 MP Cost, 100% Cooldown Decrease Of: Non-Ultimate Spells, Non-Ultimate Abilities, Non-Ultimate Skills, Non-Ultimate Auras, Items’ Cooldown, Items’ Stock Cooldown, Construction Time, Training Time, Upgrade Time. 900 Cast Range, 60 Seconds Duration, 1 Second Cooldown. Chrono Boost Information Chrono Boost reduces the cooldown to zero of non-Ultimate Hero Abilities, unit abilities, items, even on buildings it reduces the training and upgrade times and even reduces the construction time to zero too! Use Chrono Boost to fast produce Frost Wyrms and / or use this spell to cast Death Coils at very quick succession. A Chrono Boosted Mountain King also works as he can Storm Bolt indefinitely for as long as he has enough mana. Mystique (Spell / Smartcast) - Increases a friendly Hero’s experience overtime by a set amount or deals experience damage to an enemy Hero. Can be dispelled. Level 1 - 125 MP Cost, +400 Experience Point To A Friendly Hero Within 12 Seconds, 400 Cast Range, Or 400 Experience Point Damage To An Enemy Hero Within 12 Seconds, Can Be Dispelled, No Cooldown. Level 2 - 125 MP Cost, +800 Experience Point To A Friendly Hero Within 12 Seconds, 400 Cast Range, Or 800 Experience Point Damage To An Enemy Hero Within 12 Seconds, Can Be Dispelled, No Cooldown. Level 3 - 125 MP Cost, +1200 Experience Point To A Friendly Hero Within 12 Seconds, 400 Cast Range, Or 1200 Experience Point Damage To An Enemy Hero Within 12 Seconds, Can Be Dispelled, No Cooldown. Mystique Information This spell increases experience points that you can use either on your Hero or on another friendly Hero to get his or her Ultimate a lot faster and sooner than you normally would, and without you killing any enemy units, on top of that! You can also use this spell to prevent an enemy Hero from leveling up further, if you think it is worth it. Dream (Spell / Smartcast / Autocast Off) - Each friendly unit buffed will cause friendly players to benefit from it when they win an official Ladder game. Has unlimited duration. If the Ladder game is won then the player will receive 16 extra win points per buffed unit. The extra win points won is either a Human win point or an Orc win point or an Undead win point or a Night Elf win point or a Demon win point or a Random win point or an Unknown win point or a Tournament win point: as the extra win points is randomly chosen with a 12.5% chance. Can be dispelled. Level 6 - Requires 250 MP To Learn This Spell, Reduces Hero Level Requirements To 1, 50 MP Cost, Buffs Friendly Units To Benefit Friendly Players If And When They Win An Official Ladder Game. 500 Cast Range, Can Be Dispelled, Unlimited Duration, 1 Second Cooldown. If Victorious In Official Ladder Game Then Player Wins +16 Extra Win Points Randomly: Human 12.5% Or Orc 12.5% Or Undead 12.5% Or Night Elf 12.5% Or Demon 12.5% Or Random 12.5% Or Unknown 12.5% Or Tournament 12.5%. Dream Information Note 1: Winning an official Ladder match gains the friendly player using this spell plus 16 win points of a random “race” per buffed friendly unit. The accumulated win points will all be counted towards only one race after the Ladder match has been won. Note 2: When playing as “Unknown”, the player can hide their chosen race when playing official Ladder games, at the risk of gaining 2 loss points if the player losses the same official Ladder game. The player can either choose: Human or Orc or Undead or Night Elf or Demon or Random-Tournament which lets the player gain Tournament win points or Tournament loss points instead. However, when playing as Human or Orc or Undead or Night Elf or Demon then the person gets Unknown faction icons instead. The Unknown faction icons are Gnoll for 20 wins, Elder Sasquatch for 100 wins, Ancient Hydra for 300 wins, Lord Garithos for 600 wins, and Akama for 1000 wins. Notes 3: The Practice “race” is a race option to use for practicing purposes while playing official Ladder games. When you do win an official Ladder match while practicing you gain a total of 2 Practice “race” win points or if you lose an official Ladder match then you gain only 1 Practice “race” loss point. You can play as Human (Practice), Orc (Practice), Undead (Practice), Night Elf (Practice), and as the Demon (Practice), however while playing those races in Practice mode only Practice race win points or only Practice race loss point are earned. The Practice race icons are as follows: Wisp for 2 official Ladder games won, Peasant for 10 official Ladder games won, Acolyte for 30 official Ladder games won, Fel Orc Peon for 60 official Ladder games won, and Mur’gul Slave for 100 official Ladder games won. If you try to play Tournament Ladder matches while in Practice mode, you will not gain any win or loss Tournament points regardless if you have won or lost Tournament Ladder matches. Unknown “Race” Icons Gnoll = 20 Wins Elder Sasquatch = 100 Wins Ancient Hydra = 300 Wins Lord Garithos = 600 Wins Akama = 1000 Wins Practice “Race” Icons Wisp = 2 Wins Peasant = 10 Wins Acolyte = 30 Wins Fel Orc Peon = 60 Wins Mur’gul Slave = 100 WinsZsoltSzalait2 2h
2h Took me an hour to get my corpse Expansion ladder, Normal. Unlocking Diablo in Act 4. Got one of the last seals then large group of demons and an elite spawn next to me. I was trapped and surrounded. And not at all ready for that fight. My corpse died in an awful spot right in corner near the seal, and the monsters were all there. I ran back, but didn't have any gear...and no potions. I ended up dying like 20 times. corpses everywhere. Finally I somehow got lucky and half the group followed me way outside. Eventually, i was forced to go to another area nearby and farm mobs for potions and gold. Finally I had enough to run back in and get my corpse. But even then, I almost died again. What a nightmare.engine11 2h
4h someone made a g ame named suicide gamename: suicide decript: killing my self this is happening in us east game has 21 minutes elapsed, im trying to talk with him but is not responding any mod can check if this guy is responding or something, thanks im streamming this cuz i dont know what to do 4h
4h doubt about iron golem if i set +1 to fire golem and i get +15 all skills from items, it will give 96% bonus dmg to iron golem, or this only counts for legit +1 skills, and not bonus from items?MijailBallac7 4h
5h D2: Is there any point to farming/magic finding Before Hell difficulty? I am assuming that any stuff you find in Normal and Nightmare, besides runes and gems, will probably be out-leveled by the time you reach Hell. Not to mention that storage space will fill up with this junk. So, I am thinking it's pretty much a time waster to magic find, and farm before Hell?engine8 5h
7h Servers full of cheaters and races still unbalanced! Damn balance these races, is so stupid this game for years and it still a trash. Undead is so OP with those necromancers, Orc has those grunts in the beginning that's so OP and Elf bears are almost impossible to kill. This is so stupid and I want my account to be deleted and money refunded! Not to mention the servers are full of cheaters!Edythegreat3 7h
9h 2 sockets rare helm secret recipe? this guy claims to have a secret recipe to double socket always a yellow helm what recipe it is?MijailBallac5 9h
13h GPROXY? GPROXY????? Blizzard what the !@#$ dude why the hell did you guys %^-* up the most useful tool in warcraft 3 do you really want this !@#$ to end because ill come and end your lifes if you wanna do this %^-*Mambo1 13h
14h Can blizzard "white flag" my Account? I keep getting error message when connecting to, can blizzard white flag 1 of my accounts so those rules dont apply to it? I dont use hax or anything and never have!Cardenfoy3 14h
21h 1.31 Changes WC3 Wishlist Here's my wishlist for 1.31 Human -Paladin: Devotion aura buffed to 2/3.5/5 armor. -Reduce mechanical critter cost to 30 gold. -Reduce Rifleman lumber cost to 25. -Increase DragonHawks, Gryphon Riders and Knights HP by 50. -Reduce Animal War Training cost to 75 gold and 125 lumber. Now grants 100 HP. Orc -Shadow Hunter: Hex duration reduced to 10/20/30 seconds on units. Duration on heroes is unchanged. -Make Spiked Barricades a one time upgrade only that's actually good please. Undead: -Give Statues 550 HP back, but keep the Destroyer HP unchanged. -Death Knight: Reduce Animate Dead mana cost to 150 and increase duration by 10 seconds. -Increase Sacrificial Skull Area of Effect. -Acolyte movement speed reduced to 230. Keep the armor and HP buffs. -Reduce Cripple mana cost to 125. Night Elf: -Reduce huntresses damage by 1 (back to 1.29 value). -Keeper of the Grove: Increase Entangle mana cost to 90 at all levels. -Keeper of the Grove (II): Buff Thorns to 15/25/35% damage. Neutral: -Firelord: Buff Volcano. Please make it good. -Pit Lord: Reduced Cleave AoE to 225. -Pit Lord (II): Increase Rain of Fire damage to 30/35/40 per wave and reduce mana cost to 80.CrabTurtle39 21h
23h Please blizzard, remove absurd restrictions Remove: 1) restriction for relog more than 2 characters ( we need trade, and each day we do that we cant write everything in a notepad, is impossible, this is not a job, is a game.. ) 2) remove absurd restrictions of 20 games per hour, and allow it to 100 per hour, no humans eyes can play more than 20 diablo baal runs in one hour, most of the restriction are when the people start to trading and join and relog in more than 20 games in a hour come on blizzard, is absurd this kind of restriction 3) allow auto respawn of monsters 15 minutes per boss 10 minutes per superunique 8 minutes per champions 5 minutes per minions with this you safe a lot of your conectionMijailBallac7 23h
23h D2 You were disconnected from BNET please reconnect ?? I keep getting this message when I try to log on to Europe! I haven't been able to connect since last night when I got a message that realms are shutting down! If i try another realm it gets stuck at checking versions... Please help!Shmirghel4 23h
23h Chat rooms Anyone know if there's any active ones left?Arc2 23h
23h Is Warcraft 3 dead? I wanna buy the game again but is the game still active with players? Mainly custom games! I’m from AustraliaRufus4 23h
1d someone sold a lot of sojs in .124 useast guess is .124, it is in port 4000, should be that IPMijailBallac6 1d
1d Diablo 2 problemy z patchem na w10 Witam. Mam problem z patchem Diablo 2 LoD na Windows 10. Wyskakuje komunikat "Patching cannot be completed because the patch archive is corrupt" Ps. Please, give me a polish forums if you can't help me in my languageSenciak2 1d
2d Is this safe? Legit multiple loader? hello. i am korean diablo 2 user. first sorry for my bad english i'm using a program, 'D2ExtraGUI'. it is multi loader and it doesn't patch or modify diablo 2 or any files. so i believe it is not third party program. its principle is archive diablo 2 window in a hidden window and return to original window. so it makes possible run multiple diablo2 windows. can i ask this is safe? can you check this is safe or no? download link = how to use : (google translate) HOW TO USE: Run the D2ExtraGUI.exe program first 실행! - Select the desired setting from the list on the left, and then press DIA 새로고침 - Reload the [Part] list in D2ExtraGUI.ini. Use this if you have modified Ini 수정 - Open D2ExtraGUI.ini file with Notepad Each Dia folder is set by [Part] D2Folder = Diablo start location path. If the CD key information is in a different path, set it to that path Path = Path to Game.exe. Game2.exe, Game3.exe can also be set (set to full path) Parameters = Startup options. -w -ns -direct -txt and so on Title = You can change the window name of Dia. The default is "Diablo II" Identifier = The name of the diag class used in the window. If you change it, it may not work properlymola14 2d
2d blizzard is helping d2jsp, proof here in this image you can see how someone is restricted for trying to do trades with another players, making this restriction allows sites as d2jsp exist, because blizzard forces the people to get restricted when they are legit playingMijailBallac8 2d
2d D2 LoD CD key "claimed on" So I just tried to log in ladder and got this message. Never seen it before. Was I hacked somehow and the person got my CD Key? I don't use third party programs and I don't share accounts with friends. Help please! Nervous, MattMattKroll60 2d
3d A bit late customer reclamation So i bought the chest of warcraft 3 and frozen throne like 10 years ago, and the stickers with the cd key were wrong, they were 2 frozen throne keys. i didnt care for so many years as pirate keys were avalible but i have noticed awfully recently that the reason i could never play online was that ROC unofficial key. it would be nice if you gave me one. i can give you photographic proof of the cd keys.sergiom0 3d
3d Warcraft 3 1.30 patch saved games bug i was playing durotar campaign and i cant load my game after the new patch, it would be cool to be able to patch saved games or something cause i wont start again (its so long) and you surely will upload another of those patches that create more problems than they solve to try and make w3 look alive.sergiom0 3d
3d 1.30 issues hello and first of all thanks from let me discuss again. i try to be polite. however the general atmosphere on the ladder feels sometimes negative. anyways. biggest bug/issue is this it happend maybe one a day even my connection is stable. I believe it is 1.30 related or then its can also be somekind of maphack/drophack exploit. please fix this! this is the biggest issue at the moment that is disabling me to have wonderful user experience.Wlizer0 3d
3d Good forum! Almost out of spam and nonsense! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel closing in. Lets wait for blizzcon and see what they have to say about these diablo projects. Game is still a bit awkward to play tho, but slowly getting used to these changes I wont approve of. :DOnVacation2 3d
3d How to find account name lost in Diablo 2 LoD? Hello, I created a new account in Diablo 2 and I can remember the name, is there a way to find it with the registered mail? ThanksTKZS6 3d
3d Best class for farm cow lvl hell 8 players my new build fire bowazone, faster than anything for cows 3d
4d diablo 2 bugs when ww will be fixed ? when game will not jump with high ping and dissconnect ? some one is working on ? i can still see at oryginal box that is 32kilobite game at 2018 with that lags is a joke.MAX2 4d
4d "Realm is going down in 10 minutes" Received "Realm is going down in 10 minutes" message in game Any news on what this is?ExtraMayo4 4d
4d Banned keys I just claimed my 16 digit keys for diablo 2 and recieved my 26 digit sets. But when I try to log in, it says the keys are banned. If you check my acccount, you can see they were registered yesterdayJerrylawn7 4d
4d again restriction for being legit well, today i started to play d2 15 minutes ago, first thing to do as always is check what needs the people, to revive the game ( iknow blizzard hates if humans try to revive the game ) well, i found a guy asking for a ethereal matriarchal pike, i told him, i have to check my 40 mules, he said ok i found 1 matriarchal spear eth 14ed and gave to him for a vex, but i kept searching for the matriarchal pike, and here is where blizzard came after re log many times, checking version stuck thanks blizzard again, for put your part.MijailBallac14 4d
4d multiple problems, patching czech version of w3+tft Im currently using warcraft 3 czech version patch 1.28. Im trying to patch to the 1.30 I have run into multiple problems. For some reason my warcraft has been changed into german language. And when I try to update into it to 1.30 Im stuck at 65%. Additionally when I tried to install the game from the website store, it just downloaded this 3.MB file and did basically nothing. I like the game but, if the installing process will take 3hours+ NOONE will bother coming playing it. Any clue how do I resolve this problems? Do you even have czech patch, or what is going on here? PS: Any updates on remaster? I would welcome clean fresh copy with fixed problems like hackers/default ingame lag to 0 etc. This hybrid thing that is currently up is pretty annoying. Thanks a lot in advance.TheRealiQ1 4d
4d D2 CLAIMED CD KEY,HORRIBLE SERVICE. Hi,thanks for claiming all my d2 cdkeys,at least be so kind and let us know how to get a new one and where from,because your site is so chaotic. I tried to repurchase d2 but yeah it says you already own this game..... so now i downloaded but i need to enter cd keys,let me know where i can purchase one.DNA9 4d
4d Warcraft 3 players Hey all, So been thinking about how much I miss Warcraft 3 custom games, like Trolls vs Elves, Maze Defence etc. I’m thinking of getting the game again but curious if there are still many players on custom? Australian players preferably but I don’t care if I lag.Rufus1 4d
4d blizzard tell to hungrymarvin druid hi blizzard, i was trying to make a trade one pb for a ber rune, then i started to check all my mules ( 15 accounts ) but i got restricted and he is waiting me now following the tos, we cant pass email, or something to be in contact, we have to do everything though the game then i cant tell him what happened, he is waiting me, and i want do this deal " following the tos " but i got restricted for " following the tos about not use bots and be legit " go blizzard, tell him in useast im restricted for try to tradeMijailBallac1 4d
4d The Lost Vikings. My image of blizzard is one of high standards, good reliability and the best games. The different Blizzard teams have each made games that are the best of their consecutive genres. So, I thought to myself, why wouldn’t Blizzard whip together a team to create The Lost Vikings Remastered or The Lost Vikings: Lost Again. I think that it would be cool if Blizzard proved that they can master any game genre and reimagined the old game and create it into a fresh, modern experience.WireBender1 4d
4d Issues/bugs 1.30.1 Hello developer from blizzard. here is the issue list from the last patch. - many desyncs / connection problems - nativefull : if minimized you have the wc3 sounds HordeVS Alliance: - 90% of all sounds you dont heared general maps: - if the first window with a timer delete/hide, the Multiboard/Textes are smaller Editor: - if you add a Unit with a trigger to a building, the hotkeys no work - if you add a Unit with a trigger to a building, the tooltip isnt colored feel free to add the list. NOTE: this isnt a thread about balances, only issues/bugs So long BuuFuuBuuFuu1 4d
5d How Do I Farm a Boss in D2? Expansion ladder: I read others saying if you log out then log back in too many times you will be suspended. For me to farm a boss like Mephisto don't I need to log out after killing him, then create a new game to do it again? Will that get me banned?engine8 5d
5d [War3] Pls try unlimited unit selection feature I see Warcraft getting some updates. I would really love if you make unlimited selection. Pro guys may not care but for me it would be a huge QoL change and one annoying in my opinion useless feature less in game. Also hotkey for all army unit selection like in SC2 would be niceKaelos0 5d
5d [War3 - Updated] PTR Greetings Bandits, Alchemists, Wisps, and Centaurs You have our sincere thanks for the ongoing community support. Keep the information coming! Bug Fixes FMOD related crashes on many custom maps resolved. Testing was conducted on various MOBAS, Horde Vs Alliance X3, Sunken City, ORD8.4, and numerous test maps submitted by community. Switching expansions no longer crashes Ancient of War damage is consistent between rooted and uprooted (4)Twisted Meadows bottom right creep spawn location reverted to 1.30.0 (4)SynergyBigPaved has the correct file extension Numerical tooltips in French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish match English entries [World Editor] Player can be added to player groups again without crashing Balance Changes Far Sight was intended to be 2700 AoE at level 3 Map Updates (4)TwistedMeadows Goblin Laboratories have a tree within range for Wisps Adjusted all starting locations to allow for optimal building placement Morris56 5d
5d Double Game Licenses I have already bought and installed Destiny 2 standard Version. Now i wanna use the DLCs including the forsaken add on. to buy the 3 DLCs i have to pay 55€ you can get the Forsaken legendary edition in sale for 45€ is it possible to register the legendary edition gemkey to the same account as the sandard version and use the DLCs with the account or am i going to have a problem licensing the core game 2 Times to my account?crankbrother0 5d
5d D2 Discord - This might help some players. **NOTE: This is not an attempt to replace any of the forums you're currently using! Just adding another, to make it slightly easier for Some. By now, we have spread all over the web, in many different forums, adding one shouldnt hurt. Trying to bring some life into d2, with a global discord, where ppl can communicate, arrange gameplays, duels, magic finding, exp running, walkthroughs/speedruns. (This is for all Realms: East,West,Eu and Asia! Everyone is welcomed!) It's still the first day of the discord, so give it a little time and patience! One day, we'll have enough players to communicate with, to keep the game alive, for forever. ^_^ Well, not really forever, but for as long as we have the motivation! Here are some guidelines: *Please do not discuss any 3rd program/hack! *Toxicity is not welcomed! *If you have a problem with another player, please contact a Moderator through Direct message! *If you notice suspicious behaviour, please contact a Moderator through Direct message! *People might get Kicked, or even Banned, depending on their attitude! *Bans will not get revoked! So please behave as well as you possibly can! So what can we do around here: Chat with other Diablo players, discuss items, drops, builds. Find other players you can Speedrun/Walkthrough with! Trade item for item, without having to look ingame for hours. I will try make this discord reach the whole diablo 2 community, and one day... One day, we'll get gud.Yiup105 5d
5d should i buy warcraft 3 for single player? have some balance left over after deciding not to continue with BFA and never played warcraft 3. heard it got some nice new updates recently but also heard the updates broke some things well as a possibility of a remaster coming in the future. should i spend my balance on warcraft 3 for the single player? or just wait for a potential remasterRchrd5 5d
5d Disconnected due to Desync in every custom game 3rd game out of 3 that as soon as I finish loading I am immediately kicked from the game with a message that I was placed in another state due to desync and I have been disconnected. Anyone else have this issue or know how to possibly fix it? :/radiaNce2 5d