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Apr 4 A lore question for blizzard... Do Murloc's and Warcraft2 submarines talk the same language? It strikes me that the murloc language seams adapted for use under water... and that submarines may have adopted as a means of clearly communicating to the surface, hence the gurgling sound... just a pet hypothesis of mine i would love to have a clear answer for lol... It keeps me up at night...Confusiarch0 Apr 4
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Apr 3 D2 Issue: unable to play Let me tell you the whole story. I first wanted to try D2 median XL mod and I didn't really like it so I wanted to switch back to regular D2. Problem number 1: as soon as you install median-xl the game will always try to querry a median-xl gateway (it appears in the bnet log file of D2), so you can't just reinstall D2 and connect to bnet. When you want to connect to it says "Gateway: None". So I looked and found a youtube video of a guy called Xtimus who shows how to go into regedit and manually paste the right gateways. I launch D2, I have the choice between the classic US West, US East, Asia and Europe available so I try to connect to Europe. Now this message shows: " was unable to properly identify your application version". So I check the current patch which was 1.14b and I go and download patches 1.14c and 1.14d. So I assume it should work now. I launch D2, I hit, Europe and I still get the unable to identify application version message. I go check the bnetlog file: again, the game tries to querry median-xl gateway. So how the hell do you get rid of that??? (I searched all the files on my computer and there's no median-xl file) I wish I had never installed this crappy median-xl thing! Sorry for the bad words, the anger, and thanks for any reply and help! Have a good day!hikarinokage3 Apr 3
Apr 2 I cant connect to I just bought the game and it gets me this massage how can i fix this i never played before diablo 2 on orignal server. It just updated and then says YOUR WERE DISCONNECTED FROM BATTLE.NET PLEASE RECONNECT.HeMuA6 Apr 2
Apr 2 [D2] QoL Request for Loot Drops I've been playing Diablo 2 off and on since 2003, and one of the problems I've noticed during game play is the flooding of the screen with item labels. A prime example would be the Forgotten Tower level 5 in both of the side rooms. If a champion or unique pack happens to be there, you have to pick up all the piles of gold just to make sure nothing good was dropped. Another example is when you happen to come across two or three unique/champion packs and they are killed in the same screen. The same problem happens with the masses of potions, gold, arrows/bolts and scrolls that fall to the ground. The big problem is that we're limited to a screen size of 800x600 maximum, and you can only fit so much information on that screen. Since there appears to be no plans on a remaster Diablo 2 or at least increase the maximum resolution with scaling, I think perhaps something else can be done. At first, I thought it would be simple if there were tiers for items as far as display priority, the higher tier items get labeled first, and so on until there is no more room on the screen for more. This is just an example of the idea: Level 1=Broken items Level 2=All potions, gold, bolts/arrows Level 3=White/ethereal/socketed items Level 4=Magic items Level 5=Rare items Level 6=Sets/Uniques/Runes/Gems/Quest items I then figured a change like this would likely require an extensive game code rewrite/addition, so then I started thinking about an alternative that would help reduce the clutter; 1: Reduce the amount of potions that are dropped in nightmare and hell difficulties. 2: Reduce the chance of a gold drop, but increase the amount dropped to compensate. 3: Reduce the number of town portal/identify scrolls that drop in nightmare and hell difficulties. 4: Adjust the no-drop chance accordingly to balance for the above changes. 5: If possible, put the average of the WS5 side room gold piles into one pile. :) I know I'm not the only one that stops, picks up and quickly quaffs all of the health potions and then picks up the gold just to see if there's an Um+ rune hiding underneath the pile. I've found a Ber, some other nice runes and other nice items doing this. What are your thoughts? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.TheDarkJedi1 Apr 2
Apr 1 how to change warcraft 2 versions on gog launcher im on the version but i dont know how to change over to the gog enhanced versionworldeater1 Apr 1
Apr 1 [D2]New Expansion for D2 Announcement Blizzard scrapped their plans for Diablo Immortal and Netflix Diablo TV series and instead decided to give Diablo 2 a fresh expansion and DLC. APRIL FOOLS!CheeseSteaks1 Apr 1
Apr 1 [D2] new rune word suggestion i don't know what the devs plan on doing with d2, but i have a suggestion for a rune word. i was thinking maybe a self-repair weapon that's fairly low level. Forum Mod Edit: Several comments in the thread have been removed as they were not appropriate for the forums. As such, the thread is now locked. Please take care when posting to avoid posting commentary that may be construed as derogatory, or could otherwise be reported as being inappropriate. Thank you! stuffedtiger26 Apr 1
Mar 31 Warcraft 3 contantly kickes me out When i'm playing on this game kickes me out it always... do it even when im not playing and I am on the chat.Nutshell1 Mar 31
Mar 31 Game drops, timed out WTF Private game on USEast finishing missed quests that are a pain.. Finish a particularly annoying one, turn in "you've been disconnected" can't join any games, can't create any games. Finally get in back in to, quest progress completely rolled back. Why is this a !@#$ing thing?Merced2562 Mar 31
Mar 31 War2BNE - GOG Anyone else having an issue with getting into It's telling me my version is out of date (2.02) and is not attempting to update. Ports have been forwarded and Diablo 1 (GOG) connects just fine.Cross2 Mar 31
Mar 30 Warcraft 3: Spells animations do not show In Warcraft 3, spells don't show their animations. For example, crypt lord's impale doesn't show the actual impale -- just the resulting stun.REM1 Mar 30
Mar 30 Maybe one day? Probably we gonna see it in next years but every video i saw about Blizzard games, people really want Warcraft4 or Starcraft3, im sure those are the best games from Blizzard that people are in love.. WC, SC, Diablo and Heroes of the StormMike3 Mar 30
Mar 29 I Pre-Purchased W3 Reforged, do I wait for Roc and TfT or do I have it? Hello! I Pre-Purchased W3 Reforged 20-30min ago and wondering if I get Roc and TfT now or do I get it when Reforged get released? I'm wondering because it says when you purchasing it you see this : Instant access to classic Warcraft® III (Reign of Chaos® and The Frozen Throne®) Please let me know, Thanks! : D ( and do I get cd keys for Roc and tft for battlenet )Nacklar2 Mar 29
Mar 29 Will I get banned if I use a Keychattering Fix Software on Blizzard or Steam VAC? I had 2 keychattering keyboards so far using Cherry MX Speeds, and got sick of RMAing the latest one, since it will probably chatter again. Keychatter means, a key registering twice when pressed once sometimes. Now I'm using a keychattering fix software to filter out double registered keys. This looks a little script-y, so I was wondering, should I worry about this, and turn off my keychatter fix software during gaming?Avistar1 Mar 29
Mar 29 WC3 Passwords not case sensitive? So, is it known that apparently Warcraft 3 passwords aren't case sensitive? I know that at least for right now that account isn't as intrinsically connected to our main Bnet accounts, but that still seems like a decent sized security flaw, and makes me question the rest of the authentication servers we're trusting through Blizz. I'm also curious if this will be properly addressed when reforged comes out if it's not sooner?Qblaze1 Mar 29
Mar 29 Classic Games Discord Server With the GOG re-release of Diablo 1 and WarCraft 2, I decided to create a dedicated Discord server for these classic games. Let's see if we can centralize this unique community, help track bugs and discuss suggestions which can be forwarded to the Blizzard team. Mar 29
Mar 29 Base Warcraft Orcs & Humans GoG on Mac I couldn't answer on this topic due to a red error.. so I give my answer there : I hope the recently announced GoG version will be based on this better Mac version instead of DOS one. (640*480 graphics + CD audio music) Mar 29
Mar 28 If you'd buy Diablo: Hellfire on GOG, there is a wishlist entry. You might consider voting for this *if you'd buy the Diablo Hellfire expansion on GOG (assuming a reasonable price) or already bought Diablo and want to see the expansion added for free (as GOG has done in the past)* - Obviously it doesn't guarantee the expansion will show (especially if there are legal issues or the rumors about Blizz still hating Hellfire are true), but it's a good way to show GOG and Blizzard interest and good financial opportunity.tfishell2 Mar 28
Mar 28 Nice idea to adjust human vs undead balance 1. Increase Paladin's holy light damage (when used to undead) from 100/200/300 to 150/300/450 2. Decrease Siege Engine's food supply from 4 to 3. This will not affect the other balances and only adjust human vs undead!k3oc9x0t0 Mar 28
Mar 28 Diablo 2 Player Character Speech Files Hi I'm looking for all player character speech files. I'd like to read through the various quotes, I think they're really interesting tidbits of writing and I'd like to go through them. Does anyone know of a website or notepad files of some sort where I can view them all in writing?Mindtrick1 Mar 28
Mar 27 Hearthstone free packs problem Hi didnt have my 3 free packs today please helpLevent4 Mar 27
Mar 27 Realm going down message Just got a message realm going down in 10 minutes Is blizzard doing any maintenance?kaiJph8 Mar 27
Mar 27 [D2 - USWest] user dublaron reporting inappropriate/profanity D2 - USWest user dublaron Mar 27
Mar 25 Back to Diablo 2 and loving it. (beside bots!) Installed Diablo 2 about 2 months ago and loving it. This game is perfect. The loot, the rune words, the quests for ubers, etc. Can't belive we can still play online too. Props to blizzard for maintaining old games. If we could only get rid of bots, and maybe an extra page on inventory in chest that would be awesome, ahah! Anyway, see you on! Recently found a shako for my lvl87 sorc. Im super hyped. NEXT IS HotO!DrDoomYo2 Mar 25
Mar 25 18+ Only WoW Classic Guild Looking to join or form an adult only WoW Classic guild. Played WoW beta test up through LK and am interested in checking out classic. Anyone in a 18+ only guild or want to form one?FetusGrenade0 Mar 25
Mar 25 Question about world of warcraft before i buy. Hey i want to post this on WOW forum but i cant because i dont have the game yet. I never play wow but i really want to play right now. Wow have lots of expansion and this make me confuse. Because i dont know where should i start or i just can skip to latest expansion to play ? or i have to play from only wow (vanilla) and continue with expansion in order ? I am afraid i will missing the story if i skip to latest expansion. Also what is different in each expansion ? does the map, race, etc are actually same? Also do i need to create new character in each expansion ? for example i dont with 1 expansion and i play next expansion can i used my previous character ?JimRaynora10 Mar 25
Mar 24 Download stuck at 0 B/s Hello so I saw that this weekend was the "get back to WoW for free weekend" and I was interested, so I decided to update my WoW account so I could go play. However, when I tried to install WoW (World of Warcraft) on my app account, the bar reached 99% of the trajectory and suddenly stopped at 303.27 KB remaining, and now it's downloading at a speed of 0 B/s, basically meaning it's never ever going to download. This has been occurring since yesterday afternoon, and I've constantly been searching for a solution but absolutely nothing has worked, and most of the solutions seem to be solutions that only work on PC's and I'm using a MAC. If anyone could offer some possible solutions to this topic that would be absolutely fantastic! All I need to do is get the download to run for just a couple more seconds and then it would be complete.Alejandro1 Mar 24
Mar 23 Diablo 2 "Battle.Net is not responding. Please try again in a few minutes". Anyone got a fix for that?EnnioCartman1 Mar 23
Mar 23 GOG Diablo 1 Features an upgraded version with Windows 10 and high resolution support, as well as bugfixes and GOG multiplayer. multiplayer is also back if you choose to play the original low-res version. Price is a little high in my opinion, but totally worth it considering it is my favorite game of the series. Rejoice.OShogun13 Mar 23
Mar 23 What are your opinions on WC3 Reforged so far? Are you excited about it? What are your opinions on the not-finished-yet visuals?ShyFX1 Mar 23
Mar 22 When will blizzard remove WSG and DESYNC from D2 Maybe desync isnt something easy to fix but i'm sure WSG is..MrEpic2 Mar 22
Mar 22 [D2] PvP HACK PROGRAM USER ASIA sever some Necromancer use PvP HACK PROGRAM(called "project") block these hack program please it ruins diablo2 Mar 22
Mar 22 [D1] GoG on (6112 UDP Port error) Hi all! I bought Diablo 1 in GoG platform because I love Diablo 1. I played a single player campaign and now I would like to play on the with other players. When I try to logging to the Global Realm I become the error "Your Internet connection is either very poor or is not processing UDP packets through port 6112..." I could chat with people who said, that they can play but I cannot. I allowed ports 6112-6119 TCP and UDP out and in on my Router also on my Windows Firewall but it doesn't work. I tried to open all my router ports and deactivate my Windows firewall but still not working. Do someone have an idea what can I do, i am really interested to play my GoG Diablo on with other players!Andreu1 Mar 22
Mar 21 [Diablo2] 10K likes - expand STASH Please, 10K likes to push Blizzard to create a patch with unlimited stashConfidenc35 Mar 21
Mar 21 Diablo 2 Cant join or create a game I can't join or create any game. But people in my friend's list can...somebody help me! This is what it says when im in a channel: "No new games can be created right now, please join a game or try again later"IIIlllIIIlll4 Mar 21
Mar 21 D2 disconnected from I go to try and download the patches to play online and it gets to 1% and disconnects me. fresh install. HalpStruggler1 Mar 21
Mar 21 Sad decline in Blizzard music in the post midi era Am i the only one who finds the post Midi blizzard music sadly disappointing? Like can anyone actually whistle anything from Warcraf3 and onward? compare that to whistling a tune from Warcraft 1 or 2... it's kinda dead obvious which is more memorable... I mean what the heck happened? How could it all devolve into bland unmemorable ambient crap that just stays in the background?!... Good game music should be like a nostalgia sponge/ear-worm that sticks with you for life.... But they just started cranking out bland stuff that stays in the background.. I find that highly disappointing!!!! I mean Warcraft2 was basically like listening to classical music! it was brilliant! Blizzard should totally go back to midi!!! *hugs his sound canvas 88* <-- just to point out how awsome this music was for anyone who has not played Warcraft2 (note not my video i just also happen to own a sound canvas 88 because midi is awsome!)Confusiarch3 Mar 21
Mar 20 HELP PLEASE CONNECTION PROBLEMS NO IP BAN! HELP " You were disconnected from battlenet. please reconnect" hi all i have this problem i contactet blizzard.. and they said all is good .. and i have no IP bans or nothing.. what could i do?? i cant log in to anything.. all servers is down. ( ) iam playing europe.. i have a brand new computer brand new IP and brand new Diablo 2.. im using windows 10. i can play single player without problems... help pleasekevkev0 Mar 20
Mar 19 Warcraft 3 Ladder (IMPORTANT) Hi, The ladder ranks are not updating on the Warcraft 3 ladder webpage. The issue requires attention. Link: Best, DivineDivine0 Mar 19
Mar 19 [Diablo 1] Nightmare difficulty and higher broken on bnet So I was playing the gog rerelease and made it through normal difficulty with a friend. We're both level 22 and 23 yet when we go to join each others Nightmare game we get an error stating that we must be level 20 to join nightmare games. If you look in the lobby everyone shows up as a level 1 Warrior regardless of level or class so I'm wondering if there is an issue with the server not receiving data from the user according to their save file. Would be nice to be able to play on bnet properly again and not have to rely on third party services to use the ipx wrapper for multiplayer over the internet. Edit: So instead of screenshots to show this off I went even further, here is a clip of the bug I'm talking about. My friend was streaming at the time and it really put a damper on things. I'm hoping this can be resolved soon. Mar 19
Mar 19 Classic Games - Lost Vikings 2 With all the classic games happening these days, just wondering if Lost Vikings 2 is going to get a release? it was released in the US but never in Australia or other countries (to my knowledge) any info would be awesome Thanks!Gazzarix2 Mar 19
Mar 18 [Diablo2] Is there anything to look forward to? Hi there, Is it possible to get a blue post in here? As someone who still plays Diablo 2, I am rather excited about, "multiple projects" that are "currently" in "development". (If we are to believe you that is) Is there anything we can expect for diablo 2? It appears, no new news here, that Diablo 2 has been rather abandoned by Blizzard. Ladder resets have become a routine thing, but nothing else has been done. No spell reworks, no mob/npc reworks. We all know that there are a ton of unreleased D2 content (3/6 questions in A4, guilds, another expansion, runewords and items). Is there anything to look forward to or will Diablo 2 remain untouched forever? Is there a possibility to add Additional difficulty Character reworks - buffs/nerfs. Some builds are just outdated and "weaker" Additional end-game quests? Runewords/Item additions. Thank you. Edit: fixes.wararmy4 Mar 18
Mar 18 GoG Diablo & Linking to Per source: ... Does that mean there is a way to attach and have it show in, or is that vague statement just saying that hey, you can ask your friends in if they wanna play and use voice etc... but no integration with Thanks.TRON2 Mar 18
Mar 18 Diablo 2 Battlenet Issues Help Please Diablo 2 Connection Issues. Hi i just downloaded Diablo2 with a new cd key.' I managed to fix the game for windows with the -w option When i try to Connect to battlenet.. it keep saying You were disconned from battlenet please reconnect. i dont know what i should do or how i should fix this i used 4 hours yesterday to search around internert for help.. but it seems nothing of it works.. iam stock now and i could need some help.. single player is no problem.. and i cant connect to nothing not even asia or us servers.. iam playin europe .. could you help me please.. i just bought this brand new computer and just donwloaded diablo 2 . i dont know what is going on please helpkevkev4 Mar 18
Mar 18 how to change maps download folder Blizzard, What is this, a joke? why can't i choose where my maps should be downloaded like old school wc3? huh? you thought you could come here and kill wc3 custom maps and get away with it? we aren't starcraft community, if you do that we take you from behind you greedy little *******! Do you want me to uninstall forever & refund and let you go bankrupt with your "dead before release april fool's joke?" Better fix this ASAP, you melee-loving scrubs!PrinceVegeta1 Mar 18
Mar 18 Requesting /players 8 for d2 battlenet So i just starting playing again, and its kinda impossible to optimizing the mf runs without the bots ruining it. Problem here is, if you want to mf run efficiently you have to do it in 8 player games. However, all the full games are driven by bots which are leveling and farming with several chars before all baal and diablorun. The bots will clear everything from Ancient tunnels, to Mephisto before actually doing doing the baal and diablorun. It leaves only the bots with chances to farm efficiently while the real players have to farm in singleplayer. Is there a reason we cant have the /players X command on battlenet? Cus it would give us actual players a chance to farm on the same level as the bots. I really want to do mf runs as efficient as i can but right now, its all botdominated. Please do something for your community. Its impossible to farm on battlenet these days. The bots have ruined the game. Please blizzard, stop forcing me to play singleplayer. I enjoy trading and being a part of the community, but you make it so damn difficult for uslarlle3 Mar 18
Mar 17 Diablo 2 cannot connect I am having issues with my diablo 2 i was resently trying to put gear on my new hammerdin on US East HC ladder and must of entered and exited to fast since i had just ran quite a few baal runs on him. I started with queue temp ban. but now it is saying at the checking versions screen " You have lost your connection with, please reconnect" any help to get this resolvedSkoorc4 Mar 17
Mar 17 Temp ban problems d2 I keep getting Temp ban constantly after only a couple minutes of playing. I don’t run any 3rd party programs. I just randomly lose connection in a game and then get temp banned. D2 has been nothing but problems for me this ladder.MatchboxRacr8 Mar 17
Mar 17 Can I run Overwatch? Can i run OW? intel core i7 6820HQ 2.70 ghz Intel(R) Hd graphics 530 16 gb ram 64 bit windows 10Soda5 Mar 17