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Feb 14 [D2]Static Field Does Lightening Mastery improve Static Field? Why is it that Static Field works awesome and sometimes doesn’t work at all? The Radius, is that the damage radius or how close you have to be to a monster?AtomicPunk4 Feb 14
Feb 14 [D2] CBF Fun Name an item or combination of items that privides Cannot Be Frozen. Lets see if we can get them all. Provide Just one so to let others share. I’ll start. 1. Death’s Guard (Sash)AtomicPunk11 Feb 14
Feb 14 [D2]Asia server is gone ??!! Asia server Create an game or join game always failed to join game .... why??? this issue Has been going on for a day...BattleCraft0 Feb 14
Feb 14 Wc3 Frozen throne public games after upd. Hi there guys, sorry for my English but i will do my best. i'm an old Legion TD Hell 3.98 fan. Played over 10k games easy and a lot of hours on other public and normal maps. And i just feel i have to speak out somewhere, since the update came that made bots unusable, the game imoa have become that title itself "unusable", Like 99/100 games i find or create is not playable, players leaves after lvl 1 when they leak or have no clue have the game works, and when you try to explain and or educate them they flame in you're face, leave or ruins the game for you, almost every game there is someone leaving making the game incredibly boring. And if you want a good and fun game you have to look for hours and hours searching and asking questions to players to balance the game, i think that i will now stop playing because it feels pointless, maybe i give it a go if there would be some form of ranking system. Really blizz or whomever is pulling the strings start up some form of ranking system for dedicated players for popular maps.. since u wanted the "control" of the game and released that upd its time some things started happening, because i know a lot of players me included already thought that wc3 had a functioning community with the bots, and of curse there was unhappy folks back then to, but now there is no balance between the 2 at all. no rank nothing just peoples hosting and people leaving. Hoping to stir up some emotions around this so comment away please!!!!! With all the love! KnasarNKnasarn5 Feb 14
Feb 14 Ladder reset will we get a ladder reset before reforged comes out???KabutO1 Feb 14
Feb 13 cant connect to battle net any one elese?gravsten6662 Feb 13
Feb 13 Diablo 2 is unable to proceed. Unsupported graphics mode Just bought a key for the Diablo II, installed the game but it hadn't run. The error was "Diablo 2 is unable to proceed. Unsupported graphics mode". I tried to switch on Windows XP сompatibility and run it as administrator with the resolution of my screen 1024×768, but it hadn't worked. How can I play the game? Or how can I take my money back? P. S. I have Windows 10BlackDot1 Feb 13
Feb 13 Warcraft 3 Reforged Release Date? Any idea when Warcraft 3 Reforged will release? 2019 is vague and I really hope it's not coming out by the end of 2019.DreamyAbaddo1 Feb 13
Feb 13 [D2]Asia Server Create Game wait in line....400+ Creat Game wait in line 400+...300+...why??BattleCraft1 Feb 13
Feb 13 [DII]Game Crashed Last night while clearing the left side of the nightmare throne area the game crashed, instantly shutting down the app and for a split second the crash report appeared but didn’t stay open. I was doing nothing out of the ordinary for me, I’ve made this run a million times before with the same old barb build on US West HC Ladder, except I was tethered to my phone using 3G, but even with this internet type I’ve not had connection problems. I’ve never in 18 years experienced this before with D2. When I reconnected about a minute later the game I was in no longer existed, making me think it was on Blizzard’s end. I was playing on OS 8.1.AtomicPunk4 Feb 13
Feb 12 Question on up coming patch? Does this mean our current season will be shortened when you get patch ready to implement or can it be inserted seamlessly and not effect the current season. Just wondering.Wyo645 Feb 12
Feb 12 /verify-tw /verify -twLiviathan0 Feb 12
Feb 12 24 hours of my d2cdkey being used by me The server crashed me out yesterday and ever since it has said that my cd-key is being used by myself. I have shutdown my computer, cleared caches, reset router and it is still going 24 hours later. How do I get to play my game?WizardGirl111 Feb 12
Feb 12 Rearranging char screen [D2] No clue whether this has been discussed before or not. But since blizzard actually implemented the 18 char per account, any ideas on if this is a possibility? I'm not a programmer so I'm unaware of the strain this could/could not cause on a server, but seems to be simple to implement an option where we could rearrange our char screens (click hold left mouse button & drag for example), especially since 18 chars is now the max and not 8. Thoughts? Ideas? Inputs?Legacy8 Feb 12
Feb 11 [D2]US West Connectivity. Are the US West HC Ladder servers a mess for anyone else, or is it my junk 3G tethering that is the problem?AtomicPunk2 Feb 11
Feb 11 cdkey in use by myself works now.... idk why 24 hr ban.. but have never had a weird cdkey one like thisHugnsKisses6 Feb 11
Feb 10 Running Diablo 2 in 2019 Hey guys, a similiar topic was beaten to death a few years ago and I wonder if some patch on the way changed something. I get 'access violation: c000005' error, and I cannot run diablo on my windows 10 laptop with GTX 950m. I tried all compatibility setting, tried using the '-w' trick, tried Sven glide - nothing works, same error. Can anyone run diablo 2 today on Win 10?TheStag10 Feb 10
Feb 9 Temporary restriction from server D2 Character screen says I am temporarily restricted. Wasn't logging in and out or creating a lot of games just kind of went afk and came back to it. Don't run any hacks or 3rd party software so not sure how I would get restricted?Garret990 Feb 9
Feb 9 Blood Raven I been searching the net for answers about the blood raven there's not much information about the character blood raven so I created this General Post about the discussion blood raven Just a few question I want to toss out there. The Character Blood Raven Who Is she? What is she doing in the burial Grounds ? any information is use full as i' m trying to place together a Character Information sheet a BIO about the character Found Wondering the burial Grounds. Fiction or nonfiction. Links between Characters Or Other games.Slayercloud3 Feb 9
Feb 8 WarCraft 3 expansion reforged? The one thing I feel we should all ask if the expansion Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne will be reforged as well with the base game Warcraft 3.starlord1 Feb 8
Feb 7 Expired D2 acc Is any option to get back acc, wich are non used more than 3 months ? I have a lot of stuff there, wich i lostThcNdz5 Feb 7
Feb 7 Warcraft III parameters or properties for players Hello all I've somewhat of a noob question. I've decided to play some Warcraft III after more than a decade. Is there any way to set qualities or properties of players through the command prompt or an internal script from a batch file or Windows PowerShell command? I have managed to create shortcuts to start particular maps but I do not know how to set my race or the number of players or the AI player difficulty or difficulties. Can this be done? Experiments so far suggest that although the race for player 1 is stated to be "random" it turns out to be human much more then one would expect from an actual random determination, namely 5 out of 5 executions from a batch file, and all 5 games started with 2 players.Aethelleo0 Feb 7
Feb 6 Necromancer summoner fixes Guess I'll repost here since you decided to just completely delete my other post in support instead of moving it. Pretty juvenile and not surprised that it happened knowing how this company operates. FIX THE IRON GOLEM! He loses his aura when you make him out of an item that gives you an aura like Insight for example. Monsters that have mana burn and probably others will hit your golem and he loses his aura unless you rejoin the game. Allow us to choose what type of magi get summoned. Just having them spawn at random is stupid. Give us the ability to choose what type of element is summoned. THANKS SO MUCH!master3 Feb 6
Feb 6 /ban is not working /ban is ineffective. Basically functioning like /kick now and has been this way for several weeks. Looking for people to respond to this thread if you or your clan is affected by this issue.islanti7 Feb 6
Feb 5 Private servers!? Can Blizzard PLEASE let us customize servers like world editor.this way we can monitor bots ourselves as we keep our community together. i personally have a discord of people who play hardcore wanting so bad to come back. things we could do if we had the private servers. 1Ban people/botters 2costomize items add/remove(idea for events) 3have our own ladder 4have more then 8 players 5respwan creeps 6hostel outside of town 7add action house 8add zones and even acts 9make custom games. 10reset the ladder as the host feelsDiaton5 Feb 5
Feb 5 drop hacker confirmed. today i got drophacked by player. he first said gg to our team when he think he was winning. but then we beat him and i reply him gg :) he got mad and after 10 second i got instant disconnection. my computer said "problem with DNS server". he made somekind of attack to my computer to put my internet down.Wlizer21 Feb 5
Feb 5 wc3 account I wanted to log on into my Warcraft 3 account but it won't let me. I get a message that says that Warcraft account does not exist. I do not understand I log in keep my account active, and it does exist when I look at profiles. save my account.AXE1 Feb 5
Feb 4 Can't connect to please try again later can someone assist me with this…. i dont know what to do i've been getting this message 4 3 days now.. tried reinstalled run as admin nothing work please helpBachest1 Feb 4
Feb 4 Is D2 bugfix patch even considered at this point? The last couple of D2 patches were only compatibility-related patches, to make the game playable on modern systems. But will we ever see some of the gameplay bugs fixed (and the list of those is still quite large)? Do people who could fix any of them even work in Blizzard anymore? If D2 won't be remastered, then at least attempt fixing some of the (most usual) gameplay bugs. In D2, it's "only" a matter of modifying some spreadsheet values, not creating new content or any other major work. I don't understand how everyone is just giving up at this point, when some of the game-breaking bugs (the bugs that crash the game entirely) are still present, after all these years. If you can't fix them, at least tell us.AKosir2 Feb 4
Feb 4 consolidation of gateways i was doing a bit of reading on the starcraft forum and found this gem. ctrl + f : CONSOLIDATION OF GATEWAYS ...or if youre like me you could read the whole thing. Feb 4
Feb 4 Name lost due to your system thanksPablo0 Feb 4
Feb 4 Diablo II Restreamlined They are now working on Diablo 2! We are getting a “platform patch intended to streamline the process of launching and connecting to Diablo II”. Mark told us XP and Vista will not be working about a year ago, now it’s coming. This along with the new features we’ve recieved for free over the last year pretty much confirms to me that D2 will not be remastered. You would think the extra charaters per account and character name change feature would be things included in a Remaster. What do you think? Is it going on the Launcher or is this the precursor to that?AtomicPunk17 Feb 4
Feb 3 Getting Diablo 1? Is there any way to legitimately download Diablo 1? And while we're on the topic, what about Warcraft 2 and 1?Carrot3 Feb 3
Feb 3 Diablo 2 LoD product key error I have an original copy of D2 and D2LoD.. I played it so many years in single player mode. I never told anyone my product key.. Yesterday i reinstalled it to my new conputer, i pushed the button, just for an update, and for to maybe try the multiplayer options, and it has told me that someone has alredy using My product key.. I'm so angry.. I never told anyone it... Or just my old computer, in my old home is the reason of the problem..? It's in the trash so i can not even delete it from that pc.. So Blizzard please help me.. I want to play my original copy what i bought... Thanks, Bence!Heisenberg5 Feb 3
Feb 2 [D2] End The Timed Bnet Lockouts! Locking accounts out of for switching characters too fast/logging into games with too many characters needs to end now. It doesn't stop or slow down botters at all. All it does is restrict legitimate players. I lost an Ist rune. I was transferring an oculus from my char that I used the socket quest on, back to her. Then I logged onto my mule that had my only Ist rune on. I dropped the Ist rune, logged onto my sorceress AND IM LOCKED OUT. So goodbye to my beautiful Ist rune and my 80% mf sorceress weapon. I suppose ill stay at the base 50% on the oculus for now. Until I find another Ist rune. What other choice do I have? Lost to an outdated and useless security system. Please remove it, there is no reason to keep it around as long as the only purpose is to stop botters, because CLEARLY it isnt working. Botters are rampant and dance around your timed lockout system with ease. The rest of us legitmate players are the ones who suffer. Please end the timed Bnet lockouts! Thank you.Br0nx5 Feb 2
Feb 2 D2 characters Hello i would like to ask why my characters have been deleted when i continue to refresh them every couple weeks? one by one they all have been deleted even when they didn't have an expiration. xtm3 (USeast) as well as a couple other accounts, but this one is my main.Mythbuster1 Feb 2
Feb 2 Activision Blizzard Stock (ATVI) I could not find anywhere else to post this if there is a better place please let me know. Today I purchased stock in Blizzard which I should have done years ago. I have been playing these games since I was a wee lad so why not invest in something that is profitable as well as something you enjoy and a brand you believe in. I was curious to how many of you actually own stock in Activision/Blizzard and how long have you had it etc? Just friendly conversation.SumWhiteDood6 Feb 2
Feb 2 [D2]The Arreat Summit New Post. Feb 2
Feb 2 All characters are gone? Account two weeks old I have 6 characters, all logged into within the last 24 hours. Two of them are 73 and 70. Went out to dinner, came home and they are all gone. What gives?ph3arless3 Feb 2
Feb 1 Black ops 4 refund denied so a got black ops 4 two days ago and i only have 13.5 hours on it, but when i don"t like it and go for a refund it is "Substantial play time" how do i know if i like a game if i don't play it for that long? I know there is nothing i can do to get a refund at this point but i still am really angry i cant refund this dud of a gameOnly2GenderZ11 Feb 1
Feb 1 [WAR 3] Disconnection from custom games I got back 3 days ago to play Warcraft 3. But since yesterday I can't stand more than 10 minutes in a custom game and I got disconnected from Battlenet. My internet connection is fine and well. I heard that a lot of people are having the same problem in Ladder games. But I guess the problem isn't so much the same. Anyone had the same problem and could fix it?fegrisch1 Feb 1
Jan 31 WC3 Patch 1.30.5 ASAP! Hello dear readers, Thanks to the Reforged's Hype, I decided to give it another chance to WC3. I reinstalled the game and played 200 matches in the last 3 weeks. I am currently at level 25, so I had enough to affirm that Patch 1.30.4 is broken, or as TOD says, "sad state the game is in..." WC3 players knows that win-rate matters to compare abilities, however, this is no longer true. Usually, a player with 60% win-rate is considered a good player, meanwhile 70%-80% very good, 90% or above semi-pro (tier2) and pro-players (tier1). Nevertheless, in this patch Night Elf players are able to beat way-much-better undead players. The races are unbalanced, a 50% elf can easily beat a 65% undead; A 60% elf can beat a 80% undead, this is not fair. This is not about "how good they are", but about "how strong elf has become". Every elf player goes the same strategy in every single match: KOTG + ALCH + Archers = Expo; Hypos + Faeries = GG. Elf expands and begins to harass! Ghouls will die, Fiends will die. If Elf stands at the Undead's doors, Undeads wont even leave base. "OMG, this iMc is so newbie, that's why he's complaining." Please watch Happy games vs Night elf players. He's wasting 30/40 minutes to beat elfs that are not even CLOSE to his skills, because there's nothing Undeads can do on early/mid game against Elfs in 1.30.4! Happy is not just a pro-player, he's the current best Undead player in the world. Now, can you imagine how hard it is for mortals like us to beat Elfs in this patch?! The game-balance is broken, please fix that! Summarizing: NERF ELFS! NERF KOTG! Thanks in advance, iMc.iMc1 Jan 31
Jan 30 Hacking in Warcraft 3 is abused! I returned to Warcraft 3 since I quite many years ago, cuz its still amazing game so far to me! Except for some ridiculous hacking or magic !@#$ some players like to just for success. more points for nicer profile pics? I didn't get you at all! I quit the game long time ago somehow because of those fking hacking tool! Anyway, a guy on battle net called, phidippidies, a night elf, use kinda hacking tool to disable my hero's skills, and more gold whatever. Just an alert, dude, you are ruining the game! You may looking for two hackers play the game and see who has better hacking tools? This is not any game about. You will lose all happiness end up win by hacking each other, cuz you can win %^-* without it!Sihlouette1 Jan 30
Jan 30 You were disconnected from B.Net. Plse reconnect Sorry for my bad English I am a french canadian. I bought a new Asus ROG laptop and I have installed Windows 10 and I have installed Diablo 2 + Diablo 2 - LOD. I took the new setup files on my Blizzard account. Because the old setup didn't not work. All the 2 games are installed after it I launch the game and I cannot access at any Realm. The messa ge is: You were disconnected from Battle.Net. Please reconnect. I have tried again today and I have the same message. My 2 characters are in the West Realm. I am not using any VPN and any third-party software. Blizzard or someone can tell me plse how fix this problem and what is the problem with my Diablo 2. TY fro ur answer.MarioBaril2 Jan 30
Jan 30 [D2] minor glitch on character select screen if you have more than 8 characters on an account, a scroll bar appears. pressing the Home key will take you to the last character but the scroll bar isnt updated, so rolling the mouse wheel down after that will move you even further down the character list. i just want to say thank you to everyone working on D2 and a big shoutout to the classic games team. i am very excited for the upcoming patch and any future patches.stuffedtiger0 Jan 30
Jan 30 [D2] Possibility of account merge? Seeing as a couple months ago we got more slots per account (From 8 to like 16 or 18) is there a possibility that we could move characters from one account to another? Or at least merge 2 accounts? Thank you.MyrequeArk2 Jan 30
Jan 29 [D2] Reduce occurrence of "Guest Monsters" in Act5 NM/Hell This is a suggestion (what the title say.) I reinstalled the game after a very very long break (I think last I played was 1.07?) And now the only thing spawning in act5 ARE the guest monsters. I wouldn't mind having some variety, but the old monsters from act5 are almost all gone... Especially on the Bloody Foothills (siege map) - the other maps varies but it's not rare to see > 50-75% of non-act5 mobs (as of pre 1.10). Simple request, but having AT MOST 25% guest monsters would be fine, for any given map. I haven't seen a single one of the classic Bloody Foothill map mobs in the last 5 games I played in Act5 NM. Thank you.Francois4244 Jan 29
Jan 29 Temp bans out of control. Ruining the game. i can leave a game and go make a baal run and get banned. i got banned while doing an uber run last night and lost a 20/17 storch. this is a joke. yall need to fix this temp banning bull!@#$ or your gonna drive all your customers right back off the game.legitxsniper13 Jan 29
Jan 29 Diablo II favorite builds Hey folks! I came here to ask a quick question of the Diablo community. What are your favorite character builds and why? I am looking to make some YouTube videos and I want to focus on what you guys want to see.KevinK11 Jan 29