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Jul 14 Diablo 2 Ladder Reset 2019? is this happening?Relientkiid58 Jul 14
Jul 14 Can i get D2 expansion with a different language? I have D2 in spanish and i want to get the expansion in english, is that possible or do i have to get the expansion with the same language?Bloodveil2 Jul 14
Jul 14 Diablo 1 Question First time play and I've managed to get to Diablo as Sorcerer...And I'm getting owned. That apocalypse spell is OP and kills me in moments. My Arkains Valor armour has been destroyed by his damage and I'm losing money on keeping up with the consumables. I just don't see any way of beating him at this point any tips? Considering rolling a Warrior. See if I can beat him as that.Edge3 Jul 14
Jul 13 helpppppp Accidentally loaded up d2 while still connected to my vpn am I banned if so for how long?Farmer1 Jul 13
Jul 12 [D2 LoD] An Error: Game Is Full There are times when trying to join my own game with a second pc and account that my character will not join the game and I'll get the message "Game is full", even though the game isn't full. I know this because the game is for 4 players and my other character on another account and pc is in the game that is registered as full and it is the only character that is in the game. This seems to occur when trying to join the game but you hit cancel because the character isn't joining the game but stuck in waiting to join. I do this when the cursor gauntlet hasn't disappeared within 3 seconds, which it does just before joining a game. So I hit cancel and try again. Doing this three times in a row registers the game full, even though a second, third and fourth character hasn't joined the game. Now that I know what causes this problem I'll avoid it, but this is a relatively new issue, at least one I've never experienced before.CanisLupis0 Jul 12
Jul 12 Goldstrike Arch any good? I got a goldstrike arch. +240 something % ED +180 something % dmg against both Demons and Undead. So added together, that would be about +430ish % against both Demons and Undead, and it seems most monsters in the game are either undead or demons. There aren't that much that are neither. All the act bosses are Demons so the additional + damage will apply (coupled with Laying of Hands, this is talking about nearly +800% damage to demons). I reckon before I can get my hands on a Faith, it would be sufficient to use that in the interim? Is it worth upgrading it to Hydra Bow?BFG900011 Jul 12
Jul 12 Account Recovery So my Warcraft III account of over a decade randomly got deleted at some point within the past month. In spite in my logging on at least once a month to make sure that it didn't get deleted by the annual purge. I was wondering what my options were as far as recovery was concerned, if any are even there.KingMorgoth2 Jul 12
Jul 12 I got an IST, but wondering if I paid a bit too much for it I tried to get into a few trade games and see if anybody might be interested in my +1 lit sorc GC, but nobody was interested because everybody who looked, wanted a suffix and my GC didn't have a suffix. Then I saw a game that says "IST for 2 UM 1 PUL". I joined that game and indicated I don't have 2 UM, but I have 1 UM and 1 Lit GC and 2 PULs, and if he could accept those, which he did. So I got my first IST of this season. A few moments later, I saw another game created stating "lit GC for MAL"... which made me think "I probably paid a bit too much for that IST". A few minutes later again, I saw another game stating 2 UMs for 2 KOs, so I happily traded my 2 KOs again for those 2 UMs. So now I have 1 IST, 2 UMs. I am wondering what are people charging for the full Tal Rasha set now days? Is it enough if I pay that 1 x IST and 2 x UM (and I can throw in a non-eth Andariel's helm) and ask for the full Tal Rasha's set?BFG90004 Jul 12
Jul 10 [D2 LoD] So Far... US West Hardcore Ladder (10 days in) All my experience gains has come from solo play thus far. My barb can solo clear Chaos in a 2 player game in about 4-5 minutes (killing everything) and am thinking about doing some public Chaos runs clvl 88 Barabarian clvl 76 Soceress clvl 25 Druid clvl 13 Barbarian (Classic Vanilla) clvl 13 Sorceress (Classic Vanilla) I've been playing Classic when my characters get stuck in limbo after a disconnect. First time playing in 18 years. This list is not complete at all, I've left out hundreds of items. 75% of these items were found with my barbarian using less than 25mf. The IK set and the Raven Frost I traded for. 1 x Ohm 1 x Ist 2 x Um 1 x Pul 2 x Lem 1 x Fal 3 x Ko 3 x Io (1 off hell forge :[) and hundreds of of the rest. Muled gems for cubing runes 12 x every Chipped 12 x every Flawed 12 x every Normal 12 x every Flawless 100s x Perfects 40 x P Amethyst 40 x Ral 40 x Junk Jewels Complete Sets (I collect for fun) Angelic Arctic Arcanna Berserker Cathans Civerbs Cleglaw Death Hsarus Iratha Isenhart Sigon Hawnin Immortal King Pieces Aldur Boots Disciple Glove & Boots Dangoon's Mav Belt Orphan's Belt, Gloves, Shield Tal Belt & Helm Uniques 1 x Nagel (almost perfect) 2 x Manald (1 x perfect) 1 x Ravan Frost (19 dex) 1 x Mahim-Oak Curio 1 x Saracen's Chance (23 res) Darksight Helm Vampire Gaze Skin of the Flayed One Guardian Angel Visceratuant Stormchaser Lidless Wall Venom Grip Razortail Gloom's Trap Snowclash Goldskin Arkaine's Valor Titan's Revenge Bartuc's Cut-Throat Charms 9 x 17 - 19 life sc 1 x 7mf sc 1 x 100 psn sc 1 x 197 psn lg 1 x Sounding Skiller Jewels 1 x 15 ias/10 resist all 1 x 15 ias/20 psn resist Ethereal 2 x C Voulge Rune Words 6 x Stealth (my barb was using Stealth when I first got him in hell) 3 x Rhyme 4 x Lore (1 barb helm has 4 x bo and 106 defence) 1 x Leaf 1 x Malice 5 x Insight 1 x Enlightenment 1 x Myth 1 x Black (War Club) 1 x Passion (Ogre Maul)AtomicPunk23 Jul 10
Jul 10 WC3 Things that worked on PTR now dont? just to name the thing that buggs me the most: the function "Item - for Item () add ability ()" - worked on the PTR of the patch that messed up all the string variables in the object editor. now this function doesnt do anything at all. I want to bringt this to your attention as i belive these things could go unadressed. Also i'd like to ask if we can get a hotfix before reforged for these kind of issues with the current wc3 version? EDIT: after some testing with fellow mappers i found out that if you give the abilities to units directly and change the abilities field values (for example adding armor) you need to change the abilities level up and back down to make the ability "refresh", without no changes to the stats of the hero would be applied we assume the same things to happen on items, the issue is that you cannot change an item abilities level the question is: why is it now even a thing that you have to refresh passive abilities by increasing and decreasing the level after changing the value fields?Cryze0 Jul 10
Jul 10 Warcraft 3 controll question Hey! I want to buy a 60% Keyboard (with no [F1] - [F12]) Do I need the F Keys for Warcraft 3 reforged?Plochie0 Jul 10
Jul 10 (USEast) please fix these server wide rollbacks... ...... The game is almost unplayable when servers constantly crash every hour and "tag" us for 10-15 minutes.Cheetos2 Jul 10
Jul 10 Warcraft 3 Installer not working - Bad Gateway So I download the W3 Frozen Throne Installer and tried to run it but the installation get stuck at 0%. I opened Fiddler to check the request and I found some of the requests to download some files contains BAD GATeWAY error. These type of files are getting error 502 - Bad Gateway Jul 10
Jul 10 Warcraft III Tournament 3x3 Random Hello Blizzard. We are champions from today tournament 3x3 Random finishing at 9:50pm but we didn't get any bonus wins. Can u explain to me why we still stay on preliminary round score after tournament winning and can that be checked and added in our score. My team today was Leonie. , Arctic.Bash and me Yelqe. Please if u can bring us our rewards i think we need to get 25 wins more. Server: Europe Northrend Thanks in advance. Best Regards. Jul 10
Jul 10 [D2]: Need help on how to kill monsters faster in WSK Hey all. I made a similar post last night but for some reasons the post just never appeared, so apologies if this may be double posting. My SORC with crappy gear has completed Baal Quest all on her own (no party involved) and now she can do WSK fairly consistently, only she doesn't kill as far as I would like her to. I tried to time a WSK run with a stop watch (level 2, 3 and Throne only up to Lister the Tormentor), no level 1 yet. In the end, the process took about 17-18 minutes. To me that is a bit unsatisfactory. So If someone can help me to point out what I can do to decrease the time needed for each run, that'd be great. She is a Orb/Meteor SORC, although she hardly ever uses Meteor... Her stats: 910HP, 470ish Mana, close to 60 resistance (50 something, ,almost 60) to all but Lightening resistance is 75. She has approx~ 50 MF (comes fromm amulate and a ring and gloves). If there are 5-7 souls shooting lightening at her, she can shrug off 2-3 volleys of lightening before needing to heal, so souls doesn't scare her any more. Her defence (when Frozen armour and Defiance aura are both activated) is about 2500ish. When killing things in WSK, if monsters are not fire immune, she pretty much just do a teleport to "collect" her merc and start spamming fireball (usually the Merc runs off somewhere, and the SORC isn't brave enough to just spam fireball in Monster's face yet. So she does a teleport to collect her merc first). Fireball can stun lock the monsters and kill them quite easily. If monsters are fire immune, then she would kite the monsters to so the monsters attack the merc, and she would position herself a suitable distance behind her merc so her Frozen Orb would "explode" just slightly in front of her merc to ensure maximum number of ice bolts hit the monsters during the "explosion". Her Ice and Fire skills are currently on level 25 (+2 from spirit weapon, +2 from spirt shield, +1 from Lore), so damange is somewhat OK, but nowhere near top tier. I am trying to find something that can replace Lore. Because Lore gives +30 to Lightening Resist. I actually tried to take Lore off and her Lightening resist still remains at 75% in Hell difficulty. This means there is a massive amount of Lightening Resist she doesn't need, so I can replace Lore with something that gives more +skills... only I haven't found any yet. So far over the weekend, I had a LEM rune drop from Pindleskin and a UM rune dropping from killing Shenk, but no runes higher than AMN dropped in WSK. I had a few odd exceptional uniques dropped from WSK, but again so far nothing spectecular. So yea, if anybody can provide some suggestions on what can be done in order to further reduce the amount of time needed to clear out WSK, that'd be really appreciated.BFG900014 Jul 10
Jul 10 checking versions on d2 after installing wc3 Hi, I downloaded wc3 today and went to go play it. It gave me an error trying to log on. I read alone and it seemed like people could do fresh installs and it would work. Well didn't feel like that at the time, and decided I would go turn up Diablo 2 a bit more today. I went to log on and now it is saying checking versions......... on all realms. I have reinstalled Diablo 2 times now. Uninstalled wc3. Rebooted my computer. All I wanted to do was play a little wc3 now I can't play my game diablo >? What to do. I'm not confused here...Vengeance3 Jul 10
Jul 9 [D2] Automated emails every Monday about accounts/characters expiring I've been receiving automated emails regularly from Blizzard about my accounts and/or characters expiring even though they are active. Can something be done to prevent the automated emails from going out unless the account or character is 30 days or more inactive? Thanks.TheDarkJedi2 Jul 9
Jul 9 [D2] Why do we use e-currency or bots for this game? I feel like if you're going to play the game you should play it. I mean the allure is getting better gear right? Might as well keep it special by not spoiling yourself with the godly gear and instead letting it stay difficult. I imagine this is how someone immortal would feel if they were stuck on earth, why would they exploit the economy to get everything they need when it ruins the purpose of even existing in the realm in the first place? Having a Bugatti is great and all but at the end of the day there isn't anything better to strive for, having the challenge alone is rewarding enough and without it you are an empty shell driving around in your spiffy vehicle; it won't stay interesting forever. The fun is setting restrictions like an ironman tournament. In the case of using such services, I see it might be fun to do speed-runs in decked out gear to get the best personal time you can. It's more interesting without pay-to-win, and that's why everyone is upset about Diablo: Immortal, right? And why the AH on Diablo 3 was a bad idea? If you are concerned about speed-runs, single player has some neat editors to make all that gear without screwing up an "established economy" (very debatable term) What do you think?Glyph18 Jul 9
Jul 8 Cant Create WC3 Games I was able to create games in WC3 a week ago but now when I do it says the game title is already in use. If i try to join a custom game after that my game crashes. I thought they fixed custom game creating recently. Wondering if there planning on rolling out another patch for thisSquash0 Jul 8
Jul 8 Changing Diablo 2 Difficulty Hotkeys Does anyone know a way to change the hotkeys that are not included in the options menu, like difficulty selection? (R=normal, N=nightmare, H=hell) I know that the hotkey bindings are found in the character.key files in the saves folder, but I don't know how to edit that file with my hex editor.demonmauler0 Jul 8
Jul 8 Short Command for Warcraft 3 Hosted Games!!! Blizzard could short commands to warcraftt 3 hosted games like... !openall to !o !closeall to !c Or just add !Refresh And so on, kick ban etc... Anyway, commands so far so good =D Thx.ViniBau0 Jul 8
Jul 8 [D2]Vanilla Question Are there Martel De Fers and Thunder Mauls in the game and do they have the ability to roll the Fool's prefix and get double sockets?AtomicPunk3 Jul 8
Jul 8 Where to look for GCs that can spawn with +skill together with a suffix? As per title question. All the +skill GCs I have found so far this season (only 2) and the a few I found last season. As well as from memory, all the way back before year 2010 when I stopped playing. All those those +skill GCs were just +skill by themselves. I have see on youtube videos that some players have + skill GCs together with suffix (such as +life, +hit recovery, +resist, etc...). That is something I never found before. Can someone advice me where those GCs drop? Also if I take a GC dropped in WSK or chaos sanctuary, then can I get +skill together with a suffix if I re-coll them? Or only GCs dropped by very specific monsters will allow + skills with a suffix even when we take re-rolling into consideration?BFG90005 Jul 8
Jul 7 Questions about Dkey and Key sets trade values I did about 20ish runs killing Nith last night and today so far. I had 2 Dkeys drop. So average looks like once per 10 runs. But my sample size is small so I can't tell how accurate that is. Back in 1.09 days, Nith is the boss I always avoided because his CE was just too deadly. It seems his CE has been nerfed. I also tried to time myself and it it can take me anywhere between 5-15ish minutes depending on 2 factors: a) if I can reach Hall of Vault quickly b) if the first direction I take in Hall of Vault leads me to Nith or not When I reach Halls of Anguish from after killing Pindle, I take a gut feeling of the general direction of the exist to Hall of Pain. Similar upon reaching Hall of Pain, I take a gut feeling of general direction of exit to Hall of Vault. The exist is almost always located in one of the 4 corners. Assuming my gut feeling is right and I go into the correct direction in both Hall of Anguish and Hall of Pain, it takes about less than 2 minutes to reach Hall of Vault. Then if I get lucky and the first direction I go to is where Nith is located, by the time I kill him, the total game time from when I created the game until I kill him is roughly around 7 minutes more or less. However, if I go into the wrong direction on the previous 2 halls, that can add another 4-5 minutes on top. Then if I get really unlucky and Nith is in the very last direction I pick from entrance of Hall of Vault, then the total time required to kill him can be up to 20 minutes or os. Now my questions: 1. Based on your experience (for those who killed him enough to get a reliable drop rate), what sort of drop rate should I expect? 1 in 10 is roughly about right? or something else? 2. How much can I trade key sets for? eg: If I get 3 x key sets (so this allows someone who open 3 portals to the uber bosses in the same game), then what can I expect others to trade for those 3 x key sets?BFG90006 Jul 7
Jul 7 Guys i had a revelation for any reason i knew i had to buy diablo 2 in 2001, that let me learn english, to use it in world travelling guy, from 3 years old to 30 years old i had live a hell here in south america, i was close to the dead many times, a lot of corruption and more, i just never fit here but i had the opportunity to be in europe and know a lot more about USA, " thats why u didnt see more post about me last 2 years " and what can i say 1 word europe + usa = heaven i dont have more doubts about that, and internet is pure brainwash against this true my respect to each citizen of united states and europe now please, do the same with south america, find a way, please all my knowledge, everything what i know, was learned reading in english through internet, because my education was so bad in school, and high school i knew i had to stay as a good person and dont fall in what tons of people falls here in short words united states and europe saved my life, through their culture in internet, and people around internet online games and more i dont know what more to say just, thanks you all, you are doing it well, keep doing it please i feel bad for learn this true at 30+ years old if i just learned this when i was young, at last, i could do more, i was a suicide guy, working, or whatever you want, but always thinking in suicide, playing games to dont think in suicide, do you understand me? because south america was a hell for me my problem is, im different, im like the people of europe or united states, and that feeling of " save the world and doing well the things each day " that thing, doesnt fit in where i had born, and that made me be a lonely person, tryied to make friends, but, any time was the time, "corruption" i dont know.. thanks for everything, now i cant think the whole planet is a hell, now i know the true, just the place where i had born it is and i feel like a paladin or necromancer, alone in act 4 ( south america ) hehe at last diablo 2 teach me that from young, to fight against the evil thanks for that blizzard, you made me a better person in year 2001 with this game well nothing more to say, going back to my duty after a hard day hehe bye..MijailBallac4 Jul 7
Jul 7 I had fun soloing WSK in 4 player game tonight. I took a different approach runnning WSK tonight. It may not be a very good idea, but I had fun experiementing. Previous a few days, I always did WSK run all by myself (create my own password protected game). Today, I decided to join those "chaos-baal run" games. I believe those games are mostly created by bots. However, instead of tagging along and leeching experience, what I did was I went into WSK and proceeded to solo in WSK myeslf. I tried to join a game with 7 other players, and at skill level only 25, WSK is un-playable in a game with 7 other players. So I then tried to join a game with only 3-4 other players, and surprisingly, I can clear WSK level 2 totally before the bots completed their combined chaos-baal run. I even had an instance where a bot teleported past me in WSK. I didn't find anything spectacular by any means, but I had fun and I know I can now handle WSK (level 2 at least, including when souls spawn) in a 5 player game (myself + 4 other players). All I really need now is more +skill items to speed up the killing. Hopefully by then I can find some good runes / items.BFG90006 Jul 7
Jul 7 My finding for the past 3 days Didn't get to play too much on Friday, a bit over 1 hour. Played for close to 2 hours before going to sleep on Saturday and today (Sunday) I got to play for about 5 hours (much longer than I normally get to play even over a weekend). Found 3 Terror keys, 1 Hatred key, 3 Destruction keys. 1 Lightening GC charm -- I will want to trade that away, but unsure what to ask for. It doesn't have a suffix... 1 Fire GC charm -- I am debating whether to keep using it myself or trade it away. It also doesn't have a suffix. 1 PUL from Countees. Saw a game that says Occy for Pul, so happily traded that one away. 2 eth body armour, applied cube reciepy to both and in both instances I got 4 open sockets. So now it is an eth 4os Kraken Shell with 960 something defence and a 4 os Scurub Hust with a bit over 1000 defence. I wonder what to expect if others want to trade for those body armours since I am unlikely to find the necessary runes myself to build those runewords anyway. US West laddder, softcore.BFG90000 Jul 7
Jul 6 19 year later and still have a blast playing d2 i love this game from the button of my heart from the last 19 year , i just dream to have a d2 remaster having a patch selection because the game time prime for lod are 1.09 and classic any before lod patch and pre-lod patch are really the worst for d2 classic . i play a lot of rpg and diablo clone but nothing is like d2 classic and lod :) this game is really a master piece of art and really believe the new diablo team will not be able to remake a game like this , so let hope to have a d2 remaster with a patch select to recapture the greatest time and era of d2 classic and lod :) thank youcharley2220 Jul 6
Jul 6 [D2] @Blizzard, legitimate players demand action against bots Here we are, another season that is overrun with bots. Your dwindling legitimate player base that plays by the rules are the victims to yet another ruined ladder season. The gear that we find plummets in value faster than we can trade it for something else. Are you going to continue this inaction against clear ToS/EULA violators or give us back the ladder game play experience that legitimate players want? We await your answer. edit: dislike = bot supporter. Nice going.TheDarkJedi16 Jul 6
Jul 6 An Idea - Blackthorne as Overwatch style RPG I was thinking about Blizzard Classic Games and I've been playing Blackthorne lately. I just thought it would be really cool to see Blizzard delve into a deep storylined game from their past. Blackthorne has so much potential to be revamped from a platformer into something expansive and intense. The horror theme is definitely popular right now too. What are your opinions people?Dreadful0 Jul 6
Jul 5 Why do you keep cheating when the game is dead !? Can someone tell me why Diablo II non-ladder US East realm is still so much full of robots and cheaters ?! Everyone here knows Diablo II is dead, Blizzard held a Grand Funeral and all Pure Old School players like Slaygor, OShogun and me were there to mourn the loss of a wonderful creature : Diablo II. So why do you keep cheating when the game is dead ?! Who will buy your misbegotten gear with forum scheisse on jsp to play a game that nobody plays anymore ? Could someone tell me why this is happening, since I truly don't understand. I also don't understand why Blizzard isn't letting us own all our Battle.Net characters on single player, for the same reason that your Battle.Net is a Server of Death. Thank you for your compassionSieurCorbeau1 Jul 5
Jul 5 About the Spoils of War Edition of Warcraft Reforged So I just pre-purchased it and does that mean I also get access to the classic Warcraft 3?DrillHits0 Jul 5
Jul 5 Sharing my experience leveling and building my char this time. [warning: long essay] This post is to share some of my own experimenting and learning from the past 3 months of play. Before I start, to give a bit of my personal background. As many of you have read some of my earlier posts, I used to play D2 a lot when I was a uni student. Back during version 1.09 days, I used to not even play on ladder at all, because playing D2 for competitiveness is just not cup of tea, and also back in 1.09 days there was no ladder only items, so that was even less reason for me to play on ladder. Then come 1.10, this was when I started creating ladder characters, but not for the reason of being competitive, but rather because some of the items are ladder only and I wanted to try them out. However, life got busy. I need to have a job, support a family, etc... and I stopped playing towards late year 2000s altogether. I only just came back very recently, some 3 months ago. So having been absent from the game for 8+ years, my technique is now rusty, I no longer remember a lot of things, essentially I kind of need to rediscovery and re-learn many things from scratch and it is not exactly a smooth sailing experience. So I won't talk about what skills to use or what items to use for any particular build as I am still in the process of re-studying a lot of those. Instead I will talk about my own experimentation with leveling up and trying out my characters. So here goes. Normal difficulty: Despite this being the lowest difficulty, I actually find this to be the most annoying. Because firstly, although monsters are weak, but you also don't start with any "primary" skills that you will use in later difficulties. Secondly, for the skills that you have to make do in the beginning, they eat up your mana rather quickly so you have to constantly go back to heal or obtain mana potions. So to make this experience a little more bearable, there are a few techniques that can be used. Primarily there are 2 methods. Method 1 -- Join experience run games while study your character carefully. Between level 1 and level 15, Tristram seems to be a good place to fight a variety type of monsters (fallen, goat man and goat archers, skeletons and skeleton archers, etc... on top of that you get to fight Grisword, there are usually 2 unique monsters at bottom left corner of the map and a pack of champion monsters in the center of the map). It allows you to gain a good amount of experience while you get to fight quite a few different type of monsters. You can experiment with early skills here. Once you reach level 15, you should be able to tackle Andariel and progress to act 2. Between level 15 and level 20, just progress as per normal throughout the game, until you reach either Arcane Sanctuary or Tombs. Arcane run used to be very popular when 1.10 first came out, but now days it appears nobody does Arcane run anymore. However, tomb runs are still popular now days. Between level 20 to level 25, just progress as per normal and you should reach level 25 by the time you finish act 4. And then just progress as per normal throughout act 5. Method 2 -- Have a high level SORC to enchant you. There are a lot of debates on this topic. Some people are outright against it. As for myself, I personal don't mind getting enchanted, but I only do that up to character level 25 and then I stop getting enchanted and go back to normal game play. However, for those people who choose to get enchanted by a high level SORC, I urge those players to take 2 things into consideration: 1. While getting enchanted saves you a lot of time leveling up and allows you to breeze through normal difficulty, but you shouldn't get so caught up with gaining levels that you forget to experiment and build your character. It appears a lot of people just complete normal difficulty without doing much experiment and without trying out skills / property try to build their characters. So they reach NM difficulty when they are only in their early level 20s and they get stuck in NM difficulty. So even if you do get help from a high level SORC with enchant, make sure you still take your time and analyze and plan your character build so you don't get stuck in NM. 2. I would strongly recommend staying in normal difficulty until at least your character is in high level 30s or even into level 40s. I personally had my SORC to stay in normal difficulty until she is level 42. I did that because I needed to find some items that can allow me to play effectively in NM as well as to gain levels so I can put points into my primary skills. That way I can test out those skills and learn to use those skills before I try to tackle NM difficulty. If I messed up, there is a chance for me to reset my skills with Akara before facing NM. NM difficulty: To me, this is actually the easiest part of the game. Even though it is harder than normal in terms of difficulty level, but by then I am already in level 40s (I was level 42 when I started NM), so I have a primary skill with sufficient skill points that I can rely on. Monsters are not immune to anything in NM and there is no global 50% resistance to everything. So life is actually quite easy in NM. I just played as per normal in NM difficulty. But I purposely stayed in NM until I was level 75. Again, the reason why I purposely stayed in NM is so I can ensure both my primary and secondary skills are maxed out (synergies are not maxed out yet), and I learn to use both skills. Such as where to position myself, when to use which skills, as well as quickly switching between different skills. This is to prepare myself to face Hell difficulty. Hell difficulty: This is the hard part. Monsters are all immune to at least one element. Even for the element that the monsters are not immune against, they have a global 50% resistance in most cases. This is where the experimentation and learning from normal and NM difficulty finally start to impact your ability to survive. For me, because this time, I stayed in NM to build my character and skills for so long, as well as using cheap low level gears that ensures my survival even in Hell difficulty, I felt comfortable solo completing the entire Hell difficulty unpartied (with the exception of act 3 where I got someone to provide me Kurast WP and then Durance WP). The progress of completing Hell difficulty was quite slow, but I was able to do it on my own. So there we go... a long essay, but this outlined my own personal experience playing through my starting MF SORC character after the ladder reset. Unfortunately, since I only get to play for 1-2 hours per day, my starting MF SORC is the only character that even reached Hell difficulty. The rest of my characters are all in normal difficulty and I more or less haven't really touched them yet.BFG90001 Jul 5
Jul 5 ip ban restriction i need help on a diablo 2 restriction for my ip i got ip restricted for 14 days thats way to long for logging in too fast on mules.. please help reduce thisSythikGold7 Jul 5
Jul 4 VPN ban I logged into D2 with a vpn free trial active because I was doing other things and didn't think anything of it. Was just gonna refresh my characters so they don't expire. I've been restricted from BNet for like 4-5 days, can't remember. Anyone know how long these can last? Its pretty ridiculous. Pfffft Pssssh!BattleBot6 Jul 4
Jul 4 D2 Banning People for weeks for making games too fast Just giving people the heads up, heard of more people than usual recieving bans for MAKING GAMES TOO FAST not botting, mine has now lasted about 2 weeks and is still not letting me connect unless I go on someone elses IP. (Meaning they're being pricks with the i.p. the cdkeys are fine) Look blizzard, I know you want to make money on the reset but can you like...!@#$ off a bit?Dimedubs0 Jul 4
Jul 4 [D2] Diablo 2 - Fan Community Discord I noticed there is lack of decently setup discord servers for Diablo 2 so I decided to set one up in my spare time! Server is brand new so I'm hoping you'd take a look and give me some feedback, I'd greatly appreciate it! And who knows I might also get you hooked on our minigame section! ;) Diablo II Fan Community Discord is an open community with a passion for Diablo 2. Come hang out with like-minded people, form new friendships, show off your character, educate others and maybe there are new things for you to learn as well! FEATURES Region selection which opens up... ...region trade and LFG channels for your selected region(s) Resources (soon) Minigames such as pokecord, coinmaster, cafe, owo and more! Open for suggestions in our feedback channel! SERVER INVITE LINK Hopefully I'll be seeing some of you there! p.s. don't be scared of the bots, they're just there to help moderate, spread some publicity and provide you with games!SuperNoodle2 Jul 4
Jul 3 Suggestion: Stop VPN bans Dear Diablo II team: I know, resources are thin on the ground and making a structural change may not be in the cards. But please, could you stop banning players using VPNs? I get it: When the rule was put in place, a VPN was a rare beast and possibly a red flag pointing to nefarious activities. But things have changed over the years; an increasing number of people use a VPN, sometimes occasionally, sometimes permanently, for a multitude of valid and legal reasons, including basic computer security. I surmise that, by forcing players to disable their VPN to play your game, you are effectively making the whole infrastructure far less secure, on top of putting some of your players at risk. And those temp bans when you forget to turn it off are unforgivingly annoying. Thanks for your attention.OODA48 Jul 3
Jul 3 Killing Hell Temptress in WSK level 3. I was just running WSK again tonight and I ran into those Hell Temptress in WSK level 3, which actually annoyed me a lot. They are not difficult to kill, but for some reasons, it requires more effort than killing other monsters to kill those off. Now there is also a different variation called "Hell Witch" in Throne of Destruction. Comparing those 2 monsters, I notice: 1. Hell Temptress is physical immmune while Hell Witch is ice immune 2. Hell Temptress is physically much bigger than Hell Witch. But otherwise they appear to be qutie similar in the sense that: 1. Both shoot those "blood star" magic from a distance. 2. Both would use a meelee kick attack when you get in their meelee range. 3. Both cast some kind of curse on you (lower your defence, amp dmg, etc...) For some strange reasons, it is much eaiser to kill Hell Witches than to kill Hell Temptress. I mean the Hell Temptress are NOT difficult to kill. They die to a few Fireball shots pretty quickly. However, every time I run into a group of Hell Temptress, they always come in a group of 5 or more and all of them would shoot a volley of their blood star magic, and for some reasons those blood star magic look so big that they fill up half of my screen. Sometimes there are so many of those blood stars that my eyes go dizzy and my merc gets killed before I even realize what is going on. So while I can still handle those, but the experience of killing them can be quite annoying. Fireball just doesn't seem to stun lock them like it can stun lock other monsters for some reasons and a lot of the time, they manage to retaliate a shot to me which breaks my fireball flows and forces me to retreat a bit before I manage to start shooting fireballs at them again. At the other hand, I don't feel so annoyed killing Hell Witches in Throne of Destruction. Hell Witches seem to be quite straight forward and killing them is a relatively easy job.BFG900011 Jul 3
Jul 3 d2 lod server lag to hell and dc idk what happened to night but server are just unplayable 20 year old and can not play on a decent server not very strong blizzard :(charley2220 Jul 3
Jul 2 [D2] show area level on map overlay it would be cool if the area level was shown on the map next to the area name. something like "Dark Wood (68)" in the upper-right.stuffedtiger1 Jul 2
Jul 2 Blizzard needs to resolve server instability I'm gonna start off positive. I'm really enjoying the new ladder, the fact that theres already bots is irrelevant to me, people seem more eager to help quest or mf with you now. The fact that the ladder is even reset still after so long is incredible. This game is truly a relic of a different era of gaming, and it still holds up. The different upgrades they have done the account features are very convenient and I appreciate them... but they have caused their own issues. Now I'm gonna be negative. I've been playing since the ladder reset (sorc at 85, nec at 73), and in these 9 days since then, where I play most days, sometimes every other day, I've had 7 games disappear on me. I have not lost any items so I'm not asking for anything back, but it is still incredibly annoying. Now I've also played on bnet for the past 4 ladders, so I'm familiar that games will sometimes disappear and then you get fail to join for 15 mins before you can rejoin... But it seems to me this 15 mins of FTJ is archaic and needs to be removed since. The alternate solution would be to fix the servers properly so games don't drop for no reason, but I'm not sure it's even possible, could be a core D2 bug for all I know. The reason I'm posting about this now is because previously I would get about 7 disappeared games over the course of 6 months. Now it's about 1 a day. This is unacceptable in my opinion. It completely ruins the flow of playing and takes you out of it. It really is feeling like they are catering to people who bot just so they can do ban waves and re sell more copies of D2. Because a bot certainly wouldn't mind waiting 15 minutes but as a person I'm quite annoyed by it every day now. Anyways my 15 mins is about up... so what do you think? Do you think D2 ladders will even be running for many years longer? Or will they keep it running as long it's profitable, hence the recent deterioration in quality?TobySLN7 Jul 2
Jul 2 D1 mouse left click Question, about D1 this time. After this ladder season is over, I am thinking considering pulling out my old copy of D1 and just do solo play myself for a bit. To get some good memories back from the good old D1 days. My copy of D1 CD-ROM has been lying around in my drawer for more than 15 years already. One thing though, is unlike D2, D1 mouse left click does not auto click. This means the constant left clicking will probably end up shorten my mouse's life expectancy, not to mention the constant clicking can really annoy people in the same room as well. My wife sometimes wakes up to my mouse clicks and scold me when this happens. Do we know if Blizzard ever replaced the manual left click with auto left click in any of the patches for D1 by any chance? Bugger if they never did it....BFG90001 Jul 2
Jul 2 not sure where to put this. so I was on fb and ran across some add that seemed to me at least to be in violation of copyright infringement some game called glorious saga kinda made me laugh how they didn't even try to hide it was wondering if anything can be done about it and if so how one would go about bringing its attention to facebook and or blizzard.lexx1 Jul 2
Jul 2 Night Elf Tattoo I just thought I'd share my first tattoo ever of the Night Elf crest! :D Jul 2
Jul 1 Since june14 Ladder reset - "disconnected" and losing progress Since the reset, i have encountered numerous "you have been disconnected" messages, which keep that character from going back to the game, or creating a new one, for several minutes. Other of my characters can create and enter games, however. I have lost item, and progress, and most recently, did a cube recipe on a + 3 gmb, the was disconnected, lost the sockets (4), and lost the ingredients, what is going on?Hogmeister5 Jul 1
Jul 1 Warcraft 3 MPQs I know the original pre-reforged version is still downloadable, but it has been stripped of MPQs. Is there any way to obtain the MPQs?Ithilras0 Jul 1
Jul 1 Diablo Immortal [Community] [Discord]  Diablo Immortal Community is a community driven project, bringing all players together! We strive to give the latest updates & infomation, guides, guilds, games and more! Regular free giveaways will be available for members that have set a react rank found in #infomation! We are also looking to expand our team! If you have any experience please contact MrBones in server! Communtity Link: Diablo Immortal Community... JOIN NOW!MrBones6 Jul 1
Jul 1 The New Guild support Time is hearing Us play the game So we have to take the tribute's into play. Who here has wanted To Ualk Through the game? Would you'r Guild like to be a Guild That move's next direction is too the next person that enters. i would get payd..gambojumbo7 Jul 1
Jun 30 Plz add Diablo 2 to the Blizzard Launcher Blizzard, as much as I hate remakes, I WOULD LOVE A DIABLO 2 REMAKE LIKE YOU DID FOR STARCRAFT! But until then, blizzard is there a chance we can get you to place Diablo 2 on the blizzard launcher, just for simplicity.Foxlewa5 Jun 30