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Jun 30 There is Here Welcome to One and All Ladies And Gentlemen no critisim. plz We the people would like to recon with a warcraft 13.percent is not a base race strat 14.percent isn't knowledge based 42% isn't a map in middle of corn field. When insalling the Game you are not feed With macro/ability knowledge So wheN you PlAy you notice you don't Want anything What', Happends here is 142% bug of patch being 32% down at All times Now we Bring up the 142000% You Have a Playable game with a standing attribute. The game is no way intended to be a hardcore substance you have a paladin When you are in town for more than a min it's called being cheap When you don't have 3 items Constantly spamed everywhere you will not ablige 'another said player. the constitute At wich Happen's To other people's town is "always Your fault 132% is not the matrixgambojumbo4 Jun 30
Jun 30 [D2 LoD] Possible Solution Preventing Restrictions... The temp restrictions we can get for leaving/joining/making games to fast is due to the timer on the notification of joining and leaving a game. If we leave a game and join another or switch a character or talk in chat while the notification is still up in the game (7 seconds long), after a few times, a player is going to get restricted from the realm. The more we get restricted per day, the longer the restriction. For me it's easy to not get restricted because I'm a turtle moving in and out of games, but the game is full of jack rabbits that can type a book out faster than I can type my name, so for these players I can easily see them getting caught up in the heat of the game and forgetting that we need to slowdown between leaving and joining. The simple solution is for you Classic Team is to make it so a character cannot leave the game until after the notification has passed and make it so after leaving a game the character cannot join another game or move to the character screen until the notification has again passed. This will also likely bring a great deal of stability to the servers as well.AtomicPunk15 Jun 30
Jun 30 Diablo 2 - no messages I purchesed this game yesterday and it worked ok, when I have logged in today I am not able to send or receive messages. The Message log ingame remains empty including when i type text and hit enter. I have read the forums and can see this is an ongoing issue, tech support Ticket ID US67722917 Has advised to post here for resolution. Cheers -ScottySweet3 Jun 30
Jun 29 Bot Free D2 legit player group Hello! We are trying to get all the legit players on HC East to join our discord. We ban botters. We have a proper medium of exchange that works directly on discord. We want you to join us this coming ladder so you can enjoy playing d2 without the bots. We hope to create a market place in which legit players only trade with other legit players. if this sounds good to you, join our discord! Cheers! if you bot d2 there are plenty of other d2 discords you can turn to! fun for everyone this season! Adam32 Jun 29
Jun 29 Help! Help! Just got realm locked while transferring. Any way to recover the gear I just lost?PulsadoKBK1 Jun 29
Jun 28 Help! Help! Just got realm locked while transferring. Any way to recover the gear I just lost?PulsadoKBK2 Jun 28
Jun 28 Warcraft 3 campaign, heros inventory removed. I recently reinstalled WarCraft 3 from the disk on my Windows 10 computer and updated via the launcher. I started playing through the original campaigns and I've encountered a really annoying glitch twice so far. The first time was in the Orc campaign after the first Grom Hellscream mission. At the beginning of the mission where you kill Cenarius, Grom dropped all of his items and had no inventory. This wasn't a huge deal because he had an inventory again after he turned red from drinking the demon's blood, but now the exact same thing has happened at the beginning of the Night Elf campaign. At the start of mission two, all of Tyrande's items are on the ground and she has no inventory. I have no idea what's going on and the campaigns are unplayable like this.kjykjy19850 Jun 28
Jun 28 Which area to grind for the first MF char lvl 83 SORC now. First char of this season. Somehow I managed to beat the Act 4 and half of Act 5 (up to Anya's quest) all by myself using crappy gear. But the progress is Act 4 and 5 is now very slow. My skill levels are only 23, so lvl 23 frozen orb does barely over 300 damage, level 23 Fireball does just a bit over 3K damage while lvl 23 metero does close to 7K damage. (for some reasons I barely use Meteor. I use Fireball 90% of the time) So this char is currently not suited to run Chaos or WSK. I am not sure how well she will survive in WSK as I haven't reached that stage yet, but she can survive in Chaos... just her killing speed is way to slow to clear Chaos effectively. I can somewhat do catacombs/pits/ancient tunnel runs OK, but can you suggest if I should add in a few more areas? Should I include countees in my runs? What about Arcane Sanctuary as the Ghost type of enemies appear in that area, is it worth running Arcane Sanctuary? I don't particularly fancy running area in Act 3 either other than to get the super chests in Lower Kurast.BFG900024 Jun 28
Jun 27 О Diablo II Diablo II - ужасная видеоигра. Вы, ребята, дураки, чтобы тратить время на это дерьмо.Privyet0 Jun 27
Jun 27 DIABLO 2 HD +1+1+1+1+1 DIABLO HDJakes0 Jun 27
Jun 27 [D2 LoD]Reporting Character Names Name has been changed.AtomicPunk1 Jun 27
Jun 26 a d2 banwave would be VERY appreciated 1-Can't even play the game cuz the dps ping is over 200 to 500 and you know why 2-Ladder already dead since the 2-3 days of begining. botters already pop sojs/hrs and some good !@#$ like that so.. getting ur thousands of fg is vanished as well. 3-Bored af of botters im gonna puke on them blearrggg. Why blizz dont perma ban those jerks (no plz dont say anything im gonna puke twice) (blearrgg).. 4-thumbs down make me stronger... no seriously its completly useless. 5-Read the manual. up below. It should be simple but for botters it seems it's not. Happy thumbs down scrubs :DBerserk1 Jun 26
Jun 26 R.i.P. Diablo 2 It‘s time guys, its time to say goodbye. Bots/Hacks win. There must be an end for all of the good times we had. Keep it in your minds. rgds~Chronos10 Jun 26
Jun 26 [D2] Reporting An Item Seller On There is a Necromancer on US West Hc Ladder called *whatever who is constantly coming into trade games selling items for a currency outside of the game. His items are bot generated and he works with a botting team where his purpose is to sell the items on the website.AtomicPunk0 Jun 26
Jun 26 Can't Log in - CD Key being used by: FAQ Hi, I was hoping to get in on this Diablo 2 ladder reset right at 5, but I keep getting a "Your CD Key is currently being used by: FAQ". The cd key is connected to my bnet account, it worked before the reset, and this has persisted now 4 hours. I feel a bit jipped from getting to have a true reset. I've tried reseting my ip, waiting the 5 minutes it recommends before logging in again, and browsed for any answers, but I'm at a loss. Any help?Gore9 Jun 26
Jun 25 Diaton's fake gold system ruining the game.. ponzi scheme scamming crapshoot... ban these guys.. wtf blizzard?Cheetos8 Jun 25
Jun 25 Gem has a purpose! So i found out what gem does and Brevik you are a genius! You activate it and go straight up and click on the d2 banner! Please don't spoil the surprise for anybody else! Just have a good laugh and go about your way! Much love -Zookah If anyone else found a purpose its been 20 years guys i cant be the first ;)Zookahz8 Jun 25
Jun 25 WC3 in OCE. Help, I want to play on vs real peoiple however my ping is too high for U.S West and Asia servers are dead. What should i do?RED1 Jun 25
Jun 25 [D2]: Server Instability Tonight Upon logging in (off for two hours) it was very sluggish at the checking versions screens. Upon getting through I was greeted with the "hanging" connecting...for about 15 seconds until it finally opened up. Internet is stable with solid latency/ping/mbs download. Anyone else seeing this?Voodooist4 Jun 25
Jun 24 Does D2 ever go on sale? Has Blizzard ever run a sale on Diablo II and the expansion?Crayder1 Jun 24
Jun 24 "You were disconnected from Please reconnect" I got this error message last night, was getting lag on my 2.4 g connection so I went to switch over to my 5g for faster gaming, and when I tried to log back on this message kept popping up. Please help me, IP : Thanks.Vapor0 Jun 24
Jun 24 Expires on Accounts Just wondering why I can login with chat API with Stealth Bot and see all my characters on a series of accounts but from Diablo II client cannot login and get 90 day error etc? Could someone from Blizzard/ please enlighten me on the situation. Thank you.RIP1 Jun 24
Jun 23 My Rant After EuHcL's Death [D2] Hello everyone, i am Harun, you might know me as Esa or Faki in euhcl, i have been playing d2 since classic days and i was the 1st or the 2nd 99 last ladder and this is my rant ; Today on 6th day of ladder i simply quit due collapse of ingame economy and heavy decline in player numbers due wast amount of bots. To say that bots are killing Diablo 2 would be an understatement, they already murdered it, to the point that some well known botters quit themselfs. Now lets see why this happened, why and how bots managed to conquer ladder and out number real players within one week. To understand this ruination we ironically need to go to one of golden chapters of this game which i did not partake, to 2017 winter reset. When Blizzard did something. An actual banwave, and breaking of some bot programs led to a ladder that some veterans say and rate the best one yet. Sadly this game have never been played as its meant to be played in its life time but in 2017 winter ladder it came close. Real player numbers peaked, communities and clans formed, forums nourished, streams and videos appeared. This golden age echoed through a year and carried players from ladder to next ladder and then it happened ; evolution of bots. After their bots rendered unuseable what did this botters do ? They came up with better ones. Now these bots can clear normal to hell in 3 hours as teams of 8, they no longer act as seperate entities, they can follow and assist each other, they can form parties and function on peak efficiency and allow the botter to clear Uber Tristram within 8 hours from scratch. What we saw this ladder was exactly this combined with normally low (compared to winter) summer reset player count. So whats my point ? interval between actions taken against bots is wast, it cant be 2 years. This leaves us with a game that can not be played multiplayer 3/4 of the time. This leaves us with a game that has 1000 real players playing multiplayer but gets 250.0000 views on random videos of single player youtubers. This leaves us with a player base that where majority believes Blizzard conspires with real money shops. This leaves us with a diablo fan base without a diablo game for pc. This leaves us with a question, shall we hope for a fix or did Blizzard put us in a grave long time ago ? But why rant ? Diablo 1 is the first pc game i played, Diablo 2 is the reason i label my self a gamer, to me Diablo 2 is the perfection, i cant be the only one but Diablo 2 is the reason when other kids in my class wanted to be policemen, soldiers or doctors, i wanted to work in Blizzard. In these days when i see an article about Blizzard losing their devoted fanbase, I look at state of Diablo 2, The legacy of Diablo, The game that made Blizzard ; The Blizzard in my mind and i see their reasoning clearly on those articles. To the unavoidable ''its just a game, get over it!'' guy i say this ; You are right and i should but here i am writing this at 6 am, Why ? Because i saw the classic movement and i saw the classic wow devs and how much they value feedback. In case if Blizzard tries to fix Diablo 2 or Diablo 3 or make a remaster or seek reference for a new Diablo game my voice might be heard. In case if a dev appears in this desolate forum, in case this thread doesnt get removed , in case my voice is heard i would like to suggest some improvements that can be made in current Diablo games or inspire ideas for future ones. 1)Dupe: Diablo 2's and Diablo 3's biggest problem was duping and bots, at this day and age i think both of these can be prevented. I am not the wisest guy but dont you think that items can be individually identificated and these ids stored via something similar to blockchain ? 2)Bots: I am fully ready to enter captcha every 5 mins if its going to prevent bots. Also creating an account just with an email or even just with an cdkey is too easy thus too easy to mass nets of bots. We all have phones after all, accounts should be binded to tel numbers and even require a sms authentification for every login. Again i know Diablo 2 allows 4 connections per ip, why not 2 ? or even 1. 3)Lack of Common Currency, Real Money, Trading: Real reason of botting is selling items on 3rd party shops for real money. Diablo 3 tried to counter this via Real Money Action House (RMAH), also had a normal ah which used in game gold as currency. Rmah was a genius idea ruined by bad regulation, in game gold ah was a disaster led to a no trade item farming game and in D2 people use 3rd party sites forumgold/diablogold as common currency which leads up to those 3rd party sites economic gain, Blizzards loss and players frustration. As an avid diablo player and a economics&finance student i belive i have the perfect solution on this chapter. As we all know Diablo games we choose our division ; Ladder - Non Ladder, Hardcore - Softcore. Whats missing here is two parent divisions; RMAH - In Game AH (IGAH) this parent divisions will solve every problem we have; So lets leave aside other divisions and see how should RMAH and IGAH divisions should differentiate each other; a)RMAH: Diablo 3 Rmah failed due player feed back and free market policy and trading combined. How ? heres my explanation; -Player feed back : Some players hate pay to win elements in pc games, yet there clearly is a group that demands it and a work force that is willing to supply them via 3rd part or RMAH. Our RMAH - IGAH divisions completely eliminate this clash and separate NoPayToWin group with PayToWin group and WorkForce. -Trading: Trading cannot be allowed on RMAH division under any circumstances or it will create a black market thats cheaper than RMAH, no loot sharing , no party sharing , no party drop rate buff. Absolute solitude in item rewarding. This ensures equality between players. -Free Market Policy : This was a huge mistake, no one would judge Blizzard if they regulated D3 RMAH strictly, Every item can be calculated in value and set maximum price according to its variables , players can choose to lower item value to create competition among themselfs, maximum price prevents exploitation. To sum up RMAH : No Trading, you need to deposit real money or sell items for real money to use RMAH, contains both PayToWin group and WorkForce. Blizzard takes a cut from every transaction there for monetizing the game, Blizzard may cut even more on withdrawals (like on d3 paypal) further monetizing the game without affecting NoPayToWin group while monetizing the game and satisfying PayToWin and WorkForce groups. Auctions should be anonymous. b)IGAH: Contains NoPayToWin group, as RMAH uses real money as currency IGAH uses in game gold or Blizzard may establish a make belief currency like forumgold to prevent WorkForce groups interest to IGAH division Blizzard should find perfect balance in trading rules in IGAH division. Safest course would be same rules as RMAH division, yet Blizzard may allow party/guild/clan shared loot for cost of WorkForce groups minor interest via 3rd party service trading or allow free trade according to WorkForce groups interest. Auctions should be anonymous. 4)Focus Group: This is THE mistake of this era. Games should be designed for the ''hardcore'' players. They might be the %10 of the player base but they are the ones who bring their family and friends to create the other %90.Harun6 Jun 23
Jun 23 [D2] Uber tristan at non-lader Is uber tristan available at non-lader? I have run many times countless and summoner but I didn't dropped any key (from my observations before reset i should get some based on number of runs) .marcin7m1 Jun 23
Jun 23 I will give ACTIBLIZ $20 for Warcraft Orcs vs Humans they should put this game on the Blizz client so I can buy it. $5 would be a good price, but I'd actually pay $20 Thank you.Tactician1 Jun 23
Jun 23 Act 1 town ground ate my items I was xfering some items around when I noticed that my eth 4socket thresher on the ground disappeared. Then my spirit sword and socketed armor was gone too. Is there anyways blizzard can restore those items back to my stash?darksword1 Jun 23
Jun 23 Player Dead after Save and Exit? Playing D2 Hardcore Ladder exited a baal run to join the next game, upon joining the next game it says "Failed to join game". I went to character selection screen as I thought the client was bugging out. Turns out my character was declared dead? How does this even happen. I clicked Save and Exit to join the next run and my character is being treated as if he died. Has anyone else experienced this?Moldraxian1 Jun 23
Jun 22 Change Cd keys for Wc3 Frozen Throne on Mac This website helped me figure out how to change my Wc3 frozen throne cd keys on Mac OS, don't believe there is a lot of info out there on how to do this so hopefully this helps, after I followed all of these steps and deleted the Roc. file it prompted a window to pop up that allowed me to enter new Cd keysDeadlyPants0 Jun 22
Jun 22 D2 Legit Vs Bots Enough said. . . ISO Fix Or Diablo 4 with PvP and loot that means a damn without hacks everywhere. thxIVIDK10 Jun 22
Jun 22 Question about Anderial bug So I understand that once you kill her, you need to make sure that you do not take any TPs opened by yourself or other players, but instead you must take the TP that is created by the game after her death. Once you are back to Rogue camp, talk to Warive directly and go to act 2 without talking to anybody. Once done correctly, she is considered to be "bugged". My question is, once this happens, does she stay bugged permanently and you don't need to worry about following any specific steps when farming her? Or do you need to follow a set up procedures every time you farm her? I have been farming her in NM difficulty for the past 2-3 days, and I can see she drops like 3-4 yellow items most of the time, occasionally some green and low level gold items including green and gold rings (the 2 gold rings she dropped so far are both nargle rings)... she so far hasn't dropped any amulets. Also I haven't seen her dropping gold or potions or anything like that. She primarily just drops yellow items. Not that those yellow items are all that useful, but they do sell for good cash.BFG90004 Jun 22
Jun 21 D2 character vanished? My Barb just decided to go invisible. I thought maybe somehow he died last time i played but I only use it for storage lol. Login screen hes invisible no death/reaper. Even after relog? Anyone know whats up? I can't join games with him like hes dead. HC obviously but I see him in the bottom but when i join a room hes invisible person and on login hes invisible. I guess I am happy it happened to a mule than my main lol. Very weird either way.CodeJerry0 Jun 21
Jun 21 That moment when you make a new HCL char... Oh, my gerd! How did Blizzard make a game, a game which after all of these years the excitement of starting new, playing solely self-found, and killing Corpsefire for the first time in this new ladder season, which feels super awesome! I was thinking of not playing this ladder, so as to try out some new games. Yet, Diablo 2 LOD is too much fun! Thank you Blizz for continuing to maintain the hardware and software that keeps this super old game going for us old timers! <3 (^・ω・^✿iWasntThere4 Jun 21
Jun 21 [d2] patch ideas I would like to suggest a few things that would revitalze diablo 2 and offer some much needed quality of life changes: -bigger stash and inventory with a specific inventory for charms -item loot filter, plenty of them already made but easy to configure one from scratch -add shortcut keys that help item and inventory management (transfering items from inventory to stash, droping items, placing items in cube) -merged realm for all players with the ability to choose a proper server based on location and ping -global chat channel but also specific trade channels based on core and ladder -party auto invite and auto accept features when joining games (on hardcore auto looting corpse option) -add a secret ingredient that allows rolling maximum sockets on uniques based on their type -add melee aoe splash damage as affix on jewels -drastically nerf bo (reduced duration or reduced % buff) -allow players to open cows after killing cow king -remove game and character switching restrictions, make game perm in 30 seconds and last 5 minutes -add a key that allows inspecting other people in game -remove gems required to cube runes -only allow rune cubing upto ohm (to eliminate rune duping in cube) -increase TP, ID tome charges and keys stack to 100 -add new locations that increase in difficulty based on tier (1-2-3 etc...) with a boss that drops a scroll that provides a portal for the next tier -these locations should generate specific areas and be heavily populated by high density monsters in order to offer better and more fun challenges for players -add a new charm that improves a class skill (would be dropped by highest tier boss as mentioned above) -make certain areas with only 1 level, some are unplayable in groups (like maggot lair, some act 3 dungeons) -add 3 seconds cooldown to teleport (it's game breaking and we know it) -rework the uber diablo event (selling sojs to spawn it is redundant) -player 8 loot at all times (game difficulty remains the same based on number of players) -rework unused and underpowered skills, balance and tweak classes in order to provide more build options and diversity -change various items and runewords in order to make them usable and viable (but also nerf some since they are too strong) -buff a1, a3 and a5 mercenaries since now most people only really use a2 mercs Some of these suggestions would require a more in depth approach that I will not go into at this time and in this thread but they are in my opinion much needed for gameplay improvement.Laurian20 Jun 21
Jun 21 Warcraft III hangs for 20 minutes To kill Warcraft III process, I used this command: taskkill /IM "Warcraft III.exe" /F I'm running Windows 10 on a Lenovo Thinkpad. It can be very laggy in customs, but melee maps run well with decent FPS and a minimal amount of lag. I have never had this problem before in melee or customs. I pressed alt+F4 at the score screen. The screen turned black. No other processes were visible, since they were in the background and Warcraft was permanently locked in the foreground. I could not access the task manager, but I was able to launch a batch command and list processes. Very irritating experience. I could not close the game from the taskbar even though I tried many times.HumptyHump1 Jun 21
Jun 21 Bots are back after 1 week Bots after 1 week of diablo2 the botters are back. going mental on diaruns and baalruns. saying hello to every nickname joining the game so !@#$ing pathetic. where the %^-* are blizzard banning these botters?????? sleeping on the job. loosing players here just like wow had to make a vanilla to keep players to come back.SindyBadindy2 Jun 21
Jun 20 [D2]'s terrible anti-bot system Yesterday I was switching games, got temp banned. Today, I guess I joined too many games too quickly (joined a few pub baal games; last one I got DCed from) now I've been flagged and can't create or join games. Thanks, Blizzard. On top of constant rubberbanding, and of course, DCs; the anti-bot system attacks actual players too. Great game. No wonder other 'servers' and SP mods are starting to become more popular than bnet; no one wants to deal with the networking issues.Opex1 Jun 20
Jun 20 cannot transmute 3 DOL runes on ladder I have a ladder character, but cannot transmute 3 DOL runes in a horardic cube with chipped emerald, to convert to HEL runePIZDETS8VSEM3 Jun 20
Jun 20 Classic: Please NO Collector's Editions TL:DR No collectors edition pets/mounts in Classic "OR" allow the purchase of collector's edition (digital copy) Dear Blizz, Please do not allow the collector's edition or blizzcon pets in Classic WOW. Those pets were given to players on Retail several years ago. I played back in Vanilla but was "gifted" a normal copy of the game and was young and didn't realize that I would miss out on pets. Which I was salty about it back then and now I am royally tick off about as I see people run around with their narcoleptic panda's in the stress test. So my thought is either those "special" items and pets are for retail only. Or open up a new line of digital copies of the collector's edition. So that those of us who feel like Classic is our chance to re-live Vanilla WoW the right way. The way we didn't get to back then. Can enjoy having the pets we've wanted since Vanilla.Devra2 Jun 20
Jun 20 connecting to since reset literally have not been able to connect since saturday morrning, what is going on. Forum Mod Edit: This post has been edited by a moderator due to language. FlintStone3 Jun 20
Jun 19 cant connect to diablo 2 Your game is broken. Activison-blizzard pls fix the game or take it offline. Dont let it rot like this..Nker1 Jun 19
Jun 19 how long do keys usually temp restricted for used mine a little too much i think and now i get ''battlenet is not responding'' when i change IP its still the same, so its obviously the key whats the time limit on these?Jordi1 Jun 19
Jun 19 MAC change Cd keys how do I change my cd keys for warcraft 3 or frozen throne on a MacBook?DeadlyPants0 Jun 19
Jun 18 Failed to join game Removal of bnet cache doesn't help. How to deal with this yet another blizzard wonder?Madtusk0 Jun 18
Jun 18 TK Bots and Blizzard Ruined WC3 4v4 Why does blizzard allow these TK bots/account builders to ruin wc3 4v4 ladder and at the same time not allow us to have where we could ban hackers, leavers and tk's and host games across all realms? WE made 4v4 great again and you intervened and took it from us. Does blizzard not approve of 4v4? What happened to warden? Why no player reports? Is it so difficult to pay a kid 15/h to warden and investigate player reports? No point in making reforged if you cannot solve these simple issues. Thousands have already quit because of them and will not come back simply because of new graphics.GooGolPleX1 Jun 18
Jun 18 best realmdown so far I logged on and here is what I did joined a game with a character Left the game with a character Deleted the character Created another character Realmdown. GODLIKE quality of gameplay on bnet servers.SangoReborn6 Jun 18
Jun 18 Banned 3 hours to prevent bots ? Hi, While trying to get the right mercenary and a bit of muling, I found myself banned for 3 hours (waiting in line to create a game for 10800 sec). I did some research. It's to prevent boting. Considering half of the forum posts are complains are about bots, is it doing anything good besides preventing leggit players from playing the game? This is ridiculous.Styks8 Jun 18
Jun 18 D2 multiple instances on mac? I know on windows you have Sandboxie, but when I try using wine to install it; it constantly tells me 'can only be used on winX OS'. Is there a way to run multiple instances on Mac? Are there any sandbox programs on Mac? No I will not buy a windows PC just to play multiple diablo 2 instances.Opex0 Jun 18
Jun 18 Nothing Changed. dupes and bots. NOTHING IS CHANGED, server crashes to dupe items and bots.. all here. nothing changed. blizzard must have really really hated the masterpiece that blizzard north created. they must have left on really really bad terms.. blizzard treats d2 and it's fan base like crap. guess this hack fest ladder is over for me.. back to POE or 7d2d .. send me an email if you ever patch this game please blizzard. otherwise see u next ladder for 3 more days.thorn0 Jun 18
Jun 18 Remove temporary restriction This is ridiculous. Game is full of bots and you're banning legit players for passing Tir from one characters to another. This is 2019 and not 1999. You have better hardware and fewer surviving players then in 1999. We payed $40 for 20 years old game not to be treated this way.Madtusk0 Jun 18
Jun 17 Diablo 2 Discord! Hi there! Watching so many people still enjoying diablo 2! we are trying to keep d2 alive as much as possible with a global discord! (This is for all Realms: East,West,Eu and Asia! Everyone is welcomed!) D2 GM trades: Reset is going strong! We are growing fast! More and more GM people join us every single day! Do you want to keep diablo 2 Good Mannered? Well, you've found a place So what else can we do around here: Chat with other Diablo players, discuss items, drops, builds. Find other players you can Speedrun/Walkthrough with! Trade items, without having to look ingame for hours. I am still trying to make this discord reach the whole diablo 2 community! Any little help will be much appreciated! Kind regards, Glenn.OnVacation38 Jun 17