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Feb 4, 2014 Firewalls and hosting games If players are not able to join your game, you may have a firewall in place. Firewalls may prevent incoming networks from reaching your computer and prevent you from hosting games. A firewall can come in many forms. In households, they may exist as security software, router and/or modem. The following information will help you configure your firewall. Ports Ports can be thought of as points of connection. The game listens to these ports to receive all of the information it needs to function. You will need the following ports opened to allow your game to accept connections and to host games: Diablo and Warcraft II Edition: Allow port 6112-6119 TCP and UDP out and in Diablo II: Allow port 6112 TCP out and allow established sessions in Allow port 4000 TCP out (realm games) Allow port 4000 TCP out and in (hosting open games only) StarCraft: Allow port 6112 TCP and UDP out and in Warcraft III: Allow port 6112 TCP out and allow established sessions in Allow port 6112 TCP in (hosting custom games) Allow port 6113-6119 TCP out and in (hosting custom games if you have changed the default port in the Options/Gameplay screen) World of Warcraft: Allow port 3724 TCP out and in for Game Allow port 3724 UDP out and in for Voice Chat Blizzard Downloader: Allow port 6881-6999 TCP and UDP out and in Allow port 3724 TCP out and in Allow port 6112 TCP out and in For detailed information about ports and their functions, please visit our support site information on Ports. Software Firewalls You may recognize names such as Norton Internet Security, McAfee Personal Firewall Plus/Express, ZoneAlarm, Sygate, Panda, and many others. These security programs act as firewalls that can block single programs or specific ports from the network. More information on these can be found here Hardware Firewalls Virtually all routers available today have firewall functions to protect users from outside access. In addition to this, DSL and Cable modems may have firewall functions as well. These links will give you information on how to configure your products. For port numbers and information, please see above. • Almost-everything Port Forwarding Related • List of default usernames and passwords for routers • Belkin Networking Support: • D-Link Port Forwarding • Linksys Port Forwarding • Netgear Port Forwarding • USRobotics Support • ZyXEL Support Notes and exceptions There are a few things to make note of. Warcraft III is the only Blizzard Title that currently supports multiple players hosting games behind NAT. Other games are not able to do this. You may experience high latency with StarCraft, Warcraft II, and Diablo when joining the same game from the same connection. These games were not designed to use a shared connection. If you have recently patched a game and get "Unable to connect", a software firewall may be blocking the game change. Please configure it to allow the changed game. A "universal rule" for a hardware firewall may work for all Blizzard games. Forward ports 4000 TCP and 6112-6119 TCP/UDP to your computer. For the Blizzard Downloader, if you have bittorrent set up already just allow port 6112 TCP and 3724 TCP. Port Triggering may work better for you depending on your router. Note that port triggering may fail if there is a second computer playing on the same game/port. Common issues If you did not change your networking equipment and you suddenly are not able to host, your internal IP address may have changed. Check your router's Port Forward section and make sure it is still forwarding information to the right computer.Omrakos0 Feb 4, 2014
Feb 4, 2014 How to receive help in this forum [FAQ] 1. Please do your best to write your problem as clearly as you can. Include as much detail as possible, as too much detail is better than too little. English is preferable, however if you don't speak English well, post in your native language and hopefully one of us will speak it (it also helps if you note that you aren't a native English speaker and note what your native language is so we can run it through online translator programs). 2. Try to be polite. We're not the source of your problem in any way, shape, or form. 3. We ask you questions (even if they may sound silly) for a reason. Please do your best to answer all of our questions, as it will allow us to solve your issue faster. If you need help determining the correct answer, let us know and we'll give you step-by-step instructions. 4. Please don't post your "problem" to multiple threads/forums. It's much easier for us to help you if you keep "your problem", and everything we've tried to fix it in one place so we don't repeat instructions needlessly. Here's a few things to avoid: ALL CAPS AlTeRnAtInG cApS l33t sp34l< onelongperiodlessparagraphthatsjumbledtogether Hopefully that'll help some of you guys out. =)Omrakos0 Feb 4, 2014
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Mar 15, 2016 Diablo II: Installers, Stand Alone Patches, and Update Troubleshooting Installers If you already have game keys for the Diablo II games attached to your account, 1.14b installers for Mac and PC can be found here: Connecting to after installing will patch you to the latest version which is 1.14d. Stand Alone Patches If you already have an older version of the game installed and are having trouble patching, go here for the stand alone patch to 1.14d: Troubleshooting When I try to play on the game says someone else is using my key. For this symptom, first try rebooting your PC and checking again. If it still indicates your key is in use, try power cycling your network devices. What if I am receiving errors attempting to patch or cannot complete patching? We recommend downloading and reinstalling with the digital installers: What if I don't see installers on the page you linked? If you don't have keys for the games attached to your account, you will not see them there. Go here to purchase: or use the ADD Game Key button on your Account management page Is there a Mac patch? No, the changes we had to make from legacy OSX to 10.10 and 10.11 support were too great, there is no Mac patch, only the install linked above. I'm having trouble installing the game on my Mac with the latest version of MacOS. With the release of Mac 10.13 (High Sierra). The Diablo II installer currently doesn't work on the latest version of the Mac OS and will freeze or do nothing after you accept the Terms of Use. The workaround we currently recommend is to install it on a non- APFS partition. Alternative workarounds include rolling back the 10.13 update, and installing the game. Then update to the latest version. This is an issue that is being reviewed by our classic games team. *Note - Mac 10.13.4 has resolved the installation issueOmrakos0 Mar 15, 2016
Feb 4, 2014 Temporary Restrictions *Update* We will try to update this information when we can as it's not currently accurate on reflecting the restrictions on both keys and IP addresses. I'm leaving the post up in it's entirety still for reference as much of it is still relevant and will remain so. If you receive the message that you are temporarily restricted or unable to connect, the first step is to attempt to log onto another realm, for instance if you are on USWest (Lordaeron), attempt to log onto USEast (Azeroth). If you cannot access only one realm then you may have a temporary IP restriction. Possible causes for temporary restrictions include: All Games: Spamming text or chat commands such as /friends list or /whisper or /whois (often associated with bots). Rapidly connecting/disconnecting to/from - over 50 connections/hour (often associated with bots or switching between characters). Viewing multiple profiles in a very short time period. Exceeding 8 connections to (often associated with bots). Repeated use of an incorrect password may lock an account login for your protection. Use of third-party/add-on programs (hacks) - these include but are not limited to sending bad packets, flooding the server(s), and the use of hack programs. Diablo II Only: Scrolling through skill selection using the mouse wheel. Going in and out of accounts/characters too quickly. i.e Muling Going in and out of games too quickly (most common cause). i.e. Muling, magic finding, Baal/Pindleskin runs, etc. Repeated requests for a new screen to see what you wish to gamble for. Going up and down a way point to refresh the screen in a shop (see above). Repeated use of a spell with no cast delay such as Amplify Damage or Glacial Spike.This lasts a maximum of 12 hours. Restrictions lasting longer than 72 hours usually indicates that you were witnessed by a representative doing something against the Terms of Use Agreement, which warranted a lengthy restriction. These restrictions will be for connecting to the realm at all. Common causes for extended restrictions include, but are not limited to: Attempting to use an invalid CD-Key (often associated with bots). Excessive spamming or flooding in a channel (often associated with bots). Spamming over multiple channels - even if it is just one line per channel. (often associated with bots). Use of flood or load bots. Harrassment of another player and/or clan. Advertisement of an inappropriate website URL. Use of third-party/add-on programs (hacks) - these include but are not limited to sending bad packets, flooding the server(s), and the use of hack programs.This type of restriction can last up to 2 weeks. Unfortunately, you will have to wait it out or obtain a different IP address from which to play. Please note that we will not provide support for changing your IP address. If you are absolutely certain you did not spam, keep in mind that anyone behind your network, or if your ISP shares your IP address (as in more than one persons are given the same IP address), gets restricted from, you will suffer the penalties along with them. This is the unfortunate disadvantage of using a shared IP address. Also, keep track of siblings and other people with access to your computer and/or network who play on, as they can get you restricted as well. It is also possible that your computer may be infected with a virus that has resulted in the restriction. It is important to realize that these restrictions are not exactly a punishment, but rather that they are necessary for server stability. When you spam, it places a much heavier load on the server and ruins the gameplay experience for everybody. For restrictions other than spam - such as using an invalid CD-Key - you are restricted to prevent abuse - such as stealing someone else's CD-Key via brute-force.Omrakos0 Feb 4, 2014
38m Diablo 2, cannot connect to bnet Hello there, I had these ungodly, one might say devilish, cravings for my favorite game of all time so I went ahead and installed Diablo 2 and Lord of Destruction that I purchased from I downloaded the patch (1.14d) from and installed. When I started the game and tried to enter I got the following message; "You were disconnected from Please Reconnect.". I have tried the following: Tried to log into different realms, yielded no result. Started the game as administrator, yielded no result. Waited 24 hours, yielded no result. Waited 48 hours, yielded no result. Can I please have some help looking at what may be wrong from your end? If there is some firewall issue or IP-thing going on. And if it has something to do with my IP, how may one fix it? Thank you and have a good one.Heatseek3r3 38m
45m Can't Connect to D2: LOD I just installed the games from online and used the keys I had registered. I am trying to connect to U.S. East and it wont let me, it just says: "you were disconnected from Please reconnect." It is the same for each realm i try. Please let me play my game!NME0 45m
1h Destiny 2 Stuck at initializing 99% Hi, recently I decided to claim free Destiny 2 but now it's stuck at I think 99% and just stating ''initializing'' Don't know what to do, it took me a bit to download it actually, even though my inet isn't that bad.Zynkh0 1h
1h Warcraft 3 Dialogue in End-of-mission cutscenes skips itself I just reinstalled Warcraft 3 and started plaything through the campaign for some nostalgia, but the dialogue in some of the cutscenes just skips itself. The pre rendered cutscenes play with no issues. I've looked up some audio fixes people came up with on google, but anything that was vague enough to possibly apply to my problem didn't work, and everything else was for a completely seperate problem. I'm still troubleshooting and trying fixes, but I wanted to post here about it in case someone has a for sure fix for this problem. I'll update this thread if I learn more Updates: 1. When it happens, it's as if it can't find the audio files for the NPC's line so instead of trying to play it, it just skips it 2. This was happening during a stream of the game. I ended the stream early to try and figure the problem out, but off stream I was unable to replicate the glitch. I ran a test stream to see if the game was reacting to OBS streaming, but that wasn't able to replicate it either. I'm hesitant to call it "fixed" but now that I've asked for help, it suddenly isn't happening anymore.Themurloc38 1h
2h Problem connecting on D2LOD Not sure if I'm in the right forum to ask about my problem but I can't seem to connect to on Diablo 2... It worked fine but I installed it with a wrong CD key and reinstalled it with a different one and then it just wouldn't connect... I tried to contact blizzard by phone and thru the support page but it wont let me... I'm not giving them correct files of my dxdiag and what ever else... Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!SERG0 2h
2h 10 Diablo Accounts Suddenly Vanish I have been a Diablo 2 player for 18+ years. I have maintained my accounts in good standing order for all that time. A few of my accounts are that old. I have logged in within 90 days since the year 2000. So it was with great dismay that when I tried to log into my accounts on the US West Diablo 2 Server on 11/8/2018 that I find no accounts present ??? I should have 10 accounts on that server. Where are they ? All Gone ? Or at least the game says account not present ?!?!?!?!? I need help with this. No, .... I did not delete my accounts. Yes, .... I logged in within 90 days. I'm praying this is a server issue ?? I opened a support ticket and all they can do so they say is validate that my email is correct. What ?? Seriously ? That I need to post here, So I am. I need these accounts either found or restored. I'm talking YEARS of diablo gaming here wiped out ?? Epic old versions of items you can't get any more !! I'm dying here ! never mind the TIME lost. Years of finding my own runes, epic perfect items, building chars NOT using bots to lvl99. NEVER cheated, NEVER hacked, ALWAYS legit. and this is what I get as a reward. These accounts as stupid as it sounds are like my Blizzard Children, I grew up with them, literally. I was a single guy when I started playing, and now I'm married with four kids, my oldest just started college. Diablo was their first game we played together. It was our fun indoor thing together, this game has many memories for me tied to times I found this or that. Or the first time we beat Baal Together. Losing these accounts is like a getting a kick in the balls from a BARBARIAN !! I really hope this is some kind of glitch. Please help, These accounts mean something to me. My USEast Accounts are still active. and I logged into those the same day as my USWest Accounts. I have been faithful to Blizzard over the years, Never cheated, never !@#$%ed in forums, I've never had a issue with Diablo, ever. ... until now. PLEASE HELP !! Thank you. From a really aged Diablo Player ....Xenon4U2C11 2h
2h Erro diablo 2 Estou tentando jogar duablo 2 online. Mas aparece esse erro: Patching cannot be completed because the patch archive is corrupt File name: D2XP_IX86_1xx_114d.mpq If you are unable to correct this problem. please contact Blizzard Technical Support DK Como proceder?Rizzossauro1 2h
2h D2 runewords. Greetings. Been a long time since i last played D2, and i rarely bothered with runewords back then. So. Why isnt TalThul on a 'Unraveler head' (white, transmuted 2 sockets), not working as shown in this wiki link. 2h
3h D2 account expired? Im trying to find out if my D2 account of several years have expired. Im not sure if ive passed the 90 days or just doesnt remember the password. I would be awesome to get it back. It held alot of valuable memories, items and characters. What to do? Cheers.Klister6 3h
4h WC3 Classic Keys Status. Okay, it's to nobodies surprise that Blizzard has gone downhill over the years. But to seriously make everyone wait an X amount of time to play a game that's 16 years old is just ridiculous. Nobody minds waiting for reforged but at least let us play the old classic while we wait. It was removed from the store to avoid refund confusion between Reforged and RoC/TFT but now there's thousands of players refunding Reforged because they were anticipating getting classic with their pre-purchase so what's the difference? To send out CD-Keys to everyone who pre-ordered is absolutely effortless and will keep people occupied and hyped for Reforged. It's such a small thing to ask for and yet Blizzard can't even give us a lousy ETA at LEAST...It's 16 years old! Why on earth is Blizzard shooting themselves in the foot? This is common sense and exactly why the 100+ people on my BNET friends list have been offline for 6+ months.Raven0 4h
6h WC3 maximum number of games reached Hi all, Please help me out here, I was playing WC3 classic online 1v1, then I received an error message saying maximum number of game reached, then after that I can no longer search for game anymore, I have never seen this before, please help me out here, thanks.BlizzardX0 6h
6h Want to get original WC3 Look, Reforged looks awesome and I'll almost certainly get that, but right now I just want to get the original with !@#$ty graphics and everything, but I can't find it on the Blizzard store, and googling to find the page for it brought up a 404. Can someone help me with this?pixelpriest2 6h
7h Recovering old D2 Account Looking for help to recover my old Diablo 2 account. I haven't played in years and was hoping if there was anyway of recovering my account. Login was Frozenx on US east I had a 87? hammerdin, Foh paly and various LLD pvpers Thanks!FinalBurial2 7h
7h CD Key d2 When trying to log to battlenet on my d2 account, it says that my cd key is currently in use. The thing is that I havent played in like an hour or so, is it possible that some1 is using my cd key?Leox103965 7h
7h Do i need diablo 2 and LoD to play? Do i need Diablo 2: lord of destruction to play even play Diablo 2?Dogg2 7h
15h WC3, unable to connect to B.Net Hello, I originally had an error of being unable to download from bnet and it not working (and thus couldn't go on bnet to play), now I cannot connect at all! This is after trying to fix it for hours.Nmcdo6 15h
15h Battle net update for wc3 wont update i just installed wc3 again and i try to update to go online but when i restart my game to finalise the update it says warcraft 3 is already running and when i open it again it says i need to restart again?ihadalife0 15h
16h i can't change my d2 account email i can't change my d2 account email. nothing comes to my mailskarzbob0 16h
16h Warcraft 3 not launching/off store I have recently beat reign of chaos for Warcraft 3 ( Took me way too long ), and went to buy frozen throne on the blizzard store. However, I got hit with a error 404 while clicking on the store page on Yahoo. Deciding that was broken, I decided to just launch it as it was. I got a error window, and I tried opening it again, getting another Error window. I tried once more, only this time running it as a aedministrator. No such luck. Is the Classic Warcraft 3 unplayable after reforged's annoucement, or is something wrong? ID on error window was 16358840-AA7A-4F72-8156-0E640165A5A2Warejax1016 16h
22h Clan aG on Azeroth was hacked/bot designated and is kicking members Hi, I help run clan aG on Azeroth. We ran into an issue where one of our shaman's accounts was either taken or hacked. Afterwards, the person who now runs the account has designated a bot in the channel. To resolve, we disbanned the clan and remade it. The problem is we can't rejoin the channel because the designated bot is still in there. Can you please clear out the unwanted account/bot in that channel, or even reset it, so we can rebuild? I appreciate your help with this! GarinGarinTheGoat1 22h
22h Registered D2 Battle Chest But expan gone I had the D2 battle chest for many years (over 5) but I recently registered it to my account so I could download the game from So then I threw away the Battle Chest. I now downloaded D2 after having not played it for awhile but LoD is not on my account can you restore it to my account.Link0 22h
22h Warcraft 1 2 Warcraft 1 2 is there any way to play them?PAPO0 22h
1d Diablo 2 LoD: Battle Net is not responding I keep trying to connect to Battle Net on D2 LOD but it takes a minute or so to "check the version", which is 1.14d, then it says "Battle Net is not responding". I've Google'd this issue and there are a ton of topics about it but none of them have the issue resolved. I'm using the CD Keys off my Battle Net account and downloaded the install client for both games off of Battle Net.Swarly1 1d
1d Diablo 2 Checking Versions Bnet not responding Diablo 2 Checking is not responding. swapped between characters to transfer some items, now I cannot connect to bnet. just purchased game 2 days ago. any ideas?DangerSauce0 1d
1d Custom Campaigns for WC3 not working Hello, since my CD-Drive is currently inoperable, I installed warcraft 3 via the 'add a game key' method to download an install client. This all went quite well, however I have one issue that is frustrating me, is that it seems warcraft 3 installed via this method has no means to play custom campaigns? How do I get it to recognize the custom campaigns(i.e. be able to see them ingame in the list) so that I can play them?Talos1 1d
1d My Warcraft III crashing after launching Hello guys, My WC3 is crashing immediatly after I launch the game and I don't know why... I tried to repair it many times & re-installed it but nothing is working :( I didn't found any related topics that concern my problem... Last time the game worked is 2 days ago, I had no problems, but here it is :/ Hope ppl have a solution about that, thxKindabad1 1d
1d Buying Warcraft 3 Hey guys, In the hype of W3 reforged I was thinking to go and buy the original, but the buy now links here are 404 Not Found: Is there any possbility of buying it and playing it on official Blizzard servers? ThanksB4142510 1d
1d IP Temp Ban - WC3 Unable to connect to Bnet IP Temp Ban - WC3 Unable to connect to Bnet. I recently purchase the Frozen Throne xpac and now am unable to connect to ingame to play custom games. I was able to play earlier in the day and last night but ever since adding the new game(which also had some issued and had to open a ticket to get a GM to add my key) They told me that I had to reach out to the Classic Team to review my IP Temp Ban that is for 2 weeks... So now I have to wait 2 weeks to play custom games with a friend. Please helpChase0 1d
1d Warcraft 3 Audio bugs Hi there, getting several audio bugs from WC3 Reign of Chaos campaign Sometimes during in game cutscenes, dialogue goes mutes or off sync from some characters Tichondrius dialogue will go mute sometimes Audio for several NPCs dialogue during scripted events, will go mute. In combat, I will hear loud noises of combat or sword clashes from offscreen and it becomes really loud, same applies to units with loud stomping like kodos, lizards etcGrumpyMonk0 1d
1d Disconnect issue with both Overwatch and Destiny 2 I had purchased Overwatch sometime in September and have never had a problem with it up until now. I began disconnecting from competitive games multiple times per game, this issue does not happen in non-competitive for whatever reason, which had not happened in the previous 2 months since I had started playing the game. Upon losing connection I am sent to the loading menu that is seen upon booting the game. Sometimes it lets me rejoin, other times I am not so lucky. It has made it infuriating to try and play the game. I had also downloaded Destiny 2, due to it being free. The first few days of playing the game were fine. As of about 3 days ago, I downloaded the game Sunday November 4th, I have also been disconnecting, which sends me to the main menu with the issue code weasel and says I have disconnected from the internet, which I have not. After researching the issue I have reset my router multiple times, I do not believe my internet speed is an issue as well since my speeds usually average over 400 Mbps up and down. Any help with this situation would greatly be appreciated, I have enjoyed both games thus far and wish to continue to enjoy them, these connectivity issues are honestly ridiculous.SoniRT0 1d
1d Diablo II Password Reset I have been trying to reset the password for my Diablo 2 account (named "Hogeymonster" on USWest), but I have not received any emails on my email address registered to the account when I request a reset. The account does still exist, and I would like to get back to playing so any help is appreciated. Thank you.HogeyMonster4 1d
1d WC3 keys problem. Heya Support folks , Past few tickets with your team, was about my stolen WC3 key and that it gives a message that someone is using my roc key. Their only suggestion was to buy the game AGAIN on a NEW account. I did that and I still couldn't play the game. The error message appeared again as before, even if i'm playing on a different account and new game keys. So they just refunded them ( the new keys i bought on different account) and pointed me to come here. My request is to remove the stolen keys ( or ban them) from my original account, so I can buy new WC3 keys on my account and play the game. Please help me on this journey as i all i want to do is buy your game again and play it. I have this account since many years now and don't want to create a new one.Soul1 1d
1d Will not install I had on my computer and had been playing Overwatch. I tried to update it and it froze, to the point where I tried to uninstalled and reinstalled, but now will not install. I've looked through chats and have done a lot of things that were suggested and still, not happening. I'm hoping for some guidance. ThanksIshikawa1 1d
1d My Account is closed and idk why? can i recover it? Account is @ptimo can I recover my acc? made many threads and no1 has responded yet. Thanks would like to know why I cannot access it.Optimo2 1d
1d You really need to fix this can log me online only with 2nd or even 3rd attempt. HoTS is stuck more than 2 minutes on connecting to streaming server, looks like same is happening with SC2. Playing HoTS I often get in authentication process message that I'm disconnected from servers while in SC2 I get often enough a message, which in short says that there are problems with connecting to servers. Please, fix it!LoneSinWolf4 1d
1d Can't connect to in WC3 I re-installed WC3 and have all my cd keys etc. I've tried repairing and launching from the launcher. I've even deleted my folder and forced it to update. Is anyone else having trouble connecting to in WC3?Goblaz4 1d
1d war3 disconnect 2v2 This may of been addressed before but i couldn't find a fix for it. When i get into a game with a friend it instantly disconnects me when i get into the game. Is there a known fix to this?Cold0 1d
1d Diablo 2 Battle.Net "Checking Versions" issue. Please Read! Hello, So ive been stuck on the "Checking Versions" screen for about a full day now, i even bought a brand new cd key for Diablo 2 + LoD Expansion to make sure my cd key was not banned, but the issue persists. would really like to know whats going on, im dying to play more d2 -_-. after about a minute on the "Checking Versions" screen i will get a message saying " is not responding. Please try connecting again in a few minutes". So...does anyone have some insight on this? the cdkeys i was using are legit//bought from store about 8-10 years ago now, and i also purched new keys from the blizzard app store (still stuck on "checking versions"...and yes my original keys were working fine just 2 days ago! also, i cannot connect to any realm...i even tried changing my IP! i tried reinstalling with the original disc's, i even tried a fresh install from the online installer provided by blizzard. all my efforts so far have been futile. (this is my third repost, apparently the forums eat your topic if you edit it too fast, lol)Zombie10 1d
2d is not responding I reinstalled Diablo II like two months ago, played it for a bit, then uninstalled it a few days later. Then a few days after that reinstalled it again. Ever since then I haven't been able to get onto It always says is not responding. I contacted support live chat, they went through everything with me, couldn't fix it. They said it's possible there was a ban on my account and advised me to wait a couple days, which I did. Still couldn't get on. So I gave up for a month, just tried logging on again today after a month and it still says is not responding. This is so frustrating, can anyone please help me?gingerbreadm2 2d
2d Warcraft 3 joinbug Every time i try to search for a game i get an empty dialog box with a red exclamation point and it adds a loss to my stats.. This happen 2 or 3 times before i can actually join a game every time.. 6000 games account ruined by this bug Is there a way to fix it ? screenshot: once you press ok on the first it shows the second 2d
2d why i'm banned? hi why i'm banned? what is the proof? really, after 1 year i play overwatch i get banned nowsami862 2d
2d Forgot Diablo II BattleNet login (played recently) (didn't set recovery email) Good evening! I've been playing Diablo II with my friends recently and have a current Diablo II BattleNet account. When we sat down to play tonight, I couldn't remember what my password is and I think I've locked myself out a few times now. Of course I didn't set a recovery email when creating the Diablo II BattleNet account.ReadTheWind1 2d
2d Can't uninstall the original Starcraft I am unable to uninstall StarCraft (the original) from my computer. I had installed it before the remastered came out, and last month week when I needed more space on my computer I tried to uninstall StarCraft (the original). My computer connects to the Blizzard app which then fails and sends me to a support page that acknowledges the problem is unknown and just to try again.Pro71 2d
2d for Classic games I saw several posts asking for help related to how to login to bnet for these classic titles. I thought I would write up a quick helpful post for those who are stumped. Hopefully this can be stickied. Diablo 2 and WC3 are considered Blizzard "classic" titles. That is, they have not been updated to be compatible with the modern infrastructure, including the launcher, and your account which is behind your blizzard authenticator. In order to play online on "closed" bnet (the name for what you want in-game) you have to create a "classic" account, which uses a username instead of your email address, and a separate password from your main account. The password can be no more than 16 characters and only a small handful of specials are allowed. Hopefully this clears things up for people who are just starting to give these classic titles a try.Speeddymon0 2d