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15h Introducing the Game Data API and Profile API Throm-Ka Community Developers! Over the past year or so our goblin tinkerers and gnomish engineers have been hard at work crafting new armaments for the API war effort. Early feedback from test survivors has been positive, so we're pulling back the curtain on this new matériel: the Game Data and Profile APIs. Profile Data and Game What Now? The Game Data and Profile APIs are part of a larger strategy that makes it easier for Blizzard to share data both internally and externally. In short, it allows Blizzard teams to use a single, well defined interface to publish data into the Game Data and Profile system. Once published, a simple but powerful set of access control mechanisms allow us to share our data however we like. The difference between Game Data and Profile APIs is the type of data they handle. As you might have guessed form the names, the Game Data API stores data related to a game itself (which we call static data) while the Profile API is used to store data related to individuals, their characters, or accounts (which we call dynamic data). Game Data includes generic information like a list of abilities on a character, server status, or even the current leaderboards for a game. On the other hand, Profile data, includes the equipment on a character, an account's achievements, or a list of characters. As a rule of thumb, Profile data is more sensitive than Game Data. In order to access restricted data, you will need to request and receive approval for additional OAuth scopes. What Happened with the Initial Tests? What About the Survivors? Survivors? Oh, the field trials! Nuuh… that's not important. What's important is that the tech they tested was a rousing success! The first major API exposed with our new system was the D3 Leaderboards. These leaderboards aren't just for public consumption -- we're using them to power the leaderboards on our own D3 website. In the past our websites & APIs shared the same pipelines to access data, but through a slightly different set of APIs. With the introduction of this new system, our websites and yours will be consuming the exact same APIs. We'll get the exact same development experience as our community developers, so we're even more incentivized to keep on top of bugs and feature requests. Over the course of 2017 we're planning to continue developing these new APIs. Additionally, we'll begin migrating most of our existing (legacy) APIs over to the Game Data and Profile API system. Not all of our APIs are a perfect match for this system, though, so some endpoints (e.g. /user/account) won't follow the URL patterns covered in the next section. As we progress in our efforts, we'll continue dogfooding our APIs on our own projects and exposing them more broadly once they've been proven out. So have no fear, our tinkerers and engineers have a lot of exciting stuff coming your way! How are Game Data/Profile Different From Existing APIs? Right! Everything we've discussed so far is all well and good, but what does all this mean for you? The two biggest, most immediate differences for the grunts in the trenches are a tweaks to URL & authentication strategy. The legacy APIs use this basic URL pattern: ... Game Data and Profile APIs use slightly different URL pattern: ... Notice that the URLs for APIs exposed using the Game Data and Profile API always begin with data or profile, respectively. They also require access tokens rather than an API key. A few users on our forums have noted that API keys are not private. As such, it's technically possible for one application to make requests for public data using another application's key. Access tokens help tamp down on that by making sure the request actually came from your application. Let's do a quick review of our OAuth 2.0 authentication schemes. Most developers using our APIs are probably familiar with OAuth 2.0's Authorization Code Grant. This lets your app get a token that indicates a user has given the token holder permission to make requests on their behalf. The Client Credentials Grant does the same thing, but for applications; the token holder is given permission to make requests on behalf of your application. While you can use an authorization token to make generic requests, that might end up being more trouble than it's worth. Generally, we recommend applications use client tokens when requesting generic or public data and authorization tokens when requesting user-specific data. That’s as simple as remember to stick your enemies with the pointy end! Anything Else? We've covered a lot, but the team still has several other irons in the fire. We can't wait to share the other projects we've got cooking. No spoilers (since I don't even know what this means) but the other day I think heard someone talking about the the next API for… oh! LFR just popped, gotta run! Hope to see you all at BlizzCon 2016 ;) For the Warchief! -AndanionAndanion28 15h
Aug 12, 2014 Intro & Documentation Welcome to the Battle.net API forum! Here you'll find links to documentation and discussions between the developers of the various APIs and the community consuming them. This forum is intended for developers interested in the services provided by Blizzard Entertainment, so be aware that the discussions may be more technical in nature than most other forums. Here's some links to point you in the right direction: Battle.net API Site - https://dev.battle.net/ Guides - https://dev.battle.net/docs Interactive API Reference - https://dev.battle.net/io-docsMagena0 Aug 12, 2014
6d [Showcase] Post your app ! No result about to find a "showcase post" investigation on this forum, so i decided to create this thread. (Maybe i missed the post, hope no). First at all, this forum is dedicated to help users of the Battle.net API to perform and fix their projects for Blizzard games communities. I'm really interested to see what you guys created with the Battle.net API (Guilds feeds, Roster management, etc). Here is the Alpha of my project called "Manatools". I'm currently working on tools to optimize class on World of Warcraft, like creating a virtual armory to help player to find their "Best in slot" items, a scanner to find items and battlepet in the auction house. Name : Manatools Platform : Web Code : PHP / AngularJS http://www.manatools.com/ Gym58 6d
Sep 28 Battle.net API Terms of Use FAQ (updated 2015/05/11) Throm-Ka Community Developers! You're bound to have some questions about our revised Battle.net API Terms of Use. If you do have a question, please post it in this thread and we'll pass it on to our legal team. As our legal team answers your questions, we'll keep track and build out a solid policy FAQ as a community resource. All answered questions will be summarized in this thread. 1. It seems that the previous "code which uses the API must be open-source" requirement has been removed? Correct, the open source requirement has been removed. 2. Does this mean we are not allowed to use client-side requests (such as with JSONP format), as they require the API Key to be shared with the consuming users? No. As long as your Application Secret remains private you can share the API key with consuming customers when coding requires it - for example, when utilizing OAuth, etc.Andanion16 Sep 28
Nov 5, 2015 Battle.net API Terms of Use (updated 2015/05/11) Throm-Ka Community Developers! I wanted to bring to your attention that we have updated our Battle.net API Policy and Terms of Use. Please take a moment and review the new Battle.net API Terms of Use, which can be found here: https://dev.battle.net/policy Additionally, if you have policy specific questions you can ask them in this thread. We'll run them past our legal department and try to get you answers as soon as possible. Thank you!Andanion0 Nov 5, 2015
1d Community Created Libraries & Resources (updated 2016/11/21) A number of our the developers in our community have put together resources, libraries, and other tools that you may find helpful when developing against the Battle.net APIs. API Forums erorus's RSS blue trackers for the API Discussion and Bug Report forums (post) API Tools By Language PHP Ulminia's OAuth library (post, GitHub) DaPimpShied's Sample API Calls (post) jyggen's Battle.net API lib for PHP 5.4+ (post, GitHub) Acoon's WoW Battle.net Armory API (SourceForge) KwarK's Battle.net API library (GitHub) msuBREAKER's Composer package for the Diablo III API (post, GitHub) AJH's PHPBB extension (post, GitHub) Logans' Blizzard API PHP client (post, GitHub, Packagist) Fireblade's PHP API Reader (post, GitHub) Python Shadow's Django OAuth2 lib (post, GitHub) lockwooddev's Python World of Warcraft Community API Wrapper (Bitbucket) Dorwido's World of Warcraft API module (GitHub) Scala Borak's API Client lib (post, GitHub) HntD's D3 Leaderboard (maybe all-Battle.net) API library (post, GitHub) Java Raffy's WarKit lib - for all your WoW data needs (post 1, post 2, GitHub) Dementhius' OAuth 2.0 library for Android (post, GitHub) Arjun's WoW Community API library (post, GitHub) JavaScript Billi's guide for using passport-bnet with multiple regions (post) Gewd's AngualrJS wrapper (post, GitHub) skt's Battle.net API wrapper (GitHub, npm, post) uskimptoc's World of Warcraft API wrapper (GitHub) Crowz's auth package for Meteor JS (GitHub, Atmosphere) C# / .Net KetaSwe's contributed a Battle.net module to OwinOAuthProviders (GitHub) Tok's Diablo III API Wrapper (GitHub) roncli's strongly typed LibWowAPI (GitHub) bpfz's strongly-typed C# library for Diablo 3 (GitHub) Hellparsley's strongly typed wrapper for the Diablo III API (site) TiaqoY0's (self-proclaimed) super awesome library (post, GitHub) Ruby Frey's Ruby wrapper for Battle.net APIs (GitHub, RubyGems) Milhouse's Ruby wrapper for Battle.net APIs (post, GitHub, RubyGems) Game-specific Resources Hearthstone vamp's hearthstoneapi.com provides a public API (post, site) World of Warcraft Eleadon's spreadsheets for pets, items, realms, spells, and more (post, GitHub) erorus's Random Enchant Suffix List (post, GitHub) erorus's shared info about Battle Pet BreedIDs (post) erorus's table of PvP ladder specs IDs to class and spec name (post) Ulminia's quick guide to exporting WoW icons (post) Ulminia's dump of spell/item icons and talent BGs for 6.0.3 (post) Talonos created a dump of all Battle Pets (post, PasteBin) Ulminia's JSON dictionary to convert enchant IDs to en_US strings (post, Gist) Gluttony's SQL table that maps enchant effectid, spellid, and itemid to slot and name (post, Gist) AresBale's list of item stats (post) MightyOrh's Item Dump (JSON & CSV) (post, DropBox) erorus's 6.2 item bonus list dump (Gist, post) dos's SQL table maps enchantIds to descriptions (post, Gist) erorus' map of artifact traits and ranks to spell IDs (post, Gist) vamp's guide for tracking Mythic+ Dungeons (post) Game-specific Examples World of Warcraft Kamenitxan's forum signature generator (GitHub) Kamenitxan's HTML guild roster generator (GitHub) AresBale put together a PHP class to help get started with the WoW API (post) Vilepickle created a guild progress widget in PHP (post, GitHub) Throkwa's WordPress plugin for fetching character and Guild data (post, WordPress)Aurifex73 1d
Jan 9 Unofficial Battle.net Discord In an effort to improve the community of 3rd party developers working with the battle.net APIs and provide a platform for more real-time discussion, I've created a Discord server. My hope is that this Discord is used for sharing our experiences with the battle.net APIs, supporting each other in building awesome things using the APIs, and generally discussing related technologies. Invite link: https://discord.gg/CVxtmes This server is not official, nor is it controlled or endorsed by Blizzard. Anybody is welcome to join though!Sapu9 Jan 9
Dec 8, 2014 Announcements & API Updates (updated 2016/11/15) This thread was created to make it easier for the community to keep track of major announcements related to the Battle.net API platform & game APIs. The API team will work to keep the post list up to date with our current announcements. Policy Updates UPDATED: Battle.net API Terms of Use on Nov. 5, 2015 UPDATED: Battle.net API Terms of Use FAQ on Nov. 5, 2015 Service Updates Introducing the Game Data API and Profile API on Oct 20, 2016 CN Region Network Migration – Thursday 5/12 PDT on May 10, 2016 Update for Mashery Local: Feb 23 (CN only) on Feb. 5, 2016 Notice: Legacy API Shutdown Test In Progress on Feb. 5, 2016 KR APIs Temporarily Offline 11/19 (KST) on Nov. 16, 2015 °˖✧◝ Shutdown Date for Legacy Endpoints ◜✧˖° on Oct. 26, 2015 Old API endpoints temporarily disabled on Oct. 26, 2015 OAuth Token endpoints now do not return accountId on July 15, 2015 /oauth/token endpoints require POST on April 30, 2015 APIs now support gzip on Dec. 8, 2014 Old API endpoints temporarily disabled (+WoD Update 2) on Nov. 6, 2014 API Call Limits on Nov.13, 2014 New Battle.net API Site and OAuth support! on July 30, 2014 WoW Updates Static Render Domains Update on Nov. 15, 2016 (wow thread) Current active Web Armory Profile issues (x-post) on Sep. 7, 2016 (main thread) WoW API Update: zone & boss endpoint additions on Jan. 8, 2016 WoW API Update: zone & boss endpoint additions on Jan. 8, 2016 WoW API Update: auction house static url migration on Nov. 25, 2015 WoW API Update: battlePet endpoint deprecated on Oct. 29, 2015 WoW API Update: pet & mount endpoint additions on Oct. 29, 2015 PSA: New Changes Coming to AH/Realm Data in the APIs on July 30, 2015 WoW Talent API Spec Update on Feb. 13, 2015 WoW 6.0.2 API Updates on Nov. 6, 2014 D3 Updates Diablo 3 Patch 2.4.1 Changes on Apr. 26, 2016 Diablo 3 Leaderboard APIs Now Available! on Aug. 28, 2015 SC2 Updates StarCraft II Client API Update on Nov. 15, 2016. StarCraft II Client API Update on Oct. 7, 2016Aurifex0 Dec 8, 2014
23h Missing WoW-Data Many Character Data are not visible in the API of Battle.net. Especially the Server EU-Kil'Jaeden has the issue. No information can be found in Armory about any Character. Also the Itemlevel of the Legendary which drops yesterday are shown as 910 instead of 940.Manta0 23h
1d How to get reagents for an craft item? Hi, I use web API. As I remember some of old versions returned reagents for an item as an array. Now, I don't see anything like that there. Is there a way, how to get the reagents for an craft item using web API?Craos0 1d
1d D3 Leaderboards buggy? While some people in my home country forums (eu servers) were speculating that a huge banwave has happened, I've noticed that the leaderboards and or their database servers seem to be buggy. As my leaderboard entries for some classes disappeared, while I kept it for an other class a banwave seems pretty unlikely. The ingame leaderboards (non season) are still correct, but the blizzard api and the d3 website leaderboards (non season in my case) both display wrong and incomplete data as it seems. It seems that so many people are missing that a lot of players are speculating for a huge banwave, because they improved for like a hundred places or so.Demian4 1d
1d SC2 Profile Not Found I am running the following call trying to play around with the API on the documentation page: https://us.api.battle.net/sc2/profile/1244/1/BlackWilk/?locale=en_US&apikey=hk3ggq9ejbqftqytsewyguupy488b8ed And every time I get a 404 StarCraft 2 Profile Not Found. Ive been able to pull up data from my Diablo 3 and I know I have played games in StarCraft 2. Can someone please assist me in figuring out what is wrong.BlackWilk4 1d
1d Diablo 3 Personal Chest Items and Kunai's Cube Extracts Just a suggestion to add to the future of the API, but to add the ability to get a list of all items that are in your chest, and all of the legendaries you have/haven't extracted in Kunai's Cube.Kuchiki7570 1d
2d Heroes of the Storm Hi. Is there any api for Heroes of the Storm. I want to make website to lookup current opponents, view thier profile rankings etc.TheLobster48 2d
2d Newsfeed data As we know, battle.net had implemented RSS channels with latest articles on website for every game (like in d3: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/feed/news ) Well.. had. New website of Overwatch don't have this function (or it is well hidden), posibly becouse of website domain change and all links structure. The same thing apply to World of Warcraft website - there is no RSS channel on new domain, but in this case RSS still works on previous link ( http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/feed/news ) So my question is: Can we expect some day to refill this holes in our magnificent notification systems? ;) With RSS channels, or maybe integrated with API? It would be awsome to have a chance to download newsfeed by it.Eridor4 2d
2d Guild members endpoint returns 'lastModified' as nil Hi there. I'm trying to fetch the character 'lastModified' timestamps through the guild members API endpoint and it seems to return nil for all characters. Here is the request URI I'm using as per the API docs (https://dev.battle.net/io-docs): https://<region>.api.battle.net/wow/guild/<realm>/<guildName>?fields=members&locale=<locale>&apikey=<apikey> If this could be fixed somewhere down the line that would be awesome! ThanksKeden6 2d
2d Item Stats List do not know if someone posted this allready but here's my fast version with help of simulation craft.. <?php $iStats = array( "-1" => "None", "0" => "Mana", "1" => "Health", "3" => "Agility", "4" => "Strenght", "5" => "Intellect", "6" => "Spirit", "7" => "Stamina", //------------------------------- "12" => "Defense Skill", "13" => "Dodge", "14" => "Parry", "15" => "Block", "16" => "Melee Hit", "17" => "Ranged Hit", "18" => "Spell Hit", "19" => "Melee Crit", "20" => "Ranged Crit", "21" => "Spell Crit", "22" => "Melee Hit Taken", "23" => "Ranged Hit Taken", "24" => "Spell Hit Taken", "25" => "Melee Crit Taken", "26" => "Ranged Crit Taken", "27" => "Spell Crit Taken", "28" => "Melee Haste", "29" => "Ranged Haste", "30" => "Spell Haste", "31" => "Hit", "32" => "Crit", "33" => "Hit Taken", "34" => "Crit Taken", "35" => "Resilience", "36" => "Haste", "37" => "Expertise", "38" => "Attack Power", "39" => "Ranged Attack Power", "40" => "Versatility", "41" => "Spell Healing Done", // deprecated "42" => "Spell Damage Done", // deprecated "43" => "Mana Regeneration", "44" => "Armor Penetration", "45" => "Spell Power", "46" => "Health Regen", "47" => "Spell Penetration", "48" => "Block Value", "49" => "Mastery", "50" => "Bonus Armor", "51" => "Fire Resistance", "52" => "Frost Resistance", "53" => "Holy Resistance", "54" => "Shadow Resistance", "55" => "Nature Resistance", "56" => "Arcane Resistance", "57" => "PVP Power", //------------------------------- "59" => "Multistrike", "60" => "Readiness", "61" => "Speed", "62" => "Leech", "63" => "Avoidence", "64" => "Indestructible", "65" => "WOD_5", "66" => "WOD_6", //------------------------------- "71" => "Strenght, Agility, Intelect", "72" => "Strenght, Agility", "73" => "Agility, Intelect", "74" => "Strenght, Intelect" ); /* example usage */ echo $iStats['62']; ?> AresBale8 2d
2d HotS Companion Android App Suspended - Need Help Hi, I am again having some issues with Google Play Support, they have once again suspended my Application. Last time was 1.5 years ago and I managed to get some help from Andanion and got it back after a few weeks. As it stands now it is being suspended due to "Impersonation" violation. I have used the same Title and Icon for a very long time now so this suspension came as an unwanted Christmas gift. The App is the "HotS Companion - Heroes App" (id com.app.hots.skills.talents). This App has been around for over 2 years and was the first and biggest HotS App ever on Android serving around 150 000 HotS Players with nifty features and up to date information of HotS over the years. Cached Link to App: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.hots.skills.talents Their issue is "Our policy states: We don’t allow apps that use another app or entity’s brand, title, logo, or name in a manner that may result in misleading users. Don’t try to imply an endorsement or relationship with another entity where none exists." The App description clearly states it is an unofficial App in the very beginning and it also contains the copyright information as described by your legal FAQ. I have tried to explain this but they will have none of it. They want "verifiable proof of permission" that I am allowed to have this App. So if one of you could assure them either in this thread( and I will send them the link to it) or in some other way that this App is permitted to exist that would be wonderful. As it stands now no one can download the App and I can't upload updates for it so I am unable to get the latest Patch Changes into it, so some of my users are getting restless waiting for them. A quick resolution is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!Gnejs13 2d
2d Full API documentation Hello! Please tell me where I can find the full API documentation. Some functions are not described in the official documentation, for example: https://eu.api.battle.net/wow/item/110050/dungeon-heroic?bl=524,499&locale=en_GB&apikey= It would be interesting to read about the "dungeon-heroic" and "bl" Thank you PS Sorry for bad englishodmen0 2d
2d D3 - get item icons/images hi there, the API returns a string for "icon" like this one: bracers_208_demonhunter_male but how do I proceed from there? There is no server path or request in the docs that'd get me the actual icon/image. Nor is there any information if or where I should get all images to host them myself (if that's what I have to do). I found some posts about this for WoW, but the suggested path does not work for diablo afaik. So how do I get gear item icons?Sumit5 2d
3d Query item with bonus ID's Can someone assist me with querying an item when I have the bonus ID's I wish to query with? For example, here is an ItemID = 142412 with the bonusIDs = 3469, 1507. What am I doing wrong? I can't seem to find an answer. var itemJSON = UrlFetchApp.fetch("https://us.api.battle.net/wow/item/142412/bl=3469,1507&apikey="+MyApiKey)Zuvassin2 3d
3d Forum API There doesn't seem to be a forums API Is there any, or is there any planned?NonkelAchiel3 3d
3d Question about match history [Overwatch] My friends and I are trying to make an app for tracking player stats as a little project (we are not trying to make a buisness out of it , just for fun we are programmers). Since there is no official API the only resource is the official webpage. However we cant find a way to build a match history. How did stat tracking webpages like MasterOverwatch ,Overbuff or Overwatch Tracker build it?. Did they searched on a data base or just figured it out with the info of the official overwatch webpage? . They are very similar , all of them require de battletag of the player , but they seem to display similar additional stats that playoverwatch doesnt provide like recent activity , amount of win/loss per hero, etc. I've already sent emails to them but they dont want to share their methods :( .Bandai0 3d
5d Help with getting character information I've built a table with a list of 110 characters in my guild displaying: Name, Item Level, Equipped Item Level and Class. I was wondering if someone could give a little insight on my method, and tell me if there's a better approach. (For the record I'm using AngularJS) 1.) . Send request using GUILD method to retrieve a list of all guild members. 2.) . Filter JSON response to only have 110 characters. 3.) . Pull the names of all those characters and send another request using CHARACTER method for each character (so it sends about 100 requests due to their being 100 level 110 characters). I'm doing it this way so I can get the averageItemLevel and averageItemLevelEquipped information of all the 110 characters in a specific guild. Is there a better way of doing this, such as getting the averageItemLevel information in the GUILD response somehow? --- Second question: It seems you can only get the spec of a character (Such as Affliction if they are a Warlock) when pulling the member information with the GUILD method. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Is there a way to get a character spec with using the CHARACTER method? Thanks for reading!Navakos1 5d
5d More fun with bonus IDs! This warforged system is giving me fits. None of it makes any sense, and feels so convoluted and broken I can't imagine how you guys deal with it internally. My character (us/aerie-peak/tamen) has a mythic dungeon ring (ID 134532). The API data has a bonus ID that says the base ilevel of the item is 840 (bonus ID 1792). This seems correct. If I look at my character sheet, it's an 840 item. Except for when I look at the data for my character, that item *also* has a bonus ID that is a +20 ilvl upgrade (1492). Given that we're currently capped at 850, I don't see how this is possible. Here's another I found last night. I also have a normal dungeon ring (ID 134203) that has a bonus ID that says the base ilevel is 805 (bonus ID 1826). On my character sheet on the armory, I have it equipped as an 850 item. Except when I look at my character data from the API, the bonus ID that increases ilevel maps to a +40 increase (1512). Last I checked, 805+40 != 850. I'm sorry if all of this sounds very snarky, but I've been looking at how to support warforged/titanforged for a few days and all it's left me wanting to do is give up on it entirely. I'd really love a response on all of this, because all of it seems very ridiculous to be this broken.timwoj11 5d
5d unistall my game dont do install.. and than these are second computer, ı try but write same things.nadya0 5d
6d Recommended rate for getting patch notes Hi, I was wondering if there is any recommended rate for accessing the patch notes pages here: us.battle.net/connect/... I know this isn't part of the API and isn't documented, but I wouldn't want my server being blacklisted for too many requests.judge20200 6d
6d Usage of the name "Overwatch" Hello, I am a student developer, I recently worked on a FREE Android Application named "Overwatch Clips". The application is merely a content aggregation tool, it bundles many popular Overwatch clips from gfycat into an easily accessible android application. It was recently removed from the Play Store under their policy of "Impersonation" and I have been advised that it will stay removed until I receive permission from Blizzard to use the name "Overwatch". I do not use any of Blizzard's logo, the only thing that it uses is the name "Overwatch" in the title of the application. I have come across multiple applications on the playstore that uses the name with 100k+ downloads that have not been taken down but my application with merely 300 downloads have been removed. I've read Blizzard's legal guidelines regarding trademarks and I believe I follow every single guideline. Does anyone know how I can get into contact with anyone that can help me out with this issue? Thanks for all your help.BAEGMON6 6d
6d Plugin with images from Blizzard Hi everyone. I am writing a guild management tool for the famous woltlab burning board. The tool creates local copies of the avatar, inset and profilemain pictures for all guildmember. To have a fallback I am delivering some alternative pictures within the softwae package: https://github.com/Veneanar/info.falkenbann.guildman/tree/master/plugin/files/images/wow Is this allowed?Veneanar0 6d
6d Overwatch custom game & groups API request Hello, I'm a member of OW community with 100+ members which organizes couple events per week and we'd love to build ourselves a tool that would help split players in groups and put them into custom games. Unfortunately Overwatch does not currently have any API for this. But I believe this would be very helpful for organizers of all sorts of events and tournaments. Why? It's hard to keep track of all the people in game and one can't even have all those community members in friendlist. After we set up our teams on web or teamspeak we spend some time exchanging battletags, adding each other and inviting to the game group. Also our events aren't always 6v6. For example few days ago there was "whack a monkey" where group of 4 people played 3xTracer against Winston with modified health and damage settings. Coordinating that many groups and ensuring they are all using the same event settings/rules is difficult. Having API for creating custom games (and inviting groups to it) programatically would be great for this. The API we're dreaming of: Group Forming a group inviting players into it based on battletag. Players which might not even know each other (and have them in friendlist)... ... and possibly without the "player X has requested to join your group" assigning group leader disbanding the group (to create another one) Custom games Creating custom game Modifying game settings (maps, damage, helath, etc...) Adding group(s) of players Events when change occurs (player left group, group started a match, etc...) and/or API for manually fetching or polling current group/match status Thank youMike1 6d
6d World of Warcraft APIs used with Angular 1.5 I have just finished creating a web app utilizing the Battle.net API suite for World of Warcraft using Angular. It displays any toon from the EN region servers with inventory items and the latest character feed. It also will display the current realms status. The app is currently utilizing the following APIs: Realm Status API Data Resources API Boss API Zone API Item API Character Profile API Feel free to use it or examine it as you see fit. Live : philliprstafford.com/projects/wow Github: https://github.com/staffordp/wow-411 Edit: any advice in making this links clickable?BearKylls1 6d
Jan 12 How to get Overwatch data like 'http://overlog.gg/' web site? Hello. I'm programmer. I know that Blizzard doesn't offer Overwatch API officially. But I wonder that how to get Overwatch data like 'http://overlog.gg/' web site? Please let me know. Best regards,다무찌르리2 Jan 12
Jan 12 New to Battle.Net API would like a bit of guidance Hello! I was looking for a guide to get new developers started in using the APIs. I would like to utilize the APIs for my C# Windows application but do not know where to start. I am currently coding C# using a SQL database. I have registered an account on Mashery and have been provided with a API key. Is there any guides that give a small crash course as to how to use the APIs. Any guidance with a simple C# example would be awesome. Thanks.Fatal1ty6 Jan 12
Jan 11 Mythic+ Progression API I'm pretty familiar with the World of Warcraft API set, but i cannot seem to find how i can find a characters mythic+ progression.. Has this been implemented into the API yet? I know there is a work around by finding the achievements for 2,5,10,15 m+ dungeons and pulling how many have been completed in each category... however wowprogress.com, is able to show with what modifiers the key's used had, what difficulty, how long it took, etc. etc.. How are they doing that? It has to be through the API no? Any help would be much appreciated. -AnthonyeLxFearless3 Jan 11
Jan 11 RFC: Requests for changes to artifact data After a short discussion in discord, Maguthul asked that a thread be created on the forums to talk about what changes could be made to the artifact data to make it more useful. This is my current list collected while working on Shadowcraft, but I'm open to other suggestions and will add to the top post if people have more ideas. Changes to artifacts in the character data: Return information for all artifacts, not just the one that is currently equipped. This should act like talents. Return item level for relics. Return non-integer context data for relics. There's an open thread on the API Bug Report forum on this: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20752178001 Return spell IDs for traits instead of whatever we're currently returning so that we don't have to go mapping against the client data to figure it out. Return current trait count at the top level of an artifact so that we don't have to calculate it on the fly. This is a nice-to-have item and isn't totally necessary, since calculating it is fairly easy.Changes to the artifact/relic item data: Return more information about what traits are modified by a relic, including a spell ID or whatever is currently used in the artifact data and a how many levels it modifies a trait.timwoj1 Jan 11
Jan 11 How to track Mythic+ Dungeon Completions I keep seeing people asking how websites are tracking the amount of mythic+ dungeons completed, so I decided to make this post. Hopefully it's useful to someone. For the people that don't know, you can only track level 2, 5, 10 and 15 mythic+ completions because those are the only achievements available. As far as I know there's currently no records in the character statistics endpoint related to mythic+ dungeon completions. Each achievement has a criteria record which increments each time you complete one of these mythic+ dungeons. It increments even after you've reached the number required to unlock the achievement. So we can use these criteria records to find out how many mythic+ dungeons someone has completed. Here's a list of criteria id's for each of the mythic+ dungeon achievements: Keystone Initiate (ID: 11183) Complete a Level 2 or higher Mythic dungeon within the time limit. Criteria ID: 33096 Keystone Challenger (ID: 11184) Complete a Level 5 or higher Mythic dungeon within the time limit. Criteria ID: 33097 Keystone Conqueror (ID: 11185) Complete a Level 10 or higher Mythic dungeon within the time limit. Criteria ID: 33098 Keystone Master (ID: 11162) Complete a Level 15 or higher Mythic dungeon within the time limit. Criteria ID: 32028 If you want to figure how many mythic+ dungeons someone has completed you pull the data from the "Character Profile API -> Achievements" endpoint. What you're looking for is the criteria and criteriaQuantity list. The criteria list will hold the criteria id's. The quantity for that criteria will be located in the criteriaQuantity list on the same index. So if you determine the index of criteria id 33096 in the criteria list is 5. Then the quantity will be on index 5 of the criteriaQuantity list. Let's say that quantity is 76, now you know the amount of level 2 or higher mythic+ dungeons that character has completed is 76.vamp15 Jan 11
Jan 11 Importing Itemnames and stats into .xlsx Basicaly what title says. Is it possible and how to do it if it is. I need that for loot council purposes. TyIlynthea0 Jan 11
Jan 10 WoW honor talents It doesn't appear there's any way to get honor talent data via the API[1]. It would be nice to be able to retrieve a list of the available ones, like `wow/data/talents` does for normal/non-honor talents, as well as which ones are selected for a player from the character endpoint (again, like what's available for normal talents). [1] https://dev.battle.net/io-docsExupery3 Jan 10
Jan 10 SC2 API does not get updated It seems like certain players dont get updated (at least in the new ladder API end point, didn't try the old one). Last game of my profile was November 30th according to API and thus is missing about 20 total games. Last game I played in reality was a few hours ago. id: 12048246175749374000 Name: Holly#395 Hope this will be figured out soon, Greetings.Holly16 Jan 10
Jan 9 Legendarys no longer show up in Guild News Hey ho! Since Patch 7.1 gone live I´m unable to retrieve information about legendary drops form the Guild News API. These also dont show up in the Armory. Is this an intended change? I was unable to find anything related in the Patch notes.fallobst226 Jan 9
Jan 9 SC2 - Problem with Profile EU API since months Hello, Since months SC2 EU Profile don't works, why it's not yet updated ? EU PROFILE API ON API DOCS => /SC2/PROFILE/:ID/:REGION/:NAME/ Result : { "status": "nok", "code": 500, "message": "Internal Server Error" }Elrel4 Jan 9
Jan 7 WoW tooltip Hello, I'm creating a web page for my guild (using AngularJS), at some part of my page i've created a some kind of 'list of items', mostly things work correctly, instead of bad ilvl of legendary items. But the topic is about tooltip, so: I'm using tooltip provided by wowhead: http://www.wowhead.com/tooltips But somehow the tooltip do not work correctly (maybe it's not up to date, i do not know) i'm working on it. But the question is: the Blizzard share some API to tooltip, instead of endpoint data? Some MIT library :) RegardsiKalasnjikov1 Jan 7
Jan 7 Legendary Items returning 895 ilvl instead of 910 Items seem to be missing the 15 ilvl bump from November. In game, the item shows 910, and the following stats. http://i.imgur.com/ajrb8oY.png In wow armory app shows ilvl 895 and lower stats: http://i.imgur.com/PEa75P1.png Armory site and api are also showing the same. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/137041 https://us.api.battle.net/wow/item/137041?locale=en_US&apikey=<redacted>&bl=3459,3458Mactar5 Jan 7
Jan 7 API returns non unique BattleTags Hello, To my understanding battle tags should be unique i.e. MyName#1234567. But at the moment of the writing, the API is returning 2 identical battle tags that reference different accounts. First player: AccountId - 119433772 BattleTag - Dash#3839 --- Second player: AccountId - 35718170 BattleTags - Dash#3839 This can be seen in the https://dev.battle.net/io-docs at this endpoint: https://us.api.battle.net/data/d3/season/8/leaderboard/rift-barbarian?access_token=XXX Am I not understanding how battle tags should work or is this a bug?Hammer9 Jan 7
Jan 7 Q: API for Online/Offline users of Battle.net? Hi, thanks for this API, but I have question - is now some how possible or will be possible in the future to determine whether the user of Battle.net is online/offline, and whether playing a game? and which a game? Thank youEdoras24 Jan 7
Jan 6 Getting invalid/truncated JSON for some characters Hello All - just noticed something strange with one of my character API calls (I help with the node/javascript lib) - getting invalid json back for some characters, eg eu/kilrogg/character swazii - https://eu.api.battle.net//wow/character/kilrogg/swazii?fields=achievements&fields=guild&fields=feed&fields=hunterPets&fields=professions&fields=progression&fields=pvp&fields=quests&fields=reputation&fields=stats&fields=talents&fields=titles&fields=items&fields=pets&fields=petSlots&fields=mounts&locale=en_GB&apikey=<your api key> If you look at the end of the returned json - its not complete/truncated. Tried cutting down the fields selected, to see if I could get something valid, but seems to be the hunterPets option that is an issue - this also has same issue: https://eu.api.battle.net//wow/character/kilrogg/swazii?fields=hunterPets&fields=reputation&fields=items&locale=en_GB&apikey=<api key> As an aside, strangely I get an error if I remove the reputation or items options. Anyone else seen this? Known bug? Cheers, Chris PS Also posted on discordapp :)uskimptoc3 Jan 6
Jan 6 LF Dev to hire for php/mysql wow API project I would like to hire someone who knows php/mysql and the wow web API to create a couple pages where our guild members can enter their toon's name and server and have the page parse their character for certain achievements or gear level or number of kills or deaths that sort of thing and store the characters in mysql and then list all these toons on different pages...like a page with more than 1000 kills listing all the toons who qualify etc... No need for design. You can tell me if you are interested on our twitter @neverdiedguild and how much you would charge. Thanks in advanceMonsoon2 Jan 6
Jan 6 API returns wrong hardcore flags for leaderboards Hello, This endpoint: https://eu.api.battle.net/data/d3/season/8?access_token=XXX (or any related: https://XX.api.battle.net/data/d3/season/Y?access_token=ZZZ) Return wrong information for the hardcore flag: Excerpt: "leaderboard": [{ "ladder": { "href": "https://eu.api.battle.net/data/d3/season/8/leaderboard/achievement-points?namespace=2-1-EU" } }, { "team_size": 1, "ladder": { "href": "https://eu.api.battle.net/data/d3/season/8/leaderboard/rift-hardcore-barbarian?namespace=2-1-EU" }, "hardcore": true, "hero_class_string": "barbarian" }, { "team_size": 1, "ladder": { "href": "https://eu.api.battle.net/data/d3/season/8/leaderboard/rift-barbarian?namespace=2-1-EU" }, "hardcore": true, "hero_class_string": "barbarian" }, { "team_size": 1, "ladder": { "href": "https://eu.api.battle.net/data/d3/season/8/leaderboard/rift-hardcore-crusader?namespace=2-1-EU" }, "hero_class_string": "crusader" }, { As you can see it reports the normal barbarian leaderboard as hardcore, and the crusader hardcore leaderboard as normal. This is an excerpt there are more examples in the response itself.Hammer1 Jan 6
Jan 5 Starcraft 2 API It's been months... Still getting error 500 when I try to fetch from a players profile or ladder endpoint... Could we at least be given some sort of reason why?.. Hard to be sympathetic when all the responses are "we've notified the devs." :/DeviaNTsucks0 Jan 5
Jan 5 Can I access calendar data? Hi, I'd like to be able to progamatically get access to the guild calendar events, and wondered if this was possible or not? Would the new OAUTH allow that? I want to see who is signed up for guild raids.Whisperer34 Jan 5