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Oct 8 Blizzard Battle.net Developer Portal Quick Start Guide Whether you're a new developer or one migrating from our old API portal, the following steps will help you get up and running with minimal fuss. Check out the What's changed? section for important details on how the new Developer Portal handles requests and authorization. Quick Start Follow the steps below to begin making API requests. 1. Log in to the Developer Portal or create a Blizzard Account. 2. Create a client on the API Access page. 3. Get your client ID and client secret. Note: Clients may require up to 10 minutes before they can make requests after creation. 4. Make a request. In this example, an application is making a GET /tokenindex request to get the price of a WoW Token. 5. Construct a request URI. Blizzard URI paths follow a standard syntax using this format: {region}.api.blizzard.com/{API path} The URI for this request is: https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/token/?namespace=dynamic-us 6. Get your access token via the OAuth client credentials flow: curl -u {client_id}:{client_secret} -d grant_type=client_credentials "https://us.battle.net/oauth/token" 7. Finally, make your GET /tokenindex request using that access token: curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {access_token}" "https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/token/?namespace=dynamic-us" What's changed? We've made the following changes in creating the new developer portal. Host names have changed Requests to the old API portal used {region}.api.battle.net. The new developer portal uses {region}.api.blizzard.com. Blizzard APIs now use Access tokens We no longer use API keys; instead, requests use access tokens acquired via either the OAuth client credentials flow or authorization code flow. Expiration time Access tokens expire after 24 hours. What kind of access token do I need? The client credentials flow is used for almost all Blizzard API requests. The authorization code flow currently provides access tokens for the following requests: GET /oauth/userinfo GET /wow/user/charactersWhere do I submit an access token? Access tokens submitted as a query parameter follow this format: https://<request URI>/?access_token={token} Access tokens submitted in cURL requests follow this format: curl --header "Authorization: Bearer <access_token>" <REST API URL> Crambone0 Oct 8
Oct 5 Blizzard Battle.net Developer Portal FAQ Why is Blizzard switching to a new developer portal? From a practical standpoint, launching the Blizzard Battle.net Developer Portal brings efficiency to our developer platform, such as converting to Blizzard single-sign on, managing API clients better, and using our existing account security. Our strategy is to build on our developer platform. Our new portal is a native platform that’s setting the foundation for working with you to introduce new ways to create amazing content for our players. Why is Blizzard requiring that my application use OAuth (and not just API key)? OAuth is the industry standard for sensitive data and among the best solutions currently available for external applications. The decision to make OAuth our primary authentication method with our new system was made after much consideration. That said, we are always open to discussion and even changing course for the right reasons. Please share your feedback on this forum. When is the transition to the Blizzard Developer Portal taking place? We’re already asking developers to transition over to the Blizzard Battle.net Developer Portal. The old portal will no longer be available after January 6, 2019. What happens if I don’t move my account over to the Blizzard Developer Portal? If you use Blizzard APIs and don’t transition over to our new developer portal by January 6, 2019, you will no longer be able to authenticate and receive game data from any Blizzard games. Will this affect guild sites and other sites that allow users to log in using their Blizzard Battle.net account? Whether this affects guild and community sites depends on the way the site administrators implemented the ability for users to log in using Blizzard Battle.net credentials. We encourage you to please contact the owner or administrator of the site you’re using and direct them to this post. Is this a platform to develop games for Battle.net; what exactly is the Blizzard Developer Portal? We do not currently support independent game development for Blizzard Battle.net. The Blizzard Battle.net Developer Portal is a single place for our community of app developers to gain access to Blizzard player data and learn about APIs for fan sites or tools for World of Warcraft®, StarCraft II®, and Diablo III®. What is GDPR? The General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on May 25, 2018. If you are not familiar with GDPR and its impact, we recommend contacting your legal department, consult with your Data Protection Officer, or reference the following sites for more information: https://eugdpr.org/ http://www.privacy-regulation.eu/en/index.htm What if my question isn’t answered here? Please go to our Blizzard Battle.net Developer API discussion forum https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/15051532/ for more information.Alerikon0 Oct 5
Jun 6 [Showcase] Post your app! No result about to find a "showcase post" investigation on this forum, so I decided to create this thread. (Maybe i missed the post, hope no). First at all, this forum is dedicated to help users of the Battle.net API to perform and fix their projects for Blizzard games communities. I'm really interested to see what you guys created with the Battle.net API (Guilds feeds, Roster management, etc). Template to use: Name: App name URL: App URL or Download link Platform: Web/Mobile/etc Code: Language used (Java, PHP, etc) Functions: The main purpose of your app UPDATE: My project is no more, so I have nothing to share with you guys: <Gym103 Jun 6
3d Hearthstone Card API Hi everyone, We have released the Hearthstone Card API for public use! Fellow developers, we have official documentation here to answer any questions on how it works. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the API, please let us know in this thread.secondsleep2 3d
Jul 10 Unofficial Blizzard API Discord In an effort to improve the community of 3rd party developers working with the battle.net APIs and provide a platform for more real-time discussion, I've created a Discord server. My hope is that this Discord is used for sharing our experiences with the battle.net APIs, supporting each other in building awesome things using the APIs, and generally discussing related technologies. Invite link: https://discord.gg/CVxtmes This server is not official, nor is it controlled or endorsed by Blizzard. Anybody is welcome to join though!Sapu19 Jul 10
Jul 4 OAuth 2 Community Implementation Examples Members of the developer community have requested examples for OAuth implementations in different languages. We've created a few examples which can be found here, but in recognition of the talented developers in our community, we wanted to invite you to share your own! Feel free to contribute your own examples of OAuth Client Credentials flow in this thread!Veltarii6 Jul 4
Jul 3 Blizzard Battle.net Developer Portal Updates Greetings Developers! We hope you're enjoying the Blizzard Battle.net Developer Portal. To better serve the needs of our community, we're working to continuously improve the portal. So what's changed? • The portal now supports all WoW APIs. • Try It feature is now available. • SC2 APIs are coming soon, oops, pardon our slip! We'll continue to post updates as information comes in, so check back!Alerikon9 Jul 3
Jul 2 Community Created Libraries & Resources (updated 2017/03/13) A number of our the developers in our community have put together resources, libraries, and other tools that you may find helpful when developing against the Battle.net APIs. API Forums erorus's RSS blue trackers for the API Discussion and Bug Report forums (post) API Tools By Language PHP Ulminia's OAuth library (post, GitHub) DaPimpShied's Sample API Calls (post) jyggen's Battle.net API lib for PHP 5.4+ (post, GitHub) Acoon's WoW Battle.net Armory API (SourceForge) KwarK's Battle.net API library (GitHub) msuBREAKER's Composer package for the Diablo III API (post, GitHub) AJH's PHPBB extension (post, GitHub) Logans' Blizzard API PHP client (post, GitHub, Packagist) Fireblade's PHP API Reader (post, GitHub) Xklusive's Battle.net API package for Laravel 5 (post, Packagist GitHub) Python Shadow's Django OAuth2 lib (post, GitHub) lockwooddev's Python World of Warcraft Community API Wrapper (Bitbucket) Dorwido's World of Warcraft API module (GitHub) Lazerhawk05's Python wrapper for the SC2 API (post, GitHub) Scala Borak's API Client lib (post, GitHub) HntD's D3 Leaderboard (maybe all-Battle.net) API library (post, GitHub) Java Raffy's WarKit lib - for all your WoW data needs (post 1, post 2, GitHub) Dementhius' OAuth 2.0 library for Android (post, GitHub) Arjun's WoW Community API library (post, GitHub) Puntr's Java wrapper for WoW APIs, wow4j (GitHub) JavaScript Billi's guide for using passport-bnet with multiple regions (post) Gewd's AngualrJS wrapper (post, GitHub) skt's Battle.net API wrapper (GitHub, npm, post) uskimptoc's World of Warcraft API wrapper (GitHub) Crowz's auth package for Meteor JS (GitHub, Atmosphere) C# / .Net KetaSwe's contributed a Battle.net module to OwinOAuthProviders (GitHub) Tok's Diablo III API Wrapper (GitHub) bpfz's strongly-typed C# library for Diablo 3 (GitHub) Hellparsley's strongly typed wrapper for the Diablo III API (site) TiaqoY0's (self-proclaimed) super awesome library (post, GitHub) roncli's strongly typed LibWowAPI (GitHub) NOT MAINTAINED Ruby Frey's Ruby wrapper for Battle.net APIs (GitHub, RubyGems) Milhouse's Ruby wrapper for Battle.net APIs (post, GitHub, RubyGems) Game-specific Resources Hearthstone vamp's hearthstoneapi.com provides a public API (post, site) World of Warcraft Eleadon's spreadsheets for pets, items, realms, spells, and more (post, GitHub) erorus's Random Enchant Suffix List (post, GitHub) erorus's shared info about Battle Pet BreedIDs (post) erorus's table of PvP ladder specs IDs to class and spec name (post) Ulminia's quick guide to exporting WoW icons (post) Ulminia's dump of spell/item icons and talent BGs for 6.0.3 (post) Talonos created a dump of all Battle Pets (post, PasteBin) Ulminia's JSON dictionary to convert enchant IDs to en_US strings (post, Gist) Gluttony's SQL table that maps enchant effectid, spellid, and itemid to slot and name (post, Gist) AresBale's list of item stats (post) MightyOrh's Item Dump (JSON & CSV) (post, DropBox) thedeadwalkk's Item Dump (TXT, SQLite 3) (post, BitBucket) erorus's 6.2 item bonus list dump (Gist, post) dos's SQL table maps enchantIds to descriptions (post, Gist) erorus' map of artifact traits and ranks to spell IDs (post, Gist) vamp's guide for tracking Mythic+ Dungeons (post) erorus' Uncommon Tooltips (post, Github) Game-specific Examples World of Warcraft Kamenitxan's forum signature generator (GitHub) Kamenitxan's HTML guild roster generator (GitHub) AresBale put together a PHP class to help get started with the WoW API (post) Vilepickle created a guild progress widget in PHP (post, GitHub) Throkwa's WordPress plugin for fetching character and Guild data (post, WordPress) Aurifex92 Jul 2
Dec 7 Blizzard API Keys and Google Spreadsheet Functionality Greetings Developers! Friendly Reminder The Mashery portal will be disabled on January 6th, 2019. At that time, clients will only be able to access our APIs through the Developer Portal. To better serve the needs of our community, please remember that the use of our API keys to create auto-updating spreadsheets will not function through the Developer Portal without changes to support OAuth. In the future, we may be exploring other options. For additional information, please refer to this post!Veltarii0 Dec 7
Nov 27 Simple Mashery Migration Guide I found Blizzard's documentation difficult to understand regarding what's changing in this migration away from Mashery. I put together this document as a reference for current API users in case they needed to see it another way, as I did. https://gist.github.com/erorus/6c08227921ff99d93295fa9f91c7fd70erorus3 Nov 27
Oct 12 GET /account/user has migrated to GET /oauth/userinfo Greetings, Developers! In the course of migrating to the new Developer Portal, the GET /account/user endpoint has migrated to GET /oauth/userinfo. Note that, currently, all OAuth endpoints require the OAuth authorization code flow. This includes the following endpoints: • GET /oauth/userinfo: this endpoint uses {region}.battle.net as the host for requests. • GET /wow/user/characters: this endpoint uses {region}.api.blizzard.com as the host for requests.Crambone0 Oct 12
6h token duration Hi guys, There is a way to increase the token duration (item api access) ? he works for only 24h before i need to refresh him. May be i do something wrong ? Thanks youNimpo1 6h
17h Quest objective NpcID Hi, Is there anyway to get the NpcID from a QuestID when the objective is just to kill one monster. Eg) quest 51469 only objective is to kill Betsy 124548 I've looked at a few quest info functions but the best I can come up with is something that returns "1/1 Betsy". Also I need to be able to get the info without the quest being in the questlog. Thanks.Holomar0 17h
22h WOW - Missing reputation (Rise of Azshara) Hi, My main character and a few guildmates have no reputation data for one or both new reputations. In game my main character (kräkhen, uldaman, EU) is more than friendly with Waveblade Ankoan, but I got nothing from the open data. Btw, the armory shows the same "missing reputation" : https://worldofwarcraft.com/fr-fr/character/eu/uldaman/kr%C3%A4khen/reputationEr14 22h
1d Overwatch API Dev Update Any news on an Overwatch API? I only wish to poll it every X minutes to check the rank, top heroes, and such. Even only getting an updated rank would be awesome as a minimum REST API endpoint. Willing to help the development of this. Let me know please!deriven0 1d
1d Allied Race Static Renders There doesn't seem to be alternative static renders for any of the allied races. For example: Using 8-0 will give you a Troll (8) Male (0) - http://us.battle.net/wow/static/images/2d/profilemain/race/8-0.jpg But doing the same for an allied race does not exist. Zandalari Troll (31) Male (0) - http://us.battle.net/wow/static/images/2d/profilemain/race/31-0.jpg Is this intended? How does Blizzard handle this? Do they just use the base race that best matches an allied race? I.E. Zandalari -> Trolls, Kul Tiran -> Human, Nightborne -> Night Elf. That seems a bit strange given the vastly different profiles of some of these races. Or am I just missing where to find these renders?Snackpak2 1d
2d New profile API not updating as expected I noticed a strange behavior regarding when profile data are available for the new profile endpoints. I reactivated my account 3 days ago and logged my main char in the same day. His profile was then up-to-date on the "old" community endpoint. 3 days later and my main char profile was still returning 403 errors for the new profile endpoint. (403 for the mains profile endpoint and 404 for nested endpoints like items or achievements). I decided to test something, so I logged in and out one of my alts. His profile updated immediately in both endpoints. I tested with two other alts, one of them also immediately updated. The other one didn't. The two alts who updated were inside Dalaran (Legion) when I logged out. I decided to move my other alt (the one who didn't update) to Dalaran. She also updated as expected. Up to this point my main char was still not showing up in the new endpoint. I thought they were only updating in capital cities or "resting areas". That was not the case. I logged him out inside The Great Seal in Zul'Dazar which is a resting area and main expansion city for Horde, it didn't update his profile. I went to Dalaran and logged out there and that worked for updating the new profile. Additional info: Despite the fact that my main char was the last to appear in the new endpoint, it is the only one returning data for the character-media endpoint, so it seems media data was updating properly.Schiller2 2d
2d World of Warcraft Game Data API Update - Rise of Azshara Greetings adventurers! We are excited to bring you news of some additional World of Warcraft Game Data API endpoints which are now available with the Rise of Azshara Content Update. While we are actively working on updating the documentation on develop.battle.net, we did want to give you a quick update on the new endpoints and documents so that you may begin consuming the data as soon as possible. Titles Index https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/title/index?namespace=static-us&access_token={access-token} Title https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/title/{title-id}?namespace=static-us&access_token={access-token} Item https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/item/{item-id}?namespace=static-us&access_token={access-token} Item Media https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/media/item/{item-id}?namespace=static-us&access_token={access-token} Item Classes Index https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/item-class/index?namespace=static-us&access_token={access-token} Item Class https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/item-class/{item-class-id}?namespace=static-us&access_token={access-token} Item Subclass https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/item-class/{item-class-id}/item-subclass/{item-subclass-id}?namespace=static-us&access_token={access-token} Azerite Essences Index https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/azerite-essence/index?namespace=static-us&access_token={access-token} Azerite Essence https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/azerite-essence/{azerite-essence-id}?namespace=static-us&access_token={access-token} Azerite Essence Media https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/media/azerite-essence/{azerite-essence-id}?namespace=static-us&access_token={access-token} Please feel free to post any feedback, comments, or questions here. Cheers!Araspir7 2d
2d Request time Is it normal for every request to take .8s to 1.5s? Even requests providing basic information and a small response body like the WoW character profile take this long. I am caching the access token and not requesting it again on every request (although this does not seem to affect request time). I am okay with it since I do not rely heavily on the API but I have been wondering for a couple of years now. Updating the average equipped item level for 15 characters at once easily takes one second per character.Michi1 2d
3d Character Profile API (pets): Empty arrays I'm getting missing data from most(not all) of my characters in the character profile api for pets. It seems to be effecting characters that logged in after 8.2 but I'm not sure. The response body for pets returns: { ... "pets": { "numCollected": 0, "numNotCollected": 1195, "collected": [] }, ... }Suggestions12 3d
3d s2client-api help - not working I was wondering if anyone can help me with the StarCraft II API (https://github.com/Blizzard/s2client-api). I am not sure if it just something with my builds, but not all of the S2api is working. I was walking through the tutorials provided. The first tutorial instructs you on how to set up a bot, and start a match of SC II with the bot running as an agent. That goes off without a hitch, the game starts, and "Hello World" is printed to the console. The second tutorial is about getting a command center to auto build SCVs and have SCVs create supply depots when the player becomes supply blocked. This is where you start to see parts of the API not working. virtual void OnGameStart() final { std::cout << "Hello World." << std::endl; } works as it did before. virtual void OnStep() final { std::cout << Observation()->GetGameLoop() << std::endl; } Prints the current frame we are on, which it should. virtual void OnUnitCreated(const Unit* unit) final { std::cout << "A unit was created." << std::endl; } does not output to console at all. virtual void OnUnitIdle(const Unit* unit) final { std::cout << "A unit went idle." << std::endl; } also does not output anything to console. If I copy paste the tutorial "complete source code" the bot does not attempt to make any SCVs (uses OnUnitIdle() to do so), and crashes when we check to see if we are supply capped, because the game data is not returning to us having any units at all just an empty collection or a collection full of nullptr. All the pre-built examples I have tried out of the box, do absolutely nothing, or crash at some point doing absolutely nothing. I am not sure if things are outdated, or what. Built using Visual Studio 2019 x64 Can anyone help me?ForbidenSoul0 3d
5d World of Warcraft Profile API Update - Rise of Azshara Greetings, travelers! We have some exciting additions to the World of Warcraft Profile API that are now available with the Rise of Azshara Content Update. While we are actively working on updating the documentation on develop.battle.net, we did want to give you a quick update on the new endpoints and documents so that you may begin consuming the data as soon as possible. Additionally, we recommend migrating to these endpoints and using them over their equivalent endpoints on the World of Warcraft Community API. In all regions, the following endpoints will result in either a 404 Not Found or a 403 Forbidden error until the character logs out from the game after the release of Rise of Azshara. Character Profile https://us.api.blizzard.com/profile/wow/character/{realm-slug}/{character-name}?access_token={access-token}&namespace=profile-us Character Achievements https://us.api.blizzard.com/profile/wow/character/{realm-slug}/{character-name}/achievements?access_token={access-token}&namespace=profile-us Character Appearance https://us.api.blizzard.com/profile/wow/character/{realm-slug}/{character-name}/appearance?access_token={access-token}&namespace=profile-us Character Equipment https://us.api.blizzard.com/profile/wow/character/{realm-slug}/{character-name}/equipment?access_token={access-token}&namespace=profile-us Character Media In all regions, the Character Media endpoint will result in a 403 Forbidden error until the character logs out from the game after 2019-07-02 at 14:00 PDT. https://us.api.blizzard.com/profile/wow/character/{realm-slug}/{character-name}/character-media?access_token={access-token}&namespace=profile-us Character Specializations https://us.api.blizzard.com/profile/wow/character/{realm-slug}/{character-name}/specializations?access_token={access-token}&namespace=profile-us Character Statistics https://us.api.blizzard.com/profile/wow/character/{realm-slug}/{character-name}/statistics?access_token={access-token}&namespace=profile-us Character Titles https://us.api.blizzard.com/profile/wow/character/{realm-slug}/{character-name}/titles?access_token={access-token}&namespace=profile-us Character PvP Summary https://us.api.blizzard.com/profile/wow/character/{realm-slug}/{character-name}/pvp-summary?access_token={access-token}&namespace=profile-us Character PvP Bracket Statistics https://us.api.blizzard.com/profile/wow/character/{realmSlug}/{characterName}/pvp-bracket/{pvpBracket}?access_token={access-token}&namespace=profile-us Please feel free to post any feedback, comments, or questions here. Cheers!Araspir16 5d
6d Calendar: Is it happening? I did some searches and kept getting results from 2011 - 2014 I'm going into my final year of university and wanted to use the games calendar with some sort of push notification system to improve raid organisation as a final project. After going through the API seems you can get all the data BUT the calendar. This includes Auction Data and Audit data (that seems out of date, was reading the JSON and it was suggesting old belt buckles)Mortainius6 6d
6d Missing assets I'm opening this as advised by Maguthul on the API disc. The following assets seem to be missing/inaccessible: 73260: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_misc_food_164_fish_seadog.jpg 122346: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_misc_food_164_fish_seadog.jpg 128449: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_tabard_a_83saberstalkers.jpg 128450: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_tabard_a_82awakenedorder.jpg 128498: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_food_feleggsnham.jpg 153177: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_misc_rope_01_yellowblue.jpg 147496: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_lightforgedmatrixability_felheartofargus.jpg 147906: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_lightforgedmatrixability_felheartofargus.jpg 151830: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_lightforgedmatrixability_lightsjudgment.jpg 151912: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_lightforgedmatrixability_shroudofarchaneechoes.jpg 152098: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_lightforgedmatrixability_lightforgedwarframe.jpg 152292: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_helmet_150_red.jpg 152344: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/ability_monk_forcesphere_arcane.jpg 153174: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_misc_rope_01_purpleblue.jpg 153175: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_misc_rope_01_yellowred.jpg 153176: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_misc_rope_01_bluepurple.jpg 153266: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/spell_mage_flameorb_green.jpg 153290: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_axe_1h_felbroken_a_01.jpg 162545: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_misc_food_164_fish_seadog.jpg 163985: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_8xp_encrypted01.jpg 163984: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_8xp_encrypted02.jpg 164571: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_encrypted05.jpg 166774: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_encrypted06.jpg 166776: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_encrypted08.jpg 166778: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_8xp_encrypted11.jpg 166775: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_encrypted09.jpg 166777: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_8xp_encrypted10.jpg 166779: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_encrypted20.jpg 168285: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_glove_armor_gnome_d_01.jpg 168889: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_argus_ring01.jpg 168525: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/spell_mage_flameorb_green.jpg 168579: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/spell_mage_flameorb_blue.jpg 169304: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/spell_mage_flameorb_purple.jpgSchiller1 6d
6d SC2 EU Ladder API returning outdated data The StarCraft 2 ladder api endpoint is currently returning outdated data(4 or so days old now). The responses are 200s but they do not accurate reflect the current ladder standings for a given ladder id(I have only tested grandmaster). Here is an example of a player's win/loss count being out of date in the api vs in game. API: https://imgur.com/S7SHFvT.png shows 129-49 in game: https://imgur.com/7A9YXD0.png shows 157-56 I should also note that the NA server IS returning up to date data as expected. It is only Europe I seeing this behavior on and have confirmed it with 3-4 other app developers and they are seeing the same behavior. According to one of the devs, this behavior started on Monday(they said after maintenance?). Hopefully that is helpful. Thanks so much. I would really appreciate if this could be looked into asap since I think a lot of devs have had their apps working off out of date data for the past 4-5 days.feardragon12 6d
Jul 10 90% of my calls are 404 I've seen there was a thread with people having the same issue and it was resolved, but most of my API calls are returning 404. It seems to work with 1 character fairly consistently and then any other character I use more often than not returns 404. It even returns 404 when using the form through the blizzard API website: https://develop.battle.net/documentation/api-reference/world-of-warcraft-profile-api Anyone having a similar problem/know what's causing this?Kaladin3 Jul 10
Jul 9 Adding Battle.Net as an OIDC Provider in AWS Cognito Hi, I'm playing with setting up AWS Cognito as a user pool for my WoW community app (https://www.wipefest.net). It's super easy to add external auth providers such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon. However, I'd much prefer to allow users to log-in via Battle.Net. While I know that the Battle.Net OAuth2 API doesn't strictly support OpenID (as far as I can tell), it looks like most of the pieces are there: https://i.imgur.com/UTQMcjZ.png The only missing piece is the "Jwks uri". In that screenshot, I've supplied a fake one that I setup just so that the JSON structure matches. When using this provider to sign-in, I get most of the way through the process, but then AWS Cognito throws the error: ... Which is obviously because my fake JWKS URI doesn't have the correct public key! I know that access tokens can be verified via the /oauth/check_token endpoint, but I can't utilise that unless I want to write my authentication from scratch (which is what I'm trying to avoid!). If the token signing uses public/private keys, is there a possibility that the public key could be exposed following the usual OpenID standard: https://auth0.com/docs/jwks ? Or, has anyone had any luck integrating Battle.Net as an Identity Provider in AWS Cognito? Thanks for any help available! YaxYax2 Jul 9
Jul 9 Bug: completed account-wide achievements Map of character achievement has no completed account-wide achievements.Ksanshie4 Jul 9
Jul 9 Major Bug With Character Achievements Hi, this is Kihra, the creator of Warcraft Logs. Since 8.2, character renames/transfers have been very broken. Characters that transfer or rename seem to be behaving as though "Display only character achievements to others" was checked in-game, even though it is not. I've had over 100 players with issues now just since 8.2, all of whom have done a rename/transfer and lost their logs, since I have no way of telling the new character is the same as the old one due to this bustage. This is a major issue and will break Raider.IO as well. Thanks for any insight you can provide.Kihra2 Jul 9
Jul 9 List of the battle pets doesn't works? /wow/character/realm/name?fields=pets This method always return empty result. "pets": { "numCollected": 0, "numNotCollected": 1194, "collected": [] },LazyTitan1 Jul 9
Jul 9 CORS issues trying to perform oauth I cannot for the life of me solve this issue. I have a react app (A), an express api proxy (B), and then battlenet api (C). In the react app, I need the user to login so I can make battlenet api calls... so I setup a proxy so I don't have to expose the client id/secrets in the front-end. A: localhost:3000 B: localhost:3001 C: battlenet I have a `"proxy": "http://localhost/3001"` setup in my `package.json`. So i can do things like `fetch('/api/foo')` in site A, and it'll hit site B successfully. In site B, I am using `passport` and `passport-bnet` to handle the oauth. If I start up site B, and hit the oauth endpoint, it will successfully go out to site C and auth itself and bring back the token I need. _BUT_ if I do something like this in site A: function Foo(() => { return <button onClick={handleOnClick}>Click Me</button> function handleOnClick() { // doesn't work fetch('/api/auth').then(...) } }); Then I will receive a cors error. ... If I change my <button onClick={...}> to an anchor tag, then it works: // works return <a href="/api/auth">Click Me</a>Trust2 Jul 9
Jul 9 Greetings, travelers! I'm Araspir. Greetings, travelers! I'm Araspir! I recently joined the development team responsible for both the World of Warcraft website and the World of Warcraft APIs. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I'm a huge fan of Blizzard, with most of my time spent in World of Warcraft, although I dabble in Hearthstone and StarCraft II from time to time. I main a Tauren Restoration Druid, spend most of my time PvPing, and think the Molten Corgi pet is absolutely to die for. I'm super passionate about supporting you, the community, in your endeavors to build awesome products backed by the World of Warcraft APIs. My goal is to help out as best I can regarding bug reports, questions, and feedback, as well as keep you up to date with the latest changes to the World of Warcraft APIs. I look forward to working together. May your blades never dull! - AraspirAraspir8 Jul 9
Jul 9 Help please: error getting oauth token this week In updating mounts from the Armory, I've been getting a "502: Bad Gateway" error for the last few days (at least). As far as I can tell it occurs when I request an access token. The code for which is pretty much: function file_get_contents_curl($url) { $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_AUTOREFERER, TRUE); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION, TRUE); $data = curl_exec($ch); curl_close($ch); return $data; } ... $json_data = file_get_contents_curl("https://us.battle.net/oauth/token?grant_type=client_credentials&client_id=<MyClientID>&client_secret=<MyClientSecret>"); Has something changed? Everything was fine a week or so ago, and I can't find any changes specific to this process, just a bunch of new character profile APIs that don't seem relevant to this situation. Thanks for any help!Wain6 Jul 9
Jul 9 Reviving the Overwatch API Request Just started playing Overwatch not too long ago and wanted to start looking into some of the APIs, only to discover that there aren't any. It has been brought up in the past but looks like nothing is coming from it other than "scraping". Are there any updates that I'm missing? It's nice being able to view detailed match info from the past and also live details such as who I'm up against and their info.CrazyJabber17 Jul 9
Jul 3 For the developers So I didn't really want to post in the forums since it's for questions and topics regarding API usage/problem solving. But blizzard support tickets cut me off. "As mentioned by my colleague, the issue you are having is not something that we are prepared to assist you with." Apologizes in advance if you're a user reading this, it's directed at the Developers directly. Here goes it, am I banned from using the Blizzard Developer APIs and if so, why? I've been following all the ToS guidelines to the letter. And have not recieved any mails about being suspended or whateverish. In my Web Application logins with 0auth returns "Internal Server". Could be anything so I tried to make new credentials for testing, "create a new client" I got fresh keys. And again I tried with the "api reference" API calls and it's still not working. My friends API keys work just fine doing the exact same thing. We both tested: Starcraft 2 Community APIs Endpoint: /sc2/static/profile/:regionId Me : 500 Internal Server Error Friend : RESPONSE STATUS 200 OK I'm really hoping i am being paranoid, I seriously can't believe i've been banned out of spite with no communication at all or some other reason, I love the APIs and loved using the Game & community Data to create new interesting stuff :/Frurre5 Jul 3
Jul 3 Is there any way to view the stats of npc's I want to make an addon that can show the user the stats and equipment a selected npc. For example, if the player selects a Boot Bay bruiser, it would show what they have equipped and also what there attributes are(strength, stamina, and armor)RushZone0 Jul 3
Jul 3 WoW Profile API Outage (US) - Patch 8.2 Greetings developers, We are currently investigating and working to resolve an issue with the World of Warcraft Profile API in the US region, which will result in requests to the 'profile-us' namespace to return a "403 Forbidden" error. Non-US regions (EU, etc) are not affected at this time. We will update this thread when we believe the issue to be resolved.Maguthul4 Jul 3
Jul 2 now achievement "aotc" is not account-wide? A few weeks ago I could see these achievements in achievements completed in any of the characters in the account but not now. I checked the achievement (12536) at https://us.api.blizzard.com/wow/achievement/12536?locale=en_US and it says now it's not account-wide. why?RICARDORMmx0 Jul 2
Jul 2 Overwatch League match API - contact info? I'm trying to find someone who I can get a question or feature request of any kind about the Overwatch League match data API to - the website has no contact info whatsoever other than directing you to the support portal, which directs users of all categories back to the OWL website. Basically, a calendar I've written to convert the data makes use of the JSON data on the website, but someone has asked if I can add the match location to the calendar data. They don't provide the match location in the structure - they do however provide an 'events' structure parallel to matches within a week, but it doesn't specify the duration of the event, nor what matches are part of it, so you kinda have to assume everything in that week is part of it, and only from that can you guess all matches occur at that event venue. Also, all matches are still listed as occurring in US/LA time, even though, for example, this weeks matches are in US/ATL. I'd like to see if we could get them to add the match location to the match structure - which will become of particular importance in OWL Season 3 if they start doing home and away matches. However the website is completely devoid of all contact information. How can I get in contact with someone regarding this - as this is the next-closest place I can think to try to get help.akashra0 Jul 2
Jun 28 [WoW][EU]Character Profile - Reputations bug Hello, I've already posted this to a wrong forum a couple of days ago; My Dark Iron Dwarf toon has Horde reputation list when queried through the API. I'm doing the standard wow/character/silvermoon/superchomik?locale=en_GB&fields=items,reputations. I get fresh data, proven by up-to-date guild rep, but I'm missing Alliance cities. I have Horde cities instead. This only happens on DI Dwarf. My new LF Draenei or VElf have correct reputations. Comparison between DI Dwarf, Alliance and Horde toons: Superchomik (Alliance): Booty Bay, Horde, Undercity, Syndicate, Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Bloodsail Buccaneers, Gelkis Clan Centaur, Magram Clan Centaur, Gadgetzan, Ratchet, The Defilers, Argent Dawn, (…). Emisja (Alliance): Booty Bay, Ironforge, Gnomeregan, Darnassus, Syndicate, Stormwind, Bloodsail Buccaneers, Gelkis Clan Centaur, Magram Clan Centaur, Gadgetzan, Alliance, Ratchet, The Defilers, Argent Dawn, (…). Linkess (Horde): Booty Bay, Horde, Undercity, Syndicate, Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Bloodsail Buccaneers, Gelkis Clan Centaur, Magram Clan Centaur, Ravenholdt, Gadgetzan, Ratchet, The League of Arathor, Argent Dawn, (…).Spring0 Jun 28
Jun 26 Bug: Character professions missing icon Hi folks! This is a bug report. When asking the API to get Character Professions, some professions returns an icon and others not. Ex: https://eu.api.blizzard.com/wow/character/dun-modr/Khuruk?fields=professions&locale=es_ES&access_token=****Sabinico1 Jun 26
Jun 26 Hearthstone API - Use it for a hoverable Deck Lists? Hey there. My name is neon31 and I am running a Hearthstone Site named https://hearthstone-decks.net I saw quite a few site using https://hearthstonejson.com for making a hoverable decklists and I wanted to know if it's possible with the offical one just released some days ago. I had quite a few people trying to make something with it, but we aren't able too. If someone knows how to make it, either with the offical one or the one by hearthstonejson.com it would be awesome. Thanks, neon!neon312 Jun 26
Jun 24 Bnet chat / presence API ? (chat bots like fb ones) Any plans on having chat services API (not just for classic games) ? (ie you can msg a service and it answers useful information, likewise in game addons could talk to a service using BNSendGameData() etc)Moorea1 Jun 24
Jun 22 Spirit Bomb Talent Bugged Description I've got a program that takes in a Server and Character Name as input, and outputs that particular character's currently active talents that I've been maintaining/updating throughout expansions and the API's migration. Typically a talent's description is listed as follows (in this case, Abyssal Strike): "description":"Infernal Strike's range is increased by 10 yards, and its cooldown is reduced by 8 sec." However, Vengeance Demon Hunters' Spirit Bomb's description is completely blank: "description":"" Not sure if there are other talents with this issue, but every other class/talents I've checked so far seem to be fine. Is there any chance for this to get fixed? Or am I just SoL for that particular talent?droodicus0 Jun 22
Jun 20 504 fetching wow api Hello guys, i'm trying to fetch this URL "https://eu.api.blizzard.com/wow/item/18803?locale=fr_FR&access_token={TOKEN}" but te server respond with 504 gateway timeout, but if i copy/past the url into the browser, i'm able to get correct data. I'm using react width axios, any ideas ?Nimpo0 Jun 20
Jun 19 SC2 - Player achievements Hi everyone, I was wondering if there is any endpoint that gets a player’s achievements that might not be documented. I have gone through the docs and it seems that sc2 does not have that. As a workaround, does blizzard allow retrieval of public information from their website in the format of web scrapping? Thank you.Poeticedda1 Jun 19
Jun 18 What does the [x] mean in the Hearthstone card text? I couldn't figure out the pattern on why some cards have an [x] in the beginning of their card text. For example Kirin Tor Mage has card text of [x]<b>Battlecry:</b> The next <b>Secret</b>\\nyou play this turn costs (0).Pyrolistical6 Jun 18
Jun 18 [Request] Expose character ID Context: WoW Would is be possible for all API calls which return a reference to a character to include in that character data the characters ID as it stands in the Blizzard systems? This would allow us some kind of unique identifier to identify characters by. We obv. already have our unique ID's in our databases, but when retrieving characters from the API the best thing we have to go on is name-realm-locale combinations to match a character from the API with a character in our database. This is fine for the most part. However, it gets messy when a character gets a name change or realm transfers. If we suspect a character has undergone one of these processes we can compare achievement points and determine who the character is now, however that's pretty messy and requires the user to let us know that they changed something with their character. If we had the character ID, we could just compare the character ID to the say `blizz_id` in our table, then blindly update the characters details when we retrieve the character from the API. While I understand that when we query the API for a specific character we have to provide the name-realm-local combination, however, at least in my uses I am normally requesting all of a accounts characters, rather than requesting a specific character from the API. If we have the ID we could say do a query for wow/character/{id} rather than wow/character/{realm}/{charactername}. If adding additional routes is out of the scope of possibility, it would really just be awesome to have the ID exposed when retrieving a character via pre-existing routes. As always, Thanks for your time and consideration.spudnic07211 Jun 18
Jun 17 [WoW] EU AH API Down Looks like the AH API has been down for the entire EU region for the last ~28 hours. https://does.theapi.work/ https://tradeskillmaster.com/wow-apiSapu1 Jun 17
Jun 16 [WoW] Progression sometimes return 0 Bosskills Hi, When using var apiID = "ID" var apiSecret= "SECRET" var oAuthcResponse = UrlFetchApp.fetch("https://us.battle.net/oauth/token?response_type=code&grant_type=client_credentials&client_id="+apiID+"&client_secret="+apiSecret) var oAuth = JSON.parse(oAuthcResponse.getContentText()) var oAuthKey = oAuth.access_token var toonJSON = UrlFetchApp.fetch("https://eu.api.blizzard.com/wow/character/"+toonRealm+"/"+toonName+"?fields=progression&access_token="+oAuthKey) in my google spreadsheet, it sometimes returns a JSON with 0 bosskills. How it should look like: https://pastebin.com/mCq7gybn How it sometimes looks like: https://pastebin.com/VvprHGKM Test Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gQOIRXAEEKjZAwNLvjq8t1ihVIluwjCojYyhW2jsHS0/edit#gid=0 The bug happens with any toon, doenst have to be mine.Chill0 Jun 16