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May 8 Introducing the Game Data API and Profile API Throm-Ka Community Developers! Over the past year or so our goblin tinkerers and gnomish engineers have been hard at work crafting new armaments for the API war effort. Early feedback from test survivors has been positive, so we're pulling back the curtain on this new matériel: the Game Data and Profile APIs. Profile Data and Game What Now? The Game Data and Profile APIs are part of a larger strategy that makes it easier for Blizzard to share data both internally and externally. In short, it allows Blizzard teams to use a single, well defined interface to publish data into the Game Data and Profile system. Once published, a simple but powerful set of access control mechanisms allow us to share our data however we like. The difference between Game Data and Profile APIs is the type of data they handle. As you might have guessed form the names, the Game Data API stores data related to a game itself (which we call static data) while the Profile API is used to store data related to individuals, their characters, or accounts (which we call dynamic data). Game Data includes generic information like a list of abilities on a character, server status, or even the current leaderboards for a game. On the other hand, Profile data, includes the equipment on a character, an account's achievements, or a list of characters. As a rule of thumb, Profile data is more sensitive than Game Data. In order to access restricted data, you will need to request and receive approval for additional OAuth scopes. What Happened with the Initial Tests? What About the Survivors? Survivors? Oh, the field trials! Nuuh… that's not important. What's important is that the tech they tested was a rousing success! The first major API exposed with our new system was the D3 Leaderboards. These leaderboards aren't just for public consumption -- we're using them to power the leaderboards on our own D3 website. In the past our websites & APIs shared the same pipelines to access data, but through a slightly different set of APIs. With the introduction of this new system, our websites and yours will be consuming the exact same APIs. We'll get the exact same development experience as our community developers, so we're even more incentivized to keep on top of bugs and feature requests. Over the course of 2017 we're planning to continue developing these new APIs. Additionally, we'll begin migrating most of our existing (legacy) APIs over to the Game Data and Profile API system. Not all of our APIs are a perfect match for this system, though, so some endpoints (e.g. /user/account) won't follow the URL patterns covered in the next section. As we progress in our efforts, we'll continue dogfooding our APIs on our own projects and exposing them more broadly once they've been proven out. So have no fear, our tinkerers and engineers have a lot of exciting stuff coming your way! How are Game Data/Profile Different From Existing APIs? Right! Everything we've discussed so far is all well and good, but what does all this mean for you? The two biggest, most immediate differences for the grunts in the trenches are a tweaks to URL & authentication strategy. The legacy APIs use this basic URL pattern: ... Game Data and Profile APIs use slightly different URL pattern: ... Notice that the URLs for APIs exposed using the Game Data and Profile API always begin with data or profile, respectively. They also require access tokens rather than an API key. A few users on our forums have noted that API keys are not private. As such, it's technically possible for one application to make requests for public data using another application's key. Access tokens help tamp down on that by making sure the request actually came from your application. Let's do a quick review of our OAuth 2.0 authentication schemes. Most developers using our APIs are probably familiar with OAuth 2.0's Authorization Code Grant. This lets your app get a token that indicates a user has given the token holder permission to make requests on their behalf. The Client Credentials Grant does the same thing, but for applications; the token holder is given permission to make requests on behalf of your application. While you can use an authorization token to make generic requests, that might end up being more trouble than it's worth. Generally, we recommend applications use client tokens when requesting generic or public data and authorization tokens when requesting user-specific data. That’s as simple as remember to stick your enemies with the pointy end! Anything Else? We've covered a lot, but the team still has several other irons in the fire. We can't wait to share the other projects we've got cooking. No spoilers (since I don't even know what this means) but the other day I think heard someone talking about the the next API for… oh! LFR just popped, gotta run! Hope to see you all at BlizzCon 2016 ;) For the Warchief! -AndanionAndanion35 May 8
Aug 12, 2014 Intro & Documentation Welcome to the Battle.net API forum! Here you'll find links to documentation and discussions between the developers of the various APIs and the community consuming them. This forum is intended for developers interested in the services provided by Blizzard Entertainment, so be aware that the discussions may be more technical in nature than most other forums. Here's some links to point you in the right direction: Battle.net API Site - https://dev.battle.net/ Guides - https://dev.battle.net/docs Interactive API Reference - https://dev.battle.net/io-docsMagena0 Aug 12, 2014
Feb 3 [Showcase] Post your app ! No result about to find a "showcase post" investigation on this forum, so I decided to create this thread. (Maybe i missed the post, hope no). First at all, this forum is dedicated to help users of the Battle.net API to perform and fix their projects for Blizzard games communities. I'm really interested to see what you guys created with the Battle.net API (Guilds feeds, Roster management, etc). Template to use: Name: App name URL: App URL or Download link Platform: Web/Mobile/etc Code: Language used (Java, PHP, etc) Functions: The main purpose of your app UPDATE: My project is not updated anymore, so I have nothing to share with you guys anymone : <Gym77 Feb 3
Feb 14 Battle.net API Terms of Use FAQ (updated 2015/05/11) Throm-Ka Community Developers! You're bound to have some questions about our revised Battle.net API Terms of Use. If you do have a question, please post it in this thread and we'll pass it on to our legal team. As our legal team answers your questions, we'll keep track and build out a solid policy FAQ as a community resource. All answered questions will be summarized in this thread. 1. It seems that the previous "code which uses the API must be open-source" requirement has been removed? Correct, the open source requirement has been removed. 2. Does this mean we are not allowed to use client-side requests (such as with JSONP format), as they require the API Key to be shared with the consuming users? No. As long as your Application Secret remains private you can share the API key with consuming customers when coding requires it - for example, when utilizing OAuth, etc.Andanion19 Feb 14
Nov 5, 2015 Battle.net API Terms of Use (updated 2015/05/11) Throm-Ka Community Developers! I wanted to bring to your attention that we have updated our Battle.net API Policy and Terms of Use. Please take a moment and review the new Battle.net API Terms of Use, which can be found here: https://dev.battle.net/policy Additionally, if you have policy specific questions you can ask them in this thread. We'll run them past our legal department and try to get you answers as soon as possible. Thank you!Andanion0 Nov 5, 2015
Jan 2 World of Warcraft Game Data APIs Preliminary Release World of Warcraft Game Data APIs Preliminary Release Greetings adventures! It is with great excitement that we come to you today with an update on the Game Data API's. Previously, we revealed Blizzard's plans moving forward on our vision for future large scale updates to our web API's in this post, and we are excited to finally release some of the data that we have been publishing to the Game Date API for the World of Warcraft franchise. If you wish to dig into the new API's now, you can start experimenting with the API Docs by selecting "World of Warcraft Game Data APIs - <region>" from the drop-down. Scope of Release: We anticipate these APIs to continue to evolve as we further define some concepts and practices, and as such, the structure and available data contained within the documents are subject to change. This release includes both data that is currently available in the World of Warcraft Community APIs, as well as new data that has not previously been released such as the WoW Token and the Mythic Keystone Leaderboards. Available APIs: Connected Realm API Realm API Region API Mythic Keystone Leaderboard API WoW Token API Documentation: Much like our existing D3 Game Data API's, and Community API's for World of Warcraft, SC2, and D3, you can experiment with the World of Warcraft Game Data API's on the API Docs by selecting "World of Warcraft Game Data APIs - <region>" from the drop-down. Along with the API Docs, there is an ongoing effort to add further documentation as well as improve existing documentation in the guides section of dev.battle.net. Along with this release, will be adding a Game Data API Overview, as well as a World of Warcraft Game Data APIs Overview on the guides section of dev.battle.net. Authorization: As outlined in the initial reveal post for the Game Data APIs, consumers will be required to use the Client Credentials OAuth Flow when consuming the World of Warcraft Game Data APIs, which requires providing an Access Token with every request. Core Concepts: With the World of Warcraft Game Data APIs we have taken a new approach to how we build, structure, and consume our APIs. Some of the core concepts are listed below, however, the World of Warcraft Game Data APIs Overview on the guides section of dev.battle.net should be referenced for more in-depth descriptions of these concepts. Document Based: Historically the World of Warcraft Community APIs have returned JSON payloads which may include references to many resources by a numeric ID or a string slug, and were a composite aggregation of multiple data sets. With the World of Warcraft Game Data APIs, we have moved to a self-discoverable document based structure where resources aim to "link" to child / related documents and resources rather than inline a unique identifier. Self Documenting and Discoverability: As mentioned above, where the World of Warcraft Community APIs have historically referenced related resources using an inline ID or other unique identifier such as a slug, the World of Warcraft Game Data APIs aim to reference related documents using a "link" object referenced by a "key" property, which will contain a href property that provides the direct URL resource that can be requested to access a related resource. WoW Community API Pattern: Given the below example of a reduced character response, if the consumer wanted to also retrieve information about the realm, they would need to URL encode the realm name, and then construct the realm request endpoint. { ... "name": "Maguthul", "realm": "Test Realm", ... } WoW Game Data API Pattern: Given the below example of a reduced character document, a consumer who wanted to retrieve information about the realm could simply access the realm.key.href value and make a request with that URL. { ... "name": "Maguthul", "realm": { "key": { "href": "http://us.api.battle.net/data/wow/realm/12345" }, "name": "Test Realm" } ... } You can read more about documents, as well as child document links on the following guide pages: Game Data API Overview World of Warcraft Game Data APIs Overview Localization: Similar to the World of Warcraft Community APIs, the World of Warcraft Game Data APIs will offer localized strings for many of the resources that are available for World of Warcraft's supported locales. New with the World of Warcraft Game Data APIs is that requests can now be made to resources without specifying a locale, which will return all of the available localizations for a resource. If a localization is provided with a request, the response will only include the strings for the requested locale, which will drastically reduce the payload size of some resource responses. A consideration of this new pattern is that based on the existence or absence of a request localization, the response object will be structured differently. You can read more about the localization strategy in the World of Warcraft Game Data APIs on the World of Warcraft Game Data APIs Overview. We are excited to hear your thoughts feedback on these new APIs, so please feel free to reply below. Lok'tar ogar!Maguthul30 Jan 2
Oct 14 Community Created Libraries & Resources (updated 2017/03/13) A number of our the developers in our community have put together resources, libraries, and other tools that you may find helpful when developing against the Battle.net APIs. API Forums erorus's RSS blue trackers for the API Discussion and Bug Report forums (post) API Tools By Language PHP Ulminia's OAuth library (post, GitHub) DaPimpShied's Sample API Calls (post) jyggen's Battle.net API lib for PHP 5.4+ (post, GitHub) Acoon's WoW Battle.net Armory API (SourceForge) KwarK's Battle.net API library (GitHub) msuBREAKER's Composer package for the Diablo III API (post, GitHub) AJH's PHPBB extension (post, GitHub) Logans' Blizzard API PHP client (post, GitHub, Packagist) Fireblade's PHP API Reader (post, GitHub) Xklusive's Battle.net API package for Laravel 5 (post, Packagist GitHub) Python Shadow's Django OAuth2 lib (post, GitHub) lockwooddev's Python World of Warcraft Community API Wrapper (Bitbucket) Dorwido's World of Warcraft API module (GitHub) Lazerhawk05's Python wrapper for the SC2 API (post, GitHub) Scala Borak's API Client lib (post, GitHub) HntD's D3 Leaderboard (maybe all-Battle.net) API library (post, GitHub) Java Raffy's WarKit lib - for all your WoW data needs (post 1, post 2, GitHub) Dementhius' OAuth 2.0 library for Android (post, GitHub) Arjun's WoW Community API library (post, GitHub) Puntr's Java wrapper for WoW APIs, wow4j (GitHub) JavaScript Billi's guide for using passport-bnet with multiple regions (post) Gewd's AngualrJS wrapper (post, GitHub) skt's Battle.net API wrapper (GitHub, npm, post) uskimptoc's World of Warcraft API wrapper (GitHub) Crowz's auth package for Meteor JS (GitHub, Atmosphere) C# / .Net KetaSwe's contributed a Battle.net module to OwinOAuthProviders (GitHub) Tok's Diablo III API Wrapper (GitHub) bpfz's strongly-typed C# library for Diablo 3 (GitHub) Hellparsley's strongly typed wrapper for the Diablo III API (site) TiaqoY0's (self-proclaimed) super awesome library (post, GitHub) roncli's strongly typed LibWowAPI (GitHub) NOT MAINTAINED Ruby Frey's Ruby wrapper for Battle.net APIs (GitHub, RubyGems) Milhouse's Ruby wrapper for Battle.net APIs (post, GitHub, RubyGems) Game-specific Resources Hearthstone vamp's hearthstoneapi.com provides a public API (post, site) World of Warcraft Eleadon's spreadsheets for pets, items, realms, spells, and more (post, GitHub) erorus's Random Enchant Suffix List (post, GitHub) erorus's shared info about Battle Pet BreedIDs (post) erorus's table of PvP ladder specs IDs to class and spec name (post) Ulminia's quick guide to exporting WoW icons (post) Ulminia's dump of spell/item icons and talent BGs for 6.0.3 (post) Talonos created a dump of all Battle Pets (post, PasteBin) Ulminia's JSON dictionary to convert enchant IDs to en_US strings (post, Gist) Gluttony's SQL table that maps enchant effectid, spellid, and itemid to slot and name (post, Gist) AresBale's list of item stats (post) MightyOrh's Item Dump (JSON & CSV) (post, DropBox) thedeadwalkk's Item Dump (TXT, SQLite 3) (post, BitBucket) erorus's 6.2 item bonus list dump (Gist, post) dos's SQL table maps enchantIds to descriptions (post, Gist) erorus' map of artifact traits and ranks to spell IDs (post, Gist) vamp's guide for tracking Mythic+ Dungeons (post) erorus' Uncommon Tooltips (post, Github) Game-specific Examples World of Warcraft Kamenitxan's forum signature generator (GitHub) Kamenitxan's HTML guild roster generator (GitHub) AresBale put together a PHP class to help get started with the WoW API (post) Vilepickle created a guild progress widget in PHP (post, GitHub) Throkwa's WordPress plugin for fetching character and Guild data (post, WordPress) Aurifex82 Oct 14
Sep 7 Unofficial Blizzard API Discord In an effort to improve the community of 3rd party developers working with the battle.net APIs and provide a platform for more real-time discussion, I've created a Discord server. My hope is that this Discord is used for sharing our experiences with the battle.net APIs, supporting each other in building awesome things using the APIs, and generally discussing related technologies. Invite link: https://discord.gg/CVxtmes This server is not official, nor is it controlled or endorsed by Blizzard. Anybody is welcome to join though!Sapu14 Sep 7
Dec 8, 2014 Announcements & API Updates (updated 2017/05/08) This thread was created to make it easier for the community to keep track of major announcements related to the Battle.net API platform & game APIs. The API team will work to keep the post list up to date with our current announcements. Policy Updates UPDATED: Battle.net API Terms of Use on Nov. 5, 2015 UPDATED: Battle.net API Terms of Use FAQ on Nov. 5, 2015 Service Updates Introducing the Game Data API and Profile API on Oct 20, 2016 CN Region Network Migration – Thursday 5/12 PDT on May 10, 2016 Update for Mashery Local: Feb 23 (CN only) on Feb. 5, 2016 Notice: Legacy API Shutdown Test In Progress on Feb. 5, 2016 KR APIs Temporarily Offline 11/19 (KST) on Nov. 16, 2015 °˖✧◝ Shutdown Date for Legacy Endpoints ◜✧˖° on Oct. 26, 2015 Old API endpoints temporarily disabled on Oct. 26, 2015 OAuth Token endpoints now do not return accountId on July 15, 2015 /oauth/token endpoints require POST on April 30, 2015 APIs now support gzip on Dec. 8, 2014 Old API endpoints temporarily disabled (+WoD Update 2) on Nov. 6, 2014 API Call Limits on Nov.13, 2014 New Battle.net API Site and OAuth support! on July 30, 2014 WoW Updates Static Render Domains Update on Nov. 15, 2016 (wow thread) Current active Web Armory Profile issues (x-post) on Sep. 7, 2016 (main thread) WoW API Update: zone & boss endpoint additions on Jan. 8, 2016 WoW API Update: zone & boss endpoint additions on Jan. 8, 2016 WoW API Update: auction house static url migration on Nov. 25, 2015 WoW API Update: battlePet endpoint deprecated on Oct. 29, 2015 WoW API Update: pet & mount endpoint additions on Oct. 29, 2015 PSA: New Changes Coming to AH/Realm Data in the APIs on July 30, 2015 WoW Talent API Spec Update on Feb. 13, 2015 WoW 6.0.2 API Updates on Nov. 6, 2014 PvP Leaderboards Update on May. 23, 2017 D3 Updates Diablo 3 Patch 2.4.1 Changes on Apr. 26, 2016 Diablo 3 Leaderboard APIs Now Available! on Aug. 28, 2015 SC2 Updates StarCraft II Client API Update on Nov. 15, 2016. StarCraft II Client API Update on Oct. 7, 2016 Classic Games Classic Chat API Alpha v1 (x-post) on May 5, 2017 (main thread) Forums New MVP: unbound! on May 8, 2017Aurifex0 Dec 8, 2014
19h Diablo III Community API Changes Well Met, Community Developers! We have released changes to the Diablo III Community APIs. The documentation for the new / changed endpoints can be found at https://dev.battle.net/io-docs under D3 Community API - <Region> and Community APIs - CN The following are some of the changes to the API: General descriptionHtml is a new field containing the html used on the Diablo III website. Acts Act index now contains quests for each act. Individual act requests are done via /act/{number}, rather than /act/act-{number}. Classes and Skills Runes are no longer contained under each skill in the characterClass response, but instead in the skill response. Items /item-type/ is a new endpoint listing the item types from the game. /item-type/{slug} lists out the items belonging to that item type. Items now have support for one-of affixes. Artisans and Recipes Artisans no longer list recipes by levels within tiers. Each level of training contains lists for both trained and learned recipes. Single recipe requests now require /artisan/{artisanSlug}/recipe/{recipeSlug}. Recipe responses no longer contain all the item details for the resulting item. That data can be found via an item request. Account and Hero A hero's items are no longer supported via /item/{hash}, but instead there is a new items page for each hero contained at profile/{BattleTag}/hero/{ID}/items. The above change also applies to a hero's followers at profile/{BattleTag}/hero/{ID}/follower-items. classSlug is a new field under profile/{BattleTag}/ that contains the lowercase English text. tooltipParams now contains the path of the base item. Number values should have cleaner decimals. damage now contains the text for both damage and attacks per second. dps is now a text field. Some values used to have min/max fields. These values should only contain one field now. slots should only display the slot that the player has the item equipped. attributes no longer contain color or affixType. attributesHtml is a new field containing the html used on the Diablo III website. This field includes the enchant / transmog information. attributesRaw has been deprecated. set now has a text description of the items and bonuses. The data returned by the API endpoints should match the data on the web profiles. We have worked closely with the the Diablo III game team to ensure that the data presented on the website and API matches the data in the game. Please continue to report website/API bugs if you notice that the profiles are not matching what you see in the game as it relates to stats, kills, etc. Thanks! ♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪ -LaddLadd12 19h
1d Hearthstone player profiles Dear API developers, As this game is 1.5 years old now, isn't it the time to open possibility to create some nice community websites with player profiles data, like seasonal rankings? P.S. I'm developing https://www.heroprogress.com - Hearthstone rankings database.Kernel36 1d
3d Documentation for OWL api? I ran across this the other day, api.overwatchleague.com. Is this something we have documentation for? I'm able to figure out a few endpoints on my own.oneHP9 3d
3d Mount Master List - missing horde versions itemID 29227 is the Alliance version, the Horde version is 29102, and is missing from the master list. Is there any chance/plan to have both mounts added to the game? , { "name": "Cobalt War Talbuk", "spellId": 34896, "creatureId": 20072, "itemId": 29227, "qualityId": 4, "icon": "inv_misc_foot_centaur", "isGround": true, "isFlying": false, "isAquatic": true, "isJumping": true } The same applies for the list below. Silver Riding Talbuk Silver War Talbuk Tan Riding Talbuk White Riding TalbukCuddlyWookie3 3d
3d Mounts on Master Mount List with itemID = 0 The following mounts have an itemID of 0, is this intentional or an error? High Priest's Lightsworn Seeker Archmage's Prismatic Disc Black Qiraji Battle Tank Ivory Raptor Slayer's Felbroken Shrieker Chauffeured Mechano-Hog Blue Skeletal Warhorse Black Qiraji War Tank Nether Drake Black Polar Bear Sunwalker Kodo Great Sunwalker Kodo Brewfest Riding Kodo Black Qiraji Battle Tank Merciless Nether Drake Green Mechanostrider Gray Wolf White Stallion Felsaber Warhorse Swift Spectral Rylak Ivory Raptor Green Kodo Teal Kodo Black Wolf Red Wolf Winter Wolf Magic Rooster Magic Rooster Magic Rooster Black Dragonhawk Mount Dreadsteed Acherus Deathcharger Felsteed Charger Seabraid Stallion Red Wolf Gilded Ravasaur Mottled Red Raptor Grand Caravan Mammoth Grand Caravan Mammoth Black Ram Swift Spectral Hippogryph Skeletal Horse Blue Mechanostrider Swift Spectral Gryphon Exarch's Elekk Great Exarch's Elekk Riding Kodo Thalassian Charger Thalassian Warhorse Netherlord's Chaotic WrathsteedCuddlyWookie3 3d
4d new D3 API - skill category Hello, how am I supposed to get skill category now ? (like curses or corpses for necro). It doesn't appear anymore in hero response and is not in skill response either ! Surprisingly, it's still on web armory. Do they harcoded it for each game skil ??Ozmodiar0 4d
4d Overwatch api. Help! Hi blizzard and all, i am developing an app for Overwatch and need the following information. I will like to know if there is any Overwatch api for the following: 1) API from game to indicate who are the players that enter a particular competitive game. I need for custom game as well. Like a ID tag for each player who enter the same match. 2) API from the game to indicate that a particular competitive game or custom game has started or has ended 3) API for who have won the particular competitive or custom game. Or is it a draw. It is best that these api are realtime and without lag. Thanks!Monkey2 4d
4d Add display id to Mount Master List That way the url used in the armory mount section could be used to get a render of the mount. Example: https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/npcs/zoom/creature-display-XXXX.jpg ThanksLuken2 4d
4d Starcraft 2 API dont work. I cant view my Profile on Starcraft. I would like to share the Achivments i got. Well the API says there is no Profile. this Information i used: id: 5400030 region: 2 name: SChlauewurst locale: de_DESchlauewurst1 4d
5d Can I access calendar data? Hi, I'd like to be able to progamatically get access to the guild calendar events, and wondered if this was possible or not? Would the new OAUTH allow that? I want to see who is signed up for guild raids.Whisperer54 5d
5d WOW Class colors community api Is there any way to get the hexadecimal values (or any other type) for the WoW Class colors? I have yet to find a way.Tilor4 5d
5d [WOW] Guild Roster Help!! Hello everyone I am completely new to all this API stuff. Last I used was full HTML for my guild roster. Once everything had updated and I was unable to do much of anything I tried to learn the right stuff but I guess I just dont under stand it at all and I was wondering if someone can help me out with making a Guild roster for my site. If needed I do have an off site where I can Import the code to and use an iFrame. I currently am using Blogger for my guilds website, and webs.com (old ver I still had before they changed it for the HTML, CSS, & JP.) I am just so lost and confused on how to even do any of this. Last one I made was with google docs for a guild I use to be in by hand doing everything but that got to be to much and to time consuming. I have already reg at the dev and have my key and what not. I just do not know how to code every well with the jp and css. I just know mainly HTML tables... I tried to contact a few ppl I know that is really great with coding but the have not gotten back to me at all.. :[ So I am reaching out here for some help. I will diff give crds to everyone that helps me out. this is my site : http://equilibrium-us.blogspot.com/ It is currently under going a lot of work from years ago. (Layout is not mine it is a template.) What I am looking for is (refs): https://wordpress.org/plugins/guild-armory-roster/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/wowpi/ I am trying to make it look as professional as possible, and I would just like a roster that updates by its self with out me going in manually to do so.Ariessin1 5d
5d Missing criteria ID on data resource API (WOW) Hey, I have have been working on and off with the world of warcraft API trying to get some fun tools to work with the achievement API. However, I keep running in to issues with the return values from the API specifically the character achievement API in the data resource section. For some reason this API returns a bunch of criteria's with ID: 0 which doesn't really make a lot of sense. These values can't be matched up properly with the armory API. So I was wondering if this is intended or a bug in the API. From an outside developer's perspective, it seems like a bug, but you never know :) Has anyone else had this issue and found a work around? Here is a small example from the API: { "id": 1262, "title": "Loremaster of Outland", "points": 10, "description": "Complete the Outland quest achievements listed below.", "rewardItems": [], "icon": "achievement_zone_outland_01", "criteria": [{ "id": 0, "description": "To Hellfire and Back", "orderIndex": 0, "max": 1 }, { "id": 3884, "description": "Mysteries of the Marsh", "orderIndex": 1, "max": 1 }, { "id": 0, "description": "Terror of Terokkar", "orderIndex": 2, "max": 1 }, { "id": 0, "description": "Nagrand Slam", "orderIndex": 3, "max": 1 }, { "id": 3887, "description": "On the Blade's Edge", "orderIndex": 4, "max": 1 }, { "id": 3888, "description": "Into the Nether", "orderIndex": 5, "max": 1 }, { "id": 3889, "description": "Shadow of the Betrayer", "orderIndex": 6, "max": 1 }], "accountWide": true, "factionId": 2 } As you can see in the example some of them have ID's while others don't. Best regards ZyanoNeva3 5d
6d WoW Community API Updates - Patch 7.3.5 Mok'ra community API developers! We wanted to take a moment and provide an update on the current status concerning World of Warcraft Community API updates for patch 7.3.5. At the moment, we have completed all scheduled updates to Community API related services, apart from the below listed services: Web Auction House Mobile Auction House Community API Auction House Dumps We are actively working on bringing the above services back online. Thank you for your patience. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update 2018-02-14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Greetings! It sounds like some of you are already aware, but to make it official; the Auction House API has been restored, along with the Mobile and Web Auction Houses. In efforts to ensure that new issues are posted in new threads, and so that we can more closely stay on-top of any new issues as they arise, I will likely lock this thread sometime next week. So that the conversation can continue as needed, the thread will remain open until that time.Maguthul57 6d
6d The Undermine Journal/API Down https://theunderminejournal.com/ will be permanently shut down by the end of February due to Blizzard's lack of basic communication skills on the Auction API issue. Is it that hard to give an honest proper update even if it's bad news? No, it's not. https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/undermine-journal https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20760926671?page=3#post-44 ...Zach2 6d
Feb 13 Mount master list results are incomplete I tried to find any topics which might relate to this but couldn't, so it is entirely possible that only I have this issue. I was creating test cases for the laravel-battlenet-api when I realized that the mount master list is incomplete. When it reaches the Goren "Log" Roller spellId it cuts off and nothing is in the array after. See the example below: {"name":"Plagued Proto-Drake","spellId":60021,"creatureId":32156,"itemId":44175,"qualityId":4,"icon":"ability_mount_drake_proto","isGround":true,"isFlying":true,"isAquatic":false,"isJumping":false},{"name":"Goren \"Log\" Roller","spellId":176759 The same data is missing on dev.battle.net example as well: https://imgur.com/Ou6ioGZ Because of this a normal JSON parse is not working on the result. Anyone else have the same result or am I doing something wrong? CheersAtraides18 Feb 13
Feb 13 Distance traveled in WoW Hello, I wanted to know if it was planned to propose the distance traveled by a character in World of Warcraft. I remember that the statistic is available directly in the game, but I can not find it in the API.Florian1 Feb 13
Feb 11 HearthStone API Hi everyone, I wanted to know if you can add HearthStone API to the existing APIs because I am interested to create a fan site portal for HearthStone game. It would be great to have the information for example from the cards.Zar0 Feb 11
Feb 11 Talents API localization Hello, I was wondering if I can reliably use the field order from the talents API as a unique key (combined with class id) for localization purposes. Druids, for example, have the following order structure for en_US locale: 0: Balance 1: Feral 2: Guardian 3: Restoration which is the same ordering in pt_BR: 0: Equilíbrio 1: Feral 2: Guardião 3: Restauração Is it safe to assume for every class the order is the same in each localization or I might get different orders for different locales ? Thanks in advance.Schiller2 Feb 11
Feb 10 Season 0 of diablo 3 I don't remember there was a season 0 of diablo 3 and in seasons index, i don't see the season 0. So what is it ? Or is it the era that was before the seasons were introduced ?Madmartigan1 Feb 10
Feb 9 How to track Mythic+ Dungeon Completions I keep seeing people asking how websites are tracking the amount of mythic+ dungeons completed, so I decided to make this post. Hopefully it's useful to someone. For the people that don't know, you can only track level 2, 5, 10 and 15 mythic+ completions because those are the only achievements available. As far as I know there's currently no records in the character statistics endpoint related to mythic+ dungeon completions. Each achievement has a criteria record which increments each time you complete one of these mythic+ dungeons. It increments even after you've reached the number required to unlock the achievement. So we can use these criteria records to find out how many mythic+ dungeons someone has completed. Here's a list of criteria id's for each of the mythic+ dungeon achievements: Keystone Initiate (ID: 11183) Complete a Level 2 or higher Mythic dungeon within the time limit. Criteria ID: 33096 Keystone Challenger (ID: 11184) Complete a Level 5 or higher Mythic dungeon within the time limit. Criteria ID: 33097 Keystone Conqueror (ID: 11185) Complete a Level 10 or higher Mythic dungeon within the time limit. Criteria ID: 33098 Keystone Master (ID: 11162) Complete a Level 15 or higher Mythic dungeon within the time limit. Criteria ID: 32028 If you want to figure how many mythic+ dungeons someone has completed you pull the data from the "Character Profile API -> Achievements" endpoint. What you're looking for is the criteria and criteriaQuantity list. The criteria list will hold the criteria id's. The quantity for that criteria will be located in the criteriaQuantity list on the same index. So if you determine the index of criteria id 33096 in the criteria list is 5. Then the quantity will be on index 5 of the criteriaQuantity list. Let's say that quantity is 76, now you know the amount of level 2 or higher mythic+ dungeons that character has completed is 76.vamp28 Feb 9
Feb 9 Race and class numbers? Is there a list somewhere of the race and class numbers returned by the API? Thanks.AussieEevee2 Feb 9
Feb 8 WorldMap images API Hello I am making an web application and i was wondering if there is any official source to get world map or dungeon instance images? So far i have found this website http://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/maps/enus/original/717-1.jpg but some of the images are broken. Any suggestions?Ivan5 Feb 8
Feb 8 WoW honor talents It doesn't appear there's any way to get honor talent data via the API[1]. It would be nice to be able to retrieve a list of the available ones, like `wow/data/talents` does for normal/non-honor talents, as well as which ones are selected for a player from the character endpoint (again, like what's available for normal talents). [1] https://dev.battle.net/io-docsExupery4 Feb 8
Feb 8 WoW AUCTION API is not updated WoW AUCTION API is not updated GET AUCTION DATA STATUS Last update on Wed, 17 Jan 2018 01:35:23 +0000Shetani1 Feb 8
Feb 8 Overwatch API Request Time stamps. I built a site for Destiny called Guardian Theater (http://guardian.theater/) which mashes up activity time stamps and player lists from Destiny with Xbox clips to show off all of the clips recorded by all participants during an activity. I had hoped to build a similar site for Halo 5, but they don't include time stamps in their API. I'd like to build something similar for Overwatch, so it would be greatly appreciated if you included time stamps in the (nonexistent, unannounced) API. If you were to time stamp events within a match to aid in the filtering of clips (something the Bungie API does not do), I'd love you even more.chrisfried61 Feb 8
Feb 8 Is the WoW AH API Back Up? Looked for a sticky but could find anything here or on the WoW forums - I swear there was one. Quick question - is the AH API back up? I have an idea for a little intellectual project that requires access to this data. Thanks! ArgiArgi3 Feb 8
Feb 6 [SOLVED] OAuth - 403 Not Authorized Hello, When I try to get the WoW characters I keep getting {"code":403, "type":"Forbidden", "detail":"Not Authorized"} I am using Angular and Typescript. (Still learning) My code: var browserRef = this.iab.create("https://eu.battle.net/oauth/authorize?client_id=" + [REDACTED] + "&redirect_uri=https://localhost&response_type=code&scope=wow.profile", "_blank", "location=no"); browserRef.on("loadstart").subscribe(event => { if ((event.url).indexOf("https://localhost") === 0) { browserRef.close(); let authcode = event.url.split('?code='); this.http.get("https://eu.battle.net/oauth/token?grant_type=client_credentials&client_id=[REDACTED]&client_secret=[REDACTED]&code=" + authcode[1]) .subscribe(data => { console.log(data['access_token']); this.access_token = data['access_token']; }, err => { reject('Problem authenticating with Battlenet. Try again later.') }); resolve(); } }); Sorry for the mess, I'm not sure how to format this. Thank you!Blackfur14 Feb 6
Feb 5 WoW - Community API Question (dev) Hello Blizzard friends, I'm developing a little app in C# to retrieve data from WoW API and others API like raider.io / warcraftlogs, making a All in One app, but i'm facing a problem, atleast with warcraftlogs and raider.io i could manage to get it done, but i would like to know if Blizzard API does have its API status (Online / Offline / Maintenance) page or something similar?, because using the Method "WebClient.GetWebResponse" would not be the best option because, what if the API website is up and the service is down? it would for sure throw me a error since i have done a little status page to check if its online. Thanks! Focs-GoldrinnGiuliet1 Feb 5
Feb 5 New Mercy I am a D.va main but I also use Mercy and Lúcio when I’m playing as healer. I was very satisfied with the last update, now I can’t even revive anyone really because it takes so much time, and the other team will easily get her if I try to revive anyone on my team. This new update for me was the worst, and what do everyone else think about her new update? I think we should go back to the previous update, that was pretty fair comparing to her first few updates where you used to be able to revive basically your entire team mate if there was an opportunity! I would appreciate as many feedback as possible!BMTHfan921 Feb 5
Feb 4 Hearthstone API I am still hoping Blizzard will release an official Hearthstone API with many cool endpoints third party API's can't provide. But since they haven't yet I made a Hearthstone API that returns card data. Hope it's useful to someone! http://hearthstoneapi.comvamp14 Feb 4
Feb 4 Mythic Challenge Mode + Mythic Keystone Leaderboard Structure Changes Throm-Ka Community Developers! We are planning some changes to the Mythic Keystone leadboard documents that are currently available via the Game Data API, to include the following high level changes: Increase number of leaderboard entries from 100 to 500 Move keystone affix array to the top level leaderboard object Remove localization & name from specialization key Remove localization & name from faction key This change will correspond with the changes discussed in our WoW - Pending Mythic Challenge Mode API Changes thread. Example structure: { "_links": { "self": { "href": <string> } }, "connected_realm": { "href": <string> }, "keystone_affixes": [ { "keystone_affix": { "id": <integer>, "key": { "href": <string> }, "name": { "en_US": <string>, ... } }, "starting_level": <integer> } ], "leading_groups": [ { "completed_timestamp": <integer>, "duration": <integer>, "keystone_level": <integer>, "members": [ { "faction": { "type": <string> }, "profile": { "id": <integer>, "name": <string>, "realm": { "id": <integer>, "key": { "href": <string> }, "slug": <string> } }, "specialization": { "id": <integer>, "key": { "href": <string> } } } ], "ranking": <integer> } ], "map": { "id": <integer>, "name": { "en_US": <string>, ... } }, "map_challenge_mode_id": <integer>, "name": { "en_US": <string>, ... }, "period": <integer>, "period_end": <integer>, "period_start": <integer> } We are aware that the links for Keystone Affix and Character Specialization documents cannot currently be resolved by third party consumers. This change is schedule to go live with the next WoW maintenance on 2018-01-30, however, this date is subject to change.Maguthul6 Feb 4
Feb 2 WoW - Pending Mythic Challenge Mode API Changes Aka'Magosh community developers! We wanted to take a moment to update you on some changes that may be coming in the future for the Mythic Keystone Dungeon documents in the storage API for WoW. While these changes are not finalized, we wanted to get this information out to you ahead of time for increased visibility and to reduce potential consumer impact. Removal of Keystone Affixes from each Mythic Keystone dungeon run: The Mythic Keystone Leaderboard document currently includes a list of leading_groups, of which each contains an array of keystone_affixes (bold in white below). This array of keystone_affixes will no longer be included in each group entry, however, the list of possible keystone affixes will continue to be listed as a property of the top level leaderboard object. Existing structure: { "_links": { "self": { "href": "http://us.battle.net/api/data/wow/connected-realm/3723/mythic-leaderboard/197/period/629?namespace=dynamic-us" } }, "connected_realm": { "href": "http://us.battle.net/api/data/wow/connected-realm/3723?namespace=dynamic-us" }, "keystone_affixes": [...], "leading_groups": [ { "completed_timestamp": 1516370487, "duration": 3433543, "keystone_affixes": [...], "keystone_level": 23, "members": [...], "ranking": 1 } ], "map": { "id": 1456, "name": "Eye of Azshara" }, "map_challenge_mode_id": 197, "name": "Eye of Azshara", "period": 629, "period_end": 1516719599, "period_start": 1516114800 } New structure: { "_links": { "self": { "href": "http://us.battle.net/api/data/wow/connected-realm/3723/mythic-leaderboard/197/period/629?namespace=dynamic-us" } }, "connected_realm": { "href": "http://us.battle.net/api/data/wow/connected-realm/3723?namespace=dynamic-us" }, "keystone_affixes": [...], "leading_groups": [ { "completed_timestamp": 1516370487, "duration": 3433543, "keystone_level": 23, "members": [...], "ranking": 1 } ], "map": { "id": 1456, "name": "Eye of Azshara" }, "map_challenge_mode_id": 197, "name": "Eye of Azshara", "period": 629, "period_end": 1516719599, "period_start": 1516114800 } Mythic Challenge Mode index updates We understand that the removal of the keystone_affixes array from the leaderboad leading_groups objects will make it difficult to determine which affixes apply to a leading_group for a particular dungeon run, so we will be updating the existing Mythic Challenge Mode index document to include a starting_level property for each object in the current_keystone_affixes array, as well as move the keystone affix link to a new property named keystone_affix. https://us.api.battle.net/data/wow/mythic-challenge-mode/?namespace=dynamic-us&locale=en_US&access_token= Existing structure: { "_links": { "self": { "href": "https://us.api.battle.net/data/wow/mythic-challenge-mode/?namespace=dynamic-us" } }, "current_keystone_affixes": [ { "id": 6, "key": { "href": "https://us.api.battle.net/data/wow/keystone-affix/6?namespace=static-7.3.5_25875-us" }, "name": "Raging" } ], "current_period": 629, "current_period_end": 1516719599, "current_period_start": 1516114800 } New structure: { "_links": { "self": { "href": "https://us.api.battle.net/data/wow/mythic-challenge-mode/?namespace=dynamic-us" } }, "current_keystone_affixes": [ { "keystone_affix": { "id": 6, "key": { "href": "https://us.api.battle.net/data/wow/keystone-affix/6?namespace=static-7.3.5_25875-us" }, "name": "Raging" }, "starting_level": 1 } ], "current_period": 629, "current_period_end": 1516719599, "current_period_start": 1516114800 } We will keep this thread up to date with any developments regarding these changes.Maguthul4 Feb 2
Feb 1 See friend added date? Just wondering if I am able to see how long someone has been on my friends list. I have been playing Overwatch with a group of friends I met in game for quite a few months and I'm curious of exactly how long it has been. Is there a way to check how long we have been friends or is that not a feature?MajorMystery4 Feb 1
Jan 30 Mythic Challenge Mode, Mythic Keystone Leaderboards & WoW Token Timestamp Updates Greetings community developers, In order to increase consistency across our documents and to better define patterns in our APIs, we plan to make some minor changes during tomorrow’s WoW maintenance. Mythic Challenge Mode, Mythic Keystone Leaderboard, and WoW Token API document(s) will be updated to represent timestamps as milliseconds, rather than seconds, as well as suffix all timestamp fields with '_timestamp'. This change is currently anticipated to be released tomorrow, 2018-01-30, with the next WoW maintenance. Examples: https://us.api.battle.net/data/wow/mythic-challenge-mode/?namespace=dynamic-us&locale=en_US { ... "current_period_end_timestamp": 1517324399000, "current_period_start_timestamp": 1516719600000 } https://us.api.battle.net/data/wow/connected-realm/10/mythic-leaderboard/197/period/583?namespace=dynamic-us { ... "leading_groups": [ { "completed_timestamp": 1488506337000, ... } ], ... "period_end_timestamp": 1488898799000, "period_start_timestamp": 1488294000000 } https://us.api.battle.net/data/wow/token/?namespace=dynamic-us&locale=en_US { ... "last_updated_timestamp": 1517272810000, ... } The release date and scope of this update is subject to change as needed.Maguthul3 Jan 30
Jan 30 [SOLVED] WoW: getting an item's icon image Hello, I'm looking for a way to retrieve an item's icon image to display in an program im writing. I've done some searching and I can't find a way to reliable do this with whatever item id i use.thedeadwalkk6 Jan 30
Jan 30 WoW API - class backgroundImage Greetings, I am pulling character data from the API but there's one value I'm not sure would be of any value, and that is the spec => [backgroundImage] key. For example on the restoration Shaman, the backgroundImage value is as such: [backgroundImage] => bg-shaman-restoration Does anyone know if there is a url to get an image? Cheers.Vixen4 Jan 30
Jan 29 Question about how authentication works Hi ! I'm discovering oauth2 protocol and Battle.net API. My goal is to develop an app where users have to log in using their battle.net account. I have some issues about access token request and I want to be sure I'm not wrong about how it works. I detail how I think (or want) it works, you'll tell me if I'm wrong or not :). First time an user come on my app, I redirect him to the authorization URI. He logs in. Then he's redirected to my callback URI and I get the authorization code. I use this authorization code to request an access token. This access token give me access to user (player) account informations so I use it to get his btag and an unique Id. I store them in my database for being able to identify this user next time he comes on the app. Next time this user comes, I start the same process again : get authorization code -> get access token -> get btag and Id, so I can compare with my database to identify him and serve him his on-app personal space. Here is my issue : I can get the access token and execute API requests with it, but every time I try to get an other one (like if I logged out and wanted to come back on the app) I get this {"error":"invalid_request","error_description":"Internal server error"}". I don't understand why it works one time, then not for the 50 next try. And works again after some random changes on the way I send parameters, then not for the 50 next try, ... Any ideas ? ^^ I hope my english is understandable and I thank you for reading me until the end :).Kilnih6 Jan 29
Jan 29 SC2 Ladder API - no MMR data I am trying to find MMR data in SC2 API. I can not figure out where to get it. Maybe it does not work currently? 1. Profile API: https://us.api.battle.net/sc2/profile/6605724/1/Arcane/?locale=en_US - returns profile with a lot of stuff but no ladder info. 2. Ladder API: https://us.api.battle.net/sc2/profile/6605724/1/Arcane/ladders?locale=en_US Returns ladder info and ladder ids. Number of wins, losses, rank in the league. Unfortunately no MMR: { "currentSeason": [{ "ladder": [{ "ladderName": "Khaydarin Charlie", "ladderId": 265432, "division": 37, "rank": 28, "league": "DIAMOND", "matchMakingQueue": "LOTV_SOLO", "wins": 11, "losses": 15, "showcase": true }], "characters": [{}], "nonRanked": [] }], // and so on } 3. Ladder API by ladder ID: https://us.api.battle.net/sc2/ladder/265432?locale=en_US Returns list of players in specific ladder by ID. No MMR either: { "ladderMembers": [{ "character": { "id": 3797557, "realm": 1, "displayName": "henseft", "clanName": "RIT SC2", "clanTag": "RIT", "profilePath": "/profile/3797557/1/henseft/" }, "joinTimestamp": 1516835552, "points": 203.0, "wins": 11, "losses": 4, "highestRank": 99, "previousRank": 0, "favoriteRaceP1": "TERRAN" }, // and other league members ]} So that is all APIs available to get ladder and MMR data from. Maybe I am missing something?Arcane1 Jan 29
Jan 28 Blizzard Api OAuth in php So .. here is my work-in-progress php oauth api https://github.com/Ulminia/blizzard-api-oauth I have massively updated my wiki for my latest push. https://github.com/Ulminia/blizzard-api-oauth/wikiUlminia62 Jan 28
Jan 26 SC2 ladder API (EU) serves old data The new ladder endpoint of the Starcraft 2 API serves very old data. The newest "last played" timestamp I have of any player is 1515612545 (or Wednesday, 10. January 2018 19:29:05). Example Ladder for old data: https://eu.api.battle.net/data/sc2/ladder/197529?access_token=token Profile "Holly" should have 57 losses and "last played" should be today, but it shows 55 losses and "last played" 07. January. It seems like some data does get updated correctly though, since MMR for players actually changes sometimes/for some accounts, so I can't say what data is affected and what not. I have a profile (Name: Blfox#207, ID: 18269300562186993664, profile: /profile/373033/2/Blfox) that had its MMR changed at least 967 times between 1515612545 and now alternating between 4449 and 4691. There may be more accounts with this behavior. I may be able to deliver a full list if needed. I am looking forward to this getting fixed soon since it affects all profiles on the EU server.Holly7 Jan 26