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Oct 8 Blizzard Battle.net Developer Portal Quick Start Guide Whether you're a new developer or one migrating from our old API portal, the following steps will help you get up and running with minimal fuss. Check out the What's changed? section for important details on how the new Developer Portal handles requests and authorization. Quick Start Follow the steps below to begin making API requests. 1. Log in to the Developer Portal or create a Blizzard Account. 2. Create a client on the API Access page. 3. Get your client ID and client secret. Note: Clients may require up to 10 minutes before they can make requests after creation. 4. Make a request. In this example, an application is making a GET /tokenindex request to get the price of a WoW Token. 5. Construct a request URI. Blizzard URI paths follow a standard syntax using this format: {region}.api.blizzard.com/{API path} The URI for this request is: https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/token/?namespace=dynamic-us 6. Get your access token via the OAuth client credentials flow: curl -u {client_id}:{client_secret} -d grant_type=client_credentials "https://us.battle.net/oauth/token" 7. Finally, make your GET /tokenindex request using that access token: curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {access_token}" "https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/token/?namespace=dynamic-us" What's changed? We've made the following changes in creating the new developer portal. Host names have changed Requests to the old API portal used {region}.api.battle.net. The new developer portal uses {region}.api.blizzard.com. Blizzard APIs now use Access tokens We no longer use API keys; instead, requests use access tokens acquired via either the OAuth client credentials flow or authorization code flow. Expiration time Access tokens expire after 24 hours. What kind of access token do I need? The client credentials flow is used for almost all Blizzard API requests. The authorization code flow currently provides access tokens for the following requests: GET /oauth/userinfo GET /wow/user/charactersWhere do I submit an access token? Access tokens submitted as a query parameter follow this format: https://<request URI>/?access_token={token} Access tokens submitted in cURL requests follow this format: curl --header "Authorization: Bearer <access_token>" <REST API URL> Crambone0 Oct 8
Oct 5 Blizzard Battle.net Developer Portal FAQ Why is Blizzard switching to a new developer portal? From a practical standpoint, launching the Blizzard Battle.net Developer Portal brings efficiency to our developer platform, such as converting to Blizzard single-sign on, managing API clients better, and using our existing account security. Our strategy is to build on our developer platform. Our new portal is a native platform that’s setting the foundation for working with you to introduce new ways to create amazing content for our players. Why is Blizzard requiring that my application use OAuth (and not just API key)? OAuth is the industry standard for sensitive data and among the best solutions currently available for external applications. The decision to make OAuth our primary authentication method with our new system was made after much consideration. That said, we are always open to discussion and even changing course for the right reasons. Please share your feedback on this forum. When is the transition to the Blizzard Developer Portal taking place? We’re already asking developers to transition over to the Blizzard Battle.net Developer Portal. The old portal will no longer be available after January 6, 2019. What happens if I don’t move my account over to the Blizzard Developer Portal? If you use Blizzard APIs and don’t transition over to our new developer portal by January 6, 2019, you will no longer be able to authenticate and receive game data from any Blizzard games. Will this affect guild sites and other sites that allow users to log in using their Blizzard Battle.net account? Whether this affects guild and community sites depends on the way the site administrators implemented the ability for users to log in using Blizzard Battle.net credentials. We encourage you to please contact the owner or administrator of the site you’re using and direct them to this post. Is this a platform to develop games for Battle.net; what exactly is the Blizzard Developer Portal? We do not currently support independent game development for Blizzard Battle.net. The Blizzard Battle.net Developer Portal is a single place for our community of app developers to gain access to Blizzard player data and learn about APIs for fan sites or tools for World of Warcraft®, StarCraft II®, and Diablo III®. What is GDPR? The General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on May 25, 2018. If you are not familiar with GDPR and its impact, we recommend contacting your legal department, consult with your Data Protection Officer, or reference the following sites for more information: https://eugdpr.org/ http://www.privacy-regulation.eu/en/index.htm What if my question isn’t answered here? Please go to our Blizzard Battle.net Developer API discussion forum https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/15051532/ for more information.Alerikon0 Oct 5
Oct 1 Announcing our new Developer Portal! Greetings Developers! The Blizzard Battle.net Developer Portal is a native Blizzard API service. On our portal, you can find updated documentation and register for access using a Blizzard Account. We see the portal as the next chapter in our support of community developers, starting a journey where we discover and introduce new ways to create amazing content for our players. With the launch of our portal, you'll see both familiar and new members of our team engaging on the forum. Feel free to say hi and introduce yourself! We're here to help and answer any questions you may have. Cheers!Alerikon1 Oct 1
22h [Showcase] Post your app! No result about to find a "showcase post" investigation on this forum, so I decided to create this thread. (Maybe i missed the post, hope no). First at all, this forum is dedicated to help users of the Battle.net API to perform and fix their projects for Blizzard games communities. I'm really interested to see what you guys created with the Battle.net API (Guilds feeds, Roster management, etc). Template to use: Name: App name URL: App URL or Download link Platform: Web/Mobile/etc Code: Language used (Java, PHP, etc) Functions: The main purpose of your app UPDATE: My project is no more, so I have nothing to share with you guys: <Gym102 22h
May 10 Blizzard Battle.net Developer Portal Updates Greetings Developers! We hope you're enjoying the Blizzard Battle.net Developer Portal. To better serve the needs of our community, we're working to continuously improve the portal. So what's changed? • The portal now supports all WoW APIs. • Try It feature is now available. • SC2 APIs are coming soon, oops, pardon our slip! We'll continue to post updates as information comes in, so check back!Alerikon7 May 10
May 9 OAuth 2 Community Implementation Examples Members of the developer community have requested examples for OAuth implementations in different languages. We've created a few examples which can be found here, but in recognition of the talented developers in our community, we wanted to invite you to share your own! Feel free to contribute your own examples of OAuth Client Credentials flow in this thread!Veltarii2 May 9
Dec 7 Blizzard API Keys and Google Spreadsheet Functionality Greetings Developers! Friendly Reminder The Mashery portal will be disabled on January 6th, 2019. At that time, clients will only be able to access our APIs through the Developer Portal. To better serve the needs of our community, please remember that the use of our API keys to create auto-updating spreadsheets will not function through the Developer Portal without changes to support OAuth. In the future, we may be exploring other options. For additional information, please refer to this post!Veltarii0 Dec 7
Nov 27 Simple Mashery Migration Guide I found Blizzard's documentation difficult to understand regarding what's changing in this migration away from Mashery. I put together this document as a reference for current API users in case they needed to see it another way, as I did. https://gist.github.com/erorus/6c08227921ff99d93295fa9f91c7fd70erorus3 Nov 27
Nov 19 Community Created Libraries & Resources (updated 2017/03/13) A number of our the developers in our community have put together resources, libraries, and other tools that you may find helpful when developing against the Battle.net APIs. API Forums erorus's RSS blue trackers for the API Discussion and Bug Report forums (post) API Tools By Language PHP Ulminia's OAuth library (post, GitHub) DaPimpShied's Sample API Calls (post) jyggen's Battle.net API lib for PHP 5.4+ (post, GitHub) Acoon's WoW Battle.net Armory API (SourceForge) KwarK's Battle.net API library (GitHub) msuBREAKER's Composer package for the Diablo III API (post, GitHub) AJH's PHPBB extension (post, GitHub) Logans' Blizzard API PHP client (post, GitHub, Packagist) Fireblade's PHP API Reader (post, GitHub) Xklusive's Battle.net API package for Laravel 5 (post, Packagist GitHub) Python Shadow's Django OAuth2 lib (post, GitHub) lockwooddev's Python World of Warcraft Community API Wrapper (Bitbucket) Dorwido's World of Warcraft API module (GitHub) Lazerhawk05's Python wrapper for the SC2 API (post, GitHub) Scala Borak's API Client lib (post, GitHub) HntD's D3 Leaderboard (maybe all-Battle.net) API library (post, GitHub) Java Raffy's WarKit lib - for all your WoW data needs (post 1, post 2, GitHub) Dementhius' OAuth 2.0 library for Android (post, GitHub) Arjun's WoW Community API library (post, GitHub) Puntr's Java wrapper for WoW APIs, wow4j (GitHub) JavaScript Billi's guide for using passport-bnet with multiple regions (post) Gewd's AngualrJS wrapper (post, GitHub) skt's Battle.net API wrapper (GitHub, npm, post) uskimptoc's World of Warcraft API wrapper (GitHub) Crowz's auth package for Meteor JS (GitHub, Atmosphere) C# / .Net KetaSwe's contributed a Battle.net module to OwinOAuthProviders (GitHub) Tok's Diablo III API Wrapper (GitHub) bpfz's strongly-typed C# library for Diablo 3 (GitHub) Hellparsley's strongly typed wrapper for the Diablo III API (site) TiaqoY0's (self-proclaimed) super awesome library (post, GitHub) roncli's strongly typed LibWowAPI (GitHub) NOT MAINTAINED Ruby Frey's Ruby wrapper for Battle.net APIs (GitHub, RubyGems) Milhouse's Ruby wrapper for Battle.net APIs (post, GitHub, RubyGems) Game-specific Resources Hearthstone vamp's hearthstoneapi.com provides a public API (post, site) World of Warcraft Eleadon's spreadsheets for pets, items, realms, spells, and more (post, GitHub) erorus's Random Enchant Suffix List (post, GitHub) erorus's shared info about Battle Pet BreedIDs (post) erorus's table of PvP ladder specs IDs to class and spec name (post) Ulminia's quick guide to exporting WoW icons (post) Ulminia's dump of spell/item icons and talent BGs for 6.0.3 (post) Talonos created a dump of all Battle Pets (post, PasteBin) Ulminia's JSON dictionary to convert enchant IDs to en_US strings (post, Gist) Gluttony's SQL table that maps enchant effectid, spellid, and itemid to slot and name (post, Gist) AresBale's list of item stats (post) MightyOrh's Item Dump (JSON & CSV) (post, DropBox) thedeadwalkk's Item Dump (TXT, SQLite 3) (post, BitBucket) erorus's 6.2 item bonus list dump (Gist, post) dos's SQL table maps enchantIds to descriptions (post, Gist) erorus' map of artifact traits and ranks to spell IDs (post, Gist) vamp's guide for tracking Mythic+ Dungeons (post) erorus' Uncommon Tooltips (post, Github) Game-specific Examples World of Warcraft Kamenitxan's forum signature generator (GitHub) Kamenitxan's HTML guild roster generator (GitHub) AresBale put together a PHP class to help get started with the WoW API (post) Vilepickle created a guild progress widget in PHP (post, GitHub) Throkwa's WordPress plugin for fetching character and Guild data (post, WordPress) Aurifex91 Nov 19
Oct 12 GET /account/user has migrated to GET /oauth/userinfo Greetings, Developers! In the course of migrating to the new Developer Portal, the GET /account/user endpoint has migrated to GET /oauth/userinfo. Note that, currently, all OAuth endpoints require the OAuth authorization code flow. This includes the following endpoints: • GET /oauth/userinfo: this endpoint uses {region}.battle.net as the host for requests. • GET /wow/user/characters: this endpoint uses {region}.api.blizzard.com as the host for requests.Crambone0 Oct 12
Oct 3 Unofficial Blizzard API Discord In an effort to improve the community of 3rd party developers working with the battle.net APIs and provide a platform for more real-time discussion, I've created a Discord server. My hope is that this Discord is used for sharing our experiences with the battle.net APIs, supporting each other in building awesome things using the APIs, and generally discussing related technologies. Invite link: https://discord.gg/CVxtmes This server is not official, nor is it controlled or endorsed by Blizzard. Anybody is welcome to join though!Sapu17 Oct 3
2d WoW Game Data API Update - Guild, Pets, Mounts & More Greetings everyone, We have some exciting news to share! Earlier this week we released some new data to the Game Data APIs for World of Warcraft. This release includes new data and endpoints related to PvP Seasons, character PvP rankings, pets, mounts, creatures, and guilds. Please refer to the below list for a complete list of endpoint additions: Game Data API: /data/wow/pvp-season/index /data/wow/pvp-season/{id} /data/wow/pvp-season/{id}/pvp-leaderboard/index /data/wow/pvp-season/{id}/pvp-leaderboard/{bracketType} /data/wow/pvp-season/{id}/pvp-reward/index /data/wow/pvp-tier/index /data/wow/pvp-tier/{id} /data/wow/media/pvp-tier/{id} /data/wow/achievement/index /data/wow/achievement/{id} /data/wow/media/achievement/{id} /data/wow/achievement-category/index /data/wow/achievement-category/{id} /data/wow/pet/index /data/wow/pet/{id} /data/wow/mount/index /data/wow/mount/{id} /data/wow/creature/{id} /data/wow/media/creature-display/{id} /data/wow/creature-type/index /data/wow/creature-type/{id} /data/wow/creature-family/index /data/wow/creature-family/{id} /data/wow/media/creature-family/{id} /data/wow/guild/{realmSlug}/{guildName} /data/wow/guild/{realmSlug}/{guildName}/roster /data/wow/guild/{realmSlug}/{guildName}/achievements /data/wow/guild-crest/index /data/wow/media/guild-crest/emblem/{id} /data/wow/media/guild-crest/border/{id} Profile API: /profile/wow/character/{realmSlug}/{characterName}/pvp-summary /profile/wow/character/{realmSlug}/{characterName}/pvp-bracket/{bracketType} Additional notes: With the addition of the above endpoints, we advocate that you transition your applications to the Game Data API endpoints where possible, as the WoW Game Data API is considered to be more stable versus the WoW Community API at this time. Some guilds may be unavailable until they experience in-game activity. Some character profile documents will be unavailable until the next time the character logs out of the game. These documents include Character PvP Bracket Statistics, and Character PvP Summary. Data relating to PvP seasons prior to the current season (27) is currently unavailable and requests for such data will result in a 403 Forbidden error. For more detailed information about the new API methods, visit the API Reference pages for the World of Warcraft Game Data APIs and the World of Warcraft Profile APIs. Please feel free to post any feedback, comments, or questions here. Cheers!Maguthul8 2d
2d How can I get skill runes images from the server? I am making an app to show diablo information. Everything seems fine, but I've spent quite a long time to get skill runes image, such as frostbite. How can I get the image from the server. Many thanks.stephencao0 2d
3d Overwatch League API Needs Fixing This post is referring to the overwatch league stats API linked below & sites that rely on those pages such as the official overwatch league stats page. https://api.overwatchleague.com/stats/players https://api.overwatchleague.com/players?expand=stats https://overwatchleague.com/en-us/stats -Retired Players such as Dafran & Stellar have been removed from the api. (Effect is still in there for whatever reason). -Traded players need separate stat tracking for each team they're on. -Add team stats please since the above two issues have made calculating team stats impossible. By that I mean that in stage 1 OWL you could calculate and compare team avg stats by multiplying player stats by (minutes/10), adding that number together for each player on a team, and multiplying by 6. Because there is missing data & incorrect data from retired/traded players calculating accurate team stats (such as team final blows/10 mins) is now impossible.Captaincrap91 3d
4d Missing profilemain for WoW characters There are some characters I'm grabbing the avatar and profilemain image for; occasionally I see an issue where either the avatar or profilemain or BOTH are returning a 404. The example I have right now is for: Veysana-Vek'nilash-US. The working avatar url is: render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/character/veknilash/169/169139881-avatar.jpg however, replacing "avatar" with "profilemain" returns a 404: render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/character/veknilash/169/169139881-profilemain.jpgStone4 4d
5d Reference list of public get methods for owl Any chance, we could get a complete list of the API public Getters? for instance: https://api.overwatchleague.com/* for all public calls?Pingu2 5d
5d [OW] Endorsement "Data-value" Good afternoon ! First of all, my apologies for my poor english and this post wich i already made yesterday but for some reasons, it didnt appear on the forum. (this way i lost all the sources i was quoted ect ect...) Anyway, i was trying to create some little personnal software that could give me the number exact of endorsment of each type, the total of endorsement ect... The thing is, after many hours working on differents communauty made API, i decide to go webscrapping myself. A lot of tutorial / reddit / forum talk about a "Data-value" we can inspect while scrapping the page. I found it. but the probleme is that now it is a rate. It seem like : before we had "Data-value" with the exact number of endorsement. And "Data-rate" wich was the %. Now "Data-Value" is a rate from 0 to 1 and "Data-rate" is that same number times 10. My questions are : Am i really that bad at scrapping or is it a change that i didnt get noticed of ? If im doing something bad, can anyone try to tell me what is it ? As well as if u have some solution, im up for any types of solutions. Sincerely, Djo'Djosephus0 5d
6d Item Stats List do not know if someone posted this allready but here's my fast version with help of simulation craft.. <?php $iStats = array( "-1" => "None", "0" => "Mana", "1" => "Health", "3" => "Agility", "4" => "Strenght", "5" => "Intellect", "6" => "Spirit", "7" => "Stamina", //------------------------------- "12" => "Defense Skill", "13" => "Dodge", "14" => "Parry", "15" => "Block", "16" => "Melee Hit", "17" => "Ranged Hit", "18" => "Spell Hit", "19" => "Melee Crit", "20" => "Ranged Crit", "21" => "Spell Crit", "22" => "Melee Hit Taken", "23" => "Ranged Hit Taken", "24" => "Spell Hit Taken", "25" => "Melee Crit Taken", "26" => "Ranged Crit Taken", "27" => "Spell Crit Taken", "28" => "Melee Haste", "29" => "Ranged Haste", "30" => "Spell Haste", "31" => "Hit", "32" => "Crit", "33" => "Hit Taken", "34" => "Crit Taken", "35" => "Resilience", "36" => "Haste", "37" => "Expertise", "38" => "Attack Power", "39" => "Ranged Attack Power", "40" => "Versatility", "41" => "Spell Healing Done", // deprecated "42" => "Spell Damage Done", // deprecated "43" => "Mana Regeneration", "44" => "Armor Penetration", "45" => "Spell Power", "46" => "Health Regen", "47" => "Spell Penetration", "48" => "Block Value", "49" => "Mastery", "50" => "Bonus Armor", "51" => "Fire Resistance", "52" => "Frost Resistance", "53" => "Holy Resistance", "54" => "Shadow Resistance", "55" => "Nature Resistance", "56" => "Arcane Resistance", "57" => "PVP Power", //------------------------------- "59" => "Multistrike", "60" => "Readiness", "61" => "Speed", "62" => "Leech", "63" => "Avoidence", "64" => "Indestructible", "65" => "WOD_5", "66" => "WOD_6", //------------------------------- "71" => "Strenght, Agility, Intelect", "72" => "Strenght, Agility", "73" => "Agility, Intelect", "74" => "Strenght, Intelect" ); /* example usage */ echo $iStats['62']; ?> AresBale9 6d
6d Looking for examples Nuxt-auth and bnet signin Hi there everyone. I have been trying to sort this out all day and I am afraid I am still to new to Javascript. The passport Node.js write up comes close but I would like to use the nuxt-auth module to keep the auth system in house on my app. Does anyone have a good strategy layout? Thank you in advance!NoobTaco0 6d
May 12 anonymous is not authorized to perform Since this morning I get this error when I try to access any render from WoW community api. Error: {"Message":"User: anonymous is not authorized to perform: es:ESHttpGet"} I had no problem yesterday night. I went to debug/work on my app this morning and had this error. This happens only on my local network, when I try on my phone using my phone's data I can download them fine. Any idea what could cause this?Alexchaos1 May 12
May 9 API Call if Faction Assault underway in BfA? Is there a call to check if a faction assault is currently underway in BfA?DrewF0 May 9
May 8 Guild bank in API ? Hello, i would be interested to know if it's possible to pull the guild bank in API ? I would like to store it somewhere to see who contributes, what items, and last but not least how many time a item is stored in here. It would be then possible to run donation or just clear the bank of stuff that is sitting there since a long time etc... Is it possible ?Rude2 May 8
May 7 Overwatch I already got overwatch on my PC but i want to play on my PlayStation. I haver to buy again the game ??theking1 May 7
May 4 Adding Battle.Net as an OIDC Provider in AWS Cognito Hi, I'm playing with setting up AWS Cognito as a user pool for my WoW community app (https://www.wipefest.net). It's super easy to add external auth providers such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon. However, I'd much prefer to allow users to log-in via Battle.Net. While I know that the Battle.Net OAuth2 API doesn't strictly support OpenID (as far as I can tell), it looks like most of the pieces are there: https://i.imgur.com/UTQMcjZ.png The only missing piece is the "Jwks uri". In that screenshot, I've supplied a fake one that I setup just so that the JSON structure matches. When using this provider to sign-in, I get most of the way through the process, but then AWS Cognito throws the error: ... Which is obviously because my fake JWKS URI doesn't have the correct public key! I know that access tokens can be verified via the /oauth/check_token endpoint, but I can't utilise that unless I want to write my authentication from scratch (which is what I'm trying to avoid!). If the token signing uses public/private keys, is there a possibility that the public key could be exposed following the usual OpenID standard: https://auth0.com/docs/jwks ? Or, has anyone had any luck integrating Battle.Net as an Identity Provider in AWS Cognito? Thanks for any help available! YaxYax0 May 4
May 3 Will WoW Classic AH data be accessible via the API? See title.ihsw5 May 3
May 1 OnUnitIdle not called I am using the official StarCraft 2 API retrieved here: https://github.com/Blizzard/s2client-api I am following the tutorial but when I override OnUnitIdle it never gets called. I have tried creating new units and stopping units from doing anything. Creating a new unit it supposed to call the OnUnitIdle() function, but as when I try it nothing happens. In order to check if it gets called or not I try to print a text to the console window. " virtual void OnUnitIdle(const Unit* unit) final { std::cout << "WAT " << std::endl;" Need help to get this to work!random0 May 1
Apr 30 Can I access calendar data? Hi, I'd like to be able to progamatically get access to the guild calendar events, and wondered if this was possible or not? Would the new OAUTH allow that? I want to see who is signed up for guild raids.Whisperer88 Apr 30
Apr 28 View guild members in a html page Hello and sorry my english is not good Can someone show me how the code looks like to display a list of all guild members in a html pagefirefoxone7 Apr 28
Apr 24 500 Internal Server Error from WoW Character API I am getting a lot of 500 Internal Server Error "Downstream Error" when using the WoW character API. Maybe 1 in 20 API requests is successful, but most fail with this error. Edit: I see that there's a separate forum for bug reports. My mistake; I'll post there.Selorim1 Apr 24
Apr 24 Any plans to support un-authenticated API calls on new endpoints? Perhaps for low volume, web page based queries?uskimptoc4 Apr 24
Apr 24 Implicit flow examples missing from documentation I am trying to implement a b.net login using a SPA and another client that communicate with a central server. An implicit Flow (https://auth0.com/docs/flows/concepts/implicit) is what I need but the documentation for this is very lacking. Could you show the proper way to obtain the user Access Token and how to verify it on my server using the secret? I do not think those steps are language/framework dependent but just for reference, I am using Ktor (https://ktor.io/servers/features/authentication/oauth.html) and Angular 7Lamba0 Apr 24
Apr 23 Help getting started with a simple realm type call Hello! New to the blizzard API and want to do something very specific. I'll take you through what I've learned so far and where I think I am stuck. I think I have got maybe 75% of the knowledge of what I need to do but just need help connecting the dots :) I want to get the realm 'type' (which I know is PvE) of the US server 'Medivh' from the wow community API and print it on an HTML page. To do this I know I will have to make a JSONP request using the following URL: http://us.battle.net/api/wow/realm/status?realm=Medivh&jsonp In that JSONP that is returned, there should be a string called 'type' which specifies Medivh's realm type that looks like this: "type":"PvE", I also know that in order to print that string into a <div> node with the ID 'result' on my HTML page I will use jQuery like this: <script type="text/javascript"> function foo(data) { $("#result").html(data.type); } $(document).ready( function(){ $.ajax({ url: "http://us.battle.net/api/wow/realm/status?realm=Medivh&jsonp=foo", type: 'GET', dataType: 'jsonp' }); }); </script> Am I correct up until this point? Do let me know. Now, this is where I think I'm stuck. I read the documentation and there was lots of mention of Oauth2 - I did a bit of research into it but most of it is total gibberish to me! I know that it is a security protocol which is mandatory if you want to make API calls, but that's about it. When I type the URL mentioned before into my web browser, I get a 403 denied error. I guess that this is because I'm a user in a web browser and I'm not authorised/haven't configured Oath (because I am a human being not a server). So that means I will have to get Oauth working on my web server where my website, https://barrens.chat, is. Then I suppose that if I do manage to get Oauth working, I will successfully be able to make the API call using the jQuery script on my server. Right? My website has SSL and is running a phpBB installation (v3.2.5). So I guess I could make this Oauth thing work if I could do it through phpBB? I found this guy's phpBB extension in the community resources sticky which looks promising: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/14728823355#3 But someone in the last reply says that it seems to only be for logging in through bnet, and wouldn't be useful for anything else. There's also another, much more recent phpBB extension here: https://phpbbstudio.com/extensions/battlenet-oauth2-light but again it seems specifically for logging in using bnet credentials. Will the sort of authorisation stuff included in this extension be enough for me to do my jQuery calls, despite this being designed for log ins? Question 1: if I installed either of those phpBB extensions, and got Oauth working correctly, is that enough? Like, will the bnet API from then on accept any calls coming from my domain through the jQuery script or do I need to do extra work after that to make requests? Question 2: there seem to be other ways of getting Oauth 'working' besides this phpBB extension. Can you guys recommend me one and walk me through how to get it working so that I can easily make requests with the jQuery file? Question 3: Is there anything I've said so far that is utterly and totally wrong? Please do point out my mistakes. Any help would be greatly appreciated :) TeebTeeb3 Apr 23
Apr 22 Character bank Hi, I'm working on a personal project regarding WoW items, stash, stacks, missing items, etc and I'm trying to access the items that my char has in it's bank. Is there an API that could help me to do this ? I don't have an issue with it being an API only for 1 char, and could not be able to access someone else's Battlenet bank, or Guild bank, let's say. Kind regards, SaintTheSaint3 Apr 22
Apr 21 Could not verify the provided CSRF token because your session was not found. Hello, I'm actually following https://develop.battle.net/documentation/api-reference/oauth-api instructions First request is doing good But when I try the second step : POST - /oauth/token I have this error: HTTP Status 403 - Could not verify the provided CSRF token because your session was not found. here is my code : $url = "https://eu.battle.net/oauth/userinfo"; ///The data you want to send via POST $fields = [ 'grant_type' => 'authorization_code', 'code' => $_GET['code'], 'redirect_uri' => 'http://creahs.fr/uploader.php' , 'client_id' => 'c143ae84941e46e7b99a5c4a0f8cc6ff' ]; //url-ify the data for the POST $fields_string = http_build_query($fields); //open connection $ch = curl_init(); //set the url, number of POST vars, POST data curl_setopt($ch,CURLOPT_URL, $url); curl_setopt($ch,CURLOPT_POST, true); curl_setopt($ch,CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $fields_string); //So that curl_exec returns the contents of the cURL; rather than echoing it curl_setopt($ch,CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true); //execute post $result = curl_exec($ch); $info = curl_getinfo($ch); var_dump($info); var_dump($result); If someone could help me it would be really nice :) thanks !Niamortrih0 Apr 21
Apr 20 User specific login session Hello all, I'm working on a mobile app where I have my own system to authenticate users. Once the user is inside the app, I ask them to authenticate with BattleNet through the Authorization Code flow to get his user info or list of characters. The problem I currently have is: I have a user A, he logs in in the app and authenticates with BattleNet, receives a code, a token and later on the user info or list of characters. User A logs out, user B logs in. When I start the Authorization Code flow for user B, he automatically receives a code that belongs to user A, without asking for BattleNet credentials. So the main idea is to maybe link the user account with the BattleNet account in a 1:1 relationship. Is there any way I can do this? I would like to be able to do the following: 1. If a user starts the Authorization Code flow and has not given permission previously, show the BattleNet login site. 2. If the user already gave permission to the app, the app should be able to notice this and provide a code and token that can be user to get user specific info. I'm sorry if this was asked previously, didn't find it in the forums. Thanks!Ciau7 Apr 20
Apr 20 Auto refreshing access code in google sheets I recently used my (limited, as in, 1 class) of knowledge to scrape together some code snippets that i found online to create a spreadsheet for my guild using the wow API to display things like class, ilvl, and neck level. I was super proud until it broke in 24 hrs due to hard coding in the access code like this. https://i.imgur.com/rBqIdrr.png Is there a simple way to create a new access code using google script so I don't have to manually get a new access code every 24 hours? I ended up uiNight4 Apr 20
Apr 20 Character Profile API - individual character achievements? Hello, I'm playing with the APIs for an Android app and I noticed that all my characters have the same amount of achievement points. I initially thought that it was an API bug but then realised that all achievements are shared between characters on the same account. Is there any way to find which character completed a certain achievement?DanTheMan2 Apr 20
Apr 18 US Auction House Static Files 404 Greetings adventurers, We are currently aware of and investigating an issue with the serving of Auction House Static File "Dumps" for US realms. This issue results in a 404 Resource Not Found error when attempting to resolve the static file URL provided via the Auction API - Auction Data Status request. Thank you for your patience while we continue our investigation.Maguthul4 Apr 18
Apr 18 Auction API - requesting snapshot (auctions.json) file returns 404 After making a (successful) request for the latest realm auction house data I'm attempting to download the snapshot file from the URL returned. In every case I'm getting a 404 error. This happens on multiple realms. The URL returned by the Auction API is in the form of: http://auction-api-us.worldofwarcraft.com/auction-data/xxxxxxxxxx/auctions.json I have tried setting the Authorization header to my access token to see if that helped, but it does not. It's been a while since I have grabbed AH data, but once I had the URL it used to be as simple as downloading and parsing the file. I'm assuming something has changed in how this works, but after trying a number of things I'm out of ideas. What should I be doing once I have the file URL?Geekenstein3 Apr 18
Apr 16 Honor Talents in any API call in active development after 2.5 years of an open request? The only way I know how to get it is by checking a person's armory page. It'd be nice to have this data shoved into the existing talents call. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20749215465#post-1 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20752397183#post-1Veliace0 Apr 16
Apr 15 Get Mythic Affixes ? Hi ! In order to improve my Discord bot, I want to retrieve the list of weekly affixes, but I can't find to way to do that by reading and searching in the API (only found indexes and description of each affix but not the actuel set of affix). I found https://github.com/WFrancois/wow-affixes/blob/master/src/Service/WowWeek.php but I'm not sure how it works (weirds ID and time calculating). Can you please indicate how to do this ? Thanks ! Sorry for the language mistakes, I'm not comfortable with englishAlistanor0 Apr 15
Apr 15 Complete Character Lists? Is it possible to actually get a complete character name list from a server without iteratively checking names of every combination? First time considering writing something with this api, but I have a big project in mind. ThanksBloodvenom5 Apr 15
Apr 11 Hearthstone Stats/Match Data Hello to all Blizzard Forums users and the developers! I am fairly certain that this question was asked ALOT of times before, most likely under different formulations, but the point is pretty much the same - Does it make sense to wait for some kind of an update or anything that will allow players to see their previous Hearthstone data (match history, match outcomes, opponent usernames and their classes, e.t.c)? Like many other players, i never got around to using third-party software in order to retain my match history, but i nonetheless would like to see any possible information if of-course Blizzard Entertainment keeps it in their database. On this basis, a really important (in my opinion at-least) question arises: If let's say sometime in the future (whenever) Blizzard does release a program or anything that will allow us to see the match outcomes, will it be possible to see match outcomes from the past (like 4, 5 years ago, games that took place way back in 2014, 2015 and 2016 for an example) or will this feature include only newer matches? Hopefully, we do get a clear answer, i had some wonderful time grinding during the two previous seasons and would really like to see some match outcomes that i unfortunately have little memory of. I wrote on the Hearthstone forums, tried contacting the devs on Twitter, and have pretty much done all i could but there's almost no information regarding this question. Thank you in advance for any answers, yours sincerely, GeneEvgeni1 Apr 11
Apr 9 Bug: Character professions missing icon Hi folks! This is a bug report. When asking the API to get Character Professions, some professions returns an icon and others not. Ex: https://eu.api.blizzard.com/wow/character/dun-modr/Khuruk?fields=professions&locale=es_ES&access_token=****Sabinico0 Apr 9
Apr 8 Using an asset from the official WoW website Hello! So, while I was developing the website, I began to look at the official WoW website for inspiration. I noticed that Azerite gear has an azerite border around them to better diffirentiate from normal gear. This one: https://worldofwarcraft.akamaized.net/static/components/GameIcon/GameIcon-azerite.png I downloaded it and began to fiddle a little bit with it until I began wondering about the legallity of downloading assets from any Blizzard website and using on any kind of software. So my question is, can I get into legal trouble for it?Extremus1 Apr 8
Apr 6 Need help with Overwatch API for school project (sorry I'm a noob) So for my high school mobile app dev. final I want to make an app which includes a stat tracker for players as a part of it. I know/think I need this line of code to access the player's information https://<region>.api.battle.net/profile/<user_id>/<game>/document/path?access_token=<token> but I'm not sure how to get permission for an access token or how to retrieve it after I'm not really sure how to create a client properly because I am unsure of what to include in the redirect URI section too I tried looking at multiple guides but I didn't understand what some of it meant so it would be great if someone could explain to me how to do it because I am probably missing steps and I don't know how to do it. Thanks to anyone who tries to help I know I probably look stupid hahaPrisonMike1 Apr 6
Apr 6 Bug or not? If I try to get character profile with API (Character Profile), I will get this reply: { "lastModified": 1553883787000, "name": "Сухиешортики", "realm": "Свежеватель Душ", "battlegroup": "Vindication", "class": 10, "race": 26, "gender": 1, "level": 120, "achievementPoints": 7640, "thumbnail": "soulflayer/168/170062760-avatar.jpg", "calcClass": "f", "faction": 1, "totalHonorableKills": 11 } It is monk pandaren (RaceID in reply - 26). But if I want to get race id by calling getRaces with RaceID = 26, I will get 404 Not Found. As I found out, pandaren RaceID= 24. It is a bug or not?Wishpering1 Apr 6
Apr 5 WoW Item API - 500 Downstream Error I'm getting quite a few 500 Downstream errors when querying the Item API. Three quick examples: 129840 129847 129872 They all seem to be timewarped/timewalking items.RIDDICK0 Apr 5
Apr 5 StarCraft Remastered API? Does anybody know if Starcraft remastered will have an API for pulling game data? Or has this information now been released yet?Serenity9 Apr 5
Apr 4 Hearthstone player profiles Dear API developers, As this game is 1.5 years old now, isn't it the time to open possibility to create some nice community websites with player profiles data, like seasonal rankings?Kernel46 Apr 4