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Nov 15 What's the point of us feeding back bugs if they're nether fixed or even acknowledged? For example https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20769527293 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20762067624#post-1 Is it so difficult to give even a small reply? "We've checked and they're fine" "You're right something is up" "We're not able to fix them right now" "It's on the road map to be fixed soon (tm)" I've checked on both the new and old API, it's still a problem with both.cuddlywookie4 Nov 15
Nov 15 Localization bug in new /sc2/static/profile endpoint I have found a bug here: This new endpoint seems to ignore the :locale parameter. For example, if I use locale de_DE, I still get the English descriptions for all achievements: ... returns (shortened): { "achievements": [{ "categoryId": "4371481", "chainAchievementIds": [ "91475332181198" ], "chainRewardSize": 1, "criteriaIds": [ "91475334682655" ], "description": "Purchase the Mecha Viking skin from the Collection.", "flags": 2, "id": "91475332181198", "imageUrl": "https://static.starcraft2.com/starport/3defb684-0923-412c-91d6-269d91e10f19/achievements/31-0.jpg", "isChained": false, "points": 0, "title": "Mecha Viking", "uiOrderHint": 8 }Javafrog3 Nov 15
Nov 14 /wow/user/characters endpoint giving a 404 I'm not currently able to get a list of a user characters, I'm using https://us.battle.net/wow/user/characters for the URL and according to this forum post https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20769607186 it appears to be correct, am I missing a piece of information?Nagron7 Nov 14
Nov 14 Issue with oauth token and its using for /wow/user/characters Hi everyone, I have an issue with oauth 2.0, if someone can help me. I am making a web app that simply gets all characters' data from the player's profile using Blizzard API and renders it in the browser. The problem is that a correct token can be generated only using this page https://develop.battle.net/documentation/api-reference/world-of-warcraft-community-api. If I use curl, postman or my own script, it gives me wrong token, so i get an object like { "access_token": "EUnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx095", "token_type": "bearer", "expires_in": 86399 } At the same time, if I use the link provided above, I can generate a request URL for POST request like https://eu.api.blizzard.com/wow/user/characters?access_token=USYxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxVCR/]. As you may notice, I am trying to get data from EU server, where I have my own chars. So develop.battle.net portal gives me correct token (although it starts with US not EU), and I can see my characters info; whereas postman/curl or any other method gives me a 'EU...' token, which does not work. Could you point me the right direction please? I spent like couple of days on it. Thanks.SiniyBomj1 Nov 14
Nov 14 Should I recreate the APP client? Hello. Is there a way to keep current(old) API keys and auth credentials?Lael1 Nov 14
Nov 13 SC2 League API endpoints Hello, will be migrated league api endpoints to new portal? For example: https://eu.api.battle.net/data/sc2/league/37/201/0/4?access_token=... Thanks boockieBoockie1 Nov 13
Nov 13 Lots of 503, 403 past 12 hours or so? Anyone else getting an unusual number of 503 and 403 responses in say the last twelve hours? I'm seeing this for WoW end points on both the old and new APIs. In all cases the same request usually ends up working fine on a retry shortly after (and the same code was working fine for some weeks prior.) I don't think I'm anywhere close to the throttles.Briala5 Nov 13
Nov 13 using curl over https Hi im trying to use curl to grab data about an item using the item api, i have this link https://eu.api.blizzard.com/wow/item/55365?locale=en_GB&access_token= which works in my browser but when i use curl https://eu.api.blizzard.com/wow/item/55365?locale=en_GB&access_token= it just hangs trying to download the data. Im pretty new to using these api's and probably dont fully understand how oauth works so any help on how to curl this data would be greatshudders2 Nov 13
Nov 13 Hearthstone player profiles Dear API developers, As this game is 1.5 years old now, isn't it the time to open possibility to create some nice community websites with player profiles data, like seasonal rankings?Kernel45 Nov 13
Nov 12 API Not Updating I have been testing the changes needed for my character tracker tool, but I have noticed the WOW Character Data API doesn't appear to be updating recently. I first noticed it when my equipped items weren't updating after logging out. After a bit of digging, i have noticed both the lastModified in the responsed body and the last-modified in the reponse header are Mon, 29 Oct 2018 12:18:41 GMT (or 3 days ago). Testing on https://develop.battle.net/documentation/api-reference/world-of-warcraft-community-api gives the same results. Anyone else seeing similar results or am I just going crazy?Gabriellus18 Nov 12
Nov 12 CORS problems - new API Hi, Im trying to migrate to new blizzard wow public API. Now it seems we need use OAuth even to get data like realms. Im trying to implement request which gets access_token, but Im having huge problems with CORS. Whole request is based on https://develop.battle.net/documentation/guides/using-oauth/client-credentials-flow (CURL works perfectly) fyi Im not very familar with CORS stuff so explainning is very welcome Im using Angular app so the code looks like this: const username = 'my_client_ID'; const password = 'my_secret'; const formData = new FormData().set('grant_type', 'client_credentials'); const headers = new HttpHeaders() .set('Content-Type', 'multipart/form-data') .set('Authorization', 'Basic ' + btoa(`${username}:${password}`)); return this.http.post('https://us.battle.net/oauth/token', formData, {headers}); I Always get 401 Unauthorized and CORS errors in console (even if I use it from my domain with https): "OPTIONS https://us.battle.net/oauth/token 401 (Unauthorized)" "Failed to load https://us.battle.net/oauth/token: Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'http://localhost:4200' is therefore not allowed access." Can anybody tell me what am I doing wrong? how to fix it? whats going on? Thanks.Arthe7 Nov 12
Nov 12 Poor Data integrity on PvP Leaderboards Currently for: https://us.api.battle.net/wow/leaderboard/3v3?locale=en_GB&apikey= We can see numbers in a players name, example: { "ranking" : 1714, "rating" : 2258, "name" : "Checks764E12", "realmId" : 58, "realmName" : "Stormreaver", "realmSlug" : "stormreaver", "raceId" : 10, "classId" : 12, "specId" : 0, "factionId" : 1, "genderId" : 0, "seasonWins" : 253, "seasonLosses" : 251, "weeklyWins" : 0, "weeklyLosses" : 0 } Please could this be resolved?searay2 Nov 12
Nov 11 Any new API's for the new Communities feature? Title. Anyone have any info? Thanks!Dobby2 Nov 11
Nov 10 handling large json files in php Heya! Some of my cron jobs (30 second limit) are timing out because of the time it takes to load the json file in to memory and then to parse. Just curious to how people handle/parse the large json files that we can get our hands on from Blizzard. I'm interested in trying a json file streamer, has anyone had any success with this or has a better way of handling the 30+mb of Auction House data that we can read? Cheers!cuddlywookie13 Nov 10
Nov 10 Error on /sc2/profile/user Hi, guys. I realize OAuth autorization (Authorization Code Flow) an successfull get information on https://eu.battle.net/oauth/userinfo?access_token=EUL***HYYL https://eu.api.blizzard.com/wow/user/characters?access_token=EUL***HYYL but can't open sc2 account https://eu.api.blizzard.com/sc2/profile/user?access_token=EUL***HYYLgerman2 Nov 10
Nov 10 Can't get any info from sc2 API I'm doing some testing with postman on the sc2 API but can't get any info back, it says 404 not found. example https://us.api.blizzard.com/sc2/data/achievements https://us.api.blizzard.com/sc2/profile/2553612/1/puCK/?locale=en_US I already have a bearer token. weirdly I can get response from the other games like diablo or wow. thank uMarineBoss4 Nov 10
Nov 10 SC2 endpoints Just throwing it out there... tomorrow is the last day of october. I'd love to see the new and improved SC2 endpoints and not an update to the new dev portal with a pushed back date. But we all know how it goes in development. so i'll be "patient" until it gets done.MooCow4 Nov 10
Nov 10 Starcraft API - updated?! Blizzard saying API for Starcraft2 going to be updated in October! Is it... doing a script getting all members in my clan data. But want to make it work with the new one! So when is it updated? Still getting "Warning" message when doing Reference seatch in API for Starcraft?! Anyone knows when its updating? /Goldenarrow Kompis-clan on EUGoldenarrow4 Nov 10
Nov 9 Overwatch API/webscraping help. Hey, I'm pretty new to webscraping/api's and i know blizzard does not support any official overwatch api. I was just wondering if it is possible to get access to real time competitive matches of a specific rank? In terms of what data, i would just like to know the final team compositions of both teams, the map(s) that were/was played and who won. If this is not possible at the moment, is it possible for me to request special permission from blizzard? Thank you.theyoungkai4 Nov 9
Nov 9 Request Time Hello, I have a problem with the new API the response time is too high. (I'm using php language). I have just this code : Old URL <?php echo file_get_contents('https://eu.api.battle.net/wow/character/chants-éternels/Acham?locale=fr_FR&apikey=<APIKEY>'); Response time : 600 ms New URL <?php echo file_get_contents('https://eu.api.blizzard.com/wow/character/archimonde/Hirokumi?locale=fr_FR&access_token=<APIKEY>'); Response time : 120000 ms Do you have an idea? I have no problem directly into browser. HirokumiHirokumi4 Nov 9
Nov 8 CORS and the Authorization Header The Blizzard API does not appear to support using the Authorization header with CORS. When *.api.blizzard.com gets an OPTIONS request with an "Access-Control-Request-Headers: authorization" request header, it needs to respond allowing that header. JSFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/xpvt214o/927754/ I'm not talking about getting a token with a client id/secret. I already have the token and I'm trying to use it client-side. I know I can just use access_token as a querystring param. I'd prefer to use the Authorization header so the token doesn't show up in logs and dev tools as much.erorus9 Nov 8
Nov 8 No compression on new Blizzard.com API's I'm not seeing any compression on the new API's, previously I would always see the encoding headers, now they are missing. For example a call to https://us.api.battle.net/wow/leaderboard/2v2?locale=en_US&apikey= is a response of 134KB with Content-Encoding: gzip While a call to https://us.api.blizzard.com/wow/leaderboard/2v2?locale=en_US&access_token= is a response of 1.8MB with no Content-Encoding header.RIDDICK1 Nov 8
Nov 6 Character Updating problem My character; Prodigies, has been having a problem with updating information. Quite recently I've been logging out and in numerous of times hoping for it to fix itself. What I've recognized at the moment from WoW Armory site my PvP Rating/Talents has not been working properly. Other websites "WoWProgress/ Raider.IO" specifically can't update my character properly 'at all'. I was directed to tell my issue here from the WoWProgress Administrator to try give information to the wow devs here.. I remember an instance on WoWProgress where I changed to restoration for the time being and had logged off that night, not caring to change myself back to Balance specialization. Once I reconsidered using WoWProgress after a few days, I would try to update my character information on WoWProgress with all simple requirements to do so which is just logging out in the desired character information then waiting momentarily and update. I checked WoW Armory and I saw it was the character information I wanted but WoWProgress was simply not changing my gear/ specialization properly. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/barthilas/prodigies https://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/barthilas/prodigiesReactionzlol0 Nov 6
Nov 6 Trying to access NPC renders Hi, I seem to be stuck finding corresponding display IDs for Legion NPCs. According to https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20754735272 it's possible and using random numbers gives me for example this: ... The IDs are not the IDs given via Boss API (Kil'jaedens journal ID is... - the unit ID seems to be ...). Does anyone have a list? Thank EDIT ok so, there seems to be this workaround: look up the npc on wowhead view source code search for displayid the number you want is this: onclick="ModelViewer.show({ type: 1, typeId: 120867, displayId: 76011 }) just replace it within the url nowxhs207ga5 Nov 6
Nov 5 Wrong email I was create an account with wrong email and I need to change it what can I do???SorryAmGreek1 Nov 5
Nov 4 Retrieving what xpac/patch an item comes from As far as I can tell, the API call to /wow/item/:item does not contain which expansion or patch an item comes from. Wowhead and Wowdb have this information on their item pages, but from looking into it a lot of these are wrong. Are there item ranges in which clearly delineate what patch or expansion an item is from? For example: Legion 7.3.0: 151089-153475 Legion 7.3.5: 153476-157759 BFA 8.0.1: 157762-165369 Or are itemids not used linearly like that?crenix1 Nov 4
Nov 4 Possibility for specific endpoints with low cache times? I have been following the developer section for many years, and had some good ideas around things like twitch overlays. However, there are issues with things like long cache times and info not being available quickly enough for something like an overlay. Recently Eve Online rewrote their API to directly connect to their live databases and set up specific cache, security, and filters for external use while they use it internally as well. This allows for some of the information to be extremely close to realtime (like 6 second cache times) as long as you have the proper scopes and authentication. I was wondering that with this new structure and system designed specifically for getting updates and changes out much easier, will we hopefully see possibilities like this? I feel like some things would be fantastic to have pretty close to realtime information (obviously not plausable for some things like auction house, as we don't want to automate and destroy the economy), but things like xp, level changes, gear change, etc. would be great for community use in things like streaming.w9jds0 Nov 4
Nov 4 See friend added date? Just wondering if I am able to see how long someone has been on my friends list. I have been playing Overwatch with a group of friends I met in game for quite a few months and I'm curious of exactly how long it has been. Is there a way to check how long we have been friends or is that not a feature?MajorMystery5 Nov 4
Nov 2 Documentation for OWL api? I ran across this the other day, api.overwatchleague.com. Is this something we have documentation for? I'm able to figure out a few endpoints on my own.oneHP20 Nov 2
Nov 2 Authentificator ? Hello, I cannot go onto the page for testing the queries and to see what's new to developp as i do not understand what's the hell i need to modify for this oauth thingy. + i do not have a smartphone and i have to BUY an authentificator ? Is there something i do not get ?Rude6 Nov 2
Nov 1 [Suggestion] Guild "Challenges" KeyStone Level Hello everyone!. Now I programming a guild app and I saw the "guild challenges" in "Guild Profile API". I want to know the "Key Stone Level" from all challenges, like different to +2 or +8 key level. That is possible to add? CleinClein0 Nov 1
Oct 31 Old Dev portal run test calls on page The tool from mashy that let us test the api on the dev page was amazing, letting me to rapidly check how the data would look / preview all sorts of things. This functionality would be amazing to have back and on the new one. Thanks! BombTime (TomBomb in discord)BombTime9 Oct 31
Oct 29 Oauth down? I'm getting 401s with valid credentials auto-filled by the http://dev.battle.net/io-docs page.frugs9 Oct 29
Oct 29 /data/wow/talent missing from API? /data/media? 1. I'm trying to get icons for classes, specializations and talents. To get to an specialization's icon the process involves: - GET /data/wow/playable-class - GET /data/wow/playable-class/:classId - GET /data/wow/playable-specialization/:specId This is all made very simple because Blizzard provides us with an object key with an href to follow for the related data. Except when we get to the talents part on that last GET: "talent_tiers": [{ "level": 15, "talents": [{ "talent": { "key": { "href": "https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/talent/22385?namespace=static-8.0.1_27026-us" }, ... }], ... }] This endpoint is not listed anywhere on the API Documentation site, and no matter what type of authentication I try, I always get a "403 - Forbidden" error. Is this not implemented? If not, is it going to be? Am I doing something wrong? 2. The /data/media/ endpoints aren't anywhere in the API Docs. This ties in to the Talent issue above, since I don't currently see any way to get a Spell ID from a talent, to try and find an image from there. As the issue mentioned above, I'm wondering if there's any available documentation on the /data/media portion of the API, to maybe figure out a way to get a Talent Icon, or any alternatives to that. Can we please get an easy way to access media files via API?spy2 Oct 29
Oct 29 [SOLVED] 404 returned for new Account API I'm in the process of migrating my apps to the new endpoints/APIs. Everything is going fine so far, except the OAuth Account API (endpoint /account/user which is documented in the Community API reference https://develop.battle.net/documentation/api-reference/community-oauth-profile-api but for some reason is not mentioned/listed in the OAuth guide https://develop.battle.net/documentation/guides/using-oauth/authorization-code-flow). I have no problem getting a token, however, when I try to access the Account API (to get the user's battle tag), I get a HTTP response of 404. This worked fine using the old API endpoints, and from what I've read in the migration guide and the other docs for the new API, I believe that all I needed to do was update my endpoints and generate new client ids/secrets for my apps. Here is the old and new HTTP requests that I am making: Old endpoint (still works, using old client id/secret): HTTP GET https://us.api.battle.net/account/user?access_token=<token> New endpoint (returns HTTP 404): HTTP GET https://us.api.blizzard.com/account/user?access_token=<token> Dawg64 Oct 29
Oct 27 EU Mythic Keystone Dungeon Leaderboards Not Updating It appears that Mythic Keystone Dungeon Leaderboards are not updating in the EU. This affects both the website and the data available on the API. For example, this leaderboard is missing a run from late evening of 10/25/2018: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/game/pve/leaderboards/amanthul/siege-of-boralus And this leaderboard is missing a run from 10/26/2018: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/game/pve/leaderboards/amanthul/ataldazar In fact, there are no runs at all from 10/26/2018 on any leaderboard I have checked--which seems highly unlikely to be correct.Bethink5 Oct 27
Oct 27 The Dreadwake is still missing from /wow/mount The WoW mount "The Dreadwake" has been online for quite some time ingame, but there is still no sign of it in the api. I have checked the mount master list at the new and the old api for eu and us. I had actually hope that a newer api server would be more up to date. :(eXochron0 Oct 27
Oct 26 Question about WOW API - It it feasible ? Hello everyone, I want to use the API to do the following : 1 - Get all char of a specific realm which are a certain level 2 - Then, Get the ilvl of each char Is it feasible ? I run though the doc of course but its pretty basic and there is no examples. Thanks !Nawwa1 Oct 26
Oct 26 Mythic Keystone Leaderboard API Hello. Regarding the ongoing discussions at the german WoW forum: Currently the M Keystone Leaderboard is limited to the Top500. So at the end of the week... impossible to track an keystone lower as 10. From my view... to extend the range to Top 1000 is regarding the data volume counterproductive. Would it be possible to add an second API call only for the last 24h? Same data structure.. without ranks and all entries over an age of 24 hours will be deleted automatically. regards, Chrisundead6 Oct 26
Oct 26 New Forum Layout Friends, let us gather together to mourn the old API forum layout. http://everynothing.net/bnetbluetracker/bnetforum-old.png Old layout, we'll miss your obvious "Blizz" tags that didn't blend into the background. I can only imagine how the colorblind feel about the blue-on-green overlapping icons and text colors, as I, fortunate not to have such an affliction, yet still have difficulty interpreting at a glance. We'll lament having to scroll 40% more, now that the fonts are so huge (or we'll just zoom out). We'll fondly remember being able to skip directly to the first few pages, or the last page, in a long topic, best shown by your surviving but-not-long-for-this-world WoW forum: http://everynothing.net/bnetbluetracker/wowforum-old.png We'll forever wonder which posts are popular, now that the Views column is gone. Views might as well be hidden, since we'll often return to threads to see who replied last, whether it be OP, or a MVP, or a Blue. We don't know, now, without the dearly departed Last Post Author column. Finally, our own time grows short, or maybe not, we can't tell, as in your wisdom, you had two precise date formats. Now we have 3 formats, some with year, some without, and most with a single number and single-letter unit suffix that's hard to skim visually. As we mouse over these times for comfort, we are only given the string, "Last Post", over, and over again. Those of us familiar with your construction feel the loss of your precise unix timestamps, now forever gone, and replaced by JSON embedded in HTML data attributes, for some reason. Thank you for your clean lines, and your large and obvious "Lock" icons for locked threads. Thank you for your verbose mouseover tooltips, with the bounty of your tabular information repeated again underneath the post blurb. Thank you for your numeric forum page navigation, which in your generosity you provided at both the top and the bottom of the page. For all your gifts, old forum layout, we thank and will miss you. We truly did not appreciate what we had, until you were gone.erorus13 Oct 26
Oct 25 inv_misc_food_164_fish_seadog : too many HTTP redirects When trying to pull this ability image, I get an error with "too many HTTP redirects" https://render-eu.worldofwarcraft.com/icons/56/inv_misc_food_164_fish_seadog.jpg Everything went fine for the others, just this one causing this error.Ceryse0 Oct 25
Oct 25 API Question Is there an API for interaction with the mission tables? (Like ability to get available missions, start missions, assign followers, etc?) I wasn’t able to find anything in the documentation. Thanks!Kaercha3 Oct 25
Oct 25 API to Authenticate Identity Is there a way to leverage Battle.net federated authentication to verify the identity of an account owner. For example use a login portal to be able to identify someone and to list all their Warcraft characters associated to that account say for a guild website, or a statics service.Kremzeek1 Oct 25
Oct 25 Warfront Contribution Progress Hey guys, Keen to get some applications developed to track the progress of the current Warfront Contribution Phase, it would be great to have some data made available so that we can track the progress outside of the game. CheersCazz0r4 Oct 25
Oct 24 WoW API Item Error in es_MX, es_ES, ru_RU, pt_BR. There are Errors in the WoW Item API, here is the Error: en_US: Item id: 165358 Item Name: Stonefist Watch es_MX Item id: 165358 Informe de exploración: Guarida del Lobo es_ES Item id: 165358 Informe de exploración: Guarida del Lobo That name does not correspond to their Spanish Translation. There is even 13 other items with the exact same name!! Here are the ID that has the same name but the name changes in en_US: 165358, 165359, 165360, 165361, 165362, 165363, 165364, 165365, 165366, 165367, 165368, 165369. Here is another Example: en_US: Item id: 165359 Item Name: Windfall Cavern es_MX Item id: 165359 Informe de exploración: Guarida del Lobo es_ES Item id: 165359 Informe de exploración: Guarida del Lobo Test it all the lastest items are the same name: "Guarida del Lobo" in es_MX and es_ES. An there is yet another Error, I gathered all the Items and I put them in a sqlite Database, The total of records in those database are as follows: en_US: 113005 es_MX: 112757 es_ES: 112757 As you can see There are missing records (or items as you like to say). Please blizzard this is very odd! we need a fix for this and i'm planning to dowload all the localizations at some point i need the records straight. Please Halp!!.Javierpal1 Oct 24
Oct 24 Items Bonus List's and Bonus Stats Endpoints for API Hi blizz, i'm trying to make my app to show more item info so i want to get it's stats and more but the only info i find are old lists of stats from the community that i don't think are good for fba, specially for the Bonus List's, please blizz give us a solution to this problem, if you already did it, help me to find the endpoints. [EDIT] Need locales for that too so a end point could be the best option.Javierpal0 Oct 24
Oct 24 WoW Main/Rotate Image URL Hi, We have recently been trying to get the rotate URL for the mounts. I.E: http://media.blizzard.com/wow/renders/npcs/rotate/creature85888.jpg The above works absolutely fine. However the main and the rotate images do not work for a minority of mounts (a few BFA ones) For instance: VICIOUS WAR RIVERBEAST (Creature ID -85888) does not work on the URL we've been given. AKA http://media.blizzard.com/wow/renders/npcs/rotate/creature-85888.jpg I've found it on the following URL instead (for the main image) https://render-us.worldofwarcraft.com/npcs/zoom/creature-display-85888.jpg Getting really confused with the image URLs of the different views etc. Can someone provide clarity on what URL we should be using and why some of the images are missing on one URL and not the other? Thanks AzaciuxAzaciux4 Oct 24
Oct 24 Any working PHP Library with the new API? I'm looking for a php library that works with the new changes to the API. Anyone know one?Supreme3 Oct 24
Oct 24 Retrieving item information when scaled to a particular level Hi, I'm trying to get the stats that any "Scales to player level" (for example levelling quest/dungeon gear) armor/weapons have when dropped for a given level. I'm aware it has to do with the BonusID, which I appear to be able to query by adding &bl=<bonusid> when calling the api, but the JSON response still returns the original item. Is there any way of adjusting the stats returned based on level at which the item was looted?Splosion0 Oct 24
Oct 24 OAuth token get 404 Hi! Help me pls, i do something wrong: 1. send GET on https://eu.battle.net/oauth/authorize ?response_type=code &scope=wow.profile+sc2.profile &redirect_uri=URL &state=USERID &client_id=BATTLE_CLIENTID and user get access. 2. send POST on https://eu.battle.net/oauth/token ?grant_type=client_credentials &client_id=BATTLE_CLIENTID &client_secret=BATTLE_SECRET &code=CODE &scope=wow.profile+sc2.profile i response something like ... 3. i trying use access_token to get info about user, but have 404 (have no matter GET or POST - its error): https://eu.api.blizzard.com/account/user ?access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN &locale=ru_RUgerman10 Oct 24